The Hook Up

The Hook Up is the Sex-Ed you wish you’d had. Nat Tencic talks all things sex, love and relationships, and hangs out with a team of experts who delve into their love lives and answer all your sexy questions.


  • Why do we make noise during sex?

    Aug 19 2019

    You read the words 'sex noises' and you're instantly imagining moans, screams, pants and groans. Right? But have you ever thought about why we make so much noise when we're getting down and dirty? In this episode, Nat finds out if our sex noises come from our animal ancestors, how much of an impact porn has on our volume, and how to deal if your partner's noises are turning you off.

  • The pros and cons of making your own sex tapes

    Aug 15 2019

    Would you and your partner ever have sex on camera?  It may seem a little daunting, but did you know it can be amazing for spicing up your relationship, your self-confidence and even improving your game? Nat chats with one couple who does it regularly, and hears from sex therapist Lisa Torney about how it can be great for your relationship... if you do it safely.

  • 'Morgana' and the world of arthouse erotica

    Aug 13 2019

    Imagine if your mum started making porn... but it was like, Berlin, kinky stuff, knives, ropes, wax play. Well that's exactly what Morgana Muses did. She went from sad Albury housewife to award-winning alt pornstar — and she's helping change the way we see diverse bodies in porn. Now her remarkable story is being told in a documentary, so Nat's chatting with Morgana and the film's co-directors Josie Hess and Isabel Peppard ahead of its release.

  • How to health-check your relationship (and why you should)

    Aug 12 2019

    We do performance reviews as part of our jobs, we have house inspections, and we get our cars serviced on the reg. So why don’t we assess our relationships in the same way? We're looking at how to health-check our relationships, why we should, and how clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller's CPR model can prevent our love from flat-lining.

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about erections

    Aug 07 2019

    Let’s talk about boners.  Erections, or the lack thereof, are pivotal to a lot of people’s sex lives. But they don’t have to be.  Whether you have trouble getting it up, or you’re always in tentpole mode, it’s important to understand what’s going on with your dick. Sex therapist Dr Christopher Fox joins Nat to help answer everything you ever wanted to know about hard-ons.

  • A guide to casual relationships

    Aug 05 2019

    Say you’re getting really into someone you’ve been dating, only for them to tell you, "Sorry, I just want to keep it casual..." But what the f**k does that actually mean? Relationships counsellor Clinton Power and sexologist Chantelle Otten join Nat to suss out what it really means to be casually seeing someone, when it works, when it doesn't, and what to do if someone catches feels.

  • An ode to erotica with 'My Dad Wrote a Porno'

    Jul 31 2019

    For the past four years, Jamie Morton has been reading the porno his dad wrote to the world through the wildly successful podcast My Dad Wrote A Porno. Ahead of their second Australian tour, Nat chats with Jamie about knowing your parents’ kinkiest fantasies, the cringe and fascination with bad erotica and why we shouldn’t take sex so seriously.

  • How to navigate the ex in a new relationship

    Jul 29 2019

    Do you reckon it’s OK to talk about your ex around your current partner? Exes can be a big part of what makes you who you are. But at what point can you say enough is enough? Psychosexual therapist Jacqueline Hellyet and psychologist and Director of Relationships Australia Elisabeth Shaw join Nat to chat about what's reasonable, what's not, and how to discuss the ex in a new relationship.

  • How to book a sex worker

    Jul 21 2019

    It can be really daunting to seek out a sex worker if you’ve never done it before. How do you know who’s going to be right for you? How do you negotiate payment? And is it even legal? It can be really tricky knowing where to start, so to break it all down for you, sex worker Lucie Bee and Scarlett Alliance CEO Jules Kim join Nat in the studio.

  • Sexual assault and harassment at music festivals

    Jul 17 2019

    We all know festivals are the perfect place to get loose and hook up. But while they're usually amazing experiences, they can also come with risks. Dr Phillip Wadds, Senior Lecturer in Criminology the University of New South Wales, has co-authored a report that investigates Safety, Sexual Harassment and Assault at Australian Music Festivals. Dr Wadds joins Nat to chat about why this is still such a big issue and what needs to be done to make festivals safer for everyone.

  • How to hook up at festivals

    Jul 15 2019

    Splendour in the Grass is just around the corner and let's be real ... everyone knows there’s more to festivals than just the music. But why do we froth over festival hook ups so much? And what's the best way to go about it? Nat chats with a panel of experts - who all met their current partners at festivals - to suss out all the dos and don'ts of festival love.

  • Sapiosexual - aka when smart is sexy

    Jul 09 2019

    Do you think smart is sexy? Are you aroused by intelligence? You might be a sapiosexual.

  • A history of pubes

    Jul 08 2019

    What do you do with your hair down there? Maybe you pluck it, maybe you wax it, maybe you’ve lasered it all off… But why are we so obsessed with removing our pubes, and has it always been this way? Nat tackles those questions and learns how everyone can embrace whatever landscaping they choose … and how to deal if a partner can't get around it.

  • A guide to hormone-free contraception

    Jul 02 2019

    When it comes to preventing pregnancy, there are plenty of methods to choose from. But if you’re over the pill or contraceptives that involve taking hormones, what are your options? Dr Clare Boerma, Associate Medical Director at Family Planning NSW, joins Nat to lay out all the options, weigh up the pros and cons, and help you decide what's best for you.

  • New Relationship Energy - aka the 'honeymoon phase'

    Jul 01 2019

    Being in a new relationship can make you feel crazy… colours are brighter and you're all "heart-eyes emoji". All. The. Time. But that New Relationship Energy — or NRE — usually won't last, so how do you enjoy it without losing yourself and your perspective? It's a question Nat's been asking herself as she rides that intense "honeymoon phase" buzz of her new relationship, so she's got psychologist Gemma Cribb into the studio to answer all her questions.

  • The 'second closet': domestic violence among GBTIQ men

    Jun 25 2019

    Around two-thirds of same-sex attracted guys have experienced abuse in a relationship. But most of them aren't reporting it, or even talking about it. That's what the Sorting It Out report, released by ACON and Western Sydney University, has found. Nat examines a culture of silence, a lack of resources and looks at what needs to change.

  • Soulmates and the search for The One

    Jun 24 2019

    Do you believe in soulmates? Are you looking for The One? Out of eight billion people, the chances that there's one other person for you are pretty skint. But plenty of millennials are amping up their search for The One. Dr Lauren Rosewarne and psychologist Melanie Khashadorian join Nat to debunk The One, talk soulmates and what the search for your "other half" can do to your relationships and mental health.

  • Love and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Jun 19 2019

    We all get tired of the whole dating game at times, but for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), it’s a whole different level of exhaustion. CFS/ME can leave a person with a whole bunch of symptoms — physical exhaustion, mental exhaustion and muscle fatigue being just a few. Cat O Dowd, a sex therapist who lives with chronic fatigue syndrome, joins Nat to talk about navigating dating, relationships and sex around CFS/ME.

  • Dating for perks — is it a dog act?

    Jun 17 2019

    Have you ever dated someone for the perks? Free gig tickets? A sweet beach house? Maybe even a valid driver licence? Heaps of people do it, so it can be tricky to know if someone’s with you for you — and not the perks. Sexologist Amanda Lambros joins Nat to get right into that, plus why so many of us do it, even though we know it's wrong.

  • What is subspace?

    Jun 14 2019

    Have you heard of subspace? It's very specific physical feeling — similar to a drug-like high — which you can enter through BDSM play. But it doesn't come without its risks. Pro dominatrix Mistress Tokyo and holistic counsellor Bianca Wolff join Nat to talk all things subspace — what is it, how it works and how to get there safely. CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains stories of pain, violence and sexual assault. If it brings up any issues for you, call Lifeline on 13 14 11 or call 1800 R...more

  • Rejection: dishing it and dealing with it

    Jun 12 2019

    Getting rejected absolutely sucks. It’s one of our absolute greatest fears when it comes to dating, but it’s also inevitable. Psychologist Stephen Andrew and clinical psychologist Crysta Derham join Nat to talk dealing with rejection, how to dish it out gently and how to take it on the chin and get back in the dating game.

  • Rethinking relationships with Esther Perel

    Jun 11 2019

    Belgian psychotherapist Esther Perel is a giant in the world of sex and relationships. Her groundbreaking therapy work with couples around the globe, her writing and her unflinching podcast Where Should We Begin? have revealed the conflicts between our expectations and the reality of long-term human relationships and sexuality. While in Australia as part of Vivid Live, Esther joined Nat in the studio to unpack — and rethink — everything we’ve come to assume about dating and relationships.

  • How to sleep with your partner… literally

    Jun 04 2019

    Does your partner sleep talk? Maybe they hog the covers. Or their snoring means you’re up all night. Whatever it is, it’s stopping you from enjoying some precious shut-eye. In this episode, Sleep Health Foundation's sleep physician Dr David Cunnington and psychotherapist Dr Zoë Krupka join Nat to hear about all your partners' annoying sleep habits, how to work on those issues and why we even feel the need to sleep together in the first place.

  • Unicorn hunting

    Jun 03 2019

    Have you ever had a threesome? They're becoming more and more popular these days. And for a large proportion of heterosexual couples, a bisexual woman is considered the perfect third. Rare. A unicorn, if you will. In this episode, bisexual advocate Ruby Susan and sex and relationships therapist Lisa Torney join Nat to talk about unicorn hunting, why it can be so hurtful for the unicorns and how all couples should be behaving when seeking a third.

  • Solo sexual health

    May 30 2019

    We all know how great masturbating is when you’re really feelin’ your fine self... but what about when things don’t quite go to plan? You can end up feeling a whole lot more than you bargained for. Whether it’s not cleaning your toys, using the wrong materials for your body, or flat out putting things where they’re not supposed to go, we look at all the things that can go wrong so you can get it right in the self-love department.

  • Beginner's guide to sex toys

    May 28 2019

    Do you know your butt plugs from your dildos? How about your rabbits from your penguins? Today is International Masturbation Day and we're giving you a crash course on everything you need to know about sex toys — the different categories, how to use them on yourself and even how to introduce them into partnered sex.

