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James Altucher interviews the world’s leading peak performers in every area of life. But instead of giving you the typical success story, James digs deeper to find the “Choose Yourself” story—these are the moments we relate to… when someone rises up from personal struggle to reinvent themselves. The James Altucher Show brings you into the lives of peak-performers: billionaires, best-selling authors, rappers, astronauts, athletes, comedians, actors, and the world champions in every field, all who...more


  • 490 - What It Takes: Steve Schwarzman, Founder of BlackStone, on How to Turn Your Vision into a Reality

    Sep 19 2019

    I could ask Steve Schwarzman 5 more hours of questions. He's the Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of the largest private equity firm on the planet, Blackstone. And now, he's the author of, "What It Takes: Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence."   And (special announcement for my listeners), right now, for a limited time, you can claim a free copy of my new book, "The Side Hustle Bible." I wrote this book because people ask me all the time, "How can I make extra income? How can I choose myself?" I put...more

  • 489 - The Art of Human Connection: Brian Grazer on How to Let Curiosity Lead You Forward

    Sep 17 2019

    Brian Grazer is one of the top producers of all time in Hollywood. He's a producer of "Splash," "Apollo 13," "A Beautiful Mind," which he won the Oscar for Best Picture. He produced one of my favorite movies, "8 Mile," and another favorite movie, "Blue Crush." Plus, my favorite TV series, "Arrested Development," and other great TV series like "24," "Empire," and more. He's also the author of two book, "Face to Face, the Art of Human Connection" and "A Curious Mind."   Listener giveaway alert: ri...more

  • 488 - How to Learn Anything Extremely Quickly: Scott Young on The Science of Ultralearning

    Sep 12 2019

    Scott Young is the author of "Ultralearning: Master Hard Skills, Outsmart the Competition, and Accelerate Your Career." And he's not just a researcher. He's lived this. Scott finished a four-year MIT degree in just one year. He's self-taught himself multiple languages, drawing, and a lot of other skills that take people decades to master. In this episode, you'll hear Scott's step-by-step approach for learning any difficult skill you have in mind.   You'll also hear how you can claim a free copy ...more

  • 487 - In Honor & Memory... We Hear An Air Traffic Controller’s 9/11 Story: How Chris Tucker Saved Lives

    Sep 11 2019

    Chris Tucker is a former air traffic controller. He was working in New York City on 9/11. And spent the whole day trying to keep the passengers of two hijacked planes safe. This episode is his story. It's heroic. And it saved lives. But Chris says, "I was just doing my job." I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast. Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher Show” and rate and...more

  • 486 - Everything Doctor's & Hospitals are Afraid to Tell You: Dr. Marty Makary on How to Negotiate Your Medical Bills, Advocate For Yourself & Restore U.S. Healthcare

    Sep 10 2019

    Healthcare is making people bankrupt. Doctors screw you. Hospitals scam you. They recommend surgeries you don't need. Or rob you based on what "network" you're in. Why? Because we're not informed. And Marty Makary is here to change that. "Every price on a hospital bill is negotiable," he said. Then he told me how. Here's why you can trust Marty. Because he's on the inside. He's a surgeon at John Hopkins, a health policy expert, professor and the author of "The Price We Pay: What Broke American H...more

  • 485 - The State of Big Business: Tyler Cowen's Contrarian Economic View

    Sep 05 2019

    Tyler Cowen is an economist and the author of "Big Business: A Love Letter to an American Anti-Hero." This book is meant to help calm your nerves. He says, "I think we're in a grumpy time period. People are upset at politicians, at Congress, somewhat at the church, the media, there’s a loss of faith in many institutions. There’s a sense that whatever is perceived as having power has to be taken down and I think big business is caught up in that... I thought I would just write down the things abo...more

  • 484 - The Best Tool To Unlock Your Creativity: Julia Cameron on "The Artist's Way"

    Sep 03 2019

    Julia Cameron is the author of "The Artist's Way." I've read and re-read this book for decades. It's THE #1 tool for when I need to clear out my self-doubt, fear, creative blocks, etc. And I'm not the only one. Countless of movie producers, actors, writers, and more have used this book to unlock their creativity. And build success.  Listen to hear what it can do for you. Also (big announcement for listeners), I'm giving away my new book, "The Side Hustle Bible." It's a collection of 177 proven w...more

  • 483 - Political Incorrectness: Brian Scott McFadden on The Disease of PC Culture in the Trump Era

    Aug 29 2019

    Brian Scott McFadden is on a mission to make comedy funny again. He says, "You're a human being. And that's what comedy is supposed to be about... our shared humanity." You'll hear some really funny, thought-provoking bits. You'll hear classic impersonations. And you'll be given the chance to question the level of animosity, fear, anger, hypocrisy, etc. in the air. And determine if you've given up your ability to look at the bright side. Listen to have a laugh with us.  AND if you listen, you'll...more

  • Why People Fail (The Do's & Don’ts: What We Learned from 500 Peak Performers)

    Aug 27 2019

    I'm getting ready to celebrate my 500th episode. So I'm relearning old lessons. And I want you to join me. Steve Cohen (podcast producer extraordinaire) says, "What's the best room in the house? The room for improvement." Listen to learn all our favorite lessons on WHY people fail. So you can start making your own incremental changes in your daily life today. Also, I'm giving away my new book, "The Side Hustle Bible" to listeners for free. Listen to hear how to claim your free copy today. I writ...more

  • 482 - Unconventional Careers: How Tank Sinatra Turned an Obsessive Mind into a Profitable Online Career

    Aug 22 2019

    Tank Sinatra was an alcoholic. He knew it early on. And quit drinking when he was 22 years old. "You know how people say they're going to go have 'A drink?'" he said, "I've never done that." He calls it an allergy. Because his reaction to alcohol is so abnormal. He told me how he quit. And how he turned his attention to the internet. He started making memes. Which got a lot of attention. Now he runs several meme accounts on Instagram. Including @tank.sinatra (1.8 million followers). He'll tell y...more

  • 481 - Take Back The Power: Amy Morin on Toxic People, Setting Boundaries & Deciding What’s Worth Your Time

    Aug 20 2019

    Amy Morin is a psychotherapist and the author of the international bestseller, "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do." She's seen firsthand how people change their lives. And coming on the show to help you take back the power in your own life. Just like she did. And just like her clients. I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast. Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher...more

  • 480 - Chris Gethard: How to Talk About The Hard Things In Life & Make it Funny

    Aug 15 2019

    Chris Gethard makes issues like depression, anxiety & loneliness funny. He's a comedian, actor and the host of the podcast “Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People." In this episode, you'll hear Chris Gethard's top tips for inserting the funny into the difficult... I'll tell you why this is important. It will help you with sales, business, connecting with people, etc. Being funny isn't just for comedians. It's a business skill, a parenting skill, a life skill, etc.    I write about all my podcas...more

  • 479 - Jackie Martling: Life as The Joke Man & Why Passion Isn't Enough

    Aug 13 2019

    Jackie Martling is a professional joke writer. He spent 18 years writing jokes for “The Howard Stern Show.” He’s also had his own radio show about jokes on Sirius XM. And he’s the author of ‘The Joke Man: Bow to Stern.” I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast. Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher Show” and rate and review wherever you get your podcasts: Apple Podcasts ...more

  • 478 - Tim Staples: The Psychology Behind Capturing Attention & Making Content Go Viral

    Aug 08 2019

    Tim Staples makes content go viral. In this episode, he'll break down the psychology behind capturing attention. Which you can use in any area of life: sales, pitching a business, growing a following online, getting people behind you, crowdfunding, getting your kids to listen and care, etc. Everything comes from Tim's new book, "Break Through The Noise: The Nine Rules To Capture Global Attention." I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.co...more

  • 477 - Mike Love: Life as a Beach Boy (Memories, Lyrics, & A Behind The Scenes Look at The Band Who Gave Us "Good Vibrations")

    Aug 06 2019

    Mike Love is a singer and co-founder of The Beach Boys. I did this interview LIVE in New York. (Come to a show sometime!) We talk about his legendary career and how The Beach Boys became a global sensation pre-internet. We also talk about writing music, being creative, what was happening in the 60’s and 70’s, how Mike is still able to go on tour at age 78 and more. Listen to this episode to join us in remembering the good old days. I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn...more

  • 476: Andrew Schulz - How to Be Authentic Everywhere. All The Time.

    Aug 01 2019

    Andrew Schulz is a comedian and host of “The Brilliant Idiots” podcast with Charlamagne Tha God and "Flagrant 2" with Akaash Singh and Kazeem Famuyide. In this episode you’ll hear all his marketing hacks for building an audience, becoming discoverable, growing on YouTube, etc. And he’ll also teach you his #1 skill: being authentic everywhere. All the time. I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast. Thanks so much for listening! I...more

  • 475: David Bach - What Do You Need to Retire? (& How to Invest Money That Aligns with Your Values)

    Jul 30 2019

    David Bach is the author of "The Latte Factor: Why You Don't Have to Be Rich to Live" and "The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich." He'll teach you about the financial anxieties we create in our head, why they're dead wrong, how to relax, save and get ready for the life you imagine for yourself. I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast. Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, ...more

  • 474: Scott Galloway - Men's Health: "If You Continue To Do This, You're Going to Die Early"

    Jul 25 2019

    Scott Galloway quit everything in 1999. He quit his job, his marriage. “I didn’t like my friends. I didn’t like myself,” he said. So he went out on his own. Two years later he felt like he was going to die. “I only left my loft for food, sex and to go to the ready-teller,” he said. "An instinct kicks in that if you continue to do this, you're going to die early." He did the research. And found that men who live alone die 8-10 years earlier than men who are engaged in a family. So he started to s...more

  • 473 - Jamie Metzl: The Future of Life on Earth: Threats, Opportunities, & Scientific Predictions You Never Saw Coming

    Jul 23 2019

    Jamie Metzl is a tech futurist, sci-fi writer, CIA think-tank participant, self-taught genomics expert, economist and more. His new book is “Hacking Darwin: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Humanity” about the future of life on earth: the threats, the opportunities, the differences and predictions you'll never see coming (unless you click play). I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast. Thanks so much for listening! If you ...more

  • 472 - Eric Weinstein: How to Question the World Around You & Find Your Core Theories (Part 2)

    Jul 18 2019

    Eric Weinstein was going to drop out of college. But he got a degree... from Harvard. In mathematical physics. And now he’s the Managing Director of Thiel Capital (Peter Thiel’s investment firm). And he's the host of the new podcast "The Portal." In Part 1, we talk about his background. And in this episode (part 2), we talk about the hidden ways you're being suppressed, how to "unspin the world" and see it differently, what Eric recommends to practice "first principles" thinking and more.    I w...more

  • 471 - Eric Weinstein: The Formula for Innovation (And How to Escape Your Own Restrictions) (Part 1)

    Jul 16 2019

    Eric Weinstein is the managing director of Thiel Capital. He has a Ph.D. from Harvard in mathematical physics. (Meaning, listening to him WILL make you smarter.) I asked him how he learned to think so clearly. Because too many of us are in a fog or sleep-deprived or on an emotional stress-induced roller coaster. So how do you get off? Eric explains: try being an imposter, look for the core principle of any given problem, let history be your reference in life, build reliable mental models and mor...more

  • 470 - Ramit Sethi: Are You Building The Skills & Habits to Live a Rich Life? (Part 2)

    Jul 11 2019

    Ramit Sethi's is the only person who will tell you exactly how to improve your behavior about money. He's direct. No BS. He's very honest about "the one thing you have to focus on to become a millionaire." You'll learn that in this episode. You'll also hear our heated debates about when and HOW to stop paying your credit card debt, what makes your 401K a (potential) scam, how to get rid of your financial stress, who should invest in crypto. And more. - Also check out part 1. You'll learn how to ...more

  • 469 - Ramit Sethi: The New Rules about Money & Wealth + What You Don't Know About Achieving Financial Freedom (Part 1)

    Jul 09 2019

    Ramit Sethi is the bestselling author and coach of "I Will Teach You To Be Rich," a book that tells you the biggest money mistakes you make, the exact words you should use in a negotiation, how to spend money in a way that actually makes you happy and light up. And more.  We also did a part 2 (coming out soon) where we have such heated debates over when to stop paying your credit card debt, when 401Ks become just evil scams, then we yell at each other about cryptocurrencies, etc.  So tune in. ...more

  • 468 - David Epstein: Proof That It’s Never Too Late to Master Something New

    Jul 04 2019

    We've been lied to. All of our lives, we were told that the most successful people in the world started young. And focussed on just one thing. LIES! David Epstein just wrote about this in his book, "Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World." This book is proof that there are shortcuts to mastery. (And I bet you're already doing at least one of the shortcuts). In this episode, you'll hear the formula for mastery, how to start something new at any age and you'll hear case studies of f...more

  • 467 - Gabriel Weinberg: These 10 Biases Impact Who & What Influence You

    Jul 02 2019

    I’m jealous of Gabriel Weinberg. He wrote the book I WISH I wrote. It’s called “Super Thinking: The Big Book of Mental Models.” This book has hundreds of mental models, cognitive biases, ect. This is a book I'm going to keep out and re-read pretty regularly. Because it explains why we think the way we think. Here are a few you'll hear about in this episode: how to force yourself into thinking critically, how to stop jumping to conclusions, how to end arguments with people you love, how to improv...more

  • 466 - Brad Thor: How to Start Carving Out Time For Your Dream

    Jun 27 2019

    Brad Thor used to work in the TV industry. Then he got married. And his wife asked him, “If you were on your death bed, what would you regret not doing?" He answered right away. Without thinking. "Write a novel," he said. Now he's written 19. And he's one of my all-time favorite thriller writers. He told me how he carved out time for his dream, what it's like to work on secret projects with the government, how he got his book deals, the beats of a thriller and more. I write about all my podcasts...more

  • 465 - Susie Essman: Bravery = Opening Yourself Up to Getting Rejected. Showing Who You Are. And Going For What You Want

    Jun 25 2019

    People are scared to be brave. Not Susie Essman. She puts her guts out there. It's how she became a successful comedian and actor. And this is a serious model of success in any situation. Because you can't half-ass your business, your book, your life, your career. So I asked Susie "How do you get to that level of bravery?" "What should someone listening practice?" And she told me. - You can see Susie on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Comedy Central's "Broad City," ABC's "Bless is Mess." And she h...more

  • 464 - Humble the Poet: Unlearn The Lessons That Hurt You. So You Can Learn The Lessons That Help You (Part 2)

    Jun 20 2019

    This is part 2 with Humble the Poet. In part 1 we talk about how he quit his teaching job. And became an artist. In part 2, Humble tells me how he became an artist who serves a community AND profits.     I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.    Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher Show” and rate and review wherever you get your podcasts: Apple Podcasts Stitcher iH...more

  • 463 - Humble the Poet: Unlearn The Lessons That Hurt You. So You Can Learn The Lessons That Help You (Part 1)

    Jun 18 2019

    Humble the Poet started out as someone who didn’t know what he wanted to do in life. Then he became a teacher. He was good with kids. But there was too much bureaucracy in the job. So he quit. I asked him a bunch of “how” questions. “How did you quit?” “How did you start your side gig?” “How did you know you’d make money? or be successful.” A lot of it was about following his intuition. And taking one step at a time. Which anyone can do. At any age. I'm going on a LIVE tour. Get your tickets! L...more

  • 462 - Scot Cohen: Don't Stay Small. Build Real Businesses Using Just Your Network

    Jun 13 2019

    Scot Cohen has made millions from networking. But he used to have a hard time figuring out who was toxic and who was actually a good connection. So I asked him how what flipped the switch? He told me how he went from miserable job to millions off networking.    I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.    Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher Show” and rate and review whe...more

  • 461 - Ben Mezrich: Bitcoin Billionaires (And The Future of Crypto)

    Jun 11 2019

    I believe in bitcoin. But not everyone understands it. It's confusing. So Ben Mezrich wrote about it. But not in the boring way you've seen over and over again. Ben Mezrich is a thriller writer. So he found the drama. And shows you bitcoin's dark history and its bright future.   I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.    Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher Show” and r...more

  • 460 - Jeff Garlin: Don't Give Yourself a Back Up Plan (Why Having No Net Leads to Greater Success)

    Jun 06 2019

    Jeff Garlin is an actor, known for playing Jeff Green (Larry David’s sidekick) on Curb Your Enthusiasm (my favorite show!). He’s also on The Goldberg and he’s been doing stand up comedy for 37 years. But he didn't start out knowing he'd be successful. He just gave himself no other choice. "Because I had nothing to fall back on," he said. "My dad always used to say, ‘Have something to fall back on.’ If I had something to fall back on and I liked it, I might’ve fallen back on it."   I write about ...more

  • 459 - Mike Reiss: True Stories: How To Survive a Horrible Boss, The Oscars, Make a Cartoon From Scratch & More

    Jun 04 2019

    Mike Reiss had a horrible boss. He'd call him up just to say, "XYZ sucks." He'd hold group meetings just to put his insults on display. "He was impossible," Mike said. But he dealt with it. Which seems like something a lot of people don't know how to handle. Mike gave me his tips and then also told me what life is like now. He's a co-founding writer of "The Simpsons." And he still flies to LA once a week to work on the show. "I can make jokes. I can’t really do much else," he said. "And thank Go...more

  • 458 - Roger McNamee: Who’s Really in Control of Your Mind? These Are The Secret Ways You're Being Manipulated

    May 30 2019

    He’s back! Roger McNamee is a Silicon Valley veteran who’s mentored everyone from Steve Jobs to Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg. And more. But he’s not here to talk about their success. He’s here to talk about the ways their success is crippling our freedom. And how to change that. Before it’s too late (also, I should say, I’m never a fan of "doom and gloom" marketing. This is not that. This is education. And knowledge. Which equals power.) This episode is the start of a privacy revolution. And yo...more

  • 457 - Sam Harris: Why You’re Failing to Make Sense of Your Life

    May 28 2019

    Sam Harris is a neuroscientist, philosopher, meditation advocate, he's the host of the "Making Sense" podcast and the New York Times bestselling author of "The End of Faith" "Waking Up," "The Moral Landscape" and more. This episode is long. But you can listen to it in piece if thats easier. Here are some of the subjects we talk about: irrational vs. rational thinking, expectations, anxiety, “the effort of an examined life,” how cults think, how to win an argument, why no one likes to talk about ...more

  • 456 - Rich Karlgaard: You Can Flourish Later in Life (It’s More Possible Now Than Ever)

    May 23 2019

    Rich Karlgaard has done everything from dishwashing to running Forbes magazine. He was a late bloomer. And he wanted to hunt down other late bloomers. He gives a bunch of examples in this podcast. And wrote a book about this phenomenon titled, "Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement." I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.    Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, plea...more

  • 455 - Bishop T.D. Jakes: How to Turn Unexpected Pain into Power

    May 21 2019

    Bishop T.D Jakes has served millions of people all over the world. He listens to their stories. And has learned this: "Pain always leaves a gift behind." And he wants to teach you how to find that gift. "Sometimes things happen to us that we did not choose," he said. This episode and T.D.'s new book, "Crushing" will help you deal with that truth.  I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.    Thanks so much for listening! If you ...more

  • 454 - Caroline Hirsch: Film Making, Art & Expression as Activism

    May 16 2019

    Caroline Hirsch is the owner and founder of the iconic Caroline’s comedy club in Time Square New York. She’s worked with Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Tracy Morgan, Amy Schumer, and all the greats. She told me about the pattern that great performers go through. But we also talked about a new project: "Ask For Jane." It's a film about the activists who worked secretly to help women get safe abortions at a time when abortion was totally illegal. She said that even talking about abortion could be consi...more

  • 453 - Pete Holmes: The Beauty of Healing Through Jokes

    May 14 2019

    Pete Holmes wants to rearrange the molecular structure of your brain. NOT through science. He wants to do it through comedy. And masturbation jokes. "When my wife left me," he said, "I realized that comedy is noble. People are hurting and it’s a good thing to do. I know I’m being a little bit high-hoped about stand-up, but good comedy can alchemize pain into pleasure. And I’m getting emotional, but that’s f***ing beautiful.” Don't let these quotes fool you, though. This episode is as hilarious a...more

  • 452 - Mark Manson: Everything Is F*cked (A Conversation About Hope)

    May 09 2019

    Mark Manson is the best selling author of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.” And now, his new book is, "Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope." Mark started this book when he got depressed.He wanted to find out what hope is and how we can get more of it. I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.    Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher Show” and rate and review wher...more

  • 451 - Eric Schmidt: Becoming the CEO of Google... Unlearn Arrogance & Become Your Greatest

    May 07 2019

    Eric Schmidt is the former CEO of Google. Founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page hired him to gear Google up for the IPO. But something happened. They told him, “You need a coach.” Eric disagreed. He thought “I’m so great! You just hired me.” Arrogance kicked in. And he forgot about all the potential he had. We all do this. For different reasons:  we're busy, we're tired, we think we know it all, ect. But there's no good reason to stop growing. I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post...more

  • Yesterday's "10 Ideas" List (Proof that BAD Ideas Lead to The Good Ideas)

    May 02 2019

    I get this question a lot: “Did you start coming up with ideas because you were already successful?” I'll tell you WHY they ask this. Because people think "I need to pay my bills and THEN I'll change my life." That's backwards. I was dead broke and dead lonely when I started writing 10 ideas a day. It changed my life. Even the bad ones. So I still do it. Every single day. In this episode, I sit with Steve Cohen and go over yesterday's idea list ("10 Reality TV Show Ideas"). You'll see why ideas ...more

  • 450 - Mark Malkoff: It's OK to Not Takes Yourself Seriously All The Time.

