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Wake and bake cuz! Down to smoke one with your big homie Snoop Dogg? Well, here I is and here’s your shot neffew. Get up close and personal with me – the one and only Snoop Dogg each week on my official GGN podcast. This podcast right here is hosted by none other than me…yours truly…music legend and pop culture icon… Snoop D-O-double G ya dig?!? This is nuthin but a smoked out session rolled tightly into podcast form that features me choppin’ game with and doin’ full-length interviews with a wh...more


  • GGN Podcast Ep. 121 - Holiday Special 2018

    Dec 20 2018

    With Thanksgiving leftovers already wrapped up for another year, Christmas around the corner, and New Years creeping soon, it’s time to break bread with family and friends, and share in a few laughs. And for our fearless leader Snoop Dogg, that means music, comedy, celebrities, and enough food to feed an army. Thankfully, the Doggfather has a big family to share in the Winter warmth. On this very special, all-encompassing, holiday episode of GGN, we put together an inside look at Uncle Snoop’s ...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 120 - Ladies First Edition

    Nov 28 2018

    Snoop is always down to support sisters blazing their own paths, as the many powerful women who’ve joined Snoop in the Smoker’s Studio can attest. These ladies aren’t just the talent onscreen — they’re award-winning creators, writers, and producers who mastermind their boundary-pushing visions from start to finish. On this very special episode of GGN, we take a look back at the best guest appearances from Snoop’s female friends in the world of entertainment, spanning comedy, drama, music, and r...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 119 - Best Of GGN Sports

    Nov 15 2018

    There’s only one thing Snoop Dogg loves more than music and marijuana: sports! Whether he’s cheering on his top squad the Pittsburgh Steelers, offering commentary ringside at a UFC bout, or coaching his little league football team, Snoop is always ready to chop it up about the latest action in athletics. On this special episode of GGN, we take a look back at the best guest appearances from Snoop’s friends in the wide world of sports, breaking down their career highlights, opinions on the state ...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 118 - Best Of Comedians

    Nov 06 2018

    Snoop Dogg’s Rolodex is the size of a phone book. So when it’s time to pick a guest to join him on GGN, the options are damn near endless. But between Oscar-winning thespians, chart-topping rap stars, and giant cartoon monsters, our fearless leader also has the line on some of the world’s funniest comedians. On this very special episode of GGN, we take a look back at the best guest appearances from Snoop’s funniest friends, breaking down party stories, the best cities for stand-up comedy, and e...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 117 - Best Of Smoker's Studio Vol. 2

    Oct 16 2018

    Over the years, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have stopped by the GGN desk to chop it up with Uncle Snoop. And everytime a chart-topping rapper or Oscar-winning thespian joins the Doggfather for a chat, our fearless leader breaks out the rapid-fire Q&A segment we call the Smokers Studio. On this very special episode of GGN, we took a look back at the best (and worst) answers from the Smokers Studio, sorting out everything from ideal super powers and dream movie role to early morning motivat...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 116 - Best Of High AF

    Oct 02 2018

    In case you haven’t noticed, Snoop is always smoking. So when it comes time for guests to join the Doggfather behind the GGN desk and break down their life stories, career goals, and deepest secrets, it’s no surprise that some of your favorite celebs are eager to join the rotation with the rap game’s most notorious pothead. But while some stars take it easy, hitting the blunt just once or twice, others have gone all out trying to keep up with our host, sometimes ending up too lost in the sauce t...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 115 - Best of GGN Freestyles

    Sep 19 2018

    With two and a half decades in the rap game, Snoop Dogg is constantly breaking out in rhyme. So when it comes time to get behind the anchor desk at GGN and chop it up with some of the world’s best spitters, Uncle Snoop can’t help but start his own cypher. In this very special episode, we take a look back at the best off-the-dome verses to grace our Los Angeles studio, including freestyles from the Doggfather himself, and the GGN guests who can keep up! While Snoop kicks bars about SoCal life, ...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 114 - Best of GGN A-Listers

    Aug 29 2018

    With two and a half decades of rap game fame under his belt, Snoop Dogg has amassed quite the rolodex. So when it came time to get behind the anchor desk at GGN, our fearless leader had no problem booking some of Hollywood’s hottest stars to spark up and break bread. On this very special episode, we take a look back at those high profile conversations in the Best of GGN A-Listers, bringing together actors, producers, and directors from the small screen to the silver screen. While Snoop sits ba...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 113 - Best Of Smoker's Studio Vol. 1

    Aug 16 2018

    Over the years, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have stopped by the GGN desk to chop it up with Uncle Snoop. And everytime a chart-topping rapper or Oscar-winning thespian joins the Doggfather for a cypher, our fearless leader breaks out a rapid-fire Q+A segment we call the Smoker’s Studio. On this very special episode of GGN Podcast, we take a look back at the best, and worst, answers from the Smoker’s Studio, pulling out hot button topics ranging from culinary queries, desert island albums,...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 112 - Mario Lopez

    Jul 03 2018

    If you are an '80's baby, you grew up watching our guest on one of the most popular teen comedies of the '90s', alongside his friends Zach, Screech, Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa, on the hit show Saved By The Bell. And even as he hosts one of the country's most popular and longest running entertainment TV news programs - Extra - if you are that '80's baby, you will always see him as that jheri curl dude from Saved By The Bell, A.C. Slater. That's right, A.C. .. ahem ... Mario Lopez is in the house thi...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 111 - Stephen A. Smith

