Talk Is Jericho

He’s a multiple world champion pro wrestler, lead singer of Fozzy, and a New York Times best-selling author. Listen in as Chris Jericho interviews some of the biggest names in wrestling, entertainment, comedy, and the paranormal. Don’t miss his unique, engaging, weekly take on all things pop culture.


  • Lance Archer - The Making of the Muderhawk Monster

    May 22 2020

    The Murderhawk Monster, Lance Archer, says there’s a reason for his name, and a process to taking care of those blood red braids! He also recounts his journey to AEW, starting with his indie days in Texas, his stint with TNA, his very short run with WWE, and his incredible success with NJPW. He’s got great stories about Vince McMahon, Johnny Ace, Arn Anderson, and Tiger Hattori!  Plus, he’s talking Killer Elite Squad, Will Ospreay, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and...more

  • Episode 666 - A Damien: Omen II watchalong with Kevin Smith

    May 20 2020

    It’s episode 666 of TIJ and what better way to mark the creepy occasion than with a “Damien: Omen II” watchalong with our fav fellow film buff, Kevin Smith! You know the drill – you do the first half of the movie here, and then you immediately jump to Smodcast to finish the viewing!  And you better believe, both eps are filled with great trivia about the making of the movie, the scenes and the setting, the Oscar-caliber cast, the award-winning composer, and why this ...more

  • Owen & Martha - Hart to Hart

    May 15 2020

    It's a love story for the ages, and one that was cut far too short by tragic events. Martha Hart opens up about her love affair and life with late husband, Owen Hart. She recalls meeting him when she was 15-years old, her first introduction to his crazy family, traveling the world with Owen during his early wrestling days, and what it was like for him when brother Bret left WWE with Owen still there under contract. She shares how they spent their down time, Owen's favorite movies and foods, and ...more

  • The Jovial Jive of Bruce Jingles

    May 13 2020

    Bruce Jingles was a crowd favorite who played to standing ovations and a packed theater on the Chris Jericho Rock & Wrestling Rager at Sea Part Deux in January, and he’s sharing those stories and so much more!  Hear about his friendship with Eddie Murphy’s brother, Charlie, and his junior high friendship with Ice Cube, and what Bruce heard about Bill Cosby years before the comedian’s fall from grace! Bruce also talks about his unique name, why he doesn’t want to ...more

  • The Top 10 Terrifying Tales Of Stephen King

    May 08 2020

    What are Chris Jericho and Jojo Feeney’s (from “Keepin’ It 100 with Konnan” pod) Top 10 Stephen King books? The answers will definitely surprise you, but will include stories and trivia about “The Shining,” “Carrie,” “The Stand,” and “It.” They talk about the movies and mini-series made from King’s books like “Misery,” “Under The Dome,” “Pet Cemetery,” and “Christine.” Yo...more

  • The Revival of The Revolt

    May 06 2020

    The tag team formerly known as The Revival at WWE are no longer with the company, and have a brand new identity, The Revolt!  Cash Wheeler (formerly Dash Wilder) and Dax Harwood (formerly Scott Dawson) asked for their release 15 months ago, and explain in full detail, why it didn’t happen until recently. They speak to Vince McMahon’s dislike of their North Carolina accents, the costumes & gimmick he pitched them in a last-ditch effort to keep them, and the state of the tag t...more

  • Under The Black Hat of Jim Ross

    May 01 2020

    Good Ole JR, Jim Ross, returns to share stories from “Under The Black Hat,” his latest autobiography that really tells the story about two specific relationships in his life – his relationship with Vince McMahon, and JR’s relationship with late wife, Jan. JR paints a fair portrait of his days at WWE working for Vince, including some of the disrespectful “ribs” that McMahon pulled on JR like Dr. Heiney, and moving JR from RAW to Smackdown on live TV during the ...more

  • Classic Album Clash - Barren Cross - The Best Band You've Never Heard Of!

    Apr 29 2020

    The Heaven’s Metal trio (drummer/comedian Richard Christy, singer Howard Jones of Light The Torch and Killswitch Engage fame, and Chris Jericho) returns for a very funny Classic Album Clash featuring the greatest band you’ve never heard of – Barren Cross! It’s “Atomic Arena” versus “State Of Control” in a fierce battle that includes debate and analysis on everything from album art to song lyrics to guitar riffs and vocals to singer Mike Lee's hair!...more

  • Best Players in NHL History According to Teddy Irvine

    Apr 24 2020

    The Baby-faced Assassin, Teddy Irvine, returns to TIJ to share stories about the greatest hockey players in the NHL! He’s talking about the guys he roomed with, traveled with, skated with, and scored against on the ice, including Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, Bobby Hull, and Gerry Cheevers. He’s got tales from his time with the Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers, and remembers a 17-year old Wayne Gretzky who flew to Winnipeg to play in a charity game before he was even in the NHL. 10 y...more

  • The Blood, Sweat & Teeth of Dr. Britt Baker DMD

    Apr 22 2020

    Dr. Britt Baker DMD broke her nose during a recent match against Shida on AEW Dynamite, and that was no blood capsule gushing red down her face! The legit wrestling dentist tells that story, shares the inspiration behind her #RoleModel heel turn, and explains why she’s been spotted in the audience of NXT shows!  She’s also talking about the grueling path she took to simultaneously pursue wrestling and dentistry, and how most of her patients react when they sit in her chair! She ...more

  • Mr. Crowley - the Rock N Roll Connection to the World's Wickedest Man

    Apr 17 2020

    Aleister Crowley is known as the wickedest man in the world, and has been a fascinating influence on rock n roll for the last 50 years!  Everyone from Ozzy Osbourne to the Beatles to Led Zeppelin to the Rolling Stones to David Bowie and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have referenced Crowley in their lyrics, videos, and personas. So who exactly is this black magic, English occultist who died in 1947, and why is the rock world so drawn to him? Kevin Eustace, host of the “We Need To Talk Abou...more

  • How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy During Lockdown with Dr. Dae

    Apr 15 2020

    If the coronavirus #StayHome is starting to wreck a little havoc on your relationships, Chris’ therapist, Dr. Dae, is here to help!  She has some great tips and exercises to improve communication and patience (for adults and kids), and to help the personal space issues that may be creating stress and anxiety at home. She has thoughts on “quality family time,” “quality partner time,” and “quality me time,” and how to deal with the uncertainty plaguin...more

  • Shazza McKenzie's UnExcellent Adventure

    Apr 10 2020

    Aussie wrestler Shazza McKenzie was supposed to spend 8 weeks in the States performing at various indie wrestling shows around the country, but thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, her trip only lasted a few days, and culminated with a two-week quarantine when she finally made it back to her native Australia! Shazza recounts her crazy story, and talks about the 8-weeks of bookings she lost, including a few high-profile shows in Tampa during Wrestlemania week! She also shares her quarantine routin...more

  • James Garretson Talks Joe Exotic, Jet Skis, and Tiger King

    Apr 08 2020

    James Garretson is the guy from the “Tiger King” documentary who cooperated with the Feds, and ultimately helped put Joe Exotic behind bars. He’s also the infamous jet ski guy in all the memes from the series! James explains his relationships with Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and Jeff Lowe, and gives some backstory on the murder-for-hire plot, the disappearance of Carole’s husband, and what it’s really like owning and caring for big cats.

  • Best Match Ever - HBK vs Undertaker Mania 25 Watchalong

    Apr 03 2020

    Marty Elias was the referee at Chris Jericho’s favorite match ever – Shawn Michaels versus Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25 in Houston, Texas! Watchalong with Marty and Chris as Marty shares behind-the-scenes details about the planning and execution of the match. Marty also talks about his relationship with Shawn and the heat it caused at WWE, his own WWE run, and what led to his controversial departure!

  • Killer Queens Nina Noir Survives Jericho Cruise AND COVID-19

    Apr 01 2020

    Killer Queens singer Nina Noir survived the coronavirus and details her story! She talks about where and how she may have contracted COVID19, the long road to diagnosis, quarantining, some of her scary symptoms, and how she managed to beat it living alone in San Francisco. She also shares some stories from the Jericho cruise!

  • The Exalted Escape of Brodie Lee

    Mar 27 2020

    Brodie Lee was the super-secret surprise in the big double swerve on AEW Dynamite last week, and he’s telling the story from start to finish! Discover how he managed to keep his move a secret, why he was so nervous about his debut, and when this whole plan really came together! He’s also speaking candidly about leaving WWE, how he felt about the Bludgeon Brothers tag team with Erick Rowan, what his final months were really like with the company, his relationship with Vince McMahon, a...more

  • Shedding Light on the Dark Side of the Ring

    Mar 25 2020

    Critically-acclaimed “Dark Side Of The Ring” is back on Vice TV, and season 2 kicks off with a two-parter about Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero! Producer Evan Husney and director Jason Eisener reveal how they got David Benoit, Chris’ son, and Sandra Toffoloni, Nancy’s sister, to participate. They also talk about the upcoming episode on the Owen Hart tragedy and what it took to get Owen’s widow, Martha, to agree to the documentary. And they discuss Jericho’s in...more

  • The Broken Brilliance of Matt Hardy

    Mar 20 2020

    Matt Hardy made his AEW debut last night, and became the newest member of The Elite, and the fifth man on their Blood & Guts team. Matt explains how this came be, what prompted him to leave WWE when his contract expired on March 1st, and what this might mean for his brother Jeff who’s still under contract with Vince McMahon. Matt also talks about the origin of Broken Matt, how TV shows like “Dexter,” “True Blood,” and “True Detective” inspired the en...more

  • The Facts & Realities of the Coronavirus with Dr. Alex Patel FRCPC

    Mar 18 2020

    Dr. Alex Patel educates us about coronavirus, dispelling some myths and conspiracy theories, and offering sound advice for staying healthy during this pandemic. He speaks to transmission, death rate, those most at risk, and some of the simple things you can do to ensure the well-being of yourself and those around you. He talks about COVID-19’s origins, it’s similarities to SARS, and why the coronavirus outbreak has led to such extreme social distancing and societal shutdowns. He also...more

  • The Masked Announcer - Excalibur Talks AEW & PWG

    Mar 13 2020

    Excalibur is the masked man at the announcer’s table on AEW Dynamite, and he explains how he ended up in that seat. He’s also one of the founders of PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerilla), the hottest indie promotion that gave many superstars their start. He talks about founding the company, their early days in Reseda, California, how they became such a celebrity magnet, and why they ultimately moved their operations and shows to Philly. He shares stories about the talent that came through PWG...more

  • Paul W. Hauser Stars In Richard Jewell & Fightfights with Jericho

    Mar 11 2020

    Paul W. Hauser starred as Richard Jewell in Clint Eastwood’s movie, “Richard Jewell.” He’s also appeared in “iTonya,” Spike Lee’s “Blackkklansman,” YouTube Red’s “Cobra Kai,” the Chris Jericho Rock & Wrestling Rager at Sea TWICE, and a one-off fistfight with Chris Jericho! He’s telling that story along with the time he gave Will Forte an idea for “MacGruber,” how he ended up writing episodes of the Edge...more

  • True Lies with Tom Arnold

    Mar 06 2020

    The very funny Tom Arnold joins to tell some hilarious stories about growing up in Iowa, working at the Hormel Meat Packing plant, his teenage jail years, and how he ended up acting in Hollywood. He talks “True Lies” with buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger, filming action scenes with Steven Seagal, and what it was really like on the set of “The Best Damn Sports Show.” He also discusses former friend Donald Trump and why Tom repeatedly turned down the Celebrity Apprentice, and To...more

  • The Case of the Missing Title Belt - An AEW Mystery

    Mar 04 2020

    After a historic and epic 6-month reign, Chris Jericho lost the AEW World Championship to Jon Moxley at Revolution on Saturday. And now that he’s no longer carrying the title belt, Chris has decided to tell the full story about what really happened the night the title mysteriously went missing in Tallahassee (less than 24 hours after Chris’ initial victory). Hear about the events leading up to the title’s disappearance, and what transpired during the 72 hours it was missing, an...more

  • Shawshank - The Most Haunted Prison in America

    Feb 28 2020

    The old Ohio State Reformatory Prison isn’t just the shooting location of “The Shawshank Redemption” movie, it also happens to be the most haunted prison in America!  Three employees who host ghostly tours of the prison share some of their personal paranormal experiences and offer details of some of the hauntings inside its walls.  They also share the prison’s history and stories about a few of the more notorious inmates, and provide some great trivia from Shawh...more

  • Jake The Snake Roberts - Dirty Details Live On Jericho Cruise

    Feb 26 2020

    Jake “The Snake” Roberts traveled everywhere with his cobra and had some serious adventures and mishaps along the way including trashed hotel rooms, tarmac escapes, and garage door derailings. He’s talking about the origins of the gimmick, the time his snake bit Randy “Macho Man” Savage in the ring and what it took to get Macho to agree to that, and how Jake managed to squash his own fear of snakes to make the gimmick successful. Plus, Jake talks promos, psychology,...more

  • Nyla Rose Transcends AEW

    Feb 21 2020

    Nyla Rose chronicles both her journey as a transgender woman and a wrestler in this candid conversation about overcoming obstacles along both paths. She speaks to her relationship with her family and friends, how she found comfort in her faith, what it’s been like living her truth, why she takes the words “role model” so seriously, and how she prefers to deal with internet trolls. She also talks about watching wrestling with her grandmother, training while male-presenting, and ...more

  • Coronavirus - Quarantine or Conspiracy?

    Feb 19 2020

    The new coronavirus pandemic has infected over 70,000 and killed close to 2,000, but is it as dangerous as the World Health Organization, CDC, world governments, and the news media would have you believe?  Not according to truthers David Weiss and RV!  They explain how and why the satanic government concocted the coronavirus conspiracy, the disturbing reasons behind the many supposed pandemics that have struck the world in recent decades (including SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and HIV/AI...more

  • Ric Flair Wooooos - Live on the Jericho Cruise

    Feb 14 2020

    It’s Ric Flair live from the Chris Jericho Rock & Wrestling Rager and Sea Part Deaux! And this time he’s talking about the origins of the “Woooo!,” how he first met and started working with Hulk Hogan, how he ended up in North Korea with Muhammad Ali and Eric Bischoff, his friendship with Roddy Piper, the advice he got from Harley Race, and the drama behind his jump from WCW to WWE. He also speaks candidly about his serious health scare from a couple years ago, his re...more

  • Adrian Smith Takes You Backstage with Iron Maiden

    Feb 12 2020

    Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith talks Maiden live shows from the props to the set list! He shares the songs he enjoys playing most, the ones that are a bit challenging, and how Maiden adapted the music to fit their three-guitar approach when Adrian and Bruce rejoined the band in 1999. Adrian recounts the circumstances that brought both he and Bruce back to Maiden, the band’s reaction to Bruce’s cancer scare, and what happened when Johnny Cash turned up at an Iron Maiden soundcheck...more

  • Across America with Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Feb 07 2020

    Hoooooooooo! Hacksaw Jim Duggan and his 2x4 invade TIJ for a hilarious conversation about his life in wrestling! He recounts how he went from the NFL to wrestling thanks to Fritz Von Erich, and remembers his first gimmick at Big Jim Duggan in the gold bathrobe, doing jobs for Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter, learning to wrestle in Hawaii working with Haku, and the words that Bruiser Brody said to him that gave rise to the 2x4. Hacksaw also shares the full story behind the arrest (with Iron Sheik) ...more

  • Classic Album Clash - Dio's "Holy Diver" vs "The Last In Line"

    Feb 05 2020

    It’s the return of the Classic Album Clash, and this time it’s DIO’s “Holy Diver” vs “The Last In Line!” Fozzy guitarists Rich Ward and Billy Grey, and drummer Frank Fontsere return to debate the songs, album art, songwriting, musicianship, guitar solos, and production of the two albums to ultimately crown the best among them. They also share Dio stories and trivia, remember the first time they saw the band live, and compare the management styles of Wend...more

  • Gathering Of The Guerreros - Live From The Jericho Cruise

    Jan 31 2020

    Eddie Guerrero’s wife, Vickie, daughter Shaul, and the nephew he thought more of like a brother, Chavo Guerrero, Jr. share stories and memories about the life and career of Eddie. Chavo and Chris tell wrestling and road stories, and Vickie and Shaul remember Eddie at home as husband and father. Vickie also recounts the story of their first date, and addresses her split from Eddie, his time in rehab, and the one big regret she has about the day he died. Plus, Chavo talks Los Guerreros, nick...more

  • Rise & Fall of the NWO - The Most Successful Faction of All Time

    Jan 29 2020

    Eric Bischoff, Scott Hall, Diamond Dallas Page, and Booker T recount the rise and fall of the NWO! Eric remembers what sparked the idea in the first place, how he was able to get Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to leave WWE for WCW, and when Hulk Hogan officially became the third member. Eric also reveals who he had lined up before Hogan agreed to join. Scott Hall shares his reasons for jumping to WCW at the time, how and why he involved Diamond Dallas Page in the NWO angles, and some of his favorite ...more

  • The Murder Trial of OJ Simpson - 25 Years Later

    Jan 24 2020

    The OJ Simpson murder trial is arguably one of the most intriguing cases in modern criminal history. Over 25 years later, and no one’s really sure exactly what happened to OJ’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman on the night of June 12, 1994.  OJ Simpson was arrested a few days after the brutal killings, charged with both murders, and after a high-profile, public trial that lasted nearly 10 months, was acquitted of both crimes. Tim Mangione, who’s be...more

  • The Life and Times of Super Liger: Jan 4, 1997 - Jan 5, 1997

    Jan 22 2020

    In honor of Jushin Thunder Liger’s retirement, Chris tells the full story of Super Liger! He chronicles the character’s origin, the costume design, and seeing the mask for the first time. And he hosts a watch-along of Super Liger’s one and only match against Koji Kanemoto at the Tokyo Dome in January of 1997.  He remembers the crowd reaction (or lack thereof), the locker room reaction post-match, and even shares a few of the critical reviews. Chris also talks about the fal...more

  • The Killer Queens Will Rock You

    Jan 17 2020

    The Killer Queens are the only all-female Queen cover band, and they’re rockin’ the Chris Jericho Rock & Wrestling Rager at Sea Part Deux next week! They’re also rockin’ TIJ with their incredible story! Lead singer Nina Noir, guitarist Emily Ruvidich, and keyboardist Olivia talk about their favorite Queen songs, which are the hardest to play and sing, which are the most fun, and how they put together their set list. Plus, Nina shares the story about meeting Brian May ...more

  • A Farewell To The King - Reflections of Neil Peart

    Jan 15 2020

    The music world was stunned last Friday when news broke of Rush drummer Neil Peart’s death from brain cancer. So celebrate the life, legacy and music of one of the greatest, most-influential drummers in rock and roll history with Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante and Winery Dogs (and former Dream Theater) drummer Mike Portnoy, who share their personal stories and recollections on Neil, Rush’s albums and stage shows. Mike was actually friends with Neil and speaks to their relationship, ...more

  • Coffin Talk with Darby Allin

    Jan 10 2020

    Darby Allin started in the world of skateboarding and explains how that led him to pro-wrestling! He talks about his craziest skating stunts (like jumping on two broken ankles) and his craziest in-ring moves on the indie scene.  He went to film school (which explains all his cool AEW intro videos), lived in the apartment above Jimmy Kimmel’s black-sheep cousin, and also lived in his car for 18 months. He mastered the art of George Forman grilling in bathrooms, and somehow managed to f...more

  • The Blues Power of Jared James Nichols

    Jan 08 2020

    Jared James Nichols grew up just miles from where blues guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan played his final show, and ultimately died in a tragic helicopter crash! So maybe that’s where some of Jared’s love of blues and guitar comes from. But it’s definitely not where he got his left-handed, pick-less playing style! Jared talks about his musical start, the role his mom played in his career, how a chance run-in with Lynyrd Skynyrd gave him his first big break, and why taking a ris...more

  • The Gorey Stories of Rhyno

    Jan 03 2020

    Rhyno makes his TIJ debut, and brings with him all kinds of stories involving all of his runs at WWE (including the reasons why his last stint there didn’t work out)! He talks about working with Stephanie McMahon and what he learned from her, what really happened the time he got kicked out of the ring by Vince McMahon during the middle of a match, and all the stuff he learned from Jericho while there. Rhyno also speaks to his friendship with Edge and Christian, his time at ECW with Paul He...more

  • David Weiss: Flat Earth and the Globe Lie

    Jan 01 2020

    We’re kicking off 2020 with the return of Flat Earther David Weiss who offers up more proof that we live on a flat plane and NOT a giant ball as we’ve been taught our whole lives! He addresses gravity, the horizon, airplanes, the Summer and Winter Solstice, the laws of light, the moon, sunsets and sunrises, and alien existence. He offers up experiments that you can do at home that will prove the globe lie. He also explains why he thinks NASA and Disney are the same company, and why h...more

  • Marko Stunt - Mr. Fun Size Hits The Big Time

    Dec 27 2019

    Marko Stunt wanted to be wrestler from the time he was 15-years old, and didn’t let size stop him from pursuing his dream. He talks about the training he did in highschool, and how he started working the Nashville scene. He also recounts the time he broke his leg at a Joey Janela show, how Bully Ray (aka Bubba Dudley) and Tommy Dreamer made Marko look like a million bucks in the Over Budget Battle Royal at All In Chicago and ultimately got him signed to AEW, and what he thought when The Yo...more

  • HO HO Hogan - A Santa With Muscles Watchalong feat. Team Tiger Awesome

    Dec 25 2019

    Merry Christmas! CJ and the Team Tiger Awesome crew (Nick Mundy, Clint Gage, and Michael Truly) celebrate the holidays with a watchalong of the Hulk Hogan Christmas classic *cough cough* “Santa With Muscles!” And of course this is filled with numerous side convos about Star Wars, KISS, “That 70s Show,” Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, and ideas for new TV shows. And see if you can figure out the plot of the movie by the time it’s over!

  • Brad Williams Is Pregnant

    Dec 20 2019

    The very funny Brad Williams brings the laughs to TIJ, and he has plenty to say about life as a little person comic, why he doesn’t mind the word “midget,” how he deals with hecklers at stand-up shows, and what inspires his comedy. He also shares the story about how a morning show radio bit and a threesome dating app led him to his wife, and what he’s most looking forward to about fatherhood! Plus, he’s got a great tale about meeting the Big Show at LAX (and an awes...more

  • Vince Russo - Booking Genius or the Most Hated Man In Wrestling?

    Dec 18 2019

    Vince Russo makes his TIJ debut to talk about his role in bringing Chris Jericho to the WWE, what happened when Vince jumped ship to WCW, and when he knew it was the end there! Vince is also talking about his relationship with Vince McMahon, his relationship with Eric Bischoff, and his tenure at TNA. He’s sharing some of his favorite storylines and angles with talent like The Rock, Goldust, and Steve Austin, how and why Russo believes he became so hated by wrestling fans, and what he reall...more

  • To Hell With The Devil x Ten = Michael Sweet

    Dec 13 2019

    Michael Sweet returns to TIJ to celebrate his 10th solo album, “Ten,” and the 33rd anniversary of Stryper’s most popular album, “To Hell With The Devil!” Michael talks about the album’s controversial album cover that got them banned from some retailers, and ultimately had to be replaced. He also talks about the power of MTV, and how Stryper went from clubs to arenas overnight with virtually no radio play. He speaks about the songwriting and creative process, t...more

  • Sh*t It & Get It with The Highway Man James Storm

    Dec 11 2019

    The Highway Man James Storm makes his TIJ debut with some great stories about turning down both WWE and Impact to do his own thing on the indie scene! He talks Beer Money with Bobby Roode (and whether a reunion may be in the works), America’s Most Wanted with Chris Harris (and how a night of partying turned into that tag team), and what he learned from the late, great Dusty Rhodes (Cowboys don’t do moonsaults). James also remembers working Hulk Hogan in London, fist-fighting a fan wh...more

  • The Spanish Sex God Sammy Guevara Graces Us With His Presence

    Dec 06 2019

    First he was hand-picked to be part of the Inner Circle, and now he’s been hand-picked to appear on TIJ! The Spanish Sex God, Sammy Guevara, talks about his journey to AEW, and what it’s like being part of Le Sex Gods, the hottest new tag team at the company. Sammy’s talking Pandas, vlogging, and meeting his heroes. He also recalls his WWE experience, getting booked on Lucha Underground, wrestling in Japan, and training at Booker T’s wrestling school.

  • I Was Made For Livin' On A Prayer with Desmond Child

    Dec 04 2019

    Legendary songwriter Desmond Child has 70 Top 40 hits to his name, a GRAMMY, and a Songwriters Hall of Fame induction! He’s written huge tunes with Bon Jovi (“Livin’ On A Prayer”), Aerosmith (“Dude (Looks Like A Lady)”), Ricky Martin (“Cup Of Life”), KISS (“I Was Made For Lovin’ You”), Katy Perry (“Waking Up In Vegas”), Joan Jett (“I Hate Myself For Lovin’ You”), and Alice Cooper! And he’s shari...more

  • The Life And Times Of The Storm Wrestling Academy

    Nov 29 2019

    Lance Storm is closing the Storm Wrestling Academy this year after an amazing 15-year run! He’s talking about the timing of his decision, the new adventure he’s about to undertake with WWE, and what prompted him to open the wrestling school in the first place! He’s also talking about the hundreds of students who have come through his doors – his favorites, the ones who got away, and the ones who should have made it but didn’t for whatever reason. He’s sharing ...more

  • Take It Off - KISS Unmasked In The 80s

    Nov 27 2019

    It’s Le Champion’s favorite era of KISS – 80's KISS!  So much so that he wrote the forward to a new book called “Take It Off: KISS Truly Unmasked!” Greg Prato wrote the book which features interviews with Bruce Kulick (who was KISS’ lead guitarist for much of that time period), video director Paul Rachman (who did the “Unholy” and “Domino” videos), producer Ron Nevison (who helmed the “Crazy Nights” album), and TIJ alum...more

  • NZO & CazXL Tell You How They Doin...

    Nov 22 2019

    NZO and CazXL (formerly Enzo and Big Cass) are back in a big way! They recount what’s happened since their respective firings from WWE, the personal fallout of their own friendship, and the scary seizure that Cass suffered at a House of Hardcore signing. Cass speaks candidly about his battle with alcohol, his unbelievable recovery, and how he and Enzo were able to fix their friendship. Plus, Enzo tells his hilarious Survivor Series story, talks about his music career, and explains what fin...more

  • Beware the Terror of The Holzer Files!

    Nov 20 2019

    Hans Holzer was the first American ghost-hunter, who investigated thousands of paranormal hauntings. His books and case files inspired Dan Aykroyd to write the hit movie, “Ghostbusters!” And now some of Hans’ most intriguing cases are being examined and re-investigated on the new Travel Channel TV show, “The Holzer Files,” by two longtime friends of TIJ, investigator Dave Schrader (of Beyond The Darkness podcast fame), and researcher Gabe Roth (horror filmmaker Eli ...more

  • The Comedy and Courage of Cripple Threat

    Nov 15 2019

    Comedian Ryan “Cripple Threat” Niemiller came in 3rd on “America’s Got Talent,” but always dreamed of being a professional wrestler!  That’s how he ended up getting some great coaching and training from Le Champion during Ryan’s AGT finale appearance! Hear that story along with what it took to make AGT, why it’s harder than it might seem, and what the judges are really like when the cameras aren’t rolling. Plus, Ryan talks about his fora...more

  • Awesome Kong GLOWS with AEW

    Nov 13 2019

    Kia Stevens is Awesome Kong in AEW, The Welfare Queen on the Netflix series GLOW, and she was Karma at WWE. She also from suffers from coulrophobia (fancy word for legit fear of clowns, and she’s got the stories to back it up)! Kia got her wrestling start in Japan with All Japan Women, lived in the dojo for years, and speaks fluent Japanese. She spent some time in TNA and talks about her historic match against Gail Kim, and recounts her jump to WWE and the birth of Karma! Plus, Kia takes u...more

  • Donald Trump Jr Triggers America

    Nov 08 2019

    Donald Trump Jr. drops by in what’s sure to be the most controversial episode in TIJ history. Yes, he speaks about Russia, Jussie Smollett, and his father, the most polarizing President in American history. He addresses impeachment, the 2020 election, the “leftist media,” and his own political aspirations. Donald Jr. also remembers his father’s WWE run, the Battle of The Billionaires, the family friendship with the McMahons, and the moment that Stone Cold Steve Austin gav...more

  • Holygram Diver - Ronnie James Dio Lives!

    Nov 06 2019

    Wendy Dio, wife and manager of the late, great, legendary, Ronnie James Dio, is sharing stories from her life with Ronnie! She’s talking about how they met, why he left Black Sabbath to start his own band, what inspired the swords and dragon imagery of Dio’s early days, and about his stomach cancer diagnosis. She also explains why she was shocked by his passing, and how she’s keeping his memory and legacy alive through is music and philanthropy (the 5th Annual Bowl For Ronnie i...more

  • Superstitious Minds - Paranormal Elvis

    Nov 01 2019

    Halloween week concludes with paranormal stories about the King of Rock, Elvis Presley! Jeff Dougherty of the Christian Whistleblower YouTube channel spent time around Elvis and the Memphis Mafia. Jeff’s childhood friend, Charlie Hodge, was close to Elvis and actually lived at Graceland! Jeff shares stories about Elvis’ ghost haunting Graceland after his death, the real reason Elvis wanted to meet the Beatles, and what he warned John Lennon and Paul McCartney about. Jeff’s also...more

  • I Know What It's Like To Be Dead - Paranormal Beatles

    Oct 30 2019

    "We Need To Talk About Ghosts" podcast host Kevin Eustace lives in Liverpool and is an expert on all things paranormal Beatles! He’s collected and researched paranormal stories about the Fab Four for years, and now he’s sharing them with Chris and fellow Beatles fanatic, Charlie Benante of Anthrax. Kevin speaks to sightings of John Lennon’s ghost, weird experiences at the famous Cavern Club, and other well-known Beatles locations like Strawberry Field and Penny Lane (home of th...more

  • Court Bauer talks MLW, MJF and VKM

    Oct 25 2019

    Court Bauer is the founder of MLW: Major League Wrestling, and getting ready for his promotion’s big “Superfight” PPV event on November 2nd! Court shares what he learned as a WWE writer working directly under Stephanie and Vince McMahon for two years, and how that experience shaped his thoughts on promos and in-ring storytelling.  He talks about working with Edward Fatu (aka Ecky), and how he helped develop the Umaga gimmick. He remembers the Battle of the Billionaires bet...more

  • Shhhhhhhh - The AEW Librarian Speaks!

    Oct 23 2019

    Shhhhhh! AEW’s resident librarian, Peter Avalon, makes his TIJ debut! He’s talking about how a career in books and reading lead him to the AEW ring, and who exactly offered him the roster spot. He’s also got stories about meeting The Young Bucks in wrestling school, working with and learning from the late, great Roddy Piper, what happened during his WWE tryout, how he and his tag partner Ray Rosas make a little extra cash during Bar Wrestling shows, and why he agreed to help Da...more

  • Flight Survivors - Artimus Pyle & the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash

    Oct 18 2019

    Artimus Pyle played drums in Lynyrd Skynyrd with original frontman (and band founder) Ronnie Van Zant, and Artimus survived the tragic plane crash that took Ronnie’s life at the height of Skynyrd’s popularity almost 42-years ago to the day. Artimus relives that fateful October day in 1977, and details both the circumstances leading up to it, and the events that immediately followed. He remembers the bandmates and friends lost, and explains why no one should have survived that crash. ...more

  • Tribute To Big Titan - The Life & Times of Razor Rick Bognar

    Oct 16 2019

    Don Callis and Paul Lazenby return to help Chris pay tribute to their old friend and fellow Calgary wrestler, Rick Bognar, who passed away unexpectedly last month at the age of 49. They remember their training days together, Rick’s first success in Japan, his Big Titan gimmick, and his brief stint at ECW with Paul Heyman. They also talk about Rick’s WWE gimmick as the “Fake Razor Ramon,” his relationship with Bret Hart, and why Rick’s career didn’t prove to be...more

  • 100 Things WWE Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

    Oct 11 2019

    Bryan Alvarez from the Wrestling Observer has written a new book, “100 Things WWE Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die,” and he’s sharing more details about some of the items on his comprehensive list!  He’s explaining how he narrowed down the events, superstars, and even the controversies featured in the book including the obvious stuff like Wrestlemania, the Monday Night Wars, Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan, the not-so-obvious stuff like the Intercontinental Champ...more

  • Virtue & Vices - The True Story Of Kick Axe

    Oct 09 2019

    It’s time to meet Kick Axe… one of Chris Jericho’s favorite heavy metal bands! Founding bassist Vic Langen along with drummer Brian Gillstrom and guitarist Ray Harvey talk about the band’s early days gigging in their hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, how they broke into the metal scene in the 80s, and why they all but disappeared just as their careers were taking off in the States. They share stories about being signed by Spencer Proffer of Pasha Records, recordi...more

  • Lunch With Steel Panther

    Oct 04 2019

    Heavy Metal Rules!  So say Steel Panther! Singer Michael Starr and drummer Stix Zadinia talk a little sex, drugs, and rock and roll, and how ALL that played into their brand-new studio album, “Heavy Metal Rules!” In between bites of a delicious room service lunch (on Jericho’s dime of course), they discussed favorite frontmen (shout out to David Lee Roth), awesome rock singers (shout out to Sebastian Bach), first celebrity crushes (shout out to Charlize Theron), and rehab ...more

  • Royales With Cheese - A Pulp Fiction Watchalong with Kevin Smith Pt. 1

    Oct 02 2019

    It’s episode 600, and there’s only one guest and event big enough to mark this momentous occasion – Kevin Smith and a “Pulp Fiction” watch-along! It’s the 25th anniversary of the Quentin Tarantino classic film so this watch-along starts right here and is jam-packed with plenty of trivia and behind-the-scenes info about the making of this movie, and why it was so groundbreaking in cinema when it was released in 1994. Kevin Smith was releasing “Clerks&rdqu...more

  • Beware The Terror Of The Luchasaurus!

    Sep 27 2019

    We’re celebrating the premiere of AEW’s “Dynamite” TV show Wednesday at 8pm on TNT with Luchasaurus!  He tore it up with Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt at “All Out Chicago,” and now you get to meet the man behind the dinosaur mask! Austin Matelson (formerly known as Judas Devlin at NXT) explains why he owes his gimmick to the late, great Dusty Rhodes, how a friendship with Johnny Mundo saved his wrestling career, adapting to working under a mask, when he knew...more

  • Talk Is Fluffycho with Gabriel Iglesias

    Sep 25 2019

    Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias is the new host of the upcoming Chris Jericho Rock & Wrestling Rager Sea Part Deux (setting sail January 20th), and you’ll hear exactly how Fluffy landed this choice gig! He’s also talking about opening for Robin Williams and George Carlin, why he wants to share a stage with country great Willie Nelson, and how come he has absolutely no desire to be Kevin Hart! Fluffy’s talkin’ wrestling too, and all the things he learned about sh...more

  • 29 Years of Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Top 500

    Sep 20 2019

    The PWI Top 500 issue is out now, and writer Dan Murphy, who spearheads the list each year, is on to discuss this year’s new #1, the Top 10, number 500, and a few interesting rankings in between. He’s also recounting the #1s and #500s of all previous years (let’s see how many 500s he remembers), and sharing the criteria that goes into making the selection. He also talks about how the advent of the internet has changed the list, the magazine, and even wrestling as a business, an...more

  • Storm Area 51!

    Sep 18 2019

    The Storm Area 51 raid may have been cancelled and remaining festivities moved to Las Vegas, but we’re still talking about the historic 1947 UFO sighting and crash in Roswell, New Mexico that started the whole alien conspiracy theory surrounding the top secret military base in rural Nevada. Lenny “Dr. Luther” Olson returns with his friend, Bryan Ward, owner of the Roswell UFO Spacewalk Museum in Roswell to share their own UFO encounters, the military’s recent admission ab...more

  • Hard To Kill - The Never Ending AXS of Impact Wrestling

    Sep 13 2019

    Impact Wrestling is coming to AXS TV this Fall, and EVP Don Callis and EVP Scott D’Amore share the whole story behind what it took to make that happen! They’re also talking about the changes they’ve been able to effect at Impact in the ring, in the creative, in the management style and philosophy, and in the locker room. They explain why Impact is now a destination place for wrestlers, what signing Michael Elgin away from New Japan has done for the company’s future and re...more

  • A Little Bit Of The Bubbly - The Anatomy Of A Viral Catchphrase

    Sep 11 2019

    #ALittleBitOfTheBubbly has gone viral, and no one’s more surprised than Chris himself! Hear the AEW Champ recount the story of the “bubbly,” including the movies that inspired the improved backstage performance at Chicago’s All Out. Chris also walks through the anatomy of a catchphrase, some of the most popular of his career, some of the most popular catchphrases in entertainment history, and a few that didn’t quite make the viral cut.