    Apr 30 2019

    Mark Malkoff is a comedian who challenges himself to the impossible. And I don't mean medical miracles or anything like that. Everything he does is purely ridiculous. “I get super focussed when someone says I can't pull something off,” he said. This episode will teach how to become persistent. And it will teach you that it's ok to not takes yourself so seriously all the time. I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.    Thanks s...more

  • How to Deal With Crappy, Toxic People

    Apr 25 2019

    When I wrote “How to Deal with Crappy People” it became the most popular post on my blog. Everyone is dealing with crappy people. Since that post came out, the most common question I am asked is "What if the crappy person is your boss?" "Or someone you work with?" "Or someone you live with?" In other words, what if the person who is actively trying to harm you, who probably hates you to the core of your being, is someone you or forced to deal with every day? Steve and I talk about the different ...more

  • 449 - Chelsea Handler: Life Will Be The Death of Me (Stories About Grief, Healing, Cannabis & The Quest for Meaning)

    Apr 23 2019

    Chelsea Handler is a comedian and the author of “Life Will Be The Death Of Me.” I interviewed her live at Stand Up New York (you can find out about upcoming live shows here). We talked a lot about trauma, comedy, death... and healing. Chelsea was only 9 years old when her oldest brother died. She felt abandoned. She thought “He went and got himself killed. He wasn’t even careful!” No one taught her how to grieve. So it followed her. Until finally, something else triggered her. Now Chelsea is usi...more

  • 448 - Dave Barry: How To Have More Humor in Your Life

    Apr 18 2019

    Dave Barry is a comedian and the author of “Lessons From Lucy: The Simple Joys of an Old, Happy Dog.” The book is really funny. I rarely laugh out loud while reading. I have Dave tell me about the inspiration for the book and some of the ways his life has changed (for the better) at age 70, including how to have more humor, more joy and feel an overall sense of satisfaction and goodness. I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast....more

  • 447 - Hal Elrod: Decide What Has Power Over Your Life and Your Future (Using "The Miracle Equation")

    Apr 16 2019

    Hal Elrod almost died twice. Actually, he did die. "I was clinically dead for 6 minutes," he said. He was hit by a car. And the doctors said he'd never walk again. Hal dealt with the news with a totally different mindset than most people. "I gave myself five minutes to upset about it," he said. "I accepted the worst case scenario. It has no power over me." Hal is a master at this. Over and over again, he decides what has power over him and what doesn't. In this interview, you'll hear how Hal cre...more

  • Don’t Follow Your Dreams. Age With Your Interests!

    Apr 11 2019

    Sometimes our dreams hold us back from thinking about new possibilities. This is a 10-15 minute episode about why I don't believe in following your dreams. And why it's better to age with your interests. (Examples included!) I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.    Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher Show” and rate and review wherever you get your podcasts: Apple P...more

  • 446 - Lori Gottlieb: What to Do When You're Ready for a (Real) Change

    Apr 09 2019

    Lori Gottlieb is a psychotherapist and the author "Maybe You Should Talk to Someone." I asked her why therapists never tell you how to improve your life. Why won't they just give me the answers? And she said it's because people like to live where it's safe. Therapists know this. They know you won't take their advice. And that you have to figure out for yourself. In this episode, Lori says how talking to someone can help you see the changes you really need. Rather than living in the same decision...more

  • 445 - Congressman Tim Ryan: The First Presidential Candidate Who Meditates!

    Apr 06 2019

    Tim Ryan is running for president. He just announced it. I interviewed him five years ago. It was my 32nd podcast interview. I'm re-releasing it. Because it's evergreen. Tim talks about how he got into meditation, the science behind it, how it can help improve your personal health and how it can also impact the health of our country. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. I read all the reviews for my podcast.  I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I lea...more

  • What I Learned When I Was Dead Broke

    Apr 04 2019

    When I was broke, I thought my life was over. Then I made 4 changes. I talk about those 4 changes with Steve in this episode. But we also talk about investing, how to spot a scam (like Madoff), becoming an idea machine and more.  Also, let us know what you think! I'm @jaltucher on Twitter. And if you've listened to the other episodes then you might have my phone number so you can text me, too. Thanks. - James I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jame...more

  • 444 - Mike Van Cleave: A Conversation About Cancer & Learning How to Discard the Meaningless

    Apr 02 2019

    This episode is from 2017. It's a beautiful conversation with lessons I'll cherish for the rest of my life. Rest in peace, Mike.  I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.    Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher Show” and rate and review wherever you get your podcasts: Apple Podcasts Stitcher iHeart Radio Spotify   Follow me on Social Media: YouTube Twitter Facebook L...more

  • Problems = Business Opportunity. Here's 5 Major Problems I've Learned From Podcast Guests

    Mar 28 2019

    I’ve interviewed 500 of the smartest people in the world. Many of them have discovered major problems in society. And when there are problems that also means there are opportunities for businesses. So Steve and I break down five problems, how they could(potentially) be solved if you tried. I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.    Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher ...more

  • 443 - Tero Isokauppila: What People Who Study Optimal Human Performance Know About Health That You Don't

    Mar 26 2019

    Tero Isokauppila is the CEO and founder of Four Sigmatic, a company specialized in helping people reach optimal human performance through superfoods, functional mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs. It's an odd business. And that's why it works. Because Tero doubled down on everything he loves. This episode walks you through the health and business of mushrooms. And teaches you how someone combines interest and skill to successfully build a business. I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full ...more

  • The 2 Biggest Financial Risks You Could Make in a Lifetime

    Mar 21 2019

    Steve and I were going to do this podcast on "The 10 Commandments of the American Religion." Which is an article I wrote (and got tons of hate mail about) back in 2016. But we only got through #1 and #2. Which happen to be about 2 worst financial risks you could take. Listen to find out what they are, how to avoid them, and why. Plus I'll show you all the money you COULD save if you avoid these two mistakes.   I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jam...more

  • 442 - Justice Sonia Sotomayor: Lessons From a Supreme Court Justice on How to Persuade & Convince

    Mar 19 2019

    Justice Sonia Sotomayor is on the US Supreme Court. I went to Washington for this interview. And asked her what makes someone persuasive and convincing? Is it voice? Is it confidence? And what makes a winning case? And how does someone become the type of person who gets recognized as true and good? I could tell why people look at Justice Sotomayor and say, "Ah, yes, I believe in you." She told me about her beginning. And the dead-ends she hit before making it to the top. She also told me about h...more

  • Q’s from Twitter: The Advice I Give My Daughter About Purpose, Books I Re-Read, Procrastination Decoded & More

    Mar 14 2019

    I get a lot of questions on Twitter and Instagram. So this is an episode to scroll through and give out answers. Send me questions for the next episode @jaltucher.  I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.    Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher Show” and rate and review wherever you get your podcasts: Apple Podcasts Stitcher iHeart Radio Spotify   Follow me on Socia...more

  • 441 - Steven Pressfield: It’s Not Too Late to Become the Hero of Your Journey (Listen to Your Gut)

    Mar 12 2019

    Steven Pressfield was a cab driver for years before becoming a best-seller author. He's taught me about following your gut and not letting time get in the way of who you’re supposed to become. Listen to Steven talk about the hero’s journey and how you can become the hero of your life (even if you feel like it’s too late, it’s not.)    I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.    Thanks so much for listening! If you like this epi...more

  • Entrepreneur vs. Employee: They’re Both Great & They Both Suck. Here’s How to Make the Best of Both

    Mar 07 2019

    We did this whole podcast off of my idea list for the day. I was in a Facebook group. And someone asked “What does entrepreneurship mean to you?” People had these corny answers like “value, freedom…” But when I started my first company in the 90’s, I cried everyday for 15 years. It’s stressful. Your business follows you everywhere. And eventually your employees are going to start having sex with each other. And a million things can take your dream down. That’s not to say entrepreneurship is alwa...more

  • 440 - Gretchen Rubin: How to Feel Calm & Get Rid of Mental Clutter

    Mar 05 2019

    Gretchen Rubin is the bestselling author of “The Happiness Project” and “Better Than Before.” She just wrote a new book “Outer Order, Inner Calm: Declutter and Organize to Make More Room for Happiness." Gretchen will make you think about what happiness means to you, why it's individual and how to take steps that really make a difference in your life. And she'll give you new ideas. Which is always a good way to declutter old ways and make room for new. I write about all my podcasts! Check out the...more

  • 439 - Eddie Ibanez: Data... Threat or a Means to Make Money?

    Feb 28 2019

    Eddie Ibanez is the biggest cyber security hacker I know. He used to be contracted by the US government to find patters that could help identify various threats (terrorist threats, security threats, etc.) He tried to tell me what he could without going past the line. (He holds a lot of secrets). He'll tell you how you're being hacked, how to protect yourself, what threats are out there for individuals and countries, and more. I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what ...more

  • 438 - Brad Meltzer: Our County’s Secrets (Untold Stories From the CIA & Secret Service)

    Feb 26 2019

    Brad Meltzer gets to call up the CIA and the secret service whenever he needs a new story. He’s written 11 best selling novels. They’re all history thriller novels. And now he’s written his first non-fiction book about the plot to kill George Washington. Which leads to the invention of the CIA, spies, and other conspiracies. Brad's fascination with history also leads to self-history. He did a TED talk on "How To Write Your Own Obituary." Which made me think, what history will I leave behind?  I...more

  • 437 - John Maxwell: THE Master of Personal Growth

    Feb 21 2019

    John Maxwell changed my life in 2001. I read his book “Failing Forward” and then read all his books ever since. He’s the #1 go-to guy for leadership and personal growth. And he’s sold over 30 million copies of his books worldwide. His newest book is “Leader Shift: The 11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace.” I asked him how he found his passion so early in life, what leaders need to do differently, how to find a mentor, make friends in your industry and more. I write about all my podcast...more

  • 436 - Todd Herman: When to Use Your Alter Ego

    Feb 19 2019

    Todd Herman coaches CEOs, Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs (etc.) on how to reach their peak performance using 1 key trick… an alter ego. He says, “We’re all super multi-layered people.” But we block ourselves. We constantly use old narratives that we’ve outgrown or hold us back. And we force ourselves to be somebody we don’t want to be anymore. But if you use an alter ego, you can get out of your head. And perform the way you want to (at work, in negotiations, on the field, while networking, in ...more

  • 435 - Roger McNamee: Every Tech Billionaire's Mentor

    Feb 14 2019

    Roger McNamee was Steve Jobs' mentor. And Bill Gates. And Mark Zuckerberg. Why is Roger so valuable to these people? What does he know that we don't? What did he have to offer the world's future billionaire visionaries? I also wanted to hear stories. What is Steve Jobs like? And Mark Zuckerberg? "When I met Mark he was different from everybody. But in a kind of cool, interesting way. I mean a little creepy too. But you have to keep in mind, tech entrepreneurs aren’t like you and me.” They're obs...more

  • 434 - Stephen Merchant: How to Live Through Your Life’s Awkward Moments… Build Your Ridiculous Muscle

    Feb 12 2019

    Stephen Merchant is 2x GoldenGlobe-winning actor, writer and director. I’m a fan of everything he’s worked on (The Office, Office Space, Extras, Hello Ladies, etc.). And now he has a brand new movie coming out that I highly recommend called “Fighting With Family.” The Rock is in it. Stephen wrote and directed it. It’s based off of a real-life family who raised their kids to be professional wrestlers. And it tackles all of these real-life human experiences like the fear of not making it, the pres...more

  • 433 - 6 MORE of The Best One Minute Life Hacks

    Feb 07 2019

    People don't talk about this enough... the life hacks that answer the bigger questions: "How can I make time for things I really love and enjoy?" "How do I get the most out of a day, a week, a year, ten years?" There are a lot of life hacks out there. But I wanted to do something different. I wanted to talk about the little tweaks I do personally to optimize my life and make it a little better bit by bit. Just 1% improvement a day compounds. And adds up to 3780% a year. So here are 6 more things...more

  • 432 - Will Shortz: Proof that You Can Create Your Own Career Path & Keep Your Brain in Shape

    Feb 05 2019

    "You’re the most disappointing guest ever," I said. "You’ve done everything you’ve ever wanted to do, you rose to the top…” Will Shortz is the crossword puzzle editor for "The New York Times." And he took probably the strangest path I’ve ever heard to get there… he figured out how to be in control of his career, do what he loves and make it all up as he goes along. This episode is going to give you tips to keep your brain young, smart and it'll also give you ideas about out the box careers.    I...more

  • 431 - Gary Gulman: "I'm Not Suffering from Depression Anymore"

    Jan 31 2019

    The first time Gary Gulman came on my podcast, he was totally depressed. He had difficulty speaking. He was hunched over. I almost felt bad for inviting him. But he was really candid. And I wanted to be his friend. He's likable and his comedy always makes me laugh. This is his third time on the show. And he's not suffering from depression anymore. He told me about the medical changes he's made, the support of his loved one, and (best of all) finding his way back to feeling normal. “I wasn’t myse...more

  • 430 - The Best 1 Minute Life Hacks to Save Time & Enjoy More of Life

    Jan 29 2019

    One time I was on a plane with an CIA officer. He told me a lot of stories. One thing he said stood out. It was a life hack that I adopted right away. And I've been doing it for years ever since. I try to collect one takeaway from every person I interview. But sometimes I get takeaways from my friends and even myself. And now they're all recorded in this podcast. Oh and one more thing. You can let me know your favorite by tweeting @jaltucher. Thanks. - James     I write about all my podcasts! Ch...more

  • 429 - Garry Kasparov: The History of The Free World (And How to Gain Confidence in The Future)

    Jan 24 2019

    Garry Kasparov is the best chess player in history. He was ranked #1 in the world for 20 years. And in 2007, he ran for president of Russia. Now he lives in exile. Going back to Russia is not an option for him. When I asked him, "Would you be in trouble?" he said, "Trouble is an understatement." He'd be arrested or worse because of his outspokenness and belief in democracy. He believes in America. And he's noticed a lot of young people don't seem to believe in America or its ideals. They don't r...more

  • 428 - Evan Carmichael: How to Shut Out the Negativity in Your Life and Maybe Get Huge on YouTube

    Jan 17 2019

    Evan Carmichael has a YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers. He didn’t have a master plan. He built it up from scratch. And just followed a few simple rules (which you’ll hear in this podcast). My favorite rule out of all of them is this: “Follow your momentum.” Evan didn’t know he’d be a huge success on YouTube. He just tried it and felt the momentum and followed it forward. Now he has 16 employees and gets letters from people who say “You believe in me more than anybody else in my li...more

  • 427 - Lori Gottlieb: When To See a Therapist (And When Not To)

    Jan 15 2019

    Lori Gottlieb is a psychotherapist and the author of an upcoming book called "Maybe You Should Talk to Someone." She also writes a column in The Atlantic called "Dear Therapist." This episode is sort of a behind-the-scenes. Because Lori tells me what therapists really think about their patients, how they might deal with situation X vs. situation Y. And she also talked to me about things she's noticed about people in general. Like how we don't set high enough standards for ourselves. And what we ...more

  • 426 - Gilbert Gottfried: Laugh Everyday (It's Medicine For Your Day)

    Jan 10 2019

    Gilbert Gottfried started doing stand-up comedy when he was 15 years old. He dropped out of high school and within 10 years he was on Saturday Night Live. And he built his career up from there. But he's also been the center of a lot of controversies. People get upset at comedians for "going too far." But Gilbert does it for a reason... He said, "I remember, I did this show that was a tribute to Joan Rivers. It was right after there was that shooting at a gay nightclub. I started doing jokes abou...more

  • 425 - David Rubenstein: The Importance of Having a Good 2nd and 3rd Life (Lessons From The Co-Founder of The Carlyle Group)

    Jan 08 2019

    I got nervous because David Rubenstein is the co-founder and co-chariman of The Carlyle Group, which is the biggest private equity firm maybe in the world. They own hundreds of companies and have $200 billion in assets. He's also the chairman of a lot of other things: The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, The Smithsonian and he also has his on show, "The David Rubenstein show," where he's interviewed so many brilliant people. His success could be intimating. But he doesn't want it ...more

  • 424 - Byron Allen: How To Make History in Your Dream Industry (A Story About Outsmarting The Standards)

    Jan 03 2019

    Bryon Allen has 3 rules in business: “Don’t let anyone come between you and the customer. Don’t run out of money. And don’t break rules #2 and #3.” But he didn’t know these rules when he got started. He says people weren’t betting on the young black boy born in Detroit… in the 60’s… to a 17-year-old teenage mother. But he defied the odds. And found his passion early on (age 12). This episode walks you through Byron’s success from comedian to writer to TV producer and distributor… all the way up ...more

  • 423 - John Paul DeJoria: Build A Self-Made Personality (How John Went From Homeless to Billionaire)

    Jan 01 2019

    John Paul DeJoria is a self-made billionaire and philanthropist who co-founded the Paul Mitchell hair line.   I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.     Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher Show” and rate and review wherever you get your podcasts: Apple Podcasts Stitcher iHeart Radio Spotify   Follow me on Social Media: YouTube Twitter Facebook Linkedin Instagram

  • 422 - George Gilder: How to Think Like a Futurist

    Dec 27 2018

    George Gilder is a 79 year old super futurist. He’s the author of  #2 book in China, “Life after Google The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy.” I had him on the podcast because he’s somehow been able to predict the future for decades. Steve Jobs read his book in 1990 and passed it around to friends. “So I believe I had some vague influence on the evolution of iPhone,” George said. Now he’s investigating the future of blockchain, bitcoin and more. And in this episode, I ask ...more

  • 421 - David Goggins: Never Be Satisfied With Your Life… Find Your New 100%

    Dec 25 2018

    David Goggins went from being 300 lbs to becoming a Navy SEAL. He also ran a 100-mile race AND he set the world pull-up record at 4,030 pull-ups in 24 hours. I told him I don't want to do any of that. But... I do want to learn the mindset he developed to achieve all of this and get out of his comfort zone.    I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.   Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “...more

  • 420 - Amy Morin: 10 Mental Strength Tips That Will Make You Stronger (Part 2) "

    Dec 20 2018

    This is part 2 of my interview with Amy Morin where we talk about 10 mental health strategies that will make you stronger.  In part 1 of the interview, we talked about her article "5 Ways to Simplify Your Life to Make Room for Things that Matter Most.” Both parts have really great tips. Part 1 focusses on what not to do. And part 2 takes it into the positive because it shows you actionable steps you can start implementing today to be more mentally strong. I write about all my podcasts! Check out...more

  • 419 - Amy Morin - The Power to Strengthen Your Own Mind (Part 1)

    Dec 18 2018

    Amy Morin in a mental strength trainer. She started out a therapist. And then her husband passed away. And her mom. She was grieving. And tortured by the pain. Then she realized she had the power to strengthen her own mind. She wrote about this in her internationally bestselling book, "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do." Now, she's back on the podcast to talk about an article she just wrote called, "5 Ways to Simplify Your Life So You Can Make Room for Things That Matter Most."    I writ...more

  • 418 - T.J. Miller: Don’t Take Yourself Seriously = Success

    Dec 13 2018

    TJ Miller is a comedian and actor. You’ve seen him in Silicon Valley, Deadpool, Ready Player One, and more. I kept asking him about his success. And how he got there. He told me to stop trying “manufacture” it. I laughed. He kept cracking jokes. He’ll make you laugh. And think. Because he studies a lot of philosophy. That’s where a lot of his comedy comes from. Absurdism + philosophy + storytelling. This episode will probably make you laugh and question at the same time.   One other thing... Eve...more

  • 417 - Jamie Kilstein interviews Me About Escaping The Noise and Finding What Works For You