  • Ghosting

    May 27 2019

    You know the feeling when you're chatting with someone really cute, maybe you've been on a few dates and everything's going great, but then they just ... disappear? You're left feeling cold and alone, and wondering what happened. Hey, that’s why they call it ghosting! Sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein joins Nat to chat what you should do if you're being ghosted, why we ghost people and what we should all be doing instead.

  • Shaking up your masturbation routine

    May 22 2019

    It can be pretty easy to get stuck in a rut if you masturbate the same way every time. After all, if it works, it works! But did you know changing up your solo routine can actually make partnered sex better? Sex therapists Tanya Koens and Dr Chris Fox talk fresh approaches, from orgasmic yoga to breathing through your anus — and why it's a good idea for everyone to try shaking it up while shaking one out.

  • #SexStrike and withholding sex - should we do it?

    May 21 2019

    You've probably heard of a hunger strike, but have you ever heard of a sex strike? Actress Alyssa Milano recently called for all women to go on a #SexStrike in protest against a new abortion law in Georgia in the United States. The idea's had some pretty mixed reactions, but it got us thinking about withholding sex — does it work? Is it a good idea? Is it abuse? Lecturer in Criminology Dr Bianca Fileborn and psychologist Mai Dao join Nat to get to the bottom of all those hairy questions.

  • Fighting the good fight

    May 20 2019

    Fights, arguments, disagreements… they're an inevitable part of most relationships. But did you know it's possible to have a good fight with your partner? That is, one you can both win. Sex therapist Tanya Koens teaches you how to turn your frustrating fights into productive ones, and why all conflicts are valid, no matter how 'dumb' they seem.

  • How to talk about masturbating - and why we should

    May 14 2019

    Why is it still so taboo to talk about flicking the bean or yanking the chain? Masturbation is one of the best expressions of self-love out there, but there are heaps of people who experience feelings of guilt and shame every time they do it. Lecturer in sexology, Amanda Lambros, and author of Masturbation in Pop Culture, Dr Lauren Rosewarne, join Nat to break down that stigma of masturbation and make it OK to talk fapping with your friends and lovers.

  • How do you know when to break up?

    May 13 2019

    We often hear things like "relationships take work", but how do you know when it's time to stop working at it ... and just walk away? It was a question Nat had to ask herself several times before recently ending her relationship of more than six years. In this episode, psychologists Gemma Cribb and Clinton Power chat about when it's time to call it quits, when you should stick it out, and whether there's ever a right time to break up.

  • Stress and sex

    May 07 2019

    We all know sex is considered to be one of the best stress relievers out there, but it can also be a major cockblock when you're too stressed to even get in the mood. We chat with sex therapist Lauren White to unpack why it happens, how to talk about it and some tips for you and your partner to get out of your heads... and into your bed.

  • The Bro Code - aka sleeping with a friend's ex

    May 06 2019

    Do you reckon it’s a dog move to sleep with your best mate’s ex? The age-old Bro/Girl Code is thought to be an uncrossable line, but why? We hear from listeners who have been on different sides of the debate and chat with sex therapist Jacqueline Hellyer to decide if it's ever OK to break the Bro Code, and how to have that conversation if you do.

  • Chlamydia

    Apr 30 2019

    When was the last time you had a sexual health check? If you have to think hard about your answer, it might be time to make an appointment. Sexual health expert Dr Vincent Cornelisse joins Nat to answer all your burning questions about chlamydia... what to look for, how to prevent it, and what to do if you find out you have it.

  • Beginner's guide to polyamory

    Apr 29 2019

    Ever felt like one relationship isn’t quite enough for you? You’re not alone. In this special bumper episode, we answer all your qus about consensual non-monogamy — that is, having multiple relationships and everyone being consenting and cool with it. How to open your relationship, how to get started, how to deal with jealousy and more.

  • Couples who collaborate

    Apr 25 2019

    Have you ever thought about starting a business, writing a song, or collaborating creatively with your partner? It can be a dream, but it can also be a nightmare. Nat chats with one couple who's been making it work for more than a decade with their business Taste Creative, and Relationships Australia's Elisabeth Shaw drops in to take a good look at how to make stuff with the person you love... without wanting to kill them.

  • Feeling guilty after sex

    Apr 24 2019

    You should never feel ashamed to have sex, but if you grew up being told sex was sinful or wrong, you might still be shouldering a lot of guilt when you have it. Sex therapist Cat O Dowd joins Nat to unpack where those feelings come from and how to deprogram all that shame to enjoy sex without feeling like you're doing something wrong.

  • Oviposition and egg-laying fetish

    Apr 22 2019

    This Easter, we're all about eggs ... and we don't just mean the chocolate ones. We dive deep into the oviposition kink — a fetish where you're really into the idea of having eggs laid inside of you — and chat with the creator of an ovipositor sex toy to learn where the appeal comes from and what it feels like to have an 'alien' lay eggs inside your bits.

  • Embracing the slut life with Karley Sciortino

    Apr 18 2019

    Sex writer and SBS Viceland's Slutever creator Karley Sciortino proudly owns her sluthood. After more than 10 years covering sex for Vogue and Vice, she's got some real insights into the state of modern sex and pursuing guilt-free pleasure. Karley and Nat sit down, sexplorer to sexplorer, to chat about how to embrace your sexuality and truly own being a slut.

  • Having a type

    Apr 16 2019

    Do you have a type when it comes to dating? Most of us seem to, but maybe it's not always a good thing... We take a look at why people have types and whether we should break out of our usual types every now and then to meet someone completely different.

  • Catfishing

    Apr 15 2019

    By now you've probably heard of catfishing — the online practice where someone lures you into a relationship by creating a fake online persona or pretending to be someone else. In response to the tragic catfishing case involving Home and Away actor Lincoln Lewis, we look at the ongoing effects of catfishing, how to protect yourself online and how to catch a catfish in the act.

  • Onstage Dating

    Apr 11 2019

    First dates are already pretty awkward ... so imagine having one onstage in front of an audience of strangers. That’s the premise of comedian Bron Batten’s show Onstage Dating, which has been running as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. We take a look into the weird and wonderful world of first dates and find out what it's like to go on more than 100 dates in front of a gawking audience.

  • What is demisexuality?

    Apr 09 2019

    While hook up culture has lots of people screwing whoever they match with — and power to 'em — there's a whole bunch of people who need some emotional connection to feel turned on. The word for it is demisexual. We look into what it means, why it's popping up everywhere and where demis actually fit on the broad spectrum of sexuality.

  • Sexy voices

    Apr 08 2019

    We absolutely froth over a sexy voice, but have you ever thought about why? We dig into that and what actually makes a sexy voice, plus we'll hear from one of Australia's sexist voices to find out how she uses it to her advantage in the bedroom.

  • Love over hate

    Apr 04 2019

    They say f*** the haters, but maybe that’s your thing... It makes sense to bond over common interests, but it also feels so damn good to connect over people and things you just can't stand. We take a look at why a good bitch sesh is such a great bonding exercise, and dating app Hater — which matches people over their mutual hatred — to suss out whether it's actually a good basis for a relationship.

  • Sex Allergies

    Apr 02 2019

    It’s pretty common to be allergic to bees or dust or peanuts, but what happens when you’re allergic to cum? Allergies to latex, lubes and even each other’s fluids can really put the brakes on your sexy times, so we look at strategies for dealing and staying safe.

  • Dating and sexual health when you're trans

    Apr 01 2019

    Dating already seems complicated enough, right? But if you’re transgender, hooking up can be a whole world more difficult — and even dangerous. To celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility, we’re looking into the challenges trans and gender non conforming people can face when dating, plus how to tackle those challenges to have great love and sex.

  • Painful sex

    Mar 28 2019

    We all want sex to hurt so good, but what do you do when it just plain hurts? For heaps of people, bodily issues like endometriosis or vaginismus, or even stress and anxiety can leave you feeling like sex is always going to suck. But it doesn't have to — we're looking at how to turn pain into pleasure with sex therapist Tanya Koens and triple j Good Nights' own Bridget Hustwaite, who talks on how she navigates sex with endo.

  • Astrology and love

    Mar 27 2019

    Is love really written in the stars? Or is astrology just a load of crap? Astrology is having a meme moment, but the question is why, and should you let the position of Venus determine your love life? Spiritual self-care coach Jerico Mandybur and social commentator Dr. Lauren Rosewarne help us understand what the horoscopes actually mean and whether they have any real value for dating.

  • Falling in love with your best friend

    Mar 25 2019

    It’s terrifying, right? How do you cross the line over from friends to more than friends? It’s pretty much the definition of awkward - but you know what they say: big risk, big reward. Psychologist Gemma Cribb helps with all the friendship dilemmas and meet a bunch of besties who made love work.

  • All about aphrodisiacs

    Mar 21 2019

    Aphrodisiacs are a concept that have persisted since ancient times… but is there much to them? This episode is all about aphrodisiacs: what they are, whether they work, what to avoid, and what to try out. We're consulting the experts on what kinds of foods can you eat to improve your sexual prowess and pleasure.

  • Sploshing and food play

    Mar 19 2019

    From sitting on cakes to bathing in baked beans.

  • Gaslighting

    Mar 18 2019

    You’ll hear about how to identify and escape this emotional manipulation.

  • BONUS: A mindfulness sex meditation

    Mar 14 2019

    A guided meditation to help get you in the mood.

  • Mindful sex

    Mar 14 2019

    If you've lost interest in sex due to stress or feeling too wired, mindfulness could help.

  • Quitting dating apps

    Mar 13 2019

    Are you bit over Tinder? Feel like breaking up with Bumble? You're not the only one.

  • Dating when you're intersex

    Mar 07 2019

    Intersex describes a really diverse group of people who share a ‘variation’ in sex characteristics, hormones, chromosomes or genitalia. So how do you navigate the dating world when you have an intersex variation?

  • How to deal with internalised homophobia

    Mar 04 2019

    This year’s Mardi Gras theme is Fearless, but how do you learn to be fearless in love and life?

  • All about anal play

    Feb 26 2019

    You might have seen people widening and stretching their earlobes with gauges, but did you know some people do that to their buttholes?

  • What to do if you're crushing hard

    Feb 26 2019

    Some crushes can haunt you for years. So what should you do about it?

  • Speed dating

    Feb 20 2019

    If you're a bit over the apps, you might want to give speed dating a try.