  • Skid Row - 30 Years of Youths Gone Wild

    Sep 06 2019

    It’s the 30th anniversary of Skid Row’s self-titled debut album, and founding members, guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo and bassist Rachel Bolan, share all the dirty details of what it took to make it happen! They explain the help and support they received from childhood friend Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora, how they ended up being managed by Doc McGhee, what went into the search for a singer that eventually led them to Sebastian Bach, and why the album cover didn’t cl...more

  • All Out - A Behind The Scenes Report

    Sep 04 2019

    All Out Chicago is in the books, and AEW has crowned its first-ever World Champion – Chris Jericho! Hear the details of the epic match that solidified the first-ever AEW Champ, and what was going on backstage in the hours leading up to the main event! Chris breaks down All Out weekend in detail – from the Thursday night party to the Friday body scans to the Saturday pre & post event!  He’s got behind-the-scenes details about the matches, performers, and where the outco...more

  • AEW's Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes

    Aug 30 2019

    Brandi Rhodes is the Chief Brand Officer and running the Women’s Division at AEW. She’s also taking part in the Casino Battle Royale at tomorrow’s “All Out Chicago” live event! Brandi shares her journey to AEW, why she left WWE twice, the best advice she got from her father-in-law, Dusty Rhodes, and why she’s able to use the Rhodes name, but her husband, Cody, is not! Plus, Brandi shares some stories from her days as a TV news anchor and reporter, and why she ...more

  • The Fear Inoculum of Adam Jones

    Aug 28 2019

    Tool guitarist Adam Jones makes his podcast debut right here on TIJ! It’s a first for Adam, a first for TIJ, and it’s loaded down with amazing stories about the early days of Tool, the new studio album “Fear Inoculum” (the band’s first in 13 years), Adam’s guitar playing style and approach, Green Jello, roller derby, horror movies, special effects in film, and wrestling! Adam also talks about the first time he met Maynard James Keenan, how they convinced drumm...more

  • The Amazing Kreskin Can Read Your Mind

    Aug 23 2019

    Amazing Kreskin was a Johnny Carson favorite and appeared on the show 88 times! He’s got some great old Hollywood stories about Carson, the antics they pulled together (one of which involves planking Johnny Carson and having Bette Midler sit on him), and the mind-reading feats Kreskin performed on Carson’s show. You’ll also hear how Kreskin got his “Amazing” name, and about the signature trick that Kreskin performs to this day. Plus, Kreskin used to help law enforce...more

  • Harley Race Was A Tough SOB & Ric Flair Tells Us Why

    Aug 21 2019

    Ric Flair says there would be no Nature Boy if not for Harley Race, and shares the stories to prove it! Ric remembers the first time he met Harley, their famous Starcade ’83 match with Flair For The Gold, the 12-days they spent working Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo (which Ric calls 12 of the best days of his life), and how Harley literally saved the NWA. Ric also recounts driving the Kansas Territory in Harley’s Porsche, the car crash that nearly took the life of Harley’s wif...more

  • Modern Exorcist Rachel Stavis

    Aug 16 2019

    Real-life exorcist Rachel Stavis returns with more creepy stories about ridding people and places of evil demons she calls "entity!" She describes the various entity and their degree of evil, how you know if you’ve got one attached, and what you can do to get rid of it. She also shares a scary paranormal experience she witnessed in New Orleans, how she protects herself from unwanted evil attachments, and the very cool new projects that she’s working on which may bring her special ski...more

  • Thrillseekers vs Heavenly Bodies - Night Of The Legends 25th Anniversary Special

    Aug 14 2019

    It’s the 25th Anniversary of Smokey Mountain Wrestling’s “Night Of The Legends” which took place August 5th 1994 at the Knoxville Civic Center. It featured a historic tag team match between the Thrillseekers (Lance Storm and Chris Jericho) and the Heavenly Bodies (Jimmy del Ray and Tom Prichard).  Not only was it one of the best matches of The Thrillseekers career, it was also the one that Chris Jericho did with a broken arm! And it ended up being his last for Smokey...more

  • Classic Album Clash - Motley Crue "Too Fast For Love" vs "Shout At The Devil"

    Aug 09 2019

    Bully Ray and Dave LaGreca of Busted Open! join Chris for Classic Album Clash Motley Crue! They debate the merits of “Too Fast For Love” vs “Shout At The Devil” in a song-to-song battle that will ultimately prove a victor! They also pit the album covers against each other, the performances, and the production! Hear stories about how they each discovered the Crue, their various interactions with Nikki Sixx and the band, their thoughts on “The Dirt,” and how the...more

  • Banned! The SummerSlam Preview That WWE Does NOT Want You To Hear!

    Aug 07 2019

    Jack Slade returns to preview the WWE SummerSlam 2019 card! Not sure how many matches actually get “previewed,” but you can definitely vote for your favorite theme song (and there are some serious winners to choose from), learn a little something about the Chuckle Brothers, and guess Roman Reigns’ Mystery Attacker. You’ll also hear the old WWE West Side Story commercial, a bit of the 1976 match between Muhammad Ali and Gorilla Monsoon, and why AJ Styles versus Ricochet is...more

  • Bill Murray Stories

    Aug 02 2019

    Tommy Avallone is the filmmaker behind the documentary, “The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned From a Mythical Man.” It’s a look at all the amazing, spontaneous, and in some cases, completely crazy, interactions that people have had with the actor over the years!  Stuff like Bill crashing college parties, wedding photos, and just showing up randomly to wash dishes at a stranger’s house. Tommy’s also talking about the “I Am Santa Claus” docum...more

  • The Atonement of Arquette - David Strikes Back

    Jul 31 2019

    David Arquette was the WCW Champion in 2000, and if you’re still surprised by that, wait till you hear David’s thoughts on his WCW experience, and why he’s still trying to live it down (and prove everyone wrong). David talks about his return to the wrestling ring, booking matches on the indie scene, tagging with The Hurricane Shane Helms, working with Tommy Dreamer at House of Hardcore, and installing a ring in his backyard! He also shares stories from the set of “Ready T...more

  • A 60 Minute Promo From MJF

    Jul 26 2019

    He says he’s going to be the face of AEW, he thinks Cody Rhodes is his BFF, and he’s got a heck of a long list of people that annoy him. He’s Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and he and Chris Jericho put aside their differences long enough to record this episode. Maxwell talks (A LOT in general) about PWG, MLW, and signing with AEW. He sets the record straight about his high-class Burberry scarves, calls out Joey Janela, buries Hangman Page, and explains his finisher, “The Heatsee...more

  • UFOs Are Real... Deal With It!

    Jul 24 2019

    UFOs are real, and aliens have been living among us all along! UFO expert SMQ reveals what his top-secret government source has revealed to him about their existence, what the human race needs to do prepare, and why the US government is allowing so much information to be released now. He explains the CIA’s “Gateway Process,” what the Mandela Effect has to do with UFOs and aliens, and the real truth about the moon which is actually an alien satellite made of metal.

  • Joey Ryan - King of Controversy... And Dong Style

    Jul 19 2019

    Joey Ryan is the man behind the Dick Flip, which is both hated and loved by his peers and fans alike! Joey shares the origin of the controversial move, how he ended up in an inter-gender tag team with Candice, and what really happened at his self-described “failed WWE audition.” Plus, Joey talks about PWG, and the lessons he took from that promotion to his own Bar Wrestling. He also has stories about his new documentary, “This Is Wrestling: The Joey Ryan Story,” Japan, TN...more

  • Boffo Box Office Summer Movie Preview with Nikki Novak

    Jul 17 2019

    The Summer blockbuster movie season is well underway, and resident movie expert, Nikki Novak of Fandango fame, has the see it or skip it reviews for a bunch of highly-anticipated films like “Spider-man: Far From Home,” “The Joker,” “Rambo: Last Blood,” “Terminator: Dark Fate,” and Dave Bautista’s “Stuber!”  She’s also got stories and trivia from the sets of Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood&...more

  • Banned! The Extreme Rules Preview That WWE Does NOT Want You To Hear!

    Jul 12 2019

    There’s a reason CJ and Jack Slade have been banned from WWE, and it may have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that CJ is signed to AEW, and everything to do with these ridiculous preview episodes! Yes, it’s time for CJ & Jack’s “Extreme Rules” predictions, armchair booking, and theme song selection! And you can participate on twitter @TalkIsJericho! Let the shenanigans begin!

  • La Historia de Paco Alonso y Corazon de Leon

    Jul 10 2019

    CMLL President Paco Alonso gave Chris Jericho his first big break, and his first taste of stardom. Paco was the first to put Chris on TV, on the cover of a magazine, and in a championship match. He came up with the “Corazon de Leon” name, and also got Chris to wrestle in Japan for the first time. And so Chris pays tribute to his recently departed mentor and the man who had such a profound effect on his wrestling career with this touching episode that recounts how Chris first met Paco...more

  • Dave Bautista Says Hello to Stuber & Goodbye to WWE

    Jul 05 2019

    Dave Bautista returns with more stories from the sets of his latest movies including the very funny “Stuber” (co-starting Kumail Nanjiani and opening next Friday), “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Endgame,” the big-budget reboot of “Dune,” and the highly-anticipated “Guardians Of The Galaxy 3”! Dave also recounts the full story of his very last wrestling match, which happened to be against Triple H at Wrestlemania, and his surprise retirem...more

  • Come Together - The Beatles Reunion Tour

    Jul 03 2019

    It’s circa 1994, and John, Paul, George and Ringo are alive and well, and finally reuniting! What would a Beatles Reunion tour have looked like then? How would they have announcement it? What songs would they have include in the live set? And would they have invited onstage with them? Well, the TIJ Fab 3 have that all figured out! Charlie Benante from Anthrax, Mike Portnoy of Sons of Apollo, Winery Dogs, and Dream Theater fame join Chris to run down their 40-song fantasy set lists, stage s...more

  • Fully Completely - The Saga of The Tragically Hip, Canada's Biggest Band

    Jun 28 2019

    Get your Canada Day celebration started a little early as TIJ pays tribute to Canada’s biggest band, the Tragically Hip, and late frontman Gordon Downie with Greg LeGros and Jamie Dew, the hosts of the “Fully And Completely” podcast, which is of course, dedicated to music and legacy of the Tragically Hip! Discover what makes the Hip such a beloved band, why they never really made it outside of their home country of Canada, how they became such a stellar live act, and what made ...more

  • The Jeff Cobb-Cast

    Jun 26 2019

    Jeff Cobb is going for the ROH World Champion title on Friday in Baltimore, Maryland! He’ll have to defeat reigning champ Matt Taven on the “Best In The World” PPV which will be streaming live on HonorClub! Hear about Jeff’s journey to ROH, his failed WWE tryout, how a pricey investment in wrestling shoes led him to the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece representing the island of Guam, and why he credits PWG, Konnan, and Lucha Underground with blowing up his career! &n...more

  • Chico's Bail Bonding - A Bad News Bears Viewing Party with Kevin Smith Pt. 1

    Jun 21 2019

    It’s an unprecedented, first of its kind, two-part viewing party event with Kevin Smith and SModcast!  Join Chris and Kevin here on TIJ for the first half of the 1976 classic (and one of Chris’ favorite movies), “Bad News Bears,” and then head to SModcast right after to finish out the movie and discussion!  Watch-along as Chris and Kevin relate trivia from the movie, discuss favorite characters and scenes, share anecdotes from their own childhoods, and explain w...more

  • Banned! The Stomping Grounds Preview WWE Does NOT Want You To Hear!

    Jun 19 2019

    Ummmm… have no idea what to even say about this one (except that the WWE may NOT be the reason why these two are banned!). There may or may not be some predictions about real (and not real) WWE Stomping Grounds matches, and Baron Corbin's guest ref pick. There’s definitely a whole bunch of other nonsense about #PhatGirls, click bait, WAR in Japan, Enzo Amore, a text from Richochet, Bayley (not the one from Iron Maiden), Dark Journey, Sami Zayn’s mother (apologies in advance), ...more

  • SCU - This Is The Worst Podcast They've Ever Been On!

    Jun 14 2019

    SCU aka SoCal Uncensored aka Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky, have plenty to say about SCU joining the AEW roster, and what might have happened to them individually should things have not worked out the way they did! They also speak to the origins of SCU, their friendship with The Young Bucks, what really went down in Vegas at the AEW announcement, "Tequila Sky," why there were two Samuel L. Jacksons on the Jericho Cruise, Frankie’s Superbowl tirade, their time at RO...more

  • Classic Album Clash - Stryper "Soldiers Under Command" vs "To Hell With The Devil"

    Jun 12 2019

    It’s the return of the Classic Album Clash, and check out the all-star line-up debating the merits of Stryper’s “Soldiers Under Command” and “To Hell With The Devil” – Rich Ward of Fozzy, Howard Jones of Light The Torch and Killswitch Engage, and drummer Richard Christy of The Howard Stern Show fame. They love Stryper, and it shows in the impromptu singing, air guitar, and instrument-free jam sessions that permeate this episode. They’ve got incredi...more

  • The Untold Truth About the Assassination of JFK

    Jun 07 2019

    Who assassinated President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963?  Well, John Barbour, producer, director and narrator of the recent documentary, “The American Media And The Second Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy” swears it was NOT Lee Harvey Oswald, and offers evidence to support his claim! John has been slowly releasing many of the files that once belonged to New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who investigated the murder of JFK, and actually made an arrest i...more

  • The Resurrection of Dustin Rhodes

    Jun 05 2019

    Dustin and Cody (don't call him) Rhodes blew the roof off the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas at AEW’s premiere live event, Double or Nothing, last Saturday, and Dustin explains how it all went down. Hear the details behind his battle to be released from WWE, what inspired the black & red paint and new suit for AEW, and why he’ll never wrestle against his brother again in this lifetime! Dustin’s also talking about the origins of the Goldust, his infamous street brawl wi...more

  • Duff McKagan - Tenderness, Jokes & GnR

    May 31 2019

    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame bass player, Duff McKagan of Guns N Roses fame, returns with a live “Joke Of The Week,” and a brand new solo album, “Tenderness,” which just came out today! Duff speaks to the making of the album, which actually started as a book, how and why he hooked up with Shooter Jennings to produce the record, and what the Guns N Roses World Tour had to do with the songwriting. Speaking of GnR, Duff also has plenty of stories from their first rehearsals,...more

  • The Emancipation of Jon Moxley

    May 29 2019

    Jon Moxley made his AEW debut in surprise fashion at “Double Or Nothing” last Saturday in Las Vegas, but before he laid-out CJ and threw Kenny Omega out of the ring after entering through the sold-out crowd, the superstar wrestler formerly known as Dean Ambrose sat down for an in-depth interview on his much-speculated departure from WWE. Jon shares the story in great detail from the first moment he knew he would not return to WWE after his contract expired to some of the creative dec...more

  • From the Blue Blazer to the Black Hart - Owen Flies Forever

    May 24 2019

    It’s been 20 years since the WWE “Over The Edge” pay-per-view where the legendary high-flyer, Owen Hart, plummeted 70-feet from the ceiling of the Kemper Arena to his death in a tragic accident during the live telecast.  Dave Meltzer returns to mark this sad anniversary and to pay tribute to Owen with some joyful memories and stories from his incredible career. Hear about Owen’s two runs at WWE, his time in Japan, his great feud with his brother, Bret, tag teaming wi...more

  • Double Or Nothing Is Everything

    May 22 2019

    AEW’s inaugural event, “Double Or Nothing” is this Saturday in Las Vegas! Chris breaks down the card and the events leading up to this historic show, and shares what it means for his career, the WWE, and the wrestling industry as a whole. He explains the origins and development of his new finishing move, The Judas Effect (and what Dave Bautista has to do with it), and what fans can expect as AEW grows and makes it way to TV via TNT and ITV this Fall!  He also has a very po...more

  • Banned! The Money In The Bank Preview WWE Does NOT Want You To Hear!

    May 17 2019

    Jack Slade returns to breakdown the “Money In The Bank” card with Chris, and predict who’s going to walk away with Championship Titles (NOT belts) come Sunday night! They  rundown possible scenarios for Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston vs Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles, Becky Lynch vs Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs Lacey Evans, and the women’s and men’s ladder matches.  They also do their best Oasis, Lars Ulrich, Chris Slade, Iron Maiden, and...more

  • Attack Of The B Movies at The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs

    May 15 2019

    Joe Bob Briggs of “The Last Drive-In” show (on the new Shudder app) streams all the best horror, syfy, grindhouse, kung fu, trucker, and action B-movies! He’s got stories for days, reviews to die for, favorite slasher films, and his own unique rating system! Even the Hells Angels have given Joe Bob a film award (and a near beat down in the process)!  Joe Bob talks actors (like Jackie Chan, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Chuck Norris, and Jean Claude Van Damme), plots...more

  • System Of A Daron - From Chop Suey to Scars On Broadway

    May 10 2019

    Guitarist Daron Malakian of System Of A Down and Scars on Broadway fame brings the rock to TIJ with road tales about Ozzfest, Slayer, and the Sunset Strip. He talks songwriting (including the intro to “B.Y.O.B.”), working with producer Rick Rubin, musical influences, why it took 10 years to release a second Scars On Broadway album, and how comes System still performs live but doesn’t record. Daron also shares his loves of the Edmonton Oilers, the Los Angeles Kings, WWE and New ...more

  • That Time Vince McMahon Bought WCW

    May 08 2019

    On March 23, 2001, Vince McMahon bought WCW for the bargain-basement price of about $2 million. How was he able to swoop in and buy up what had been his biggest rival, and a company that had nearly put the McMahons out of business? It’s an incredible story that involves Ted Turner, Eric Bischoff, USA Network, the XFL, Spike TV, and even Paul Heyman and ECW.  Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter returns to help tell the story of that time that Vince bought WCW.

  • Jack Perry on Luke Perry, Jungle Boy & AEW

    May 03 2019

    Jungle Boy Jack Perry is one of the latest editions to the AEW roster, and is grateful that he got to share the exciting news with his dad, actor Luke Perry (of “90210” and “Riverdale” fame), before Luke’s unexpected passing. Jack talks about his relationship with his father, dealing with the sudden loss, and how it was Luke who got Jack into wrestling in the first place. Jack also shares stories about his own backyard wrestling experiences, getting started in the p...more

  • High School Of Rock - CJ's First Bands

    May 01 2019

    Before there was Fozzy, there was Method 54, Lethal Promise, Sleeze Patrol, Fatal Axe-dent, Disciples Of The Watch, and Scimitar. CJ, guitarists Rich Ward and Billy Grey, and drummer Frank Fontsere head back to highschool to share stories about their first bands, first live gigs, and first attempts at songwriting. You’ll hear how they learned their instruments, the first cover songs they attempted to play, the famous musicians and bands they emulated, and the path that eventually brought t...more

  • WOW...Tessa Blanchard Makes An Impact!

    Apr 26 2019

    Tessa Blanchard is a third generation wrestler making a name for herself at Impact! Wrestling and AXS TV’s “WOW – Women of Wrestling,” and she’s doing it through hard work, training, and commitment! She’s the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Tully Blanchard, the stepdaughter of the great Magnum TA, and granddaughter of wrestling promoter Joe Blanchard, but her lineage has actually made it more difficult for her to achieve her dreams. She discusses the name game, ...more

  • Paranormal Experiences with The Alternate Route

    Apr 24 2019

    Patrick, Mike and Bridget from The Alternate Route podcast bring their paranormal experiences and stories to TIJ! Mike recounts his personal UFO experiences, his ghost hauntings, and what he knows about the military’s Project Bluebook (the program focused on documenting UFO sightings and alien encounters). Patrick and Bridget speak to the giant spiritual boulder that reportedly has healing powers, the unexplained “Eleven Eleven” phenomenon, forbidden archaeology, psychic medium...more

  • Mr. Big Wants To Be With You

    Apr 19 2019

    Mr. Big founding bassist Billy Sheehan and singer Eric Martin bring the rock & roll to TIJ!  Billy talks about starting Mr. Big right after leaving the David Lee Roth “Eat ‘Em And Smile” solo band, and he and Eric tell the story of their surprise hit single, “To Be With You,” the role that MTV played in their success, and what it was like touring with Rush and Bryan Adams in the 90s. They talk big in Japan, losing drummer Pat Torpey last year, and whether M...more

  • WWE Hall of Famer Stevie Ray Brings The Heat

    Apr 17 2019

    Stevie Ray is a WWE Hall of Famer, and he’s talking about what it was like to be inducted earlier this month alongside his brother, Booker T, as one half of the Harlem Heat tag team! Stevie’s telling stories from their early days at Global, making the move to WCW, working with everyone from the Steiners to the Nasty Boys to Nash & Hall to Sting & Macho Man and Eddie Guerrero too!  Stevie Ray explains why he didn’t go to WWE after Vince McMahon bought WCW, and what ...more

  • Juice Robinson Killed CJ Parker!

    Apr 12 2019

    Juice Robinson makes his TIJ debut, and he’s telling it straight when it comes to why he left WWE/NXT!  He’s also telling it straight about New Japan, what it was like living in the dojo, wrestling Kenny Omega, and what went wrong in the match where he busted Kevin Owens’ nose! Juice is talking sweet home Chicago, working with Great Khali, what he did to piss off William Regal, and why he’d rather do carnival camps in England than go back to WWE. Thanks to TIJ spons...more

  • The Warriors Come Out And Play - 40th Anniversary Special

    Apr 10 2019

    Danny Boy O’Connor from House of Pain returns to TIJ to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of one of his and Chris Jericho’s favorite movies, the cult classic, “The Warriors!”  Danny Boy also has actor Apache Ramos with him, who was one of the Orphans gang members in the film! Apache shares some great behind-the-scenes stories about what it was like to film all around New York City (except the Bronx), blow up cars, and improv lines. Discover what inspired all the gang co...more

  • Bully Ray Takes Manhattan

    Apr 05 2019

    Bully Ray returns to drop some 411 on the Ring of Honor/New Japan G1 Supercard event taking place tomorrow (Saturday 4/6) at New York’s Madison Square Garden. How the heck did that happen (in the house that the McMahons built)? Bully’s got that story, along with the reason why he signed with ROH, what his last days were like at Impact, and why things didn’t work out for him and D-Von at WWE. He’s also speaking to the evolution of the Bully Ray character, and giving a full...more

  • Banned! The Wrestlemania Preview WWE Does NOT Want You To Hear!

    Apr 03 2019

    It’s the return of Jack Slade for the Best Worst Wrestlemania Preview EVER! Jericho may be banned from the WWE (and possibly had his tickets revoked under suspicious circumstances), but until his cellular connection is disrupted, he and Jack Slade breakdown the card, performances, and predict championship changes. They weigh in on Kurt Angle’s retirement match, Triple H’s career-on-the-line match, Batista’s big return, Roman Reigns comeback, and the huge Women’s mai...more

  • Third Eye Spies - The Phenomenon of Remote Viewing

    Mar 29 2019

    Remote Viewing is an incredible psychic phenomenon used by the CIA, the military, and NASA. It’s like ESP where a person has the ability to describe things far away that they’ve never seen before. Russell Targ, who started the Stanford Research Institute in the 70s to train people on the technique of remote viewing, and filmmaker, Lance Mungia, documented the incredible phenomenon in their new film, “Third Eye Spies.” They’re sharing stories about how this ability h...more

  • Announcing David Penzer!

    Mar 27 2019

    David Penzer was Jericho’s old traveling buddy at WCW. Actually, Penzer was EVERYBODY’s traveling buddy at WCW because WCW covered the cost of Penzer’s car and hotel room!  Hear some of the crazy road stories involving Arn Anderson, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Ric Flair, and Harley Race. Penzer was there for the Monday Night Wars, the end of WCW, and the first few days of the WWE takeover. He talks about his WWE audition, meeting with Vince McMahon, and why things ultima...more

  • Classic Album Clash - Iron Maiden "The Number Of The Beast" vs "Powerslave"

    Mar 22 2019

    The Classic Album Clash returns, and this time it’s Iron Maiden’s “The Number Of The Beast” versus “Powerslave!”  And the expert panel assembled to debate the merits of both albums and their respective songs includes Lizzy Borden, Metal Blade Record founder Brian Slagel, and Red Solo Cup Geoff (who manages to stay awake this time).  They share Maiden introduction stories, first concerts, first meets with various band members, lots of great trivia, Ed...more

  • Rebel Starbuck - The Most Famous Wrestler You've Probably Never Heard Of

    Mar 20 2019

    Rebel Starbuck aka Mike Majalahti is the greatest wrestler in Finnish history, and the most popular wrestler outside of the US and Canada! He and Jericho actually both got started in Calgary, and it was Chris’ black wrestling boots and tights that Rebel borrowed for his first-ever match (which happened to be against Lance Storm).  Rebel’s talking about the time he accosted Stu Hart at his home in the hopes of getting a shot at Stampede Wrestling, his incredible career in Japan t...more

  • Pumping Iron With The Incredible Lou Ferrigno

    Mar 15 2019

    The original Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, has stories about green makeup, Bill Bixby, and why 8:15pm and 8:45pm were two important time markers for the TV series that made him a household name! He also talks about “Pumping Iron,” the Mr. Universe competition, his rivalry turned friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger, what he learned from the Board Room of “Celebrity Apprentice” with Donald Trump, and how a cameo appearance on TV’s “The King Of Queens” t...more

  • 350 Days - The Most Revealing Pro Wrestling Documentary Ever

    Mar 13 2019

    “350 Days” shows the real-life sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle of the pro-wrestling business in the decadent 80s.  Director Fulvio Cecere spoke with 72 legends of the business who shared very candid details about what it was like to spend most of the year traveling from town to town in vans and cars with other wrestlers. They spoke about the drugs, the booze, the "ring rats," and the bust-ups of their marriages, families, and personal relationships, and Fulvio shares some...more

  • In Memoriam - "The Destroyer" Dick Beyer Encore Presentation

    Mar 11 2019

    TIJ pays tribute to the late, great Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer with this encore presentation of an episode originally recorded March 10, 2017, and first released that September.  Dick Beyer aka masked wrestler, Destroyer, makes his TIJ debut, and he’s got story after story after story… from his feud with Japanese wrestling star Rikidozan to working with Gorgeous George, Lou Thesz, and Andre The Giant. He’s been in every territory from Oregon to Minneapolis to Los Angeles...more

  • Chris Answers YOUR Questions - Live From The Jericho Cruise

    Mar 08 2019

    YOU asked and Chris answered… EVERYTHING… live on the First Annual Chris Jericho Rock & Wrestling Rager At Sea!  It’s the last of the live podcasts from the BEST. VACATION. EVER... and there will be more of the same when Part Deux sets sail in January 2020!  So what was answered? Questions about the Festival of Friendship with Kevin Owens, the WWE Hall of Fame, the WCW cruiserweight division, BFFs in the wrestling industry, and the first time in a ring.  Ch...more

  • Weirdest Movie Ever Made - The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film

    Mar 06 2019

    Does the infamous 59-seconds of shaky, grainy Bigfoot footage shot by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in 1967 the woods in Northern California prove the existence of Bigfoot? And more importantly is the footage real, and if so how was it made and originally distributed?  Those are just some of the questions that guest Phil Hall researched and answered for his new book, “The Weirdest Movie Ever Made: The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film.” Phil details what he discovered and uncovered...more

  • WOW! It's All AXS with The Women of Wrestling

    Mar 01 2019

    David McLane, the creator of the original GLOW TV show in the 80s, has a new all-female wrestling show on AXS TV!  It’s called WOW (Women of Wrestling), and David, and WOW star Abilene Maverick, share the story of what it took to make WOW happen.  Discover how Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss factors into the WOW equation, how David convinced Tessa Blanchard to join the cast, why they actually got started in Las Vegas doing online content only, what makes WOW different from G...more

  • The Horrific Making Of Terrifier with Art The Clown

    Feb 27 2019

    He’s the newest slasher icon with some of the most brutal murders on the big screen! Art The Clown, the star of Damien Leone’s horror flick, “Terrifier,” has spine-chilling make-up, a blood-curdling smile, a gruesome bag of tricks, and he doesn’t say a word! He’s played by actor David Howard Thornton who speaks plenty about how it all went down behind-the-scenes to bring this silent killer to life! David takes us through his audition process, his favorite kill...more

  • How To Become A Billionaire with Todd Wagner

    Feb 22 2019

    Todd Wagner is Mark Cuban’s business partner, the CEO of 2929 Entertainment, a pioneer of online broadcast and streaming, and Chris’ neighbor in Florida! Todd is also a billionaire who has plenty of tips and advice on how you can be a billionaire too.  And he’s got great stories about his friends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, and actor Chris Tucker (who saved Todd’s life in NYC on 9/11), making movies and the Oscars, checking things off his bucket list,...more

  • 50 Years of NWA Champion Dory Funk Jr - LIVE

    Feb 20 2019

    Dory Funk Jr makes his debut on TIJ, and of course, it was done in front of a live audience! Hear stories from Dory’s entire career – from his first wrestling match to his first NWA Championship to working in Japan for All Japan Wrestling. He remembers tagging with his brother Terry, the great feuds they had with the Briscoes, working Andre The Giant in what turned out to be one of Andre’s final matches, signing with WWE, and the “Hoss Funk” gimmick. Dory also has f...more

  • The Fyre Festival Fraud

    Feb 15 2019

    Young Hollywood host, Austin Mills, went to the Fyre Festival in 2016, but not as a social influencer or media reviewer. He bought a ticket, and went with a bunch of his friends with the intention of enjoying an awesome concert festival vacation in the Bahamas! But that’s not what happened as Austin documented on his Vlog during the trip, and as has been depicted in two documentaries about the ill-fated festival which resulted in its creator and promoter being convicted of fraud and incarc...more

  • The AEW Vision of Tony Khan

    Feb 13 2019

    Tony Khan is the founder and creator of All Elite Wrestling and Chris Jericho’s new boss! He’s also a diehard wrestling fan, who grew up loving Chris Jericho, ECW, and trading and collecting tapes. Tony’s got stories about chatting up Brian Pillman and Diamond Dallas Page on AOL message boards and chat rooms back in the 90s when the online thing was just getting started, and some of his favorite matches. He’s also sharing some details about what fans can expect from AEW&r...more

  • Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler Get RAW

    Feb 08 2019

    It’s the last of the live podcasts from the Chris Jericho Rock & Wrestling Rager at Sea, and of course it’s only fitting that it’s two WWE Hall of Famers who also happen to be on the best broadcast announce teams in WWE history – Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler! They’re telling stories about their time on RAW including their first and last matches together, the debut of Mr. McMahon, Hell In The Cell, and the night Owen Hart died. They also talk ...more

  • The Mystery of The Mandela Effect

    Feb 06 2019

    It’s a return to the paranormal as expert Laurie McDonald joins to educate us on the Mandela Effect – the phenomenon where you experience events in an alternate reality or dimension which then affects the way you remember them.  It’s more common than you might think, and chances are, it’s already had an effect on you. Laurie cites numerous examples including movies (like Star Wars and Forrest Gump), music (like Queen), and even popular commercials (like Oscar Mayer a...more

  • Three Days Grace Are Infra-Red Hot

    Feb 01 2019

    Three Days Grace like Borscht, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, and the fact that they now just topped Van Halen for having the most #1 rock songs of all time (with 15). They’re also up for 3 Juno Awards (Canada’s equivalent of the Grammys), opened for the Rolling Stones, have a huge social following in Russia, and just wanted to be Finger Eleven (who?) when they were starting out! Hear all those stories and more from singer Matt Walst, bassist Brad Walst, drummer Neil Sanderson, and...more

  • Diamond Dallas Page Is Positively Unstoppable

    Jan 30 2019

    Diamond Dallas Page returns to TIJ for his first-ever solo appearance, and he’s brought a ton of awesome stories with him!  He’s talking Macho Man Randy Savage, meeting The Rock for the very first time, getting his first big break from Greg Gagne, the last days of WCW, his short-lived tenure at WWE, and his relationship with Vince McMahon. Dallas also remembers how he found out about his WWE Hall of Fame induction, the private jet ride he took with Ric Flair, what he learned fro...more

  • In The Cut with Switchblade Jay White

    Jan 25 2019

    Jay White had a killer match against Okada in the Tokyo Dome at Wrestle Kingdom 13, and sat down with Jericho the day after to talk about it!  Jay also shares how winning a radio contest in his New Zealand hometown inspired his wrestling journey, what Finn Balor has done to help him, how Jay ended up living and training in the New Japan dojo, what he enjoyed most about working with Ring Of Honor, and why WWE is not really on his radar. And Jay recounts the match he had with Juice Robinson i...more

  • Sleepaway Camp 2 Watchalong with Team Tiger Awesome

    Jan 23 2019

    Danielle Radford from Screen Junkies and Team Tiger Awesome’s Nick Mundy and Michael Truly join Chris Jericho for another crazy watchalong. This time it’s the 80s teen slasher flick “Sleep Away Camp 2: Unhappy Campers,” which features one of Chris’ favorite movie deaths!  And like previous watchalongs, this one covers everything from Billy Corgan to Paul Stanley’s chest hair to a Jim Ross impression to Bruce Springsteen and Charlie Sheen.  There are ...more

  • 2018 In Review with The Fab Three

    Jan 18 2019

    It’s the return of the Fab 3 to recap the good & bad of 2018! Mike Portnoy of Sons of Apollo, Winery Dogs & Dream Theater fame, and Charlie Benante of Anthrax weigh in on the best and worst of last year’s movies, TV shows, and music releases.  Find out where they ranked films including “Mandy,” “The House That Jack Built,” “Han Solo,” “Aquaman,” “A Quiet Place,” “Bird Box,” and “A Star Is Born;...more

  • Change The Universe - Jericho's Journey From WWE To AEW

    Jan 16 2019

    Chris Jericho stunned the world when he made a surprise appearance at the All Elite Wrestling rally in Jacksonville, Florida, and announced that he was the newest member signed to the roster! That’s right. Chris Jericho is no longer with the WWE, and is now All In with AEW, and he’s telling the story, in full detail, about how and why he made the jump. Discover how his initial match against Kenny Omega for New Japan Pro Wrestling, the Chris Jericho Rock & Wrestling Rager at Sea, ...more

  • WWE's Newest Top Guy - Mustafa Ali

    Jan 11 2019

    Mustafa Ali skyrocketed from WWE 205 Live to the main roster and ended up with a championship title almost the moment he got there!  Mustafa’s telling that story, along with what it was like being in the ring with Daniel Bryan, the best wrestling advice he ever received (which happened to come from TIJ alum Sami Zayn), the first real feedback he got from Vince McMahon, and what it was like being Muslim in America right after 9/11. Mustafa was also a Chicago Police Officer, and shares ...more

  • Making A Murderer Exposed

    Jan 09 2019

    Journalist and author John Ferak, wrote “Wrecking Crew: Demolishing The Case Against Steven Avery,” after spending years as covering the murder case in Manitowoc County in Wisconsin. He does believe Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are innocent of the murder of Teresa Halbach, and lays out the evidence that supports his claim. John has also been following Steven’s lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, and her law firm as they fight to have his conviction overturned and Steven freed from pri...more

  • Comic Book Casualties - The Creators Who Were Conned

    Jan 04 2019

    Reed Tucker returns to do some comic book talk, and this time it’s about the creators and writers who all got conned by Marvel and DC – the guys who helped create and develop some of the most iconic superhero characters in pop culture history, and then died creditless and penniless. Guys like Bill Finger, Steve Ditko, and Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster, who came up with some of the original ideas for Batman, Spider-man, and Superman.  Reed shares their stories, and also talks abo...more

  • Wrestle Kingdom 13 Preview with Fumi Saito

    Jan 02 2019

    One of the greatest Japanese reporters, and longtime friend of Y2J, Fumi Saito, joins to preview Wrestle Kingdom 13, with legit predictions about who may be keeping and losing titles!  They run through the card and dissect matches and matchups including the opening Gauntlet, Will Ospreay vs Ibushi, Ishii vs Zach Sabre Jr, Cody vs Juice Robinson,  Okada vs Jay White, and the double main event of Jericho vs Naito and Kenny Omega vs Tanahashi. They also breakdown the IWGP Tag Team and Jr....more

  • Remembering Eddie Guerrero - A Tribute To Latino Heat

    Dec 28 2018

    Rey Mysterio, Konnan, and Diamond Dallas Page help CJ pay tribute to the great Eddie Guerrero (recorded live on the Chris Jericho Cruise)!  They share stories about “Wee-Wee-To,” “Eddie The Giant,” Halloween Havoc 1997, and the time Eddie got into a shoot fist-fight with Kurt Angle! They remember the infamous Plaza Madrid hotel in Mexico City, Eddie’s early days wrestling in Tijuana, and some of his best matches at WCW and WWE.

  • The State of The Wrestling Business with Jim Cornette

    Dec 26 2018

    Jim Cornette returns with thoughts on the current state of the business, and how events like “All In” and The Young Bucks and Cody are changing the wrestling landscape. He’s talking about the resurgence of New Japan, ROH’s show at Madison Square Garden, and what 2019 might hold for indie promotions around the world. Jim’s also got plenty of great stories about the NWA, WWE, his time at Impact Wrestling, and Dave Batista’s early days in developmental!

