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Welcome to Sign Me Up Podcast! Tune in weekly to hear how @CheekyBobbi and @CydneyPoppins2 navigate the world of dating with the help of the star signs. We'll use the undeniable powers of astrology to solve your love life problems and possibly help you find the perfect "BAE." You've never heard pure conjecture sound so good.


  • Slap The Titty

    Aug 09 2019

    We're back in #LeoSZN and the shenanigans continue! #Getsilly what do you do if your new bae is getting breastfeeding pics from his babymom?? #TheLionKing movie and album review.. we still love you Beyonce foreverrrrrr! We just went thru a #BlackMoon, its the time to encourage self-love.

  • Hot Girls Vs. City Boyz

    Jul 26 2019

    IT'S A HOT GIRL SUMMMMERRRRR lmaooo JK we're old and washed. Happy #LeoSZN.. and how fitting that #LionKing just came out! If you could trade places with anyone in the world, who would it be?? Shoutout to all the female rappers!!! sooo who's winning tho? Hot Girls or City Boyz??? #IWannaDriveTheBoat

  • Gemini SZN

    Jun 27 2019

    *BONUS* this episode was supposed to go up weeks ago!! lmaooo wow my badddd lol. What do you do when your man catches The Garter Belt at the wedding?? we learned a new #planteryaspects and the C word really irkssss Cydney!!! Also are old people still getting bizzy?? LOL

  • Tinder Tale 2019

    Jun 27 2019

    hellooooo #CancerSZN !! we out here with allllll the cancer friends and family this month getting it in!! We delve into another #planetaryAspect the opposite. Do opposites really attract??? This week also marks a very very very special throwback edition #TinderTale lmaoo YES, you guessed it, tinder still aint shit lmaooo

  • Extra Meat

    Jun 01 2019

    Gemini SZN wessguddddd!!! Wow, hold on to your britches with these bitches lmao. If you could only have THREE apps on your phone, which would you have? shoutout to jeff beso's ex.. a billionaire with a heart! lol now onto the extra meat on the meat.. how yall feel about the uncircumsised penis??

  • Wow, I Can Smell Your Breath From Here

    May 19 2019

    It was a full house on the show this week! Shoutout to Cathy and Autumn (and Trouble) for coming in the closet this week and indulging our antics!! Shoutout to all the Taurus' including Cathy, this is yall time!! if you ever need to tell someone their breath sinks, ask Cathy!!! What do you want an unlimited supply of?? Male pattern baldness, METGala and moreee!!!

  • Whistle Blower

    May 02 2019

    Cydney seriously loves Baby Boy!!!! WOW RIP to John Singleton! As we strolled down college memory lane, we realized our whole group was in an extracurricular dance troupe! lmaooo (#shoutout to Joce) #TaurusSZN what it is heaux, wessupppp!!! Saturn is in retrograde and that means you should all start setting rules and regulations for yourself! #GetYaLife! We also dived into the next planetary aspects, sextile, square and trine!!!

  • The MARATHON Continues

    Apr 18 2019

    This week has been tough for everyone! sheesh.. residual #mercuryretrograde had us all f'd up! We recorded the day of Nipsey Hussle's Celebration of Life and it was a beautiful experience for all of us. The energy in LA was electric! #TheMarathonContinues We're FINALLY learning planetery aspects! wooo! This week: Conjuntion and Semi Sextile.. if your friend was paying a bill for you and you didn't know about it.. would you be mad? Let us know!

  • Broughteth & Seeketh

    Apr 05 2019

    We back! SPOILER ALERT!! We're talking about #Us.. shit is wildddd, go Jordan Peele!! There's a zombie apocalypse, what 3 people are you choosing to survive it with?? (def said Chris' wrong position, hes an O-lineman lol) We need Magic on our side lol It's officially a new astrological year! Happy Aries Szn.. we're playing a fun guessing game about astrological traits. Give it to me baby!! Always remember, the gossip can be broughteth.. but dont go seeketh. periodT. Mental, physical, and financi...more

  • Get Out: Resort Edition

    Mar 23 2019

    Hey Starbeams!! How yall surviving the #MercuryRetrograde?? it's a bumpy time aka Mercury's naptime!! lol we're on vacationnnn!!! Wooo #SMUHoliday Have yall ever thought about resort culture and if resorts were real places where people lived full time?? it's honestly creepy if you think about it for too long LOL How long does it take you to get over a break-up? What's a fair amount of time? I conquered my Karaoke fear!!! shoutout to Chris Stapleton!! lmaooo hey yall.. check on your strong friend...more

  • did Kylie Know?

    Mar 07 2019

    Hiiiiii Pisces Friends!! It's fishy outchea because #Mercury is #Retrograding !!!! PROTECT YA NECK SIS!!! lmaoo Venus is in Aquarius right now, how does that make yall #pisces feel? soooooo Jussie, Shadrach and Meshach.. yall all annoying. We're still waiting on the facts! The Jordyn Woods tea was #lukewarm! the reallll tea is.. did Kylie know about the shit!?! So what do yall think about asking your partner permission to do something? With it or nah?!

  • We Got The Ultra Starbeams

    Feb 24 2019

    Welcomeeee back from Thotney and Thotianaaaaa!!! lmaooo shoutout to our loving #Starbeams!!! What do yall think of our new gang name?? #Starbeams Happy Happy Birthday Shanna!! and all yall other Aquarius, its been real!! Can you work with a guy professionally who did you wrong personally?? What does it depend on for you?? Let us know!! What energy are you giving off in the workpalce?? Dont let these niggas steal your joy in the office!!

  • Valentine SZN

    Feb 09 2019

    It's that time of year yalll.... it's Shanna SZN!!!!! lmaooo shoutout to all the beautiful Aquarius souls out there. #themonthoflove #themonthofBLACKNESS Sooooo the panties in a new bae's drawer.. are we letting that shit slide or calling him out?? Shoutout to ATL for hosting the SuperBowl.. (but the game was wack af!) we share a little love story for #2cents because this is of course.. #ValentineSZN !!

  • Can You Have a Bottle of Wine on Death Row?