  • How to get over an ex

    Feb 18 2019

    If you had a rough Valentine's Day because your mind is stuck on your ex, this one's for you.

  • Why we love a love story

    Feb 13 2019

    Whether it’s Romeo and Juliet, Edward and Bella, Grimes and Elon Musk, we’re mad for a great love story. But why?

  • Making the wrong distance alright

    Feb 11 2019

    If you’ve had to be away from your partner for any amount of time, you know it’s pretty hard, but what do you when you’re at a long distance for the long haul?

  • How to boost your sex drive

    Feb 03 2019

    How's your libido? Perhaps you're horny all the time, or maybe you can never get into the mood.

  • "I'm so fking grateful for my ex"

    Dec 26 2018

    Break ups are pretty horrible, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t sometimes worth it. Thanks to a certain pop star, there’s been a lot of chat lately about why we should be grateful for our exes rather than just bitter. Find out why when we're joined by a psyc.

  • Dating when you're a widow in your 20s

    Dec 18 2018

    Dating after a break up can be hard as it is, but imagine dating when you’re single because your partner had passed away. Many young people have experienced losing a friend or family member, but it’s rare to be a widow in your 20s. Find out the challenges faced and how to overcome them.

  • Chemsex

    Dec 10 2018

    If you’ve used drugs before, you might be aware of the way drugs alter your sense of state, and if you’ve used a lot of drugs, you might be aware of how addictive and potentially destructive they can be. Add sex to the mix, and it could be one nasty cocktail. Recently we were contacted by Bryce, who’s in his mid-twenties and is recovering from a chemsex addiction… where drugs such as crystal meth are used during sex. CONTENT WARNING this podcast contains strong language and drug references, it...more

  • Sex and relationships when you have an intellectual disability

    Dec 04 2018

    People with intellectual and cognitive disabilities can love sex and want to be in relationships as much as anyone else. But there can be obstacles to making these relationships to happen. Find out what those barriers are and how to overcome them. Featuring: Amie O'Shea, Research Fellow in the School of Health & Social Development, Deakin University Natasha Alexander, clinical psychologist, specialises in working with people with intellectual or cognitive disabilities Linda Stokoe, peer educa...more

  • Saying 'I love you'

    Dec 04 2018

    It’s just three little words, eight letters. So why do we find it so damn hard to say ‘I Love You’? The build up to it can feel excruciating, and what do you do if you say it, and the person you love doesn’t say it back? Featuring relationships therapist Desiree Spierings.

  • All things menstrual cups

    Dec 03 2018

    If you get your period regularly, you might be all around the menstrual cup, and prefer it over traditional hygiene products like tampons or pads… Find out what the rage is about these “period keep cups” and why you might want to try one too.

  • Staying safe on schoolies

    Nov 28 2018

    You might be excited to be free of high school, and away from your parents, but you can get into some hairy situations at schoolies...

  • Taking a 'relationship break'

    Nov 27 2018

    If you’re in your 20s and in a long term relationship, there’s a good chance you haven’t been in a relationship with anyone else. You might not have even had sex with anyone else… So it’d be reasonable for you to think “is there anything else out there, or is this is - forever?”... Find out if the relationship break is for you.

  • Do tight briefs ruin your sperm? (and other sperm myths)

    Nov 26 2018

    If you’re a guy in your 20s, your fertility or the ability to get someone pregnant is probably not something you’re worrying about. Seeing we’re at the end of Movember, a month raising awareness for men’s health, we thought we’d take a look at male infertility myths… are things you’re doing now potentially screwing things up for your future self?

  • What is HPV?

    Nov 22 2018

    If there’s one STI that has people asking question after question, it’s HPV or genital warts. We find out all about it with Dr Brad McKay.

  • Dating with big age gaps

    Nov 21 2018

    When it comes to dating, should you stick to someone your own age or not?

  • When's the right time to transition?

    Nov 20 2018

    Transitioning your gender is not a decision one takes lightly… but when you’re experiencing gender dysphoria, how do you know when the right time to transition is, or if you should at all?

  • Not masturbating for a month?!

    Nov 13 2018

    It’s November and some of you might be taking part in no-fap or no-nut November where you don’t masturbate for a whole month. Find out if taking a break can be good for you, if it’s even worth it, and why this no masturbating for a month is even a thing. Featuring Dr Lauren Rosewarne and sex therapist Gemma Cribb.

  • Negotiating your sub-dom relationship

    Nov 12 2018

    Last month, 28-year-old Melbourne boy Jack Chapman passed away. He was in a sub/dom relationship with a guy in America - where he’d been living. Find out how you can manage your sub/dom relationship and make sure it doesn't take over your life. Featuring Dr Lauren Rosewarne, kink educator Aleni De Viate and kink-friendly GP Dr George Forgan-Smith.

  • Why aren't we using condoms?

    Nov 07 2018

    Find out why we aren't using condoms as much as we should, and how to negotiate using one when you're getting hot and heavy.

  • Dating someone just like your parents

    Nov 06 2018

    Have you been dating someone for ages to suddenly find they remind you heaps of your Mum or Dad? It seems like your worst nightmare, ending up with someone like your parent, but how common is it? Hear from a psych on whether it’s common for us to be attracted to people who act like our parents, and how we can break the cycle.

  • Roleplay

    Oct 31 2018

    Roleplay is a pretty good way of shaking things up during sex. Being someone else in the bedroom can be super sexy. Find out how to do it, and do it well.

  • Making sure everyone gets the sex they want

    Oct 30 2018

    Sometimes, you might be having sex and wonder whether your lover is actually enjoying it, or just letting you do your thing. If it’s the latter, it doesn’t come across all that enthusiastic, and that can have you wondering whether it’s really consensual. So what’s the deal in this situation? Turns out there’s a way you can work all this out. It’s by using the wheel of consent

  • Feeling you're not good enough for your partner

    Oct 29 2018

    Have you been in a relationship where you think everything’s going fine, but then all of a sudden your partner thinks they’re not good enough for you? Find out how to deal with that, and if you're the one feeling you're not good enough, how to improve your self worth.

  • What it's like to come out of gay conversion therapy

    Oct 23 2018

    A report out recently revealed that gay conversion therapy has been happening in Australia since at least the 70s. And more surprisingly it's still happening. It comes under the banner of ‘ex-gay’ therapy, which is the idea in a few religious sects and communities that same-sex attraction is a disorder you can treat or heal. They might try and ‘pray the gay away’ with therapy or counselling; it can be formal like a program, or informal like just having your pastor tell you that you’re possesse...more

  • Syphilis is back!

    Oct 22 2018

    Syphilis, a disease that we’d nearly eradicated, is back and has been on the rise in Australia every year since 2010, with rates having more than tripled in the last 8 years. So what is it, how can you protect yourself, and why is it returning with a vengeance?

  • Being a good wingman/wingwoman

    Oct 22 2018

    Sometimes you need a bit of help getting in with someone new at a party or the club. Well that’s what friends are for. So how’s your wingman game? You’ll hear from sex and relationships therapist Amanda Lambros on what the best way to approach is.

  • Moving for your partner

    Oct 16 2018

    If you were dating someone and it turned out they had to move cities, even countries, be it for work or study or family, you basically have three options: break up, do it long distance, or move for your partner. So how do you make it work?

  • Is camming cheating?

    Oct 15 2018

    Say you’re in a relationship, but you’ve been watching cam girls stripping, or wanking on chatroulette without their knowledge. Maybe you were looking at porn, or hiding a secret sex toy? Do you feel guilty not telling your partner? Does it count as cheating?

  • How to do a good quickie

    Oct 10 2018

    Have you ever been in a situation with your partner, where you’re about to head off somewhere but you have a few minutes to kill, so you think, hey, why not have a quickie? If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might leave a quickie feeling unsatisfied, sex therapist, Chantelle Otten is here to help so you can have a safe and sensual quick sesh.

  • The mile high club and sex laws overseas

    Oct 08 2018

    Making out in the street or having sex in your hotel might be something we can do freely and safely here at home, but it can get you in trouble in many popular locations we go on holidays too. It could get you in jail or even deported. We get the lowdown with Chris Zeiger from Lonely Planet. Plus, being overseas can make you more vulnerable to sexual assault. How do you deal with it when you’re so long from your friends and family? We speak to sex therapist Chantelle Otten.

  • What do you do if you get an STI overseas?

    Oct 08 2018

    When you’re holidaying overseas, it’s a pretty good opportunity to have some fun. But being in a foreign place can also leave you vulnerable. What do you do if something goes wrong? Featuring: Cynthia Pollard - clinical nurse consultant, Marie Stopes Australia

  • Beginner's guide to orgasms

    Oct 03 2018

    How much do you really know about orgasms? Learn about how your body reacts, what different orgasms there are, and the best ways to help your partner get there. Featuring sex educator Georgia Grace.

  • Dating when you're a queer person of colour

    Oct 02 2018

    Gay, bi and trans dating app Gridr launched Kindr this month, a campaign against racial discrimination on its platform. We’re looking at the dating experiences of queer people of colour, why there’s so much in your face racism and what we can do about it.

  • Masturbating with mates

    Sep 25 2018

    Recently, Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles revealed a bit more than we bargained for in a GQ interview about sex acts he’d performed in front of his writing partner, John Lennon. Which lead us to ask, how many of us masturbate with our mates and is there anything wrong with that? Featuring lecturer from the School of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Melbourne, Dr Lauren Rosewarne.

  • Sounding aka putting a steel rod in your pee hole

    Sep 25 2018

    Ever thought of putting a steel rod into your urethra for sexual pleasure? Sounding can be done no matter what genitals you have. You’ll hear from Mistress Tokyo on what’s involved with this act and why it might be best left to the pros, and producer James Findlay goes to a sounding workshop to see how to sound a penis first hand.

  • Being the 'other lover'

    Sep 24 2018

    While it’s rough being cheated on, what’s it like to be the ‘other lover'? How can you reconcile the conflicting feelings around being that person, hoping that one day they might leave their partner and be with you? You can also find yourself in a spiral of thoughts finding reasons to justify your actions…

  • Guys who can't cum during sex

    Sep 19 2018

    If you’re having sex with a partner and they don’t cum, do you feel inadequate? Not cumming during intercourse is usually something we associate with cis, hetro women, but it happens to a number of guys as well. It can leave the guy feeling unsatisfied and leave their partner feeling like they’re not good enough. Especially when guys are assumed to cum all the time. You’ll hear from a couple of guys who just can't cum during penetrative sex, and from a sex therapist on how this problem works an...more

  • Fear of abandonment

    Sep 18 2018

    Have you ever experienced clinginess in a relationship or have stayed with someone because you’d rather not be alone? It might be because of something that happened when you were just a kid. Learn about the fear of abandonment and attachment styles when a psychologist drops by and hear how a listener's fear of abandonment has been effecting his relationships.