  • The Mental State of Sami Zayn

    Dec 21 2018

    What has the very introspective Sami Zayn been doing while rehabbing from double shoulder surgery? Examining his own mental state for one! And watching some WWE wrestling for two. He’s also tried his hand at improv, given up eating meat, caught up with his friend, Neville, pondered the parallels between him and Kevin Owens’ careers, debated and analyzed the impact of social media on culture and society, and opened a mobile medical clinic in Syria! Plus, Sami shares his plans and visi...more

  • The History of Fozzy with Chris Jericho

    Dec 19 2018

    Y2J has turned over the hosting duties of this episode to Scott Bowling of “Good Company with Bowling,” and Scott takes Y2J through a detailed history of Fozzy – from Chris’ first introduction to guitarist Rich Ward to their first performance together to the day they decided to start their own band.  You’ll hear stories about the making of Fozzy’s first album, what inspired them to start writing original material, how the set list has changed over the yea...more

  • Classic Album Clash - KISS Alive vs KISS Alive 2 with Pod Of Thunder

    Dec 14 2018

    The Classic Album Clash returns with a KISS battle! It’s “KISS Alive” versus “KISS Alive II” with Nick, Andy, and Chris L. from the “Pod of Thunder” podcast (one of Y2J’s favorite KISS pods)! The foursome go track-by-track in a head-to-head battle to determine which songs, and ultimately which album, reigns supreme! They dissect cover art, KISS letters to fans, photographs, audio quality, recording locations, and share some of their favorite KISS s...more

  • The Life and Tragic Times of Dynamite Kid with Dave Meltzer

    Dec 12 2018

    Dave Meltzer joins to pay tribute to the late Dynamite Kid (aka Thomas Billington) who passed away last week on his 60th birthday. Dave and Y2J discuss Dynamite’s complicated legacy, the influence he had on many including Chris Benoit, Bret Hart, and Finn Balor, his early days in Calgary at Stampede Wrestling, and his jump to WWE and his tempestuous relationship with Vince McMahon. They remember Dynamite’s run in Japan and some of the incredible matches he had with Tiger Mask, his ta...more

  • Lloyd Kaufman & Troma Returns To Return

    Dec 07 2018

    What do Samuel L. Jackson, Robert DeNiro, Kevin Costner, and Dustin Hoffman have in common? They all made their feature film debuts in Troma movies! And what do directors Eli Roth, Quentin Tarantino, and Steven Spielberg have in common (besides directing)? They were all influenced by Troma’s crazy, over-the-top special effects!  Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman shares those stories, and more, as he gives an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at what it took to get his latest movie, “Re...more

  • Tony Schiavone: The Return Of Skia-Vone

    Dec 05 2018

    What happened when WCW closed in 2001? Well, Tony Schiavone quit the wrestling business cold-turkey for one. Tony’s talking about the rise and fall of WCW, his near 20-year absence from wrestling, and what recently brought him back. Tony’s also got stories about his early years working for Jim Crockett, his short run with Vince McMahon and WWF, the Monday Night Wars, why he jumped to WCW, and the message Tony received from Vince on his first day on the job at WCW. Plus, Tony shares b...more

  • Christmas Movie Preview with Nikki Novak

    Nov 30 2018

    Nikki Novak from Fandango returns with the Holiday Movie Preview!  What should you see and what should you skip? Nikki’s got the goods on “Aquaman,” “Mary Poppins Returns,” the “Fantastic Beasts” sequel, “Creed II,” “Rocket Man,” and “First Man” (the story of astronaut Neil Armstrong). She’s also got great stories from her set visit to “Bohemian Rhapsody” (the biopic about Queen’s Freddie M...more

  • The Symphonic Terror of Accept

    Nov 28 2018

    Accept are back and maybe bigger than ever! Singer Mark Tornillo and guitarist Wolf Hoffman speak to the band’s reformation and resurgence, including how Mark came to join the lineup 9 years ago, what that first gig with him was like, and why they’re recording and about to tour with a symphony orchestra! Wolf also shares stories from Accept’s heyday in the late 70s-early 80s opening for the likes of AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, and KISS!  You’ll hear why &ldquo...more

  • Ricky The Dragon Steamboat Spits Fire

    Nov 23 2018

    Ricky The Dragon Steamboat is one of Y2J’s childhood wrestling heroes and inspirations, and after 5 long years of trying, Ricky finally sits down to talk about the Carolina territory working Ric Flair, his relationship with Dusty Rhodes, his jump to WWE and the creation of The Dragon gimmick, and his incredible Wrestlemania 3 match versus Macho Man Randy Savage. Ricky and Y2J also talk about their 2009 Wrestlemania Legends match, and why they both loved Rowdy Roddy Piper. Plus, if you stic...more

  • Steve Harris - The Number Of The Bass

    Nov 21 2018

    Iron Maiden founding bassist and chief songwriter, Steve Harris, makes his debut with lots of stories about Maiden and his side project band, British Lion! Discover how Steve became involved with British Lion, details about their upcoming studio and live releases, and what he enjoys most about their scaled-back touring. Steve’s also talking about Maiden’s “Legacy Of The Beast Tour” and setlist, which Maiden songs are his favorites to play live, and the legendary bass play...more

  • Best/Worst Survivor Series Preview EVER

    Nov 16 2018

    Jack Slade and Australia’s own Riot John Howarth join Y2J for the Best Worst Survivor Series Preview Ever! Armed with a bottle of GG, they go match by match down the card, and share predictions on who will win and what that victory might mean in the bigger picture of WWE. They also breakdown the last-minute changes to the lineup (Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan and Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair), shoot down some rumors involving CM Punk, and share a few remaining stories from the Chris Jeri...more

  • The New Japan World of Kevin Kelly

    Nov 14 2018

    The Rock called him “Hermie,” and that’s just one of the stories that New Japan Pro Wrestling announcer Kevin Kelly shares! He’s talking about his first-ever gig at WCW, his first meeting with Vince McMahon, and his first audition with Jim Ross. Kevin worked with Billy Gunn, Mr. Perfect, and was there the night that Stone Cold Steve Austin showed up at Brian Pillman’s house and gunshots rang out! Kevin also has stories about the Monday Night Wars, what finally turne...more

  • The Legacy of Rudy Sarzo

    Nov 09 2018

    Rudy Sarzo was in Ozzy Osbourne’s solo band, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, and Dio. He played and pal’ed around with Randy Rhoads, and explains the effect that Randy’s death had on him and his career choices. Rudy also shares the stories about joining Quiet Riot, meeting Ronnie James Dio, playing with Steve Vai, and how he got his hair so blonde for his run with Whitesnake. And then there was that time that he helped Beatles drummer Ringo Starr move!

  • Being The Elite = Bullet Club No More

    Nov 07 2018

    The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll, and Adam Hangman Page boarded the Chris Jericho Rock & Wrestling Rager At Sea as The Bullet Club… and left as The Elite! Discover the exact moment that happened, and what inspired the bold move! You’ll also hear behind-the-scenes stories about the Alpha vs Omega main event match on the ship, “All In Chicago,” the “Being The Elite” YouTube show, ribbing on the square, and what it really means to &ldq...more

  • Halloween Special - Squatchcast: The Truth Behind Bigfoot

    Nov 02 2018

    Wes Germer from the Sasquatch Chronicles returns with more creepy stories about Bigfoot encounters and sightings, and the government cover-ups that seem to follow them.  He explains the correlation between missing persons and Sasquatch sighting hotbeds, and where some of those hotbeds are located. He’s also sharing paranormal tales about Bigfoot, the mysterious and evil “Dog Man,” and the “Unseen Tribe.”

  • Halloween Special: Secrets Of The Afterlife with Josh Gates

    Oct 31 2018

    Josh Gates returns with tales about life after death from his new Discovery series, “Expedition Unknown: Search For The Afterlife.” He traveled the world investigating what happens when you die! He talked to people who had near-death experiences, he journeyed to the Amazon jungle to try their hallucinogenic method of communing with the dead, he spoke with atheist Penn Teller, visited psychic Chip Coffey, and interviewed Deepak Chopra! And Josh is sharing those stories and his own con...more

  • Shoot To Thrill - The Most Ballbreaking Female AC/DC Tribute Ever!

    Oct 26 2018

    Shoot To Thrill is one bad-ass female AC/DC tribute band, and that’s why they’re on the Chris Jericho Rock & Wrestling Rager at Sea… AND on the podcast!  Singer Kara is their Bon Scott/Brian Johnston, guitarist Susan doubles for Angus Young, guitarist Wendy holds down the Malcolm Young rhythm, and drummer Kate takes on Phil Rudd/Chris Slade! Hear the story of how this tribute band started, which AC/DC songs are toughest to play and sing, which songs they call favorite...more

  • Chris Jericho's Rock & Wrestling Rager - Behind The Seanes

    Oct 24 2018

    The Chris Jericho Rock & Wrestling Rager At Sea sets sail on Saturday! It’s finally arrived, and it’s a near-miracle!  Three years in the making, and more than a couple of minor obstacles all culminated in a killer talent line-up including Ring Of Honor’s Sea Of Honor Tournament, Impact Wrestling participation, and what’s sure to be the main event of the year – the Alpha Club (Is it the Bucks of Jericho or Y2Jackson) vs the Bullet Club (Kenny Omega, Cody, a...more

  • Hunting Monsters

    Oct 19 2018

    Cryptozoologist MK Davis took Y2J into the swamps of the Louisiana bayou in search of the Honey Island Swamp Monster, which they filmed for the upcoming Travel Channel special, “Chris Jericho: Hunting Monsters” (premiering 10/23 at 10/9 Central). Preview the adventure with MK & Y2J as they talk about the monster, recent sightings, and evidence uncovered. MK also shares stories and theories about his various Big Foot encounters, and his adventures at the mysterious and creepy Love...more

  • Tonight You Belong To Paul Stanley - Episode 500

    Oct 17 2018

    There’s only one person big enough to celebrate episode 500 of TIJ, right people??!!  Paul Stanley of KISS returns to mark the special occasion with some great stories about the four KISS solo albums that made KISStory in September of 1978! Paul explains how it came to be that all four band members released solo albums on the same day with coordinating cover art, and what he really thought about Gene Simmons’, Ace Frehley’s, and Peter Criss’ respective solo efforts! ...more

  • Living The Dream With Slash

    Oct 12 2018

    Slash is back! He’s “Living The Dream” with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, and looking forward to more music with Guns N' Roses! He’s talking about the GNR reunion warm-up at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, the world tour that followed, the Guns songs he enjoyed playing most, and how he and Axl Rose finally broke the ice after 20 years of silence. Slash also shares the story behind his initial reaction to hearing about the Axl-AC/DC partnership, and what he thought af...more

  • Austin Aries Is Bound For Glory

    Oct 10 2018

    Impact Wrestling World Champion Austin Aries is back on TIJ just before defending his title against Johnny Impact at the Bound For Glory PPV this Sunday! Austin’s talking about his departure from WWE, his return to Impact and the indie wrestling scene, working with Pentagon Jr, the origins of "The Belt Collector," and why he’s so excited about what’s happening in Australia right now! Austin’s also got a proposition for Y2J, details about his most recent favorite match, an...more

  • Pro Wrestling Tees Is ALL IN

    Oct 05 2018

    Pro Wrestling Tees founder Ryan Barkin has made t-shirts for EVERYBODY, and he’s telling the story about how he got involved in the crazy world of pro wrestling! He’s got stories about Colt Cobana, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He’s talking about his best-selling shirt, his favorite design, and which wrestler he loves working with most!  You’ll also hear about what he’s got planned for the Chris Jericho Rock & Wrestling Rager At...more

  • Classic Album Clash - Van Halen "1984" vs "5150" with Steel Panther

    Oct 03 2018

    Steel Panther’s Michael Starr and Satchel join Fozzy guitarist Rich Ward and Y2J to debate the merits of Van Halen’s “1984” and “5150” – David Lee Roth’s last album with the band, and Sammy Hagar’s first.  They remember their respective introductions to Van Halen, list off their favorite Eddie solos, share their original reactions to the band’s split with David Lee Roth, and what they all initially thought of Sammy. It’s guit...more

  • Brian Pillman Jr - A Chip Off The Loose Cannon

    Sep 28 2018

    Brian Pillman Jr. may have lost his dad when he was 4-years old, but he still has a few vivid memories, and a lot of his dad’s personality! Brian recounts his decision to pursue a wrestling career, and the advice he got from his dad’s good friend and former tag team partner, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Brian talks about training with Lance Storm in Calgary, his favorite matches, and why getting his college degree was so important to him. He also discusses the recent knee injury that kep...more

  • You Can't Kill Hardcore Superstar

    Sep 26 2018

    Hardcore Superstar has gotten drunk with Lemmy from Motorhead, declined to get high with Brian Johnston from AC/DC, and agreed to carry the rock & roll torch on behalf of Ronnie James Dio… and those are just a handful of the stories you’ll hear from singer Joakim “Jocke” Berg and drummer Magnus “Adde” Andreasson. You’ll also discover how and why they ended up in a fist fight with a journalist at the Swedish Embassy in New York, what they really thou...more

  • Alone In A Room with Asking Alexandria

    Sep 21 2018

    Danny Worsnop is back in Asking Alexandria, and he and guitarist Ben Bruce explain exactly how that happened. They’re also sharing some of the total debauchery that led to Danny’s original departure, the cryptic text messages from singer Denis Stoff that made it a little easier for Danny to return to the band, and what it took to make the new Asking Alexandria album, “Alone In A Room.”  Danny’s also got some stage stories that’ll make you cringe (and mayb...more

  • Elegy For The Anvil with Natalya and Tyson Kidd

    Sep 19 2018

    Natalya Neidhart and her husband Tyson Kidd (aka TJ Wilson) pay tribute to Nattie’s father, the late, great Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart with some amazing stories from Nattie’s childhood, and the last years of The Anvil’s life. Nattie shares what it was like growing up around a business where her dad was gone over 300 days a year! She remembers the special treats he brought home for Nattie and her sisters, her dad’s love of The Doors and margaritas, his PTA meetin...more

  • Macaulay Culkin Wears Bunny Ears

    Sep 14 2018

    The conversation continues between Macaulay Culkin and Y2J (part 1 is on Mac’s podcast, “Bunny Ears”), and picks up with Braun Strowman, off-Broadway acting gigs, and legendary filmmaker John Hughes! Mac shares stories from the “Home Alone” movies, his brother Rory’s wedding (which was officiated by Paul Heyman), late comedian John Candy (who was in “Uncle Buck” with Mac), his guest appearance on Monday Night RAW, and then they play a round of &ldq...more

  • Neal Schon's Journey

    Sep 12 2018

    Journey founder and guitarist Neal Schon played in Carlos Santana’s band when he was still in highschool and solo’ed on the band’s first number one hit.  He talks about meeting Carlos, leaving that band to start his own, his first introduction to Steve Perry (and how he feels about Steve’s recent return to music), developing his guitar sound, and Journey’s songwriting process in the early days vs now. Neal also reveals what happened behind-the-scenes at Journey...more

  • All In to Fozzy Kansas City - Chris & Jack's Excellent Adventure

    Sep 07 2018

    Do you wanna know exactly how Chris Jericho managed to pull a huge swerve and surprise the F outta everybody at All In Chicago when he unmasked in the ring and attacked Kenny Omega? You thought it was Pentagon lying there, didn’t you? Even AFTER the Sears Center lights came back on! Here’s the full story in explicit detail from Chris and his partner-in-crime, Jack Slade. They chronicle all the misadventures of their crazy same-day trip that started with a late-arriving flight to Chic...more

  • Helloween United

    Sep 05 2018

    The 5-year drought has ended, and Y2J’s favorite metal band (and the reason you call him Jericho) is finally on the show!  Pumpkins Unite and welcome Helloween! OG bassist Markus Grosskopf and guitarist Sascha Gerstner met up with Chris in Budapest and gave him the skinny on all things Pumpkin!  Markus has stories about the band’s first American tour opening for Armored Saint, the problems with the record label that killed their momentum and kept them off the stage and out ...more

  • The Countdown To Y2J - August 9, 1999

    Aug 31 2018

    Would like you to know every last detail that went into the planning and launch of Chris Jericho’s WWE debut? Like the story behind the Y2J countdown clock? Or the inspiration for his theme, “Break The Walls Down”? Or what his finishing move was originally supposed to be called? Or maybe you’d like to know who wrote the promo Y2J cut with The Rock on that first night of TV? Or what about Vince McMahon’s reaction to Y2J’s debut? Or maybe how he was treated in t...more

  • The Wild Life & Mysterious Death of Bon Scott

    Aug 29 2018

    AC/DC’s Bon Scott died under mysterious circumstances on February 19, 1980 at the age of 33, and Australian writer Jesse Fink spent years researching the singer’s life and death. Jesse spoke with family members, former girlfriends, close friends, AC/DC management, and tried multiple times to interview band members. He released his thorough research in a new book called, “Bon The Last Highway: The Untold Story of Bon Scott And AC/DC’s Back In Black.”  And Jesse ...more

  • Birth of MTV with Mark Goodman

    Aug 24 2018

    Original MTV VJ Mark Goodman is talking about the birth of MTV – from his first audition to his first moment on air!  You’ll find out why he and Alan Hunter argue about being the first MTV VJ to this day, what it was like touring with David Lee Roth, why Martha Quinn got the Bob Dylan interview (and not Mark Goodman), and what he really thought about Madonna the first time he ever interviewed her. Mark’s also disclosing where and how MTV got their early videos, and why Bri...more

  • All In with Cody and The Young Bucks

    Aug 22 2018

    Cody and The Young Bucks are “All In” and spreading the word!  Not that they need help. Their upcoming pay-per-view event did sell out the Sears Centre in Chicago in 30 minutes!  And that’s just one of the stories they’re telling about “All In.” You’ll discover who named it and why, what happened behind-the-scenes at the “disastrous” press conference, how most veteran promoters (including Vince McMahon) reacted when they heard about...more

  • Jim Neidhart - Encore Presentation

    Aug 20 2018

    In tribute to the late, great Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, here's an encore presentation of what turned out to be one of the last in-person interviews Jim granted. Jim shared stories about his nickname, the Hart Foundation tag team, Andre The Giant, Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith, Stu Hart’s infamous dungeon, and the Calgary style!  He had Bret Hart’s back during the Montreal Screwjob (and a front row lockerroom view), a seat in the jam-packed van at Stampede Wrestling, ...more

  • The Best/Worst SummerSlam Preview EVER!

    Aug 17 2018

    Jack Slade brought a bottle of vodka and what he believed to be the Summerslam 2018 card, and sat down with Y2J in a Belgium hotel room to preview and predict the outcome of the 11 matches they knew about at the time of recording.  But of course there are plenty of shenanigans and side-track stories mixed in, including a visit by a drunk random dude who happened by, a Lenny Kravitz experience, and the reason Toto’s “Hold The Line” evokes the same memory for Y2J every time ...more

  • The Satanic Government

    Aug 15 2018

    Flat Earth Realist David Weiss is back and this time he brought a mysterious friend, RV (short for Russian Vids), to explain the secret workings of the Satanic Government, and the way these shadowy people control and dictate society.  David and RV explain why they believe the Satanic Government faked some of the biggest tragedies and mass shootings in human history. They share their theories behind 9/11, the JFK assassination, the Boston Marathon, and last Fall’s Las Vegas shootings. ...more

  • Beer City Bruiser

    Aug 10 2018

    Ring Of Honor’s Beer City Bruiser spent four years training under Harley Race, has his father-in-law to thank for his ROH gig, and gets paid to spit beer on Japanese wrestling fans! He’s also got a great Dusty Rhodes story involving a fur coat, some details on his feud with Cheeseburger, the story behind one of his first gimmicks “Din T. Moore,” and the best advice he got from Bully Ray.

  • For The Love of Dee Snider

    Aug 08 2018

    Dee Snider returns with a brand new solo album, “For The Love Of Metal,” and a bunch of stories about writing and recording it with Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed fame. Dee’s also talking about his Beatle boots, Twisted Sister’s farewell shows, the loss of drummer AJ Pero, and why he owes Mick Foley a debt of gratitude.  Plus, you’ll discover why Twisted Sister called it quits initially, what got them banned from certain cities and venues in the 80s, and how they eve...more

  • Halestorm Gets Vicious

    Aug 03 2018

    You asked for it; you got it! Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger of Halestorm are sharing stories about the making of their new album “Vicious,” their best Spinal Tap moments (mostly involving Lzzy’s brother & band drummer Arejay), opening for DIO, and the stage mishaps that make for the most interesting memories! Lzzy’s also talking about advice she’s received from some of her musical heroes like Pat Benatar and Heart, what it’s like being a woman in an industry...more

  • WWE in MSG - Ups & Downs In The World's Most Famous Arena

    Aug 01 2018

    Busted Open Radio’s Dave LaGreca and Mark Henry are talking WWE at Madison Square Garden, and the storied legacy of the promotion and the venue through the years… what it meant and still means to get over at the Garden, some of the historic events and matches that have taken place through the years (including the first-ever Elimination Chamber), Bruno Sammartino’s championship run, and the unique fan interaction. Mark and Y2J remember their best and worst MSG performances, and...more

  • Ultimo Dragon Unmasked

    Jul 27 2018

    Yoshihiro Asai aka Ultimo Dragon is one of Y2J’s oldest friends and biggest rivals in the wrestling biz, and he tells you exactly how he and Y2J met in 1993 in Mexico City. He’s also talking about the origin of his Ultimo Dragon gimmick, who designed his mask, and how he came up with the Asai Moonsault. Ultimo Dragon remembers his time in WCW (including his first match against Rey Mysterio), why things didn’t work out as planned at WWE, and the arm injury and surgery that nearl...more

  • 50 Years of Rolling Stone Magazine

    Jul 25 2018

    Rolling Stone Magazine Senior Editor Patrick Doyle has interviewed some of the biggest icons in rock and roll – The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney. He spent a week with Kid Rock, played basketball with Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons, followed Ed Sheeran for two weeks, and hung out with Kings Of Leon. He’s also been shut down by Tom Waits and Beyonce, and got into a bit of trouble with 5 Seconds of Summer. Patrick reveals the journalism lessons learned from Rolling Stone founde...more

  • KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park Watch-Along with Team Tiger Awesome - BONUS EPISODE!

    Jul 23 2018

    Chris Jericho went to a super-secret location in LA recently (Nick Mundy’s house) to do a watch-along of “KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park” with the Team Tiger Awesome crew. Okay, so it was just Nick Mundy and Michael Truly.  Clint Gage was a no-show with very good reason as you’ll discover when Jericho reads a letter penned by Clint explaining his absence. So anyway, Jericho, Mundy & Truly watched the movie start to finish and provided running commentary, more...more

  • John 5 Comes Alive

    Jul 20 2018

    Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 got his first big break with KD Lang, was fired from Marilyn Manson’s band, and has a massive KISS memorabilia collection you can see on Instagram @knightsinsatanservice. John 5 also wrote and recorded two albums with David Lee Roth, and shares plenty of stories about that experience along with the time he was dissed by Rob Halford as a teenager in Detroit, and what happened when he spontaneously jumped in an elevator with Gene Simmons from KISS. Plus, he's drop...more

  • Bruiser Brody - 30 Years Later

    Jul 18 2018

    On July 30, 1988, Bruiser Brody was stabbed to death in the locker room shower before a scheduled match in Puerto Rico. Jose Gonzalez killed Brody, and was later acquitted of murder. Dave Meltzer returns to share what he remembers about the events leading up to and circumstances surrounding Brody’s tragic death, and offer thoughts as to how and why Jose Gonazalez was able to get away with it.

  • Something To Jericho... with Bruce Prichard

    Jul 13 2018

    Bruce Prichard makes his solo debut to talk in-depth about Houston wrestling and legendary promoter Paul Boesch, who gave Bruce and his brother Tom, their start in the business!  Bruce remembers selling merch, ring announcing, and running Houston TV before jumping ship to Vince McMahon and the WWE. He shares details about his fateful meeting with Vince, and how Paul Boesch took the news, and then what happened when Vince McMahon bought out the Houston territory! Bruce also has stories about...more

  • OG Metallica Bass Player Ron McGovney

    Jul 11 2018

    Ron McGovney is the original Metallica bassist, and it was his garage that not only hosted auditions for the band but also served as their first rehearsal space! Ron recounts how he met James Hetfield in junior high, what happened to their highschool band, Leather Charm, his first introduction to drummer Lars Ulrich (and what he thought when he heard Lars play), and how Dave Mustaine ended up in Metallica. He also shares details about Metallica’s first couple of live shows (including playi...more

  • Urban Legends Uncovered

    Jul 06 2018

    “Killer Legends” documentary filmmaker Josh Zeman uncovers the origins, and in some cases true crimes stories, behind some of the creepiest urban legends… like The Hook, scary clowns, poisoned Halloween candy, and Cropsey! Josh also talks about Satanic Panic, The Mannerfeld Butcher, the Moonlight Murders, legend tripping, and Slenderman!

  • Strength Beyond Strength: The Life & Times of Vinnie Paul

    Jul 04 2018

    Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante and Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler join Y2J to pay tribute to their fallen brother, the late, great Vinnie Paul Abbott of Pantera, Damageplan, and Hell Yeah! They share favorite stories and memories about one of the nicest, most hospitable guys in music. They speak to his prowess as a drummer, his incredible relationship with his brother, Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott, his drive to honor his brother’s life and legacy… and of course tell tales ...more

  • GLOW Season 2 Preview with Melrose & Yo-Yo

    Jun 29 2018

    GLOW is back on Netflix for season 2, and two more Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are talking all about the return of 80s-themed wrestling show featuring big hair, neon colors, leg warmers, and every kind of suplex you can imagine! Jackie Tohn who plays “Melrose,” and Shakira Barrera who plays newcomer “Yolanda,” talk training with Chavo Guerrero, doing their own moves in the ring, and their favorite thing about their respective characters.  Jackie also shares stories ...more

  • Steve Austin - Stone Cold RockNRoll

    Jun 27 2018

    Stone Cold Steve Austin returns, and this time he’s talking about the origins of wrestling entrance themes, which started in the Dallas territory at the Sportatorium where Steve launched his own career. He’s also talking about the inspiration behind the Stone Cold entrance, along with some of his personal favorite songs and bands. And he’s got a great story about the KISS concert he never saw as a kid, and what happened to him at a Motley Crue show in the 80s. And if you’...more

  • Dave Meltzer on Dave Meltzer

    Jun 22 2018

    Dave Meltzer returns to talk about… HIMSELF!  This is Dave Meltzer on Dave Meltzer, and it includes everything – the first wrestling match he ever saw, his favorite wrestlers and matches, the origins of the Wrestling Observer and 5-star rating system. He’s talking about Pat Patterson, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Rey Mysterio. He recounts what it was like covering the Monday Night Wars and his relationships then and now with Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon.&nb...more

  • Lizzy Borden's Midnight Things

    Jun 20 2018

    “The Decline of Western Civilization” made Lizzy Borden famous, but not a household name! And his blood-spewing, horror movie-inspired live shows and lyrics earned the attention of Tipper Gore’s PMRC, but unlike the popularity boost it gave W.A.S.P. and Judas Priest, that PMRC label only succeeded in knocking Lizzy Borden out of record stores! Well, Lizzy’s talking about all of that and his storied 30-plus year career in metal. He’s also sharing details about &ldquo...more

  • Jericho vs Bischoff in WCW - the 83 Weeks Rebuttal

    Jun 15 2018

    It’s rebuttal time as Y2J shares his own recollections about his time at WCW with “83 Weeks” cohost, Conrad Thompson. The tables are turned as Conrad guides the discussion through Y2J’s relationships with Eric Bischoff, Kevin Sullivan, and Scott Hall; his early matches; first big feud; the introduction and development of Ralphus; what really happened with Bill Goldberg and why that angle ended the way it did; the nWo; Jericho’s secret meeting with Vince McMahon and ...more

  • Derek Smalls Goes To Eleven

    Jun 13 2018

    Legendary Spinal Tap bassist Derek Smalls cranks it to 11 on TIJ with some serious truth-telling to set the record straight about the hatchet job documentary, “This Is Spinal Tap.” He’s got scientific proof to refute the alleged stage screw-ups and tin foil zucchini mishap. He’s also talking Live Earth, Glastonbury, his preferred bathtub fitness routine, and his Lukewarm Water nickname. Plus, Derek’s got stories about recording his debut solo album, “Smalls Ch...more

  • AC/DC - From Angus to Axl with Chris Slade

    Jun 08 2018

    Drummer Chris Slade returns to TIJ to talk AC/DC, Phil Rudd, Angus Young, and Axl Rose! He recounts how he was contacted by AC/DC’s manager about filling in for Rudd, who could no longer tour with the band due to his legal issues. Chris also shares details from Axl Rose’s AC/DC audition, what it was like touring with Axl, and how the band celebrated bassist Cliff Williams’ last night before retirement. Plus, you’ll hear about the time that Chris Slade met Bon Scott, and w...more

  • Wade Barrett's Vengeance

    Jun 06 2018

    Wade Barrett (aka Stu Bennett in real life) returns to TIJ to talk about his departure from WWE and what he’s been doing since choosing to leave Vince McMahon and crew!  You’ll hear the why, how and when of that big decision, along with what came right after! Stu’s also talking about his move to NYC and his new acting career, including the movie “I Am Vengeance,” which will be in theaters this Fall… about the same time his new Netflix series, “Ulti...more

  • Chris Tucker's Friday Rush Hour

    Jun 01 2018

    Chris Tucker is bringing the funny to TIJ with stories from the sets of his most popular movies – “Friday,” “Rush Hour,” and “Jackie Brown!” He’s hung out with President Bill Clinton, U2’s Bono, and Oprah Winfrey.  Chris was also good friends with Michael Jackson and spent a lot of time at the Neverland Ranch; says he was inspired to do standup after seeing Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor; and tells the story about the gig that launced hi...more

  • Famous Bouncers with Paul Lazenby

    May 30 2018

    Paul Lazenby is cohost of the “Killing The Town” podcast with Don Callis, one of Y2J’s oldest friends in the pro-wrestling business, a former MMA fighter, a Hollywood stuntman, a former bouncer, and a book author.  And he’s talking about all of that and more on TIJ!  Discover how Y2J and Lance Storm first met Paul at the Hart’s Family Wrestling School in Calgary, who came up with his first ever gimmick, his favorite and least favorite matches, and why he s...more

  • Did Rocky Romero Invent Talk 'N Shop?

    May 25 2018

    New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Rocky Romero says he invented Talk ‘N Shop, and that’s why he wrote and recorded a diss track on Y2J, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson… for doing eps without Rocky and for doing ‘em wrong!  Hear that story along with Rocky’s tag team run in New Japan, how he made the transition to the New Japan office, what it was like training at the LA dojo with Finn Balor and Karl Anderson, and how New Japan catapulted Kenny Omega to star statu...more

  • Classic Album Clash - Ozzy's "Blizzard" vs "Diary"

    May 23 2018

    It’s Ozzy Osbourne’s “Diary Of A Madman” vs “Blizzard Of Ozz” on this edition of Classic Album Clash!  And Fozzy guitarists Rich Ward and Billy Grey along with drummer Frank Fontsere, and special guest Merlin Alderslade, the editor of Metal Hammar magazine, join the debate over which album reigns supreme. They break them down track-by-track, share Ozzy stories and trivia in the process, discuss Randy Rhoads’ development and prowess as a guitarist, n...more

  • And Justice For Five Finger Death Punch

    May 18 2018

    Drummer Jeremy Spencer and guitarist Jason Hook from Five Finger Death Punch share the story behind FFDP’s origins – how they all got together and what finally convinced Jason to quit his gig with Alice Cooper and join FFDP. They’ve also got some details about FFDP’s new album, “And Justice For None.” Plus, Jason is talking about his killer new documentary, “Hired Gun,” which features all of the unsung musician heroes that play alongside some of mu...more

  • Freakshow Wrestling

    May 16 2018

    Sinn Bodhi is the proprietor of Corey Taylor’s (of Slipknot fame) favorite wrestling company, Freakshow Wrestling in Las Vegas, Nevada… home to Franken Chicken! Sinn’s talking about all the crazy gimmicks that feature in his shows like Drugs Bunny, Andrea The Giant, God, Black Annie, Gaydolf Hitler, and the Ghost of Macho Man!  Discover how Freakshow came together, some of their most notorious matches, and why Chavo Guerrero ended up wrestling the Invisible Man! Plus, Sin...more

  • With The Beatles Benante featuring Sami Zayn

    May 11 2018

    Charlie “Beatles” Benante of Anthrax returns with special guest Sami Zayn to talk about the greatest band in rock and roll history – The Beatles!  They join Y2J in a discussion about three hand-picked albums: “Beatles For Sale,” “Magical Mystery Tour,” and “Abbey Road.” They’ve got fav and least fav songs, trivia and stories, and a thought or three about “Sun King.”

  • Daniel Bryan Returns... To Everything!

    May 09 2018

    Daniel Bryan is BACK… and not just on TIJ!  Sure, he’s making a three-peat on this show, but he made a huge splash at WWE Backlash when he took out Big Cass last Sunday! So get ready to hear about his miraculous return to the ring, what it took to get back to wrestling, and why the YES chant is sweeter this time around! Plus, Daniel talks about living in John Cena’s house amidst all the strict rules, filming “Total Bellas” with wife Brie, his “plan B&rdq...more

  • The Dark Matter and Mystery of Art Bell

    May 04 2018

    Paranormal broadcasting legend Art Bell of “Coast To Coast” radio fame died on Friday, April 13th. Dave Schrader of Beyond The Darkness and Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer join Y2J to pay homage to the man who inspired all of them to do what they do.  They recount favorite Art Bell callers, guests, and topics, their own personal interactions with him, and the mystery surrounding Art’s own life, career and death.

  • The Young Bucks Take Over The World

    May 02 2018

    The Young Bucks return to TIJ with tales of WWE invasions, cease & desists, and social media gone wrong (at least for friend Jimmy Jacobs). They’re talking New Japan, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, The Hardys, finishing moves, and FTR! Plus, they reveal who decides Bullet Club membership, and how they manage to run their merchandising empire out of their own garage!

  • Talk'n Shop SOBER in NYC

    Apr 27 2018

    It’s Talk'n Shop SOBER in New York City… and that means the only shots that Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Chris Jericho, and rotating fourth, Curt Hawkins, are doing… are caffeine shots!  Recorded just before the RAW 25th Anniversary show, they’re telling stories about Terry Funk, Bill Goldberg, John Cena, Hornswoggle, and Steve Austin!  You’ll also hear the status of Gallows’ Tinder World Tour, what’s up with the cowboy boots, and what really...more

  • Craig Gass 2 - Electric Boogaloo

    Apr 25 2018

    Craig Gass returns to TIJ with a huge announcement, and an arsenal of impressions including Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Sam Kinison, Mark Wahlberg, Lars Ulrich, and Al Pacino. He’s also got a great obscure impression, a story about meeting and befriending comedy legend George Carlin, details on his first introduction to Howard Stern, his epic fail at his first open mic, and an embarrassing run-in with Gene Simmons.

  • The X Factor of Blaze Bayley

    Apr 20 2018

    Former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley caps UK Week on TIJ!  Hear the story of how he came to front Maiden after Bruce Dickinson originally left during the height of the band’s popularity, and how Blaze found out that he was no longer in Maiden because Bruce and Adrian Smith were both coming back! Blaze has stories about the crazy stadium tours, writing and recording two albums with Maiden, and working with guitarist Steve Harris.  He also has one big regret about his time with M...more

  • In Memoriam - Bruno Sammartino Encore Presentation

    Apr 19 2018

    TIJ pays tribute to the late, great Bruno Sammartino with this encore presentation of an episode originally recorded in December of 2016 and first released in June of 2017.  He’s a legend, a pioneer, and held the World Championship for 12 years! Bruno Sammartino’s on TIJ! It’s an epic interview covering Bruno’s childhood in Italy, including how he lived in a cave in the mountains for 2 years to escape the Nazis in WWII before finally emigrating to the United States....more

  • WWE UK with British Strong Style

    Apr 18 2018

    Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, and Pete Dunne have been tearing it up on the British indie wrestling scene for years, and are now making waves in the States at NXT.  Hear how they got signed to WWE, what Steven Regal did for their respective careers, what they hope to accomplish in the States, and some of the biggest differences between England and America.  They’re also talking Mustache Mountain, Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll, the Butlins Camps, and wrestling tribute shows. Thanks to TI...more

  • Flat Earth Philosophy with David Weiss

    Apr 13 2018

    David Weiss has come to an understanding about the earth – that it’s flat and not globe-shaped as we’re taught in school. The host of “The Flat Earth” podcast uses science and research to debunk some long-held beliefs about Planet Earth. He covers solar eclipses, the gravitational pull of the moon on oceans and tides, airplane flight paths, Antarctica, NASA images and pictures, the firmament, the horizon, and “predictive programming.” He also explains wh...more

  • Nita Strauss - From School's Out to Shinsuke

    Apr 11 2018

    Hurricane Nita Strauss is a kick-ass guitar player in Alice Cooper’s band, and also just played Shinsuke Nakamura to the ring at Wrestlemania 34. She’s a wrestling fan, calls Steve Vai her guitar hero, is about to be the first female guitarist to ever have an Ibanez signature guitar, played “Run, Run Rudolph” live onstage with Slash, Ace Frehley, and Dave Ellefson, and is also a member of The Iron Maidens.  She has a favorite wrestler, a favorite Alice song, and a gr...more

  • Teddy Hart Returns with Joey Janela

    Apr 06 2018

    Teddy Hart was in a police chase, arrested, and spent 7 months in jail… but he considers himself lucky because it could’ve been 10-15 years!  Teddy’s telling that crazy story on his return to TIJ, and he’s also talking about his current run on the indie wrestling scene and how he hopes it’ll prove to WWE that he’s ready for another shot! Plus, Joey Janela drops in to talk about his Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2 wrestling show happening tonight at mi...more

  • The Best/Worst Wrestlemania Preview EVER!