    Jan 30 2019

    Happy AquariusSZN!!!! This week we have Lola in the closet helping us wrap up CapricornSZN.. do you think we would have a poppin prison podcast?? Lol Shoutout to MLK for helping us have the basic civil rights we deserve likeeee making this show! Meanwhile... govt is still shut down. Bruhhhhh Fyre Festival really tried it lmaoooo, we’re unpacking the documentaries and it’s crazzyyyy! Shoutout to Soulja Boy!!!! He’s having the greatest comeback of 2019. How do you handle a friend with bad energy? ...more

  • R. Kelly Trash AF

    Jan 12 2019

    i only got FOURRRRRR MINUTESSSSS!!! what are you doing with your 4 minutes? lol Heyyyy CapricornSZN! how you doin?! *wendy williams voice* Cydney had a rough start to the new year but Shanna sure didnt!! lol ok, lets cut to the chase.. R.Kelly is trashhhhhh its just an ever-present theme this week. We had to talk about it!

  • The Avocado Series

    Jan 12 2019

    We had the opportunity to chat with a very special guest, Aunty Salaam! We want to hear from YOU- what would you like to hear Aunty Salaam dive deeper on?? LET US KNOW! listen to the end to hear Cydney get her mind blown by her life path number lmaooo. What's your life path number? Comment below!

  • Have You Ever Loved Someone With A Micropenis?

    Jan 12 2019

    hey guyzzzz!!!! Welcome back again to a special two-part episode of life lessons mixed with mess lol Let's talk about micro penis' and strap-ons, shall we?? #Shoutout to all the charming, intellectual, manipulative Saggitarius out there! We see you!!! LOL. And make sure you check out part II of this episode, The Avocado Series, featuring a special guest you don't want to miss!

  • Do You Boo!!

    Dec 27 2018

    Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!! This is a wonderful time of year, enjoy! Were y’all last min shopping? 👀 prolly lmao Kylie getting that 30 year career money..sheesh! Cardi and Offset are “divorcing”.. we gon see, but let’s unpack shall we?? What are your holiday traditions? Were here for them all !!! But when do you bring bae around the fam for the holidays? Lol

  • We Are Snitching

    Nov 30 2018

    WE'RE BACCKKKKK!!! please excuse us for having been a little MIA.. we're back on track now! Shoutout to our dear friend #LolaLemon for joining us in the closet and celebrating #SAGSZN !!! Do yall tip for takeout??? issa #hellno from us, but what the hell do we know! lol Listeennnnnnn we said it before, we'll say it again, WE ARE SNITCHING!! lmao don't come to us with the bullshit, we're telling in great detail!!!!! also LION KING!!! yyyaaasssss!!!

  • It's Not Right But It's Okay

    Nov 02 2018

    ALL YALL SCORPIOS ARE FUCKING HOES. I LOVE IT. lmaoo Happy end of #LibraSZN and beginning of #ScorpioSZN ! We out here. I know none of us won the billion dollar lotto lol but we were down on bended knee for a winning ticket! lol So how do yall feel about Shiggy apropriating Harlem culture?!?! #GetLite lmaoo (thank God we have a NY authority on the show lmao)No surprises here that Kelani is preggo by a bi-guy. IT'S 20-18 baybeee lmao we're also revisiting the discussion of anal penetration.. u wa...more

  • Urge to Merge

    Oct 17 2018

    Hey libraSZN!!! we out here with another late ass episode.. Cydney is to blame lol anywayyyy.. what's one thing you want to eliminate from your daily routine??? Libras!! Are yall feeling the #UrgeToMerge this month?? Let us know!!!

  • Email Us and I'll Tell You

    Oct 01 2018

    It's Libra SZN but this episode we're still talking abt that #VigroSh*t !! One final happy birthday to Cydney, #PoppinsParty was lit! It's really real y'all, we're getting grown yall! Moving differently with the relatives at the family reunion lmaoo. Not here for Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl smhh (and thats really no diss to Maroon 5 lol)How do you feel about your partner liking "thirst traps" online?? Is it just a like, or is it really a finger fuck?? lmaoo of course, #GetYaLife !!!

  • 18 Wheeler with a Curve

    Sep 13 2018

    #VIRGOSZN IS HERE IN FULL EFFECT!!! Happy Birthday Cydney!! Our friend Tam joins us in the closet to chop it up... if you were an Uber driver, and one of your riders leaves a duffle bag full of cash in the backseat, what you gna do?!?! Yall Cardi and Nicki done got to fighting!! TUH! cant take the Bronx outta Cardi, but we knew that!! Kanye heading up the pornhub awards.. but we dont even watch pornhub!! lmaoo which is better, dating older or dating younger?? let us know what you think in the co...more

  • Dating H.I.M.

    Sep 06 2018

    We LATE af but we have a guest in the closet this week!!! J'Lamar joins us this week as we talk about dating H.I.M.!!! Matchmaking is a thing yall! and the kids are signing up quick! wefindhim.com More importantly.. its #VIRGOSZN !!! its a delightful time of year, happy birthday Beyonce! Shenanigans continue with Nicki.. shes sick yall get her some milk lmao and Kanye's slides? what's the tea sis?? RIP Aretha Franklin!

  • What You Gon' Text Back?!?!

    Aug 20 2018

    GANG GANG!! wessupp #LeoSzn !! Listen, what kinda produce would you be and why? lol We came up with the most delicious drink, it's called Sign Me Up.. duh! we had a new moon!!! did you remember to set your intentions?? What would yall do if an ex resurfaced with a whole marriage proposal?! You saying yes or nah? *insert eyes emoji* what chu gon txt back?!?! Cydney is meditating yall!!! 10 days in, we litty!

  • Raw-Dogging Life

    Aug 03 2018

    #LEOSZN weessuuppp!! shoutout to all yall out here with no health insurance #RawdoggingLife lol. What's something that you don't like for no good reason?? yall ever notice how your grandparents been toothless for like 30 years?!??! what's that about?? lmaooo anyhoooo.. SIX whole planets were/are in retrograde.. so we all out here struggling! TUH! and shoutout to mommy Bardi for choosing her baby over these niggas on tour! lmao

  • KIKI!!!!!

    Jul 19 2018

    Hey KIKI!!! We back in America from Haiti and we have a willldddd story to tell!! Incredible trip overall and we're so blessed and grateful for the experience !! #ShoutoutToMommyKettly ... guess what guys, lip fillers aint cool no more!!! Kylie is off that. #AintNoSelfMade ..last but not least.. KULTURE KIARI CEPHUS. that is all. #LivingMyBestLife

  • Are You Riding And Dying?