  • Blindfolds, music and mummification

    Sep 17 2018

    Have you ever used a blindfold during sex? How about mummification? Ok that’s more extreme, but both these things are classed as sensory deprivation. You’ll hear about how playing with your senses can make sex a bit more interesting.

  • Latex and rubber fetish

    Sep 12 2018

    You may have heard of people having a leather fetish, but have you heard much of rubber and latex fetish? It’s where you wear special latex and rubber costumes. Can you imagine how hard they might be to put on…?! You'll meet Mistress Mynx, a kink personal trainer and latex enthusiast and a young Melbourne guy who became the country's first Rubberman and then went on to be the runner-up in the International Rubberman competition.

  • Swingers, sex dance clubs and gay saunas

    Sep 11 2018

    Have you ever been out at a bar or a club with your partner, or maybe someone you just picked up, and thought, “I can’t wait, I just want to have sex right now … in front of all these people…” Well, there are special places where that can happen. They’re called sex on premises venues, bars, clubs and spaces where you can have sex, right there, without leaving. Some provide beds, cubicles, saunas and pools to play, and for many people, they had conjured up a seedy sort of image. Darkened hallw...more

  • Dating on a budget

    Sep 10 2018

    If you go on a lot of dates, you might be burning a hole in your wallet trying to find love. There’s the food, the movie tickets, that flash new outfit, and if you’re going on several dates a week it can add up. So how can you woo someone on a budget? New research from dating site eHarmony has found that young Aussies are spending around $2000 a year on dates. That’s not an insignificant amount of dosh. You’ll hear from former serial-dater, Rose Callaghan on some cheap date ideas, and how can we...more

  • BDSM healing

    Sep 07 2018

    BDSM usually conjures images of whips, chains, ropes and restriction AKA implements of pain! But for some people, it’s a way of overcoming physical, psychological and sexual trauma. On this podcast, we’re exploring the world of bondage therapy. You’ll hear from sex therapist Jeremy Shub on why it works, and holistic councillor Bianca Wolff on whether it can work for you. You'll also meet Ollie from Sydney, who lives with cerebral palsy and has tried BDSM as a way of helping him feel better in hi...more

  • The Hook Up's Kissing Masterclass

    Sep 06 2018

    Kissing is fun and it’s a great way to get to know someone intimately, but it’s pretty easy to get it wrong. How much tongue is too much? Eyes open or closed? And what do you do with your hands? Welcome to The Hook Up's Kissing Masterclass with sexuality and relationship educator Emma "The Tonguinator" Power.

  • Bucks and hens nights

    Sep 06 2018

    If you or a mate are getting married any time soon, you might have to deal with the last hurrah: the bachelor or bachelorette party. On this podcast, we’re looking at where the idea of the debaucherous last night of freedom comes from and what to do when your hens or bucks goes too far and ruins your big day. You’ll hear from theatre maker, sex worker and former stripper, Nicole Henrisken, on her experiences doing bucks parties and psychologist Gemma Cribb will be in to talk about why the last h...more

  • Consent Part 3: Alcohol & lessons from BDSM

    Sep 04 2018

    You made it to part three of our podcast mini-series on consent. On this episode you’ll find out how to navigate consent when alcohol is involved and dominatrix Mistress Tokyo will teach us how consent works in BDSM. We continue our conversation with sex therapist Tanya Koens and psychologist Dr Stephen Andrew. And you’ll hear from singer Tia Gostelow - who also happens to be a passionate consent advocate - about her friends' negative experience at schoolies

  • Consent Part 2: Enthusiastic consent

    Sep 04 2018

    This is part two of our podcast mini-series on consent. On this podcast, we look at what enthusiastic consent is and how you can apply it in the bedroom. You’ll hear from sex therapist Tanya Koens about how we define consent, psychologist Dr Stephen Andrew on why some might think they have consent when they don’t and Dr Nikki Goldstein on how and when you can change your mind, and why some people endure sex they’re not 100% into.

  • Consent Part 1: How To Pick Up in the #MeToo era

    Sep 04 2018

    Welcome to part one of our podcast mini-series on the C word. Yep, we're talking about consent. We’ve been told it’s as simple as making a cup of tea, so why are so many people so confused about it? We’re getting into every aspect of consent in this mini-series. On this podcast, you’ll learn how to apply consent when meeting new people at the bar or online, and get some consensual pick up tips. And we'll also look at where the conversation around consent is up to in the post #MeToo world.

  • Dating with OCD

    Aug 22 2018

    Have you ever had a partner who insists everything needs to be super tidy? Imagine every time you’d catch up with them, they feel the need to clean. You, sitting in the bathroom having a chat while they’re cleaning the shower… Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can have a real effect on your relationships. You’ll hear from a psych on how you can work through dating with OCD, from Alex, a speaker from Batyr, who’s working his way through living with OCD. If anything in this podcast brings something ...more

  • What is Hepatitis C?

    Aug 22 2018

    How much do you know about Hepatitis C? Up until recently the medication to treat people with Hep C had a lot of side effects, but recent medical advances have made Hep C really easy to get rid of - especially now the government is helping to pay for the medication. While it’s not technically and STI, it can be transmitted during sex. Featuring Professor Greg Dore from the Kirby Institute. More info: Hepatitis Australia National Hepatitis Info Line on 1800 437 222

  • Can you date someone who doesn't like the same books, TV shows or music as you?

    Aug 21 2018

    If you’re a big music lover, or a movie buff, how do you deal when your partner doesn’t share your taste? Is it a dealbreaker for you? You’ll hear from relationships therapist Amanda Lambros on how you can reconcile your differences and Junkee music writer Jared Richards on when he dated someone who's cultural tastes just didn't match.

  • Sex in video games

    Aug 16 2018

    Robert Yang is a game designer from New York, a lot of his games focus on gay sex in pretty full on ways. So full on, he’s been constantly banned from the Steam online game store and Twitch, the livestreaming game platform. Nat also checks out his game 'Ruck Me', a game about AFL and homosexuality.

  • Foreskins

    Aug 15 2018

    You might not think about them at all, but some people are kinda obsessed with them. On the podcast you’ll hear a little about foreskin fetish with a sex therapist Cat O'Dowd and you’ll also find out why it’s so important to keep it clean (among other things) with Dr Brad.

  • Getting off on smells

    Aug 14 2018

    Have you noticed that certain people smell REALLY attractive? And that certain scents can get you all kinds of excited? You’ll hear from Dr Brad on if you can change the way you smell, a Cat O'Dowd on smells as fetishes, and a Professor Mark Elgar who specialises in evolutionary biology will tell us how (and if!) pheromones work.

  • Sex work as a side-hustle

    Aug 08 2018

    According to the What’s Up In Your World survey, 1 in 3 of you have a side hustle. And for some, that side hustle could be sex work. So if you’re thinking about doing sex on the side, what are the dangers and what do you need to think about? Hear from sex worker Lucie Bee, Jules Kim, CEO of the Scarlet Alliance, the national sex worker advocacy and support group, and Cameron Hart, a guy who works as a sex worker on the side.

  • Why is it hard for bi guys to come out?

    Aug 07 2018

    Are you a bisexual guy? Chances are, you haven’t told many people, if anyone at all. According to the What’s Up In Your World survey, only 40% of bi guys have come out, compared to 83 per cent of gay men and 48 per cent of bi women. While coming out isn’t everything, it begs the question, why are bisexual men staying in the closet?

  • How to sext safely

    Aug 07 2018

    triple j’s What’s Up In Your World survey found that 61 per cent of you have sent a naked selfie, but that’s not all sexting can be. Sexting can be a photo, a video, anything that’s sexually provocative. So, how can you sext safely? We’re joined by sex therapist Chantelle Otten and Ally Oliver-Perham, Project Manager at the Victorian Women’s Trust, and Co-Founder of Rosie.org.au.

  • Do you tell a one-night stand you're pregnant with their baby?

    Jul 31 2018

    We all know it’s a woman’s right to choose what she wants to do with her body, but if you decide to have a kid from someone you hardly know, should you tell the father? Featuring: - Jenny Douglas, couples and family therapist, Relationships Australia NSW - Dr Batt Beard, philosopher, The Ethics Centre - Antonella Sanderson, Principal Solicitor, Family Law Matters

  • Lactation fetish

    Jul 30 2018

    Having a thing for nipples is one thing… but if you’re sucking on the nipples of someone who’s producing milk, you might get a bit of a surprise… and even get a taste for it… Featuring sex therapist Giverny Lewis.

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

    Jul 26 2018

    It affects 12-18 percent of women of reproductive age, but it isn’t so easy to diagnose cause not everyone has the same symptoms. On the podcast you’ll find out what polycystic ovary syndrome is, how can it affect you, and what can you do about it. Featuring Dr Sonia Davison from Jean Hailes Health for Women.

  • How to deepthroat (without sending yourself to hospital)

    Jul 25 2018

    Recently, 19 year old Chicago boy Fredy Alanis made news as a selfie he posted of him in hospital after attempting to suck a ten inch penis went viral… It turned out his airway was ruptured... So on the podcast, you’ll find out how you can deep throat without sending yourself or your partner to the ER. Featuring sex therapist Tanya Koens.

  • How long should sex last?

    Jul 24 2018

    If you’re living with unrealistic expectations, it can play havoc with your enjoyment and performance…Find out how you can manage your expectations and enjoy yourself. We're joined by Dr Nikki Goldstein.

  • Can high-school sweethearts last?

    Jul 10 2018

    Can first loves last? On the podcast we’re talking about high school sweethearts, how you can make those relationships last, and what you might miss out on if your first love is your only love. Clinical psychologist Gemma Cribb will join you to talk about how you might be able to get over those first relationships humps.