    Apr 04 2018

    Y2J and Fozzy production manager Jack Slade (who also happens to be the son of AC/DC drummer Chris Slade) preview this weekend’s Wrestlemania in New Orleans!  11 championship titles are on the line and they cover every single one (or at least attempt to).  They also predict the outcome of Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns, John Cena vs The Undertaker, AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura, Alexa Bliss vis Nia Jax, and Charlotte vs Asuka.  They weigh in on who should partner with Braun S...more

  • Howard Jones Lights The Torch

    Mar 30 2018

    Howard Jones’ band has a new name, Light The Torch, and their new studio album dropped today!  It’s called “Revival”… and Howard’s telling the whole story on TIJ!  He’s also speaking candidly about his battle with manic depression, the medication merry-go-round that affected his relationship with his former band, Killswitch Engage, and what exactly happened to Devil You Know. He’s sharing tour stories, camping stories, and stories about ...more

  • Classic Album Clash Nirvana - "In Utero" vs "Nevermind" with Big Cass

    Mar 28 2018

    Big Cass is a Nirvana fan and that’s why he’s taking part in the Classic Album Clash Nirvana!  It’s “Nevermind” verses “In Utero” with Y2J, Big Cass, and personal trainer Rob from the Hard Nocks South gym in Florida (who also happens to be John Cena’s trainer).  They breakdown each track, talk album cover art, share all kinds of Nirvana trivia, and reveal personal favorites.  Which gets your vote? Chime in on twitter @talkisjericho! ...more

  • The Outsiders 35th Anniversary with Danny Boy O'Connor

    Mar 23 2018

    House of Pain’s Danny Boy O’Connor loves the movie “The Outsiders,” so much so that he bought the house used as the Curtis Brothers (Darry, Soda Pop, and Pony Boy) home in the film, and he’s turned it into “The Outsiders” museum!  Find out how he came to own it, what it’s taken to get it in museum shape, how he located many of the original props and costumes used in the movie, and which A-list stars from “The Outsiders” have helped...more

  • Chael Sonnen Sounds Off

    Mar 21 2018

    Chael Sonnen is sounding off about everything as he returns to TIJ!  He’s got words about Braun Strowman’s angle at Fastlane and theories for what it means for Wrestlemania! He’s weighing in on Brock Lesnar’s UFC suspension and possible return to WWE. He’s got a definite opinion on Ronda Rousey, her influence in MMA, what she did for female athletes, and why he never considered her the best in the sport! He also offers up some words of advice as she makes her f...more

  • Sami Callihan Against The World

    Mar 16 2018

    Sami Callihan is the most controversial name in professional wrestling right now!  He’s got a huge chip on his shoulder. He’s pissed off, and he’s telling everyone why on TIJ! He’s got plenty to say about nearly costing Eddie Edwards his eye after smashing him in the face in the ring with a baseball bat. Yes, it was a horrible accident, but why isn’t Sami showing more remorse for what happened? You’ll find out. Plus, you’ll hear why he left WWE, wha...more

  • Stone Temple Pilots

    Mar 14 2018

    Stone Temple Pilots are back with a new singer AND a brand new, self-titled album, "Stone Temple Pilots" (coming out Friday 3/16/18).  Founding bassist Robert DeLeo and new singer Jeff Gutt fill in the details on Jeff’s audition process, writing & recording the new record, and playing their first live show together at The Troubadour in Los Angeles. Robert’s also talking about Scott Weiland as a frontman, a songwriting partner, and what led to the band’s final rift with...more

  • The Rock N Roll Twilight Zone with Richard Syrett

    Mar 09 2018

    If you love mysteries and conspiracy theories and rock & roll, then Richard Syrett and “The Rock N Roll Twilight Zone” is the show for you!  Richard is the latest to join The Jericho Network, and he’s sharing some of his incredible stories and investigations on TIJ!  Was Jimi Hendrix murdered? What about the curse surrounding the Buddy Holly plane crash? Is Tupac Shakur really alive? Who exactly is a member of the 27 Club (musicians who died at the age of 27)? And...more

  • The Rise of Spotify with Allison Hagendorf

    Mar 07 2018

    Allison Hagendorf is the Global Head of Rock for Spotify! If it’s on the #RockThis playlist, it’s because Allison put it there!  She’s a bonafide lover of rock, only sees concerts if she can be in the pit, and has spent serious hangout time with U2, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame, and the late, great Chris Cornell!  Nirvana changed her life; grunge spoke to her like no other music did… and Bottle Rock is her new favorite music festival. She’s got great...more

  • Glenn Jacobs for Mayor - Live In Knoxville

    Mar 02 2018

    Glenn Jacobs came to Knoxville to work for Jim Cornette at Smokey Mountain Wrestling, and basically never left! That’s why he’s running for Mayor of Knox County! Hear his political agenda along with many great stories about his days as a professional wrestler!  He talks about his WWE career including his first-ever gimmick as Isaac Yankem (the wrestling dentist), his debut as Kane, the mask, the glove, “The Brothers of Destruction” tag team with The Undertaker, beati...more

  • Takin' Care Of Business with Randy Bachman

    Feb 28 2018

    He’s a music legend and fellow Winnipegger!  Randy Bachman of The Guess Who and BTO fame joins TIJ to talk about his love of The Beatles, his new George Harrison tribute album, “By George By Bachman,” spending 10 months on the road with Van Halen, and joining Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band!  Randy’s also got stories about the pizza guy who plays on BTO’s famous single, “Taking Care Of Business,” the stuttering in “You Ain’t Seen...more

  • Taz Shoots Straight

    Feb 23 2018

    Taz makes his TIJ debut! Y2J’s old friend from ECW and WWE shoots straight on leaving ECW for WWE, his relationship with Paul Heyman, the Taz gimmick, his locker room reputation, and that incident with Rob Van Dam. Taz also remembers his top secret meeting with Vince McMahon, how he became a color commentator (against his will) at WWE, and why he ultimately left the company. Plus, he shares his thoughts on the demise of ECW. Start your 7-day FREE trial of the DDPYoga Now App at DDPYoga.co...more

  • Saxon with Biff Byford

    Feb 21 2018

    Biff Byford and Saxon have a brand new album out, “Thunderbolt,” and Biff explains why it’s so important for them to release a new album every couple of years. He’s also talking about touring, including their first-ever tour of the States supporting Rush on the “Moving Pictures Tour.” He’s got stories about Judas Priest, Spinal Tap (which was inspired by Saxon), and Metallica! You’ll find out why he doesn’t do vocal warm ups, which songs are ...more

  • All Access with Scott Ian

    Feb 16 2018

    Scott Ian of Anthrax has a new book out. It’s called “Access All Areas: Stories From A Hard Rock Life,” and he’s sharing some of his crazy rock & roll tales with us! Hear how he saved the life of Robert Trujillo from Metallica while snowboarding, why he needed Gene Simmons’ permission for something Anthrax-related, what he thought when CNN reported that Anthrax had changed their name to Basketful of Puppies, and where he was when he met Sir Paul McCartney! Scott...more

  • Will Ospreay And His Missus

    Feb 14 2018

    It’s Valentine’s Day & we’re not heartless at TIJ! That’s why we’ve got Will Ospreay and his Missus, Bea Priestley, on the show!  Hear the story of how they met (and the embarrassing way Will introduced himself), why they both love working in Japan, and how they handle the long distances and traveling in their relationship. Plus, Will breaks down his incredible match with Ricochet, and shares some hilarious behind-the-scenes stories about the feud and match...more

  • Chavo Guerrero on Chavo Guerrero

    Feb 09 2018

    Chavo Guerrero returns to TIJ to talk about his father, Chavo Classic (aka Chavo Guerrero Sr.).  And he’s getting real… speaking openly about his dad’s problems, their complicated relationship, and the reasons Chavo Sr. was fired from WWE three times!  He’s also sharing some great stories about the angle they did with Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Classic’s feud and great friendship with Roddy Piper, and Chavo Sr.’s run in Japan. Plus, Chavo breaks down som...more

  • Marvel vs DC Megawar!

    Feb 07 2018

    If you thought the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW were something, wait till you hear about the Marvel vs DC rivalry!  These two comic book companies have gone head-to-head over the past 50+ years trying to gain the top spot in the world of comic books, and they’ve pulled out all stops to do it: spying, price-cutting, reneging on backroom deals, stealing artists and writers, and poaching character ideas. Reed Tucker chronicled all of the crazy stories in his new book, “Slu...more

  • Pour Some Phil Collen On Me

    Feb 02 2018

    Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen returns to TIJ to talk 30 years of “Hysteria” – from the Florida strippers who helped break “Pour Some Sugar On Me” to the signature Def Leppard harmonies to the production genius of Robert John “Mutt” Lange! Phil’s also talking about the new Tesla album (which he produced), his fav TV shows (“Walking Dead” and “Game Of Thrones”), and his blues band, Delta Deep, featuring Robert DeLeo of STP...more

  • James Ellsworth Comes Full Circle

    Jan 31 2018

    James Ellsworth returns to TIJ to talk about his recent release from WWE, how he feels about it, and what he plans to do next.  They also talk about his 16-month run on the main roster, the women's division Money In The Bank match he helped Carmella win, working against John Cena, "Talkin' Smack," Ellsworth's title match against AJ Styles, and surfing with Shinsuke Nakamura!

  • The Montreal Screwjob - 20 Years Later

    Jan 26 2018

    It's been 20 years since the Montreal Screwjob, and pro-wrestling is still feeling the effects of that fateful night! It completely changed how wrestling was presented on TV. Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter joins TIJ to break down one of wrestling's most historic moments – from the 12 months that that led up to it to the night-of to the aftermath. Dave's got stories from the locker room, and details from conversations he had with both Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Dave ...more

  • Andy Biersack Pulls Back The Vale

    Jan 24 2018

    Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack returns to TIJ to talk "Vale," (the band's new studio album), touring with Asking Alexandria, and how changing technology influenced the songwriting and the live shows.  Andy's also living clean these days!  He's sober and working out, and explains what prompted the change in lifestyle.  He also shares some of his crazier "Drunk Andy" stories (like the time he mooned the audience at the Download Festival, and the time he jumped off a 30-foo...more

  • True Crime Tales

    Jan 19 2018

    True Crime Tuesday and Beyond The Darkness podcast host, Dave Schrader, brings plenty of true crime stories to TIJ… some involving ghosts, Ouija boards, and Slender Man!  He's also talking about the West Memphis Three, and Steven Avery, the subject of the Neflix docu series, Making A Murderer. Dave was following and investigating that case long before the Netflix show, and will share what he discovered as he interviewed people involved in Avery's case.  He's also sharing theorie...more

  • Owens & Zayn... Together Again

    Jan 17 2018

    Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are together again as one of WWE’s newest tag teams! The dynamic Canadian duo are talking about their parallel careers, working together on the Canadian indies (against one Kenny Omega), their Hell In A Cell match against Shane McMahon, ping pong in the locker room, and the reason why their new tag team does not have a name! KO’s also got details on the infamous Vince McMahon headbutt, and a behind-the-scenes look at the Festival of Friendship! Plus, Sami re...more

  • Bruce Dickinson Returns To Push Your Buttons

    Jan 12 2018

    Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson returns to TIJ to share some stories from his new book, "What Does This Button Do?: An Autobiography." He's talking about his 10 years as an airplane pilot, his 10 years out of Maiden (including why he left and what brought him back), putting on a benefit concert in the middle of warzone ravaged Sarajevo, crashing weddings in Poland, and cutting off his hair.

  • Kenny Omega Returns To Talk Alpha vs Omega

    Jan 10 2018

    Kenny Omega returns to TIJ to talk Alpha vs Omega!  Hear Kenny's perspective on how this historic match came together, what he thought when Don Callis first approached him with the idea, how he got New Japan Pro Wrestling onboard, and the first plans he and Jericho made when the idea was officially "a go!" Kenny & Chris also break down the match… from the press conference attack to the twitter feud to the planning and execution! Plus, they reveal what went right, what went wrong,...more

  • 2017 In Review with The Fab Three

    Jan 05 2018

    The Fab Three, Mike Portnoy, Charlie Benante from Anthrax, and Y2J, are breaking down the best and worst of 2017 when it comes to TV, movies, and music!  They've each got multiple lists, and here are some of the things that may (or may not) have made them:  "Star Wars,” "The Walking Dead," "Game Of Thrones," Metallica, Sons Of Apollo, "Black Mirror," "Stranger Things," "Twin Peaks," Paul McCartney, and "Baby Driver." See what you agree with, and what you don't!

  • Wrestle Kingdom 12 Preview - Alpha vs Omega Unveiled

    Jan 03 2018

    Alpha vs Omega is here! Y2J takes on Kenny Omega at the Tokyo Dome in mere hours, and just before this historic main event happens, you'll find out how it all came together with New Japan Pro Wrestling color announcer, Don Callis (who also happens to co-host "Kiling The Town" on the Jericho Network)! Don was instrumental in getting this landmark match to the ring, and he and Y2J detail the story of what inspired this idea, and how WWE and Vince McMahon reacted to news of the match. Plus, Don Cal...more

  • Naked Beekeeper Wild Charles Wieand

    Dec 29 2017

    Youtube Star Wild Charles Wieand is a modern day Steve Irwin, and just launched his own live show, "The Wild Charles Show," on Facebook Watch, and it's loaded with just as many crazy stunts as his YouTube channel! Hear his tales about naked bee keeping, wrestling alligators, swimming with sharks, and hanging underwater with an anaconda! He's a daredevil, adrenaline junkie, and self-described goofball, and he's sharing all his crazy and hilarious antics on TIJ!

  • Classic Album Clash - Master of Puppets vs Ride The Lightning

    Dec 27 2017

    Two-time Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion Frankie Kazarian and actor/comedian Brian Posehn are die-hard Metallica fans, and ready to debate two classic Metallica albums – "Ride The Lightning" and "Master of Puppets." They break down the songs & performances with Y2J, and make arguments for their favorite of the two. They're also telling stories about their respective first introductions to Metallica's music, their favorite concerts, and what happened when they had a chance to meet the band!

  • Histories Mysteries with Gemini Syndrome

    Dec 22 2017

    Singer Aaron Nordstom and drummer Brian Medina from Gemini Syndrome aren't talking music on TIJ; they're talking history's mysteries – theories about the history of the world and religion! Stuff like the Free Masons, the illuminati, the ancient Chinese Mafia, Stonehenge, the creation of the ancient pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, the Gospel of Thomas, the real life of Jesus Christ, evolution vs science, the flat earth society, and the 8 levels of consciousness that Timothy Leary was in constant ...more

  • Rockologist Howard Mandshein

    Dec 20 2017

    Legendary Winnipeg DJ Howard Mandshein brings his encyclopedia of rock knowledge (and tremendous stories) to TIJ! "H" (as he's known to the locals) has interviewed everyone from Sir Paul McCartney to Guns N Roses to Burton Cummings and The Guess Who! He had Who bassist John Entwistle over to his house, and sat down for a one-one with Bob Marley. Howard also believes that there is a perfect album in existence (and you'll hear what that is), that The Guess Who really need to be in the Rock & Rol...more

  • Star Wars Something or Other with Team Tiger Awesome

    Dec 15 2017

    Spoiler alert! There are absolutely NO spoilers about Star Wars in this special Star Wars episode of TIJ! There's barely any talk about Star Wars either! What you will get are tons of hilarious, irrelevant side stories and tangents about everything from Mike Meyers to Alice Cooper to the Love Guru to Cal Ripken Jr to Eli Roth and The Polar Express. And in between the complete chaos, you might hear what TTA & Y2J THINK is gonna happen in future Star Wars movies, what they WISH would happen, an...more

  • Kerry King Returns

    Dec 13 2017

    Kerry King from Slayer returns to TIJ with a list of recommended comedies for you to watch! He's also talking about playing musical festivals in Europe (including the Download Fest where this convo was recorded), how he warms up before each gig, and his favorite Slayer songs to play live. Plus, hear about the chains and kneepad he wears onstage, what's up with the new Slayer album, and why Kerry doesn't believe there will ever be another Big 4 gig with Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth!

  • Impact Wrestling's New Executive Team - Don Callis & Scott D'Amore

    Dec 08 2017

    Don Callis and Scott D'Amore are the new Executive Vice Presidents of Impact Wrestling, and have been charged with getting both the creative and business on-track and growing! And they've got plenty of ideas, both immediate and big picture, on how to make that happen! In this in-depth exclusive, they discuss the road that led them to Impact, their philosophy when it comes to talent and content, and their hopes for making Impact a global brand. Plus, Don Callis reveals how this will affect his...more

  • Kids In The Hall with Kevin McDonald

    Dec 06 2017

    Kevin McDonald is from Canadian comedy troupe Kids In The Hall, and he also co-stars alongside Y2J in season 2 of "But I'm Chris Jericho" (which premieres tomorrow 12/7 at ButImChrisJericho.com). Kevin is insane and has crazy stories about KITH's early days performing in Canada, what inspired some of their most popular characters and sketches (like Chicken Lady & King of Empty Promises), how they got Lorne Michaels to let them audition for SNL (and then give them their own TV show), and why thei...more

  • Jimmy Jacobs

    Dec 01 2017

    Jimmy Jacobs is the guys who created The List of Jericho! He also co-wrote the Festival of Friendship with Y2J, and was recently fired from WWE over a controversial picture posting on Instagram! And he's talking about it all on TIJ! The 5x Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion recounts his journey to WWE, his 2.5 years there (including his relationship with Vince McMahon), and his subsequent return to the ring and the indie scene!

  • The Legendary Henry Winkler

    Nov 29 2017

    Henry Winkler is The Fonz from "Happy Days," Barry Zukerkorn on "Arrested Development," Coach Klein on "The Waterboy," and Y2J's childhood hero! Discover what inspired Fonzie's voice, mannerisms, and those famous catch phrases! He's also got stories about Adam Sandler, Robin Williams, director Garry Marshall, jumping the shark, and learning how to take bumps at wrestling school! Plus, Henry went on a road trip through Asia with William Shatner, George Foreman, and Terry Bradshaw, and reveals so...more

  • Behind The Scenes of GLOW

    Nov 24 2017

    Chavo Guerrero is the trainer and stunt coordinator who helped the Netflix GLOW cast learn to wrestle! Chavo and Kimmy Gatewood and Rebecca Johnson (who play the Beatdown Biddies on GLOW) are sharing stories from the set of the Netflix hit, which has been renewed for season 2! Kimmy & Rebecca talk about taking bumps and doing their own stunts, creating their costumes, developing their gimmick, and working with Marc Maron. Chavo explains how he was able to get the girls wrestle-ready in just a fe...more

  • Craig Gass

    Nov 22 2017

    The hilarious rock & roll comedian, Craig Gass, joins TIJ with side-splitting stories about Gene Simmons, Lars Ulrich, and writing for "Saturday Night Live." Hear his impersonations of Kirk Hammett, Christopher Walken, The Fonz, Sam Kinison, an out-of-breath Mark Wahlberg, and Paul Stanley. Craig's opened gigs for Metallica, lived with Eddie Van Halen, hung out Mick Jagger, and been a regular on Howard Stern! He also kicked cocaine cold-turkey after nearly dying from a heart attack.

  • Kyle O'Reilly

    Nov 17 2017

    Kyle O'Reilly, one third of NXT's The Undisputed Era, joins the Undisputed Champion Y2J for an episode filled with crazy stories about illegal border crossings, English black pudding, shortest Champion reigns ever, the ReDragon tag team at ROH, bad gimmicks, and coveted disco satin jackets! Kyle's also filling in the details on his NXT signing and debut, his new faction with Bobby Fish and Adam Cole, and learning from Shawn Michaels.

  • The Real Life Indiana Jones

    Nov 15 2017

    Real-life treasure hunters Steve Shaffer and Tim Draper join TIJ with wild Indiana Jones-style stories about searching for and discovering long lost loot and ancient artifacts like gold bars and Egyptian tablets! Hear details of the expedition they took with Y2J to the deserts of Utah to pursue Butch Cassidy's take from the infamous Castle Gate heist (an expedition you can see Friday night on The Travel Channel when "The Legend Of... with Chris Jericho" airs at 11pm ET/PT), and learn how you can...more

  • Who The F is Michael Alago?

    Nov 10 2017

    Who the F is Michael Alago? Well, he's the A&R guy who signed Metallica, White Zombie, and even Fozzy for their debut album back in 2000. What's A&R? Michael's answering that too! And sharing stories from his days at Elektra Records, Geffen Records, and working with other artists like Cyndi Lauper and Nina Simone! He also survived full-blown AIDS, and you'll hear the miracle that accompanies that story! Plus, Michael talks about the state of the music biz today, why he still considers former Se...more

  • Austin Aries Tells All

    Nov 08 2017

    Austin Aries is no longer with WWE, and he's telling the whole story on TIJ! His exclusive interview recounts the details of the split, and what's coming next! He also talks about his journey to WWE, his time at NXT, the illustrious banana, and opening Wrestlemania 33. And Austin lives a plant-powered life! You'll discover what that means, and why he objects to the term vegan as he fills everyone in on his new book, "Food Fight: My Plant-Powered Journey from the Bingo Halls to the Big Time!"

  • Christmas Movie Preview with Nikki Novak

    Nov 03 2017

    It's holiday movie season and Y2J's got you covered, along with some help from Fandango's Nikki Novak! Should you see or skip - "Thor: Ragnarok," "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," "The Post," "Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle," "Justice League," "The Disaster Artist," "Murder On The Orient Express," and Daniel Day-Lewis' last movie, "The Phantom Thread?" CJ & Nikki break 'em down! Plus, Nikki's also got a million stories about some of her more famous celeb interviews with the likes of Johnny Depp and...more

  • Gene Simmons Returns with The Vault for Episode 400

    Nov 01 2017

    There's only one guest big enough for episode 400! That's Gene Simmons of KISS and his $2000 Gene Simmons Vault! And you'll find out why $2000 is a small price to pay for the 10-disc, metal road case box set that comes hand-delivered by The Demon himself! Gene's also talking about attempting to trademark his hand gesture, KISS tribute bands, changing his given name, Paul McCartney, getting schooled by Carol Kaye of The Wrecking Crew, and how Jiminy Cricket from the movie, "Pinocchio," changed hi...more

  • HALLOWEEN SPECIAL with Live Paranormal

    Oct 27 2017

    Rob Szarek from Live Paranormal joins TIJ just in time for Halloween! Rob and his crew host live paranormal events online with their ghost box machine, and wait till you hear about some of his experiences! He's got creepy stories about the haunted Ohio State Reformatory, the historic House of Wills funeral home in Cleveland, and Ohio University in Athens! He's witnessed possessions, communicated with ghosts, and possibly encountered aliens! This may be the spookiest episode yet!

  • Jim Cornette

    Oct 25 2017

    Jim Cornette makes his TIJ debut with tales about bullet proof vests, fan riots, and ether! He also recounts inducting the Rock & Roll Express into the WWE Hall of Fame, some of the best wrestlers to come through OVW (like John Cena, Randy Orton, and Dave Batista), the origins of Smokey Mountain Wrestling, the creation of The Thrillseekers gimmick, the infamous Dairy Queen drive-thru story, and the 5-star rating system created by Corney and Norman "Weasel" Dooley. And he's sharing tips on what m...more

  • Backstage at the Loudwire Music Awards

    Oct 20 2017

    Josh Bernstein is the man behind the Golden Gods Awards, and the one responsible for bringing Y2J into the mix as host! They worked that show together for 4 years and now the two-man band's been reunited for the first-ever Loudwire Music Awards! Josh and Jericho are giving exclusive, backstage access to all the stories, antics, debauchery, madness, and mayhem! They're telling tales about Metallica, Ozzy, Rob Halford, the Foo Fighters, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp, St...more

  • Brad Williams

    Oct 18 2017

    Brad Williams is funny. Period. That's why he's on TIJ, and that's why he's been added to the Chris Jericho Rock & Wrestling Rager at Sea lineup! He's got story after story... including the great rib that he & Bob Saget pulled on John Stamos, the one wresting match he had as "Half Pint," how he got into comedy, why he prefers dwarf over "little person," and what happens to hecklers at his live shows. He'll school you on "reachers," overhead bins on airplanes, and the infamous lap dances that u...more

  • Fozzy On Judas

    Oct 13 2017

    The new Fozzy album, Judas," has arrived, and the entire band invades TIJ to talk about the incredible journey to October 13, 2017! Find out how the songs came together, why there aren't many guitars solos on this album, which song utilizes a Def Leppard production trick, and why Fozzy decided to bring in an outside producer (Johnny Andrews) for the first time. There's a Clint Eastwood debate, one bug incident, a great story about the crew member who got stuck in the lighting rig at the Sonic ...more

  • The Singh Brothers - From The Bollywood Boys to The Big Leagues

    Oct 11 2017

    The Singh Brothers crash TIJ much like they crashed the WWE live show in Toronto 10 years ago that got the ball rolling for them! Okay, so they were actually invited to TIJ! Anyways... Harv and Gurv Sihra recount their wrestling journey from the Hart Brothers wrestling school in Calgary to Tony Condello's death tours in Manitoba to Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling to finally signing with the WWE and landing plum gigs as henchman to WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal. They're also talking Bolly...more

  • Pillman - 20 Years Later

    Oct 06 2017

    It's been 20 years since Brian Pillman's tragic passing, and Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer joins TIJ to share some stories and memories. Dave started covering Brian's wrestling career from his early days in Calgary with Stampede Wrestling. The two became very close friends, and now Dave Meltzer is providing some insight about Brian's Loose Cannon gimmick, how Brian was able to get Eric Bischoff and WCW to release him from his contract so that he could pull a swerve and sign with Vince ...more

  • Steel Panther - Live At Download

    Oct 04 2017

    Steel Panther returns to TIJ with all the expected chaos, confusion, and comedy! There's plenty of singing, all sorts of animal noises, stories about jam sessions gone wrong (Alfonso Ribeiro), jam sessions gone REALLY wrong (Zakk Wylde), deer anecdotes, deer whistle adventures and the formation of both a new podcast (Talk Is Satchel) and a new cover band (the Bald Eagles).

  • Porn's Power Couple - Lexington Steele and Savana Styles

    Sep 29 2017

    Porn's Power Couple, Lexington Steele and Savana Styles, are telling it like it is when it comes to sex for work and sex for pleasure... because they do both - with each other! You'll find out why Savana prefers to have Lex direct her on camera, and why it's important to watch each other's work with other partners. Plus, you'll discover how they got into the porn industry, and what effect the internet has had on porn, and specifically their ability to make a living off of what they do. They als...more

  • Humanoids & Ham N Eggers - The Ballad of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

    Sep 27 2017

    TIJ celebrates the late, great Bobby "The Brain" Heenan with a heartfelt tribute to the legend that many called the best-ever, all-around wrestler! "Killing The Town's" Cyrus and former WCW announcer Mark Madden join to share their stories and memories of Bobby, and explain what made him so good on the mic, as a manager, and in the ring taking bumps. They recall the weasel gimmick and suit, and Bobby's days managing everyone from Andre The Giant to Ric Flair to Nick Bockwinkel. And they share t...more

  • Rainn Wilson

    Sep 22 2017

    What the heck is a zonkey!? Well, that's just one of the many interesting things you'll learn from Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute on "The Office" and Harry Mudd on the new "Star Trek: Discovery") on TIJ! Rainn describes what it was like playing Fishboy in Rob Zombie's "House of 1000 Corpses," auditioning for the role of Dwight, hosting "Saturday Night Live," and meeting his hero, Eric Idle of "Monty Python" fame. He also reveals how he deals with forgetting lines in live situations, what he lo...more

  • Cody (don't call him) Rhodes Returns

    Sep 20 2017

    Cody (don't call him) Rhodes is back on TIJ to talk about his incredible ascension on the indie scene, and the one person who believed he could do it. You'll hear about the evolution of the American Nightmare gimmick, how Cody joined The Bullet Club, what it meant to be the ROH Champion, and why losing to Okada at the New Japan G1 Tournament in Long Beach was a great moment in his career. Plus, Cody reveals his reasons for walking away from WWE in the first place, and what his famous father, Dus...more

  • Jericho vs Hurricane Irma

    Sep 15 2017

    Chris Jericho and his family were hunkered down at home in Tampa, FL when the eye of Hurricane Irma hit the city very early Monday morning. Hear what it was like as they waited for and rode out the storm, and ultimately became among the incredibly lucky who didn't suffer personal injury, loss of life, or destruction of property. Chris narrates the harrowing 24 hours before, during, and immediately following Irma. His 11-year-old twin daughters, Sisi and Chey, also share their thoughts about livi...more

  • The Legendary Destroyer Dick Beyer

    Sep 13 2017

    Living Legend Dick Beyer aka masked wrestler, Destroyer, makes his TIJ debut, and he's got story after story after story... from his feud with Japanese wrestling star Rikidozan to working with Gorgeous George, Lou Thesz, and Andre The Giant. He's been in every territory from Oregon to Minneapolis to Los Angeles to Buffalo, but never Mexico (and you'll find out why). You'll also discover when and where he started wearing the mask, and why he needed his then-wife's help in creating them. He's brea...more

  • The Inspirational Story of Nick Santonastasso

    Sep 08 2017

    Nick Santonastasso might be the most inspirational guest ever on TIJ! The 21-year old fitness model and bodybuilder, who got his start pulling crazy pranks on Vine, has no legs, and only one arm and a single finger. But that has not stopped him from wrestling, playing the drums, producing videos for Vine, pranking "The Walking Dead's" Norman Reedus, and now competing in the Iron Bay Classic competition in Tampa, FL. Hear his incredible story, and his future plans (which may or may not include s...more

  • 30 Years of GnR with Duff McKagan

    Sep 06 2017

    Duff McKagan returns to TIJ to talk 30 years of Guns N Roses! From the making of the Appetite For Destruction album to the current GnR Reunion Tour - Duff's got you covered with great stories! Find out why GnR's first real tour was supporting The Cult, how they ended up working with producer Mike Clink, what the release of "Sweet Child O' Mine" did for their popularity, and why Duff McKagan and Izzy Stradlin used to hide original drummer Steven Adler's drum heads and cymbals! Duff's also talkin...more

  • The Story of Metal Blade Records with Brian Slagel

    Sep 01 2017

    Brian Slagel discovered Metallica, launched the career of Armored Saint, and was the first to sign Slayer to a record deal. He was also one of Lars Ulrich's first friends when Lars moved to the States. And those are just a few of the stories that Brian's sharing on TIJ! You'll also find out how Metal Blade Records grew out of the release of one compilation tape, what happened to Armored Saint (who were supposed to be bigger than Metallica), and how the advent of the cassette tape nearly bankrupt...more

  • Taya Valkyrie

    Aug 30 2017

    Taya Valkyrie was recently stripped of AAA's Reina de Reinas title under much controversy, which resulted in a social media feud with AAA Talent Relations Manager, Vampiro. Today, Taya's on TIJ telling her side of the story! She's also talking about her future with AAA and with Lucha Underground as part of Lucha's Worldwide Underground Faction. Plus, she's speaking candidly about the tragic death of the great Perro Aguayo Jr, who was her mentor! Taya spent 5 years living and working in Mexico,...more

  • Drew McIntyre

    Aug 25 2017

    Drew McIntyre was first on TIJ just days after being fired from WWE, and now he returns as NXT Champion with an incredible story about his journey back! He's talking about how he forged his way on the indie scene wrestling for WCPW and ICW and then back to the States to TNA! He had a big offer from TNA and a possible chance to wrestle in Japan with the Young Bucks when he got the call from WWE. Hear the story of how he ended up at the NXT Performance Center working with Shawn Michaels, and wha...more

  • Steve Jones

    Aug 23 2017

    Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and former Sex Pistol Steve Jones has plenty to say about music, radio, touring, and the Pistols' Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction! He's also got a great story about stealing gear from David Bowie (and paying it back years later), the dos & donts of recording with the great Bob Dylan, the truth about pissing on Elvis Presley's grave, and why baldness, double chins, publicists and Paul Schaffer are NOT rock & roll in his book!

  • Slasher Films with Eli Roth

    Aug 18 2017

    Eli Roth returns to help you get your scare on as he, his brother Gabe, film editor Mark Goldblatt and Y2J talk slasher films! And that means you'll get plenty of slasher film history and trivia from Eli - starting with the first movies made in Italy to the death of the slasher movie in the early 80s (and the role the Reagan assassination attempt may have played in that) to the slasher resurgence in the late 90s. They offer up favorite flicks, favorite death scenes, and their favorite A-list ce...more

  • Naomi

    Aug 16 2017

    Smackdown Women's Champ Naomi brings the glow to TIJ! She also brings tons of road tales, Funcadactyls dance moves, and the story of how she went from Orlando Magic cheerleader to WWE champion! Plus, you'll hear about her WWE tryout, her season of the NXT TV show, what she learned in one 10-minute crash course from Norman Smiley, how "The Last Dragon" inspired her glow gimmick, and where she came up with the name, Naomi.

  • Breezango

    Aug 11 2017

    Breezango, Tyler Breeze and Fandango, make their TIJ debut, and bring the trials and tribulations of their tag team with them! Hear how they came together, who thought up the name, why they're often surprised by the Fashion Files and who makes the board, how they balance the comedy "haha" with wrestling skill, and who helped them most along the way (shout outs to John Cena, Nikki Bella, The Miz, and Road Dogg). You'll also find out about their respective roles in Southpaw Regional Wrestling, an...more

  • Iron Mike Tyson

    Aug 09 2017

    Mike Tyson joins TIJ to talk about the time he nearly knocked Y2J out on Monday Night Raw, the 200 pigeons that live at his house, fighting Evander Holyfield, why Muhammad Ali is greatest boxer who ever lived, and what he thinks about the upcoming Mayweather vs McGregor fight. The Champ's also talking about his favorite wrestlers and matches, his upcoming second Broadway show, and his new podcast, "Bite The Mic." Plus, Ash The Fish Expert returns to talk about spear fishing on Maui!

  • In Search Of The Perfect Album with A7X Synyster Gates & Johnny Christ

    Aug 04 2017

    Avenged Sevenfold's Synyster Gates and Johnny Christ, along with Y2J, are in search of the perfect album! Here are the rules - every song on the album has to score an A- or better. And some of the albums up for debate include releases by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Michael Jackson, NOFX, and Weezer! A7X also weigh in on their own albums, and share some stories from their Summer on the road with Metallica!

  • Nia Jax

    Aug 02 2017

    Nia Jax makes her TIJ debut, and as you'll hear, for the record, she IS related to The Rock! You'll discover how The Rock helped Nia once she got signed at NXT, why she gave up her 10-year modeling career to pursue wrestling, what she learned from Dusty Rhodes, why she loves working with Bayley, and how she found out she was moving up to the main roster. Plus, Nia talks about her name, Beyonce inspiring her ring costume, and her surprise 4-way match at Wrestlemania!

  • Conspiracy Theories with Bo Dallas

    Jul 28 2017

    Bo Dallas is talking conspiracy theories on TIJ! He's a big conspiracy theorist, and has plenty to say about the moon landing, the JFK assassination, the pyramids of Giza, the illuminati, aliens, and even Bigfoot. Find out what he believes & why! Plus, he'll fill you in one of the creepiest conspiracy theories out there right now - Hollow Earth and the reptilian alien species said to live in the center of the Earth! And wait till you hear some of the very famous people who are rumored to be rept...more

  • The List of Speewee

    Jul 26 2017

    Speewee returns with The List of Speewee, and the stories associated with it are just as detailed (and embarrassing) as his last appearance on the pod! Here are a few list items that get the Speewee storytelling treatment: icicles, sh*itman, sh*tpants, red dots, virginity, and the money shot. And NONE are what you think they are (they're worse)! On a more serious note, Speewee also has a new record out. It's actually the Dave Spivak Project and the album is called "West Of The Red," and he'll ...more

  • Benoit: 10 Years Later

    Jul 21 2017

    It's been 10 years since the horrific events of the last few days of Chris Benoit's life & the murder of his family & his own subsequent suicide, which Y2J has discussed in-depth on this very podcast. But today, Y2J is putting those last few days aside, and talking about Chris Benoit, the wrestler, with noted wrestling expert and journalist Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer. Dave not only covered Benoit's career from his early days in Calgary and Japan, but was also friends with him. And...more

  • Childhood Of Jericho - I Was Growin' Up Maaann!

    Jul 19 2017

    Do you want to know what Chris Jericho was like as a kid? Well, here's your chance! His two childhood BFFs (who also happen to be his cousins) Wise Cousin Chad and How's It Goin' Todd Holowatuk join TIJ to relive some of the fun! They used to spend the summers at each other's houses, take family vacations together (including wayward RV trips to the States), and attend more concerts than they can remember. They had horrible fake IDs that worked, and a couple of bar stories to prove it. They m...more

  • Kyng

    Jul 14 2017

    Everybody loves Kyng and you're about to find out why! Singer Eddie Veliz, bassist Tony Castneda, and drummer Pepe Clarke (that's the whole band) manage themselves, are 2 payments away from owning their touring van, shared a bus with Fozzy on the last leg of the "Judas Rising Tour," got some great advice from Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, were invited by James Hetfield of Metallica to play the Orion Festival, and count Clutch among their all-time favorite tours! They also have one big regret about ...more

  • Sheamus And Cesaro

    Jul 12 2017

    An Irishman, a Swiss, and a Canadian walk into a hotel room in Japan and... this is what happens! Y2J sat down with WWE Tag Team World Champs Sheamus & Cesaro, and they talked about everything from the Best Of 7 program that got Sheamus and Cesaro first working together to their tag team chemistry to the tear-away suits and the kilts at Wrestlemania! They also share stories about their respective homelands, weird food encounters on the road, yodeling, and hanging out with Bono.

  • The Story of Stampede Wrestling with Ross Hart

    Jul 07 2017

    Ross Hart is the 10th out of 12 Hart kids, and sandwiched right in between Bret & Owen. He produced the Stampede Wrestling TV product in the 80s while his older brother, Bruce, was booker. But he was involved in the family-promotion long before becoming its TV producer! He used to drive the wrestlers around the territory to shows, and talks about the scary car accident in the Canadian Rockies that almost killed him, Davey Boy Smith, Chris Benoit, and Karl Moffat. He's also got stories about Dy...more

  • Corey Taylor #3

    Jul 05 2017

    Third time's a charm for Corey Taylor as the Stone Sour/Slipknot frontman returns to TIJ to talk about the latest Stone Sour album, "Hydrograd," the fabulous "Fabuless" video of Tubemen, his upcoming fourth book "America 51," and a musical influence that might surprise everyone. He's also talking about Stone Sour's near Wrestlemania appearance, and his own involvement in a recent Baron Corbin vs Samoa Joe house show match!