    Jul 04 2018

    Wasssgudd Cancers??! We here in the dead of summer yall.. its July and its hot af! We're off to vacation.. living our best life in Haiti!! Your man asks for your hand in marriage just before he goes off to a 20 year bid?? #rideordie When was your best year to date?? Drake has a baby!! lmaoo #WhoKnew ??? Did yall like the album? It's not cool to fuck without a condom yall!! it's also not cool to ride without a seatbelt! lol DID YALL WATCH POWER?!?! bruhhh lol Lastly, we discuss our attachment sty...more

  • Who's That Peeping Thru My Window?

    Jun 25 2018

    Heyy Cancer SZN!! we here!!! Beyonce and Jay dropped an album! Look at God. Shoutout to the professional event planners getting shit done! We see yall!! What was the last lesson you learned the hard way? What's your favorite part about being an adult? Congrats Shanna on your promotion!!.. the full moon ritual is LEGIT yall! T.I still out here being a hoe! #TenOnTwo IM UPSET !!! wow we love #Degrassi lmao

  • Make Her Your World

    Jun 10 2018

    It's #GeminiSZN yall and shit is getting weird!! lmao Ladies, what would you do if your man (husband) was infertile?? Sperm bank or nah? Do yall work with crystals at all? Do you believe the energy from a crystal can resonate in your life? speaking of gemini.. Kanyeeee West ! also Drake and pushaaaa lmaoo wow. just.. wow. And we're still gettin our whole lives!! #GetYaLife

  • I Rather Be Deaded

    May 24 2018

    Heyyy Gemini SZN!! we're back at it again with the shenanigans on the bi-weekly! let us know how you like the new schedule! Have you ever been dealing with a lonnggg drawn out break-up and realize.. u just rather be deaded then deal the with bullsh*t! Us too! lol Finalllyyyy we're introducing our new segment #GetYaLife it's dealing with all things wellness.. mind, body and spirit. Join us on our individual journies to feel like our best selves!

  • Cinco La Bamba

    May 12 2018

    Heyyy yall!! Hope your cinco de mayo was as lit as ours! We have A HUGGEEE announcement... we're going biweekly! This great news! We're improving our show, taking more time to make sure we're bringing you the best quality episodes we can! Look out for the next episode the week of 5/21 and in the meantime, let us know what topics you want us to talk about that we haven't covered yet! signmeuppodcast@gmail.com

  • Let's Get It On

    May 04 2018

    Hey Taurus SZN!!! calling all Taurus'.. are yall feeling like you're in a transitional space? Let us know! Between Kanye and Bill.. we're stresseeddddd :( it's entirely too much. Is it normal to feel like your life is mundane after only a few dates?? As always.. email us!! signmeuppodcast@gmail.com

  • Retrochella

    Apr 30 2018

    We had to run down allllllll the trash shit that happened to us during this stressful #MercuryRetrograde .. all the things that could have gone wrong.. pretty much did! And of course we had to stan for our fave Beyonce tho!!

  • Desert Chicks And Sweaty Dicks

    Apr 20 2018

    We're live from Coachelllaaa! This episode was recorded pre-BEYchella so we will get our stanning in next week! Anywho.. we love the desert days.. our friends are with us so we asked them how to tell he/she is not that into you.. the guys break bro code for us!! We snatched up an Aries and a Taurus to chat with us too..

  • Mercury the Scammer

    Apr 13 2018

    Hey Aries SZN!!! It's a special time of year for us right now as it's also #CoachellaSZN !! So, if you could change your name what would it be? Listennnnn.. mercury retrograde has been a whole mess! A messy bitch who livesss for drama lmao ! Cardi is preggo yall! Shoutout againnnn to #BlackPanther ! #ILoveUsForreal What's the difference between a side chick and a mistress? DM us! @signmeuppodcast

  • FAFSA Finesser

    Apr 05 2018

    Must be a fulll mooooonnn.. feels like one of those nighttttsss lmao Hey Aries SZN! the full moon and Easter around the same time is not by coincidence! Stay Woke! What's the quickest way to get your black card snatched? Mannnnn Howard U out here scamming and stealing from the kids! SMH the finesse is too real! #GucciGang lol and what are some ways to tell he/she is just not that into you?? We'll continue this story next week as well!

  • Genetics Tell A Story

    Mar 30 2018

    It's Aries SZN yall!!! We're doing #JustFine WOO! We hope yall had a lit Holy week lol.. dont blow ya budget on ya Easter outfit lmaoo.. what fish makes the best fish sandwich ?? we're in anotherrrrr #MercuryRetrograde -__- hide ya kids, hide ya wife.. As we gaze upon these celebrity babies, always remember, genetics tell a story. lol What advice do you have for a 30 year old woman who has never had an orgasm?? bone in wings? or boneless? lmaoo

  • How Do I Say Goodbye ??

    Mar 22 2018

    Happy happy birthday to all yall pisces ! you're SZN is over but newww tings upon us! it's official! Cydney accepted her new job offer and celebrated with her irish brethren for St. Patty's Day! Speaking of irish.. Shanna had the luck of the Irish and won a cool prize.. you ever been reading your horoscope and saw a word you didn't know.. well instead of skipping over that shit now you can understand it! we're breaking down some of the most commonly unknown planetary aspects so you can stay woke...more

  • Let Me Add Up My Black

    Mar 15 2018

    Very excited cuz I'm blackkkkk yall!! lol Cydney did her ancestry and let's just say a whole new world is open to us.. and that world is in Africa !! Where my Nigerians at??? The way the ancestry is set up.. those west African countries were leading in the slave trade.. catch that tea. Soo would u rather have a way too big dick or a way too teeny dick ?? Ladies.. what yall know about the flaccid pull-out?? LMAO How much do you share with your friends about your sex life? slideeee in our DMs!! @...more

  • Residue Dick

    Mar 08 2018

    Hey Pisces SZN! This Virgo full moon is trippy mane! There's some freaky shit going on in Cydney's life.. dm's was poppin! Shanna beat the system and was living luxuriously on a work trip. Who's your 90's sitcom family?? if you're a Pisces artist, this is a great time to work on your craft.. but maybe steer clear of any serious commitments. We're just giving you something to chew on! SWISH SWISH DICK DICK lmaooo Safaree is having the best week ever!!! #innervaginalresidue #theclouddidthat lol.....more

  • Mr. EBT

    Mar 02 2018

    Tambourine motherfucker tambourine!!!!! It's March yall! wow 2018 is moving right along. How do you feel about a guy youre dating being dependent on food stamps? Did Chris Rock have it right or wrong when he said women, children and dogs are unconditionally loved.. men have to provide something first. There's a contesttttt going on ! only our true listeners will be eligible !! WHERE YALL AT?? lol Tambourine motherfucker tambourine!!!!!