    Jun 13 2018

    Some cats just have that grind mentality built-in. In the case of our guest, he came up in an era where - if you wanted to get noticed and be successful - you had no choice but to put in serious work. His beginnings in journalism in the early '90's as a beat reporter bred him, and now he's one of the most recognizable faces (and voices!) in sports television. Stephen A. Smith is in the house! Nemo Hoes and Stephen A. chop it up about how his hustle brought him through the ranks, eventually landi...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 110 - Wood Harris

    May 30 2018

    From coast to coast, LA to Chicago, the GGN News desk brings together two major OG's of their respective worlds. Actor Wood Harris joins Nemo Hoes at the desk this week! While he was still enrolled at NYU, he auditioned and ended up getting his first part in a major film, acting alongside 2pac, in Above The Rim - aided in part by some serious ball skills. Many of us still hold the HBO series, The Wire, as the best series to ever be on television, which our guest starred in, playing the character...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 109 - OT Genasis

    May 16 2018

    Continuing on with this West Coast theme we've got going on lately - Nemo Hoes welcomes a fellow LBC-native to the GGN News desk, a young homie on the rise. He entered all of our musical consciousness a couple years back, with his monster hit singles "CoCo", then followed up with "Cut It" featuring Young Dolph. You know what it is - O.T. Genasis is in the house! These men are connected through their origins, and when our guest brought out our host (and Tha Eastsidaz) at a special performance at ...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 108 - AD

    May 02 2018

    This week at the GGN News desk, Nemo Hoes welcomes yet another one of his up and coming West Coast neffews to the show - Compton-representative, AD, is in the house! If you've been sleeping on AD, please crawl out from under that rock you've been living under and get up on him. He's been bubbling for quite some time now, with a plethora of mixtapes and albums featuring a who's who of your favorite artists. Him and Snoop talk about his collab's with producer Sorry Jaynari for the By The Way and L...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 107 - Algee Smith

    Apr 19 2018

    This week we are joined by a double-threat talent - singer and actor (and who knows what else he's got up his sleeve), Algee Smith. In 2017, he starred in the three-part BET special, The New Edition Story, portraying Ralph Tresvant, as well as performing at The BET Awards, singing a rendition of Ralph's hit, "Sensitivity". Also in the year, he starred in the critically acclaimed movie, Detroit, and the world got introduced to his music when his debut EP, Listen, dropped. Yeah.. your boy's got so...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 106 - K Camp

    Apr 04 2018

    This week at the GGN News desk, we welcome back, once again, the originator of the now classic Smoker's Studio answer to the question, "If you could have any super power, what would it be?". Do you remember the answer he gave? If you don't, just go back and peep his first appearance on the GGN. For now, let us proceed with today's show... Both K Camp and our host, Nemo Hoes, share an affinity for strip clubs, as can be seen and appreciated in Snoop's video for the song, "Trash Bags", that featur...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 105 - Martin Lawrence

    Mar 22 2018

    Our guest's career spans across generations, but his break came when director Spike Lee came to see his standup act. After seeing his act that night, Spike cast him in the classic flick, Do The Right Thing, and our guest never looked back. Legendary comedian, actor, producer, and writer Martin Lawrence joins Uncle Snoop on the GGN Podcast this week! After Do The Right Thing, a new young star in Hollywood was born, and Martin's reel hasn't stopped since, starring in all your favorites - including...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 104 - G Perico

    Mar 08 2018

    We've had some of LA's finest artists on the GGN in the past, and this week we are bringing you a West Coast rapper that's been on the rise - G Perico. In 2016, his album Shit Don't Stop dropped, and when sources like Pitchfork and Fader showed it a lot of love, it just put a stamp on his name that G Perico was going to be a force in the game. Now, two years later, he slides thru the GGN and joins Nemo Hoes to talk about music, and much more. When he realized the streets weren't for him, he put...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 103 - Ernest Dickerson

    Feb 20 2018

    In 2017, Hip Hop film-heads knew that the 25th anniversary of one of their favorite flicks of all time, Juice, crept up on us, and we were treated to Tupac nostalgia one more time. This week on the GGN, Nemo Hoes sits down and chops it up with the man responsible for directing Juice and many other classic films - Ernest Dickerson joins us at the desk! He gives us an insider's look into the making of Juice, including a priceless story of a lady's number Tupac was actually thankful he didn't get! ...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 102 - Lena Waithe

    Feb 07 2018

    This week, the GGN News desk welcomes actress, writer, and producer Lena Waithe to the set. Last year, she made history with her Emmy win for comedy writing for an episode of the wildly popular Netflix-original series Masters of None, becoming the first black woman to take home the award in the category. Lena has wanted to make timeless television since she was a youngster growing up in Chicago. She's got the chance now, as executive producer of the new Showtime drama The Chi, a show that she w...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 101 - Kathy Bates

    Jan 19 2018

    In our first show of 2018, we bring you our first Academy Award winner ever to grace the GGN News desk - the incomparable Kathy Bates joins us to help get the year started in the right way. You know her from many of your favorite movies, including her role opposite another legendary actor, James Caan, in the classic suspense/thriller Misery, as well as a slightly less disturbing role playing one Bobby Boucher Jr.'s mother in the hilarious comedy Waterboy. Nemo Hoes chats it up with her about how...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 100 - Christmas Special 2017