  • Canadian Television Inquisition

    Jun 30 2017

    Happy Canada Day to all of Y2J's fellow Canadians! And in honor of the occasion, the Canadian rock band crew (they're mostly from Winnipeg, you idiot) has reunited to talk all things Canadian television (and sing a TV theme song or ten)! Brent Fitz, Todd Kerns from Slash & Myles Kennedys band, the Conspirators, Red Solo Cup Geoff, and honorary Canadian, Brian Slagel from Metal Blade Records have plenty of memories (well, not Brian so much) about Degrassi, The Littlest Hobo, Bizarre, The Beachco...more

  • Baron Corbin

    Jun 28 2017

    The 2017 Money In The Bank champion, Baron Corbin, brings his bright blue briefcase, his plans for cashing it in, and his take on that game-changing ladder match to TIJ. He & Y2J are neighbors so he didnt have to carry the case far, but wait till you hear whose house hes living in, in Florida! Hes talking about his transition from the NFL to the WWE, training with Johnny The Bull, his first match at NXT (against Alberto Del Rios younger brother), the motivating advice he got from both Michael P...more

  • Ali vs Inoki - The Dawn of MMA

    Jun 23 2017

    Before there was Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor, there was Muhammad Ali vs Antonio Inoki! The forgotten fight happened June 26, 1976 at the Budakon Arena in Japan. Author & journalist Josh Gross wrote a book about the famous fight that gave rise to both Mixed Martial Arts and Sports Entertainment. He shares the stories he uncovered about how & why this fight happened, what got Vince McMahon involved, what the original finish was supposed to be and why it changed, and how fans and media rea...more

  • Bruno Sammartino

    Jun 21 2017

    He's a legend, a pioneer, and held the World Championship for 12 years! Bruno Sammartinos on TIJ! It's an epic interview covering Bruno's childhood in Italy, including how he lived in a cave in the mountains for 2 years to escape the Nazis in WWII before finally emigrating to the United States. He explains how he discovered bodybuilding as a teen, when he first met Arnold Schwarzenegger, why he turned down the NFL & the Pittsburgh Steelers to wrestle for WWF and Vince McMahon, and how he became ...more

  • Jose Mangin

    Jun 16 2017

    Jose Mangin is the Ambassador of Heavy Metal, and the man responsible for what you hear on SiriusXM's Liquid Metal channel! He was also the brains behind Ozzy's Boneyard at the personal request of Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne! He smoked weed with Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott as a teen, introduced Metallica at The Big Four show in NYC at the behest of James Hetfield, and got the best stage advice from Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. Hear how Jose went from being a chemistry major and future p...more

  • Big Show Returns

    Jun 14 2017

    Big Show returns to TIJ, and this time he's telling stories about his short-lived boxing career, his WWE angle with Floyd Mayweather, The Undertaker's retirement, working with Hulk Hogan, the reason why his Wrestlemania match with Shaq didnt actually happen, putting together matches with Macho Man Randy Savage, what he loves about the WWE cruiserweight division, and why on earth he let Jinder Mahal bodyslam him! Show's also talking about his incredible 90+ pound weight loss, and his newfound ab...more

  • TalkNShop Live In Nuremberg Presented By Talk Is Jericho

    Jun 09 2017

    Talk N Shop presented by TIJ is back and worse than ever! Y2J, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and special rotating fourth Primo Colon, got drunk in Germany, and you'll never guess who showed up to add to the ridiculousness - ANTHRAX! Not much to say here except that they somehow got Primo's dad, famous Puerto Rico wrestling promoter Carlos Colon, to answer the phone AND book Reptile! Not kidding. There might be partial stories about Bruiser Brody, Dick Murdoch, and Abdullah The Butcher. Paul Stan...more

  • Exorcist Rachel Stavis

    Jun 07 2017

    Rachel Stavis is a real-life exorcist, and communicates with entities not of this world (who aren't necessarily ghosts or spirits of the dead). She tells her chilling tale right here on TIJ - when she realized she had this ability, and how she started doing exorcists for people. She talks about the varying degree of malevolent entities shes encountered, and whether she's ever feared for her own life. You'll hear about some of her more troubling cases, and why what she does has nothing to do wi...more

  • Sgt Pepper 50 with Mike Portnoy and Charlie Benante

    Jun 02 2017

    Today is the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album, and the Fab Three - Y2J, the Winery Dogs Mike Portnoy, and Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante - are reuniting to discuss this historic, groundbreaking album. They breakdown the recording, the songwriting, and the track listing. They discuss the LSD influence on the Beatles creativity, and what role The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" album may have played in the Beatles' creative process. They name their favorite an...more

  • Paul Is Dead And Other Rock & Roll Conspiracies

    May 31 2017

    Paul Is Dead is one of the biggest urban legends and conspiracies in rock & roll history! The idea that Paul McCartney died in the 60s and was replaced by an imposter had many clues to back it up (some of which may have been planted by The Beatles themselves)! And that's why noted rock historian, author, and Beatles expert, the late, great R. Gary Patterson joins TIJ (in what was probably his last interview) to kick off Beatles week in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the "Sgt Pepper's Lo...more

  • When Ambrose Met Hardy

    May 26 2017

    When Dean Ambrose met Jeff Hardy for the first time, it was basically backstage at Monday Night RAW in Kansas City, and it's documented right here on TIJ! Find out how and why this historic meet-up came together, and listen in as Y2J, Hardy, and Ambrose share some behind-the-scenes stories from their respective careers including the Broken Universe, The Final Deletion, Dean & Y2J's potted plant angle, the destruction of the light-up jacket, and a seesaw spot that went completely wrong. They al...more

  • Surf's Up With Matt Meola

    May 24 2017

    Pro Surfer Matt Meola grew up on Maui surfing the big waves at Jaws! Hes since gone on to surf around the world and shares some of his favorite spots, best tricks, and the reason why he doesnt compete. Hes also got a scary near-death surfing experience, a couple of shark stories, and a funny exchange with Kelly Slater.

  • Paul Stanley's Revenge

    May 19 2017

    Today is the 25th Anniversary of Chris Jericho's favorite KISS album, "Revenge!" And coincidentally, today is also the anniversary of Paul Stanley's 3rd appearance on TIJ! He's back to talk "Revenge" - from the writing and recording of the album to what inspired guitarist Bruce Kulick's amazing playing to working with legendary producer Bob Ezrin to losing drummer Eric Carr before the album was finished. Paul explains why "Revenge" was such a game-changer not only for KISS, but also for his & G...more

  • Jinder Mahal

    May 17 2017

    Jinder Mahal is the number one contender for Randy Orton's WWE Championship on Smackdown, and he's gonna tell you why he thinks he's got a good chance at taking it at Sunday's Backlash event. You'll also hear details on why he originally left WWE, what brought him back, how he got teamed up with the Bollywood Boys, and why he personally hated the Three Man Band gimmick. And he's got tons of stories about working & traveling with Great Khali!

  • Alexa Bliss

    May 12 2017

    WWE RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss makes her TIJ debut, and brings tales of purple hair, CosPlay, The Arnold Classic, and NXT. She's a horror movie fan, does a wicked Dusty Rhodes impersonation, and was a country music singer for about 5 minutes. She's got a great story about how she got to WWE, and lots of details on bodybuilding and competition. She loves working with Bayley, says Nia Jax is her best friend, and remembers her first-ever match which happened to be with Sasha Banks.

  • Super Summer Movie Preview with Team Tiger Awesome

    May 10 2017

    It's the Second Annual Summer Movie Preview with Team Tiger Awesome, but the question remains, do ANY of this Summer's most anticipated, potential blockbusters ACTUALLY get reviewed? Odds are 50-50 that you'll hear anything useful about "The Mummy," "Spiderman," "Wonder Woman," "Alien Covenant," "Baywatch," "The War Of The Planet Of The Apes" or "Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2." But what you WILL hear is plenty of useless trivia about Kick Axe, Tom Cruise, Brendan Frasier, Margot Kidder, and t...more

  • Dave Bautista Returns

    May 05 2017

    Drax The Destroyer is back in theaters in "Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2," and that means Dave Bautista returns to TIJ!! He's been really freakin' busy shooting all sorts of movies since he was last on the pod, and he's got tales about them all - "Blade Runner" with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, the James Bond film "Spectre" with Daniel Craig and Christoph Waltz, "Escape Plan 2" with Sylvester Stallone, "Heist" with Robert DeNiro and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and a movie with Jody Foster! Dave'...more

  • Kiefer Sutherland

    May 03 2017

    Kiefer Sutherland brings the A-list, and his A-game to TIJ! He's talking "24" and Jack Bauer, saving the country as US President Tom Kirkman on "Designated Survivor," playing a complete dick in "Stand By Me," and a troubled vampire in "The Lost Boys." He's explaining orange hair, career longevity, the reality of 9/11 in the world of TV, appreciating his famous father's incredible body of work, and his love of David Bowie and The Rolling Stones. He's also sharing stories about his band, his tour...more

  • Method Man

    Apr 28 2017

    Method Man is one of the founding members of the Wu Tang Clan, the co-host of the new TBS TV show, "Drop The Mic," and played himself on the Netflix Marvel series, "Luke Cage." He's got the 411 on all that! Plus, stories from Wu Tang's early days, how he got his name, meeting Eazy-E, TuPac's murder, and hanging with Biggie. You'll hear Method's take on the whole East Coast vs West Coast rap rivalry! And he's a huge pro-wrestling fan (since childhood), and he's got a real good reason why Rowdy R...more

  • Samoa Joe Returns

    Apr 26 2017

    WWE star Samoa Joe (the only Samoan not related to any other Samoan pro-wrestler) has had quite a year since last appearing on this pod! He left TNA, signed with NXT, and finally made his long-awaited debut at WWE! It's an incredible journey... one that involved a Paul Heyman twitter exchange, Godzilla movies, Arn Anderson, and a last-minute shopping trip to find a suit! And in between all of that, there was an awesome Takeover Toronto, some stories about the Inoki Dojo and Shinsuke Nakamura, ...more

  • Rico Constantino

    Apr 21 2017

    Rico Constantino won "American Gladiators," worked with the Secret Service, has two WWE Tag Team Championships, spent 2 years as a personal bodyguard to TV Evangelist Benny Hinn, and had THE best mutton chops in the biz! He's got stories about Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bubba Dudley, Trish Stratus, Mark Henry, and Dory Funk! And you'll hear how he went from the WWE to wrestling in Japan to becoming a police officer!

  • Tanked Is Jericho

    Apr 19 2017

    Tanked Is Jericho! Custom aquarium designers to the stars, Wayde King and Brett Raymer, who also star in Animal Planet's hit reality show, "Tanked," bring their fish tank skills to the Jericho home and the TIJ podcast! They've built custom tanks for everyone from KISS to Betty White to Marshawn Lynch to Tracy Morgan to Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. Hear about some of their more challenging projects, surprise onsite pranks, and ingenious ideas! Plus, find out how they got started, what goes into the...more

  • Rock N Roll Express

    Apr 14 2017

    WWE Hall of Famers, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson aka The Rock N Roll Express, are not only one of the most successful tag teams of the 80s, they're also one of the longest running tag teams in wrestling history! They've been working together for 35 years, and still do indie matches to this day! Hear how they met, what inspired their gimmick, the first match they worked together, the pranks they pulled on guys in the lockerroom, the advice they gave Y2J at Smokey Mountain Wrestling, and what i...more

  • Zach Myers of Shinedown

    Apr 12 2017

    Do you wanna know what happens on the road when two bands hit it off & spend the next 6 weeks together? Just listen as Shinedown's Zach Myers and Y2J share their antics from the 2012 Uproar Tour - stolen golf carts, confiscated alcohol, the Cop Stache Bash, and the "Dude Bros" movie. And how does that differ from touring with KISS? Well, for starters, there are no private plane rides or oreo cookies! But Zach will take it from there.

  • Kurt Angle

    Apr 07 2017

    He's the new GM of Monday Night RAW, and he's on TIJ! Kurt Angle is telling it straight when it comes to his shoot fight with Eddie Guerrero one night in the WWE lockerroom, his shoot match with Brock Lesnar in Fargo, ND, and what he was really spraying outta that infamous milk truck in his feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Kurt's also got the story behind his original WWE departure, his subsequent return, and his induction into the Hall of Fame. Plus, hear his take on Dana White, the UFC, and...more

  • Heaven's Metal Meltdown

    Apr 05 2017

    Heaven's Metal Meltdown is a group text brought to life straight outta Y2J's phone! Not kidding (now you know what he texts about when he's not in the ring)! It's Richard Christie (from the Howard Stern Show), and Devil You Know & former Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones (also a TIJ alum) talking about their favorite thing - Christian metal! They're telling stories from childhood about discovering the bands, buying albums, seeing live shows, and meeting some of their heroes! They're disse...more

  • Roman Reigns

    Mar 31 2017

    Roman Reigns is a "Game of Thrones" fanatic! He made the Minnesota Vikings practice squad, played in the Canadian Football League (shout out to Edmonton!), worked for his sister as an office furniture installer, is a "back of the brother" (not what you think so layoff the social media hate), and comes from a very long line of professional wrestlers (grandfather, father, cousins)! He's talking about all of that along with his first title belt, Brock Lesnar, Dusty Rhodes (including a wicked impre...more

  • Big Cass

    Mar 29 2017

    How ya doin? Big Cass is first up on Wrestlemania week on TIJ! He's got great stories about cheering for The Rock as a kid, pursuing pro-wrestling despite being pre-med in college, training with Johnny Rodz, meeting Enzo and cutting promos together in Dusty Rhodes' promo class, tearing down the house in an NXT dark match with John Cena, creating catchphrases, and debuting on the WWE main roster the night after last year's Wrestlemania! He's sharing Jersey slang, his favorite Bruce Springsteen so...more

  • King Haku

    Mar 24 2017

    King Haku is one of Y2J's oldest friends in the biz. They were in Mexico together, Japan together, WCW together, and WWE together (and yes, there are lots of drunken, road stories that go along with all those territories)! King Haku also explains how Sumo led him to pro-wrestling, Vince McMahon, and the Haku gimmick. Plus, he remembers working with Goldberg, tag teaming with Andre The Giant, and bar fights with Arn Anderson!

  • The Pod Is Right with Bob Barker

    Mar 22 2017

    Come on down! Bob Barker is the next guest on TIJ! The legendary "Price Is Right" TV host has plenty of stories from his 35-year run on the popular game show! He's got favorite games, favorite contestant memories, and some behind-the-scenes info on just how those lucky people were chosen! He's also talking about his infamous skinny mic, and where you can find it now. He and Y2J remember Bob's guest host turn on Monday Night RAW, and believe it or not, Bob has a bit of a pro-wrestling background...more

  • The Biggest Podcast EVER with Mick Foley

    Mar 17 2017

    After one year (and two days) or much hype and promotion, The Biggest Podcast EVER has finally arrived! Mick Foley and Chris Jericho together... telling all kinds of stories including Mick's infamous Hell In A Cell match against The Undertaker, and the time that Mick & Owen Hart got Stone Cold Steve Austin to break character in the ring! Mick's also talking about his recent go as GM of RAW, his relationships with both Vince and Stephanie McMahon, and his upcoming Christmas book, "St. Mick."

  • Mindfreak Criss Angel

    Mar 15 2017

    Criss Angel is a master illusionist and magician, who's done some daring demonstrations involving levitations, water tanks, fish hooks, and straightjackets! He's the star of A&E's "Mindfreak" and "Mindfreak Live!" at the Luxor in Las Vegas! He's also a huge KISS fan, got his first big break from WWE, took a little inspiration from Michael Jackson, and creates and practices all of his demonstrations at his 60,000 square foot laboratory! And he's pulling back the curtain on TIJ to give a great, i...more

  • Wil Wheaton

    Mar 10 2017

    Wil Wheaton has gone from child actor ("Stand By Me," "Star Trek: The Next Generation") to YouTube star ("Table Top") to being on one of the most popular sitcoms today, "The Big Bang Theory!" Hear how he made the transition from child actor to adult actor relatively unscathed, and managed to reinvent himself in adulthood and enjoy continued on-screen & internet success! He's an avid board-gamer, a Dungeons & Dragons fan, and has some great stories about the set of "Stand By Me," including his ve...more

  • Downtown Bruno

    Mar 08 2017

    Downtown Bruno aka Harvey Wippleman has been with the WWE for nearly 30 years, and he's done and seen it all! He's got some classic tales about Big Show, Sid Vicious, The Rock, Jerry Lawler and Memphis wrestling, and one heartbreaking story about Joey Marella. He's an Elvis lover, and former concierge for crime boss Whitey Bulger!

  • Sebastian Bach Returns

    Mar 03 2017

    TIJ invades the crazy home world of Sebastian Bach for a chaotic (and hilarious) conversation in Baz's living room (amidst his turn table, vinyl album collection, and three-year old stepson, Trace). Baz gives an audio tour of some of his most prized vinyl albums, shares some unbelievable Skid Row tour stories (from time spent with Pantera, Guns N Roses, Metallica, and Motley Crue), and explains how he ended up lighting his pubes on fire! And these are just a FEW of the stories in his new book,...more

  • Legendary Promoter Tony Condello

    Mar 01 2017

    Legendary promoter Tony Condello has had all kinds of main eventers pass through his Canadian promotion and take part in the infamous Northern Death Trips! Everyone from Y2J to "Killing The Town's" Don Callis to Edge and Christian, and Lance Storm, and Ultimo Dragon! Tony's done it all, seen it all, and even been peed on by a pig! He helped Vince McMahon get into the Winnipeg Arena, had major heat with Verne Gagne, came up with Roddy Piper's name, and even did a one-off job for Jim Crockett an...more

  • Alice Cooper For President on Talk Is Jericho - EP297

    Nov 04 2016

    Alice Cooper for President! He's got a decided rock & roll platform, a great t-shirt, and an even better slogan! He's also telling some amazing stories about the early days of Alice - from the development of the Alice Cooper character and makeup to the use of the guillotine and Frankenstein monster onstage. He's talking Hollywood Vampires - the originals (John Lennon, Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson), and the new members (Johnny Depp and Joe Perry), and what it was like being in the WWE ring with Jak...more

  • Avenged Sevenfold - The Road - on Talk Is Jericho - EP296

    Nov 02 2016

    Avenged Sevenfold's surprise new studio album, "The Stage," dropped last Friday, and M. Shadows and bassist Johnny Christ return to TIJ to wrap up the surprise launch! This time, they've got stories from the road - from playing parking lots to their first Warped Tour experience to ultimately doing stadiums with Metallica! You'll hear about new drummer Brooks Wackerman's live debut with A7X and what he's brought to the mix in the last year, their favorite messed up lyrics, and how they all got th...more

  • WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins on Talk Is Jericho - EP293

    Oct 21 2016

    TJ Perkins is the first-ever WWE Cruiserweight Champion, but he's no overnight success! He's been wrestling for 18 years, and he's wrestled everywhere - New Japan, TNA, Mexico, and Ring Of Honor. He's received advice from the late, great Roddy Piper, made TNA's Dixie Carter cry on TV, tried hard to follow in Eddie Guerrero's footsteps, went broke & lived in his car in Florida, rode to shows in the equipment trucks sitting on the turnbuckles, and partially caused a riot at a match in a Texas bord...more

  • Last In Line on Talk Is Jericho - EP292

    Oct 19 2016

    Original Dio guitarist Vivian Campbell got the original Dio lineup together after the passing of Ronnie James Dio. It was Viv, drummer Vinny Appice, bassist Jimmy Bain, and they recruited Andrew Freeman on vocals. They played some shows, had a great time, decided to record an album of all new material, but before they could really tour - they lost Jimmy Bain unexpectedly. So they asked former Ozzy Osbourne bassist Phil Soussan to join the band, and they soldiered on. And today, Vivian Campbell...more

  • Impractical Jokers on Talk Is Jericho - EP291

    Oct 14 2016

    Brian "Q" Quinn and Salvatore "Sal" Vulcano, one half of TruTV's "Impractical Jokers" (and The Tenderloins comedy troupe) bring their shows' hijinks, mishaps, punishments, and comedy genius to TIJ! They take you on a behind the scenes trip through their favorite challenges, pranks, and public embarrassments. They've been busted by the NYPD (and mothers), and assisted by each other's wives & family members... and are sharing all the gory details! Plus, "Q" & Sal are huge wrestling fans, and in ad...more

  • Don Callis aka Cyrus on Talk Is Jericho - EP290

    Oct 12 2016

    Don Callis aka Cyrus from ECW returns to TIJ for a solo shot... to talk about his many stops & starts at WWE including The Truth Commission and The Jackyl gimmicks, working creative with Vince Russo, doing color commentary with JR, and being a manager. He's also got details on the role Bret Hart played in his career, the Mohawk that ended his WWE run, his jump to ECW and the infamous Cyrus gimmick, the last days of WCW, and why the Lebanese police had to help him get out of Beirut.

  • The MMA Four Horsewomen (minus one) on Talk Is Jericho - EP289

    Oct 07 2016

    The MMA Four Horsewomen (minus one) - Marina Shafir, Shayna Baszler, and Jessamyn Duke - are huge wrestling fans & are frequently spotted at the PWG shows in LA. They talk about their love of wrestling, putting women's MMA on the map, meeting on The Ultimate Fighter, their missing fourth Ronda Rousey & what she's done for MMA in general, and some of their own best (and worst) fights.

  • Jimi Hendrix Remembered by Leon Hendrix on Talk Is Jericho - EP288

    Oct 05 2016

    Leon Hendrix, blood brother of the late, great Jimi Hendrix shares stories from their childhood... from their early days making music to the trouble they got into on the streets of their hometown to touring with Jimi at the height of his fame. Leon also talks about the day his brother died - what he believes really happened, and whom he believes is responsible. It's a fascinating look at the life of one of music's greatest guitar heroes!

  • Brooklyn Brawler on Talk Is Jericho - EP287

    Sep 30 2016

    Steve Lombardi aka Brooklyn Brawler spent over 30 years at WWE, and he did just about every job at the company - in the ring, behind the scenes, and developing talent! Brawler evaluated & worked with new talent, and he's the guy that Vince McMahon chose to have first matches with The Rock, John Cena, Owen Hart, Bret Hart, and Ricky Steamboat. Brawler spent two years traveling with Hulk Hogan, he wrestled the Ultimate Warrior for 47 consecutive nights, he nearly got in a biker bar brawl with Ro...more

  • Ron Funches on Talk Is Jericho - EP286

    Sep 28 2016

    Ron Funches is super funny, and a super WWE fan! He's talking "Undateable" on Hulu and what it's like filming live. He's got stories about breaking into the comedy scene in Portland, Oregon, advice for dealing with hecklers, memories of the worst and best gigs he's ever done, and how he landed on the "Kroll Show" on Comedy Central. He's also sharing wrestling stories - from his favorite matches to his favorite wrestlers to the one legend he actually got to meet & the one he's hoping to meet! And...more

  • Supermensch Shep Gordon on Talk Is Jericho - EP285

    Sep 23 2016

    Supermensch Shep Gordon has been Alice Cooper's manager for 45 years, and wait till you hear how they met! He's also telling stories about the guillotine, the hangings, and the night Alice allegedly bit the head off a chicken! Shep's got crazy stories about John Lennon & Yoko Ono & spaceships, working with the beautiful Raquel Welch, and what it was like attending pro-wrestling shows at MSG with Debbie Harry from Blondie! And of course, he's talking about his new autobiography, "They Call Me S...more

  • TalkN Shop Live In Australia presented by Talk Is Jericho - EP284

    Sep 21 2016

    Talk'n Shop Live in Australia - with the mad hosting skills of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson featuring special guests Chris Jericho and Jacko... along with the worst gimmicks on the indie wrestling scene. Hell Yeah Man and Sour Boy return. Gordie Canuck drops in, and Reptile (but you can call him Juan or... Panther) makes his debut. You can also thank Luke Gallows for ALL of the following hashtags: #ThingsYouCantUNhear#WorstPodcastEver#KeepItDown#ShitFaced (but not the kind you think)

  • James Ellsworth on Talk Is Jericho - EP283

    Sep 16 2016

    He's the hottest enhancement guy at the WWE! He's taking the internet by storm; he's got his own t-shirt; he's got his own motto ("any man with two hands has a fighting chance"); he's got no chin; and he's been beaten-up by The Miz on Smackdown! James Ellsworth tells his story on TIJ! Hear how he went from the indie scene to WWE, and what might be happening in his immediate future!

  • Meat Loaf on Talk Is Jericho - EP282

    Sep 14 2016

    Meat Loaf has one of the biggest selling albums of all time, "Bat Out Of Hell," and some great stories about making it, supporting it, and dealing with the fame that accompanied it. He's talking songwriting, collaborating with writer Jim Steinman, being an actor playing a singer, and losing songs to other famous vocalists (like Celine Dion & Bonnie Tyler). He's also sharing his brand new studio album, "Braver Than We Are," and why he thinks it's the best one yet. And he'll even explain why he di...more

  • My Best Friend Kevin Owens Returns to Talk Is Jericho - EP281

    Sep 09 2016

    Y2J's BFF and the first-ever (and longest-reigning) WWE Universal Champ, Kevin Owens, returns to talk about the past whirlwind 15 months! He's got stories about his move up to the main roster, one of the first things Vince McMahon said to him when he got there, how he found out he was going to be Champion, how he celebrated the momentous occasion, what John Cena did for Kevin's young son, and why Kevin has such great chemistry with Sami Zayn. Plus, Chris & Kevin break-down their first match toge...more

  • Jesse Ventura vs the Presidential Election 2016 on Talk Is Jericho - EP280

    Sep 07 2016

    Jesse Ventura returns to TIJ to talk politics! He has strategy advice for Donald Trump, a theory on how to beat Hillary Clinton, an explanation as to why he didn't run himself, and whether a potential bid for the White House is still in his future! He's also weighing in on the debate to legalize marijuana, and updating us on his legal battle against American Sniper Chris Kyle.

  • Amusement Parks of America with Rhodes & Ryder on Talk Is Jericho - EP279

    Sep 02 2016

    Betcha didn't know that Cody Rhodes & Zack Ryder are big amusement park junkies! It's true! They do an annual VIP trip to Disneyland every New Year's, and have plenty of crazy stories about their experiences. They've got favorite rides, favorite parks, some folklore trivia, and tips for how to get the most out of every visit. You'll hear the story of Cody's first childhood amusement park visit, why Zack MUST sit in the back seat of the Radiator Springs Racers at California Adventure, and how Za...more

  • Danzig on Talk Is Jericho - EP278

    Aug 31 2016

    Holy sh*t! Danzig's on TIJ! Even bigger holy sh*t... Danzig's reuniting with the Misfits! He & Y2J talk Original Misfits, Rick Rubin, the "Mother" video, being banned from MTV, the New York music scene and CBGBs, Max's Kansas City where the Misfits got their big break, and Danzig's love of Elvis. They're also talking wrestling - from Superstar Billy Graham to Macho Man Randy Savage to the Wyatt Family.

  • Michael Sweet Returns to Talk Is Jericho - EP277

    Aug 26 2016

    Michael Sweet of Stryper fame returns to TIJ, and he's brought his new solo album, "One Sided War" with him! He's telling stories about the studio, the songwriting, and how Joel Hoekstra of Whitesnake ended up on the album. And it's the 30th anniversary of "To Hell With Devil" so Michael shares stories from that crazy time in Stryper's life including hanging with Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker, playing arenas, being initially banned by MTV, and how long exactly it took to do that hair before live gigs!...more

  • MTV's Johnny Bananas on Talk Is Jericho - EP276

    Aug 24 2016

    Johnny Bananas is probably the greatest heel in MTV reality competition show history! He just screwed over his partner in "The Challenge: Rivals III" to take it all! Yeah, he took the money & ran... ran right into pretty extreme reactions from fans, the production crew, his fellow castmates, and even his own mother! He's been on 13 different shows, won 6 of them, met The Miz, and has eaten more disgusting things than you can imagine. He's got stories about the challenges, the locations, and who...more

  • Finn Balor Returns to Talk Is Jericho - EP275

    Aug 19 2016

    Finn Balor returns to TIJ just in time to talk about his upcoming Summerslam debut! It's his first WWE PPV and he's challenging Seth Rollins for Universal Championship. He's also talking about the Demon King, "Balloreen," the draft, his RAW debut, the advice he got on night one from Vince McMahon, why he thinks NXT is so popular and successful, and which main roster guys he'd love to get in the ring with. Plus, Ash The Fish Expert is back and talking KISS! He went to his first KISS concert and g...more

  • Who's Hot & Who's Not with Team Tiger Awesome on Talk Is Jericho - EP274

    Aug 17 2016

    Team Tiger Awesome return to TIJ for "Who's Hot and Who's Not" and let's see if you can match the hashtag with their "hot" choices: #VerySymmetrical. #SweetArms. #SmellsLikeGarbage. #DenzelGretzky. Don't worry... the conversation digresses per usual and it won't take long for the rest of this to make complete sense: #WhatIsAChode (it's a regional thing in case you were wondering); #CocaineBang; #DrJohnsonsOpus; and #SuperDelegate.

  • 80s Teen Sex Comedies with Eli Roth on Talk Is Jericho - EP273

    Aug 12 2016

    Did you know that director/actor Eli Roth is also an 80s Teen Sex Comedies film genre expert? It's true! And that's why Eli, his brother Gabe, and Y2J go in-depth on everything from "Screwballs" to "Last American Virgin" to "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" to "Porky's." You're gonna get some great trivia too - about the directors, actors, famous scenes, and what makes each one so great. Plus, they all have a favorite and a story about the first time they saw 'em in theaters.

  • Stuck Mojo on Talk Is Jericho - EP272

    Aug 10 2016

    Stuck Mojo are back! They've got a brand new album, "Here Come The Infidels," a brand new singer named Robby J, and a brand new tour! And founding guitarist Rich Ward and drummer Frank Fontsere are on TIJ talking all about it! They're also telling crazy road stories about opening for Pantera, playing with Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson, being stranded in Germany, and nearly losing all their money in Amsterdam. You'll also hear why they parted way with original singer Bonz and bassist Corey Lowery...more

  • Glenn Hughes on Talk Is Jericho - EP271

    Aug 05 2016

    Singer/bassist Glenn Hughes is the ultimate British gentleman, and is now one of the newest members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame thanks to his stellar work with Deep Purple! And those are some of the stories he's telling - from his Purple audition to his relationship with David Coverdale to their infamous set at Cal Jam (complete with smashed up guitars and exploding amps) to Ritchie Blackmore's departure. Glenn's also talking about his short run with Black Sabbath, his battle with drugs and...more

  • Broken Matt Hardy on Talk Is Jericho - EP270

    Aug 03 2016

    Broken Matt Hardy makes his podcast debut on TIJ, and he's talking in great detail about "The Final Deletion," his brother Jeff, and what all of this means for his future at TNA Impact Wrestling. You'll hear about the events leading up to Broken Matt's incredible transformation, the emergence of his accent, his new world view, the meaning of "Brother Nero," and his plan for universal domination. It's a little disturbing, very creepy, but incredibly fascinating.

  • Shinsuke Nakamura on Talk Is Jericho - EP269

    Jul 29 2016

    Shinsuke Nakamura signed with WWE and moved his family from Japan to Orlando, FL, which he is happy is "close enough" to the ocean! He's an avid surfer, and you'll hear why. He's so charismatic and owes a lot of that to influences like Michael Jackson, Queen's Freddie Mercury, and his favorite martial artists, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. He's also talking about his first meeting with Vince McMahon, his relationship with Triple H at NXT, wrestling in Mexico, learning to speak English, and his favo...more

  • Andy Kindler on Talk Is Jericho - EP268

    Jul 27 2016

    The very funny Andy Kindler who played Y2J's agent, Phil Blank, in the comedy web series, "But I'm Chris Jericho" joins the podcast to talk about working with Ray Romano on "Everybody Loves Raymond," voicing Mort on the animated "Bob's Burgers," and making David Letterman laugh. He's also calling out comedy hacks, bad seafood, and smoking on airplanes... and doing his best Seinfeld and South Park impressions.

  • Bayley on Talk Is Jericho - EP267

    Jul 22 2016

    Bayley's bringing the side-pony, the wacky wavy inflatable tube men, and an insanely positive and inspiring attitude to TIJ! She's also bringing plenty of laughs, stories about Papa Hunter, her best impression of Dusty Rhodes, the "Average Janes," her thoughts on Sasha Banks and the women of WWE, and a fantastic story about Ric Flair.

  • Cosplay with Tanya Tate on Talk Is Jericho - EP266

    Jul 20 2016

    Tanya Tate may be a popular adult film star in the U.K., but she's also a popular superhero at ComiCons across the United States! She's "Lady Titan" and developing her own movie, doll, comic book, and merchandise line around her self-created character! She's big into cosplay, and will tell us exactly what that is & how she got involved. She'll also share some of her early cosplay costumes, her favorite superheroes, and whether or not she knows any Beatles (she is from Liverpool you know). Plus,...more

  • Talk'n Shop Live In Hawaii Presented By Talk Is Jericho - EP265

    Jul 15 2016

    It's a special edition of Talk'n Shop Live In Hawaii presented by TIJ featuring your hosts Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, and guests Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Sour Boy, Uncle Alan, Sex Ferguson, Marble Mouth, Redneck #1, and Hotel Security. By the time this episode is over... you'll be able to order beer in Japanese (more than enough to get you drunk), practice proper etiquette at the next nudist colony you visit, bust out a true down south "hell yeah man," and call a pro-wrestling match in the...more

  • Paul Scheer on Talk Is Jericho - EP264

    Jul 13 2016

    Actor/comedian, pop culture aficionado, and podcast host Paul Scheer joins TIJ to talk truly bad movies (aka "How Did This Get Made"), VH-1's "I Love The 80s" (and 90s), auditioning for SNL (and the stupid thing he said to Lorne Michaels), the Star Wars franchise, Indiana Jones, his love of Arsenio Hall, and his crazy obsession with "Diff'rent Strokes" and Gary Coleman.

  • Eric Singer on Talk Is Jericho - EP263

    Jul 08 2016

    Drummer Eric Singer is the latest KISS member to join TIJ! He's the longest running drummer in the band's history, and tells the story of how he landed the gig. He talks about his relationship with late KISS drummer Eric Carr, the first time he performed in make-up, what really went down with the original lineup reunion in '96, and whether he thinks KISS will ever hang it up. Plus, he's talking about his days playing with Black Sabbath and Tony Iommi, his favorite all-time drummers, and how The ...more

  • Hurricane Helms on Talk Is Jericho - EP262

    Jul 06 2016

    Stand Back! There's a Hurricane coming to TIJ... Hurricane Helms! He was Chris Jericho's last travel partner, and they are telling some of their crazier road stories. You'll also hear why his WWE debut didn't go exactly as planned, what really happened between him and Buff Bagwell, who came up with the super hero-themed Hurricane Helms gimmick, and why losing to The Undertaker was one of the best matches he ever had. Plus, Hurricane's currently an agent for TNA Impact Wrestling, and has plenty ...more

  • Canadian Rock Show on Talk Is Jericho - EP261

    Jul 01 2016

    TIJ's celebrating Canada Day with some old friends who grew up in Winnipeg too - Brent Fitz and Todd Kerns who also happen to be in Slash & Myles Kennedy's band, the Conspirators, and Red Solo Cup Geoff. They're talking about their favorite Canadian rock bands - the ones who made it big & the ones who never passed local hero status. They've got obscure facts, funny concert stories, five-finger music collection additions, and crazy fan boy tales. You'll also hear some great slang, fun food facts,...more

  • Scroobius Pip on Talk Is Jericho - EP260

    Jun 29 2016

    Scroobius Pip is England's #1 podcaster! He's also a beat poet, rapper, comedian, and actor; has a wicked beard; and a bit of a stutter. You'll hear how he got his crazy name, what happened when he offered to buy all his fans a free round at a local pub, and what it took to become England's #1 podcaster. He's also talking about his role in "The Bastard Executioner," and Guy Richie's latest film.

  • Inside The Benoit Family Tragedy on Talk Is Jericho - EP259

    Jun 24 2016

    Sandra Toffoloni, sister of Nancy Benoit, aunt of Daniel and nanny to the family, joins TIJ on the 9 year anniversary of their deaths to celebrate their memories with happy stories of their lives. Sandy also speaks in-depth about what may have caused her brother-in-law, Chris Benoit, to murder his family and himself. Sandy was close to Chris and paints a vivid picture of his behavior and personality from when they first met up until the months leading up the unspeakable tragedy. She talks open...more

  • The True Story Behind The Conjuring on Talk Is Jericho - EP258

    Jun 22 2016

    Andrea Perron grew up in the haunted Harrisville, Rhode Island farmhouse that inspired The Conjuring, and she's on TIJ to share some of her incredible real-life stories. You'll hear what the movie got right, what was different, and what was simply too scary to show. She's talking apparitions, spirits, possession, strange events, what she remembers about the Warren paranormal investigative team coming to the farmhouse, and why her family stayed in that home for 10 years.

  • Chad Smith on Talk Is Jericho - EP257

    Jun 17 2016

    RHCP drummer Chad Smith, who has plenty of great stories about being mistaken for actor Will Ferrell, is on TIJ to talk about the new Chili Peppers album, "The Getaway," working with DangerMouse, meeting and recording with Johnny Cash, his big drum-off on "The Tonight Show," and Flea's broken arm. Chad's got a favorite Chili Peppers song to play live, an album he WISHED he drummed on, a night running from the cops in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and details on the "Dick Drum Line."

  • Aaron Stevens aka Damien Sandow on Talk Is Jericho - EP256

    Jun 15 2016

    Aaron Stevens aka Damien Sandow is talking life after WWE, pink tights, the General Zod-looking beard, and how Gorgeous George influenced his pro-wrestling career. He's also sharing details about the Ottawa Screw Job, and all the crazy gimmicks he had to dress up as - including "Magnito" from X-Men, and Macho Mandow. And you'll hear about his MizDow run, and winning Money In The Bank.

  • Speewee on Talk Is Jericho - EP255

    Jun 10 2016

    SpeeWee returns to TIJ to make his first full episode appearance, and he does not disappoint. He's got a couple more legendary pep talks, some stories from the set of the Fargo TV show (he was an extra in season 2), a tale about his near drowning in a lake close to his Canadian home and the real man who saved his life, and some crazy weird puberty experiences. And because Speewee's Y2J's BFF, he's also world premiering his brand new single, "I Didn't Quit, I Just Ran Out Of Money." Strap in...

  • Brian Gewirtz on Talk Is Jericho - EP254

    Jun 08 2016

    Brian Gewirtz spent 12 years in creative at WWE before leaving to join The Rock's production company, Seven Bucks Productions. You're gonna hear about the gig that landed Brian the writing job at WWE, what it like writing for The Rock, Mick Foley, Edge & Christian, and even Y2J. Brian has great stories about Wrestler's Court (yeah, it was a thing, and yeah, The Undertaker was judge & jury), spending a day with Mike Tyson, musical chairs, the one celeb idea he had to shoot down, and what happened...more

  • Seth Rollins on Talk Is Jericho - EP253

    Jun 03 2016

    Seth Rollins is back, and telling his injury & rehab story on TIJ! He's also got details about his surprise return at the Extreme Rules PPV, what he did during his extended time off (which may or may not include Tesla, lasek, & video games), watching Daniel Bryan's retirement on TV, the move that resulted in John Cena's broken nose, the demise of his old finishing move "The Curb Stomp," and Triple H's initial reaction to Seth using the "Pedigree." And if you want to know about the finish to Set...more

  • Joe Satriani on Talk Is Jericho - EP252

    Jun 01 2016

    Get your air guitar ready... because TIJ's got a guitar hero in the house - Joe Satriani! Joe is the master who taught Kirk Hammett from Metallica, Alex Skolnick from Testament, and Larry LaLonde from Primus how to play guitar. He's toured with Mick Jagger and Deep Purple, and is also a member of Chickenfoot with Sammy Hagar, Chad Smith, and Michael Anthony! And yes, "Satch" (as his friends call him) has stories about it all... and he's telling 'em right here!

  • Jim Breuer on Talk Is Jericho - EP251

    May 27 2016

    Jim Breuer does a great Rob Halford, went on African safari with Metallica's James Hetfield and his family, hung out with Kevin Spacey after SNL, made Lorne Michaels belly-laugh the first time he ever did Goat Boy, and flew to Florida to have AC/DC's Brian Johnson sing on Jim's new metal album, "Songs From The Garage." The stories are hilarious. The impressions are even better. And the debate about Priest vs Maiden rages on. Plus, Y2J drops an in-your-face hint about the upcoming BIGGEST PODCA...more

  • Ric Flair on Talk Is Jericho - EP250

    May 25 2016

    Ric Flair has plenty of stories about his early days in wrestling working for Jim Barnett, doing matches in Japan, surviving full-blown fan riots, traveling to North Korea with Muhammad Ali, and living with Roddy Piper in Charlotte. He's also talking about his infamous robes, Roman Reigns, and traveling with his daughter, WWE's Charlotte.