  • Hoes and Hoemen

    Feb 22 2018

    We had a very lit ending to AquariusSZN celebrating both SMU and Shanna's birthdays. Shanna went skydiving !! Wow! Cydney made Shanna a very loving touching video with features from her friends and family. And she ugly cried!! lol But now its over. lol Wassup Pisces! #HiRihanna WAKANDA FOREVER! Black Panther was life and we've seen it multiple times at this point. lol You should see it too!!

  • I Know You Got The Pack

    Feb 16 2018

    Do you know what today (everyday this week) is???? It's our Anniversary!!!! We're two years old !! Wow what an amazing journey it's been so far.. and we have plenty of goals for the future! Thank You for your support !! We're in New Orleans !!!! Nawlins if you nasty lmao Do yall believe in #voodoo ? Are you trying to take part in a sex party with bae? Have u ever edged too much and u miss the nut ? lmaooo Sex Dolls anyone? I'm on hyptnotic, exotic.. robotic lmao Galentine's Day is the biggest th...more

  • Forcing My Blackness On Everyone

    Feb 08 2018

    This week in the closet.. we're drinking tequila and roscato!! and we BLACK YALL blacker than black and we're black y'all! Happy Black History Month! How is your workplace celebrating? are they celebrating? You're sooo sexy girl! We're talking about sexy things ladies can do to boost their self-confidence. What are some reasons you would give an "ugly" nigga a pass? And shanna and cydney have opposing views on celebrating Valentine's Day. btw shanna and she did NOT do the full moon ritual she pr...more

  • Yuck Mouth Groupon FaceAss

    Jan 31 2018

    Lawdddd have Mercy its still freaking January! Shit!! its literally been 9 months of January. Did the month feel long to yall? We're taking a deeper look at ourselves, taking the Japanese personality tests. Let's just say Cydney's ideal man is a stallion fr! Shanna shaded tf outta draya lol Don't you want us to be five star chicks?? rate and review on iTunes!!!! What are some shallow reasons you can't date bae?? like we're talking Petty LaBelle shallow lol.. get ya keloids in order sir. #NoYuck...more

  • Live In Your Truth 2018

    Jan 25 2018

    Heyy yall!! Okay so clearly we had time this week lmao Great episode this week with our Libra friend Brown @kingbonsu_3 ! We love having that male insight and perspective. Live In Your Truth people! lol it's important. Men, yall still cool with the Bigen (beijing)?? baldy or nah lmaoo New Moon on the way.. and another eclipse is coming, we'll tell you what that means for you. We wanna know if men are willing to take their wives name, keeping it progressive? What are some non-sexual ways to expr...more

  • Rollin To 100 Episodes

    Jan 18 2018

    Wow!! 1 0 0 Episodes!!!! What an amazing milestone! A very special thank youuuu to all our amazing listeners, yall literally keep us going!! We didn't twerk for 100 :( sadly.. This week we're in the closet with our Capricorn friend Joce.. happy birthday girl, she woke up like this! What are you going to do if your friend all the sudden changes their political views on you? Rachel, we don't want you or your hoodies -__- And we have a testimonial of the loveeeee Virgos and Capricorns share lol le...more

  • Concentrate On Not Busting A Nut

    Jan 10 2018

    taking over for the 99 and 2000 , it's the 99th episode!! DISCLAIMER: bear with us!!! our guest is literally a robot lmao it sounds so weird, he's a little faster than us, but stay with us til the end!! Speaking of a guest.. we found a male sag! Hey Ken! Would you go out on New Year's Eve alone? What would you want your sex super powers to be? Let's talk about edging-- guys really be concentrating on not busting lol.. Yall's brothers and sisters need to get out the cold doing dumb shit for the g...more

  • The Last Saturday

    Jan 04 2018

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! New Year, Same bitchessss lmaoo We're kicking off the new year shaking our Titties for the Podcast lol.. we have some tips on how to be the best lover you can be in 2018. N*ggas still out here having illegitimate babies but will this be the year men actually step up?? episode 100 on the wayyyyy Tweet us!! #TwerkFor100 p.s everytime you hear us say "titties for the podcast" best believe someone's titties were really out lmaooo

  • Bartier Offset

    Dec 29 2017

    Happy Holidayzzz yall!! I hope Santa brought you all you wanted and dreamed of lol.. Now it's Capricorn SZN!!! You're having a dinner and you have to invite one very annoying person.. who are you inviting ? What are you going to do if you find out your ex is transexual? and they were whileee you were dating?? do you think men are more jealous than women? (yes, probably lol) also we're 3 weeks away from 100 episodes!!! What should we do to celebrate?? Let us know!! signmeuppodcast@gmail.com

  • Treat Her Like A Lady

    Dec 22 2017

    Heyyy late-December!! Traveling during the holidays can really be the worst! ughh.. Yall ever had to deal with a bitch at TSA that's trying to steal your joy?! Shanna was super litty at the work Holiday party!! (it happens to the best of us lol) What do you do to prepare yourself for sex? Is Jay-Z the Sagitarrius spokesperson? and a marriage proposal from a tinder bae goes terribly wrong!! lol

  • Love Is The Umbrella

    Dec 13 2017

    Christmas is just around the corner, Shanna has been doing a little shoppingggg.. where do yall get the best deals? This week we're talking to allll my single ladies!! where yall at?! Are Sagittarius really lowkey petty? If you could take a sex toy in the bedroom, what you taking? Listen Passport Cutty.. how do u know all this tea on the men sis?! plus.. are you weak if you take back a cheater??

  • Take A Knee For That D

    Dec 06 2017

    hello December!!! Kicking things off this week with a bit of schooling for the kids.. black tie etiquette! ankles out (for men) and thighs out is NOT APPROPRIATE!! but millennials -__-.. what do you do if your new boo starts exhibiting "wyd ass nigga" tendencies?? There's hella lyrics that you been saying wrong since the 99 and 2000. Spoiler Alert! we're breaking down 'She's Gotta Have It'.. can you find any similarities between Nola and Issa?? We love learning more about polyamory.. teach us if...more

  • I Told Yall N*ggas

    Nov 30 2017

    First of all, we're thankful! Thanksgiving was a good one, how long yall eating leftovers??? Second of all, Christmas is right around the corner.. won't you send us gifts?? What would you do if your were trapped in an elevator with an ex-lover or ex-friend? Where my Saggitari (Saggitarius') at?? Shoutout to yall this your month lol slide in our DMs!! and what do you do if you're riding in the car with your tinder date and he/she makes a detour on the way?!