    Dec 22 2017

    It's a very special Christmas, so gather 'round the tree and spark some too. From us at the GGN to you, we give you GGN Podcast Episode #100 for Christmas this year. To kick off the festivities, we invited all our friends, new and old, to celebrate with us - Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, Ha Ha Davis, Too $hort, Luenell, Michael Blackson, Karrueche Tran, Fatboy SSE, Slink Johnson, and Supreme Patty. It wouldn't be a real Christmas party amongst family if there wasn't a little drama to go with that tur...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 99 - RJ

    Dec 19 2017

    GGN Podcast Ep. 99 - RJ by Snoop Dogg

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 98 - Chief Keef

    Dec 05 2017

    Chi-Town representative Chief Keef has steadily been flooding the streets with new music, and he took a break from the studio to slide thru the GGN this week. Nemo Hoes asks him about all things Chi' - including being a part of the new wave of artists from the city, getting to work with Kanye West, what he loves most about "Chi-raq", and being one of the pioneers of a style of music that originated on the South Side - drill music. They also get into more pressing matters, like their favorite ice...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 97 - Desiigner

    Nov 21 2017

    Our guest's talent may only be exceeded by his super positive energy and vibes he puts out into the world. In 2016, his uber-catchy song "Panda" launched him into the mainstream's consciousness as one of today's young rising stars in music, which got stamped when he signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music imprint. Panda, panda, panda... Desiigner joins Nemo Hoes at the GGN News desk this week! They chop it up about everything from what it's like being an artist at G.O.O.D. Music, his new album th...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 96 - Young M.A

    Nov 07 2017

    She's from the East and He's from the West. One is a young star on the rise and the other is a living legend. That's right - rapper Young M.A is our guest, and as usual, your's truly, Nemo Hoes welcomes you to another classic GGN Podcast. NYC has always been a breeding ground for the game's best rappers, and M.A carries on that torch, as well as for female rappers from the city. Her single "OOOUUU" blew way up in 2016 and is now 3x platinum. Her and Nemo talk about killing it at the BET Awards C...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 95 - Mark Cuban

    Oct 17 2017

    Whether you are a fan of the Dallas Mavericks or our guest's history of antics as owner of the team (side note: he doesn't give a ....), he will eventually get your respect by his hustling, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for everything he does. Nemo Hoes welcomes NBA team-owner and star of the hit TV show "Shark Tank" Mark Cuban to the GGN News desk! This episode is filled with some crazy stories, including what opposing team coach Pat Riley told him during those epic playoff runs against t...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 94 - 21 Savage

    Oct 04 2017

    If you don't know the story of what happened to our guest on his 21st birthday, you need to do some more research. But for now -- pull up and peep him on the GGN Podcast. His music and collab's with producer Metro Boomin have been bubbling out of the Atlanta rap scene for a few years and his much anticipated debut album finally dropped earlier this year - Issa Album. Among the wide array of topics, he chops it up with Nemo Hoes about his partnership with Epic Records and L.A. Reid, Atlanta's rol...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 93 - TJ Miller (and Gorburger)

    Sep 20 2017

    This week in GGN News... we not only get treated to one special guest - actor and comedian TJ Miller - but the one and only star of The Gorburger Show - Gorburger - joins Nemo Hoes at the desk. In this two-part interview, the script gets flipped on Nemo, as TJ has a gang of questions for our host - some thoughtful, some random, but all so so good. TJ talks about creating the character of Gorburger, which leads us into the second half of the show, as Gorburger joins us and takes us into his world...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 92 - Martellus Bennett

    Sep 05 2017

    Newly minted Super Bowl winner Martellus Bennett comes thru the GGN this week. Fresh off one of the most historic Super Bowl games in history, he chops it up with Nemo about that historic comeback, joining Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay this season, writing children's books, and making the Forbes "30 Under 30" list that recognizes young game-changers and innovators. Contrary to what his mixtape "I'm Not A Rapper But Some Of My Friends Are..." states, he flexes some skills when an impromptu rap and s...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 91 - Tony Hinchcliffe

    Aug 22 2017

    You may not have known our guest's name before he roasted your host, Nemo Hoes, but after he killed it that night, we have all been checking for him! Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe finally stops thru the GGN News desk this week. Besides hosting the open mic at The World Famous Comedy Store (where he honed his skills), he has a Netflix special out (and another in the works) and produces his own podcast - The Pony Hour. Andy Kaufman's comedic influences, developing a movie with Nemo, and being the vict...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 90 - Rob $tone

    Aug 08 2017

    This week at the GGN News desk, our host Nemo Hoes welcomes his fellow West Coast brethren to the show. Throw your W's up and show some love for San Diego-native and young G whose dad put him on to Snoop Dogg music when he was a young pup - Rob $tone is in the house. His song "Chill Bill" launched his career to new heights and now he's at the GGN, soaking up a whole lot of game from Nemo about how to have success and still remain humble, the worst job he's ever had, and knowing "Chill Bill" was ...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 89 - Jenny Slate