    Dec 11 2018

    I went on Jamie Kilstein's podcast. And the conversation got intense. So I asked to publish it on my podcast, too. Here it is. I wanted to repost it because he told me what he does to make an impact in life. And how this has changed for him over time. I could relate. I used to waste energy on things that don't matter. Or stop me from progressing in a way that actually makes me feel better than I did yesterday. So we talk about that. But also, comedy, some books we like, Twitter Wars, why I'm bad...more

  • 416 - Phillip Stutts: The Strategy To Win (Marketing in The Digital Age)

    Dec 06 2018

    Phillip Stutts has been at the forefront of defining digital campaigning in politics. He has gotten presidents elected. He’s gotten senators elected. He’s gotten all sorts of political offices elected. I wanted to hear the strategy behind those wins. And how it can be applied to business. But I also wanted to ask Phillip about his rare, incurable disease. Because he set a goal to find the cure in 5 years. Even though he has absolutely zero experience in medical research or any of that, he felt i...more

  • 415 - Tom Bilyeu: Replace Excuses With Process (Part 2)

    Dec 04 2018

    First, Tom Bilyeu created one of the fastest growing companies. Sold it. And made millions. Now he's running a super successful media company. Here’s a list of what we talked about: - WHY I’M TERRIBLE AT NETWORKING (AND WHAT MAKES TOM GREAT AT IT) - HOW TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS STAND OUT ONLINE - USEFUL TECHNIQUES FOR STORYTELLING - FINDING YOUR PERSONAL NARRATIVE / CHANGING IT AND IMPROVING YOUR SELF-TALK And more. In part one, we talk about: - THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR - HOW...more

  • 414 - Tom Bilyeu: Anyone Can Create Impact (Part 1)

    Nov 29 2018

    Tom Bilyeu grew his company 57,000% in just two years. His company was the second fastest growing company that year. Then he sold it. And overnight, became massively wealthy. Now he runs a media company called Impact Theory. And has a podcast with the same name. This episode will teach you about massive growth in business and everyday life.   Also Mentioned “The E Myth” by Michael E. Gerber's “Principles” by Ray Dalio My interview with Ray Dalio “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss “Mindset” by ...more

  • 413 - Danica Patrick: Finding Your Driving Force

    Nov 27 2018

    Danica Patrick is a top-level, professional racing driver, entrepreneur and one of the most well recognized female athletes in history. She started racing when she was 10 years old. And knew she'd make a career out of it. I wanted to know what drove her. And how she uses that same drive to fuel her clothing line, wine business, speaking gigs and more today.    I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.   Thanks so much for listen...more

  • 412 - Kai-Fu Lee: Who Will Win In The Future? (AI, China, Capitalism and The New World Order)

    Nov 22 2018

    Kai-Fu Lee is an artificial intelligence expert, venture capitalist and he’s probably the reason we have “Siri” and “Alexa.” He ran all of Apple’s speech recognition back in the 90’s. Then went on to work with Google and Microsoft. He’s neck deep in innovation. So I had him on to show me the future. And to tell me who the winners will be.   I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.   Thanks so much for listening! If you like thi...more

  • 411- Wyclef Jean: From Poverty to The World Stage (How to Dream a New Reality)

    Nov 20 2018

    Wyclef Jean is one of my favorite artists/rappers/creators.  He came from the worst ghettos in Brooklyn. And before that, he came from Haiti. I wanted to know how he took the leap... because so many people are afraid to try. He would imagine himself singing in front of audiences when he was just singing behind the counter at Burger King. And eventually, that vision was reality.    I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.   Than...more

  • 410 - AJ Jacobs: How I Reduce Stress Daily

    Nov 15 2018

    AJ Jacobs traveled all around the world to say “thanks” to all the people involved in making his morning cup of coffee. Then he wrote about it in his new book “Thanks a Thousand.” He thanked everyone from the farmers to the truckers and so on. Then I did my own gratitude experiment (during this podcast). I called the professor who signed the letter that got me thrown out of graduate school. And I said “thanks…”   I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at ...more

  • 409 - Dan Schawbel: The Cure to Loneliness at Work AND How to Leverage Each Step of Your Career

    Nov 13 2018

    Dan Schawbel has the ultimate life plan. He started as the youngest columnist at BusinessWeek, then he created his own personal branding blog, then he became an online contributor for Forbes, then Forbes Magazine (print edition)… He takes each thing he does and leverages it to get to the next level. Eventually, he’ll be a coach for c-suite executives. But for now (in this interview) I had him break down his life plan, tell me how to leverage each micro step further and further so you can get to ...more

  • 408 - James Frey: Breaking The Rules, Writing & Becoming Yourself Again

    Nov 08 2018

    James Frey is a controversial writer. On purpose. He wanted to be “the most notorious writer in the world.” He ran off to Paris to be a writer when he was 21. He published a bestseller 12 years later ("A Million Little Pieces"). That’s 12 years of failure. He told me about those 12 years, his writing style, how he developed a voice, rehab, addiction, depression… but mostly about learning how to become yourself again. Links and Resources:  Read James' books:  "A Million Little Pieces" "Katerina" ...more

  • 407 - Charlamagne Tha God: Mental Health & Coping with Anxiety

    Nov 06 2018

    Charlemagne got kicked out of two high schools. He was a class clown and his teachers said he was "disruptive." Now he gets paid to be disruptive and a class clown... on radio. "I took those so called flaws and made them my strength." And now he's the number one radio personality out there. He told me how he got there. And the anxiety he suffered from getting there. He just came out with a book about mental health called, "Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me."   I write about all my podcasts...more

  • 406 - Howard Marks: Billionaire Investor on Market Cycles (How to Survive the Bad Days & Win the Good Days)

    Nov 01 2018

    Howard Marks is #374 on the Forbes richest list. He co-founded Oaktree Capital Management and is worth $1.9 billion. I asked, “Do you hate being introduced as a billionaire?” He said, “I do. I don’t think that how much money I have sums me up and I don’t think it’s the greatest thing about me.” And he’s right. He can’t teach you how to be a billionaire. He can only teach you what he knows: investing strategies, market cycles, philosophy, psychology, and how he used all of this to create freedom ...more

  • 405 - John C. McGinley: When to Quit Your Dream & When to Go All In

    Oct 30 2018

    John C. McGinley has been in 80+ movies, he’s been in six Oliver Stone movies and all nine seasons of “Scrubs.” And now, he’s celebrating the 3rd season of “Stan Against Evil,” where he’s acting AND writing. We talked about acting, improving, auditioning. We talked about the pressure and who should not get into acting… But then about 45 minutes in, I asked him about his experience parenting a child with down syndrome. Four days into his son’s life, John had to make life or death decisions about ...more

  • 404 - Noam Dworman: The Risk of Censorship…

    Oct 25 2018

    I talk to Noam Dworman, owner of the Comedy Cellar about censorship, starting and running a small family-owned business, freedom of information vs. freedom of speech (which is more important?) and... Louis C.K.'s return to the stage. Some background: a few weeks ago, Louis C.K. showed up at the Comedy Cellar. Noam wasn't there. He got a text. "Louis's here." He saw it the next morning. Now everyone is asking Noam, "Where do you draw the line?" He's gotten death threats. I told Noam “When we were...more

  • 403 - Robert Greene: The Laws of Human Nature... (Why We Are The Way We Are)

    Oct 23 2018

    Robert Greene is one of my all-time favorite authors and brilliant thinkers. He just came out with a new book, “The Laws of Human Nature.” And I can already tell you this going to be one of my top recommended reads for the next 10, 20, 30 years. It’s the type of book that makes me feel like my IQ is actually going up while reading it. It explains all of this hidden science behind human behavior. It explains why we see so much irrational behavior around us and in ourselves. Then he tells you ways...more

  • 402 - Jocko Willink & Leif Babin: How Navy SEALS Lead

    Oct 18 2018

    Jocko Willink and Leif Babin are both Navy SEALS. They just came out with a new book “The Dichotomy of Leadership" where they break down all the mistakes leaders do, all the ways they get lost in ego, all the ways they forget to gain trust from their teams and lose. They do they so you can win. People fail at leadership everyday. I fail at leadership everyday. I needed this book because it showed me some of my nature. And how I can counteract it. So I can achieve more. And my team can too.   I w...more

  • 401 - Chip Conley: Is Retirement Dead? How To Find Your Calling (Even When You're 50+)

    Oct 16 2018

    Chip Conley is the Head of Hospitality for Airbnb. He started working there at age 52. And quickly realized he was double the age of everyone in the room, didn’t understand the tech lingo, and was not there for the reasons he thought he was. “So I decided, ‘Gosh the only way I’m going to survive here is to be as much of a curious learner as the wise sage,” Chip said. And that’s what he did. Six and a half years later he’s still an advisor to the (now) billionaire founders of Airbnb. This podcast...more

  • [Special Edition] 400 Podcasts = 400 Yes's (Part 2 - Celebrating 400 Podcasts)

    Oct 13 2018

    400 episodes = 400 “yes’s” from my heroes. “Yes’s” from Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Tyra Banks, Tiffany Haddish, Garry Kasparov, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Tony Hawk, Arianna Huffington and the list goes on (by #392). But first, I had to say “yes.” And I'm glad I did. I hope this episode helps you find your next "yes." --- Part 2 features clips from my interviews with Tony Rock, Sherrod Small, Jocko Willink, Maria Konnikova, Steve Cohen, Ken Langone, Amy Morin, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Rob Corddry, Seth ...more

  • [Special Edition]: I'm Celebrating 400 Episodes! (Part 1)

    Oct 11 2018

    I’m celebrating my 400th podcast episode. With a GIANT episode. I took clips from the last 100 podcasts and talk about what I learned from each one. It was so hard to pick which clips to do. There was over 12,000 hours of audio to pick from. So it was hard. But I got it down to 20-something clips. Thanks for celebrating 400 with me. And keep an eye out for when you start to see me get close to 500. I’ll throw a party and invite you. Thanks for listening. - James One other thing. If want to go ba...more

  • 399 - Neil deGrasse Tyson: What is The Truth? The Real Science of Inquiry

    Oct 09 2018

    “If the world ends it's because people in power didn't listen to the warnings of physicists,” Neil deGrasse Tyson said. Neil is the world’s window into physics. And he just came out with a new book “Accessory to War: The Unspoken Alliance Between Astrophysics and the Military.” He told me how physicists think. And this kind of thinking can be used to make you a better communicator, help you to avoid conflict, make smart decisions, but he also told me odd stories. Like how Columbus used astrophys...more

  • 398 - Ryan Holiday [LIVE] - Are You Doing Your Best Work? [Part 2]

    Oct 04 2018

    Links and Resources Conspiracy: Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan, Gawker, and the Anatomy of Intrigue by Ryan Holiday The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living & The Daily Stoic Journal The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph by Ryan Holiday Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work That Lasts by Ryan Holiday Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday   Also Me...more

  • 397 - Ryan Holiday [LIVE] - How I Celebrated 5 Years of "Choose Yourself" [Part 1]

    Oct 02 2018

    Links and Resources Conspiracy: Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan, Gawker, and the Anatomy of Intrigue by Ryan Holiday The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living & The Daily Stoic Journal The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph by Ryan Holiday Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work That Lasts by Ryan Holiday Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday   Also Me...more

  • 396 - Michael Ovitz: The Most Cut-Throat, Competitive Business in The World… How He Changed Hollywood

    Sep 29 2018

    My favorite movies wouldn't exist without Michael Ovitz. Think: Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, Schindler's List! But he believes "great projects always surface." So I had him tell me about all the projects he worked with. And the talent (Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd and more). He told me how he left the mailroom of one talent agency to start his own. Which THEN became the biggest talent agency in Hollywood, Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Later on, Michael went on to become the #2 guy a...more

  • 395 - Tucker Max: The Top 3 Rules for Writing [Part 2]

    Sep 27 2018

    Tucker Max sold 3 million books to people who don’t read. He’s the first to go from blog to book to screenplay. And now that method of publishing is dead. But Tucker knows so many people want to write a book. And get it out there. So he started Scribe Media. So in this special part 2 of my podcast with Tucker Max, I ask him for his top 3 Rules of Writing. Links and Resources  Scribe Media - scribemedia.com Tucker’s series of articles “Asshole to CEO” “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” by Tucker Ma...more

  • 394 - Tucker Max: Speak Your Truth or Be Silenced [Part 1]

    Sep 25 2018

    I’ve known Tucker Max for 2 decades now. 20 years ago, he emailed me for advice. I told him to quit his job. And he did. He’s the bestselling author of “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.” And I always tell people that if they want to study good writing, go read 10 pages of Tucker's books. “My stuff blew up... All I did was stand up and use my real name and tell my real stories about my real life.” So now Tucker wants to help other people get out there and tell their truth. This part 1 of my interv...more

  • 393 - Beth Comstock: 3 Rules for Spotting Trends & Getting Ahead

    Sep 22 2018

    Beth Comstock was the Vice President of General Electric. And before that, she was President of Integrated Media at NBC. Both of those titles are proof that she figured out how to rise up in the most competitive corporate environments. She had to figure out how to spot trends, generate ideas, speak up, and so on. And she recently wrote about it all in her book, “Imagine It Forward: Courage, Creativity, and the Power of Change.”     Links and Resources “Imagine It Forward: Courage, Creativity, an...more

  • 392 - William Shatner: Live Long And ... Lessons from an Intergalactic Legend

    Sep 20 2018

    Captain Kirk has always been one of my heroes. So when Steve told me I'd get to interview the intergalactic legend, I immediately teleported back to my 11-year-old self. Star Trek made it possible for people to look up at the stars and wonder what else is out there. So I brought William Shatner on and asked him everything. He told me about the brief period in his career when he lived out of his truck, he told me what he's doing to live so long (he's 87), and then we had a BIG surprise. Michio Ka...more

  • 391 - Yuval Noah Harari: Are You Imagining The Future Correctly?

    Sep 18 2018

    This interview is probably the most thought-provoking interview I've ever aired. Essentially, Yuval Harari is the expert on human evolution. I've recommended his book "Sapiens" more than any other book in the past 5 years. And not only me: Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg's say it's their favorite book, too. And now Yuval has a brand new book, "21 Lessons for The 21st Century," which covers so many topics: "the myth of free will," perception, mental health, the rise of robots, algorithms, hackers,...more

  • The (Threatening) Promise of New Technology

    Sep 18 2018

    This is a clip from my full interview with Yuval Noah Harari, a brilliant author and expert in human evolution. In this clip, Yuval talks about the 3 major threats to humanity. But he also says it's not all bad. “I mean there are some very positive scenarios ahead of us..."   I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.   Links & Resources: 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind b...more

  • Someone Is Trying to Hack You

    Sep 18 2018

    “Right now, there is somebody out there who is trying to hack you. And not just one," Yuval said. "Amazon is trying to hack you, Google is trying to hack you, Coca-Cola is trying to hack you, and the Russians, and the American government, and the Chinese, they are all trying to hack you right now." In this clip, Yuval explains the threat and what he says is "the best defense."    If you like this clip, then you'll also like my full interview with Yuval Noah Harari.    I write about all my podcas...more

  • Are We Actually Better Off? Questioning Evolutionary History...

    Sep 18 2018

    Everything in history has either a good or bad connotation. The Agricultural Revolution: good. The Rise of Big Data: bad. But what if we're wrong? Yuval gave me an example. And showed me just how wrong we might be about our own human evolution. (Also, if you like what you hear, make sure to check out the full episode with Yuval Noah Harari. Thanks - James).   I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.   Links & Resources: 21 Less...more

  • 390 - Dan Roth: Do Your Skills Measure Up? I Ask LinkedIn

    Sep 13 2018

    Dan Roth is the Editor and Chief at one of the largest social media platforms: LinkedIn. We talk about using LinkedIn to reinvent yourself, skill development, how to become a published writer, etc. Dan also knows the most obscure facts about people and the workplace that you'll want to hear.    I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.   Also Mentioned   Dan Roth’s interview on ReCode  My interview with Yuval Noah Harari (auth...more

  • 389 - Brandon Webb: Mastering Fear (A Navy SEAL's Guide)

    Sep 11 2018

    Brandon is a Navy SEAL. He’s experienced some of the most terrifying, life-threatening situations you can imagine. He’s also been through a divorce. So I like talking to him about that. And he also runs his own business (a media to commerce called the Hurricane Group). He’s not getting shot at anymore. But he still has to deal with fear: business fears, family fears, money fears, etc. “Fear is something we’re going to live with for the rest of our lives,” he said. So I had him break down his pro...more

  • My Biggest Fear Once Upon a Time

    Sep 11 2018

    This is a clip from my interview with Brandon Webb, Navy SEAL and author of "Mastering Fear: A Navy SEAL's Guide." I like the book because the premise is really powerful. It's not about getting rid of fears. It's about learning practical tools to be able to handle fear... which is just part of life. 

  • Finding Your “Network of Wisdom”

    Sep 11 2018

    I'm not alone in my problems. But it's easy to think I am. And that's scary. It's miserable. So, instead, I lean on my "network of wisdom." A group of people who I can call when I need to. I have my accountant, my doctor, my writer friends, my podcast producer and so on. For every fear, there's a person. --   This is a clip from my podcast with Brandon Webb, author of "Mastering Fear: A Navy SEAL's Guide"   I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesa...more

  • 388 - Robert Cialdini [Anniversary Episode]: 7 Techniques To Influence Anyone Of Anything

    Sep 06 2018

    Robert Cialdini is known as "The Godfather of Influence." People call him when they need to learn how to be persuasive & influential. And by "people" I mean some of the most powerful politicians, CEOs, and so on. The lessons Robert taught are still some of the most critical lessons I've learned on my podcast. So I'm excited to share it with you again one year later. Links and Resources Read Robert’s book, “Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade“ Read his New York Times busine...more

  • Retirement Goals

    Sep 04 2018

    This is a clip from my interview with comedian Bert Kreischer about retirement goals and relationships. He brings up a question I've never thought of before, but really, it's something everyone should ask themselves.   I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.   Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher Show” and rate and review wherever you get your podcasts: Apple Podcasts...more

  • What's Your "Natural Personality?"