  • I Get The Bag

    Nov 23 2017

    issa New York episode!! Shoutout to BK babe @carolynsowild for joining us in the closet.. DRAKE holla at her!! she ready! lol Shes dropping knowledge on how to secure the bag in the service industry.. If you were the next jimmy fallon, who would you feature on your late night show? Would you rather.. sex on a rollercoaster or merry-go-round?... word on the streets is single women are the happiest. do yall agree?? And tinder ohh tinder.. small town or big town, it's the same ole niggas on tinder ...more

  • Show Me The Money, Ricky!

    Nov 15 2017

    Hey Scorpios! Hope all is well! Lil baby Britt is in the closet this week serving audience member realness. First of all, Shanna gave Cuba Gooding Jr. a dance to the karaoke version of Despacito.. lollll I feel like we don't even need to discuss anything else. lol But anyway... how are you reacting to bae trying some unauthorized sex acts on you?? the aggressive spit.. issa a no dawg. Tyrese is still just a baby boy, he aint the real McCoy.. How do yall feel about the Meek Mill situation?? Anddd...more

  • Man's Not Hot

    Nov 08 2017

    Heyy, beautiful friends, romans, countrymen, Scorpios.. all yall n*ggas lmao.. We're starting off this week with 2+2 is 4.. that's quick math lol. Heads up, this is such an A.D.D episode lol the topics are endless. What should we do for our 100th episode?? Tweet us! #Twerkfor100 Shoutout to a #scorpio friend of the show reminding Cydney Novemeber is not bland! lol (who knew ryan gosling andddd leo dicaprio were both fine ass Scorpios?!) and the #Tinder scene is sooo dry and washed lmaoo we're #o...more

  • Bi Guy Thriller

    Oct 31 2017

    Happy Halloweennnnn mmuuhahahahahaaa lmaoo We're kicking off this week's #ScorpioSZN with scary stories! its safe to say Cydney had a real nightmare. Shoutout to all the sound effects this week lmaooo issa thriller. What's your favorite Halloween costume?? Cardi B is engaged!! who saw that one coming?? Shanna still on her #tindertales shit.. and we have 2 questions.. are you down to date a bi guy, and does going dutch mean you're just friends? (hell yea lol)

  • One Minute Man

    Oct 25 2017

    It's the end of #LibraSZN yall! A special guest is in the Closet, Cydney's friend Mo joins us.. and its a whole lotta gang shit! lmao Shanna got jumped!! smh.. Can you get ur rocks off in just one minute? i need #morethanaminute lmao Libras (bring the beat in) keep the Love on top!! How do we date average pay niggas ?? And last but certainly not least.. Shanna got "new phone, who diss'd" lmaoooo tried her!!

  • The Choice Is Yours

    Oct 19 2017

    heyyy it's still #LibraSZN for a hot second more.. what do you do if bae shows up with ya lil boo already at your house?? we're calling our #Libra friends and you can get with this or you can get with thatttt!! Lola and Afrika are grreat sports lol how you giving head with no knees?? and send us your #TinderTales!!! signmeuppodcast@gmail.com

  • She Had An Odor

    Oct 12 2017

    Heyyy #LibraSZN !! Cydney's crazy cousins are in the closet this week and it's so great to have listeners join us! We're out the gate talking about ideal dates. How do we feel about #transbabies ?? The big topic of the epi is what these guys are willing to do #ForThatP.. is it paying for the P if you invite and pay for bae on baecation? Plus.. bitches with odor issa NO dawg lmao

  • For The D

    Oct 06 2017

    It's #LibraSZN yalllll !! Welcome! The icebreakers are pretty lit this week, we're talking Herpes and bestiality *insert wide eye emoji* We're still team #CardiB! If there's an earthquake, where you hiding?? annd last but not leasttttt issa #ForTheDChallenge !!!!! what are you willing to do for that D/P?? lol let us know !

  • Issa No From Me Dawg

    Sep 27 2017

    this is truly a testament of the fuckery that the #MercuryRetrograde brings.. but at long last Zay and Britt are in the closet! We're chit chatting about the Virgo X Taurus love connection. Zay and Britt tell us how they met.. and we'll find out whos willing to get tatted for love.. plus Cydney and Zay go thru a list of 10 things that may or may not be true to Virgos.

  • Lit Like a Bic

    Sep 21 2017

    Everytime you hear one of us say "Lit" take a drink! lmao (dont drink and drive)Traplord is in the closet with us celebrating #VirgoSZN.. Shoutout to the figure it out years.. we just trying to work it out. What are you going to do if your bae has stank breath?? lol and trap had a semi-traumatic tinder date.. plus everyone loves Cardi B!

  • Disappearing Acts

    Sep 13 2017

    We're back again for Cydney's magical birthday week #poppinsparty Kicking things off with the question, "what are you going to do with a stealin' ass nigga?" #DisapperingActs We also get into the pros and cons of being a wing woman. To take the L or not take the L...that is the question!

  • Tinder Tales Galore

    Sep 08 2017

    Stroll with us down Memory Lane as we reach back to some of our favorite #TinderTales and pleaseeeee send your own tales.. even if it's not about you.. slide in our DMs on twitter and IG @signmeuppodcast or email us signmeuppodcast.com !! issa #TinderTales #Negritos

  • B*tches Love Consistency

    Sep 01 2017

    At long lasttttt.. its #VirgoSZN yall !! the most coveted time of year lol Beyonce's bday is right around the corner! #MercuryRetrograde is still beating bitches up.. stay strong guys! Cydney finally did her Natal Chart.. she got read!! You will neverrr guess her moon sign lol. What's the difference between boyfriend/girlfriend material and just some in meantime between time lovin'?? Also.. still knocking the pussy out like fight night lol

  • B*tch Too Spendy

    Aug 24 2017

    We're wrapping up LeoSZN with a live one.. Bryant is in (at the doorway of) the closet this week! We're passionately conversing about all the times we give celebs and their shenanigans a pass and how would you handle an accidental poot in front of bae?? What do men/women always blame each other for? Can you date a person who steals? lol