    Jul 18 2017

    We are in the company of the super-talented and hilarious actress, comedian, voice actress, and children's book author Jenny Slate this week at the GGN! Nemo Hoes asks her about everything from her love for writing books for kids, her passion for acting and live performance, preferring to smoke alone, and being an empowered female in an industry historically controlled by men. Be sure to check her out in Landline which hits movie theaters this Friday, 7/21!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 88 - Miguel

    Jul 04 2017

    If you combined R&B, Funk, Old-School, and threw in a bit of Hip-hop, you may get a taste of what our guest has been cooking up for us with his eclectic musical stylings over the past few years. Nemo Hoes welcomes singer, songwriter, and now actor, Miguel, to the GGN News. Beyond exploring roles on the big screen and getting engaged earlier this year, did you know Miguel is into meditation and his dream collaboration is with none other than our host himself?!? Now you do! Also, he's got more new...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 87 - Murs

    Jun 27 2017

    If you're a real West Coast hip hop head, you are in the right place. We pulled in a legend of the coast this week at the GGN News desk - Murs! There are few cats that have been truer to the culture, as evidenced by putting together the Paid Dues Tour which has always showcased hip hop's finest. Nemo Hoes asks him about everything from becoming a father, to his new album that just dropped, Captain California, to getting taken down by the Ying Yang Twins at the Hip Hop Gaming League! Oh yeah.. he...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 86 - Jidenna

    Jun 14 2017

    Hey cuz, it's your Big uncle, Nemo Hoes, and we back with a classic man this week at the GGN News desk - Jidenna is in the house. Game recognize game, and this man's style is on point! In this uncut podcast, we go all the way in - his African (Nigeria) roots, attending Stanford University, as well as appearing and performing on the Netflix show Luke Cage. Plus!! A GGN with this much style and flash wouldn't be complete without an impromptu call to "Goldie" himself - Max Julien ("The Mack" movi...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 85 - Dana White

    May 30 2017

    After starting the UFC more than 15 years ago and then selling it (only to return again!), Dana White has taken the fight game to a whole other level. He's at the GGN news desk this week, chopping it up with Nemo Hoes about the global takeover of mixed martial arts, whether Bruce Lee could still kick ass today, how Joe Rogan makes UFC even better, marijuana's place (or lack thereof) in the game, and what it's going to take to get the fight everyone's been talking about to finally happen.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 84 - Alexis Ohanian

    May 16 2017

    Our guest this week has a goal to reach over 1 Billion people through his website - no small task. He is also engaged to one of the most dominant female athletes in history. Enough hints for you? Nemo Hoes welcomes in Reddit co-founder and internet entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian to the GGN News desk. They chat it up about selling Reddit (only to come back to it years later), what he loves so much about his bad-ass fiancé Serena Williams, the future of the internet, as well as thoughts on Mr. Trum...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 83 - Lil Yachty

    Apr 18 2017

    This may be the GGN's first teen guest, but this self-proclaimed "King of the Teens" is wise well beyond his years. Whether you're a fan or not, you have to respect this artist's get down - he had a vision for his career and in the last year (and largely solo without many collab's), has made that vision his reality. Yess.. Lil Yachty is in the house to discuss music (new album coming soon), where he developed his unique fashion sense, where he got the name "Lil Yachty", what he wants to get into...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 82 - Gabriel Iglesias

    Apr 04 2017

    It's not everyday you get two of the L.B.C.'s finest in the same place, at the same time - but today, we are bringing you both - live and direct from the GGN news desk. This week, we getting "fluffed" up ... hilarious comedian Gabriel Iglesias is in the house! Him and Nemo talk about his freestyle comedic style, where he originally got the name "Fluffy", and his TV show on the Fuse network, Fluffy Breaks Even. That and much more from the cutting room floor that you only get here on the GGN Podc...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 81 - Rae Sremmurd

    Mar 21 2017

    When these Black Beatles got the co-sign of their music from one of the original Beatles - Paul McCartney - they knew they had reached the top echelon of the game. Nemo Hoes brings in super talented R&B (or 'R&G' as he calls it) duo Rae Sremmurd this week at the GGN. They chop it up about the energy they put out through their music, working with Mike Will Made It, and the worst job they ever had before making it in music - working in a mattress factory LOL. Pull up.. we got another one this we...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 80 - Shaun Phillips

    Mar 07 2017

    For GGN Podcast Episode #80 (think former football legend's jersey number), we happen to have another former NFL great in the house this week! Former NFL linebacker Shaun Phillips joins Nemo Hoes at the desk. Throughout his career, Shaun felt it was better to deal with the physical toll his body took out on the field naturally, instead of with pain-killers normally given to players, and now he is a player in this new movement, aligning himself with the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition. They get int...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 79 - Demetrius Shipp Jr.

    Feb 22 2017

    Our guest this week is a musician and producer, but what we at the GGN are anticipating most from this young talent will be his upcoming role playing Tupac in the biopic All Eyez on Me. Demetrius Shipp Jr. is on set this week! His father had connections with Nemo Hoes back in the day, and they even had the same high school principal! Nemo shares a gang of stories - including how he met Tupac - and drops gem after gem about acting, music, and life. Break out the notepad and pen (and maybe a l...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 78 - A$AP Rocky

    Feb 17 2017

    We could not wait any longer to drop another classic GGN episode on ya'll, so we're back again. Our guest is a Harlem-bred MC and has proven what a diverse talent he is since he's come on the scene, having appeared in films, as well as making moves in the fashion world. That's right.. A$AP Rocky has arrived at the GGN - and he flips the table on Uncle Nemo with some questions of his own (check out the GGN Podcast-exclusive "cutting room floor" material). Ohh yeahh - he hasn't forgot what brought...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 77 - D.R.A.M.