  • Dana Carvey on Talk Is Jericho - EP249

    May 20 2016

    Dana Carvey is putting on a comedy clinic, and bringing some amazing friends with him - Adam Sandler, Dennis Miller, Johnny Carson, former President George Bush, Keith Richards, all four members of The Beatles. Members of his family might also drop by too! It's the art of comedy; the art of impressions... some fantastic SNL stories involving Chris Farley and Phil Hartman, the origins of The Church Lady, and the real-life person who inspired Garth Algar of "Wayne's World" fame. Dare you not to ...more

  • Scorpions on Talk Is Jericho - EP248

    May 18 2016

    Rudolf Schenker of the Scorpions is on TIJ, and covering all sorts of ground - from his first-ever pair of black leather pants to managing the Scorps in their early days to choosing NOT to ever be a lead guitarist! He's also talking about playing the Kremlin & meeting Mikhail Gorbachev, blowing Van Halen off the stage at the US Festival, and being one of the few rock & roll bands to make it to their 50th Anniversary!

  • Dr. Luther Lenny St. Clair on Talk Is Jericho - EP247

    May 13 2016

    Dr. Luther aka Lenny St. Clair returns to TIJ for more laughs and great wrestling stories! He's talking Stampede Wrestling, the Hart Family wrestling camp, and FMW and the hardcore style of Japan. You'll hear what "Silence Of The Lambs" and Leonardo DiCaprio had to do with his gimmick, why he once walked 8 miles to a KFC, and how he & Y2J ended up tag teaming one night only as the Lovely Lads! Plus, Lenny's got an amaze-ball story about the night he spent picking up chicks with actor Christopher...more

  • Nick Swardson on Talk Is Jericho - EP246

    May 11 2016

    Nick Swardson brings the comic relief to TIJ with stories from "Reno 911," "Grandma's Boy," and "Bucky Larson!" He's one of Adam Sandler's crew & has been working with Adam & Happy Madison for years (and he's not shy about sharing what Sandler's really like). Nick also recounts his stand-up days in Minneapolis, the culture shock of New York, his fear of elevators and monkeys, "The Do Over," and the latest project he & Adam recently pitched to Netflix.

  • Daniels & Kazarian on Talk Is Jericho - EP245

    May 06 2016

    Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are The Addiction at Ring of Honor, and have plenty to say about the ROH tag team division, and why it's "an embarrassment of riches." You'll find out how they teamed up together, what inspired the Throwback Thursday gimmicks, and what they did to get so much heat after AJ Styles left ROH. Christopher Daniels also recounts his short run at WCW and why that didn't work out. And Frankie Kazarian recalls getting fired from WWE before ever really stepping foo...more

  • Summer Movie Preview on Talk Is Jericho - EP244

    May 04 2016

    Team Tiger Awesome - Nick Mundy, Clint Gage & Michael Truly - return to TIJ to do a Summer Movie Preview... and that means one thing - sheer ridiculousness (and possibly NO relevant information about any upcoming movies like "Captain America: Civil War," "Ghostbusters," and "Suicide Squad"). What you will get is plenty of discussion about chodes & taints, the sex symbol status of Jeff Goldblum, Superhero anatomy, Will Smith's bratty kids, dick jokes, and nearly endless debate about Mundy's medio...more

  • Hookers For Jesus on Talk Is Jericho - EP243

    Apr 29 2016

    Annie Lobert is a former high-class call girl who worked the Las Vegas strip for many years, before finally leaving the life and starting Hookers For Jesus, an organization to help other women living a life of prostitution get off the street. She's speaking candidly about her pimp, a man she calls her "human trafficker," her many near-death experiences including having guns pulled on her, being locked in the trunk of a car, and being beaten to within an inch of her life, kicking drugs, and the ...more

  • Sami Zayn Returns to Talk Is Jericho - EP242

    Apr 27 2016

    Sami Zayn returns to TIJ & yeah, he's talking all about the shoulder injury that sidelined his WWE debut for months, his rivalry with Kevin Owens, and the "circus life" that is professional wrestling... but he's also telling some "laugh till you cry" kinda stories about In N Out, traveling with Enzo Amore & Big Cass, sorta meeting Axl Rose, graveyards and dead people, and why Sami may never be permitted to dance at a concert again. And then there's the possible Skid Row reunion with Sebastian Ba...more

  • John Bradley of Game Of Thrones on Talk Is Jericho - EP241

    Apr 22 2016

    John Bradley is Samwell Tarly on Game of Thrones, which is kicking off its sixth season on HBO this Sunday night! You'll hear how he got the gig, what it's like to film the show, how his relationship is with Kit Harrington (who plays Jon Snow, John's character's BFF), and what's in store for this season and beyond. John also loves The Beatles and David Gilmour, and didn't make his first trip to America until just a couple of years ago. He's talking about all of that... along with sharing though...more

  • Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows on Talk Is Jericho - EP240

    Apr 20 2016

    Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows made their WWE debut, and now they're talking all about it on TIJ. You'll hear how it happened, and how New Japan Pro Wrestling took the news of their leaving (especially since Karl & Luke gave notice the same night as AJ Styles)! They've also got stories about the Bullet Club, traveling with AJ Styles, working for Tiger Hattori and Gedo, and life in Japan in general. Luke also remembers the time he nearly got stranded in Nigeria, his first WWE run, his infamous (a...more

  • Smith Hart on Talk Is Jericho - EP239

    Apr 15 2016

    Smith Hart, the oldest of Stu Hart's 12 kids, talks about the early days of Stampede wrestling, his famous brothers Bret and Owen, what it was like growing up surrounded by performers and tons of animals, his relationship with his mom and dad, and some of his fav wrestlers that passed through Stampede. He also sets the record straight on the demise of Stampede wrestling, his dad's infamous speech cadence, and the time Smith got his mother high.

  • Carrot Top on Talk Is Jericho - EP238

    Apr 13 2016

    Carrot Top's bringing his rock star comedy to TIJ. Here's your chance to find out why drummer Vinnie Paul, Motley Crue singer Vince Neil, and Queen drummer Roger Taylor have all been spotted hanging out backstage at Carrot Top's Vegas show! You'll also find out about his reality TV show experience on one of the originals in the genre, Star Search; how he became BFFs with Ed McMahon; what he thought about David Letterman; and why his mentor Gallagher was mad at him for a while. Plus, Carrot Top ...more

  • The Fabulous Freebirds on Talk Is Jericho - EP237

    Apr 08 2016

    Michael "PS" Hayes and Jimmy Garvin are telling some freakin' hilarious Fabulous Freebirds stories as they celebrate the Birds induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. They remember and pay tribute to their brothers, Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy and Buddy "Jack" Roberts. The revolutionary Freebirds were the first to use ring entrance music, and you'll hear how that happened, and you'll hear why their feud with the Von Erichs made Texas such a red hot territory. Michael PS Hayes shares some of Buddy's cra...more

  • Queensryche on Talk Is Jericho - EP236

    Apr 06 2016

    Queensryche's Todd LaTorre and Michael Wilton are hitting Vegas with The Scorpions in May, but this isn't the first time the two bands have shared a bill and a stage! Todd & Michael share their Scorps stories, and what it's like to tour today. They're also talking about Geoff Tate's departure & Todd joining Queenryche. They have favorite songs to play live, favs from the new album "Condition Human," and the reason why they don't mind being labeled as "math rock." Michael also remembers the makin...more

  • Charlotte on Talk Is Jericho - EP235

    Apr 01 2016

    Charlotte comes to TIJ just in time for Wrestlemania! She's got details on her three-way match with Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, the story behind her first Wrestlemania moment with Triple H, a fantastic Dusty Rhodes impression, and some very candid comments about being the daughter of one of the greatest in the biz, Ric Flair! Plus, hear her take on the "Whoo!," the chop, traveling with dad, earning the NXT coaches' respect, and why making it to the WWE roster means so much to her (and it's not ...more

  • Asking Alexandria on Talk Is Jericho - EP234

    Mar 30 2016

    Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce and new singer Denis Stoff aren't holding anything back on this episode of TIJ... from the details surrounding Denis joining the band (and the less than amicable departure of original singer Danny Worsnop) to the specifics of what sometimes takes place in the various venue dressing rooms to Ben's chance (and very brief) encounter with Axl Rose! Denis also reveals exactly how he learned English growing up in the Ukraine, what drives the band's love of 80s ro...more

  • Charles Robinson on Talk Is Jericho - EP233

    Mar 25 2016

    WWE referee Charles Robinson and Y2J break down their recent Monday Night RAW episode that saw Neville injured in the ring & a near fight between the ref & Y2J. Was it a work? A shoot? Charles also remembers his initiation into WWE (it involves duct tape, a well-placed sign & The Rock), shares his hero worship of Ric Flair, recalls his favorite moments from WCW, cites details about the night Macho Man Randy Savage collapsed Charles' lung in the ring, and has a road story involving Arn Anderson ...more

  • Nicko McBrain on Talk Is Jericho - EP232

    Mar 23 2016

    Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain (yes, that's his real last name) has some of the best rock & roll stories, and he's telling them exclusively on TIJ! It's the only interview Maiden granted in North America in support of their "Book Of Souls World Tour." So get ready to hear about dressing room antics, the backstage fight that turned into a B-side, Maiden's private 747 and what's so special about it, how Nicko covers when he forgets how songs go during live shows, and how the band dealt with si...more

  • Jerry "The King" Lawler on Talk Is Jericho - EP231

    Mar 18 2016

    Jerry "The King" Lawler is king of the ring, and king of pop culture memorabilia! He has a real, working Bat Mobile that he's actually been pulled over driving! It's just one of the tremendous stories he tells in this super-sized episode of TIJ! He's also talking in-depth about Memphis wrestling (and the many stars who worked there at one point - The Rock, The Undertaker, Steve Austin, Sting, Ultimate Warrior); working with Andy Kaufman, and their infamous appearance on David Letterman's show (a...more

  • Batman Vs Superman on Talk Is Jericho - EP230

    Mar 16 2016

    Team Tiger Awesome return to talk about one of the most anticipated superhero movies of the year, "Batman V Superman," and as you can imagine, the conversation skids off the rails pretty fast! Who played the best Batman? The best Superman? And what do they think about Ben Affleck in the cape & mask? They're breaking down the Batman voice, Superman's ultimate kryptonite, the various new superheroes rumored to be introduced in the new film, the merits of Aquaman, Michael Keaton, and Marlon Brando,...more

  • Woods & Rhodes High School Reunion on Talk Is Jericho - EP229

    Mar 11 2016

    It's the Xavier Woods and Cody Rhodes High School Reunion! They are working out their differences and laying their old rivalry to rest... so we hope! Y2J brought them together after Cody took umbrage with Xavier's recollections of their high school days. Just who beat whom in wrestling? And who kissed whom's girlfriend? And who was the better bowler? And was Cody really a "bully?" And sandwiched in between the varying details of their high school encounters are stories about Dusty Rhodes, the W...more

  • The Sasquatch Chronicles on Talk Is Jericho - EP228

    Mar 09 2016

    Wes Germer had an incredible encounter with Sasquatch-like creatures in the woods near his Portland, OR hometown, and is detailing his experience on TIJ - what he heard, what he saw, how these creatures moved, and why he thinks their existence is denied by the US government. He's also sharing some of the incredible stories that others have recounted on his popular "Sasquatch Chronicles" podcast, including military special forces who've conducted "kill missions," and a NASA engineer who was attac...more

  • Dean Malenko Returns to Talk Is Jericho - EP227

    Mar 04 2016

    Dean Malenko is one of Y2J's oldest and closest friends in the wrestling business, and he returns to TIJ to talk about his early days in the biz, and his famous father, one of the most-feared heels of the 70s, Boris Malenko! Dean's talking Florida Championship Wrestling, Dusty Rhodes, Davey Boy Smith, New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Japan, tagging with his brother Joe, making the jump to WWE, and Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. Plus, Sisi & Chey return to TIJ to share the details on their brand n...more

  • Edge & Christian on Talk Is Jericho - EP226

    Mar 02 2016

    Edge & Christian totally reek of awesomeness on TIJ! They've got stories about the TLC matches that made them a household name in WWE. Stories about tag teaming with Y2J. Stories about the 5-second pose and comedy bits on RAW. Stories about retirement and injuries. Stories about the "Haven" SyFy show set. Stories about Nova Scotia and Stephen King. And stories about their new sketch comedy show on the WWE Network, "The Edge & Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness." Rolls off the tongu...more

  • Beatles Benante on Talk Is Jericho - EP225

    Feb 26 2016

    The new Anthrax album "For All Kings" is out today and it rocks! And Anthrax founding member Charlie Benante would say the same thing IF he & Y2J were talking Anthrax music on TIJ! But you aren't gonna hear Anthrax road stories or what influenced the killer drum playing on the new album. Nope. You're gonna find out why Charlie Benante plays music at all... and what inspired him to start Anthrax in the first place - and that's The Beatles! Charlie and Chris break down their three favorite Beatle...more

  • The Young Bucks on Talk Is Jericho - EP224

    Feb 24 2016

    The Young Bucks are bringing the Superkick Party to TIJ! They're telling stories about their backyard wrestling days, the ring their dad built for them, the "High Risk Wrestling" promotion, their feud with Jim Cornette and being fired from TNA, joining the Bullet Club at New Japan Pro Wrestling, Superkicking an 8-year old kid, being compared to the Hardy Boys, working Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore against the Dudleys, and signing with ROH.

  • Blue Meanie on Talk Is Jericho - EP223

    Feb 19 2016

    Blue Meanie joins TIJ to talk about his time in ECW, what he learned from Paul E. Heyman, all the crazy parodies he did (the bWo, the Jackson 5, the Blue Meanie Bloods, Meanie Simmons of KISS), how Raven helped his career, the roles that Tommy Dreamer & Bubba Dudley played at the promotion, and why he left ECW for WWE. He also remembers the night he debuted on WWE, and what it meant it to his family.

  • Station Nightclub Tragedy on Talk Is Jericho - EP222

    Feb 17 2016

    Michael Ricardi & his best friend, Jim Gahan, were at the Station nightclub on February 20, 2003 to see Great White when tragedy struck. The venue went up in flames, and over 100 people lost their lives as the fast-moving fire fully-engulfed the building in the span of 5 minutes. Michael made it out. Jim did not. Hear Michael's harrowing tale of survival and sorrow, and how he eventually picked up the pieces and found a way to pay tribute to his fallen friend. It's an emotional and riveting tal...more

  • Legendary Rock Photographer Bob Gruen on Talk Is Jericho - EP221

    Feb 12 2016

    Legendary rock photographer Bob Gruen went to Japan with KISS, used to watch TV at the Dakota with his close friend John Lennon, stayed up all night (on many different nights) with Joe Strummer of The Clash, and played a small role in both the New York Dolls rise to fame, and the Sex Pistols lineup. And he's telling all those stories, and more, on TIJ! Plus, Y2J shares his thoughts on Daniel Bryan's retirement announcement, and what it really means for the WWE Superstar's future.

  • Los Matadores - Primo & Epico Colon on Talk Is Jericho - EP220

    Feb 10 2016

    The Colons aka Los Matadores aka Primo & Epico are WWE Tag Team Champs who got their start in Puerto Rico working for Primo's (real-name Eddie) dad, the great Carlos Colon! And today they're telling their story on TIJ! Hear about their WWE tryout, their first match, and what Freddie Prinze Jr. had to do with their original gimmick. They're also telling stories about working for Carlos Colon in Puerto Rico, and all the jobs they had to do on their way to a career in the pro-wrestling ring! They w...more

  • AJ Styles Returns to Talk Is Jericho - EP219

    Feb 05 2016

    AJ Styles made his WWE debut at this year's Royal Rumble, but how did he manage to keep it a secret? Hear the story of what it took to make the surprise debut happen, how he ended up at WWE in the first place, his final match with the Bullet Club at NJPW, and how he feels about skipping NXT to go straight to the WWE main roster. Plus, he's talking about his video game addiction, gaming with Xavier Woods, and what he misses most about Japan.

  • Lemmy Tribute with Phil Campbell on Talk Is Jericho - EP218

    Feb 03 2016

    Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell is talking to Y2J exclusively in his first interview since the passing of his friend, bandmate, and brother-in-arms, Lemmy Kilmister. Phil shares some great stories from their near 32-years together, and remembers some of the funnier pranks he played not only on Lemmy, but on other unsuspecting musicians (like Ronnie James Dio)! Phil's got favorite Motorhead songs, some Motorhead history (like how he got in the band & how they ended up being a three-piece), and ...more

  • CrueCast feat Bubba Dudley & Dolph Ziggler on Talk Is Jericho - EP217

    Jan 29 2016

    Bubba Dudley and Dolph Ziggler are die-hard Motley Crue fans, and Dolph even went to the Crue's final show in LA on New Year's Eve. So they hooked up with Y2J to talk a little Crue! Favorite songs, favorite albums, John Corabi, Tommy Lee drum solos and gimmicks, the lean years, the money years, the tour highlights & disappointments, "Dr. Feelgood," "Girls, Girls, Girls," and plenty of stories about meeting their heroes (some better than others).

  • Dave Mustaine Returns to Talk Is Jericho - EP216

    Jan 27 2016

    Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine returns to TIJ with the new "Dystopia" album, and a bottle of his own "Blood of Heroes" wine in tow! He's also got stories about a couple of big guitar guns who "almost" joined Megadeth back in the day, whether or not there will ever be another Big Four concert, why the new Megadeth lineup with guitarist Kiko Loureiro is one of the best yet, and what "Planet of The Apes" had to do with the new album! He's also talking wine making, Glenn Campbell, and alzheimer's d...more

  • Talk Is Jericho with Xavier Woods - EP215

    Jan 22 2016

    Xavier Woods of New Day shares the story of "Francesca," and how she came to be before being destroyed by Y2J. He's also giving up the WWE lockerroom video game players - who's the best, who's the worst, who does the most trash talking, and who's a sore loser! You'll also hear the role video games played in Xavier becoming a professional wrestler, and all about his new youtube show, "UpUpDownDown."

  • Talk Is Jericho with Butcher Babies - EP214

    Jan 20 2016

    They're hot chicks tearing it up in the world of metal! Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey from Butcher Babies bring their former topless stage antics, taped-up nipples, microphones made out of bloody butcher knives, love of late Plasmatics frontwoman Wendy O Williams, and their new studio album "Take It Like A Man" to TIJ! Carla's also talking about her days as a mortician, and what it was like working for Playboy TV. And Heidi has stories about cheerleading, and DJ'ing at a hip-hop radio station ...more

  • Talk Is Jericho with Booker T - EP213

    Jan 15 2016

    Booker T has his own promotion, "Reality Of Wrestling," & is talking all about it on TIJ! He's also talking about his Hall Of Fame career with WCW, WWE, and TNA! Hear the story behind his classic grocery store fight with Stone Cold Steve Austin, the "Harlem Heat" tag team with his older brother Stevie Ray, what Dusty Rhodes did for his career, teaching The Undertaker to do the "spinaroonie," and whether or not Booker T will ever return to the wrestling ring!

  • Talk Is Jericho with Freddie Prinze Jr. - EP212

    Jan 13 2016

    Actor Freddie Prinze Jr also had a job working for the WWE - twice! He worked as a writer on the creative team, helping with promos & storylines for Jeff Hardy, The Undertaker, and Alberto Del Rio. And he also served as WWE acting coach, working with the talent roster including Big Show and The Miz! Freddie's talking about his relationship with Vince McMahon, the nickname that John Cena first gave him, and what prompted him to leave WWE. He also talking about losing his famous father as a baby, ...more

  • Talk Is Jericho with NXT Coach Robbie Brookside - EP211

    Jan 08 2016

    Robbie Brookside is one of Y2J's oldest friends in the wrestling business, and he also happens to be killing it as a trainer at NXT. They're telling stories about wrestling in Hamburg, Japan, and at WCW together. Robbie's also talking about growing up in Liverpool, and his "Uncle Ringo." Find out about "coffee house wrestlers," "kindercatch," and how he ended up at NXT. And if you listen carefully, you just might pick up a little cockney slang!

  • William Shatner Returns to Talk Is Jericho - EP210

    Jan 06 2016

    William Shatner returns to TIJ to share stories about his upcoming documentary "The Ride," which chronicles his 8-day motorcycle journey from Chicago to Los Angeles. Bill & CJ also discuss the search for the perfect pillow, sushi and octopus, horseback riding, the ripple effect of good deeds, Bill's new children's show idea, Bill vs William, and of course, Leonard Nimoy.

  • Talk Is Jericho with Cheeseburger - EP209

    Jan 01 2016

    Meet CJ's new favorite wrestler - Cheeseburger! He wrestles for Ring Of Honor, and tells the story of his gimmick name, ring gear, and auspicious start in pro-wrestling! He trained a little with Lance Storm, loves New Japan Pro Wrestling, and is still trying to think of a good catch phrase! Hear about his favorite match of all time, his own first match, and what stopped him from quitting pro-wrestling entirely after his first day at training camp.

  • Talk Is Jericho with The Sklar Brothers - EP208

    Dec 30 2015

    The Sklar Brothers bring their great sense of humor, comedic timing, and awesome stories about Andrew Dice Clay to TIJ! Identical twins & hosts of the "Sklar Bro Country" podcast, Randy and Jason, also talk about HBO's "True Detective," their stand up show, "Set List," being twins, Arsenio Hall, and the alternative comedy scene.

  • Merry KISSmas from Talk Is Jericho - EP207

    Dec 25 2015

    Merry KISSmas! CJ, Fozzy drummer Frank Fontsere, guitarist Rich Ward, and Luke Bryan's drummer Kent Slucher are spreading the KISSmas cheer with great stories about KISS concerts, favorite KISS characters and make-up, favorite albums & songs, and some spirited debate about classic line-up vs new line-up, best KISS era, and the infamous 90's reunion with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss! Plus, will Rich Ward be a KISSfanatic by the time the podcast concludes?

  • Toronto Is Jericho Live - EP206

    Dec 23 2015

    The tables are turned and today's guest is Chris Jericho himself! It's Toronto Is Jericho live featuring guest host Damian Abraham, and a special appearance by Santino Marella. Chris is telling stories about Fozzy's early days, his time in WCW, blood in the ring, breaking his arm in Smokey Mountain Wrestling, matches with Lance Storm as The Thrillseekers, his 15-minute reign as WWE Champ, and his role in "MacGruber." Plus **spoiler alert,** a very special Irvine Family Star Wars Review featuring...more

  • Talk Is Jericho with That Metal Show - EP205

    Dec 18 2015

    VH-1's "That Metal Show" hosts Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson, and Jim Florentine bring VIP passes and some great rock & roll stories to TIJ! Hear how it all began, who dissed the show at first only to beg their way back on after it was a success! They spill on their favorite guests (Lita Ford, Rush, Black Sabbath), their wish-list & must-haves (Jimmy Page and Eddie Van Halen), and the ones who still refuse to come on (you'll have to listen to find that out)! Plus, CJ played Lemmy's birthday party ov...more

  • Talk Is Jericho with JTG - EP204

    Dec 16 2015

    JTG is telling Cryme Tyme stories & remembering some of the crazier antics pulled by his tag team partner Shad Gaspard! Hear why they got fired from WWE, how they got a second chance, what prompted JTG's solo run and character, and when he knew his WWE time was done. You'll also hear some of the gimmick ideas that never got off the ground, and what JTG is up to today aside from publishing his ebook, "Damn! Why Did I Write This Book!"

  • Talk Is Jericho Star Wars Symposium - EP203

    Dec 11 2015

    "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" hits theaters next Friday, and Team Tiger Awesome (Nick Mundy, Clint Gage, and Michael Truly) return to talk all things Star Wars... what they like about the franchise & characters & what they don't, the Ewoks, wookies, the possible fate of Harrison Ford's Han Solo, their favorite movie & least favorite, JJ Abrams, Boba Fett, obscure triva, and possible plot points in "The Force Awakens."

  • Talk Is Jericho with Howard Jones of Devil You Know - EP202

    Dec 09 2015

    Devil You Know frontman Howard Jones has plenty to say about his band's second album, "They Bleed Red." He's also speaking candidly about his bi-polar diagnosis, fighting depression, living with diabetes, his not so amicable departure from his former band Killswitch Engage, playing Ozzfest, opening for Iron Maiden, and his great passion for fishing and Christian heavy metal!

  • Talk Is Jericho with Becky Lynch - EP201

    Dec 04 2015

    The Lasskicker Becky Lynch brings her "bectacluar" puns, and "becsplorations" to TIJ. She explains the goggle gimmick, the origination of her name, why she loves the steampunk scene, what happened at her WWE audition, and how she made the jump from NXT to WWE's main roster. She's been a flight attendant, a stunt woman, a personal trainer, and also studied "the art of clown" in college!

  • Talk Is Jericho with Dennis Miller - EP200

    Dec 02 2015

    Dennis Miller was voted best Saturday Night Live "Weekend Update" anchor & he's giving up the trade secrets that made that happen! He's speaking candidly about his SNL audition & gig, the MTV Movie Awards, what really ended his 2-year run on NFL's Monday Night Football, why he loves Johnny Carson, the comedy advice he got from WWE's Vince McMahon, and why he's possibly voting for Donald Trump.

  • TIJ - EP199 - Konnan

    Nov 27 2015

    The third member of "The Useless Trivia Triumvirate" is on TIJ! Konnan! He's got all kinds of stories about AAA in Mexico, the Plaza Madrid crew, WCW, the NWO, WWE, Lucha Underground, how he got his start in the biz, who came up with his gimmick, what he learned from Bobby Heenan, and why he decided to mentor Love Machine Art Barr. Konnan's also busting Raven, giving fashion advice, and dropping some serious vocabulary!

  • TIJ - EP198 - Raven Returns

    Nov 25 2015

    Raven returns to TIJ, and this time he's talking straight on wrestling! ECW, WCW, WWE, the creation of the Raven gimmick, in-ring psychology, booking, the indie scene, Roddy Piper, Paul E. Heyman, Vince Russo, and drinking with Shane McMahon.

  • TIJ - EP197 - Luke Harper

    Nov 20 2015

    Do you wanna know why Luke Harper is one of the most popular guys in the WWE lockerroom? Then you definitely need to listen! Luke's talking about his pro-wrestling start, his days in NXT, how he became a Wyatt Family member, his first interaction with Vince McMahon, and the craziest ladder bump he's taken to date. He also does a wicked Dusty Rhodes impression, was a grade school librarian, and worked on the Ring Of Honor road crew!

  • TIJ - EP196 - Robert Trujillo Returns with Metallica Studio Update

    Nov 18 2015

    Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo returns to TIJ, and this time he brought his entire family... along with an update on Metallica's new studio album! He's also got details on the premiere of the Jaco documentary, the soundtrack album, and how you can see the doc if you don't live in Los Angeles! Plus, Robert's sharing thoughts on his bandmate Brooks Wackerman's new gig as A7X drummer! He's got Ozzy stories, and Jerry Cantrell stories, and yes, Robert Trujillo has a favorite Metallica song to pla...more

  • TIJ - EP195 - Viva Eddie Guerrero!

    Nov 13 2015

    Chavo Guerrero, Dean Malenko, and Y2J are celebrating the life of the late, great Eddie Guerrero! They're sharing personal stories about Eddie's life, his career, favorite matches & moments, and what they miss most about him. Prepare to laugh along as you hear about Frankenstein Guerrero, low-fat ice cream, muscle cars, Los Guerreros & the baby bottle, the Guerrero slump, and "Eddie Guerrero is my favorite wrestler!"

  • TIJ - EP194 - Doc McGhee Live From The KISS Kruise

    Nov 11 2015

    KISS manager Doc McGhee has managed EVERYONE in rock & roll, & he's got the stories to prove it! Hear how he dealt with Ace Frehley's gunshot wound, Motley Crue biting Van Halen & fist fighting with AC/DC, Bon Jovi's melting point of rock, and James Brown firing musicians who wanted to get paid! Doc also orchestrated the Moscow Music Peace Festival & almost ended up managing Mikhail Gorbachev! And you won't believe who he passed on working with...

  • TIJ - EP193 - The Iron Sheik

    Nov 06 2015

    The Iron Sheik is breaking backs on TIJ! Okay, so he's not really... but he is speaking candidly if not seriously about his pro-wrestling career and time in WWE. He talks about dropping the belt to Hulk Hogan at MSG, getting busted by the cops with Hacksaw Jim Duggan during the kayfabe days & how that nearly destroyed both their careers, visiting the infamous Hart dungeon in Calgary, and being offered a large sum of money by promoter Verne Gagne to break Hulk Hogan's leg. Plus, Y2J tells his own...more

  • TIJ - EP192 - Avenged Sevenfold Announce New Drummer!

    Nov 05 2015

    Avenged Sevenfold have a brand new drummer, and you're gonna meet him exclusively on TIJ! A7X frontman M. Shadows and their newest member sat down with Y2J to break the news and share the story. You'll hear how and when the change happened, why M. Shadows thinks this is the best move for the band, what effect it'll have on A7X's new studio album, and the role that late drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan played in it all. You'll also hear some great road stories, and music trivia along the way. A...more

  • TIJ - EP191 - Ghost Hunting with Amy Bruni & Kofi Kingston

    Oct 30 2015

    Ghost hunter/investigator Amy Bruni has all sorts of crazy stories about her own supernatural experiences - from communicating with ghosts to having them follow her home to watching a crew member get scratched. She also did a live Halloween special for SyFy's "Ghost Hunters" with Kofi Kingston, and you'll hear directly from HIM what happened during that live TV show! It's the 2nd annual TIJ Halloween Spooktacular...Be afraid! Be very afraid (insert evil laugh here)!

  • TIJ - EP190 - Shelton Benjamin

    Oct 28 2015

    Shelton Benjamin makes his TIJ debut & he & Y2J give a behind-the-scenes look at their "Taboo Tuesday" and "Money In The Bank" matches! Shelton's also talking NJPW & Japanese culture, how he acquired his "Invader X" gimmick, why he & WWE parted ways, what it was like working with The Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, and Big Show, being in OVW with John Cena, Batsita, Brock Lesnar, and Randy Orton...and why he's completely sworn off rice!

  • TIJ - EP189 - Busted Open

    Oct 23 2015

    Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca from SiriusXM's Busted Open Radio show join TIJ to talk pro-wrestling... CURRENT pro-wrestling! They discuss TNA's plight, the PG rating at WWE, Sting's return, the appeal of NXT, Ric Flair, and favorite matches. They also talk Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, and the art of doing good interviews!

  • TIJ - EP188 - Star Wars Trailer & Gary Cherone

    Oct 21 2015

    He was the lead singer of Van Halen for 3 years, and he's still fronting Extreme and Hurtsmile - Gary Cherone is on TIJ! He's got plenty of VH stories, including what his relationship was and is like with Eddie. He's also talking about Extreme's "Pornograffitti" album & how the success of "More Than Words" changed his life. He's got great inside stories about singing with Queen, and meeting The Who's Roger Daltrey. Plus, Chris has some Star Wars theories to share!

  • TIJ - EP187 - Jerry Ferrara

    Oct 16 2015

    Jerry Ferrara aka "Turtle" from HBO's "Entourage" is hanging with Chris, and giving up plenty of great behind-the-scenes stories about the cast and workings of "Entourage!" Find out which of the cast was the biggest ball-buster, what "franchise tag" means in that world, what it was like having Ronda Rousey on set, his character's name in real-life, and how he landed the role in the first place! Jerry's also talking boxing, auditioning for Clint Eastwood, his podcast "Bad 4 Business," his new TV...more

  • TIJ - EP186 - The Dudley Boyz

    Oct 14 2015

    The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray & D-Von, return to the WWE after a ten-year absence & they tell Y2J EXACTLY how it happened! This is a marathon episode filled with stories about their start, their gimmick, tables, TLC matches, tag teams, Spike Dudley, Snot Dudley, Stacy Keibler, TNA, "What's up," ass cream, and Wrestlemania 17. Whew...

  • TIJ - EP185 - Jesse Ventura Returns

    Oct 09 2015

    Jesse Ventura Returns... to dig into "American Conspiracies Volume 2," and this time he's discussing the conspiracy behind John Lennon's assassination, the Iran Hostage crisis & Ronald Reagan, President Lincoln's assassination, and the Chris Kyle legal battle. He's also remembering his old wrestling buddy Rowdy Roddy Piper, making some predictions about Ronda Rousey's career, and declaring his political plans for 2016.

  • TIJ - EP184 - Jericho 25th Anniversary

    Oct 07 2015

    Y2J and three of his oldest friends in pro-wrestling, Lance Storm, Don "The Natural" Callis, and Lenny "Dr. Luther" St. Claire, got together in NYC to celebrate Jericho's 25th Anniversary in the biz! And the trip down memory lane is priceless... The Hart Brothers Wrestling Camp, promoter Tony Condello & the endless ribs they pulled on him, Bad News Brown, Jericho's first heel match, Bulldog Bob Brown, Andre The Giant, and the Dynamite Kid! You'll be laughing so hard you almost puke... just like ...more

  • TIJ - EP183 - Justin Hawkins of The Darkness

    Oct 02 2015

    Justin Hawkins of The Darkness loves rock & roll, catsuits, Queen, brilliant music critics, and the band's new album "Last Of Our Kind." He's also got an interesting story about how he became a singer, a unique idea for the band's next album, some inspired new band names, the reason The Darkness toured with Lady Gaga, and his philosophy on humor & music. And did we mention the night of debauchery he experienced with Queen drummer Roger Taylor? Plus, Brian Slagel, CEO of Metal Blade Records, shar...more

  • TIJ - EP182 - Bill Apter

    Sep 30 2015

    Bill Apter of ProWrestling Illustrated fame has a new book hitting shelves, "Is Wrestling Fixed? I Didn't Know It Was Broken," and he's on TIJ to talk about that & his incredible career. He's telling stories about Hulk Hogan & Rocky III, Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler, breaking 3 ribs in the ring with Shawn Michaels, being banned from WWE matches, ladies apartment wrestling, Andre The Giant, and why Macho Man Randy Savage wanted to kill him! And he does some pretty funny impersonations of some of...more

  • TIJ - EP181 - Eli Roth Returns

    Sep 25 2015

    It's "Green Inferno" Friday with Eli Roth & Y2J! It's been 10 long years since Eli last wrote & directed a horror movie, and he's got a great reason why his latest features cannibals! He's also got plenty of crazy stories about filming in the Amazon jungle in Peru with an indigenous tribe that had never been exposed to outside civilization, battling tarantulas and bullet ants, and figuring out how to politely decline a grateful tribe's expression of thanks! And then there's the lesson in Italian...more

  • TIJ - EP180 - Insane Clown Posse

    Sep 23 2015

    Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope of Insane Clown Posse had runs at WWE, WCW, and TNA & they've got lockerroom stories about who they inadvertently pissed off, who they accidentally shared space with, and who needs handshake help! Hear how they got their start in pro-wrestling, why they launched their own JCW promotion, what happens at their infamous "Gatherings," and why their fans are called juggalos! Plus, Y2J tells the story of his surprise appearance at Night Of Champions, and what it might mean fo...more

  • TIJ - EP179 - Playboy Playmate Jessa Hinton

    Sep 18 2015

    "Anything Goes" podcast host & Playboy Playmate Jessa Hinton is a hot chick with a guy's mentality when it comes to sex, dating, and even favorite past-times! She shares stories about the Playboy Mansion, Hef, and the infamous grotto! She's also open about her sexuality, her sweatpants, and her coke-bottle glasses! And wait till she schools you on the the truth behind hotel art! Plus, Wise Cousin Chad returns to discuss Bruce Dickinson, Axl Rose, and Cleetus!

  • TIJ - EP178 - Dana Warrior talks Ultimate Warrior

    Sep 16 2015

    Dana Warrior, widow of the late, great Ultimate Warrior, remembers her beloved husband, and shares some incredibly emotional & inspirational stories from his last weekend, and last day, on earth. You'll hear how Warrior's rift with WWE & Vince was finally mended, his initial reaction to his WWE Hall of Fame induction, and who were among his favorite in-ring opponents. Dana also shares stories from Warrior's life outside the ring - what he was really like as a husband & father, why living in a sm...more

  • TIJ - EP177 - Kerry King

    Sep 11 2015

    Slayer guitarist & songwriter Kerry King is headbanging with TIJ! He's talking about "The Big Four" shows, his relationship with Metallica, losing Jeff Hanneman, the new Slayer album "Repentless," the new Slayer lineup, Dave Lombardo's departure, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and carpet pythons!

  • TIJ - EP176 - Paul Stanley Returns

    Sep 09 2015

    It's the 40th Anniversary of "KISS Alive!" and Paul Stanley is here to celebrate the milestone event! He remembers whose idea it was to do a live album, why they decided to do it, and what they added in the studio before it was released! Hear stories about the infamous 70's KISS road crew, why KISS died their hair blue-black, and how they really felt about the choreographed "Deuce" moves! Plus, Paul has a special message for Dee Snider!

  • TIJ - EP175 - Bruce Dickinson

    Sep 04 2015

    The Air Raid Siren himself, legendary Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson, brings the metal to TIJ! He's talking about the band's new album "The Book Of Souls," his cancer scare & subsequent recovery, cutting off his long hair, his relationship with Steve Harris, his favorite Maiden songs to perform live, world tours, and WWII planes & what it's like to fly them!

  • TIJ - EP174 - Prime Time Players

    Sep 02 2015

    Millions of dollars! Millions of dollars! That's right, the Prime Time Players, Darren Young & Titus O'Neil, are in the TIJ house! They're spilling on their name & gimmick, their partnership, how they can travel AND work together, and how they both ended up driving around the Great Khali! Plus, Darren talks about what it was like coming out & the work he now does with the LGBT community. And Titus explains why he owes his career to his troubled childhood.

  • TIJ - EP173 - Jado & Gedo

    Aug 28 2015

    Two of New Japan Pro Wrestling's biggest stars, and Y2J's oldest friends in the biz & his former tag team partners, Jado & Gedo, sit down to talk about working together in Mexico, their time in Japan with both W*ING and WAR, how they came up with their crazy theme song, and what inspired the best pro-wrestling t-shirts in the biz! They also have crazy stories about facing down a gunman in Mexico and having the Yakuza (Japanese mafia) come to matches!