  • Hoe For It, Heaux

    Aug 17 2017

    When did you first fall in love with Hip Hop? *cues Brown Sugar* It's episode 80 yall!!! what should we do to celebrate 100 episodes?? tweet us #TwerkFor100 "Tynia" where you at girl? lol it's #LeoSZN and also issa #MercuryRetrograde !! brace yaself. Plus, how do yall feel about the #hoephase ?? Do you have #DickDiscipline? #HoeForIt

  • Let It Burn

    Aug 10 2017

    Happy LeoSZN!! We started off with a little d'angelo russell nick young action.. bc who doesnt love being recorded without consent?!? lol Mercury Retrograde is right around the corner people, brace yourself! The word #transgender is on everyone's tongue these days.. and what are some of the shitty feels inside your bag?? lastly, Fuckkk going dutch! p.s. give it up to shanna for these soundbites lmaooo #editorgoals

  • Die On The D*ck LOL

    Aug 02 2017

    Good Day everyone!! It's #LeoSZN and we have a guest in the closet.. Anna joins us to unpack 'LOL'.. bc is it really that funny?? How would you spend your last 24 hrs on this Earth? and we chat a little bit CEOs and corporate hoes aka dating in the workplace! the #scandal of it all lol

  • Look No Further

    Jul 26 2017

    Happy #LeoSZN to all u lucky lions. We had fun with icebreakers this week.. long question short.. are you down to ride or nah?! lol the celebs were cutting up this week too, from r&b legends to former footballers.. plus Cydney is back on #tinder #tindertales

  • issa baby episode

    Jul 19 2017

    It's the last episode of #CancerSZN.. wrapping it up on the pussyfoot lmao.. So what do we can we do about a nigga giving exact change when you ask him for money?? And will social media make or break your relationship? Issa baby episode, we're keeping it short and sweet lol enjoy!

  • Skeezers and Groupies

    Jul 13 2017

    It's a special #CancerSZN episode with Cydney's Mom! We're all on the West Coast, Donna and Cydney are enjoying San Francisco. We're talking about dating through the generations, it's different yall! It seems no matter how old, the Skeezers are still out there. Plus, what do you do with a nigga who can't pronounce words?? Serious question.

  • "Him" Ass B*tches

    Jul 07 2017

    Hey Cancer SZN! We're back in the closet with the ill weekend recap. What would you do if one of your clients tried to snatch up your man/woman? Also, we wrap up our lists. what don't you like about guys and girls?? Can't stand a guy always asking "WYD" and you know that girl that's always talmbout "i love him" who is "him" girl!!! lmaoo who ?!?! #ThatsTheShitIDontLike

  • Not Even A Pet Person

    Jun 27 2017

    It's CancerSZN.. and that means the year is already halfway done! turn upp! We're chatting about our cancer (grand)moms and all that they bring into our lives lol. Safarri was the first (but not only)celeb brawling this BET weekend.. and Shanna just isn't a pet person, she can't even fake it lmao

  • We Are Breaking Up

    Jun 22 2017

    We're back from Cuba but the Cuba Libre lives on!! lmao This week we share some of our favorite memories from our trip abroad.. including our drunken shenanigans with the local Cubanos. As we wrap up #GeminiSZN , we get some prime examples of how Gemini presents in Aquarius Shanna. Plus, hear what Cydney is doing with a fake designer gift.. Anddddd.. Amber Rose's bush was on insta..

  • Worldly Bobby Jones

    Jun 15 2017

    Hey yallll... it's a good week for a #TinderTaleLive !! lol This one happens to be with one of Shanna's bumble babes, Bobby Jones. I must say.. this one gets a tad heated when Shanna is not really here for Bobby's reason why they didn't work out. Do yall think chemistry is instant, or it can grow over time? And we're posing the question, old school love or new school relations ?? #GeminiSZN

  • The Pregame Podcast

    Jun 08 2017

    Girllllllllllllahhhh that toe!! lmaooo Hey yall, it's #GeminiSZN.. we have friends in the closet ! Alyssa and Shanelle join us for a pregame podcast where #HennythingIsPossible !! We're talking a little bit abt our feelings.. bc feelings matter. What would it take for you to lead a double life as a stripper? Shanelle shares a very dramatic #TinderTale and Shanna still on her grind.. Tune in!

  • 'Scuse Me, Say What?

    Jun 01 2017

    Wesssupppp #GeminiSZN ! Hope your Memorial Day met all your thottiest desires. If you're having sugar daddy probz, i feel bad for you son.. This week we're talking about white ppl acting ridiculous about black hair, and thottin and boppin all memorial day weekend longggg lmao aint no hallpass bihhh.. come again say what?? #NoEntiendo

  • Eat Ya P*ssy Like A Rice Bowl

    May 26 2017

    It's Gemini SZN yall!!! We're kicking this one off with our weekly woes.. Shanna just learned her grandma is still getting it in.. and Cydney's car got destroyed. -_- Then, a very special extended #TinderTales featuring our lovebirds Scotty and Dicky! P.S. Bobbi and Annie getting back in the studio ASAP

  • Release The Tapes!

    May 19 2017

    Scotty in the closettttt!!! hey boo! Lets talk about sex baby, lets talk about you and meee lmao ending #TaurusSZN with chit chat about sex, when to be safe and when to be risky.. Do you think it's important to be transparent with your mate?? about everrryything? We give a deep analysis of #RHOA #SpoilerAlert and Scotty tells alllll about his new bae! (Shanna is drunk btw)

  • Are American Girls Easy??

    May 10 2017

    Who doesn't love a British accent?? We have the homies Shane and Marvyn in the closet allll the way from London. We're talking about foreign blacks not fucking with american blacks, American girls vs. UK girls, and don't ever forget.. whether you got on your thot wear or your Sunday best.. u hoes both in the sameeee club!!! lmaoo

  • Peekaboo

    May 03 2017

    Back at it again with the #TaurusSZN shenanigans.. What excuses do yall use when you need to call off from work? What you going to do if you meet a great guy but he has a super weird fetish?? We've got more double standards.. And Offset swerving on Cardi B questions with such ease lmaoo #Swerve #peekaboo

  • Don't Roll Up On Me

    Apr 26 2017

    It's #TaurusSZN yallll Cydney is looking for a taurus bae.. maybe ur that guy. ;) This week, we're chatting about women's safety, dating outside your religious beliefs, double standards in dating/relationships and weirdos on Tinderrr... the usual lol