    Feb 14 2017

    Our guest this week at the GGN News desk has at least two things in common with our host, one of them being they both 'do real-ass music' and the other... well, you need to listen to find out. You may have already guessed - the super talented rapper/singer/songwriter, D.R.A.M., is in the house. He's got the co-sign from his Uncle, as well as "Queen B" herself, so you know he's seriously talented. They get into how his music has traveled and made waves abroad, as well as how hallucinogens take...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 76 - Nick Diaz

    Feb 08 2017

    After a short chronic break, the GGN Podcast is back for 2017! Sorry to keep ya'll waiting but we had to come even bigger and better this year. First up at the GGN news desk is a baddd man - mixed martial arts vet, Nick Diaz! Nemo Hoes and our guest chop it up about who his favorite fighter is today, including who he would like to square up against, his friendship with the late great Kimbo Slice, and how doing triathlons gives him the edge in the octagon. All aspects of the fight game are cov...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 75 - Rotimi

    Nov 15 2016

    He is an actor on the hit show "Power" and a super talented singer/songwriter. He goes by the name of Rotimi, and Nemo Hoes welcomes him by the GGN news desk this week. We get into how he juggles music and acting, including which one he enjoys the most, what actors in the biz he would love the chance to work with, and flipping old school songs for his upcoming album. Plus a bunch more shenanigans you know you will only find on the uncut, raw GGN Podcast, u funky b---- u.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 74 - Terrace Martin

    Oct 11 2016

    What do you get when you mix the Jazz stylings of Miles Davis with a G-Funk twist? Here's a clue - he's our guest this week at the GGN. Nemo Hoes welcomes artist/producer/composer Terrace Martin to the show to talk about what he wanted to achieve producing tracks on Kendrick Lamar and YG's recent projects, working with the OG's in the game - including yours truly - and shares some real stories you will only get here on the GGN ya'll. Chuuuch.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 73 - Boosie Badazz

    Sep 27 2016

    Our guest has overcome a gang of trials and tribulations in his life, but now he is back and better than ever. He goes by the name of Boosie Badazz, and he's chopping up game with Nemo Hoes this week at the GGN news desk. These two have a history that goes all the way back to our host's No Limit days! He has plans to make a biopic based on his life story, putting out more music, and performing overseas. Plus, he shares the story of how Pimp C (R.I.P.) got into his life while he was locked up.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 72 - Omarion

    Sep 13 2016

    After a short hiatus, the GGN is back in yo ear and Nemo Hoes does not waste any time bringing it back! He welcomes Omarion to the news desk to talk about coming up in the music game as a young pup, all the way to his upcoming album Reasons set to drop in 2016. Now a father, he talks about staying grounded, as well as what other artists he would still love to work with. The GGN News - back like we never left, u funky b**** u!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 71 - Fashawn

    Aug 02 2016

    The GGN News desk stays locked and loaded with the best of the best, the baddest of the baddest. You know when our guest gets the call from one of the greatest MC's to ever hold a microphone - Nas - that boy badd. He goes by the name of Fashawn. Nemo Hoes asks him about having his music featured in a gang of different video games, signing to Nas' label, and his super power of choice. Also, he flips the script and has questions of his own for Nemo, so stay tuned for extra "cutting room" materia...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 70 - Trailer Park Boys

    Jul 12 2016

    When the Trailer Park Boys came on the GGN last time, it was pure hilarity. They're back ya'll! Season 10 of their show is now on Netflix, featuring yours truly. The range of topics at the desk this time go from what the back of a certain female's anatomy might look like, to the legendary wrestler Andre the Giant, to billy goat acrobatics, and best places to make love.. In this uncut interview, we even have Stormy Fronts helping us out with a little weather report. LOL. Drop in and tune in ya'l...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 69 - Rick Ross

    Jun 28 2016

    Our guest at the GGN this week is multi-platinum selling rapper, business mogul, and a certified Bosss in the rap game. Yea ya'll, that's right, Rick Ross is in the house, and he's chopping up all kinds of game with Nemo Hoes. He talks about his hustler mentality, his longevity in the game, ventures outside of music, and West coastin' back in the early 90's. Plus, what he's got coming up - featuring yours truly!!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 68 - Riff Raff

    Jun 14 2016

    The GGN News desk and Nemo Hoes welcome back to the show, our flavorful buddy, Riff Raff. He just launched his own record label, and his new album - Peach Panther - is out June 24, so ya gotta go cop that!! Signature wrestling moves and the life with a "peach princess" without social media are just a couple of the topics on this one. You know the deal, get locked and loaded for another great show. Chuuch...