  • Amyl and poppers

    Jul 09 2018

    It’s a substance that’s pretty popular on dancefloors and is known to be a go-to drug for men during sex with other men as it relaxes muscles in the body. And while it’s illegal to sell, supply or inhale products containing amyl, it can be still sold online or in sex shops as room deodoriser or video head cleaner, but the government body - the TGA - wants to change that and further restrict the sale. On the podcast, Dr Brad will join us to chat about what exactly poppers are and what they can do...more

  • A chat with Spencer Tunick

    Jul 09 2018

    Spencer Tunick is a New York photographer, famous, or perhaps infamous for his mass nude photo shoots in public spaces. He’s in Australia right now for his latest installation Return Of The Nude. He gets volunteers to pose naked with each other and this time round, Nat was one of them. On the podcast you’ll hear from the man himself, hear what happened when Nat got naked with hundreds of strangers in the name of art.

  • Be Faithful: Judaism

    Jul 04 2018

    What’s sex and dating like when you’re Jewish? Well it can be a bit complicated. You'll hear from a Rabbi to tell us the ins and outs of Jewish dating, and how you can reconcile being gay and Jewish. You'll also hear from a young woman who was raised as a Modern Orthodox Jew, but then came up against some challenges when dating outside of her faith.

  • What is prebating? (and does it work?!)

    Jul 03 2018

    If you haven’t heard of it, you may have done it. It’s masturbating before a stressful situation. This could be a date or a big day at work. Men and women do it, but sometimes for different reasons. You'll hear from people who swear by it, and a sexologist will walk us through the benefits it can have.

  • 'Gatsbying' to attract your crush

    Jul 02 2018

    It’s thirst-trapping but for lifestyle, image-crafting for your crush. It’s what Jay Gatsby did to attract the attention of his love Daisy, throwing huge lavish parties and living a grand life in the hopes she might notice. Some might say all modern social media is this to an extent. But does it work? You’ll hear from a relationships expert on what the best way forward is, and from a few self-confessed Gatsby-ers.

  • Do you change your name when you marry?

    Jun 26 2018

    Plenty of people change their name after getting married, but it can be a divisive thing. Would you change your name when you get married? Changing your surname has long been expected of women, but things have been changing. On the podcast you’ll hear why people are so connected to their last names, and you’ll also from a sex and relationships therapist on how you can negotiate the situation with your partner if you don’t see eye to eye on it. You'll hear from people who've merged their last nam...more

  • Dating when you live with bipolar

    Jun 25 2018

    About 3 per cent of Australians live with bipolar disorder. It’s a condition that makes it really hard to regulate your mood. You get depressive episodes and high energy mania. It can make dating and maintaining relationships really difficult, both for the person with bipolar, and their partner. On the podcast, you’ll hear from Professor Greg Murray, a clinical psychologist who specialises in bipolar disorder, and you'll hear from Jess who’s living with bipolar and in her early 20s. She’s also a...more

  • Dealing with UTIs

    Jun 20 2018

    Urinary tract infections are no fun and they can cause a lot of pain and may even stop you from having sex. You’ll hear how you can prevent getting them and what you can do when you think you might have one. Featuring Dr Amanda Newman specialist women’s health GP at Jean Hailes for Women’s Health.

  • How the five 'love languages' work

    Jun 19 2018

    The Five Love Languages is an idea created by Dr Gary Chapman that there are five general ways people like to express and receive love. Those are touch, quality time, words of affirmation, receiving gifts and acts of service. What the hell does all that mean and how can knowing your language improve your relationship? Featuring sex therapist and relationships counsellor Jacqueline Hellyer.

  • Keeping score of hook-ups

    Jun 18 2018

    Do you keep a list of everyone you’ve slept with? You'll meet people who keep spreadsheets with all sorts of details in them, people who've reacted badly to hearing someone's number and some who have no idea what their number is. Featuring sex therapist Jacqueline Hellyer.

  • INCELS Part 3: Could sex work help end the INCEL issue?

    Jun 12 2018

    Find out what role sex work can take in relieving sexual frustration, whether sex workers are part of the solution to the INCEL issue, and how important touch is for people. You’ll hear from sex therapist Tanya Koens and sex worker and activist Lucie Bee. You'll also hear from Nigel who got in touch with us. He's 26 and told us he’d been frustrated in the past from not having any sex.

  • INCELS Part 2: Is sex a right? What is sexual frustration?

    Jun 12 2018

    We look at whether sex is a right, what exactly sexual frustration is, and how you can manage it. Featuring sex therapist Tanya Koens and Dr Lauren Rosewarne, lecturer in the school of social and political sciences at the University of Melbourne.

  • INCELS Part 1: What's an INCEL, how it all began

    Jun 12 2018

    You’ve probably heard the word 'INCEL' thrown around a fair bit lately. It stands for involuntary celibacy. So we thought it was time to work out what it means and what you can do if you do find yourself as an INCEL. On this podcast, you’ll hear about how the word came about when we speak to the accidental founder of the INCEL movement, Alana, Dr Lauren Rosewarne tells us what part virgin shaming takes in this narrative, and ABC journo and co-host of The Signal podcast, Ange Lavoipierre, who’s r...more

  • Be Faithful: Islam

    Jun 05 2018

    We’re continuing our series on religion and dating. On this podcast - dating and Islam. You’ll find out how interfaith relationships are viewed, how arranged marriage works in modern times, and what sex acts Muslims can and can’t do - according to the scripture. Featuring clinical psychologist and Muslim community leader Hanan Dover.

  • Money and relationships

    Jun 04 2018

    Money can be really great to have, but it can also cause some real problems in relationships. On the podcast, dating and money. You’ll hear from people who’ve lost everything from bad decisions from their partners, how you can curb emotional spending, and how you can talk to your partner about who pays for what. Featuring: Money educator Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon and clinical psychologist Crysta Derham.

  • To block, or not to block...

    May 30 2018

    Being blocked on social media can really hurt, especially when you’re not given the chance to work your issues out. But it’s our right to shut someone out of our feeds…. Isn’t it? Featuring clinical psychologist Gemma Cribb.

  • Dating and depression

    May 29 2018

    Imagine dating the perfect person, but things aren’t going as well as they should be. Your depression makes you believe you need to deal with things on your own, and you don’t want to burden your partner with it so you break up…. But is that really what you want? Living with depression can difficult, but when you’re dating with it, it can really mess things up. So how can you date with depression or help the person you’re dating? Featuring clinical psychologist Gemma Cribb.

  • Emergency service worker PTSD and dating

    May 23 2018

    Imagine trying to start a relationship but your mood is unpredictable, you always have your guard up, and you feel there’s nothing you can do about it. They are just a couple of the symptoms you might face when you’re living with post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. About one in sixteen people will experience PTSD at some time, and while people do recover from the disorder, life doesn’t stop while going through treatment - and sometimes your dating life doesn’t stop either. Featuring clinica...more

  • Be Faithful: Christianity

    May 22 2018

    Can Christians have sex before marriage? We’re doing a mini series on religion and dating. First up, the Christian faith. It all started when we got an email from Jack saying he was really confused about how he can date, not have sex, but be intimate, and still be a faithful Christian? We find out with a Christian Youth Pastor, Kelly Skilton.

  • Who gets the friends in a breakup?

    May 21 2018

    Breaking up is a bitch. But forget divvying up the furniture, the cafe and the record collection, the hardest part is working out who gets the friends. On the podcast we find out how you manage your friends in a break-up. Soon a psyc will be in with some tips, but first Jess from Goulburn Valley gave us a call with a story of what happened to her after a breakup…

  • Housemate sex etiquette

    May 16 2018

    Living with other people can be difficult as it is… maybe they’re a bit messy in the kitchen, maybe they’re a bit pas-ag when you use the washing machine before they get to it, or maybe they make WAY too much noise when they’re having sex… On the podcast, housemate sex etiquette. What you can, can't and shouldn't do...

  • Should you shame people for not wanting to do basic sex acts?

    May 15 2018

    DJ Khaled recently copped it for refusing to go down on his wife. So on the podcast, we wanna know - can you say no to particular sex act that’s deemed …. Kinda regular? On the podcast you’ll hear a range of opinions and sexologist Amanda Lambros will join us for her hot take too.

  • Why are MILFs a thing?

    May 14 2018

    It’s been nearly 20 years since American Pie brought the MILF (or Mum I’d Like To F*ck) concept into the mainstream, and it still persists. “Yummy mummies” is a stacked Instagram genre, and MILF is still among the top 5 porn searches globally. So on the podcast, why are people hot for mums? You’ll hear from some hot mums on the attention they get, and you’ll hear from a young guy who exclusively goes for women way older than him. Featuring, sexologist Amanda Lambros, singer-songwriter and youn...more

  • Can introverts and extraverts date in harmony?

    May 09 2018

    What do you do when you’re more outgoing than your partner? Or your partner struggles when you tell them you need alone time. On the podcast we’re talking introverts dating extroverts, and vice versa, and the challenges those relationships can pose.

  • Genital modification: labiaplasty

    May 08 2018

    Many people look at different parts of their body and think, “I wish it looked a bit different”, but have you ever had that thought about your labia? For those who don’t know, the labia are the lips or folds of skin that sit on either side of the vaginal opening. Well, on the podcast you’ll hear about why some people are deciding to get cosmetic surgery to change the way their labia looks. Featuring cosmetic surgeon Dr Jayson Oates, and Dr Gemma Sharp, fellow in the School of Public Health and...more

  • Genital modification: the penis

    May 07 2018

    Have you ever thought of enhancing your genitals? Well, it turns out some guys are getting things done to their dicks to make sex better… On the podcast you’ll hear what people are doing things to their dicks and why they do it. Featuring cosmetic surgeon Dr Jayson Oates, and Dr Gemma Sharp, fellow in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University and Clinical Psychologist.

  • When parents interfere with your relationship

    May 03 2018

    Our parents are an important part of our lives, but they can have an impact on our relationships, for better or worse. On the podcast we’re looking at what happens when your parents get too involved in your relationship. You’ll hear from someone who’s bf’s parents actively kept her out of their lives and a woman who’s constantly told her family would hook up with her bf. Featuring psychologist Dr Alicia Franklin.