  • TIJ - EP172 - Marty Friedman in Tokyo

    Aug 26 2015

    Former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman loves Japan so much he now calls it home! He's been living there for years, and is talking about the food, learning the language, driving in Tokyo, and the Japanese music scene! He's also got some great stories about this time in Megadeth, working with Dave Mustaine, how he landed the job in the first place, and what prompted him to give it up! Plus, hear about his new solo album, "Inferno," and why he considers it the heaviest thing he's ever done!

  • TIJ - EP171 - Tough Enough Final Four

    Aug 21 2015

    Tough Enough is down to the Final Four - Sara Lee, Amanda, Josh & ZZ... and all four are on TIJ! First up, the Diva hopefuls! Hear what Sara Lee thinks of The Miz saving her, and both women's journeys to Tough Enough. And if you need a little help deciding who to vote for, both ladies cut one last promo to persuade you! And then - Josh & ZZ join Y2J. You'll hear about wrestling alligators, the curse of the Nightmare Zone, and their final promos to win your vote! You'll also get lessons in Yeti...more

  • TIJ - EP170 - Sex With Emily

    Aug 19 2015

    Sexual Health expert Dr. Emily Morse is helping TIJ listeners spice up their "hibbity dibbity"! She's talking sex toys, positions, size, and bedroom communication! She's also getting Y2J to fess up about a few of his favorite things (wink, wink)!

  • TIJ - EP169 - Bullet For My Valentine

    Aug 14 2015

    BFMV's Matt Tuck & Moose met up with Y2J at Heavy Montreal to talk about their new album "Venom," and to tell some unbelievable stories about touring with Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slipknot, and Guns N Roses! Matt Tuck also gives a lesson in Welsh, and you'll hear about a certain drunken night in Seattle that involved Y2J, and the Canadian border crossing!

  • TIJ - EP168 - Sasha Banks

    Aug 12 2015

    The current NXT Women's Champion, Sasha Banks, sits down with Y2J to talk about her current title, her WWE debut, her break into wrestling, becoming "The Boss," her "shared" Wrestlemania moment with Triple H, her cousin Snoop Dogg, and what she learned from Dusty Rhodes.

  • TIJ - EP167 - Conspiracy Theorist Greg Carlwood

    Aug 07 2015

    Conspiracy Theorist Greg Carlwood, host of "The Higherside Chats" podcast is sharing some pretty interesting ideas about 9/11, secret societies, the sinking of the Titanic, aliens & UFOs, and who really controls the banking industry, and JFK assassination details. He's also sharing theories on who filmed the moonlanding, and why prohibition existed in the US in the 20s. Things that make you go hmmmmm...

  • TIJ - EP166 - New Day

    Aug 05 2015

    Y2J shares his memories of Rowdy Roddy Piper! And then prepare to laugh as Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods aka New Day hold nothing back about their gospel gimmick, their friendship, the clap & chant, bad Jamaican accents, edgey babyfaces, trick or treating in shopping malls, and favorite matches!

  • TIJ - EP165 - Mark Henry

    Jul 31 2015

    Mark Henry's splitting wigs on TIJ! Okay, not really... but he is telling great stories about how he got started at WWE, rooming with "The Rock" during their early days, Sexual Chocolate, dating Mae Young, surviving locker room politics, working out with Vince McMahon, and his favorite Hell In A Cell match! Plus, is he really thinking about retiring one day soon?

  • TIJ - EP164 - "Mr. Belding" Dennis Haskins

    Jul 29 2015

    Everybody's favorite principal, "Mr. Belding" aka Dennis Haskins of "Saved By The Bell" fame shares his infinite wisdom, love of music, "Dancing With The Stars" aspirations, and LOTS of stories about the cult 90's sitcom! He's even got details about how the big reunion happened on Jimmy Fallon earlier this year, what it was like working with Seth McFarlane, and how & when Dennis became such a huge wrestling fan!

  • TIJ - EP163 - Stewart Copeland plus AshTFE Reviews Sharknado3

    Jul 24 2015

    R&R Hall of Fame drummer Stewart Copeland of The Police fame sits down with Y2J to explain what exactly "the police thieved" from The Clash, how he & Sting & Andy REALLY got along on the 2007 Reunion Tour & why they will not likely ever work together again, and who he counts among his biggest musical influences. Plus, Ash The Fish Expert shares a very detailed review of "Sharknado 3," and a vote on whether "Bruce The Ride Attendant" should be resurrected for "Sharknado 4."

  • TIJ - EP162 - Jeff Jarrett & Magnus Talk GFW

    Jul 22 2015

    GFW are holding their first TV tapings in Vegas on Friday night, and Jeff Jarrett and Magnus (aka Nick Aldis) are talking all about it on TIJ! Jeff's also talking TNA & what, if any, role he currently has in that promotion. He's got stories about his days doing the lighted jacket gimmick, a couple of good Owen Hart ribs, & what he sees in GFW's future! Plus, Magnus reveals why he's no longer with TNA, and shares a couple of his favorite matches.

  • TIJ - EP161 - Ian Ziering

    Jul 17 2015

    Sharknado 3 debuts on Wednesday & the ultimate shark fighter, Ian Ziering, is on TIJ to talk about taking out sharks with a chainsaw! You'll hear what he thought when he read the original script, why he chose to do the movie, and how he feels about it becoming a pop culture phenomenon! He's also talking about "Beverly Hills 90210," that other little TV show he starred in... and wait till you hear how he landed THAT role!

  • TIJ - EP160 - Randy Blythe

    Jul 15 2015

    Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe survived 37 days in a Czech prison, wrote a book about it called "Dark Days," and is now giving a first-hand account to Y2J. He's sharing details about prison clothes, food, repulsive shower experiences, trading guitar picks for cigarettes, working the legal system through a translator, and how he really felt when found "not guilty." He's also talking about Lamb of God's new studio album, "Sturm Und Drang" and why it's NOT a prison record!

  • TIJ - EP159 - Raven plus Ash The Fish Expert Returns

    Jul 10 2015

    Raven's got a Top 10 list of favorite SNL members & characters. He has a Top 10 list of the funniest guys in pro-wrestling. He has stories about the 4 Drunk Horsemen, Pat Patterson, WCW, The Flock, and Bob Backlund...and he's telling 'em all on TIJ! Plus, it's the return of Ash The Fish Expert... or shall we say Dinosaur Expert?

  • TIJ - EP158 - Corey Taylor Returns

    Jul 08 2015

    Slipknot & Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor returns to TIJ to talk about his new acting gig, his new book (which he can't even remember the title of), his "Lizard" nickname, Bruce Jenner's transformation to Caitlyn, ranting, kismet, the latest Slipknot tour, parenting, wrestling, NXT, and Stone Sour's upcoming covers EP series!

  • TIJ - EP157 - Tyson Kidd & Nattie Neidhart

    Jul 03 2015

    Nattie Neidhart & Tyson Kidd are sharing crazy Hart family stories...Nattie's a "Hart" and Tyson Kidd grew up in the Hart family! And no one's off limits - Stu, Bret, Jim, Harry, and Uncle Owen! Hear their take on the Montreal Screw Job, how Tyson brokered the peace between Bret and Shawn Michaels, what they think of Vince McMahon, how Owen's death splintered the family, and what finally brought them all back together again!

  • TIJ - EP156 - Scott Baio

    Jul 01 2015

    Scott Baio knows a thing or two about longevity in Hollywood, and you will too after hearing his stories about playing Chachi on "Happy Days" & "Joanie Loves Chachi," Charles on "Charles In Charge," and Bob Loblaw on "Arrested Development." He's also talking "Zapped," "Battle of The Network Stars," Howard Cosell, hockey, Willie Ames, and reality television.

  • TIJ - EP155 - The Big Show

    Jun 26 2015

    It's a super-sized episode with The Big Show to wrap up "Giant Week" on TIJ! That means we had plenty of time to talk aboutFloyd Mayweather, Shaquille O'Neal, Brock Lesnar, Hulk Hogan, broken noses, WCW, Acromegaly, Andre The Giant, our tag team days, and the Dungeon of Doom.

  • TIJ - EP154 - Great Khali

    Jun 24 2015

    It's "Giant Week" on TIJ and kicking things off - The Great Khali! Hear where and how he learned to speak English, what got him into pro-wrestling, and when he realized pro-wrestling was not real! Plus, Khali shares his version of the disastrous Punjabi Prison match, and what he loved best about working with Adam Sandler on "The Longest Yard." And yes, he's got a favorite match too!

  • TIJ - EP153 - Renee Young

    Jun 19 2015

    What happens when you put two Canadian WWE stars in front of microphones? The accents come out, eh! Y2J & Renee Young talk voice coaches, pro-wrestling, favorite matches, "Kids In The Hall," and how Renee got to WWE. She's also talking "Vintage WWE," Steph McMahon, and why she really wanted to be Chelsea Handler!

  • TIJ - EP152 - Vanilla Ice

    Jun 17 2015

    Y2J shares some personal memories and stories about "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes! And then sits down with Vanilla Ice for a little 90s pop culture flashback (fade haircuts, the running man, and baggy pants), a look inside The Surreal Life, and a tip or two on flipping houses! They also get into the "sampled riff" from "Ice Ice Baby," meeting Michael Jackson, and Ice's upcoming movie with Adam Sandler!

  • TIJ - EP151 - Bill DeMott

    Jun 12 2015

    Former NXT head coach Bill DeMott is his telling his side of the controversial tale surrounding his resignation from WWE. The old WCW buddies also talk about Bill's wrestling days, the WCW/WWE invasion angle, the injury that basically ended Bill's in-ring career, Goldberg, the jelly donut scandal, NXT talent, and The Bill DeMott Experience.

  • TIJ - EP150 - Mark Tremonti

    Jun 10 2015

    Y2J's getting his rock on with guitarist Mark Tremonti! They're talking Alter Bridge, Creed, the new Tremonti album, sharing a singer with Slash, Wolfgang Van Halen, the ill-fated Creed reunion, bad-ass guitar players, songwriting, and difficult band members!

  • TIJ - EP149 - The Tragic Tale of Axl Rotten

    Jun 05 2015

    Former ECW hardcore wrestler Axl Rotten joins TIJ to remember some of his famous bloody, barbwire, baseball bat matches! He's also talking about the horrible spine injury he now suffers as a result, and how it's not only kept him out of the ring, but also wheelchair bound! Hear Axl's inspirational and redemptive tale about kicking heroin & pills, and turning his life around. He & Chris also share some kindred KISS stories!

  • TIJ - EP148 - Bobby Hull

    Jun 03 2015

    NHL Hall of Famer and one of the best to ever hit the ice, Bobby Hull, joins TIJ to share some incredible stories about the early NHL, curved sticks, free agency & guarantees, the start of the WHA, the Winnepeg Jets, the Chicago Blackhawks, Wayne Gretzsky, Brett Hull, and Bobby's first-ever Stanley Cup Championship!

  • TIJ - EP147 - Kevin Owens

    May 29 2015

    It's Kevin Owens vs John Cena on the Elimination Chamber PPV, and Kevin's got plenty to say about having one his childhood dreams come true! He's also talking about his WWE tryout, the NXT performance center, his promo philosophy, "Fight Steen Fight," learning to speak English thanks to pro-wrestling & JR, his love of Owen Hart, and the advice he got from Stone Cold Steve Austin.

  • TIJ - EP146 - Jesse Ventura & hackers discussed

    May 27 2015

    Former Minnesota Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura brings his firecracker energy to TIJ! He's talking about being a competitive swimmer, a Navy Seal, and a pro-wrestler! From his tag team days with Adrian Adonis to working with Hulk Hogan to the injury that ended his in-ring career! He's also got stories about broadcasting, making movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger... and don't kid yourself - he's got plenty to say about a whole lotta conspiracy theories - JFK, 9/11, and even the moon landing! It...more

  • TIJ - EP145 - David Coverdale

    May 22 2015

    Whitesnake & former Deep Purple frontman David Coverdale has plenty of stories about sex, drugs & rock n' roll! He talks about his bandmates - the late, great Purple keyboardist Jon Lord, former Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, the Purple reunion that never happened, Cal Jam, pyro explosions gone wrong, Whitesnake, "Here I Go Again," and their brand new album and world tour!

  • TIJ - EP144 - Finn Balor

    May 20 2015

    NXT sensation Finn Balor is gonna be Y2J's worthy opponent when the WWE Summer Tour hits Japan in July! But today, it's all camaraderie as Finn talks about his name change from Prince Devitt to Finn Balor, HIS own lighted jacket, his time working in Japan, The Bullet Club, his killer NXT body paint & ring entrance, and the hardest thing about making the move to WWE. And what's that about not having a driver's license??

  • TIJ - EP143 - Quiet Riot & Ash The Fish Expert

    May 15 2015

    Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali and former bassist Rudy Sarzo talk about the rise & fall, and rise again of Quiet Riot! They speak candidly about Kevin DuBrow & the problems that led to the band's break up & Kevin's subsequent tragic death. They're also talking about hanging with Van Halen, the making of "Metal Health," and giving a behind-the-scenes look at the new documentary "Well Now You're Here, There's No Way Back." Plus, Ash The Fish Expert returns to share some horrifying (and possibl...more

  • TIJ - EP142 - Duff McKagan

    May 13 2015

    Ex-GNR & Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan drops in to talk about his new bands - Loaded and Walking Papers, his new book "How To Be A Man," working with Axl Rose, the GNR reunion, surviving Scott Weiland, staying fit at 50, playing basketball with Michael Jordan, and collecting knock-knock jokes!

  • TIJ - EP141 - Paranormal Dean Ambrose

    May 08 2015

    Dean Ambrose returns to TIJ to talk Big Foot vs the Yeti (there is a difference), Lake Monsters, UFOs, the pyramids, and the moon landing. He also shares his own ghost stories, and explains why he'll never take a journey into space.

  • TIJ - EP140 - Billy Corgan

    May 06 2015

    Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has a new gig & a new title! He's the "Senior Producer Creative & Talent Development" at TNA. President Dixie Carter recruited Billy, and today, you'll hear what exactly he intends to do in his new role - from creation of storylines & angles to development of new TNA talent. Billy knows his wrestling stuff! This is no gimmick gig! You'll also hear a few Pumpkins stories tossed into the mix and how his experience in one of the biggest rock bands of the 90s ...more

  • TIJ - EP139 - Sheamus

    May 01 2015

    Sheamus is back and he's on TIJ to celebrate! What's up with the new hair? New beard? Being a heel? He tells ya! He's also talking about his WWE tryout with Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre, kissing Triple H's arse, his 2009 TLC match with John Cena, working stiff vs working strong, missing SummerSlam, WM18, Daniel Bryan, and what you can do with 18-seconds in a pro-wrestling ring!

  • TIJ - EP138 - Larry King and Shawn King

    Apr 29 2015

    Broadcast Legend Larry King & his lovely wife (and podcast co-host) Shawn join TIJ to share some amazing stories! Larry has a fav interview, a worst interview, & some interviewing advice for his wife! He's rear-ended JFK (yes, THAT JFK), broken bread with Marlon Brando, & been star-struck by one of biggest icons in music history. Plus, Lance Storm weighs in on the Extreme Rules PPV.

  • TIJ - EP137 - Monday Night Wars - Bischoff vs Prichard

    Apr 24 2015

    It's the great Monday Night Wars Debate featuring Eric Bischoff for WCW, Bruce Prichard for WWE, & Y2J moderating the discussion! They're covering defections, the NWO, DX invading WCW in a tank, Medusa trashing the belt, Rick Rude doing both shows on the same night, the Montreal Screw Job, the ultimate downfall of WCW, and wait till you hear some of the ideas that never made it to camera! Wow! Plus, Chris & Wise Cousin Chad recount their wild night at the 2015 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. ...more

  • TIJ - EP136 - Bob Rock plus The Miz

    Apr 22 2015

    Super producer Bob Rock has plenty of stories to tell about Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Black Veil Brides, and The Cult. He also speaks candidly about working with Metallica including tense studio moments, "Enter Sandman's" original lyrics, playing bass in the band, shaping James' vocals, honing Jason Newsted's bass sound, and keeping them together through "St. Anger." There's also one band on Bob Rock's wish list & it just might surprise you! Plus, The Miz returns to TIJ in an attempt to overtake E...more

  • TIJ - EP135 - William Regal

    Apr 16 2015

    WWE's William Regal was the first guy that Y2J met at WCW, and you'll hear that story in this fantastic conversation! You'll also hear some of the funnier names that Regal had in his early days, why he owes his big break in America to Bill Watts, what happened at his first WWE tryout, and the real story behind his controversial match with Bill Goldberg. Plus, he speaks candidly about rehab, cleaning up his act, and turning his life around... and reveals the worst thing he sees in wrestling today...more

  • TIJ - EP134 - Team Tiger Awesome

    Apr 15 2015

    Team Tiger Awesome is in the house! Clint Gage, Michael Truly, and Nick Mundy - the three comic geniuses behind Y2J's new Comedy Central web series "Nothing To Report." Wanna hear how you shoot 6 episodes in 3 nights in the director's frontyard? Plus, hilarious hijinks from the set, and a true behind-the-scenes look at what it took to get it done... and the answer to this pressing question: "why isn't Nick Mundy's BFF The Rock in the series?" Hmmmmm...

  • TIJ - EP133 - The Walking Dead's Josh McDermitt

    Apr 10 2015

    Josh McDermitt aka "Dr. Eugene Porter" from "The Walking Dead" has plenty to say about how things work on the set of one of the most popular TV shows on the planet! He's talking "Death Dinners," the infamous mullet, killing zombies, Cocko, and piloting hot air balloons (no, seriously - he's licensed). Plus, Skid Row's Snake Sabo and Rachel Bolan introduce their new singer & reveal what the future holds for the band!

  • TIJ - EP132 - Vickie Guerrero

    Apr 08 2015

    Vickie Guerrero had nuclear heat at WWE! She was one of the most hated characters... and to think - she sorta fell into her pro-wrestling career a little by accident and a little by necessity! She speaks candidly about her husband, the late, great Eddie Guerrero, about their marriage, and about being a pro-wrestling wife. She also has stories about The Undertaker and Vince McMahon! And she was very close to Chris Benoit and his wife, Nancy... and opens up about that horrible family tragedy.

  • TIJ - EP131 - Tim Commerford of RATM

    Apr 03 2015

    Get your rock on with TIJ and special guest Tim Commerford of Rage Against The Machine & Audioslave fame! He's fronting a new band, Future User, and talking about the insane music videos they've made involving waterboarding & burning people alive! He's also got plenty of RATM and Audioslave stories, theories on why Geddy Lee is such a stellar frontman, what he wishes people would remember about his friend, Lance Armstrong, and future plans for RATM. Plus, Jonathan Logan, the mastermind behind Y...more

  • TIJ - EP130 - Edge Reviews Wrestlemania

    Apr 01 2015

    Wrestlemania (no number) is in the books... and Y2J and his old buddy Edge have plenty of thoughts and analysis to share. Biggest cheers, biggest surprises, their favorite matches & performances, and their "woulda, shoulda, coulda" moments - from Rock to Taker to Ronda Rousey to Roman Reigns... and the Divas! Plus, find out what Edge has been up to lately! Here's a hint - long days, fighting, and minimal practice. Here's another hint - it's so cookie!

  • TIJ - EP129 - Daniel Bryan

    Mar 27 2015

    Just in time for Wrestlemania 31, Daniel Bryan joins Y2J to give a detailed account of his last 12-months in pro-wrestling... from the moment his neck injury turned too serious to ignore to the two surgeries, multiple doctors, and special rehab therapy that ultimately led him back to the ring. They also discuss losing the Championship belt, and his upcoming WM 31 match. Plus, Egypt returns to TIJ to make his own predictions about the WM31 card!

  • TIJ - EP128 - Cheech Marin plus Perro Aguayo Tragedy Discussed

    Mar 25 2015

    Cheech Marin of Cheech & Chong fame sends TIJ "Up In Smoke" with hilarious stories from one of Y2J's favorite movies, anecdotes from his early days in comedy, the reason for the rift with Tommy Chong, and how they eventually reunited. Plus, "Born in East LA," making pottery in Canada, draft dodging in the States, and a Battle of The Bands victory without a note of music played! And, Dave Meltzer joins Y2J to discuss the Perry Aguayo Jr tragedy!

  • TIJ - EP127 - Gene Simmons

    Mar 20 2015

    Oh yeah! The God of Thunder meets the Pod of Thunder for an in-depth discussion on fire breathing, bass playing, big words like gymnasium, songwriting, The Beatles, rock is dead, drugs & alcohol, KISS break-ups & reunions, 5,000 pieces of merch, dying wishes, and tombstone epitaphs. And then there's a fascinating look inside Gene Simmons' KISS museum aka Los Angeles home!

  • TIJ - EP126 - R Truth

    Mar 18 2015

    R Truth has a great angle going into Wrestlemania - stealing the Intercontinental Championship! But did you know that he used to choreograph dance routines for MC Hammer? Or that he has a new rap album coming out? You're gonna learn a lot about R Truth on TIJ, including details on the prison stint that led him to pro-wrestling, what TNA did for him, how he feels about X-Pac and DX, and how he finally landed at WWE. Plus, SpeeWee returns with a little pep talk!

  • TIJ - EP125 - Stormy Daniels

    Mar 13 2015

    Adult film star Stormy Daniels gives a true behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make an adult movie - from script to set to directing to location to props and costumes! She talks about her fav stars to work with, what she will & won't do on camera, why she considers herself a writer & director first, and the effect piracy has had on the industry! Plus, details on her run-in with Kim Kardashian, and what & when Stormy plans to tell her own 4-year old daughter about mommy's career!

  • TIJ - EP124 - PJ Black aka Justin Gabriel

    Mar 11 2015

    PJ Black gave up his dream job when he quit WWE, and now he's talking to Y2J all about that big decision - why he did it, how it went down, and if he has any regrets! He's also talking about his days in WWE including the NXT Invasion angle, what he learned from Dusty Rhodes, and how he became Justin Gabriel. He's got sky diving stories, and near-death experiences, and plenty of thoughts about the Indie wrestling scene!

  • TIJ - EP123 - Samoa Joe

    Mar 06 2015

    Samoa Joe left TNA and the first place he stopped to talk about this huge, life-changing decision is TIJ! Hear the when, why, how, and what's next for Samoa Joe - including whether or not WWE might be in the mix for him! He's also sharing memorable moments from his 9 years with TNA, and what it was like working with everyone from Hulk Hogan to Eric Bischoff to Kurt Angle to Dutch Mantel. He spent time in Japan and has thoughts on working strong style, and also explains why he wants to see more o...more

  • TIJ - EP122 - Josh Gates from Expedition Unknown

    Mar 04 2015

    Josh Gates from Travel Channel's "Expedition Unknown" is a real-life, modern day Indiana Jones. He's searched for Big Foot, Lake Monsters, and werewolves. He's investigated the paranormal mysteries of Chernobyl, King Tut's Tomb, and the lost city of Cambodia. He's researched the legend of Amelia Earhart, and unearthed ancient Mayan sacrificial altars! He's seen and survived it all, and he's sharing his stories on TIJ! And yes, he's even got a favorite destination!

  • TIJ - EP121 - Thrillseekers Reunion with Lance Storm Pt2

    Feb 27 2015

    Pt2 of the Thrillseekers reunion with Lance T. Storm... and this time it's all about their first tour of Japan, their initial breakup, their reunion at Smokey Mountain Wrestling and launch of the Thrillseekers (right down to the original uniform idea), learning to do promos, favorite matches, and whether or not the Thrillseekers will ever reunite in the ring again! Plus, guess who's in "Sharknado 3"?!?

  • TIJ - EP120 - Lance Storm Pt1 & Fast Lane Analysis

    Feb 25 2015

    It's a Thrillseekers reunion on TIJ! Cowboy Chris and the masked StarChild talk about the ridiculous gimmicks & characters that "almost were;" their first meeting at wrestling school; their first match, which just so happened to be against each other; & how Lance ended up at the Hart's Wrestling school in the first place! Plus, Dave Meltzer and Y2J are telling it like it is when it comes to WWE's Fast Lane PPV! Who sucked & who stole the show? Listen & find out!

  • TIJ - EP119 - WWE's Pat Patterson & the Irvine Kids

    Feb 20 2015

    Y2J calls Pat Patterson the WWE Jedi of booking, and credits Pat with teaching him 90% of everything he knows about pro-wrestling psychology and "working." If you're a Y2J fan, then you're a Pat Patterson fan! Pat has plenty of stories to share including his own personal journey as a gay man in pro-wrestling. Hear about his time in the territories, his push to get Shawn Michaels into WWE, his relationship with Vince McMahon Jr, how he came up with the Royal Rumble, behind-the-scene details about...more

  • TIJ - EP118 - NY Ranger Legend Ted Irvine Returns & Paige

    Feb 18 2015

    NY Ranger Legend, who also happens to be Y2J's dad, Ted Irvine, returns to TIJ to celebrate his 70th birthday! That means lots of GREAT hockey stories about his time with the Rangers, being traded to St. Louis, and what happened when Bobby Hull left the NHL for the WHA. He's also talking favorite arenas, favorite players, and meanest on the ice, and sharing all the nicknames from his Rangers roster! Plus, WWE Diva Paige also returns to pay tribute to a wrestling friend of hers & Chris'!

  • TIJ - EP117 - Shawn Michaels Pt 2

    Feb 13 2015

    Shawn Michaels returns to TIJ to finish his incredible conversation with Y2J. They explain why Vince McMahon & WWE no longer allow blood in the ring (yes, it's their fault). You'll hear what HBK thinks about the time Y2J punched Shawn's wife, Rebecca, the real reason Shawn retired from WWE, and Shawn's side of the Montreal Screw Job story.

  • TIJ - EP116 - Shawn Michaels Pt 1

    Feb 11 2015

    Y2J went to the middle-of-nowhere Texas to sitdown with HBK at his ranch, and they talked about raising goats, home schooling kids, electric gates... and oh yeah - pro wrestling! In part 1, you'll hear about The Rockers, Scott Hall, being a "small guy" in a big man's business, Shawn's first firing from WWE, Pat Patterson, and the beginning of the infamous 2008 Y2J-HBK angle.

  • TIJ - EP115 - Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagans

    Feb 06 2015

    Premiere ghost hunter Zak Bagans shares some bonechilling stories about demon possession, ghost attacks, evil hauntings, and other unexplained phenomena. Hear about his investigation of the infamous "Demon House" in Indiana, the "gateway to hell" at Bobby Mackey's Music World, and what happened when a Priest was called in to exorcise a demon who'd possessed Zak's body. This episode is not for the faint of heart.

  • TIJ - EP114 - Black Veil Brides Andy Biersack

    Feb 04 2015

    Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides brings the rock to TIJ! He lived in his car when he first moved to LA & you'll never believe who his first rock & roll friend was! He's also talking about his new album, working with legendary producer Bob Rock, why he loves Paul Stanley, KISS, and pro-wrestling! Plus, he's giving a blow-by-blow account of his worst stage injury, his F-you moment at the Golden Gods Awards, and how he made a BVB music video that went viral BEFORE he ever had a band!

  • TIJ - EP113 - WWE's The Miz with Mizdow and Sweet & Lynch

    Jan 30 2015

    The Miz and his stuntdouble Mizdow join TIJ to talk about this unlikely pairing & why it works so well! We'll also hear about all the crazy things that Mizdow did as Damien Sandow including magic tricks, freestyle rapping, pink tights & facial hair. You'll find out why Clint Eastwood and "Cousin Eddie" from the "Vacation" movies were critical to his success! And very special guests George Lynch and Michael Sweet check in to talk about their new music project, "Sweet & Lynch." The former Dokken ...more

  • TIJ - EP112 - WWE IC Champ Wade Barrett & Royal Rumble Analysis

    Jan 28 2015

    Y2J's protege, Wade Barrett's in the hot seat, but at least he's not getting big-leagued like the first time they met! That story, details on their NXT pairing, and the tale of his WWE tryout all covered. You'll also hear the evolution of Bad News Barrett, and the Patrick Swayze movie that gave Wade his name! Plus, Y2J and Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter break down last Sunday's Royal Rumble! And yes, Chris is throwing his support behind Roman Reigns & you're gonna have to ...more

  • TIJ - EP111 - Randy Savage Remembered by his brother Lanny Poffo

    Jan 23 2015

    Macho Man Randy Savage's brother, Lanny Poffo, has agreed that it's time for Macho Man to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, so that's what's happening this year! Why did Lanny change his mind? And what would his brother and father think about it? Lanny explains his decision... and shares some amazing stories about his brother's as well as his own wrestling career as "The Genius" who only spoke in poetry and rhyme! He recites a few of his more famous & memorable poems & tells stories from hi...more

  • TIJ - EP110 - Robert Trujillo of METALLICA

    Jan 21 2015

    Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo recounts his 2-day, hung over, no-prep audition for the band! He also talks Infectious Grooves, Suicidal Tendencies, Ozzy, Cliff Burton, pioneering bass players, Antarctica, his first prison gig, and his fav Metallica songs to play live. Plus, details on the documentary Rob's making about one of his biggest musical heroes - bassist Jaco Pastorius! It's 5-years in the making & you can be a part of it! And 2-year old Beckett Sage IDs WWE stars' theme songs in seco...more

  • TIJ - EP109 - WWE Tag Champs The Usos

    Jan 16 2015

    Current Tag Team Champs, and real-life twin brothers, The Usos give a detailed account about their famous wrestling family, their cousins - Roman Reigns & The Rock, their failed Smackdown audition, their inspired face painting, their memorable RAW debut, and the loss of their beloved Uncle Eckie aka Umaga! You'll also hear the pranks they pulled in school that only twins can... and the day jobs they gave up in Florida to pursue a pro wrestling career!

  • TIJ - EP108 - LEMMY

    Jan 14 2015

    He's a metal legend, a rock icon, and he's on TIJ - Motorhead frontman Lemmy! He's talking about everything - wrestling, Triple H, his WWII artifact collection, being a roadie for & dropping acid with Jimi Hendrix, meeting the Beatles, heroin, whiskey, Ozzy Osbourne, playing bass, Motorhead's latest album "After Shock," his favorite songs to play live, Motorhead's beginnings, and possible retirement. It doesn't get any more rock & roll than this!

  • TIJ - EP107 - Hulk Hogan Pt2

    Jan 09 2015

    Hulkamania continues on TIJ! Wrestlemania 1 & 3 in-depth, Andre the Giant stories, Macho Man Randy Savage, Hulk's last conversation with Ultimate Warrior just before Warrior passed, the NWO, Hulk's thoughts on the death of WCW, "Buzzkill," Mr. T, Hulk's surprise appearance at WM30, and the true story of his audition for Metallica! Plus, Speewee returns & you'll never believe whose tongue was in his mouth!

  • TIJ - EP106 - Hulk Hogan Pt1

    Jan 07 2015

    Hulkamania is taking over "Talk Is Jericho"! One of the most iconic wrestlers in history sits down with Y2J & talks about his own wrestling heroes, why he loved working in Japan, his role in the Rocky movie, his first meeting with Vince McMahon Sr, working for Verne Gagne, and taking a chance with WWF and his hot & cold relationship with Vince Jr. Plus, Chris' friend Speewee, one of the masterminds behind the greatest rib ever pulled on Y2J, joins the show to explain how he put one over on Jeric...more

  • TIJ - EP105 - WWE's JBL & Peter Thomas Fornatale

    Jan 02 2015

    WWE announcer JBL has stories about the Von Erichs, Vampiro, the European circuit, the Monday Night Wars, the Westminster Dog Show, the APA and Ron Simmons, Public Enemy, The Dudleys, Vince Russo and the Attitude Era, and the WWE Tribute To The Troops! He also talks "Seven Summits," helping at-risk kids, and running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain! And Y2J welcomes special guest, Peter Thomas Fornatale, who collaborated with Chris on all three of his NY Times best-selling books!

  • TIJ - EP104 - Snake Sabo From Skid Row & Prichard & Bischoff Debate

    Dec 31 2014

    Y2J moderates Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff debating the Monday Night Wars! It's a teaser for the live event coming to Philly next month! And then special co-host Fozzy guitarist Rich Ward joins Chris and Skid Row's Snake Sabo to talk a little rock & roll to get your New Year's Eve party started! Skid Row stories. Pantera stories. Sebastian Bach stories. Stuck Mojo stories. And of course, lots of wrestling stories (because Rich and Snake are big wrestling fans). Happy New Year from TIJ!

  • TIJ - EP103 - London Is Jericho

    Dec 26 2014

    Chris Jericho was in London last June with Fozzy, and in between tour dates & a raucous set at Download, he managed to squeeze in two one-man shows at Leicester Hall. And since you weren't able to join in the fun in-person, we're bringing it to you! Y2J told stories, played the cowbell, and answered some great questions about everything from The Rock to the rib he pulled on Shane McMahon to DWTS and an audition gone horribly wrong! We guarantee you'll laugh at least once!

  • TIJ - EP102 - Dee Snider of Twisted Sister & Santa

    Dec 24 2014

    Deck the halls with Y2J and guest Dee Snider of Twisted Sister fame! Dee's spreading holiday cheer with a new Broadway-style musical in Chicago, and plenty of stories about Twisted Sister's meteoric rise to & fall from fame, Celebrity Apprentice, Spongebob Squarepants, "House Of Hair" and Celine Dion buying his mansion! Plus, the jolly fat man in the bright red suit makes a special appearance on his busiest night of the year!

  • TIJ - EP101 - WWE's Ryback

    Dec 19 2014

    Ryback is speaking about the CM Punk's recent comments & he's doing it right here on TIJ! Ryback's also got a great Dusty Rhodes impression, the back story on "Skip Sheffield," his very own WWF bell hammer, an update on the injuries that nearly ended his career, and words of wisdom he never actually heard from Arnold Schwarzenegger! "Feed Me More! Feed Me More!"

  • TIJ - EP100 - Paul Stanley of KISS

    Dec 17 2014

    It's episode 100 & there's only one guest fitting for such a milestone mark - Paul Stanley from KISS! And what better place to do episode 100 than Vegas, baby! Y2J, The Starchild, & Sin City... and nothing is off-limits! Early KISS days, make-up, no make-up, breakups, reunions, "Psycho Circus," producer Bob Ezrin, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, stage raps, arena football, pro-wrestling, favorite songs, and Gene Simmons. Talk about blowing the roof off the joint...

  • TIJ - EP99 - WWE's Dean Ambrose Pt2

    Dec 12 2014

    Dean Ambrose is talking about The Shield - how it started; what it was supposed to be; what it became; why it ended; and how he found out! He's also got thoughts on Paul Heyman, John Cena, the Attitude Era, working babyface, and his Hell In A Cell match against Seth Rollins. And if you want the real scoop on Dean's twitter feud with Mick Foley - then you definitely need to download this one! And you may want to stick around till the very end to hear Y2J's news about his big 100th episode guest!

  • TIJ - EP98 - WWE's Dean Ambrose Pt1

    Dec 10 2014

    It's part 1 of Y2J's sitdown with Dean Ambrose...find out why he's obsessed with mountain biking, what role he's playing in the upcoming movie "Lock Down," where he came up with his original character name John Moxley, who called him to tryout for WWE, what he learned from Dusty Rhodes, and how he really feels about promos. Plus, a very touching tribute to Chris' dad, Ted Irvine, for his 70th birthday.

  • TIJ - EP97 - NXT's Sami Zayn & Adrian Neville & Fozzy's Jeff Rouse

    Dec 05 2014

    NXT superstars Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville give an inside look at the workings of the WWE Performance Center, debate the merits of the Archie comics with Chris, share advice they got from Raven, and replay some favorite matches. They also talk "rookie status," ole chants, and they play Quiz Off! Plus, new Fozzy bassist Jeff Rouse chats with Chris about his musical upbringing in Seattle, opening a show for Nirvana, playing in Duff McKagan's band Loaded, and how he learned the Fozzy live set so f...more

  • TIJ - EP96 - Y2J Discusses CM Punk & AC/DC drummer Chris Slade

    Dec 03 2014

    One-time AC/DC drummer Chris Slade (who might soon find himself behind the kit again for the Aussie rockers) talks to CJ about his time with the famous rock band - from his audition to first gig, and his less-than-amicable departure! He also has stories about his early days drumming with Tom Jones, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame, and Elvis Presley! Plus, Y2J addresses the comments recently made by CM Punk, and you definitely don't want to miss 'em!

  • TIJ - EP95 - Mob Wives Renee Graziano & Y2J Brazilian Flag Incident

    Nov 28 2014

    Ever wonder what it would be like to be "married to the mob" or to grow up in a mob family? Well VH-1's Mob Wives' star Renee Graziano has done both, and she's very honest about what it's like - from her father's first prison sentence to having a hit put out on her by her now ex-husband (a mob hitman himself). She talks about what it means to be a "rat," when she realized her family was "different," and how she survived domestic abuse. Plus, Y2J tells the full story about the night he kicked the...more

  • TIJ - EP94 - WWE's Seth Rollins & Rory Fox

    Nov 26 2014

    WWE's Seth Rollins is a big guy who can do some serious high-flying in the ring! Who and what inspired that?? And how is he liking flyin' solo these days since the bust-up of The Shield? Seth takes us through his days at Ring of Honor as Tyler Black to his developmental deal with WWE at NXT, and the formation of The Shield. Yes, they really carried plastic "Game Of Thrones" style shields at one point! Hear about his original finishing move, "The Piece of Mind," how he got his WWE character name...more

  • TIJ - EP93 - Slash Pt 2 &

    Nov 21 2014

    Part 2 with Slash... and this is the part you've all been waiting for - Slash talking about Guns N Roses and whether or not there will ever be a reunion! There are also stories about dinosaurs, opening for the Rolling Stones, getting sober, the origin of the infamous top hat, and the art of putting together a set list. And Egypt returns to make predictions about Sunday night's WWE "Survivor Series" PPV.

  • TIJ - EP92 - Slash Pt 1

    Nov 19 2014

    Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and iconic guitarist Slash joins TIJ! But this ain't your typical rock interview! Sure, there's plenty about music and recording and working with Myles Kennedy and playing live... But in true Y2J fashion, there's also talk about horror movies, favorite villains, composing for film, rubber "wellies," and Scott Weiland. Even better - this is only part 1!