    Sep 04 2018

    When Bert Kreischer was little, he did some cute little kid thing on the baseball field. But his dad didn't think it was cute. Or appropriate. And Bert says that "who that kid was" is the core of his "natural personality." Which mirrors the fact that we all grow up somehow. And we all stay the same, too.    This is just one of many moments from my interview with Bert Kreischer. If you like this, then please subscribe and check out the full interview.    Thanks,   James   I write about all my pod...more

  • The Power of Perception - Bert Kreischer on "Finding Out He Was Fat"

    Sep 04 2018

    Bert took his shirt off on stage. He did an hour special on Netflix called "Secret Time" and he's topless the whole time. Someone even wrote him a 5-page letter explaining why it offended her. Bert didn't care. But what I thought was even funnier than that is the fact that he says he didn't know he was fat. "I thought I looked good." Here's Bert on the power of perception.   If you like this clip and want to hear more, subscribe and check out my full interview with Bert Kreischer.   I write abou...more

  • Dad Issues & Drinking Problems

    Sep 04 2018

    Bert Kreischer told me about his relationship with his dad. And he makes it sound funny (because he's a comedian), but then Bert says, "We all have issues with our dad." Which may or not be true, but at least, I feel comfort in hearing someone else share what they go through. Plus, Bert makes it funny. So there's that comedic relief.    If you like this clip, check out my full interview with Bert Kreischer.   I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jame...more

  • Create Something You Want to Create

    Sep 04 2018

    This is a clip from my interview with comedian Bert Kreischer where we talk about being creative and not being afraid to post what you want online.   If you like this clip, check out my full interview with Bert Kreischer.   I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast. Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher Show” and rate and review wherever you get your podcasts: Apple Pod...more

  • 387 - Bert Kreischer: Wanting to Be Liked & Learning How to Tell Hilarious Stories

    Sep 04 2018

    Bert Kreischer is a comedian and storyteller. He said he had to learn how to tell stories because he wasn't "a hot chick." He needed a skill or a talent and then he'd be liked. So in the 9th grade, he started practicing. Now he's 45. And he's been doing stand-up for most of his life. In this interview, I ask him about his need for approval, what his dad thinks of his career, the changing landscape of TV and entertainment and how anyone can become a creative if they just use the right tools and l...more

  • 386 - Bassem Youssef: The Bravery to Speak Out (How He Risked Everything to Create An Impact)

    Aug 30 2018

    Bassem Youssef risked everything to create an impact. He was living in Egypt. And a revolution was happening. Everyday, he would go to the streets of the protests and try to help the wounded. Then he’d go home. And watch the news. That’s when he saw how the media was lying to the people. So Bassem started a Youtube channel where he reported what was REALLY happening in his country. He did this with satire and comedy. He relieved the tension of the country. Egypt has 80 million people. And in wee...more

  • 385 - How Failure Turned Me Into An Idea Machine

    Aug 28 2018

    I have a trick to getting unstuck. I do it everyday. It works. And I’ve done it everyday for 16 years. I’ve written about and done talks. And then I went on Carolina Millan’s podcast, “Beyond the Hustle.” She read my book, “The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth” and said it really changed her life. So I wanted to share the interview with you. So you can become an idea machine and start to create new opportunities for yourself too. Links and Resources The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth by Me, Jame...more

  • 384 - Maria Menounos: Finding Wellness: A Battle With Brain Cancer

    Aug 23 2018

    Maria Menounos has two stories. Her career story and her brain tumor story. I asked about both. She’s accomplished so much. You’ve seen her on E! News, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and the list goes on. “If i introduced you, it would take the full hour,” I said. And soon we were talking about her fight with cancer, her surgery, and taking time off to be well. I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast. Thanks so much fo...more

  • 383 - Rob Corddry: The Idea of Character Building

    Aug 21 2018

    Rob Corddry is an actor and writer. He plays Joe in one of my favorite HBO shows, “Ballers.” He’s also been in “Hot Tub Time Machine,” and was a correspondent on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart. This is where Rob developed his iconic character: the likable jerk. I wanted to understand how he created this character. Because he looks like he’s having so much fun being it. And I think there’s something to that… to learning how to like the character your living.    Links and Resources HBO’s “Balle...more

  • 382 - Joe Moglia: Double Reinvention: From Football Coach to CEO of TD Ameritrade & Back to Football

    Aug 16 2018

    Joe Moglia completely reinvented himself. Twice…   He went from college football coach to CEO of Ameritrade and then BACK to football (his first love). He was at the top of the corporate ladder. And decided to climb down for a coaching internship at the University of Nebraska. I wanted to know why he wasn’t afraid to change careers so drastically. And how he transferred the skills he learned from one industry to a completely different industry… creating a double reinvention.   I write about all ...more

  • 381 - The Power of the Ask

    Aug 14 2018

    Steve Cohen, my producer, emailed Taylor Swift’s publicist asking if she’d come on the podcast. He knew she was going to say “no.” But he still did it. Steve sends out 200 emails a day, knowing 100% will come back as a “no.” I’m fascinated by this. What’s the point? Where’s the line between annoyance and persistence? I brought Steve on to go over this. I wanted to know the nuances and the subtleties. Because this skill is good for anyone to study. Businesspeople, salespeople, building relationsh...more

  • [Bonus - Part 2] - The Real Truth How James Chose Himself

    Aug 12 2018

    This is the 5th anniversary of my book “Choose Yourself,” which I am so proud of. The book took off in ways that I could not have expected. I self published it thinking only my family would read it and a few friends and now it has over a million copies published in 20 different countries. Plus, I get emails and letters everyday from people like you who say it’s helped them either get unstuck or take a chance they were too scared to. Or anything. So I’m happy I get to celebrate it with you. There...more

  • [Bonus] - The Real Truth How James Altucher Chose Himself

    Aug 11 2018

    So, this is a very special podcast for me. Because it’s the 5th Year Anniversary of my bestselling book “Choose Yourself.” This book changed my life. And so I want to bring you into the celebration! All the details are in this podcast. Plus you’ll also hear the real truth behind why I published this book, how it’s lead to new opportunities everyday, the financial struggles I dealt with in the roughest time of my life, my family hardships, etc. It’s a real tell all. Writing it has helped me and n...more

  • 380 - Henry Winkler: "The Fonz" On Finding Your Identity Again

    Aug 09 2018

    I interviewed “The Fonz!” aka, Henry Winkler. Henry played the Fonz on “Happy Days” for ten years. But after Happy Days ended, he got stuck. “I didn’t have a plan b,” he said. “I just lived my dream for the last ten years. And I did not have anything to replace it with. I was psychically in pain. When you don’t know what you want, it literally hurts your head. I was sad. I didn’t know what to do, so I did nothing.” He went nine years without an acting job. “It was a rudderless time,” he said. So...more

  • 379 - Lewis Howes: Where Do Breakthroughs Come From?

    Aug 07 2018

    Lewis Howes is doing a TV show… he was told “no, not now” from Ellen Degeneres's team. And six months later told “yes” by Facebook. I wanted to know how he made it happen, what it’s about and WHY he pressed forward. (A hint: it has to do with energy).    Links and Resources “Inspiring Life with Lewis Howes” “The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy“ by Lewis Howes  “The Mask of Masculinity: How Men Can Embrace Vulnerability, Create Strong ...more

  • 378 - James Altucher: Cal Fussman Asks Me About Experimenting with Minimalism & Lifestyle

    Aug 02 2018

    Cal Fussman was the Editor at Large at Esquire for years where he got to interview Muhammad Ali, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Robert DeNiro and hundreds more. So he’s really known as an all star interviewer. He asks big questions. And now he’s interviewing me, which is also live on his podcast “Big Questions.” He named the episode “James Altucher on Reaching For Your Future and Letting Go of Your Past.” So, I guess that’s what this episode is about. He said, “I’d like to go to the start and see ...more

  • 377 - Roy Niederhoffer: Trading Against Your Instincts: How to Make Money in The Market

    Jul 31 2018

    This is a must listen for anyone interested in money, wealth creation, investing strategy, crypto, psychology, economics, etc. Roy Niederhoffer is a super investor. And founder of a billion dollar hedge fund. He started earning six-figures at age 13! He taught himself how to code and then started a software company with his friends. He used the money he made to fund his education at Harvard, where he studied neuroscience. And now he applies what he learned about the brain and human behavior to t...more

  • 376 - Seth Godin: Go Back to What Lights Your Heart on Fire: This is What Makes a Hit

    Jul 26 2018

    Seth Godin is best known as marketer and an author. But I think of him as one of the great thinkers we have today. He doesn’t create for the masses. He creates for a core group of people. Seth says to imagine this (it’s the essence of his creation, his art and his business): “You have a microphone, what are you going to do with it? My formula is I wake up in the morning and think about the people I seek to serve. That’s all I do. And I don’t reverse engineer it. I make it so that I can actually ...more

  • 375 - Bishop T.D. Jakes: How to Evolve, Where to Go Next and What Step to Take

    Jul 24 2018

    Bishop T.D. Jakes was not born with “Bishop” in his name. He’s a preacher. The first one on my podcast. But he’s ALSO an entrepreneur (His business is his church and he has an entertainment company called TDJ enterprises). Every week, Bishop T.D. Jakes gives sermons to tens of thousands of people on multiple platforms (online and off). And people watch from all over the country. So I asked him about that (building an audience, find what you love, pursuing it, etc.) And I asked about his business...more

  • 374 - Robert Greene: The Laws of Mastery: Know What You Want & How to Master It

    Jul 19 2018

    Five years ago I interviewed one of my all-time favorite authors and brilliant thinkers. Now, I’m bringing this interview about mastery back to the surface. Before you can master something, you have to know what that “something” is. We all want to master something. And live to our full potential. That’s why we ask ourselves questions like, “What’s my passion?” and “What do I love?” Robert Greene told me his theory: find your voice, connect with your likes and dislikes. He digs into these strateg...more

  • 373 - Sasha Cohen: How to Relentlessly Pursue Your Dream

    Jul 17 2018

    Sasha Cohen is a World Champion ice skater. She won silver in the 2006 Winter Olympics when she was just 22 years old. Which means she had to start early. I wanted to know how she figured out what her dream was. (Because I think that’s hard at any age.) And I wanted to know how she became one of the best in the world at her thing. Her pursuit is relentless. Her focus is obsessive. And now she's sharing how to chase your dreams. And then make it happen... Links and Resources Follow Sasha on Faceb...more

  • 372 - James Altucher [Part 2]: How to Go from Idea to Business, Build an Inner Circle...

    Jul 12 2018

    This is Part 2 of my interview with Amy Morin where she interviews me on building a business, going from idea to implementation, learning new skills, some my personal investment philosophies, why I think I’m stupid, burnout, relationships and more. I’d also like to hear what you think of this episode. Tweet me at @jaltucher. Thanks - James   Links and Resources 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do: Take Back Your Power, Embrace Change, Face Your Fears, and Train Your Brain for Happiness and...more

  • 371 - James Altucher [Part 1]: Amy Morin Interviews Me (How to Say "No," Anxiety, Success & More)

    Jul 10 2018

    I wanted someone to interview me. And Amy Morin was the perfect choice. She’s the author of “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do” and she’s been on the podcast twice before this. For Part 1 of this interview, we cover a lot... Here's a list: - WHY you should invest in yourself & how to diversify that investment - Why process is more important than goals - “Vulnerability hangovers” - Anxiety - Writing - Reinvention - How to say "no" (and when to say "yes") And more. Enjoy and you can ...more

  • 370 - Garry Kasparov [Anniversary Episode]: The Mindset of a World Champion

    Jul 05 2018

    Garry Kasparov is a World Champion Chess Master. He has made a name for himself through his unmatched intelligence and skill. In this special anniversary episode, I share my interview with Garry Kasparov from 2017. We talk about his mindset from the beginning of chess all the way to becoming a world champion. And drill down to get simple steps that anyone can use to improve their own mindset. Links and Resources: Read Garry’s newest book, “Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human...more

  • 369 - John McCaskill: Behind The Pot Industry Boom (Pros & Cons)

    Jul 03 2018

    I went to Denver for research. Twenty-nine states + Canada have legalized marijuana in one form another. So what happened before the industry boom? And how can people profit today? I interview John Mc in this "pot-cast" about the changes he's seen develop in Colorado (economically, financially, culturally, etc.)  I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast.   Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe ...more

  • 368 - Mike Reiss: Yes! You Should Take Chances with Your Career

    Jun 28 2018

    Mike Reiss started writing for The Simpsons because NO ONE else would take the job. They didn’t know they were passing up the opportunity work on what would soon become the #1 animated series on prime time TV. Mike has tons of stories about TV writing, comedy, and creating something people love. His secret: “We said, ‘No one’s gonna watch this so let’s just make this for us.” In this episode, Mike tells me why he took a chance, why he wasn’t afraid, and how it became the most fulfilling career m...more

  • 367 - A.J. Jacobs: Immerse Yourself in The Creative Process

    Jun 26 2018

    AJ Jacobs is entertaining. I think that’s the first thing I should say before I also say that he’s a six-time New York Times bestselling author. All his books are funny. And they’re extreme. I’ll explain. AJ comes up with crazy ideas and then gives us his “normal” way of life to fully immerse himself in a new (but temporary) way of life. This time he’s traveling the world to thank a thousand people who all had a hand in making his daily cup of coffee.   Links and Resources "Thanks A Thousand: A ...more

  • 366 - Ken Langone: Billionaire Co-Founder of Home Depot

    Jun 21 2018

    Ken Langone is a billionaire. He co-founded Home Depot and he’s also been on the boards of some of America's most renowned companies. Ken talked to me about capitalism, (his book is called “I Love Capitalism!: An American Story”), corporate governance, morality, and picking good people to invest in. But I also always say that this podcast is not just about business. I also got to learn from Ken about self-respect, death, having a good outlook on life and following your gut. His success is proof ...more

  • 365 - Steve Cohen & I Talk About Creativity, Culture and The Beatles

    Jun 19 2018

    We're mixing up the format! You already know Steve Cohen (my podcast producer) from a recent episode. Well, in this episode, Steve and I talk about the impact of creativity, BUT we get really specific and focussed totally on one historic moment... just before The Beatles fell apart.    Links and Resources Let It Be by the Beatles Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell Paul McCartney John Lennon George Harrison Yoko Ono Phil Spector - the producer of the album Let It Be Ringo Starr Jimmy Fallon The Roots J...more

  • Special Ep: Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin

    Jun 18 2018

    Hey! There's a new podcast out from my good friend Seth Godin. If you haven't had a chance to check out it, then here's your chance. I think you'll really enjoy it. It's called Akimbo.   

  • 364 - Tom Papa: Will You Put Your Dream to The Test?

    Jun 14 2018

    Tom Papa was afraid to follow his dream (like everyone else). But he put it to the test. He went up on stage, got laughs, and kept going. Now he has 5 different income streams (all because he took that first leap). He’s got a new TV show coming up, a podcast, a radio show, live events and comedy tours, plus he also just wrote a book, “Your Dad Stole My Rake: And Other Family Dilemmas.” These opportunities didn’t come to him over night. He’s been doing comedy for 25 years. He put his dream to the...more

  • 363 - Allison Task: How to Have a Personal Revolution

    Jun 12 2018

    Allison Task is a businesswoman. She was in the dot-com industry for nearly a decade. But she didn’t want to run a tech business. She wanted a more creative career... cooking. So that’s what she did. First, she went to culinary school, then she worked for Martha Stewart. and now, Allison is a premier chef, life coach, TV personality and podcaster. She’s also the author of recent book, “Personal Revolution: How to Be Happy, Change Your Life, and Do That Thing You’ve Always Wanted to Do.” And that...more

  • 362 - Dani Zoldan: Reflecting on Reinvention: Why Stand Up Saved My Life

    Jun 07 2018

    I’d always been interested in comedy, but I was completely terrified to go up on stage. But now  I’m obsessed. I interview as many of my favorite comedians on the show as I can, so I could learn from them. I want to know everything. Not just from comedians. But from everyone in the industry. And Dani Zoldan, owner of Stand Up NY, is the one who convinced me go on stage consistently. So I went up 6x a week. I got good. Stand-up comedy is by far the hardest skill I’ve ever wanted  to learn. And no...more

  • 361 - Jesse Itzler: The $160,000 Lesson

    Jun 05 2018

    Jesse doesn’t remember anything he learned from college except for ONE lesson. He calls it “the $160,000 lesson.” He almost breezed by it. I had to stop him. “What was the lesson?” It’s a strong lesson. And if I try to write the whole story in this box, it’ll lose it’s power. I wrote about it here. Or you can listen to the podcast now [it’s in the first 2 mins]. It’s worth it. Jesse is one of the most naturally motivating people I’ve ever met. And it’s contagious.   I write about all my podcasts...more

  • 360 - Joey Coleman: How to Relate to People (Customers, Partners, Bosses, Loved Ones and Cops)

    May 31 2018

    Joey Coleman knows relationships. Business relationships, romantic relationships. “It’s all part of the human condition,” he says. He also got himself out of 76 traffic tickets. And it’s all because of this one trick: he goes a level deeper. And then another level and another. Anytime I've made money, it's because of this trick. Joey's book is called, “Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days” and I trust Joey. His book and his talks all offer some of greatest...more

  • 359 - Keith Hernandez: Talent & Obsession (A Formula for Grit)

    May 29 2018

    Keith Hernandez is arguably one of the best baseball players of all time. He played first baseman for the New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals the majority of his career. He won two World Series titles (one with each team). He’s now apart of the broadcasting team for the Mets. And he just wrote a new book, “I’m Keith Hernandez: A Memoir.” He’s multi-talented. But before there was broadcasting and books there was no plan B for Keith. Everything he did was baseball. And he was sent to the majors ...more

  • 358 - Heather Monahan: Create Confidence Up From Nothing

    May 24 2018

    Heather Monahan told me that with every decision you make, you’re either going to be building confidence or chipping away at it. So I wanted to learn how to be building it more often than I am destroying it. Because according to Heather, author of “Confidence Creator,” confidence is not static. It’s a muscle. And you can work on it at any stage of life. She says, “It’s not a natural gift. It’s practice.” Links and Resources Confidence Creator by Heather Monahan Also Mentioned Influence: The P...more

  • 357 - Jordan Harbinger: How to Keep Growing and Keep Moving Forward

    May 22 2018

    Jordan Harbinger built a successful brand from podcasting for 12 years. He’s done close to 900 interviews with top performers. But something changed recently. He reached out to me via email. And I knew I needed to get him on the show right away. He told me that he didn’t like his brand anymore. He didn’t like what it was morphing into. “I was becoming disillusioned,” Jordan said. So he took a step back. And after what he thought was an amicable split from his partners, he and his team got fired....more

  • 356 - Steve Cohen: The Tao of Steve Cohen, A Shortcut to Wisdom

    May 17 2018

    I hired Steve Cohen. He produces this podcast. And I wanted him to be on the show because he has a mutant superpower. All my guests do. But his superpower really blows me away. I can barely understand how it comes so natural to him. But it does. Steve is a friend to thousands and thousands of people. He knows everyone and their mom, their manager, their business. He’s built up genuine goodwill with so many people. And I look at that as a superpower because it’s not your typical “networking.” It’...more

  • 355 - Shane Snow: Are You Ideal to Work With? (What Makes a Good Team)

    May 15 2018

    This is Shane Snow’s third time on the podcast. And we had a lot to cover. Shane is the author of, “Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success.” (An incredibly intelligent book.) And he’s also the cofounder of “Contently,” a content strategy company that helps businesses grow. Shane’s taught me a lot about solving problems in unconventional ways. And in this episode he teaches me about the 4 elements that make someone “ideal to work with.” See, he’s been studying teams. And...more

  • 354 - Mike Massimino: You Can’t Control the Outcome, So Keep Doing What You Love

    May 14 2018

    It took Mike Massimino 11 years to achieve his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. He was rejected 3 times. But he never stopped his pursuit to achieve his dream. He writes about it in his New York Times bestselling book “Spaceman: An Astronaut’s Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe”. This is Mike’s 2nd time on the podcast and I wanted to ask him all the questions that have stuck with me ever since that first interview. Like how he kept trying even after that 1st rejectio...more

  • 353 - Maria Konnikova: How to Look at Life Like a Game and Make Better Choices Because of It

    May 10 2018

    Maria Konnikova is a journalist. She’s written two New York Times best sellers. One about con artists and having the confidence to get away something. The other is about how detectives think. But now she’s immersed in poker (for her next book). And making big money (she made $200,000 in her first year playing). That WAS NOT the plan. She wanted to write a book about luck. Now, she’s on her way to play in the world series. She taught me about “game theory,” which is “when you look at the world li...more

  • 352 - Tony Hawk [Anniversary Episode]: The Key to Having Abundance in Life is Persistence

    May 08 2018

    Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder AND world champion for 12 years in a row. Every single day, since he was 11 years old, he’s done what he loves to do: skateboarding. I interviewed him at an event in 2016. And Tony was skating before the interview. It’s what’s most natural to him. But he also built a brand and an empire from his success. He’s sold over a billion dollars worth of video games with his name on it.    Show Notes: Follow Tony Hawk on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (...more

  • 351 - Sherrod Small: The Benefit of Starting at The Bottom (You Get to Rise)

    May 07 2018

    Sherrod Small is a comedian, all around personality, actor, writer, producer, podcast host of "RaceWars". He’s done everything. He grew up in the comedy clubs with his cousins, Chris Rock and Tony Rock. And he could’ve taken a shortcut, but he chose not to. "We wanted to start from the bottom of the bottom,” he said. “We wanted to know every aspect of this business. And we wanted to grow our own voice.” He told me his path to success. It’s applicable to more than just someone who wants to pursue...more

  • 350 - Mark Manson: The Origin of Hope (vs. Hopelessness)

    May 03 2018

    You’ve heard of the book,“The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life.”  It’s the #3 most read book on Amazon and a “New York Times” bestseller. And the book, written by Mark Manson, is still skyrocketing. But ENOUGH. Mark is ready to move on. He’s been doing press for the book for over a year. And it’s pulling him back from getting to a place where his brain can look for new ideas. So I asked what he’s curious about. I wanted to know what’s next. “I’m ...more

  • 349 - Jon Morrow [Anniversary Episode]: He Made Half a Million Dollars in 9 months. This is What Kept Him Motivated

    May 01 2018

    There are very few times in my life that I am so incredibly grateful to meet someone. And this was definitely one of those top 10 moments for me. Jon Morrow has created several multi-million dollar businesses. He's the founder of Smart Blogger and written several viral articles including “On dying mothers and fighting for your ideas” and “How to quit your job, move to paradise and get paid to change the world.” Jon is the epitome of overcoming obstacle. He was paralyzed from the neck down at bir...more

  • 348 - Jocko Willink: How Having a Code to Live By Will Give You Strength

    Apr 30 2018

    Jocko Willink is a retired Navy SEAL. Jocko has taken what he learned from the military and is teaching others how to live their life the same way, including our kids. He lives by a code. A code that anyone can develop for themselves. Jocko holds himself to these standards everyday. This is the Way of the Warrior…   He’s also written books about this code: “Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win,” a book I loved and highly recommend. And most recently he published two books in his c...more