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 67 - Ilana Glazer

    May 26 2016

    Did you hear? Nemo Hoes has his own version of Kryptonite. Yeah, and it has no "off button". Did you also hear that the wonderful and talented writer, actress, comedian and co-star of the hit show Broad City (Comedy Central)is on the show this week? Bet not. So stop thru and find out her inspirations, how she likes to blaze up, and Director Nemo has some ideas for the movie he would write for her.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 66 - Seth Rogen

    May 17 2016

    It is always a hilarious conversation when Seth Rogen joins Nemo Hoes at the GGN news desk, and he is our guest again (Episode 9) this week. He stars in the upcoming sequel Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, and wouldn't you know it, Seth does not like his own neighbors in real life! The last time Seth dropped by, he graced us with a cross-joint (Episode 9!), and this time is just as entertaining. They say no to surfing and a big yes to savory kids cereals. Roll up, roll through, u-bitch-u.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 65 - Nia Long and Key & Peele

    May 11 2016

    The beautiful, talented actress Nia Long is in the house at the GGN this week - and she catches a little contact!! Her and Nemo Hoes go in about her acting career, including her roles in the classic movies, Friday and Boyz n the Hood. She is one of the stars of the new movie, Keanu, in theaters now. Go check it out, cuz! Her co-stars in the movie are none other than comedic tag-team super duo, Key & Peele, and they drop in to talk about the movie, upcoming projects, and there's an impersonation ...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 64 - Lil Duval and Michael Blackson

    May 03 2016

    In GGN Podcast Ep. 61, the news desk welcomed comedian/actor Mike Epps and writer/director Deon Taylor, and this week, we have two more stars of the new movie Meet the Blacks - Lil Duval and Michael Blackson. Comedians are competitive at heart and this interview could also be a comedy battle with the jokes they are cracking on each other! They had everyone rolling, including your host, Nemo Hoes. This is the uncut, raw interview, so there is much more, including what director they would work wit...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 63 - Ice Cube

    Apr 19 2016

    Yay yayee! Please help Nemo Hoes welcome to the GGN News desk one of the original pioneers of West Coast hip hop, but better known these days for his work on the big screen - Ice Cube. They chop it up about playing the straight man in comedy movies (see Kevin Hart.... 'nuff said). Plus, why he didn't want his son to play him in the "Compton" movie. The latest installment in the "Barbershop" movies just hit theaters, and oh yeah, he's got new music on the way. If you want even more game, stay...more

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 62 - Khloe Kardashian

    Apr 04 2016

    Khloe Kardashian is an entrepreneur, TV personality, and author, but this week she is our guest on the #1 hood news network, the GGN. Since her family's reality TV show first entered America's consciousness back in 2007, a lot has happened with her family. Her and Nemo Hoes talk about how that strong family bond have kept her rooted through it all, what's happening these days with her new TV talk show, and more.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 61 - Mike Epps and Deon Taylor

    Mar 21 2016

    The GGN news desk and Nemo bring in the hilarious comedian/actor of the upcoming movie, Meet the Blacks, Mike Epps and the writer/director, Deon Taylor, in this week's episode. They talk about the genre-bending upcoming movie, and you never know what you will see going through the drive thru with Mike Epps.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 60 - Iza Lach

    Mar 14 2016

    Our guest at the GGN News this week made the most unlikely connection with our host. All the way from Poland, the voice that captured Nemo Hoes' attention from across the world, Iza Lach sits down with us. They talk about making music together, learning English by watching American TV, and her affinity for Stevie Wonder.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 59 - Lil Dicky

    Mar 07 2016

    It's an ALL NEW episode of the GGN Podcast! This week, Nemo Hoes welcomes Lil Dicky to the news desk. Lil Dicky has a brand of rap unlike any other, combining comedic storytelling with mad lyrical skills. Fellow Hip Hop elite - including Nemo - have recognized Lil Dicky's talent, so you know he's the real deal!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 58 - Dom Kennedy

    Feb 29 2016

    It's a West Coast thang this week at the GGN, as Dom Kennedy is our special guest. He's been atop the West Coast independent rap scene for years! "Dodger Dom" joins Nemo Hoes, and they're chopping up some real game, including what would motivate him to get from the desert to the pyramids. Plus, Nemo played a sport in high school, but it's not what you may be thinking.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 57 - Anderson .Paak

    Feb 22 2016

    Yesss Lawww'd! Anderson .Paak is in the house this week. When Nemo Hoes tells him he is what the whole game is watching and listening for, he reflects on what that means for him. Fresh off various features on Dr. Dre's "Compton" album, he just dropped his new project, "Malibu". It's a California love thing at the news desk, so come drop in with us!!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 56 - Post Malone

    Feb 15 2016

    What do you get when you combine influences from Megadeth and NWA? You get artist Post Malone - he is our guest at the GGN News Network this week. He talks about getting to perform his breakout song "White Iverson" with his pops at the Dallas Cowboys Christmas party, and much more.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 55 - DJ Khaled

    Feb 08 2016

    They don't wanna see the best on the GGN News Network, but that's what we're giving to you. DJ Khaled is a mogul (and a "sex symbol", if you didn't know). He shares the story of how he got lost at sea.. on a jet ski... in the dark.... 'Nuff said.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 54 - Hanni El Khatib

    Feb 01 2016

    The sock game is something our guest this week - Hanni El Khatib - and Nemo Hoes take seriously. They vibe out and talk about his progression in musical influence and evolution, including a story about how him and Freddie Gibbs originally connected. Plus, Nemo is on to the weed sabotage. Can you feel the backdraft?!?