  • Erotic hypnosis

    May 01 2018

    If you’ve seen the film ‘Get Out’, the idea of this podcast might freak you out a bit - but don’t believe everything you see in the movies. You’ll find out what you could get your partner to do under hypnosis, if touchless orgasms are a thing, and where consent comes into this whole hypnotic equation. We’re joined by Elizabeth who likes being hypnotised, and Daniel “The Wordsmith” a Master Erotic Hypnotist who teaches and uses hypnosis to create intimacy and connection.

  • Dating when you're a 'ten'

    May 01 2018

    Ridiculously good looking people have an easy time dating and finding a partner, right? Not all the time. On the podcast we’re looking at what it’s like dating when you’re really good looking. Dr Ben Buchanan will join us soon on what issues you might have if you’re hot, you'll hear why looks aren't really in the eyes of the beholder, and you'll find out what life is like when you’re a 10.

  • The 'Friendzone'

    Apr 23 2018

    Have you ever had feelings for someone only to find out they just wanna be friends? On the podcast we’re talking about "the friendzone". It's a pretty loaded term that people are pushing back on but not having your feelings reciprocated really hurts. You’ll hear stories from people who’ve been rejected, those who have told a friend they’re not interested and from someone who likes her friend but doesn’t know what to do. But first up, Tara tells us what happened when she got friendzoned… Featuri...more

  • Are engagements still a thing?

    Apr 17 2018

    If you like it then you should put a ring on it, right? Well not everyone would agree. On the podcast we ask – what’s with the engagement? How important is it in 2018 and how long should the optimal engagement last? You’ll hear from a couple who are recently engaged on why they’re making a deal about it and why an engagement can also be treated as a test zone for the relationship and whether you want to stay in it or not. Featuring lecturer in social and political sciences Dr Lauren Rosewarne a...more

  • Dating a stoner

    Apr 16 2018

    Weed is the most commonly used illicit drug in the country, and around 70 percent of 20-29 year olds have tried it at some point. But what if you’re smoking regularly? How does it affect a relationship? On the podcast, we’re looking at how being "420 friendly" can affect your relationship. You’ll hear from people who’ve been introduced to it by a partner then wondered what they were doing, others who’ve been broken up with because they don’t smoke, and one person who say it’s enhanced their se...more

  • What should we learn in sex ed class?

    Apr 10 2018

    Did you learn anything weird in sex ed at school that didn’t really help you out? On the podcast we’re talking about sex ed in schools. What’s taught and what should be taught. Featuring comedian (and former high school teacher) Mark Butler, and Professor Christopher Fisher from the Australian Research Centre for Sexual Health and Society (ARCSHS). Hosted by James Findlay.

  • Why some young people see sex workers

    Apr 09 2018

    Despite sex work not being decriminalised in Australia and different laws allowing different things in different states, sex work still happens - and as you’ll hear, it’s not just people who can’t pick up who are seeing sex workers. We recently got an email from a listener who was shocked and concerned that her boyfriend had seen sex workers, and it got us thinking – how many people have this as one of their dealbreaker? Featuring sex worker and activist Lucie Bee and sex therapist and clinic...more

  • Finding the funny in fking

    Apr 04 2018

    Talking about sex can be pretty hard at times, but can be made so much easier when you can have a bit of a laugh. On the podcast, we chat to the team from Glittery Clittery from Colin and Alia from #Pickup, who are all in Melbourne for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

  • Freezing your eggs and sperm in your 20s

    Apr 03 2018

    Having kids might be a way off for you, but you may need to at least consider prepping your body for that now. On the podcast, we’re looking at fertility. You’ll hear from people in their 20s who are freezing their eggs or sperm, and we talk about options you have if you’ve got complications with the ability to have a kid. Joining us is Dr Manuela Toledo, IVF and fertility specialist at Melbourne IVF and Rita Alesi, Senior Psychologist and Manager of Monash IVF Counselling Services.

  • Cock and ball torture, anyone?

    Mar 25 2018

    Have you ever been kicked in the balls and liked it?

  • What is pansexuality?

    Mar 25 2018

    What’s the difference between bi and pan? We break down the labels.

  • How to travel with your partner

    Mar 25 2018

    How soon is too soon? What can go wrong? And can travel flings have legs?

  • Horoscopes and personality tests for dating: Total bs or helpful?

    Mar 21 2018

    Do you think personality tests or horoscopes could help you find a partner? Lately there’s been plenty of people putting lil letters pop up in dating profile bios like INFJ, ESTP, but what do they mean? On the podcast, we discuss the Myers Briggs test when dating plus why people rely on horoscopes to find the perfect partner. But is it all bullshit? Featuring: Relationship Coach Megan Luscombe Astrologist for Cosmopolitan Australia and Vogue Japan, Jessica Adams Professor of Psychology, ...more

  • The Chase: worth it or waste of time?

    Mar 20 2018

    Do you like to play hard to get? Or does it drive you crazy? The chase is at the centre of dating culture but is it worth playing the game? You'll hear from relationships coach Megan Luscombe on why the chase is a thing, and the best way to get the most out of dating when there’s a chase involved.

  • Getting it up (and keeping it up!)

    Mar 19 2018

    Imagine you’ve had sexual tension build up with someone for a while, and you’re about to have sex with them for the first time… but then as you’re getting ready, your erection disappears. Many men experience performance anxiety, and when it happens, it can really affect your confidence in the bedroom. Here to help you out with it, is counsellor and sex therapist, Dr Christopher Fox.

  • Your weight in a relationship

    Mar 15 2018

    Has body image or weight become an issue in your relationship? Research suggests it’s very common for people to put on a few “love kilos” when you’re in a relationship, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it *can* put strain on your mental health and your relationship. On the podcast you’ll hear from people who have had their partners tell them to lose weight, someone who’s considering getting lap band surgery for her bf, and people who are confused about whether their partners like t...more

  • Period QnA

    Mar 14 2018

    Can you sync your period with others? Can you get pregnant during period sex? On the podcast we’re rolling out the red carpet and talking periods, menstruation, ya menzies. You’ll meet Dr Carnesky, who’s spilling all about the symbolic and cultural power of menstruation in her stage show, Dr Carnesky’s Incredible Bleeding Woman. Plus, a medical doctor, Dr Deborah Bateson from Family Planning NSW will answer some of those more medical questions you have…

  • How to improve your dating profile

    Mar 05 2018

    Are you lacking some tinder-game? Feel like you’ve got a pretty good profile, but it’s just not getting you the matches you want? We’re looking at how you can really pimp your profile. You’ll hear what you should put in your bio, whether you should say more or less, and what pics you should use. Featuring relationships expert and dating coach, Samantha Jayne.

  • The history of Mardi Gras and the future for young LGBTI Australians

    Mar 05 2018

    Experiencing the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney is really something else. So much glitter, so little clothing and SO much fun… but the Mardi Gras isn’t just a big party… On the podcast we’re looking at the history of Mardi Gras, as it celebrates its 40th anniversary, and ask young queer Australians where we go next. Featuring Matthew Wade, editor of Star Observer, and Ruby Susan, co-host of Triple Bi Pass on JOY 94.9.

  • Meet the 'stripper next door'

    Feb 27 2018

    Pole dancing is becoming a really popular sport, but it can come with a lot of stigma attached to it. Emma Lee Corbett aka Suzie Q was a pole dancer and stripper. She stripped to pay her way through uni. She’s just released a book, The Stripper Next Door, and we wanted to find out what it’s like earning cash by taking your kit off and whether Emma has any advice for anyone wanting to take it up.

  • From pornos to pleasure: how sex stores are changing

    Feb 26 2018

    You may have passed the odd sex shop on the street from time to time, but have you ever gone into one? On the podcast we’re looking at how sex stores have changed, and why you might be more inclined to go into one these days… Featuring Associate Professor Lynn Comella and the owner of a feminist, women-friendly sex store.

  • Problems with pets and partners

    Feb 20 2018

    Pets can be a super important part of our lives. Your cat, or dog, or axolotl, they can be like family. But what happens when they don’t fit in with our relationships? On the podcast you’ll hear from listeners who have had issues with their relationships because of pets. You’ll also hear from a animal behaviourist on why pets act in certain ways. Featuring psychotherapist Carol-Ann Allen and pet trainer and behaviour consultant, Dr Kate Mornement.

  • What is 'pet play'?

    Feb 19 2018

    Have you ever wanted to dress up and act like an animal? Well, there’s a kink for that. On this podcast we’re looking at the kink of pet play. You’ll meet a couple of kitten pet players, a handler and a pup pet player. Why do people do it? What’s involved? Has it got anything to do with real animals? All those questions will be answered!

  • Putting the O into O-Week

    Feb 13 2018

    Are you about to start uni? Well we’re putting the O in O Week. Starting uni is a totally new chapter of your life, and it opens you up to a lot of new relationships and experiences. If you’re going to uni for the first time and don’t know what to expect, then we’ve got you covered. On the podcast, you'll hear from Jimi Bursaw who's managed colleges, o-weeks and all kinds of uni activities to give you a rundown on what goes on and how to make the most of it. Then clinical psychologist Danielle M...more

  • V-Day: From A to Kink

    Feb 12 2018

    It’s that time of the year again – Valentine's Day. Does the thought of it get your heart racing or does it inspire loud groans? Putting all that pressure to be romantic on one day can make us feel doomed to fail, but Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suck. On the podcast you’ll hear from BJ, a kink expert and educator on how you could spice up your V-Day. Plus sexologist and counsellor Amanda Lambros talks us through how you can really make the most of this romantic holiday.

  • Getting spunky

    Feb 06 2018

    **adult content warning** We’re young, dumb, and full of it. We're talking about cum, semen, jizz, the milky chance. For some people, it’s kinda icky, but others love it, and everywhere. On the podcast, we’ll take a look at why people fetishize it and why people can’t stand it with sex therapist Tanya Koens. Plus, can you really get an infection in your eye if someone cums in it? Nurse Mat will be in to answer all the health questions under the sun.

  • Fk me, I'm famous!