  • 347 - Jen Sincero: You Are a Badass at Making Money

    Apr 26 2018

    Jen made $30k a year before she decided to get rich. Guess how much she made a year later? SIX FIGURES. “I was sick of living my life so small,” she said. So she made a BIG decision. Jen “decided” to get rich. She shifted her focus, incorporated positive thinking and made success her only option. There was no plan B... And that’s what she taught me in this interview. This episode will give you Jen’s best insights about making money and being positive from her New York Times bestselling books, “Y...more

  • 346 - Nell Scovell: From Old to Original: How to Take Tired Ideas and Make Them New

    Apr 24 2018

    Nell Scovell had a dream career working in television. She’s worked on every classic I can remember. And she even created a show, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” She took tired sitcom plots and put them through what she calls a “magical blender.” And out came something original. She told me how her ambition to be a prominent female television writer gave her these amazing opportunities that us men can only dream of. And how being on the sidelines gave her the confidence to lead a team to success.  ...more

  • 345 - Aubrey Marcus: Human Optimization + Peak Performance (A Guide)

    Apr 23 2018

    Aubrey Marcus is the CEO and founder of Onnit, a company dedicated to human optimization and peak performance. I like what Aubrey had to say because it’s not just what you’d typically think of when you hear the words “optimize” or “peak performance.” He says, “You gotta live a life that’s worth living. Live a life that’s well-rounded, balanced and includes the things like having a glass of wine or smoking a joint and making love to your lover, playing with your dog and hanging out, but also bein...more

  • 344 - Barry Michels: This is What's Really in Your Subconscious Mind

    Apr 19 2018

    Barry is taking Eastern/compassion meditation and westernizing it. He wrote a book about these “tools” that you can use to understand yourself better. And understand your reactions, your dreams, your disappointments. He’ll explain how your subconscious stores information and memories. So that you can take advantage of it. This episode is powerful. Barry Michels has knowledge (and experience) helping people like you and me through therapy and his books. I highly recommend you listen to this inter...more

  • 343 - Tony Rock: The Process to Get ANY Idea Off the Ground

    Apr 17 2018

    Tony Rock is a super stand up comedian. And he’s also Chris Rock’s brother. He stars in CBS’ newest comedy, “Living Biblically,” based on my good friend, AJ Jacobs’ book. Tony’s been working on his comedy muscle for 24 years, so I wanted to ask him about his process. And how anyone can adopt this process for their own projects or side hustles. These are Tony's techniques to bring your ideas from the drawing board to action.    Links and Resources Watch Tony on CBS’ newest comedy, Living Biblical...more

  • 342 - Frank Oz: How to Create Something Original: Lessons from The Maker of Our Most Beloved Characters

    Apr 16 2018

    Frank Oz is the puppeteer. He played Miss Piggy. Bert of “Bert and Ernie,” The Cookie Monster,  and even Yoda on Star Wars. He just released a new documentary called “Muppet Guys Talking: Secrets Behind the Show the Whole World Watched.” It’s about the creation of the Muppets and the man behind it all, Jim Henson. He was a unique leader, with a “nothing is impossible” attitude. This is the untold story of the Muppet creators and the team that made it all possible. Links and Resources Watch Frank...more

  • 341 - Anders Ericsson [Anniversary Episode]: 7 Secrets of Mastery

    Apr 12 2018

    Anders K. Ericsson discovered the “10,000” hour rule. I had him on my podcast in 2016 to talk about peak performance. (One of my favorite topics.) And he broke down the steps every individual should follow to learn and MASTER a skill. Links and Resources Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise by Dr. K Anders Ericsson and Robert Poole Also Mentioned Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell The Polgar SIsters (the 3 best female Hungarian chess players ever) Laszlo Polgar (chess ...more

  • 340 - Don McLean: Why You Should Follow Your Instincts

    Apr 10 2018

    Don McLean is a singer and songwriter best known for the song, "American Pie." But he’s so much more than just this one hit. He’s sold 40 platinum and gold records and he’s still touring(!). And now he’s kicking off his 2 year tour for his new album, "Botanical Gardens." Don has decades and decades of experience and he’s always had an instinct about what he’s wanted to do... what he wanted to create. He transforms nostalgia into music and art. And in this interview he told me how  I think I was ...more

  • 339 - Tyra Banks: How to Create New Opportunities & Gain Control of Your Destiny

    Apr 09 2018

    Tyra Banks booked 25 fashion shows her first year being an “unknown.” That’s unheard of. She climbed to the top of an industry and consistently created new opportunities for herself. When “they” said she was getting too fat, she switched from high-fashion to commercial modeling. When “they” said her idea for a TV show was stupid, she found someone else and got a “yes.” Then she produced one of the highest rated reality TV shows “America’s Top Model.” She excelled in 150 countries. And created 25...more

  • 338 - Michio Kaku: What The Future Holds… (How to Use Physics to Predict the Future)

    Apr 05 2018

    Michio Kaku is one of the most famous physicists out there. His new book, “The Future of Humanity” is a New York Times bestseller. It’s full of deep questions. “Every question has another answer, which begs more questions,” he said. “But that’s good. Because that’s what science is all about.” Michio talked to me about time travel, space travel, etc. And he PROVED that there’s a lot more possible than just what lies on the surface. The future is an exciting picture.   Show Notes: “Physics of the ...more

  • 337 - Robert Kurson: The Leap of Faith Everyone Needs to Take

    Apr 03 2018

    Robert Kurson is the bestselling author of “Shadow Divers,” “Pirate Hunters” and his newest, “Rocket Men”. He writes about people and their explorations. And brings them to life. Before he became an esteemed author, he led a pretty conventional life. He went to Harvard Law School and carried out his degree in the field. But he dreaded every morning. So he started writing and took a huge leap of faith. This is his story… Show Notes: “Pirate Hunters” by Robert Kurson “Shadow Divers” by Robert Kurs...more

  • 336 - Steve Case [Anniversary Episode]: An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future

    Apr 02 2018

    Steve Case founded AOL. He’s a self-made billionaire and author of the New York Times bestseller “The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future.” This is one of my most popular episodes from 2016. Because he has a great story (he turned down Bill Gates, when Gates wanted to buy AOL for millions). He saw a bigger future. And he held on to that idea. He learned how to master his own future. That’s what this episode is about. Enjoy and you can check out my full notes on my blog at jamesal...more

  • 335 - Wynton Marsalis: How to Find the Jazz of Life: Embrace Your Creativity

    Mar 29 2018

    Wynton Marsalis is one of the best and most well-known jazz musicians ever. I had him on to talk about creativity. He’s made over 80 albums, sold over 7 million records, and won 9 Grammys (all unbelievable). He even won the Pulitzer Prize in music, which is the 1st for jazz. Now Wynton’s the Managing Director & the Artistic Director for Jazz at Lincoln Center. Wynton’s whole life is about being creative. He’s learned how to transform art from its existing state into something entirely new. That’...more

  • 334 - Brad Meltzer: Creating a Bestselling Novel (The Secret X-Factor Revealed)

    Mar 27 2018

    Brad Meltzer is one of the most passionate writers I’ve ever met. He writes page-turning thriller novels. “The Tenth Justice”, “The Millionaires” and his most recent, “The Escape Artist”. The first book Brad wrote got 24 rejection letters. But he trusted his gut and kept fighting. He found what he loved: 1. Character creation and 2. writing. I wanted to find out the X-factor in his books… and how he pressed on to become the writer he is today. Show Notes: The Tenth Justice by Brad Meltzer The Mi...more

  • 333 - Adam Perlman: ‘Billions’ Writer on The Internal Struggle that Comes With Changing Your Career

    Mar 26 2018

    Adam Perlman is a TV writer, director and co-executive producer. We met on the set of Showtime's “Billions,” which I can now say I am a technical writer for. He's also written for some of my favorite shows like "The Newsroom" and "The Good Wife." Adam used to be a lawyer. But he went through this constant battle with himself on whether it’s “okay” to be an artist. Finally, the market collapsed. And there was no work for him in corporate law. So he spent his days writing and eventually landed a m...more

  • 332 - Jimmy Yang: Stop Being Bored at Work… Risk Stability & Find Your Next Career Move

    Mar 22 2018

    Jimmy Yang veered into comedy not out of love, but out of desperation. He writes about this in his new book “How to American”. “I was picturing myself sitting behind a desk until I was 65 at the same job,” Jimmy said. He knew he had another skill to offer. So he googled “open mics.” And went. He Jimmy wasn’t very funny (at first), but what he found was a sense of purpose and a community of people just like him. He set himself on a journey towards a meaningful life. Show Notes:  Silicon Valley “H...more

  • 331 - Ryan Holiday: Behind the Conspiracy: A Deeper Look at THE Most Surreal Conspiracy of Modern Day

    Mar 20 2018

    Ryan Holiday had access a surreal conspiracy. Probably THE most surreal conspiracy of modern day. And he wrote about it in his new book, “Conspiracy: Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan, Gawker, and the Anatomy of Intrigue” It’s a narrative nonfiction, which is new for Ryan. And that’s what makes it the best book he’s ever written. In this interview, Ryan tells us how he unraveled a conspiracy and why it was the hardest book he’s ever written. He also quotes a handful of Stoics, something I’ll always apprec...more

  • 330 - Jon Ronson: Go Inside the Mind of A Psychopath

    Mar 19 2018

    Jon Ronson writes about psychopaths. He created a test called "The Psychopath Test." And wrote about it. I had him on to learn what it means to be mad. He told me how to spot the signs (and how it starts to haunt you). He also told me stories. Lots of them. About kids trapped in mental hospitals. Secret cults planning to take over the world. His writing style is sort of humorist meets gonzo-esque journalism. He puts himself directly in the center of a conspiracy. That's where this episode will t...more

  • 329 - Sebastian Maniscalco: How to Create an Authentic Word of Mouth Career

    Mar 15 2018

    Sebastian Maniscalco's one of the most successful pure road comics, meaning he doesn’t have film crews following him around. He built himself up the old way. Through word of mouth. But I wanted to know what is "real" word of mouth? Not just social media posts. Paul's created real, authentic relationships with the people he wanted to connect with. And then turned it into a $50 million career.   I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/po...more

  • 328 - Wolfgang Puck: Knowing Your Calling is Step One. Following It is Step 2 (A Chef’s Journey)

    Mar 13 2018

    Wolfgang Puck is a famous chef who has successfully created an empire in food. At age 14, he worked in his first restaurant. A few weeks in, he was fired. And contemplating suicide. Fast-forward, and Wolfgang became the first “celebrity chef.” He’s expanded his love of food in every single way: restaurants, cookbooks, catering (he’s catered the Oscars.) Now he also has a MasterClass available online. “I always wanted to be in charge of my own destiny,” he said. “I thought, ‘This is what I was bo...more

  • 327 - Dante Nero: From Stripping to Comedy: How to Switch Careers

    Mar 12 2018

    Dante Nero was a male stripper for 10 years. And now he’s a comedian. He was always intrigued by comedy. But before he went up on any stage, he made sure his fundamentals were impeccable. And that’s key. This is what makes Dante Nero one of the greatest comedians still going 18 years later. Listen for your guide to the basic skills every comedian should know… Show Notes: The Beige Phillip Show - Dante’s podcast Dantenero.com Movies and Shows Dante’s appeared in: Fighting The Blacklist Ocean’s 8 ...more

  • 326 - Tony Robbins - [Anniversary Episode]: How to Be Fulfilled: Just Start Asking Yourself These 2 Questions

    Mar 08 2018

    Tony's latest book "Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook"
 "MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom" by Tony Robbins 
"Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!" by Tony Robbins Tony's Netflix documentary about Tony “I Am Not Your Guru” produced by my good friend Brian Koppelman   I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast. Thanks s...more

  • 325 - Godfrey: Flex Your Comedy Muscle

    Mar 06 2018

    Godfrey’s 20 years old in comedy years. (Your age = your experience). He might’ve been born in 1969. But that doesn’t matter. He learned this from Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld asked Godfrey, “How long have you been doing comedy?” At the time, his answer was 9 years. And Seinfeld said back, “That’s your age in comedy.” And it’s true for most skills. Or any pursuit. It’s not true for riding your bike because we all started young and a lot of us haven’t cared to step on a bike in 10 years. But if you’r...more

  • 324 - Cal Fussman: The Art of a Great Question

    Mar 05 2018

    Cal Fussman is one of the greatest interviewers of all time. He’s interviewed an estimated 500 iconic people. He asks the question no one else is asking. He gains respect. And gets the best answers. Cal knows how to connect with everyone. So how did he get the superpower of connection? Show Notes: Read Cal’s Esquire column -What I’ve Learned Listen to Cal’s podcast -Big Questions with Cal Fussman The Tim Ferriss Show Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson E...more

  • 323 - David McCandless: Visual Storytelling: Transforming Data into Stories through Infographics

    Mar 01 2018

    David McCandless is the #1 data visualization expert. But what is that? “Data visualization?” Simply: it’s a better way to tell stories. Show Notes:  “Visual Miscellaneum: The Bestselling Classic, Revised and Updated: A Colorful Guide to the World's Most Consequential Trivia” by David McCandless “Knowledge Is Beautiful: Impossible Ideas, Invisible Patterns, Hidden Connections--Visualized” David McCandless Visit David’s website - informationisbeautiful.net Watch David’s TED Talk - The Beauty of ...more

  • 322 - Yuval Noah Harari [Anniversary Episode]: A Brief History of the Future

    Feb 27 2018

    Probably the books I've recommended most in the past five years was "Sapiens" by Yuval Harari. And not only me: it's Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg's top recommendation. I’m releasing this episode because there’s so much to know about our past as humans. And our future.   Show Notes: Read New York Times bestseller "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind" by Yuval Noah Harari Read "Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow" by Yuval Noah Harari   I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post...more

  • 321 - Jim Cramer: Stocks - The Greatest Wealth Creator of All Time

    Feb 26 2018

    Jim Cramer is one of the most well known financial experts on the planet. I’ve known him for 16 years. We worked together. I was a writer for TheStreet.com and he was doing “Mad Money” for CNBC. So we have history. And I wanted to check in with him. But I didn’t ask about his success or how his career is going. I wanted the hidden truth. “Are you happy?” That’s what I asked Jim Cramer. 22 years later… fame, money, success… “Are you happy?” And that’s what I found out...   Show Notes: “Confession...more

  • 320 - Steve Scott: How to Make $50K a Month Writing From Your Couch

    Feb 22 2018

    This podcast episode is action packed. It’s not philosophy. It’s action. It’s HOW to actually get to the top of Amazon’s best seller list, how to get an idea for your book, how to create daily writing habits, etc. Steve Scott has written 70+ books. And each one generates income. He makes 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars A MONTH! He’s been on the podcast before. And broke it all down. I brought him back again to give us more details. More inspiration. Because if you didn’t act then, it’s okay. You can...more

  • 319 - Cheryl Richardson: Personal Growth: How to Give Yourself a Radical Upgrade

    Feb 20 2018

    Self-care. What does that even mean? I called the expert: Cheryl Richardson. She’s written several New York Times bestsellers and I owe her credit for helping me cultivate new thinking whenever I needed it. When I was most scared, I’d call Cheryl. And she’d say, “Your best thinking got you here, (to the worst situation of your life, to your complete bottom), so you probably need the thinking of somebody else.” She’s always been right.    Show Notes: “Waking Up in Winter: In Search of What Really...more

  • 318 - Paul Mecurio: Scary, But Not Impossible… Leaving the Job You Hate for the One You'd Love

    Feb 19 2018

    Wait! Before I say “comedian.” Let me tell you who Paul Mecurio really is. He’s a transformer. A true re-inventor. He started out at as a lawyer on Wall Street. Because it was logical. And he got used to making 2, 3… 4 million dollars a year (after bonuses vested). It was hard to give it up... at first.But he still made little efforts. And those efforts add up. Overtime Paul stopped taking notes in meetings. He wrote jokes instead. And then one day he got a chance to meet Jay Leno. And he starte...more

  • 317 - Annie Duke: The Fastest Way to Become an Expert at Anything

    Feb 15 2018

    For two decades Annie Duke ranked as one of the top poker players in the world. Which means she won a lot. But she couldn’t win without losing. I’ll explain. It’s hard to learn when you win, I think. Because if you win, then you think you’re a genius, but if you lose you blame your opponent for being “lucky”. So how do you become a real master... Skip the 10,000 hour rule. There’s a hack. And Annie figured it out. Listen now.   Show Notes: “Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don...more

  • 316 - Aaron Berg: The Fearless Comedian (How He Finds The Funny)

    Feb 12 2018

    Aaron Berg is “the fearless comedian.” And I think that’s a compliment. How would you like if someone call you “the fearless (whatever you are).” Fill in the blank. I wanted to learn that skill. And that’s what I think you’ll learn from this interview.  Show Notes: “American Etiquette: Failing Upwardly in a Fox News Nation” by Aaron Berg
  “Mr. Manners: Proper Etiquette for the Modern Degenerate” by Aaron Berg Aaron Berg’s Albums: “Comedy Coltrane” & “Unscripted”, both available on iTunes or Am...more

  • 315 - Kevin Allocca: The Economics of Entertainment... This is What Makes Videos Go Viral

    Feb 08 2018

    Kevin Allocca is "Head of Culture and Trends" at YouTube. He's been there for 8 years. So he knows how videos go viral. But more than that, Kevin knows the economics of entertainment. He told me how to get a message out (because no one reads books anymore. It's easier to get hits online than hits on Kindle.) So what's the first step? "You gotta start making something," he said. "Especially when you’re trying to establish what your voice is, what your perspective is... these things need to be sor...more

  • 314 - Sara Blakely [Anniversary Episode]: How to Get a Billion Dollar Idea

    Feb 06 2018

    Sara Blakely is a self-made billionaire. She’s the founder and creator of Spanx. I interviewed her exactly a year ago. But all of her advice (learned directly from DOING) is still impacting me today. I had to re-listen. And I hope you do, too.   I wrote an article "What I Learned From Spanx Founder Sara Blakely." Sometimes I re-read it to remind myself of everything she taught me. Some people are inspirations for life. Sara is one of those people. Check out the full post and learn what I learned...more

  • 313 - Dr. Oz: THE #1 Health Guru in America

    Feb 05 2018

    This podcast is all about getting in control of your food. Food is medicine. It's fuel. Listen to Dr. Oz, leading cardiac surgeon, featured health expert, host of The Dr. Oz Show and author of 8 New York Times bestselling books, including his newest, “Food Can Fix It: The Superfood Switch to Fight Fat, Defy Aging, and Eat Your Way Healthy”.   Show Notes: Dr Oz’s 8th NYT Bestseller: “Food Can Fix It: The Superfood Switch to Fight Fat, Defy Aging, and Eat Your Way Healthy” “Sapiens: A Brief Histor...more

  • 312 - Jordan B. Peterson: 12 Rules for Life: A Solution to Suffering

    Feb 01 2018

    Jordan thinks about things, people pay attention, and he gets paid for it. His YouTube channel has tens of millions of views. He’s a clinical psychologist, professor and author of “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.”     Show notes: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson Jordan's popular YouTube channel and lectures "Tools of Titans" by Tim Ferriss  Jordan’s interview with Joe Rogan on "The Joe Rogan Experience"  Carl Panzram (the serial killer Jordan talks about) A ...more

  • 311 - Todd Barry: Accidental Comedian: How to Stumble Into Your Calling

    Jan 30 2018

    “It’s weird to do something that you didn’t really plan on doing,” Todd Barry said. He’s a comedian and actor. But he wanted to be a musician. “I didn’t go on stage with the conscious goal of pursuing comedy. In my mind, I still wanted to be in a band,” he said. “And at some point, I think it was like 8 months in where, I was like, ‘I guess I guess I’m doing this.’” I wanted to know what kept him going... It was simple.  “Weirdly, I don’t think I ever said ‘I’m thinking about quitting…’ which I ...more

  • 310 - Tim Larkin: Surviving the Unthinkable

    Jan 29 2018

    We live in this society where there’s “rules of etiquette”... but there aren’t really “rules of etiquette” when someone’s trying to kill you. Sometimes violence is the answer. “This is a key mind shift people need to take for their own self protection,” Tim Larkin said. Tim’s an American self-defense expert, the founder of Target Focus Training, and author of the “New York Times” bestselling book “Surviving The Unthinkable.” And he’ll teach you how to save your own life. Show Notes: “When Viole...more

  • 309 - Loretta Breuning: The Science of Happiness: How to Hack Your Brain & Become A Happier Person