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 53 - Tee Flii

    Jan 25 2016

    Tee Flii and Nemo Hoes "pass the baton" on this week's episode of the GGN. You can't talk about the new breed of West Coast without bringing his name up, and he has hits upon hits to back it up. "Annie" is most definitely o'tay, ufunkybitchu.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 52 - Sage the Gemini

    Jan 19 2016

    Stopping by this time at the GGN desk is a Heart Break Kid.. the one and only Sage the Gemini is in the house. He has a serious thing for Yvette (Baby Boy), but who he would like to work with someday might surprise you.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 51 - Gavlyn

    Jan 11 2016

    Gavlyn graces the GGN this week. The Valley-bred rapper lists her influences as some of the most potent female lyricists, and you can hear it in her raps - check her drop a hot 16. Nemo Hoes does spoken word poetry. *finger snaps

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 50 - Dizzy Wright

    Jan 04 2016

    Shout out to the homie Dizzy Wright for coming thru the GGN this week. Nemo Hoes and his nephew talk about many topics - including how Bone Thugs 'N Harmony influenced him coming up and wanting to be the "bald eagle" of the Rap game!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 49 - Theotis Beasley

    Dec 28 2015

    Theotis Beasley rolls in to the GGN this time, but he forgot his board! All good, 'cause him and Nemo Hoes have plenty to discuss, including who got him into skateboarding and how he tried to keep it "on the low" in the 'hood at first. Plus, Nemo offers his nephew "a brand new car!!!". Come peep game cuz!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 48 - Far East Movement

    Dec 21 2015

    The GGN news network scoops up Far East Movement to join Uncle Snoop this week. All the members (even DJ Virman!) are up in smoke. "Nemo Hoes" thinks up movie ideas for them, and the guys answer the toughest question of all - which actress they would have a love scene with. Hmmm......

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 47 - Wax

    Dec 14 2015

    The GGN brings Wax into the show this week. Nemo Hoes respects his rap get down, and you'll know why when they get into a freestyle session. From his humble Maryland beginnings, to why porn is 'like reading'.. this episode goes in!!!!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 46 - Chuck Liddell

    Dec 08 2015

    Former UFC Champion Chuck Liddell is in the house this week at the GGN. "The Iceman" talks about how he got that nickname, and him and Snoop get heavy into the fight game- past, present, and future. Pull up a seat at the GGN news desk, before you get took down, arm barred, or just knocked the F*** out!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 45 - Rick Rock

    Nov 30 2015

    This week, hip-hop producer and West Coast transplant kicks it at the GGN desk. Him and Nemo Hoes shed light on many topics, including how he has navigated his way towards the top echelon in the game. Aspiring producers, you will definitely want to peep game on this one. His new album is on the way in a few days - "Rocket" - out Dec. 4th.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 44 - Freddie Gibbs

    Nov 23 2015

    The GGN welcomes Freddie Gibbs to the news desk this week. We know he has been on the West Coast for years now, making huge waves, including his acclaimed album "Piñata" with producer Madlib. He drops hidden gems about where his name comes from, the reason he got into the rap game, and more. If you don't know, you won't know, you funky...

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 43 - Super Troopers

    Nov 16 2015

    Canada's finest law enforcement, the Super Troopers, are the GGN's guests this week. From talking about the sequel to their first movie, to Meow prank calling a pet store, to human centipede philosophizing... this episode has something for all, and you do know that!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 42 - Killer Mike

    Nov 09 2015

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, pimps and playas.. Killer Mike joins the GGN to shed game on his hustle in the ATL right before he got the call from Big Boi (Outkast), South and West Coast hip hop connections, and his future projects.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 41 - Captain Johnathan

    Nov 02 2015

    Captain Johnathan from the smash TV show Deadliest Catch loves the crabs. He docks the boat with Snoop at the GGN this week and they talk about the craziest thing he's ever caught and dreams of catching pre-historic fish.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 40 - Riff Raff

    Oct 26 2015

    H-Town representative Riff Raff, a.k.a. Jody HighRoller a.k.a. Jody Neutron, clearly loves the neon. What may surprise you were who his influences were coming up in the game.. He rolls through the GGN this week.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 39 - Jamie Foxx

    Oct 19 2015

    Multi-talented actor, comedian, and musician Jamie Foxx joins the GGN this week. Him and Snoop go back in time, wayyy back. They cover his early days of comedy, In Living Color, Hollywood parties and much more... u-bitch-u.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 38 - Black Jesus

    Oct 13 2015

    Adult Swim stars Slink Johnson and Valencia Algarin join us this week on GGN.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 37 - Arsenio Hall

    Oct 05 2015

    Late night pioneer Arseniooooooooooo Haaaaall's GGN interview... Ya funky bitch.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 36 - Redman

    Sep 20 2015

    Funk Doc in the building. UbitchU!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 35 - Cheech & Chong

    Sep 08 2015

    Classic Stoners Cheech & Chong's full GGN interview.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 34 - George Clinton

    Sep 03 2015

    Georger Clinton is here to funk you up!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 33 - Larry King

    Aug 26 2015

    The King of talk radio. Full GGN interview.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 32 - Michael Rappaport