    Feb 05 2018

    Have you ever fantasised about being with someone famous? Maybe you’ve slept with someone famous and it was the root of your dreams. Maybe you’re still together! Or perhaps it was a total nightmare and ruined that person and the work you loved, forever. On the podcast you’re going to hear from someone who had an up close experience with the lead singer of a band that tarnished their music in her eyes, a lead singer of a band who talks about what it’s like when fans say they want to marry her, ...more

  • Being scared of commitment

    Dec 12 2017

    Is locking someone down really so hard? Or are you the type of person that freaks out and leaves as soon as something becomes a bit serious… On the pod we’re looking at commitment - that tricky transitional phase in dating where you go from casual fling, to deleting all your apps and deciding to date each other exclusively. But if one of you is more into the idea of locking things down than the other, do you cut and run, or stick around to see if they change their mind? You’ll hear from clinic...more

  • Relationships during the holiday season

    Dec 12 2017

    The holiday season is upon us, so we're talking about the emotional and relationship shit-storm that is summer. Whether it’s dealing with your partner’s relatives or wanting to break up but kinda not wanting to do it smack bang in the middle of Christmas, there’s plenty going on during this period. You’ll hear from relationships specialist Melissa Ferrari on ways that you could avoid the holidays being painful, and comedian Alexi Toliopoulos on why we shouldn't be giving anyone gifts in the fir...more

  • When is flashing ok?

    Dec 06 2017

    This week, musician Kirin J Callinan flashed his penis on the ARIA Award red carpet this week, and as you’d imagine in the current social climate, people were pissed, and fairly so, it is indecent exposure and therefore a crime. But it shouldn't come as a surprise for anyone who knows of him... on his latest album cover he’s peeing on his on own face. But the latest backlash has made us wonder about the nature of flashing, and indecent exposure, and what constitutes ok and not ok nudity in 2017...more

  • Should you get back with your ex?

    Dec 05 2017

    A bad breakup can leave you feeling like absolute garbage, and when the loneliness kicks in and you're drinking red wine from the bottle, many of us just want to run straight back to what’s familiar, our ex. But surely there’s a reason you broke up? Shouldn't you just try and move on with your life? You’ll hear from psychologist Melanie Khashadorian on when it might be a good idea, and when getting back with your ex is totally the wrong idea, and from callers who've had different experiences w...more

  • When you feel pressure to be more sexual cause your friends are

    Nov 29 2017

    Our friends and peer group have a much bigger influence on us than we might think… But have you ever thought about how much of an influence our friends have on our love lives? On the podcast, we’re looking at peer pressure to be more sexual than our friends, taking your own time to make decisions that are right for you, and whether friends with benefits works. Sex therapist Cat O’Dowd joins us soon to talk us through it.

  • Making and breaking up with friends

    Nov 29 2017

    Friendships seem to be one of the most underrated relationships out there. We’re often told that your family and your partner are your priority when it comes to time and effort, but sometimes we tend to forget about our friends. Friends can bring the best out of us, sometimes the worst of us, and research even says they can even make us live longer. On the podcast we’re looking at how we make friends as young adults and how we can break up with a friend. You’ll hear stories of people who are u...more

  • The psychology of sexual assault

    Nov 22 2017

    **TRIGGER WARNING **ADULT CONTENT** This podcast discusses sexual assault and may be triggering to victim survivors. If you need help or someone to talk to, you can call 1800 RESPECT or visit respect.gov.au. The #metoo campaign has brought up a lot of questions recently, like: What would make someone want to cross an emotional or physical boundary with someone else? And why can it take victim survivors so long to report? On the podcast we’re discussing the psychology behind sexual assault. W...more

  • What contraception is right for me?

    Nov 20 2017

    A recent survey found one in five women between the ages of 18 and 27 have had an unintended pregnancy and more than half of the women wanted to know more about what their contraception options are. So let’s prevent some accidents and find out just what contraception is out there. Joining the podcast is Dr Deborah Bateson, Medical Director, Family Planning NSW and Sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein.

  • Thirst trapping

    Nov 20 2017

    Have you ever posted a hot pic of yourself just to get the likes or spite an ex? It’s called thirst trapping, and while men and women are snapping away, does this actually work to get the attention of the person you want? And what does it say about they way we communicate now? Soon you’ll hear from some listeners who’ve seen the positives and negatives of the thirst trap. We ask clinical psychologist, Mai Dao if this new way of people meeting has surprised her, and ask if this can be a tad narci...more

  • Taking or leaving your parents' sex and relationship advice

    Nov 12 2017

    Do you wonder about why you act in certain ways in a relationship? Maybe you find it hard to get emotionally close, or rely too much on someone and drive them away? Well, it could be partly your parents fault, on the podcast we’re looking at the affect your relationship with your parents can have on your romantic life. Writer Benjamin Law and his Mum Jenny talk about the sex and relationships advice book they’ve written together, and CEO of Relationships Australia and counselling psychologist El...more

  • Is rebounding a great idea?

    Nov 07 2017

    After a big breakup, the idea of living life alone scares the shit out of a lot of us, so naturally we head straight for the rebound. Whether that's a one night stand or even jumping straight into a new relationship. But isn't rebound just pain avoidance? Or can it actually help you move on? On the podcast you’ll hear some pretty wild stories about rebounds, when they go wrong, and what happens when the ex of the girl you’re rebounding with tracks you down at work Joining us on the podcast is...more

  • Testicular cancer and checking your balls

    Nov 06 2017

    It’s Movember season, when people start growing out their mos to raise awareness for men’s health, so we thought we’d look at the 2nd highest cancer affecting young men in Australia, testicular cancer. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer after skin cancer in men aged 18–39 yet a lot of us seem to know very little about it. You’ll hear stories from survivors that are moving and funny, of what it’s like to figure out if you want to have a fake ball or not, and stories of people who weren'...more

  • What it's like dating in the bush

    Oct 31 2017

    Imagine living in a town where you know EVERYONE, and everyone knows you, and to meet anyone new and go on a date you need to drive hundreds of kms. On the podcast we’re finding out what’s it like dating out in the bush. Joining us on the podcast is counsellor and sexologist Amanda Lambros.

  • Is pubic hair facing extinction!?

    Oct 30 2017

    According to surveys, around 70 percent of men trim their pubic hair, while the majority of women (nearly 60 per cent) go completely bare. So is the bush doomed to extinction, or do you think it should be having a comeback? Sexologist Amanda Lambros sheds some light on the purpose of the bush and why people do what they do to it, and Dr Brad McKay tells us whether we're more likely to get STIs if we shave it all off.

  • The 'stage-five clinger'

    Oct 25 2017

    If you've been watching the Bachelorette chances are you've had a conversation about being too emotionally intense early on in the relationship. It can come off as needy and clingy and is probably the best way to freak someone out, but if you really like someone, how can you help showing it? And don’t people want to be showered in affection?

  • Bromances. More fulfilling than a relationship?

    Oct 24 2017

    According to a new study, young men get more emotional satisfaction out of “bromances”—close, heterosexual friendships with other males—than they do out of romantic relationships with women. On the pod we’re looking at the 'bromance'. What is it, what they mean to you and what the concept of bromances says about how we see male friendship. Coming up you’ll hear from relationships counsellor Clinton Power on why these relationships are important, and from masculinity expert Dr Michael Flood on w...more

  • A guide to eating p*ssy

    Oct 18 2017

    Have you gone down on someone with a vulva before? How do you know if you're doing it right? If you're receiving, how can you communicate what you want? On the podcast, we're doing a deep dive on the muff dive with sex therapist Giverny Lewis.

  • How can dating apps affect our mental health?

    Oct 17 2017

    Dating can be hard enough as it is, but when you’re spending hours on end swiping and chatting to people you might not ever meet, how does it affect our mental health? You’ll hear from Dr Mitchell Hobbs on how these apps play us and how they’re making money off our FOMO on meeting our dream partner. And clinical psychologist Malinda Guest talks us through how dating apps can be detrimental to our mental health, and how they can help us feel better about dating.

  • Hugh Hefner: dirty perve or sexual revolutionary?

    Oct 13 2017

    Hugh Hefner recently died at the age of 91, leaving behind a huge legacy with Playboy. But what kind of a legacy did he leave? Was Hef responsible for the sexual revolution or in embracing sexuality, did he actually take women’s sexuality backwards?.

  • I don't want kids!

    Oct 11 2017

    When you’re in your twenties, making decisions about having kids might not be one of your top priorities, but for some people it’s something that they’ve already made their mind up on. So what’s it like dating when you or someone you’re seeing definitely doesn’t want kids.

  • Crabs and scabies

    Oct 05 2017

    No one likes talking about scabies or crabs, but it turns out they’re probably more common than you think. On the podcast we’ll chat to Dr Brad McKay on how we get scabies and crabs, what they are and how we can get rid of them. We also put a call into former triple j breakfast host Tom Ballard who had a scabies experience of his own.

  • Having a racial preference

    Oct 04 2017

    On an individual basis we can't really control who turns us on, but when it comes to studies that have been done on our preferences in general when on dating apps, it reveals some racial biases that many of us have, but are probably afraid to admit. You’ll hear from Dr Denton Callender, a research fellow at the Kirby Institute on how apps contribute to racial preferences, and Dr Ian Stephen might have an explanation as to why we’re more likely to end up with someone of the same race. We also ask...more

  • Does dreaming about your ex mean anything?

    Oct 02 2017

    Have you ever woken up from a really vivid sex dream about someone and thought “have I just cheated on my partner??”. On the podcast we’re looking at sex dreams and what they mean. You’ll hear from a couple of people who broke up with their partners because of a sex dream, and from dream interpreter Jane Teresa Anderson about what these dreams mean – she also has a warning about acting on your dreams too…

  • No more premature ejaculation!

    Sep 25 2017

    Premature ejaculation can ruin your sex life and your relationships. A few months ago we chatted to Jonno about his problem with premature ejaculation. It’s been a few months now so we decided to check in with him again and see how he’s going. Hosted by James Findlay

  • What does marriage mean to young Australians?

    Sep 24 2017

    While our country decides on whether we should all have the ability to marry the person we love, I decided to take a step back and ask what marriage actually means to you. Hosted by James Findlay

  • Should you revisit your dates?

    Sep 19 2017

    It’s been a few months since you went on a few dates what that tinder hook-up that didn’t go anywhere, but is it worth double checking to see if it’s worth it?