    Jan 25 2018

    Happy chemicals = the key to happiness. So I interviewed Dr. Loretta Breuning, author of “Meet Your Happy Chemicals,” “The Science of Positivity,” “I, Mammal,” and “Habits of a Happy Brain.” Show Notes:  “Meet Your Happy Chemicals” by Loretta Breuning “The Science of Positivity” by Loretta Breuning “I, Mammal: How to Make Peace With the Animal Urge for Social Power” by Loretta Breuning “Habits of a Happy Brain” by Loretta Breuning “Anxiety: What turns it on. What turns it off” by Loretta Breunin...more

  • 308 - Erika Ender: Everybody Has Talent

    Jan 23 2018

    Erika Ender was just nominated for “best song of the year.” She wrote "Despacito." (Which has 7billion+ views on YouTube.) I first interviewed her in October '17. And I wanted to re-release our conversation to celebrate her. She has so much wisdom and gave me so many powerful takeaways. But one of my favorites is “everybody has their own talent.” And when she says it, I believe her.  I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast. Tha...more

  • 307 - Kareem Abdul Jabbar: Becoming Kareem: Growing Up On and Off the Court

    Jan 22 2018

    NBA’s all-time leading scorer? Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Six-time NBA champion? Kareem Abdul Jabbar. 50 years of athleticism. THAT’S peak performance. Then he combined his career with activism, philanthropy (President Obama awarded him with “The Presidential Medal of Freedom,” the nation’s highest civilian honor.). He’s also collaborated with HBO documentaries to create the highest rated sports documentary in history.   I don’t know anything about sports. But I’m grateful I got to learn from Kareem. ...more

  • 306 - PJ O'Rourke: The Celebrity President

    Jan 18 2018

    PJ told me some unconventional ways to vote for president. “Who would you road trip with?” A lot of people might think they’d say Trump, “but think again,” he said. I didn’t vote. But I still wanted to know how it happened… (Also, this episode is airing just days before the one year inauguration of President Donald J. Trump.) Full show notes and links here. Show Notes: The National Lampoon, PJ was the Editor in Chief in the 70’s (back in John Belushi days) “Parliament of Whores: A Lone Humor...more

  • 305 - Bill Beteet: The Pursuit… Sacrificing Everything You Know for What You Really Love

    Jan 16 2018

    It’s weird. Normally, the people I interview on this podcast are at the end of their career. Bill is just starting. He spent years in law school. And then made up his mind (after a day of fasting) that he’s going to be a comedian. I wanted to know why… “I calculated it out,” he said. “I figured I can out work a lot of these guys. I cultivated this really huge love for stand-up and it imbued my life with meaning the more I sacrifice for it and the harder I pursued it.” I feel this podcast is fill...more

  • 304 - Dov Davidoff: Vulnerability is Good. (It Can Set You Apart)

    Jan 15 2018

    It’s easy to just be an entertainer, but it’s a lot harder to be an artist. Dov Davidoff is learning this. And he taught me how he’s figuring out how to use his vulnerabilities to his advantage. To set him apart. For him, humor is a way of telling the truth (in an odd sort of way). I’ll explain. The truth can be hard to hear. Even if it means trashing your wife on stage. This is Dov’s interpretation of comedy. And here’s how your vulnerabilities can be used to your advantage... Show Notes: “Roa...more

  • Ep. 303 - Jeff Goins: Real Artists Don't Starve

    Jan 11 2018

    Jeff is the bestselling author of “Real Artists Don’t Starve.” I’ve wanted him to come on this podcast for over a year. Because he knows the secret to become a “thriving artist.” “That’s somebody who makes money so they can make more art,” he said. The key is to combine your art with a business sense (even if it’s just the basics). Start with your natural talents. Turn those talents into skill (through practice). Develop a business sense (more on this in the podcast) and figure out “what does ow...more

  • Ep. 302 - Aaron Carroll: It’s All Relative: Nutrition Myths Debunked

    Jan 09 2018

    Aaron Carroll is a pediatrician and the author of “Bad Food Bible: How and Why to Eat Sinfully”. I threw every argument ever made about coffee, carbs, alcohol, MSG, BACON, antioxidants, the list goes on. He’s about to dismantle the rumors. And give you your control back. Show Notes: Read Aaron’s book “The Bad Food Bible: How and Why to Eat Sinfully” Aaron writes for the New York Times, read his articles here. “Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, P...more

  • Ep. 301 - Dan Harris: How to Mentally Train the Mind - Ten Minutes a Day

    Jan 08 2018

    He had a panic attack on air. Live.  A meltdown in front of 5 million people.  Dan was struggling with PTSD, which led to drug abuse and depression. Then he found meditation. Show Notes:  “10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works--A True Story” By Dan Harris  “Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics: A 10% Happier How-to Book” By Dan Harris Download Dan’s App (10% Percent Happier) to Start Meditating today! Listen to D...more

  • [Special Edition]: I'm Celebrating 300 Episodes!

    Jan 04 2018

    I’m celebrating my 300th episode. With a GIANT episode. I took all the best clips from years and years of podcast. And recorded some new “behind the scenes” thoughts and ideas about each clip (what I learned and why I loved this guest, how they helped me and how they can help you, too). You’ll hear advice and EXCLUSIVE stories from Mark Cuban, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Sara Blakely, Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday and the list goes on. THIS is episode 300! And I can’t thank you enough for list...more

  • Ep. 299 - Paul Reiser: Find What You’re Drawn To, Even if It’s Hard

    Jan 02 2018

    Why would anyone want to pursue a career in comedy? There are no benchmarks, no paychecks and definitely no guarantees. It’s too risky. Unless you have that pull... the one that tells you, "this is the right thing. This is what you're meant for." Paul Reiser knew. And never looked back. That’s what I want for everyone listening to this podcast. That's what I hope for you.   Show Notes: some of Paul's work: "Stranger Things" "My Two Dads" "Mad About You" (Paul was in 160 episodes!) "Diner" Paul’s...more

  • Ep. 298 - Ryan Holiday: Competition is For Losers: Invent Your Own Category

    Jan 01 2018

    If I compete with you, I’m a loser. It means I’m not helping anyone in a new way. Ryan said, “Competition is for losers.” He was quoting Peter Thiel. Instead, you have to invent your own category… here’s how Show Notes: “Trust Me I’m Lying” by Ryan Holiday "The Obstacle is The Way” by Ryan Holiday “Ego is The Enemy” by Ryan Holiday “The Perennial Seller” by Ryan Holiday “The Daily Stoic” by Ryan Holiday “The Daily Stoic Journal” by Ryan Holiday A famous writing technique created and...more

  • Ep. 297 - Rich Roll: Surrendering Does Not Mean Failure

    Dec 28 2017

    “If you were on the outside looking in you’d probably think, 'This guy's got a really good life.' And on paper I did, but on the inside I felt like I was dying. I was depressed. I was unenthusiastic about my life because I knew I was in a career that was ill suited to me. But I just couldn’t see my way out of it,” Rich Roll said. He told be about the time he felt a tightness in his chest. He couldn’t walk up the stairs. He had to take a break halfway up the flight. Rich was 39 and dying. Rich an...more

  • Ep. 296 - Linda Papadopoulos: Validation: Why It’s Dangerous…

    Dec 26 2017

    We all have vulnerabilities. And I exposed mine to Linda because it’s a free therapy session. She’s a well-known psychologist and bestselling author born in Canada, living in the UK. I had to ask her about all her theories. And all her books. But mostly these 2: 1. “What Men Say, What Women Hear” 2. “Unfollow: Living Life on Your Own Terms” Because I am still outsourcing my self-worth to new measures. First, it was money. So I gave up Wall Street (for many reasons). And then it became book sales...more

  • Ep. 295 - Jon Alpert: Behind the Camera: How to Be the Catalyst for Social Change

    Dec 25 2017

    “This guy tried to kill me. He had a gun to my head,” Jon said.  “We were leaving the country.  We got intercepted.” Wait. What? I was interviewing Jon Alpert.  He was trying to smuggle controversial footage out of Iraq. “I was basically a complete failure up until the moment that I started making films,” Jon said. He was constantly trying to make his community a better place, but his attempts were always unsuccessful. “I want to make this country better. And I’m not a good soldier. And I’m not...more

  • Ep. 294 - Jackie Martling: The Joke Man... I Talk with Howard Stern's Former Lead Writer

    Dec 21 2017

    I started to get really itchy. Inside my head. I didn’t know how to scratch it. So I avoided it. Until I broke out into hives and finally forced myself on stage. I think it started when I interviewed Gary Gulman, one of the greatest comedians ever. It was over two years ago. And even though he was deeply depressed, I was jealous. Because he was living my dreams. He was scratching my itch. So I started to interview more comedians. And writers of comedy. I had so many questions. I interviewed Jim ...more

  • Ep. 293 - AJ Jacobs: Why We Experiment (And Why You Should Also)

    Dec 19 2017

    I like the idea of experimenting for two reasons. A) widen comfort zone B) become a better person. I’ll tell you about A first then B. But first, let me reintroduce my good friend AJ. If you listen to this podcast then you already know who AJ is. But just in case, AJ Jacob’s is a professional at experimenting. All his books are experiments. Four are bestsellers. He told me about one he did with the comedian Jim Gaffigan. They looked up the oldest jokes in the world. From hundreds of years ago...more

  • Ep. 292 - Tiffany Haddish: Stop Telling Yourself You're Not Good Enough

    Dec 18 2017

    Got to interview one of my favorite comedians for the podcast, Tiffany Haddish, star of “Girls Trip,” her recent comedy special. "She Ready", and 20 years a stand up. I asked her what was the biggest change in her first few years of doing standup. (She's been doing it over 20 years). She said, "I learned to change the fear into fun". I think all of the above is great advice to achieve success in everything worth doing. I had a gift for Tiffany. It was a suitcase. I gave her a suitcase for the ki...more

  • Ep. 291 - Stephen Tobolowsky: Write Your Own Story Because We're All Living On Borrowed Time

    Dec 14 2017

    If you’re reading this, you probably don’t know the name Stephen Tobolowsky. But I’ll give you some hints. Ned Ryerson. (From “Groundhog Day”) Jack Barker. (From “Silicon Valley”) Sound familiar? Stephen Tobolowsky is one of the main characters and actors in one of my favorite TV Shows, Silicon Valley. He also plays the MOST annoying character in Groundhog Day. He’s been in 200 movies and a thousand other things including Seinfeld, Thelma & Louise, Heroes and the list goes on. But he did somethi...more

  • Ep. 290 - Ray Dalio: Principles for Investing in a Meaningful Life (Tested Strategies from 1 of The World's Wealthiest Investors)

    Dec 12 2017

    I wish I could take everything Ray Dalio said and turn it into a book. But he already did that. It’s called, “Principles: Life and Work.” And I’m going to be re-reading it for the rest of my life. He defines principles as “ways of successfully dealing with reality to get what you want out of life.” And he’s revealing how he used these principles to build BridgeWater Associates, (which manages $150 BILLION in assets. Globally.) He told me story after story. How he went broke. How he started over....more

  • Ep. 289 - Amy Morin: The Easiest Side Hustle You Can Start Right Now

    Dec 11 2017

    You may remember Amy, she came on my podcast a few weeks ago. We discussed her book, “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.” I asked her why is it a book about what people DON’T do instead of SHOULD do. It seemed counterintuitive to me. But her reasoning made sense. The book wasn’t written for other people. It was actually just a letter to herself at first. And then she put it online. And it became viral… that led to a book deal. The podcast was really popular. But I feel like you didn’t ge...more

  • Ep. 288 - Mike Van Cleave: A Conversation About Cancer & Learning How to Discard the Meaningless

    Dec 07 2017

    I got a call from my friend Mike Van Cleave a year ago. He told me had cancer. We hadn’t spoken for years. “It’s like mold in your refrigerator,” he said. “All of a sudden you’re like, ‘What the hell happened? It’s only been a week.”   You never know who’s going to call you out of the blue someday with cancer. It’s scary, but luckily we don’t live with these thoughts in our minds. We only think of ourselves. “Will I get cancer?” And that’s important. These selfish thoughts keep us alive. I’ve al...more

  • Ep. 287 - Scott Galloway: How the Four Most Influential Companies on the Planet Took Over the Market and Changed Humankind

    Dec 05 2017

    I don’t know where to begin. I’m a fan of Scott. I think he reminds me of someone I went to highschool with. He was bright and always cursing at the right time. I remember laughing. Because I felt close to being free. But he was the one with the ability to put himself in the middle of controversy. That’s something I (still) can’t do. He’d say eff this or eff that. Part of me felt compelled to egg him on. But he didn’t need it. He was comfortable being cynical and right. Scott Galloway does this...more

  • Ep. 286 - Dennis Woodside: How Do You Know When Something is The Next Big Thing (Advice from Dropbox’s COO)

    Dec 04 2017

    Dennis Woodside left Google, for DropBox. Everyone thought he was crazy. DropBox was this little tiny company. What was he thinking? “So you ask why I would go from Google to Dropbox. Just play the movie forward. Where’s it going to be in ten years? It’s logical to me that the company that pioneered this notion of putting your files in the cloud is going to have all kind of opportunities and going to solve problems for everybody in the world. A lot of people don’t think that way. They think very...more

  • Ep. 285 - Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneider: How to Get the Relationship You Deserve... Advice from "The Rules" Authors

    Nov 30 2017

    I sat down with two women the other day. And I can't decide whether they’ve completely ruined my life or helped me. I decided they were going to help me decide before this podcast was over. Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider are the authors of the classic book, “The Rules”. I know this book inside and out. Every woman I ever dated back in the 90's and early 00's read "The Rules" AND were following them. I felt like I was talking to them on behalf of every single person I’ve ever dated. (And every ...more

  • Ep. 284 - Frank Shamrock: The Making of a Legend: How a Criminal Became a Champion

    Nov 28 2017

    I asked Frank Shamrock, a living legend MMA fighter, “How many titles have you won?” “I think I won them all.” He calls himself a “super athlete.” So I told him he lacks humility... And we laughed. But he’s right. He IS a super athlete. He evolved the art form. And went one level deeper than any opponent. He didn’t just say “how do I crush this person?” He said “How is the body working? What is this machine? How can I use it optimize my performance?” “I was studying the biomechanics,” Frank said...more

  • Ep. 283 - Anthony Ervin: Overcoming Your Battles: How an Olympic Swimmer Transformed Tourette's Syndrome into Winning Gold

    Nov 27 2017

    Anthony holds a lot of weird records. But the most interesting to me is the record for the biggest span between winning golds. SIXTEEN YEARS.    But first, let’s start from the beginning. Anthony Ervin always had a gift for swimming. He had the talent. He had the coaching. And he had the success from an early age. But there was something else looming. Tourette’s. I asked him how it happened. “What was the first things you noticed about yourself when you developed Tourette’s?” “It was debilitatin...more

  • Ep. 282 - Tyler Cowen: What the Future Holds: Stagnation or Innovation?

    Nov 23 2017

    We’ve become too comfortable. We’re innovating less and watching Netflix more. When I think of a “complacent class,” (a group of people who don’t care to move forward or move at all), I think of this: Americans soaking high wages off the backs of more aggressive global economies. I picture us eating delivered food, never moving, only using the remote. And having drones deliver everything we need. I had to ask Tyler Cowen about this. He’s a personal computer that’s going to answer all my economic...more

  • Ep. 281 - Tim Ferriss: Using a New Lens To Make Life Easier

    Nov 21 2017

    Tim’s doing a new experiment. (I’m not surprised.) He’s looking at people and asking himself one question... “What happened to this person?" He said, “Normal people are just folks you don’t know well enough yet, right? Nobody's normal. We’re so full of stuff and trauma and nonsense and silly beliefs. Everyone’s a work in progress and since you’re a work in progress, it’s very hard to know yourself.” He gave me an example. But didn’t name names. “There was this woman who had some very peculiar em...more

  • Ep. 280 - Chuck Klosterman: From Yesterday to Today: Comparing How We Interact with Culture

    Nov 20 2017

    I can’t just call Chuck a writer. He’s arguably one of the most successful pop culture critics. “Oh sure,” he said. “And I have a big advantage. Most critics want to be the first to write about something, I get to be the last person. And that puts me in a very good position.” “Why?” I asked. “I’m not just reacting to something,” he said. “I’m looking at all the other reactions.” He’s interpreting our interpretations. And defining the 21st century.   They say Deja Vu shows us when we’re having th...more

  • Ep. 279 - Elizabeth Smart: How She Endured Tragedy, Survived and Created Her New Normal

    Nov 16 2017

    I was really nervous for this podcast. Elizabeth Smart has been through so much trauma. And I’m sure everyone says that to her. Was she sick of hearing that after all these years? I wanted to learn how she survived. The kidnapper came through her window, held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her. He said it was religion... God, that made him do it. But she saw through them and their evil. Elizabeth said, "From a very early age, my parents said, 'You'll know a person by their actions....more

  • Ep. 278 - Floyd Landis: The Consequence of Exposing a Legend: Learning How to Take Your Life Back & Overcome Rejection

    Nov 14 2017

    Floyd exposed Armstrong. He exposed the whole US cycling team for doping. In 2006, he won the Tour de France. He made it to the heights of the profession. And then he blew the whistle. “People see it as exercise, a healthy, endurance sport. It’s not that at all,” he said. “It’s war, and your body is a machine.” I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to be the whistle blower. I think I’d just quit the sport to avoid controversy. “Aren’t you afraid of letting down children?” I asked him? “At this poi...more

  • Ep. 277 - Griffin Dunne: Never Doubt, Just Do: How to Follow Your Gut

    Nov 13 2017

    I wish they’d send Joan to space. She's a real writer... who wrote about true things. I want her to describe the feeling and the wonderment of what life would be like. But they don't send writers to space. Only scientists (for now). Joan Didion pioneered a new genre in writing: "creative nonfiction." Before her, storytelling and nonfiction never touched. They were separate. She's one of my all time favorite writers. And I spoke to her nephew, Griffin Dunne, a filmmaker, director, producer, actor...more

  • Ep. 276 - Scott Adams: The Hardest Sell: Convincing Someone You're Not What You Used to Be

    Nov 09 2017

    It’s Scott’s 3rd time on the podcast. In the first interview, he was “the creator of Dilbert.” A famous cartoonist. The second time he was still “the creator of Dilbert” and a hypnosis/persuasion student. Now (appearance #3), Scott Adams is something new. He’s reinvented. And no longer standing on the footbridge between old self and new self. He’s the author of “Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don't Matter” and infamous for predicting Trump’s win… two years before election day. His ...more

  • Ep. 275 - John C. McGinley: The Root of REAL Reinvention: Having The Right Attitude

    Nov 07 2017

    He was trying out a role built for him. The screenwriter wrote the script with John in mind. He wrote his name in the margin. "A John McGinley type." "Did that give you high confidence?" I asked him. "No, they made me audition 5 times for a John McGinley type!” So I wanted to know how he landed so many incredible roles. He told me the secret. We either poison ourselves. Or we thrive. It's our choice. We make it every day. And usually one is our habit. “Actors usually bring one of two things with...more

  • Ep. 274 - Bill Cartwright: How to Gain the Confidence of an NBA All-Star

    Nov 06 2017

    Bill Cartwright and I have nothing in common. He’s from the west coast and I’m from the east coast. He’s 7’1” and I’m not. When Bill got drafted to the NBA, they called him “Moses”. He held every important basketball title in high school AND college. But being tall and having talent are two very different things. I wanted to know the evolution of becoming a peak performer. So I asked him, “What made you want to be good?” It was obvious he was working really hard from a young age. So what was tha...more

  • Ep. 273 - Sheila Nevins: The HBO Producer Who Dawned the Era of the Human Experience

    Nov 02 2017

    Before Sheila Nevins, no one cared about our human stories. “I felt that there could be performance in every man, that every man could perform his life or his situation or his trauma or his successes or his failure,” Sheila said. She's a 26 Academy Award winning HBO producer. She birthed the modern documentary. 1,700 of them in total. "I think everyone has something to offer," Sheila said. But not everyone realizes it. "Sometimes you're so embittered by life that you never can tell your story," ...more

  • Ep. 272 - Lewis Howes: "The Masks of Masculinity": Why Men Wear Masks and How to Remove them to Live Your Best Life

    Oct 31 2017

    Was Lewis Howes a bully? Is it possible? He set up the situation: When you’re young, you’re told to be kind, open, loving, helpful and generous. When you stand up to the bullies for treating someone badly, what happens? They shove you in a locker. Your mindset changes. And then you realize… maybe it doesn’t feel good to be open, kind and generous. So we put on these masks. We try to fit in. We try to protect ourselves. Lewis walked me through the masks: The athletic mask The material mask The se...more