  • Coachella Vacay

    Apr 20 2017

    Omg you guys, Coachella was freaking amazing, per usual. We're chatting poolside during breakfast (brunch since we're drinking lol)with the birds chirping in the background lol.. It's the end of #AriesSZN and we wrapped that up back in LA.. really just a rather interesting drunk recap/zodiac quiz/rant lmao ENJOY! P.S our singing is literally so much better when we're together lmao.. also Cydney's not looking for a one night stand lmao

  • No Response

    Apr 11 2017

    We literally have 60 episodes.. so go us! This week we're joined by Aries babe Chantalle and her lover Patrick (in the closet of Panera Bread, excuse the feedback and echo) we're talking about transitioning from the friendzone to bae-zone, "saving" yourself for marriage.. and tales from the Tinder #NoResponse

  • I Woke Up In Beast Mode

    Apr 05 2017

    This week is all jokes.. per usual. We're in the closet for an April Fool's re-do, talking about some Aries flaws, and what they like in bed. We sing like 55 songs this week lmao get ready.. plus we're the most negligent tinder participants everrrr. lol

  • Oh Casanova

    Mar 30 2017

    it's #AriesSZN yallll!!! We're back on that slippery slope of astrology.. talking about Aries style and how they spit game. What would you do if your man's bff is gay? Plus, the system always trying to keep the black man down!! smh P.S. Me and Romeo aint NEVER been friends lol

  • Do the Time Or Take the Crime

    Mar 27 2017

    Back at it again, asking the tough questions.. would you rather have a train ran on you, or go to JAIL!?? it's also the last episode of pisces SZN, and we actually have some tea for yall! lol and we're also talking about signs of a fuckboy/fuck girl.. do you have any signs to share? EMAIL US signmeuppodcast@gmail.com

  • We're Not In Love Anymore

    Mar 17 2017

    A true Pisces babe in the closet.. a dear friend Flower joins us talking about dating older, birthdays through the years, and of course Nicki's clapback -__-

  • Are You Dumb?

    Mar 13 2017

    shoutout to last week's episode this week ! lmaoo We're talking about Uncle Toms, interracial relationships, and Get Out. Big ups to the champagne! lmao

  • So what's Nicki Going to Do?

    Mar 02 2017

    You ever lied about something so dumb for no reason? Shanna has.. lol The Oscars happened and Remy happened alll over Nicki lmao #shETHER

  • A Few of Our Faves

    Feb 24 2017

    This is a baby best of.. lmao come back down memory lane with us.. backk when we were just getting our feet wet! lol we were nervous yall! lmao enjoy.

  • SMU Live Part 2

    Feb 15 2017

    part 2.. picking up where we left out. still drunk lmao these long pauses are so ridiculous lmaoo. Did your Valentine meet your expectations or nah? lmao ENJOY!

  • SMU Live Part 1

    Feb 14 2017

    SMU turned ONE this weekend! We went live on insta to cheers to our accomplishments.. aka we got drunk lmaoo! Shoutout to everyone who came thru!! Hear some of our memories from the year, goals for the next year, our thoughts on S&M.. and a tasty #SMUCocktail recipe.

  • Mount That N*gga

    Feb 09 2017

    New Intro music, who dis?? lmao SMU Bday Week rolls on with some good ol' gender bending conversation. We're talking Beyonce' babies, using proper pronouns, and PEGGING! haha #AquariusSZN

  • Under Appreciated & Under Maintained

    Feb 01 2017

    Officially kicking off #AquariusSZN with our friend Charliee Denverr in the closet !! We're talking abt ending friendships, politics, and filthy(literally) niggas. There are soooo many good laughs, hope you're high for this lol

  • Text Me Now For Your Free Tarot Texting

    Jan 26 2017

    it's our 50th episode!! We grown yall ! lmao to end Capricorn SZN/ start Aquarius SZN, Cydney's Capricorn sister Jessica slides in the closet, we're talking tarot cards, astrology's sliding scale, and "app"/online dating in your 30s.

  • Secret Lovers

    Jan 19 2017

    Girls who like football do it best, we're wrapping up CapricornSZN talking about the playoffs, a secret love affair with a Capricorn.. plus some random guy we found on the street joins us in the closet! (shoutout to Michael Porter lol)

  • There's Never A Right Time To Say Goodbye

    Jan 13 2017

    Our very first interview of the year with the Capricorn Princess Shanelle.. we're talking about compatibility, shitty breakups, and of course the biggest internet beef of 2017.. Soulja and CB lmao

  • Trash Ass New Year

    Jan 04 2017

    So we didn't come up with a plan for recording before we started drinking lmao clearly we have a skewed idea of volume, and Shanna is serving a very fake Jamaican accent lmaooo.. so here it is.. 2017.

  • Good Ol' Fashioned Gay

    Dec 28 2016

    It's the start of CapricornSZN! Shanna picks an icebreaker that has us all super uncomfortable, and what are you going to do if someone drops nudes at your wedding??

  • Pussy Pulsating

    Dec 21 2016

    It's the last week of #SagittariusSZN .. we're navigating the choppy waters of running out on a date, and discuss the fine art of foreplay.

  • With A Dab Of Ranch

    Dec 15 2016

    Our fave Sagittarius Scotty hops in the closet with us.. and shares all the dirty deets of dating on(line) apps. plus.. get your rap snacks with a dab of ranch.. we can make it happen. lmao

  • I'll Be That

    Dec 10 2016

    How irrational are you going to be if you find an earring back at bae's house??? Cydney gets a little fussy...but evidentally she's ok with that lmaoo. Join us in the closet

  • We In This Thang

    Dec 01 2016

    We kick off Sagittarius SZN with this question: What you gonna do when you find yourself with the BGs (bubble guts) at your partner's house? Also, tips on joining the mile high club from the experts.

  • A Trash Ass Episode

    Nov 23 2016

    The only thing we can really say about this episode is we're drunk as hell therefore unable to effectively record a full podcast lmaoo Enjoy!

  • She Found Love in the Let Out

    Nov 20 2016

    We're swinging in the closet with another couple, Carrie & Ted. We'll discuss how you know when you know...and find out the best place to get freaky straight from the Scorpio's mouth.

  • Tinder Tales Live

    Nov 14 2016

    We're back in the closet with a real life #TinderTale success story Christina and Kevin ! We continue in Scorpio SZN.. seeing how the Scorpio interacts with others.. plus have you ever heard of an eye-licking fetish ?? us neither lol

  • Him Too?

