Smart People Podcast

Smart People Podcast is a weekly, interview-based podcast that features todays most well respected thought leaders engaging in authentic, insightful conversation for the benefit of the listener. The host, Chris Stemp, and his co-host/producer Jon Rojas, utilize their insatiable curiosity and relatable charm to provoke their guests into giving the interview of a lifetime. Every single guest has achieved a high level of recognition within their arena and in doing so has collected a wealth of ...more


  • Dr. Chuck Ruby - Is Mental Illness a Myth?

    Sep 10 2019

    Dr. Ruby earned his Ph.D. in 1995 at Florida State University. He is a retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with 20 years of military service as a criminal, counterintelligence, and counterespionage special agent and investigative psychologist in many capacities across the globe. Following his military career, Dr. Ruby has been a psychologist and coach in private practice. We discuss:Why does Dr. Ruby believe calling mental illness an 'illness' is a problem?What advice does Dr. Ru...more

  • Steven Rogelberg - Meetings: We Need Them, Everyone Hates Them

    Aug 27 2019

    Dr. Steven Rogelberg is a Professor of Organizational Science, Management, and Psychology, as well as the Director of Organizational Science at UNC Charlotte. He is the Editor of the Journal of Business and Psychology, and the Talent Management Essentials book series. His research has been profiled on TV, radio, all the major newspapers, and countless magazines. You can find out more about Steven at his website https://www.stevenrogelberg.com, or you can follow him on Twitter, @stevenrogelberg.S...more

  • Amy McCready - How to Raise Kids Right

    Aug 13 2019

    Amy McCready is a parenting expert, best-selling author, speaker, instructor, and mom. Amy is also the founder of Positive Parenting Solutions. You can follow her on Twitter at @AmyMcCreadyPPS.Amy's books, If I Have to Tell You One More Time... and The Me, Me, Me Epidemic are both available wherever books are sold. We discuss:How bad is it when we yell at our kids?How much attention do kids truly need and when can we try to persuade them to be independent?What brought "positive parenting" t...more

  • Jim Weatherall - Fake News: Why What You Believe Depends on Who You Know

    Jul 30 2019

    James Owen Weatherall is a physicist, philosopher, and mathematician. He holds graduate degrees from Harvard, the Stevens Institute of Technology, and the University of California, Irvine, where he is presently an assistant professor of logic and philosophy of science. He has written for Slate and Scientific American.James' newest book, The Misinformation Age: How False Beliefs Spread is available now and is co-authored with Cailin O'Connor (@cailinmeister).We discuss:Are we moving backwards as ...more

  • Sherri Davidoff and Jeremy Smith - Hackers: from Subculture to Industry

    Jul 16 2019

    Jeremy Smith has written for The Atlantic, Discover, and the New York Times. Jeremy's work have been featured by CNN, NPR, The Today Show, and Wired. He is a graduate of Harvard College and the University of Montana. Jeremy's book, Breaking and Entering: The Extraordinary Story of a Hacker Called "Alien" is available now.Sherri Davidoff is a noted cybersecurity expert, author, speaker and CEO of both LMG Security and BrightWise, Inc. During her hacker days, she was known...more