  • Ep. 271- Dan Lyons: "Disrupted" Author on Loving Your Job, Losing it & Starting Over

    Oct 30 2017

    Dan Lyons is kind of infamous. He was a journalist who loved his job and got fired when he was 52. “I loved what I did,” he said. And that’s rare. “I loved meeting people, talking to them, interviewing them, trying to figure out what’s a good story.”   And then it was taken away from him. I feel like 52 would be the worst time to get fired. He moved to San Francisco and got a job at Hubspot, which lead to his book, “Disrupted.” He exposes the company. And exposes Silicon Valley.   And then the T...more

  • Ep. 270 - David Litt: Obama’s Former Speechwriter: How to Write Speeches for the People of America

    Oct 26 2017

    “[President Obama] knew who I was, but he knew who a lot of people were,” David Litt, a former speechwriter for the president, told me in this podcast. He wrote speeches for the president. Now he writes for “Funny or Die”. And before the White House, David wrote for “The Onion”. His style is satirical, humorous and self-deprecating. When Obama made you laugh, there’s a chance it was really David Litt. So I asked him, “What’s the funniest thing you wrote that you were happy the president said?” “...more

  • Ep. 269 - Sir Richard Branson: How He Found a Gap in The Market and Became The Billionaire Founder of Virgin

    Oct 24 2017

    Sir Richard Branson. End of notes. Enjoy. Just kidding. The advice from Richard is priceless. He's a self-made billionaire (BILLION!) who windsurfed across the English Channel with his kids, biked from Northern Italy to Southern italy with his whole family (they rode 100 miles a day). He's active everyday. Active in life, active in fatherhood, active in business. “My slogan is 'Screw it, just do it.' Why not just try these things? You may fall flat on your face," he said, "but you’ll have fun." ...more

  • Ep. 268 - Kellan Lutz: The Actor’s Guide to Building a Personal Blueprint and Following Your Spirit

    Oct 23 2017

    I've never been a vampire. But Kellan has. He got his big break in "Twilight." This was an epic. Five movies back to back. It was a supernatural role in this made up fantasy world. And that's where he found his freedom. "With Sci-Fi, you have this freedom to create whatever world, whatever rules, you want. There’s nothing tell you what you can and cannot do," he said. "We’re playing these vampires that don’t breathe, don’t eat, so trying to portray human qualities was interesting." But now he's...more

  • Ep. 267 - Mike Posner: A One Hit Wonder's Comeback Story - How to Tap Into Your Own Authenticity

    Oct 19 2017

    He thought he was going to be one of the lucky ones. "I knew statistically... and intellectually that every once in awhile an artist has a hit song. And they’re lucky... they’re even luckier if they get two. I felt like, I was different. My first song was a hit," he said. "So I thought all all of mine will be hits..." But he was wrong. “Each song I put out after that was progressively less and less popular. And I became progressively less and less popular, until I was left alone in a million dol...more

  • Ep. 266 - Amanda Cerny: The Secrets of Becoming a Social Media Influencer

    Oct 17 2017

    Playboy wasn't part of the plan. "It wasn’t on my list of things to do in life," Amanda said. "What did you want to do?" I said. "Acting." But everyone told her "no." They told her "You're branded as a playmate, so that's what you are." She could've given up. She didn't. "One person says "no," then another person says "no"... but eventually, there’s that one person who believes in you and that can be yourself.” In this interview, Amanda tells me her secrets to becoming a social media influencer ...more

  • Ep. 265 - Mr. X: I Interview An Anonymous Guest on Hacking, Government, Bitcoin and Terrorism

    Oct 16 2017

    The FBI went to his high school when the 15-year-old Mr. X hacked into the largest Internet company in the world and stole 90 million credit card numbers.  "You are going to jail for a long time," they told him.  The day after he stole them he sent them back to the company and explained what their cybersecurity flaws were.  He thought they would thank him.  The FBI came to arrest him. "I was scared to death," he told me when we first met.  The head of the school, a three-star general, told ...more

  • Ep. 264 - Erika Ender: "Despacito" Songwriter on Connecting With The World to Find Your Talent

    Oct 12 2017

    "Everyone has their own talent," Erika said. "And my talent is expressing through writing songs and from singing them." She wrote “Despacito" - the fastest song to hit 3 billion downloads in the history of music. Now it’s past 4 billion. That’s half the planet.  I asked how she did it. “Let’s say I want to write a song that gets 4 billion views," I said. "What should my first few steps be?” "You know what…" she said. “I don’t think about the numbers. I think the main thing is for you to connect...more

  • Ep. 262 - Bonnie McFarlane: Getting The Persistence to Do What You Love

    Oct 09 2017

    Comedy is brutal. If the audience doesn't know you, they WILL judge you. That's true for most things (you can't walk down the sidewalk in New York City without being judged at least a hundred times). Bonnie said you have to know your audience. I wondered "how though?" I gave an example, "Okay so do you try to figure out how old the audience is, what gender they are, sexual orientation, race, how much they drank or didn't drink, etc.?" "No, I usually just think, 'Okay, blue collar, I'll do my m...more

  • Ep. 261 - A.J. Jacobs: The Intersection Between Discomfort and Curiosity

    Oct 05 2017

    AJ’s about to launch a TV show. A few months ago he started a podcast. He’s 49 years old. And it all started because he decided to write a book on a weird idea he had. “I wonder what it would be like to live the Bible.” It’s especially weird if you consider the fact that he’s Jewish. AJ is a living example that anyone at age 49 could've decided to do this idea. Anyone at ANY age could’ve done this idea. He told me to be curious about everything. "Even things you're not curious about." That didn'...more

  • Ep. 260 - Gary Vaynerchuk: Set a Flag on YOUR Thing

    Oct 03 2017

    "If you do not do what you love, that’s on you," Gary said. Years ago, no one believed you could choose yourself. You needed gatekeepers. Now we have YouTube, Instagram. “Now it’s the standard,” Gary said. If you cut out all the reason why you can't do something, then you cut out all the infrastructural and financial problems stopping you. "The only thing left is your f-cking head." Gary set up this example (and this podcast is full of them):   Pokemon. Imagine this is your passion. First, you b...more

  • Ep. 259 - Amy Morin: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

    Oct 02 2017

    “Life is inherently risky. We make up all of these rules in life about what’s gonna keep us safe," Amy Morin told me. She's the author "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do." It was originally just a list she wrote for herself. Her husband died suddenly. Just after the three-year anniversary of her mom's death. “I thought my mission in life was to teach people how to be mentally strong, and I didn’t realize how much I was going to need mental strength," she said. This podcast teaches you th...more

  • Ep. 258 - Nancy Cartwright: Becoming Bart Simpson... How to Find The Artist Inside of Yourself

    Sep 28 2017

    To me, Nancy Cartwright is the most unknown famous person. She's the voice of Bart Simpson. "When I went in for "The Simpsons", the audition pieces of Bart and Lisa were sitting right next to each other. Hers said 8-year-old middle child. His a ten-year-old, school-hating underachiever, and proud of it." Nancy's instict kicked in. "I’m like ‘Oh bam bam that’s it.’” She tried out for Bart. And got it. Her whole career is based off of instinct. "I read this book about writing and producing," she s...more

  • Ep. 257 - Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins: TLC - The Biggest Girl Band in American History

    Sep 26 2017

    “Life is tough…and it’s also miraculous.” T-Boz and TLC sold 70 million albums, becoming the bestselling girl band ever in America. Along the way they declared bankruptcy, she battled sickle-cell anemia, the death of one of their bandmates and best friends, a brain tumor, everything. She’s 47 today and beat two life sentences the doctors declared on her. People say, “Well, she sold 70 million albums! That’s success!” When you do your absolute best today, even though you know tomorrow everything ...more

  • Ep. 256 - Ken Follett: I Want to Write a Bestseller

    Sep 21 2017

    Ken Follett is a well-known Welsh novelist who specializes in writing spy thrillers novels and has sold over 160 million copies worldwide. Before he became a novelist he was a reporter for the London Evening News and was a Deputy Managing Director for a small publishing house, Everest Books. In his spare time he wrote novels, but he wrote a dozen before finding success. Eye of the Needle, his eleventh book, was his first successful novel published in 1978. His novel The Pillars of the Earth was ...more

  • Ep. 255 - Marcus Lemonis: The (Real) Key to A Profitable Business: People

    Sep 19 2017

    Marcus Lemonis is a self-made millionaire, serial entrepreneur and the front man of CNBC’s popular series, “The Profit”. Since an early age Marcus has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and passion. When he was twelve he started his own lawn mowing business to generate enough money to open a candy store. After he graduated college, he started in automotive sales and managerial positions which ultimately led him to get involved in the camping and RV business. Today he is the CEO of Camping Worl...more

  • Ep. 254 - Jim Kwik: Train Your Brain to Maximize Memory and Motivation

    Sep 14 2017

    Jim Kwik is a leading expert in memory improvement, brain performance, speed reading and learning. But before he became the expert, he suffered a brain injury. And that made it really hard for him to learn. "If knowledge is power than learning is a superpower," he said in this conversation. He's figured out how to increase his brain power and memory. And now, you can learn the tricks that he's taught to high profile clients like Elon Musk, Nike, Virgin, Will Smith, and more. His online courses h...more

  • Ep. 253 - Paul Shaffer: David Letterman's Legendary Band Leader on Making Music & Taking Your Shot

    Sep 12 2017

    Paul Shaffer has lived through five decades of music. He got his first big break was he was hired on the spot by Stephen Schwartz to be the musical director in Toronto’s production of “Godspell”. The cast included Martin Short, Gilda Radner, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin and Victor Garber. The show was a huge hit and launched Paul’s career. Paul was a featured performer and a musical composer for the first five years of Saturday Night Live. But he’s best known for being David Letterman’s sidekick a...more

  • Ep. 252 - Brandon Webb: Getting Focussed (Lessons from a Sniper turned CEO)

    Sep 08 2017

    Brandon Webb served as a Navy Seal for almost ten years. He decided to leave. He was burnt out and he wanted to watch his kids grow up. And he’s had a philosophy since he was thirteen, if he’s not enjoying what he’s doing he’s going to find something different. When he left the military he got into real estate, then he got four years into a business that failed and then after all that he got divorced. He had hit the bottom. But he learned how to pull himself back up. He started a blog as a passi...more

  • Ep. 251 - Geno Bisconte: Comedy as the Cure... Let Yourself Laugh

    Sep 05 2017

    Geno Bisconte is the most hilarious, high energy person I’ve ever met. He finds humor in almost every single sentence and he’s always in a good mood. He’s been a stand up comedian for more than fifteen years, headlining and hosting some of the most popular comedy clubs in New York City. He’s written for the Comedy Central Roasts, featured on multiple radio shows and was a cameo in HBO’s series Crashing. Every week he hosts his own podcast, In Hot Water with Aaron Berg on compoundmedia.com and hi...more

  • Ep. 250 - Alex Blumberg: The Shape of a Story: Building a Podcasting Empire

    Aug 29 2017

    Alex Blumberg is the founder and CEO of Gimlet Media. Before this, he was an incredibly successful radio journalist. He won multiple awards in the industry. Alex hosted and produced popular NPR shows, "Planet Money" and "This American Life". When he saw the new industry of podcasting booming, he risked it all and reinvented himself. He started his own company. Today Gimlet Media oversees and produces multiple podcasts at one time. Visit gimletmedia.com to discover a variety of new podcasts you c...more

  • Ep. 249 - Chris Anderson: TED - Tricks to Mastering Public Speaking and Storytelling

    Aug 24 2017

    After a long journalism career, Chris Anderson became the curator of the TED Conference in 2002. Since then he has expanded the conference to cover all topics including science, business and global issues. He introduced the TEDx initiative, giving licenses free of charge to local organizers who want to put together their own live event. In 2016, Chris published his book, “TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking”. It’s an insider’s guide to creating an unforgettable talk. Listen to t...more

  • Ep. 248 - Noah Kagan: Stop Fighting What You Are Good At

    Aug 22 2017

    Noah Kagan was fired from Facebook. He was employee #30. “I think they made the right decision to fire me," he said. "One of the big realizations I’ve had in the past few years is that people need to stop fighting their natural skill. My sweet spot is getting things going. My sweet spot is promoting products I love. That was the lesson learned. What I was strong at was not what Facebook needed anymore.” He wrote about it in his free ebook “How I Lost 170 Million Dollars: My Time as #30 at Facebo...more

  • Ep. 247 - Ramit Sethi: Challenge: Start Living Your Ideas NOW

    Aug 17 2017

    Ramit Sethi is a bestselling author, personal finance advisor, entrepreneur and author of "New York Times" bestselling book, "I Will Teach You to be Rich". He’s taught thousands to manage their personal finances and how to become rich on his website, iwillteachyoutoberich.com. He’s been featured in ABC News, CNN and the WSJ.

  • Ep. 246 - Ramit Sethi: You Have Something People Would Pay For Right Now...

    Aug 15 2017

    Ramit Sethi is a bestselling author, personal finance advisor, entrepreneur and author of "New York Times" bestselling book, "I Will Teach You to be Rich". He’s taught thousands to manage their personal finances and how to become rich on his website, iwillteachyoutoberich.com. He’s been featured in ABC News, CNN and the WSJ.

  • Ep. 245 - Mark Manson: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F---

    Aug 10 2017

    Mark Manson is a writer, blogger and author of the "New York Times" bestseller, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F-ck". Visit his blog, markmanson.net, to read some of his best articles on self improvement, dating and relationships, culture and life choices.   2 mins - I tell Mark why I didn't initially want him in the show... and why I changed my mind 4 mins - Mark and I first met at a friend’s poker game. then I ran into him a few weeks later. But I didn't remember meeting. “Hi I'm James,” I sa...more

  • Ep. 244 - Wally Green: He Was in a Gang at 13. Now He's Uniting The World Through Ping Pong

    Aug 08 2017

    DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE, TO BUILD A LIFE WORTH LOVING "I was shot twice by the time I was 13," Wally told me. "I owned six guns. Everyone I grew up with then is dead," he said. He then walked back to his side of the ping pong table. He took out his iPhone. Using his iPhone as the racket, he served the ball. He beat me 11-0. "Ok," he said, "everything you are doing is wrong." ------ The way I held the racket was wrong.  The way I stood with my legs was wrong.  The way I hit the ball and then the wa...more

  • Ep. 243 - Shawn Stevenson: The ONLY Health Podcast You'll Ever Need to Hear

    Aug 03 2017

    Shawn Stevenson, host of The Model Health podcast said, "In the lab, they found anti-depressants in the New York City water system." Anti-depressants! Ok, no problem. I'll drink tap water. Save on therapy costs. In NYC everyone has to go to therapy. It's a requirement. "This week my therapist said..." "There's also these other chemicals in water.." and he was about to list them for me. "No no no," I said. "Shhhh!" I put my hands on my ears. "I'm good. Don't need to know more." Shawn is obsessed ...more

  • Ep. 242 - Shane Snow: The Smart Way to Succeed

    Aug 01 2017

    Shane Snow is a well known journalist, entrepreneur, co-founder of the content technology company, Contently, and bestselling author of "Smartcuts: The Breakthrough of Lateral Thinking". You can find his writing in "Wired", "The New Yorker", and "Fast Company" and a dozen more top publications.

  • Ep. 241 - Jason Calacanis: How to Invest: The Guidebook from an Angel Investor Who Turned $100K into $100 Million

    Jul 27 2017

    Jason Calacanis is an angel investor, serial entrepreneur, writer and blogger. He is the founder and CEO of inside.com. Listen to Jason’s podcast, "This Week In Startups", interesting stories from the world of entrepreneurship.

  • Ep. 240 - Gary Gulman: This is Comedy: Gary Gulman Breaks Down the Best Joke in The World

    Jul 25 2017

    When Patton Oswalt, one of the top comedians over the past several decades, was going through the worst experiences of his life this past year, he wrote an entire post about one joke Gary Gulman made. ONE JOKE. Oswalt starts off: “This is…so perfect.” I like the pause in there. LIke there are no words so he had to notch himself down even though it doesn’t express exactly what he wants to say: … “so perfect”. He analyzes Gary’s joke and why it’s so difficult to do a joke like this (nobody sees ho...more

  • Ep. 239 - Alex Berenson: How to Write a Page-Turner

    Jul 20 2017

    Alex Berenson had the dream job. But he was unhappy. And perhaps it even scarred him in some ways.   He switched it up. To his true dreams. To the dreams he had for himself since he was a child.   I want to do this.   First off, Alex has written 11 bestselling thriller novels. Alex knows how to get the reader to turn the page and ask, “What happens next?!”   This is an unbelievably hard skill.   But it’s not the  most  important skill when you are moving into your dream job.   I will tell you th...more

  • Ep. 238 - Ryan Holiday: The Art of Making and Marketing

    Jul 18 2017

    Ryan Holiday, stop writing books that are just for me! With “Perennial Seller” you just answered an obsessive question I’ve had for years: What makes something, someone, some product, some art, withstand the test of time? What is the magic sauce? The secret formula? What makes something sell a million copies a year (music, art, books, products, etc)… forever? I want to know. I’ll try my best to summarize our conversation and your book but people should buy the book for your 1000s of examples:  ...more

  • Ep. 237 - Scot Cohen: The Best Networker in the World. PERIOD.

    Jul 13 2017

    Scot Cohen is the best networker on the planet. I have never seen anything like it. And he used that skill to make tens of millions of dollars, not only for himself but for many others.   I wanted him to explain, in detail, how.   But first:   I’m sorry, Scot. I am really, truly sorry. I am horrified at my behavior. A year of bad behavior.   Imagine: you owe someone a phone call and you say to yourself, “Ok, I’ll call tomorrow”.   And then tomorrow you say, “Well, maybe tomorrow”.   And then you...more

  • Ep. 236 - Farnoosh Torabi: Flipping the Mic - Farnoosh Interviews Me

    Jul 11 2017

    She was my partner in crime. Farnoosh recently hosted her own show on CNBC. She also has a super popular podcast. And she’s a successful book author and all around writer. But to me she’s more than that. From 2006 to 2008 we did videos together every day. We would meet on Wall Street, a video guy would tape us talking about whatever we wanted to talk about, and then we’d send that video out onto the interwebs. The day the first iphone came out we went to the Apple flagship store near Central Par...more

  • Ep. 235 - Tim Kennedy: A US Special Op's Reason for Serving - "Win Hearts and Minds"

    Jul 04 2017

    “Have a spirit of adventure, the desire to learn something new, be an explorer and never get too comfortable.”   -------   “Imagine this room is filling up with poisonous gas,” Tim said. He’s looking straight at me. “There’s two doors behind me, one window and one to either side.” He points exactly where everything is, even though he’s still looking straight at me.   “We have several choices,” he said, “I can pick the locks of one of the doors. I can break down the doors. I can smash one of the ...more

  • Ep. 234 - Charlie Hoehn: Getting Past Anxiety and Learning How to Play Again

    Jun 27 2017

    In my podcast Charlie and I talked half the time about getting past anxiety. And half the time about this: [14:00] - Charlie’s time working for Tim Ferriss, doing a virtual internship with Seth Godin, and marketing Ramit Sethi’s New York Times bestseller. He told me how he pitched his heroes (and how he suggests you can too) [23:00] - We talked about getting paid to do what you love (and how the first step usually means doing what you love for free). If you want a job you love, it (usually) has ...more

  • Ep. 233 - Fred Stoller: Five Minutes to Kill: A Story About "Making It"

    Jun 20 2017

    You have five minutes to kill. That’s it. Those five minutes can make or break a career. I don’t think I would be able to handle the pressure. I’ve done a lot of public speaking. And now I’ve tried standup. For the past three months I’ve been going up once or twice a week. It’s difficult. I thought 20 years of public speaking would help me. It doesn’t. It’s the Hunger Games on that stage. So Fred Stoller is my hero. He was a standup comic 30 years ago, then he was a writer on Seinfeld, then he’s...more

  • Ep. 232 - Jocko Willink: The Way of the Warrior

    Jun 12 2017

    I was afraid before interviewing Jocko. I think it was instinctual. His body is seven times the size of mine. I pointed at the cover of his new book, “The Way of The Warrior Kid. “See this kid,” I said. “That’s me right now.” I like to overlap somewhere with my guest. Like a story we both can share and laugh about. With Jim Norton, for instance, we grew up together. With Garry Kasparov we were both chess players. And I also worked on Deep Blue for a while, the computer that would ultimately defe...more

  • Ep. 231 - Jim Norton: Dropout and Laugh (A Comedian's Journey)