  • TIJ - EP91 - WWE Diva Paige & Ash The Fish Expert

    Nov 14 2014

    2X WWE Divas Champ Paige talks to Y2J about British wrestling, her WWE tryout, learning to cut promos from Dusty Rhodes, her two Championship title victories, which of the divas she calls "friend," why she loves being a heel, and cockney slang! And Ash The Fish Expert returns to discuss recent Lake Monster sightings and answer your questions!

  • TIJ - EP90 - FFDP guitarist Zoltan & Y2J Explains Walls Of Jericho

    Nov 12 2014

    FFDP guitarist Zoltan Bathory made his first guitar out of a coffee table! That's how much he wanted to rock! Hear that story and so many more as the Hungarian born & raised founding-member of FFDP shares his story with Chris! Find out how Zoltan learned to speak English, why he moved to Los Angeles, what Korn did for FFDP's career, achieving commercial success with no radio play, and FFDP's first introduction to Fozzy! Plus, Zoltan reveals his favorite songs to play live, and how he came to be...more

  • TIJ - EP89 - Dolph Ziggler Pt2 & The Truth About Ebola

    Nov 07 2014

    Dolph Ziggler and Dokken Trainer aka Doc Amman return to finish up their three-way conversation... and this time it involves injuries, concussions, a near foot fatality for Jericho, The Spirit Squad gimmick, stand up comedy, and the original David Diggle! Plus, Ebola myth busting with Dr. M. Christopher MacLaren aka Dr. Mac, a very well-respected doctor who happens to live next door to Y2J! Educational and entertaining... all in one show!

  • TIJ - EP88 - Dolph Ziggler Pt1 & M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold

    Nov 05 2014

    Y2J met up with Dolph Ziggler and WWE doctor Doc Chris Amman at a Marriot hotel in an undisclosed city... and a wicked game of Hair Nation broke out! As did stories about Dolph's time in the ring with Alberto Del Rio, his relationship with Vince McMahon, his original WWE tryout, and his first gimmick as Chavo Guerrero's caddy! There was also plenty of talk about the elimination chamber, Tommy Dreamer, powdered milk, and blood in the ring!

  • TIJ - EP87 - Lake Monster/Bigfoot Expert Loren Coleman & Godfather of Gore Tom Savini

    Oct 31 2014

    Eek Week continues on "Talk Is Jericho" with the Godfather of Gore Tom Savini, and one of the top Cryptozoologists in the world, Loren Coleman! Tom's talking favorite death scenes in movies, how to stage a good death scene, and ones he's personally proud of! And Loren Coleman has all kinds of cool facts, evidence, and stories about Lake Monsters, Big Foot, chupacabras, The Mothman, and the Dover Demon. He's conducted hundreds of investigations about the existence of these creatures. Hear his t...more

  • TIJ - EP87 - Lake Monster/Bigfoot Expert Loren Coleman & Godfather of Gore Tom Savini

    Oct 31 2014

    Eek Week continues on "Talk Is Jericho" with the Godfather of Gore Tom Savini, and one of the top Cryptozoologists in the world, Loren Coleman! Tom's talking favorite death scenes in movies, how to stage a good death scene, and ones he's personally proud of! And Loren Coleman has all kinds of cool facts, evidence, and stories about Lake Monsters, Big Foot, chupacabras, The Mothman, and the Dover Demon. He's conducted hundreds of investigations about the existence of these creatures. Hear his t...more

  • TIJ - EP86 - Eli Roth & Toxic Avenger creator Lloyd Kaufman

    Oct 29 2014

    It's eek week on Talk Is Jericho... and we're kicking things off with two of our favorite horror movie directors - the one & only Eli Roth of "Hostel" fame, who runs down some of his fav scary flicks! And Troma Films founder Lloyd Kaufman, creator of "The Toxic Avenger," "Tromeo & Juliet," and so many other great horror and B-movies! You wouldn't believe which major Hollywood stars got their start in a Troma film! Plus... it's the debut of Frankenchicken!

  • TIJ - EP86 - Eli Roth & Toxic Avenger creator Lloyd Kaufman

    Oct 29 2014

    It's eek week on Talk Is Jericho... and we're kicking things off with two of our favorite horror movie directors - the one & only Eli Roth of "Hostel" fame, who runs down some of his fav scary flicks! And Troma Films founder Lloyd Kaufman, creator of "The Toxic Avenger," "Tromeo & Juliet," and so many other great horror and B-movies! You wouldn't believe which major Hollywood stars got their start in a Troma film! Plus... it's the debut of Frankenchicken!

  • TIJ - EP85 - Sabu

    Oct 24 2014

    The homicidal, suicidal, genocidal SABU makes his first-ever podcast appearance! The pioneering innovator who made table smashing a regular ring occurrence TALKS with Y2J about ECW, his uncle The Sheik, working in Japan, the Sandman, Taz, Paul Heyman & Paul E's karma, TNA, and the crazy Terry Funk barbwire match that he's still feeling the effects of today! Plus, Egypt returns to make Hell In A Cell predictions!

  • TIJ - EP84 - Slipknot's Corey Taylor & Y2J Discusses Benoit

    Oct 22 2014

    He fronts one of the biggest metal bands in the world today, and he also happens to be a serious wrestling fan! Slipknot's Corey Taylor stops by to talk RAW, new Slipknot music, the loss of his friend and bandmate Paul Gray, and being "number 8." He's also got some crazy ghost stories involving Tuxedo man, haunted mansions & alarm clocks! Plus, should Chris Benoit be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame? Y2J says, "No way" and tells you why.

  • TIJ - EP83 - Justin Roberts & WWE's The Miz

    Oct 17 2014

    Y2J, The Miz, and Justin Roberts spent their last night of the WWE's Australian tour sitting in Chris' hotel room doing a podcast. It was 2am... they had an early morning, long-ass, flight back to the States - so they just stayed awake! It took 2 tries, but what they ended up with was a funny conversation filled with great wrestling stories, cool behind-the-scenes info, and the reason why Justin Roberts became a WWE announcer and NOT a wrestler! Sit back & enjoy being a fly-on-the-wall for this ...more

  • TIJ - EP82 - Run-DMC's Darryl "DMC" McDaniels

    Oct 15 2014

    Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, part of the pioneering hip-hop group, sits down with Chris Jericho to talk Adidas track suits, Aerosmith and Rick Rubin, rappin' over disco records, how comic books influenced his lyrics, "King of Rock," the tragic and mysterious death of Jam Master Jay, drinking behind closed doors, and his new comic book series "DMC."

  • TIJ - EP81 - Nerdist's Chris Hardwick

    Oct 10 2014

    Chris Hardwick says being a "nerd" is NOT a bad thing! So Y2J & Hardwick let their nerd flags fly - and talked about everything from Dungeons & Dragons (guess who still plays) to Star Wars to comics. They traded William Shatner stories and impersonations; they shared thoughts and predictions about the new season of "Walking Dead"; and talked podcasting 101, as in how in the heck did Chris Hardwick get Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger to guest on The Nerdist!? This one will m...more

  • TIJ - EP80 - John Morrison

    Oct 08 2014

    Former WWE Intercontinental Champion John Morrison is giving everyone a lesson in parkour & high-flying ring style. He's talking Tough Enough, CMPunk, ECW, WWE, Chris Benoit, erupting volcanos, Johnny Blaze, Y2J, and how he really feels about Jim Morrison & The Doors. Plus, John played Hercules this year too! We'll hear that story, and the reason why he never turns down a match!

  • TIJ - EP79 - Adult Film Star Asa Akira

    Oct 03 2014

    Y2J reads another chapter from his upcoming biography & this one involves Big Show and Santa Claus!! Plus, adult film star Asa Akira! It's an honest-to-goodness, hilarious (and we admit, informative) PG-13 rated interview about the world of porn! Hear what led her down the path to porn, her experiences as a dominatrix, and what she does to stay "disconnected" from her onscreen co-stars. She even shares the price breakdown for various situations, and reveals the one thing she won't do on film & w...more

  • TIJ - EP78 - WWE's Hornswoggle

    Oct 01 2014

    Hornswoggle and Y2J hit on "Tommy Ball" with Tommy Dreamer and Edge, superfly splashing in the nude with Christian, Little People's Court with DX, practical jokes with Great Khali, and "Wee LC" with El Torito! Plus... Leprechauns, muppets, Russian gulags, and Hornswoggle's first job at Target!

  • TIJ - EP77 - Kevin Smith Pt2

    Sep 26 2014

    It's Kevin Smith part 2... and this time it's all about "Return Of The Jedi," "Dogma's" poop monster, Kevin's first meeting with Ben Affleck, discovering Jason Lee, his new flick "Tusk," Kev's top 5 favorite movies, best comic book superheroes, and one final (nearly unbelievable) story about hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

  • TIJ - EP76 - Kevin Smith Pt1 & Y2J Says Bye to WWE

    Sep 24 2014

    He's a pop culture lover, a film director, a die-hard hockey fan, a podcaster, a wanna-be Canadian, and now... he's on TIJ! The long-awaited Kevin Smith sitdown finally happened and this is part 1! Stick talk (Kevin lingo for hockey talk), Degrassi talk (Canada's version of 91210), "Clerks" talk, Kevin's "mad money moment," twinkies & Canadian Beer, the "Canada of America," and the genius of Quentin Tarantino. And wait till you hear part 2...coming Friday!

  • TIJ - EP75 - The Hardy Boyz Pt2 & Literary Experts Chey & SiSi Irvine

    Sep 19 2014

    One of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history, The Hardy Boyz, real-life brothers Matt and Jeff, are back to talk Team Xtreme & Lita, the substance abuse issues that nearly ruined their careers and lives, comebacks and second chances, leaving WWE, joining TNA, and the indie wrestling scene. Plus, Literary Experts Cheyenne & Sierra Irvine are sharing some amazing book reviews and reading suggestions! And have you heard "Sandpaper" yet?

  • TIJ - EP74 - Matt and Jeff - The Hardy Boyz Pt1

    Sep 17 2014

    Matt and Jeff aka The Hardy Boyz aka Team Xtreme are together in-person with Y2J! The real life brothers had their own trampoline ring in the backyard of their family's 25-acre tobacco farm. They started their own wrestling promotion, sewed their own costumes, came up with some crazy gimmicks, made their way to the WWE, and once there, cemented their legacy with some killer TLC matches! Stories, stories, and more stories... and they share them all with Chris!

  • TIJ - EP73 - E!'s Total Divas & Y2J Remembers 9/11

    Sep 12 2014

    WWE Divas and stars of E! Total Divas, Brie Bella, Eva Marie & Ariane (aka Cameron of the Funkadactyls) join Y2J to talk about season 3 of Total Divas, their lack of WWE Diva Championships, Wrestlemania moments, and having cameras following them 24/7. Also... a Daniel Bryan injury update from Brie Bella, and an honest answer about the future of the Funkadactyls from Ariane! Plus, Y2J remembers exactly where he was & what he was doing when he found out terrorists were attacking the USA on 9-11-...more

  • TIJ - EP72 - Bigfoot Hunter Eric Altman & Y2J's RAW Cage Match

    Sep 10 2014

    Bigfoot, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch - all names for the mythic creatures researched & hunted by expert Eric Altman! And that's why he's talking to Chris today! He breaks down the physical evidence, sightings, and case studies, and answers some tough questions! Eric calls himself a skeptic, but see if he doesn't make a believer out of you by the time this conversation is done! Plus, Y2J has a behind-the-scenes look at his cage match against Bray Wyatt from Monday Night RAW.

  • TIJ - EP71 - WWE's Triple H Pt. 2

    Sep 05 2014

    Triple H vs Y2J. Triple H vs The Rock. Triple H's big haircut! All of it's covered in part 2. Plus, hear Triple H's take on Bray Wyatt, Summer Rae, the NXT Performance Center, Metallica, Motorhead, and Vince McMahon's retirement plans. And Y2J remembers comedian Joan Rivers!

  • TIJ - EP70 - WWE's Triple H

    Sep 03 2014

    It's time to play the game... with Triple H! In part one of Y2J's sit-down with the biggest "Talk Is Jericho" guest to date, they discuss Triple H's WCW days, fighting Eric Bischoff to leave, his first meeting with Vince McMahon, Pat Patterson's advice, the Terrorizer gimmick, the creation of Hunter Hearst Helmsley, running with "The Kliq," Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels, and working with Vince McMahon, the business man.

  • TIJ - EP69 - Batista Pt. 2

    Aug 28 2014

    It's part 2 with Dave Batista... and this time it's all about pro-wrestling & the WWE including the cage match that got both Batista & Y2J in trouble and resulted in a hefty fine for Batista. Stories about Ric Flair, Triple H, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, and Batista's awful tryout for WCW. And of course he's answering the one question on everyone's mind...

  • TIJ - EP68 - Batista Pt. 1

    Aug 27 2014

    He's Drax in "Guardians Of The Galaxy." He's a former WWE World Champion. And he looks damn good in skinny jeans...despite the reports on twitter! Batista sits down with Y2J. He's got stories from the set of "Guardians," details about the Drax makeup, and thoughts on leaving WWE and his most recent return. He's also talking Royal Rumble, Daniel Bryan, and Wrestlemania 30.

  • TIJ - EP67 - Ace Frehley, KISS Hall of Famer & Fish Expert Ash Irvine

    Aug 22 2014

    KISS Hall of Famer Ace Frehley joins Y2J to relive a little KISStory! Hear about the band's recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction & what Ace thinks about how that all went down. He's got stories about the band logo, the guitar that caught on fire, "Psycho Circus," his favorite guitar solos and KISS songs, and he'll share his theory on the moon landing! It's Sci-Fi rock & roll with The Spaceman! Plus, resident Fish Expert Ash Irvine is back with Shark Week highlights!

  • TIJ - EP66 - Jim Norton remembers Robin Williams & WWE Summerslam

    Aug 20 2014

    Y2J is paying tribute to one of his favorite actors & comedians, Robin Williams. Comedian Jim Norton, who knew Robin & also suffered from some of the same demons, shares his personal experiences with and recollections about Robin! Jimmy also has plenty of great music stories (Ozzy & KISS)! And Y2J talks Summerslam!

  • TIJ - EP65 - WWE's Bray Wyatt & American Idol's James Durbin

    Aug 15 2014

    James Durbin finished 4th on Season 10 of "American Idol." That was the same year Y2J competed on "Dancing With The Stars" at the sound stage next door. They had many LA adventures together while competing... and you'll hear some of the crazier stories! Plus, get a very real look at the behind-the-scenes workings of Idol, the audition process, & what James believes led to his demise! James is also a HUGE pro wrestling fan & had a quite a moment with Hulk Hogan. It's wrestling, singing, DIO, and...more

  • TIJ - EP64 - UFC legend Chael Sonnen

    Aug 13 2014

    UFC legend Chael Sonnen is the best trash talker in the UFC/MMA world... maybe even in sports, period! And he's giving lessons on Talk Is Jericho! He's also chatting about his love of pro-wrestling, Ric Flair, Y2J, and Anderson Silva (WTF?)! He's got stories about his one-time WCW tryout, the details on his 2-year worldwide suspension from fighting, his future plans which may or may not include WWE, and why you might want to pay extra attention to the 2016 Olympic games! Chael is running his mou...more

  • TIJ - EP63 - Godfather Of Gore Tom Savini

    Aug 08 2014

    Godfather of Gore Tom Savini is the mastermind behind Friday The 13th's Jason Voorhees, the cockroaches in Creepshow, and the original zombie special efx and makeup in movies! He's worked alongside Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez! He's got stories from movie sets, secrets to great horror efx, the best way to use rotting pig entrails, and a killer story about a duck that saved his life!

  • TIJ - EP62 - WWE's Goldust & Stardust

    Aug 06 2014

    Goldust & Stardust aka Dustin & Cody Rhodes aka sons of Dusty Rhodes sit down with Y2J to share what it was like growing up in the world of wrestling, and what they learned from their famous father. Plus hear Dustin's take on the Monday Night Wars, why he left WWF for WCW with his dad, and his King Of The Road match. And Cody talks mustaches, acting school, and the rib his dad pulled on him his first day "at the office."

  • TIJ - EP61 - UFO Expert Peter Robbins & Y2J talks TNA

    Aug 01 2014

    Y2J shares his take on TNA and what its potential demise could mean for pro-wrestling! Plus, it's all about alien abductions, implants, and sightings with UFO expert Peter Robbins! He's breaking down the evidence for you to decide... and sharing what he knows about Area 51 and government cover-ups. Skeptic or true believer - this one's a must-listen!

  • TIJ - EP60 - Matthias Jabs from The Scorpions & WWE's Christian & Snooks

    Jul 30 2014

    WWE's Christian and Snooks - together in one room with Y2J moderating! Oh man... first-time together in 20 years! Will it be friends or fistacuffs? Plus, Chris talks to Scorpions guitarist Matthias Jabs about the talkbox solo in "The Zoo," his favorite guitar solo, the Berlin Wall & "Winds Of Change," learning to speak English, and the fighter jets that buzzed the US Festival crowd in 1983.

  • TIJ - EP59 - WWE's Zack Ryder

    Jul 25 2014

    WWE's Zack Ryder is a former "Edgehead," the creator & singer of "Howski," NKOTB's biggest fan, and the original "guido"! Hear about his wrestling gimmmick in the wheelchair, his time in the ring with Hugh Jackman, the YouTube show that made him a WWE fan-favorite, and why on earth he loves boy bands! Oh yeah... don't forget about the exploding tights, and his big Wrestlemania moment with Eve!

  • TIJ - EP58 - Fozzy & WWE Battleground Review

    Jul 23 2014

    Fozzy's new album is out... and Chris has the whole band together to celebrate. They're naming favorite songs, telling songwriting secrets, sharing crazy road stories, reveling in tour antics, and bustin' cajones! Plus, it's a different kind of family sit-down when Chris, his son Ash The Fish Expert, and dad NHL Great Ted Irvine talk WWE Battleground! It's the Irvine Family PPV Review!

  • TIJ - EP57 - DDP & Jake The Snake Roberts + Fozzy New Album Preview

    Jul 18 2014

    DDP & Jake The Snake Roberts together in-person with Y2J. They sat down at DDP's Accountability Crib in Atlanta, and talked about EVERYTHING! Jake's descent into drugs & alcohol, his resurrection, his WWE comeback & Hall of Fame induction, working the sober program with Scott Hall, and how Jake really feels about all those snakes!

  • TIJ - EP56 - Steel Panther & MSG Memories

    Jul 16 2014

    Are you ready to rock???? Because Steel Panther's invaded the "Talk Is Jericho" studio, and it's nothing but mayhem, madness, mischief, & music! Hear the cardinal rule for opening bands & groupies, what happened when Steel Panther met Van Halen, and why they especially love Germany, but not nude beaches in France. Plus, Y2J's MSG Memories!

  • TIJ - EP55 - WWE Divas Champ Eve Torres Gracie

    Jul 11 2014

    Former WWE Divas Champ Eve Torres Gracie is beautiful... and deadly! Deadly nice, deadly classy, and deadly when it comes to the squared-circle and Brazilian jiu-jitsu! She is a Gracie after all! And she's got plenty of stories - about winning Diva search, the WWE locker room, Vince McMahon, Fit Finlay, Nattie Neidhart, and why she LOVED being a heel! Plus, hear about her latest TV and film roles... and her days as an LA Clippers cheerleader!

  • TIJ - EP54 - WWE's Christian

    Jul 09 2014

    Christian, Y2J's former tag team partner and traveling partner, has plenty to say about his early days in WWE with childhood friend Edge, paying his debts (literally!), tag teams, performing nearly-naked, working at a sawmill, transitioning to singles, his time in TNA, his return to WWE, and "Creepy Little Bastard."

  • TIJ - EP53 - The Metal God Rob Halford from Judas Priest

    Jul 04 2014

    The Metal God Rob Halford brings his black leather, Harley, and devil horns to Talk Is Jericho! Hear why guitarist KK Downing left & why the new album "Redeemer Of Souls" is classic Priest. Plus, stories on Rob's days with Black Sabbath, Live Aid, meeting an unlikely musical hero, and being a gay man in the male-dominated world of Metal!

  • TIJ - EP52 - Vinnie Paul from Hellyeah & Y2J's Return to WWE

    Jul 02 2014

    Y2J made a surprise return to WWE on Monday Night Raw! How'd he keep it a secret?? He's telling all.... Plus, former Pantera drummer turned Hellyeah skin-beater Vinnie Paul has plenty to say about Pantera, his late brother Dimebag Darrell, Van Halen, Phil Anselmo, and Megadeth.

  • TIJ - EP51 - WWE's Paul Heyman & Edge Pt 2... & Egypt Returns

    Jun 27 2014

    It's Round 2 with Chris Jericho, Paul E. Heyman, and Edge! And this time it's WWE Smackdown vs Raw, ECW, Liza Minelli (WTF?), and Paul E.'s departure from WWE. They also talk Sabu, Raven, Cesaro, and fav matches! And... it's the return of Egypt! He & Y2J are predicting WWE's upcoming Money In The Bank PPV Event!

  • TIJ - EP50 - WWE's Paul Heyman & Edge Pt 1

    Jun 25 2014

    Paul E. Heyman, Edge, and Chris Jericho met up in NY City and had a conversation for the ages! All three together, in-person... speaking in-depth about CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker & the end of the streak, Hell In A Cell, and Studio 54!

  • TIJ - EP49 - Drew McIntyre

    Jun 20 2014

    Drew Galloway also known as former WWE wrestler Drew McIntyre is breaking his silence about his "release" from WWE last week. How'd he take the news & what are his future plans? He tells Chris Jericho! Plus, Drew's reliving some of his favorite moments & fondest memories of his 8 years with WWE.

  • TIJ - EP48 - Snooki from MTV's The Jersey Shore

    Jun 18 2014

    Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has spent some time in the WWE squared-circle! Hear about her Wrestlemania 27 and Monday Night Raw appearances. Plus, find out what life was like behind-the-scenes of MTV's "Jersey Shore," which food item fans still bring her to this day (and why), and what she's hoping to do in the not-so-distant future.

  • TIJ - EP47 - Def Leppard's Phil Collen & WWE Firings

    Jun 12 2014

    Who's no longer with the WWE? Chris has the list! And, a killer interview with Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen! KISS & the Lep out together this Summer! They're talking monster tour, melting makeup, and The Walking Dead (Phil's fav show)! Plus, Phil updates his own hand injury, and the current health status of his bandmate & fellow guitarist Vivian Campbell.

  • TIJ - EP46 - TNA Impact's MVP

    Jun 11 2014

    Will MVP take part in TNA's "Slammiversary" PPV event this Sunday? He updates Chris on his knee injury! He's also talking about his time with NJPW and why he left, how he ended up at TNA, what he thinks about WWE, and how he survived 9 years in prison. Plus, he shares his favorite thing to say in Japanese.

  • TIJ - EP45 - NJPW's AJ Styles & NHL Great Ted Irvine

    Jun 06 2014

    AJ Styles has left TNA and found a new home at NJPW! Hear AJ's thoughts on TNA, the six-sided ring, and working with Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan. AJ also talks WCW, acrobatics, cheerleading, and the "Styles Clash!" Plus NHL great Ted Irvine returns to talk Stanley Cup, and also make a surprising prediction!

  • TIJ - EP44 - Bruce Kulick of KISS & WWE Payback Review

    Jun 04 2014

    Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick sat at Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons' table at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony, and has plenty of stories to share about that night, and about his time in KISS! Plus, Y2J breaks down the WWE Payback PPV. How'd he do vs Egypt?

  • TIJ - EP43 - TNA's Bully Ray Pt2 & WWE Payback Predictions

    May 30 2014

    TNA's Bully Ray (formerly known as Bubba Ray of the Dudley Boyz tag team at WWF/E) is back talking about ECW, Paul Heyman, shaving his head, working for WWE, and his favorite matches! Plus, Egypt returns to predict this weekend's WWE Payback PPV matches with Chris! Who will come out ahead?

  • TIJ - EP42 - TNA's Bully Ray & Tour of Fozzy's bus

    May 28 2014

    TNA's Bully Ray... formerly known as Bubba Ray of the Dudley Boyz tag team at WWF/E has lots to say about TNA today, the WWE style, TLC IV against Chris Jericho, wrestling school, Mick Foley, and meeting Ronnie James Dio. Plus, his three childhood dreams and which two have come true!

  • TIJ - EP41 - Rob Zombie & Fish Expert Ash Irvine

    May 23 2014

    Rob Zombie and Chris Jericho together in the same room! They have lots in common - music, horror movies, and chance encounters with Kurt Russell! Plus, find out what Rob Zombie has against the 80s (as a decade), what he loves about wrestling, and why he'll never, ever write/publish an autobiography. Plus, Fish Expert Ash Irvine returns to answer your questions!

  • TIJ - EP40 - Zakk Wylde - Black Label Society & Ozzy guitartist

    May 21 2014

    Black Label Society frontman and former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde is a huge Ultimate Warrior fan... and has also thrown a TV or two out a hotel window! Hear this thoughts on Warrior's passing, touring AND drinking with Ozzy, the trouble he & Y2J got into on the Ozzfest Tour, and some of his favorite memories of fallen axeman Dimebag Darrell.

  • TIJ - EP39 - WWE's Daniel Bryan Pt. 2

    May 16 2014

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Daniel Bryan is back... and this time he's talking catch phrases, tag team partners, Team Cena, Wrestlemania 28 & 30, his favorite match of all-time, and he answers the burning question - will he ever shave off that beard?

  • TIJ - EP38 - Daniel Bryan - WWE World Heavyweight Champ

    May 14 2014

    WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan has plenty to say about winning the belt, personality tests, the artform of the 3-minute match, the nerd culture in wrestling, Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels, and the short-lived Buddy Peacock.

  • TIJ - EP37 - NHL Hall Of Famer Phil Esposito

    May 09 2014

    NHL Hall Of Famer Phil Esposito has plenty of stories to share about his 18 years on the ice with the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, and New York Rangers... and playing with hockey greats Bobby Hull, Gordie Howe, and Bobby Orr. Plus, hear about Phil's first goal, his first big pay day, and how he brought hockey to Florida!

  • TIJ - EP36 - Michael Sweet of Stryper

    May 07 2014

    Chris has your Extreme Rules PPV Review (whose predictions fared better - Y2J's or Egypt's)... and a conversation with Stryper frontman Michael Sweet! Michael's got a new solo album, autobiography, and tour, stories about brotherly love in Stryper, the yellow & black, his stint with Tom Scholz and Boston, and finding love again after losing his wife, Kyle.

  • TIJ - EP35 - WWE's Cesaro

    May 02 2014

    The King Of Swing, Cesaro, is in the house! Paul Heyman's latest star has plenty to say about winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Sigi The Swisstank, the tag team Los Ice Creams, John Cena, who he'd love to work with if given the chance, andand speaking five languages (and yes he proves it)!

  • TIJ - EP34 - Sebastian Bach

    Apr 30 2014

    Hang onto your hats & glasses kids... Sebastian Bach let loose in the PodcastOne Studio with Chris! Mr. Poopy Pants, Broadway musicals, playing Jesus, touring with GNR, Duff McKagan, a great Dimebag Darrell story, a possible Skid Row reunion, and "Give 'Em Hell". Plus, the drunken restaurant visit that got both Chris & Baz kicked out!

  • TIJ - EP33 - WWE's Santino Marella & Fish Expert Ash Irvine

    Apr 25 2014

    All the way from Italy by way of a 20x20 squared circle - WWE's own Santino Marella joins Chris! Unconscious Intercontinental Championships, the honk-a-meter, the cobra move, maserati clutch, and "The Price is RAW" - all covered! Plus, fish expert Ash Irvine talks sea monsters, and YOUR calls on what the heck was REALLY spotted in Lake Loch Ness.

  • TIJ - EP32 - William Shatner

    Apr 23 2014

    Intergalactic star William Shatner joins Chris in-studio...and he LOVES wrestling even though he was boo'ed at the WWE Hall of Fame! Hear that... along with tales of UFOs, ghosts, Captain Kirk, Star Trek films, dealing with hecklers & haters, and of course a tour of "Shatner's World."

  • TIJ - EP31 - Adam Carolla

    Apr 18 2014

    The PodFather himself, Adam Carolla, joins Chris... and they talk about everything from Adam's favorite Beatle to why ELO rules. Plus, Adam gives us a walking tour of the NFL Network, and explains his mission to rid the podcast world of patent trolls!

  • TIJ - EP30 - Anchorman's David Koechner

    Apr 16 2014

    Anchorman's Champ Kind aka David Koechner gives a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Anchorman 2! The scenes that didn't make it, the song & dance number on the DVD, and which other character he originally auditioned for! Plus, hear about his days on SNL with Will Ferrell, his impressions of Jack Lemmon & Jim Carrey, and what it was like playing a sociopath in his brand new movie "Cheap Thrills".

  • TIJ - EP29 - Dave Mustaine of Megadeth & RIP Ultimate Warrior

    Apr 11 2014

    R.I.P Ultimate Warrior! Chris shares his thoughts & stories, and also takes your calls about the untimely passing of the Warrior! Plus, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine checks in! He's singing with a symphony! Seriously! And he's got stories about Cliff Burton, his own neck injury, the Big 4, his favorite guitar players, and Megadeth's upcoming tour.

  • TIJ - EP28 - WWE's Rey Mysterio Pt2 & Wrestlemania 30

    Apr 09 2014

    Chris is talking Wrestlemania 30... and he's also talking about it with YOU! Hear his breakdown & analysis, and find out who made better predictions - Chris or Egypt! Plus, Rey Mysterio is back with stories about his early days in the WWE, the pop-up stage, the higher ropes, and losing Eddie Guerrero.

  • TIJ - EP27 - WWE's Rey Mysterio

    Apr 04 2014

    The high-flying master of the WWE, Rey Mysterio, joins Chris! Hear how he got his pro start at age 14, what his first wrestling name was & who gave it to him, how he created all those unique moves off the ropes, and why he once got a standing ovation in the ECW locker room. Plus, Chris interviews Egypt, the highschool janitor who thwarted Pummelmania!

  • TIJ - EP26 - Sevendust's Lajon Witherspoon

    Apr 02 2014

    Sevendust have unleashed a new acoustic album & tour, and frontman Lajon Witherspoon spills the details. He also remembers opening for Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, and being evacuated from Woodstock '99. Plus, find out Lajon's connection to the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, and what he recently bought from Skymall mag!

  • TIJ - EP25 - Howie Mandel

    Mar 28 2014

    Germaphobe Howie Mandel brings the comedy, laughs & anti-bacterial hand gel to Talk Is Jericho! He also brings a little behind-the-scenes dirt about Chris Jericho's appearance on Howie's TV show "Deal With It," which is back for season 2. Plus, stories from his early stand-up days, kissing Howard Stern on the lips, and... Deal? Or No Deal?

  • TIJ - EP24 - WWE's The Miz

    Mar 26 2014

    WWE's The Miz was the token All-American frat boy on MTV's Real World, and parlayed that into a career in pro-wrestling! And he's telling stories about all of it - from his first match with John Cena to his WWE locker room ban to being fired by Jeremy Piven to winning the championship belt!

  • TIJ - EP23 - Director/Actor Eli Roth

    Mar 21 2014

    Acclaimed Horror movie director and actor Eli Roth joins Chris, and man does he have STORIES...about shooting movies in the Amazon jungle, sharing a bathroom with Madonna, surviving a kayak accident off the coast of Mexico, playing "The Bear Jew," and doing Barbarino impressions for John Travolta.

  • TIJ - EP22 - WWE's Lita

    Mar 19 2014

    WWE Hall of Fame class of 2014 inductee Lita is talking about learning her craft in Mexico, Team Xtreme, the live sex celebration on Raw, performing in the main event, and leaving the WWE! Plus, what happened to Malaysia Flight 370? Chris is taking your calls & conspiracy theories!

  • TIJ - EP21 - Chris Nowinski - WWE Concussion Expert

    Mar 14 2014

    WWE Concussion Expert Chris Nowinski talks about his pro-wrestling career as Chris Harvard, competing on TV's Tough Enough, co-founding the Sports Legacy Institute, studying concussions and brain injuries, and what a scientific look at Chris Benoit's brain tissue discovered.

  • TIJ - EP20 - Maria Menounos

    Mar 12 2014

    One-time (okay so maybe a few time) WWE Diva Maria Menounos checks in to talk about "taking bumps," training for the squared circle, her favorite wrestlers... and of course about Dancing With The Stars and her brand new reality show on Oxygen "Chasing Maria Menounos." Plus, there's no crying in wrestling... or is there?!

  • TIJ - EP19 - Rob Van Dam pt 2

    Mar 07 2014

    Rob Van Dam is back, and in addition to talking about his move to the WWE, winning the championship belt, the infamous "18 Grams" chant, and his first match against Y2J, he's also advocating the legalization of marijuana! Hear his reasoning, and his stories, now!

  • TIJ - EP18 - Rob Van Dam pt 1

    Mar 05 2014

    It's part 1 of Chris' conversation with the WWE's Rob Van Dam. How'd he get his name? What about the two-thumb self-salute? Plus, hear about RVD's time training with The Sheik, wrestling in Japan, and his move to the ECW.

  • TIJ - EP17 - Kaillie Humphries, 2X Olympic Gold Medal Bobsledder

    Feb 28 2014

    2X Olympic Gold Medalist Bobsledder Kaillie Humphries is back from Sochi & talking to Chris! She's got Gold medal stories, Olympic village stories, and yes, she had a working toilet, shower & shower curtain in Sochi! Plus, hear what's it like to pilot a bobsled & train to race that ice track!

  • TIJ - EP16 - Ghosthunter Jeff Belanger

    Feb 25 2014

    Ghosthunter Jeff Belanger joins Chris to talk famous haunted landmarks, the real Amityville horror story, Jeff's first ghost sighting, and other things that go bump in the night!

  • TIJ - EP15 - WWE's Natalya Neidhart

    Feb 21 2014

    WWE's Natalya Neidhart, star of Total Divas on the E! Channel, talks to Chris about growing up in the world of Hart Family wrestling, what it was really like at her grandfather Stu's house, training in the dungeon, being the first Hart female to take on the squared-circle, and life in front of the camera.

  • TIJ - EP14 - NHL's Darren McCarty

    Feb 19 2014

    4-time Stanley Cup Champion & former Detroit Red Wing enforcer Darren McCarty talks hockey with Chris - fighting, turtling, locker room pranks, hardest-hitting players, and dominant scorers! Plus, how many beers does it take to fill up the Stanley Cup?

  • TIJ - EP13 - Scott Ian from Anthrax

    Feb 14 2014

    Anthrax frontman Scott Ian's in-studio with Chris and he's talking all about his father-in-law Meatloaf, self-proclaimed original "Jackass" Dimebag Darrell, the night Metallica bassist Cliff Burton was killed (Scott was there), and his own upcoming "Speaking Words" Tour.

  • TIJ - EP12 - Charlie Benante & Mike Portnoy

    Feb 12 2014

    Beatlemania comes to "Talk Is Jericho!" Charlie Benante of Anthrax and Mike Portnoy from the Winery Dogs join Chris to talk about their favorite band, The Beatles! Favorite songs, favorite albums, favorite Beatle, stories about meeting the surviving members, and theories on the break-up.

  • TIJ - EP11 - Chavo Guerrero Pt. 2

    Feb 07 2014

    Chavo Guerrero shares the sad story of the final days of his friend & fellow wrestler Chris Benoit. Chavo was among the last to have contact with Chris before the tragic events, and speaks in-depth about it for the first time here on "Talk Is Jericho."

  • TIJ - EP10 - Chavo Guerrero Pt. 1

    Feb 05 2014

    Chavo Guerrero opens up to Chris in this intimate interview about growing up in the famed Guerrero wrestling family, and the tragic loss of his uncle & tag team partner Eddie Guerrero. Plus, ghost stories, oranges, ribs, and a REAL look at life on the road.

  • TIJ - EP09 - M. Shadows of A7X

    Jan 30 2014

    Avenged Sevenfold lead singer M. Shadows talks to Chris about the "Hail To The King: Deathbat" video game, new music, the song he still loves playing live, the song he never wants to play again, and what he misses most about Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan.

  • TIJ - EP08 - Ted Irvine

    Jan 22 2014

    NHL great and the original Baby Faced Assassin, Ted Irvine, joins the show! Hear stories from his days with the New York Rangers, playing for Stanley Cup in 1972, and what Bobby Orr & Bobby Hull were really like on the ice.

  • TIJ - EP07 - Bret "The Hitman"Hart Pt2

    Jan 15 2014

    Bret "The Hitman" Hart returns to talk about Hart Brothers Wrestling, Wrestlemania 10, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the great Curt Hennig, and the infamous Montreal Screwjob!

  • TIJ - EP06 - Bret "The Hitman" Hart

    Jan 08 2014

    Bret "The Hitman" Hart has plenty to say about Stampede Wrestling, his dad Stu Hart, the WWE, his freezing cold childhood in Calgary, and the real reason the Hart family loves cats.

  • TIJ - EP05 - Eddie Trunk

    Jan 02 2014

    KISS is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and Eddie Trunk, host of That Metal Show, is here to explain how that finally happened! Chris and Eddie get into the inner workings of the Rock Hall, former snubs, and which KISS members may or may not perform at the ceremony!

  • TIJ - EP04 - Edge Pt 2

    Dec 25 2013

    Adam Copeland aka WWE Superstar Edge is back for more with Chris Jericho! Hear about the greatest tag team that never was - "Adorable Adam & Sensual Sean," why Adam regrets the name "Edge," and the story behind the 5-second pose.

  • TIJ - EP03 - Edge Pt 1

    Dec 18 2013

    Adam Copeland aka WWE Superstar Edge joins Chris. Are you watching "Haven" on SyFy? You will after you hear this! Plus, the one essay that changed Edge's life, and more stories from the squared circle.

  • TIJ - EP02 - Steve Austin Pt 2

    Dec 11 2013

    Here we go - round 2 with Steve Austin! It's the ascension of "Stone Cold," his final days in the WWE, and tag team talk! Plus...who the heck are Fang McFrost and Ice Dagger?

  • TIJ - EP01 - Steve Austin Pt 1

    Dec 04 2013

    Steve Austin and Chris Jericho talk sibling rivalry, wrestling, music, reality TV, and antique shopping in this killer debut episode.