  • Talking about sexual health when you're from an ethnically diverse background

    Sep 18 2017

    If you come from a culture where talking about sex a serious no-no, then it could have a bit of an impact on your sexual health. On this podcast you’ll hear about how young people from culturally diverse backgrounds can have trouble talking about sex. You’ll also hear from a researcher working with Burmese refugees who’ll tell us that words such as vulva and clitoris don’t even exist in their native language, and what problems that can cause. Hosted by James Findlay.

  • Closing the orgasm gap

    Sep 18 2017

    *adult content* Straight women are cumming nowhere near as much as straight men, gay men and lesbians. On this podcast we’re looking at closing the orgasm gap between men and women. You’ll hear from a woman who’s never orgasmed from penetrative sex and another who’s had no problem telling men what she wants in bed. Guiding us through it, is sex therapist Tanya Koens. Hosted by James Findlay.

  • Being divorced in your twenties: My husband is into guys and divorce legalities

    Sep 13 2017

    This is part two of our look at being divorced in your twenties. You’ll hear the story of Courtney and Bryon from Canberra, who are in their mid-20s and currently going through a divorce after Byron realised he’s gay. You’ll find out how they found out they might have more in common than they originally thought and their thought process on how they could keep their marriage alive. Clinical Psychologist Shahn Baker Sorekli joins to talk about the how this process of a divorce is a bit different ...more

  • Being divorced in your twenties: Divorcee by 23

    Sep 12 2017

    This is part one of our look at being divorced in your twenties. You’ll hear the story of 25 year old Chantelle from Cairns who got divorced a year after she walked down the isle. You’ll hear how she came to the decision to break it off, and how her friends reacted to it. You might be surprised what they said to her. Clinical Psychologist Shahn Baker Sorekli joins to talk about the troubles young divorcees go though. Hosted by James Findlay.

  • Vegan dating

    Sep 11 2017

    If you’re not a vegan, you might think living without eating any meat or products from animals could be hard enough, but think about what dating might when people you go on dates with constantly don’t understand your vegan lifestyle. You’ll hear from Shane in Melbourne who has a set of rules he likes his dates to follow and from a woman who’s created an app to help vegos and vegans find each other. You’ll also hear from a 19 year old hunter who sources and cooks her own meat – how do her dates r...more

  • A beginner's guide to fisting

    Sep 06 2017

    We're exploring a sex act you can really get your hands into... and perhaps your whole arm...

  • Dads, DILFs and 'daddies'

    Sep 05 2017

    Have you ever seen a young guy pushing a pram or holding a baby and really been drawn to it? On this podcast we’re looking at dads, DILFs and daddies. What is it about young dads that grabs our attention? You’ll hear from sexologist Amada Lambrose, and we’ll also look at the kink of ‘daddies’ and age roleplay in bed. Hosted by James Findlay.

  • Is it ok to 'kiss and tell'?

    Sep 04 2017

    Have you hooked up with someone only for them to then spread your intimate details across the internet?

  • Being a virgin in your 20s

    Aug 29 2017

    Many of us lose our virginity in our teens, but what would it be like dating as a virgin in your 20s?

  • Sliding into DMs to pick up

    Aug 28 2017

    It sounds a bit creepy, but in this modern age of dating, sliding into someone's DMs (or private messages) is kinda common. But when is it a bit wrong...?

  • Pre-booked holidays with new relationships

    Aug 28 2017

    You're about to leave on a holiday you've had booked for months, but just before you go you meet someone you think might be the one. What do you do?!

  • Dating and gambling

    Aug 22 2017

    Imagine finding out your partner is a problem gambler, only for them to then put you in charge of ALL their finances...

  • Spontaneous orgasms

    Aug 21 2017

    Did you know some women can have orgasms just by doing certain exercises, while others can't control when they have them at all?

  • Sextech and sexual function, VR porn and feminism

    Aug 17 2017

    If you have too much sex with a sex robot, could if affect your performance? We also get a feminist's perspective on sex robots.

  • The ethics of sex robots

    Aug 16 2017

    What does having sex with a sex robot say about us? Should sex robots have rights?

  • New sextech and sexbots in pop culture

    Aug 15 2017

    Sex robots are on everyone's lips of late, but what technology is already available to help us get off?

  • When you hate their job

    Aug 10 2017

    How important is your partner's job to your relationship?

  • Giving consent

    Aug 09 2017

    Is consent more complicated than you thought?

  • Bad smells and tastes

    Aug 08 2017

    What do you do when things don't smell or taste any good?

  • Dating with an eating disorder

    Aug 01 2017

    Dating can be hard enough as it is, but imagine what it would be like when you have an eating disorder...

  • Coming out as trans

    Jul 30 2017

    What's it like being trans?

  • Too big to fit in here

    Jul 30 2017

    Turns out there is such a thing as too big...

  • Dating a 'loose unit'

    Jul 30 2017

    You want to date someone who likes to have a good time, right? But what happens when you're spending every other weekending getting them out of trouble or cleaning them up?

  • Ejaculation Control

    Jul 17 2017

    Many men experience premature ejaculation, and it can be devastating for your sex life and relationships.

  • Gonorrhoea - aka 'The Clap'

    Jul 16 2017

    It's one of the most common sexually transmitted infections going around, but lately gonorrhoea has become harder to treat. We chat to sexual health expert Dr Phillip Read about what gono is, how it's transmitted and avoided, plus what the go is with 'super gono'.

  • Open relationships

    Jul 16 2017

    How do you deal with an open relationship? How do you bring it up with your partner, and how do you know if it's right for you? You'll hear from people who have tried it and found success and people who would never do it again. We speak to relationships counsellor, Clinton Power.

  • Male Sex Workers (they're a thing!)

    Jul 12 2017

    Usually we tend to think that men are only buying sex from women, but increasingly women are buying sex from men. You'll hear from researcher Dr Denton Callander on the changing face of sex work and women sexuality, and sex worker Max Anders on what's involved.

  • What is love?

    Jul 11 2017

    How do you know the difference between love and lust? If you're in love, does your heart beat faster? Do you feel sick if they're not there? You'll hear from sexologist and relationships counsellor Alinda Small. Plus, Dr Rebecca Pinkus tells us how science contributes to whether we're love or not.

  • Dirty Talk

    Jul 06 2017

    When it comes to speaking during sex, some can find it a really embarrassing and intimidating prospect, but for others it's an essential part of the experience.

  • PDA (public displays of affection)

    Jul 05 2017

    So how much is too much, and what might it say about your relationship? You'll hear about the complications of PDA, and why posting too many pics of bae might be a signal of insecurity in your relationship.

  • Blowjobs 101

    Jun 30 2017

    Are you nervous about sucking a dick? Fear not. You'll learn how to relax, communicate and enjoy yourself. Isla View teaches 'The Art of Fellatio' class and is here to help, plus we get further advice from sex therapist Jacqueline Hellyer. Hosted by Sarah McVeigh

  • Huge age gaps when you're young

    Jun 29 2017

    If you're 17, would you date a 30 year old? It may be legal (depending on where you live), but is it the right thing to do?

  • Love long distance

    Jun 28 2017

    Is long distance the wrong distance? How can you make a long distance relationships work?

  • Risky fantasies: Rape

    Jun 23 2017

    CONTENT WARNING: This episode does discuss rape and sexual assault. Fantasies come in a range of forms, but what's it like having a fantasy about something that's not only illegal, but horrible to think about.

  • Risky fantasies: 'bug chasing'

    Jun 22 2017

    CONTENT WARNING: This episode does discuss sexual assault. 'Bug chasing' is the act of intentionally acquiring or passing on HIV.

  • Dating people you disagree with

    Jun 21 2017

    Ever dated some with different political views to you? Maybe you were dumped cause you didn't believe in the same God as them (or in God at all!), or maybe their vegan and you love a tender, juicy steak.

  • Keeping score of your sex number

    Jun 15 2017

    Do you know how many people you've slept with? Why does it matter? Why do there seem to be double standards between men and women? Sex therapist Giverny Lewis talks us through the numbers and what the big deal is (or isn't!).

  • The withdrawal method

    Jun 13 2017

    It's the oldest form of contraception, but just how effective is it? Dr Brad McKay drops by to give us the low down on pulling out.

  • Period sex

    Jun 07 2017

    What's the big deal about period sex? Is it really as messy as it sounds? Can you get past a fear of blood? Why are people into it? All these questions will be explored with sexologist Juliet Allen.

  • Having kids in your twenties

    Jun 06 2017

    Your friends are going out, traveling and partying, and you're changing nappies and cleaning up baby vom. You'll hear from a caller who had her daughter three weeks before her 21st and feels like she's missed out on her youth, and a woman who had a baby with a guy she was seeing casually on Tinder. Plus, one in two women experience discrimination when pregnant or after returning to work, so you'll find out what your rights are at work with a lawyer from Maurice Blackburn.

  • Dating on the autism spectrum

    Jun 04 2017

    Finding love can be hard enough, but for people who people living on the autism spectrum, it can be much harder.

  • Social media overloading our relationships?

    Jun 01 2017

    We hear from Dan who posts a video on Instagram every day (and hasn't missed a day in over a year), and social media expert Karalee Evans tells us we're all a brand now, and how we should navigate that. But first, we hear from Colin who is refusing to add his girlfriend on Facebook!

  • Interracial dating: pushing past prejudice

    May 31 2017

    Where do our preconceived ideas come from when it comes to dating someone of another race or ethnicity and how can we look past those? You'll hear from sociologist Dr Zuleyka Zevallos and counsellor Sue Pratt, plus Santilla Chingapie from the SBS documentary Date My Race, Andy Trieu from SBS Pop Asia and our very own Shantan Wantan Ichiban share their experiences. Hosted by Sarah McVeigh.

  • Interracial dating: Indigenous challenges and opportunities

    May 30 2017

    We take a look at some of the challenges Indigenous Australians come across when dating. Counsellor Sue Pratt gives some advice on how to combat racism and pick yourself up, you'll hear from MJ who's experienced racism on Grindr and is now dating a Dutch guy, PLUS our very own Brooke Boney from triple j breakfast tells us her dating stories and shares a couple of tips on things NOT to say when going on a date with someone Indigenous. Hosted by Sarah McVeigh.

  • Are you dating a sexual narcissist?

    May 26 2017

    Have you ever dated someone who is completely self-obsessed? Selfish, charmingly manipulative and totally lacking empathy, especially when it comes to sex? That's sexual narcissism.