    Nov 02 2016

    When you out here being a lil heaux, and you end up preggo, but you don't know who the daddy is.. what you gonna do? lol Also, Cydney spits that hot fire freestyle somewhere in this episode.. you don't wanna miss it!

  • Curating Cultural Appropriation

    Oct 28 2016

    Kicking off #ScorpioSZN with a litty weekend recap, we've concluded Cydney + alcohol = no voice! Is porn challenging your SEXpectations?? and.. how do we feel about a Semen cooking class? #DrinkUp lol

  • In the Miami Closet

    Oct 27 2016

    Our Libra buddy AfriKa joins us to clarify how they get down.. we're also talking about these cheating men.. plus, are you willing to eat the booty like groceries for $1,000,000??

  • Back from Being Still

    Oct 27 2016

    Back from the long break, trying to get some LibraSZN in before it ended. Let us know what you think of NASA telling us "allegedly" there is a new zodiac sign, we personally don't have the time for that. #FuckOphiuchus

  • Live from the Limo

    Sep 14 2016

    Jamie's in the closet! It's #PoppinsParty and we're riding to Napa Valley sipping champagne in a disco ball of a limo like the classy bitches we are. It's a celebration every time we link up.

  • 0 to 100

    Sep 08 2016

    Ladies, we just wanna know what you would do if your man suddenly fell off the money train, ride or fly? Cydney talks her shit on Virgo's least & neutral compatible signs cuz... #poppinsparty

  • Higher Learning

    Aug 31 2016

    Lola hops back in the closet this week, we're chatting up all things single ladies. Plus, everybody wanna be us, don't ever play yourself

  • Sidebar

    Aug 24 2016

    We're wrapping up LeoSZN and discussing topics such as, what do u do if your child catches you giving head? And guess which one of us came on herself.. lmao

  • When Leo Finds Out

    Aug 17 2016

    literally one of the best phone calls of all time happens in this podcast. LeoSZN is liiiittttt! Plus JD is here..

  • Tongue and Lips

    Aug 11 2016

    When you do all the prep work, but you just can't go through with it. LeoSZN continues..

  • Generally Speaking

    Aug 03 2016

    If you didn't know anything about the Leo, you will know it all after this, plus an almost assault, dating through the years, and polyamory.. generally speaking lol

  • A Roaring Good Time

    Jul 28 2016

    Welcome to Leo SZN! A couple questions, would you join a harem? Does timing matter? How is Odell Beckham and Demi Lovato a thing? #PressPlay #LION

  • #SaturdayswithDom

    Jul 20 2016

    We're recording live at our BFF's birthday party and literally everyoneeee came thru! It's a Cancer Party! Oh yeah, we're drunk.

  • Prop Me Up

    Jul 14 2016

    Grown ass women out here breaking girl code, plus our Cancer boo Bry slides thru to drop some gems about the crab.

  • Nobody's Trap Queen

    Jul 07 2016

    The Petty Princess strikes again, find out what happens when Cancers and Aquarius' don't mix.. plus Nick Young feels no way.

  • Touch Me on the Inside Parts

    Jun 30 2016

    Heyyyy CancerSZN!!! We're back at it again with the tough questions.. what do you do if your man is perfect, but he's experimented with one of his boys???

  • It's Hot AF

    Jun 23 2016

    Things get hot in the closet for the end of GeminiSZN and we don't just mean the temperature. To have raw sex, or not to have raw sex.. that is the question.

  • Tragic Ass Geminis

    Jun 16 2016

    At long last, we go inside the mind of a Gemini.. constantly battling that crazy. RIP to Cydney's vocals.. and Shanna is the real editing MVP lmao

  • Swiper No Swiping

    Jun 08 2016

    Just piecing shit together, connecting the dots for the people. Shanna turns her back on a fellow aquarian and Cydney goes on a lesbian date... unknowingly. and happy fucking birthday Kanye.

  • Crop Top Shorty

    Jun 01 2016

    Bossy Bry gets in the closet with us as we delve deeper into GeminiSZN.. and save the world from Aliens in a veryyyy special way.

  • Hashtag You Done with Finals Huh?

    May 25 2016

    Slightly under the influence but mainly tripped up by The Game's dick print.

  • Back In The Closet

    May 18 2016

    Scotty gets back in the closet with Sign Me Up Podcast to pour ALLLL the tea!! Catch up on reckless #ScottyNLeo saga starting with "Trapped in the Closet." Brace yourselves...

  • #Belligerence

    May 12 2016

    the alcohol is flowing and shit definitely gets weird when our friends, big bro and baby sis Tee and Lola, join us in the closet.

  • Butterflies and Back Shots

    May 04 2016

    We kicked off #TaurusSZN learning SO much about our dear friends #Kwamo The Bull and the Crab can definitely work!

  • Real World Denver II

    Apr 27 2016

    Sometimes you just have to physically remove yourself from the situation #TheBoysEpisode #AbandonShip

  • Real World Denver

    Apr 20 2016

    We've been celebrating 4/20 since the 15th. Part 1 of the duo #TheGirlsEpisode

  • An IG Tale

    Apr 13 2016

    caressing your #balllids kinda feels good, and it definitely still goes down in the DMs.

  • Love Cup Overflow

    Apr 06 2016

    Is the skin on the ball sac the same as the skin on your eyelids?? tweet us haha #BallLids @signmeuppodcast

  • Do You Want Some More Boonk?

    Mar 30 2016

    bottomless mimosas, the fear of boonk, and the gangsta lean.. TV antenna in the back

  • What's the Policy??

    Mar 23 2016

    There's something in this Pinot *Chris Brown voice* .. So what's the policy on fucking your friend's ex?? #askingforafriend

  • Netflix & Chill

    Mar 16 2016

    Netflix & Chill on the first date? Congratulations, you played yourself!

  • No Glasses

    Mar 10 2016

    everybody having babies

  • The Real 6th

    Mar 02 2016

    Cydney can't count and Shanna shares her favorite Remy Ma song.. and older men get creepy.

  • Trapped in the Closet

    Feb 24 2016

    try sitting in a closet for an hour.. it's hot as hell.

  • St. Valentine

    Feb 17 2016

    happy valentine's day.. everyday is the 14th.

  • Patchy

    Feb 14 2016

    you know when u tryna piece some shit together.. #patchy

  • Pilot

    Feb 12 2016

    Pilot by Sign Me Up Podcast

  • The Intro

    Feb 12 2016

    Meet Cydney and Shanna as they explain wtf is up with Sign Me Up