    Aug 16 2015

    Actor/Filmmaker Michael Rappaport talks about being there when Snoop and Tupac first met.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 31 - Too $hort

    Aug 09 2015

    $hort Dogg's 2nd and most recent appearance on GGN. Enjoy these real players choppin' serious game!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 30 - Jermaine Jackson

    Aug 02 2015

    Classic conversation about growing up a Jackson, the legendary group and the King of Pop.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 29 - Shawn Stockman

    Jul 26 2015

    That's right... Boyz II Men on GGN. Shawn Stockman talks about Philly, 90's R&B and what he's up to these days.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 28 - T-Pain

    Jul 19 2015

    T-Pain loses the dreads and comes back to music. Listen to the full interview here.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 27 - Jhene Aiko

    Jul 12 2015

    Jhene Aiko discusses motherhood and her fast rise to fame.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 26 - Devin The Dude

    Jul 06 2015

    Coughee Brotha Devin The Dude's GGN interview covers just about everything. From influences and piloting drones, to weed culture, and more.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 25 - Jeff Ross

    Jun 29 2015

    Roast Master General Jeff Ross sits down at the GGN desk and brings the funny.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 24 - Charlie Murphy

    Jun 21 2015

    This is the full length interview of Charlie Murphy's hilarious appearance on GGN. Sit back and listen to a master storyteller talk about his strange Hollywood life.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 23 - Trailer Park Boys

    Jun 15 2015

    The Trailer Park Boys join Snoop in character to discuss what goes on day to day at the trailer park and possibly outfitting Dogg with a pimped out trailer of his very own.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 22 - Jimmy Kimmel

    Jun 08 2015

    Jimmy Kimmel talks about his career, candy bars and smoking weed in the White House.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 21 - Pharrell

    Jun 01 2015

    Pharrell has a conversation with Snoop about music, their careers and collaborating.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 20 - Margaret Cho

    May 25 2015

    Comedian Margaret Cho talks about future projects, marijuana strains and bridging cultures through music.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 19 - Rob Dyrdek

    May 18 2015

    Skater & TV star Rob Dyrdek talks about his craziest stunts, his latest ventures and building an empire.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 18 - will.i.am

    May 11 2015

    Artist will.i.am chops it up about his beginnings with Eazy-E, producing hits and venturing into tech.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 17 - Tony Hawk

    May 04 2015

    Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk talks about his career, ventures and when he first met Snoop Dogg.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 16 - Ab-Soul

    Apr 29 2015

    Ab-Soul freestyles about his rap life and being part of Black Hippy & TDE.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 15 - ILoveMakonnen

    Apr 20 2015

    ILoveMakonnen talks about his song "Tuesday", working with Drake and more!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 14 - Raven Felix

    Apr 13 2015

    The Valley's own Raven Felix talks game about growing up in Valifornia, being one of the few female rappers and more.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 13 - Ray J

    Apr 06 2015

    Nemo Hoes' cousin Ray J sings about his reality tv shows & gives love advice.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 12 - Stevie Williams

    Mar 30 2015

    Pro skateboarder Stevie Williams talks about growing up in Philly and creating his own brands such as DGK and Asphalt Yacht Club.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 11 - Little Dragon

    Mar 23 2015

    Swedish electronic band Little Dragon shares "Nabuma Rubberband" with Nemo Hoes.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 10 - Arsonal

    Mar 16 2015

    Battle rapper Arsonal Da Rebel stops by to chop it up with Nemo Hoes on the battle rap culture and why he's the God, not the King!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 9 - Seth Rogen

    Mar 09 2015

    Seth Rogen teaches Nemo Hoes how to roll a cross joint and talks about The Interview, Neighbors & This Is The End.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 8 - K Camp

    Mar 02 2015

    K Camp talks about his single "Cut Her Off", his project "One Way", and how to get out of precarious situations.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 7 - Official

    Feb 23 2015

    Nemo Hoes sits down with Official, a battle rapper featured in Snoop's Gladiator School project. The "Queen of the Ring" talks about how she got started in battle rap and how she now "kills bitches”.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 6 - Black Jesus

    Feb 19 2015

    Slink Johnson a.k.a. Black Jesus blesses the GGN news desk with his grace, turns water into Hennessy and strikes down with the wrath of pops.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 5 - Adrian Younge & Souls of Mischief

    Feb 19 2015

    Adrian Younge and Souls of Mischief share their views on the rap game and teaming up for their collaborative project "There Is Only Now” after decades of making music.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 4 - Hit-Boy

    Feb 19 2015

    Producer Hit-Boy chops it up with Nemo Hoes about the #1 hits he's produced, his crew HS87, and Snoop Dogg's influence during his youth.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 3 - DJ Premier

    Feb 19 2015

    Two of hip-hop's biggest icons converse about their early days, their achievements, how their paths have crossed and more!

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 2 - DJ Mustard

    Feb 19 2015

    DJ Mustard chops it up with Nemo Hoes about everything from his beginnings as a DJ to producing music for some of today's biggest artists.

  • GGN Podcast Ep. 1 - G-Unit

    Feb 19 2015

    Welcome to the first ever GGN Podcast featuring G-Unit! In this episode, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck & Kidd Kidd chop it up with Nemo Hoes about their reunion.