    Jun 06 2017

    Jim Norton is the reason why I do podcasts. First, he’s a world-famous comedian, recently released a one hour special on Netflix, has been on shows like “Louie” and “Inside Amy Schumer” has written two New York Times bestselling books and has appeared on countless radio shows and podcasts. But just as interesting to me...we grew up together. The first day Jim moved  into town we were in fourth grade. Rather than keeping his mouth shut like  anyone else just moving into town he immediately starte...more

  • Ep. 230 - R.P. Eddy: Why Warnings Matter (A Podcast About the Future)

    May 30 2017

    HOW TO DISCOVER THE SECRETS IN LIFE The best things in life are born from coincidence. I am a firm believer in this. A year ago I was flying back from California. I started talking to the guy sitting next to me. Turns out he had  worked in almost every branch of government related to intelligence and diplomacy. Now he runs his own private intelligence company. He has information about every government in the world. He is paid a lot of money to reveal and analyze that information. But when we wer...more

  • Ep. 229 - Brandon Webb: Becoming The Master of Your Own Fate

    May 23 2017

    His platoon was counting on him. He couldn’t come back a failure. Brandon had been deployed to the Middle East four times. He’d seen the ugliness and destruction war had caused. And now he was being sent straight to sniper school. This is one of the most stressful jobs as a Navy SEAL. He would have to learn how to make quick decisions. Hard decisions. “The only easy day was yesterday,” he said. “That's our motto.” Brandon is one of the most accomplished sniper teachers of his time. He changed th...more

  • Ep. 228 - Matt Barrie: Become a Skilled Freelancer in Today’s Marketplace

    May 16 2017

    I almost changed forever the entire way people define relationships. The word "commitment" would have a new meaning. More babies would be born. I'm thinking BIG. Sometimes you want to try an idea and you don't let yourself think about money. If an idea is good, money is a side effect. Ideas are the real currency. I met a brand new couple for breakfast. J and K. They told me they just had the "going steady" conversation. "How'd you guys meet?" "J-Swipe". Or something like that. I forget. It was a...more

  • Ep. 227 - Garry Kasparov: Growing Your Talent, Working with Machines and Becoming the World Chess Champion

    May 09 2017

    Shortcuts -  [5:40] - I asked Garry, “What separated you from people just as talented?” He interrupted. Finally! I found my match! “Wait, wait wait, slow down,” he said. “‘As talented’ is a stretch.” He said he was lucky. His upbringing made him a champion. “I was born in a family where chess was part of the culture. My father and mother usually spent their winter nights looking at the newspaper chess sections, solving problems. Also, I was born in the Soviet Union so when my talent was discover...more

  • Ep. 226 - Jon Morrow: He made half a million dollars in 9 months. This is what kept him motivated

    May 02 2017

    Jon is paralyzed from the neck down. He couldn’t crawl. “My mom noticed I was dragging my legs,” he said. The doctors said he’d die at age two. But he felt like he had something to contribute to the world. So he became unstoppable. He started writing for free. “I couldn’t be paid,” he said. If he earned a decent income, Jon would lose his Medicaid. His reputation as a writer grew. So he started consulting. And made 30,000 dollars in 24 hours. “At first, I charged $99. And 300 people signed up.” ...more

  • [Bonus] - Ryan Deiss: How to Believe in Your Idea Enough to Take the First Step (and Other Business Advice)

    Apr 27 2017

    I remember sitting at my cubicle job looking at people wondering, “Why? Why are you here? Why are you doing this?” I asked a friend once, “Don’t you think this job is meaningless?”   He said no.   And then I knew what I had to do. I had to quit. And I did (eventually). First I spent time building up my own business on the side.   I don’t know if I’ve ever really believed in myself. I just knew I didn’t want the life I had. Sometimes believing in yourself just means you don’t believe in what you’...more

  • Ep. 225 - Ryan Deiss: College is Irrelevant. THIS is How You Make a Better Future

    Apr 25 2017

    Over the past five years, I've seen Ryan Deiss rise from a quality entrepreneur to one of the biggest names in Internet marketing. He's the founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer and anybody in the internet marketing space knows Ryan Deiss. He emailed me at 4am. He said, "I realized the promise that was made to millenials-- the same one that was made to me, and probably the same one that was made to you-- “Go to college. You’ll get a good job," simply isn’t true anymore."  The old promise is no long...more

  • Ep. 224 - Dave Asprey: Live Like a Biohacker (Activate Untapped Brain Energy, Work Smarter & Think Faster)

    Apr 18 2017

      Dave Asprey is the creator and bestselling author of “The Bulletproof Diet.” He biohacks health. And discovers innovative ways to live longer, lose weight, increase brain function and evolve better. My brain isn’t hacked (yet). So I needed to talk to Dave. We did a podcast and I asked him “how do you evolve better?” Shortcuts: - [14:00] - Energy is scarce. We get tired. So I asked Dave what he does specifically to enhance his energy levels? - [21:40] - Aging is scary… Dave told me what he take...more

  • Ep. 223 - Scott Steindorff: The Search For Your Own Authenticity

    Apr 11 2017

    The cocaine made his throat close. “I was about to die”. He wanted to be an actor. He wanted to be creative. He had dreams. And working real-estate for his father wasn’t one of them. “I didn’t want to come down,” he said. “Why’d you do it?” “I really wasn’t happy with myself,” he said. “I believe it was because I wasn’t my authentic self doing what I really wanted to do in my life.” “Nepotism got me the job.” And it was killing him. He was suffocating. Now Scott Steindorff is the producer of “Em...more

  • Ep. 222 - Ryan Holiday: The Essential Question: How To Live A Good Life

    Apr 04 2017

    I tried to ruin Ryan Holiday’s life. Fortunately, I failed. I told him to start an agency, build it up, sell it for 10 million dollars and THEN start writing books. “It’s a good thing you didn’t listen to me,” I said. But I was wrong. It turned out he took my advice. “It made me super unhappy and it cost me a bunch of friendships,” he said. “But it’s not your fault. I know there are a lot of things that could make me money, but what I really like is writing. That’s what I want my life to be.” “S...more

  • Ep. 221 - Tucker Max: The Difference Between People Who Succeed and People Who Don't

    Mar 28 2017

    “You and I both know what happened to you 18 months ago," he said. "If you don’t write about it, you will die as an artist.” Tucker's sold over 3 million copies of his books. I know I'm going to have to listen to him. Maybe later. ----- I’ve known Tucker many years. I can safely, say, I’ve been in the trenches with Tucker. We’ve both started businesses since then, published books, invested together, and cried (well, I did) together since we’ve met. In one of the worst personal disasters of my li...more

  • Ep. 220 - Matt Mullenweg: Do You Have Your Own Internal "Code"

    Mar 21 2017

    I have a rule. After every podcast, I write down 10 things I learned. I don't know if anyone else does this. Do you do this? Some people make illustrations. They send me what they've learned. It's a creation of a creation of a creation. A drawing of a podcast of someone's life.   But I broke my rule. It's been over a month. And my brain is digging for the lessons from my interview with the creator of Wordpress. I think I have Alzheimer’s. Matt was 19 years old when he started Wordpress. It was 2...more

  • Ep. 219 - Jessica Banks: Dare of The Day

    Mar 18 2017

    She said, I am an introvert but had to develop tricks to fake being an extravert because of where I worked. I said, Do you think everyone in LA is an extravert? She said, I don’t know. Maybe they are all faking. We were at a party. I had been sleeping but a friend called me up and said “you have to go this party three blocks away from you.” So I did. Why? Because why not? Sometimes you know to say no. But to surrender to the moment, if nobody is getting hurt, sometimes you say yes. I went. It wa...more

  • Ep. 218 - Debbie Millman: Create Identity then Impact

    Mar 14 2017

    Ben (of Ben & Jerry's) was in the room. He needed a logo. Debbie Millman just started her agency. She was competing against the best ad agencies in New York City. She lost. So she moved on to Burger King. "Why do you think you lost?" "We didn't have insurance," Debbie said. "We didn't have the big, global brand experience to show them." "I'll never forget this," she said. "When we got to Burger King headquarters, we got into a fairly small elevator with the Senior Vice President of Market Resear...more

  • Ep. 217 - Tony Robbins: How to Be Fulfilled: Just Start Asking Yourself These 2 Questions

    Mar 07 2017

    Tony Robbins stopped by on his birthday. And then he started causing problems. Like he does. "I realize you're high energy," the audio engineer says, looking at Tony, "but when you bang the table it sounds like the whole room is shaking." In 220 podcasts, it's the first time the audio engineer had to interrupt in the middle. "Oh, ok, no problem," Tony says. "I don't want to stop the passion," the audio engineer says. "Don't worry, I'll be good," Tony says. Then the audio engineer went back...more

  • Ep. 216 - Yuval Noah Harari: A Brief History of The Future

    Feb 28 2017

    My ancestor from 70,000 years ago was smarter than me. He knew every plant, mushroom, animal, predator, prey in a several mile radius. He knew how to make weapons. He knew how to capture something, make it edible. I can barely order delivery. And as far as weapons, they say “the pen is mightier than the sword” but I don’t think a tweet is. My ancestor also knew how to adapt to new terrains, how to handle strangers who could be threats, how to learn who to trust and who not to trust. I wish I had...more

  • Ep. 215 - Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal: How Flow Helps You Step Outside Yourself and "Do The Impossible"

    Feb 21 2017

    Imagine going on a swing as high as you can. Then going higher. Then going so high you loop around. I get scared thinking about it. Sergey Brin, the founder of Google, did it the first time he tried. Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal were training people at Google how to get into the state of FLOW. Sergey volunteered. What is Flow? The state where your brain and body loses all sense of time and you retreat into this perfect area of creativity and productivity. A state where Steven and Jamie have spe...more

  • Ep. 214 - Cass Sunstein: The World According to Star Wars

    Feb 16 2017

    I want to be a Jedi Knight. The idea of surrendering to some “force” greater than oneself. The idea of being in touch with some essence that can bring out my full potential in way that I could never possibly understand. When Cass Sunstein, genius economist (author of “Nudge“, 40 other books, does Nobel-prize level research) wrote “The World According to Star Wars“, I knew I had to talk to him. I reached out to everyone I knew, found a way to get ahold of Cass, who wasn’t doing any interviews on ...more

  • Ep. 213 - A.J. Jacobs: How to Connect With The Greatest Network in The World

    Feb 14 2017

    My first podcast is 24 minutes long. It’s just me. No guest. The topic: “Why College Is a Waste of Time.” Then I did one about my book “Choose Yourself.” One week later, I got 30 minutes with Robert Greene. Then an hour with Tucker Max, an hour with Gary Vaynerchuk, and an hour with AJ Jacobs. A month later I interviewed Dr. Wayne Dyer. Two months, Arianna Huffington. Six months, Mark Cuban. I didn’t have an editor or a microphone. Three years later everyone has (or should do!) a podcast. It con...more

  • Ep. 212 - Anna Koppelman: How to Find Your World... Where You Belong

    Feb 09 2017

    Anna Koppelman is an angel. She’s the angel I wish I had looking over me  back when I was being bullied. When I was a kid, it was “Lord of The Flies” on the playground. Nobody cared at all. Kids would kill each other at recess and whoever survived went back to class. But it’s different now. Bullying is a thing. It has a voice. And there’s a way out of the world of “you’re not good enough” and into the world where you belong… I read an article on Facebook that was going viral:"What I know Now As ...more

  • Ep. 211 - Sara Blakely: How To Get a Billion Dollar Idea

    Feb 07 2017

    Sara Blakely is weird. I wish I could think like she does. I want to be weird like her. "I look at any object and try to think of any use it has other than what people had planned for it." And then she acts on it. She sees a pair of pantyhose, cuts off the feet (why not?) and creates a multi-billion dollar company, Spanx. She sees her 9 month pregnant belly and paints a basketball on it. And then inspires hundreds of other women to do the same. Creates a book out of it: The Belly Art Project, an...more

  • Ep. 210 - Daymond John: How to Create Your Own Point Of View & Build A Following

    Feb 01 2017

    He is exactly one year younger than me, almost to the day. So we could've even grown up together. We had similar interests in music. He could've taught me sewing. I could've taught him how to play chess.   But, to be honest, he worked harder than me. He stood on a corner and sold hats. Then he sold t-shirts. Then he would go to work at Red Lobster all night. Then back to school the next day.   I was lazy as a kid. I couldn't work so hard. Six billion dollars later, Daymond John sits atop the FUB...more

  • Ep. 209 - Bobby Casey: Never Feel Broke Again and Travel the World (Forever)

    Jan 26 2017

      I heard an eight-year-old kid tell another eight-year-old that he's not welcome in his home. He said "Trump or Clinton?"   "Clinton."   And that was that. They kept walking. Kept debating and I bet nothing happened. I bet they're still friends.   Some people are either all talk or afraid.   Or both.   I try not to be either. I try to listen, come up with ideas, and be grateful. Because if I listen, I learn. And then I can say two sweet words, “thank you.”   How many people said, "If Trump beco...more

  • Ep. 208 - Ken Kurson: What Will Trump Do As President? We Hear From The Expert

    Jan 24 2017

    Social media is a bloodbath.   Trump. Hilary. Walls. Genitals. Crooked this or Deplorable that.   There's two things I know:   1)  I choose whether I am happy with a situation or not. Whether I am "free" or not. Nobody else can choose that for me unless I give them permission.   If a situation (call it X) happens that I don't like, I ask myself: is the world better with X and me in it. Or with X and "no me".   All I can do is have impact on the people around me. And if it's worthwhile impact, if...more

  • Ep. 207 - Chris Smith: Did you ever wish you were them? Your Heroes?

    Jan 19 2017

    “We all lived through it. But one fun or interesting realizations I came to in reporting the book was... Can we curse on your podcast?”   “Yeah. Anything goes.”   “... Is just how much shit happened in the world between 1999 and 2015.”   Chris Smith is the author of The New York Times bestseller, “The Daily Show (The Book): An Oral History as Told by Jon Stewart, the Correspondents, Staff and Guests.”   He interviewed 144 people, including the host Jon Stewart, Craig Kilborn, Steve Carell, Ste...more

  • Ep. 206 - Steven Johnson: Why You Have to Replace Ambition with Play

    Jan 17 2017

    I wish I was as smart as Steven Johnson. I asked him, “What is your one favorite thing that everybody thinks is bad for you that is actually good for you?” He didn’t want to tell me. “My kids might listen to this later,” he said. But he told me... He's the author of "Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation," "Everything Bad is Good for you," and the recent "Wonderland: How Play Made the Modern World"— how the idea of "play" more than anything else, is what created the moder...more

  • Ep. 205 - Jairek Robbins: What To Do When You're Overworked, Tired and Can't Turn Off Your Mind

    Jan 12 2017

    You know that game where you flip a card, see the face and turn it back over, then try to find the match?   That's the game we're going to play...   Write down your values. I told Jairek mine. I had three.   Jairek is a life coach. And Tony Robbins is his dad. But that doesn’t matter. Because Tony didn’t invest in his son’s strengths. He invested in weakness.   “I didn’t really have an understanding of what real hard work was,” Jairek said.   So in college, Jairek went to Canada and stacked lumb...more

  • Ep. 204 - Mike Massimino: The Ultimate Thrill Seeking Profession

    Jan 10 2017

    Mike Massimino failed his PhD the first time. Failed the astronaut test the first three times. Failed to get the highest evaluation when he walked into space the first time. And almost destroyed the Hubble Telescope on the last attempt the US was going to make to fix it. But he did it. He did it all. Two things I noticed about him. One thing is he kept saying things to me like, “I wasn’t the smartest in X but…” He said that about his classmates. He said that about his neighbors. He said thi...more

  • Ep. 203 - Susan David: What Happens When You're Deeply Stuck In Your Job and Asking, "How Did I Get Here?"

    Jan 05 2017

    It’s the most commonly believed lie. It will make you lose all your money. It’ll make you wake up in your 40’s or 50’s and wonder what you’re going to do about retirement. It will make you develop your worst possible habits.   For me, it was drinking. And waking up face to floor. I was ugliest when I was unhappy. That’s true for everyone.   Unless you hide it with plastic surgery and cocaine.   The point is I care about myself now. And not a lot of people say that.   But it’s important.   I sh...more

  • Ep. 202 - Kamal Ravikant: How To Find Something Worth Doing… Something Worth Looking For

    Jan 03 2017

    Kamal was totally lost. His father had died. His job over. His relationship gone. He felt adrift, depressed, broken. He was so lost he wandered the world trying to find his way back. Twenty years later he wrote the novel about what happened - REBIRTH. The novel is about how he discovered for himself the ancient art of the pilgrimage. How to be a wanderer. How to be lost in a world with too much GPS raining down. Would a pilgrimage, a wandering, solve his problems? I read Kamal's book. The book c...more

  • Ep. 201 - Ben Mezrich: Success after 190 Rejection Slips

    Dec 29 2016

    “When I was a struggling writer, before I wrote my first book, I got 190 rejection slips.”   He taped them to the walls like a serial killer.   “My wallpaper was rejection slips.”   “What was the worst one...,” I asked Ben Mezrich, a New York Times bestselling author. Over the past five or six years, I’ve probably read all of his books. He wrote “Bringing Down the House,” which became the movie “21”. He wrote, “Accidental Billionaires,” which became “The Social Network” where Jesse Eisenberg pla...more

  • Ep. 200 - Scott Adams: Subtly Hypnotizing Yourself And Everyone You Meet

    Dec 27 2016

    How can you use mass hypnosis to control 60,000,000 people so they vote for you to become the leader of the world? Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, knows the answer and has known it for years. So I called him and asked. I needed to know. He told me how Trump won. And he told me how anyone can use these persuasion techniques to improve their lives. What if you can get people to do whatever you want just by using the right words and subtly hypnotizing everyone you meet? It sounds like a scienc...more

  • Ep. 199 - Gretchen Rubin: Where Happiness Hides

    Dec 22 2016

      “When did you decide to go from being a lawyer to a full-time writer?” I asked Gretchen Rubin. She wrote the #1 New York Times bestseller, “The Happiness Project.” It was 2001. “At the Supreme Court, I was surrounded by people who loved law. They were reading law on the weekends. They were talking about law at lunch time. They just loved, loved, loved law. And I knew that I didn’t.” I felt pain in my legs. That’s the feeling I had in my body the last time I didn’t love something. I couldn’t si...more

  • Ep. 198 - Dan Ariely: Where A True, Deep Sense of Accomplishment Comes From

    Dec 20 2016

    Dan Ariely was burned all over his body. He lived in the hospital for years. He grew up there. Now he writes about pain. And irrationality. And meaning. He had nerve damage from the burns. And no skin to protect himself from pain. The nurses slowly peeled back his bandages. He begged them to rip them off.   They wouldn’t. He wanted quick pain and fast relief. They did it slowly for peace of mind. Not his. Theirs. Dan calls this “irrational behavior.” He says, “being irrational are the cases wher...more

  • [Bonus] - Steven Pressfield [Part 2]: The Meaning of Practice

    Dec 15 2016

    Steven Pressfield wrote all of the greatest books for writers. He's a pro. And in part 1 he talks about turning pro. Now he talks about HOW to develop your skills. “I have a writing practice," he says. “And what that sort of means is you detach yourself from the outcome and you’re looking at the long picture. If somebody says to me, ’Steve you’re gonna live to be 97.8 years old. Are you going to be writing the last day of your life?’ I'll say, ‘Yes.’ And I don’t give a shit if it sells or not. I...more

  • Ep. 197 - Steven Pressfield [Part 1]: How to Go From Amateur to Pro

    Dec 13 2016

    HOW TO GO FROM AMATEUR TO TURNING PRO? I had a full time job. I was trying to run a business on the side. I was pitching two TV shows. And I was obsessively playing chess day and night and traveling to tournaments. And nothing was going well. My attention was scattered. I was unhappy. I felt stuck. One time I was talking to one of the partners in my side business, Randy Weiner. I said to him, "I'm reading this fascinating book about chess endgames". He said, "I don't care about that! Why are you...more

  • [Bonus] - Tim Ferriss: [Part 2] Where Are You Not Replaceable?

    Dec 08 2016

    I was very late and I was very upset at myself. I had flown three thousand miles. I moved into an Airbnb right next to where Tim was staying. I had written thousands of notes on ripped pieces of paper and stuck them all throughout the book. I had notes written up and around all the margins. I listened to dozens of his podcasts. And I've known him for years. All morning I had jotted down possible questions. And I was late to meet Tim for our podcast. Because the west coast is three hours a way in...more

  • Ep. 196 - Tim Ferriss: [Part 1] Becoming a Titan & Overcoming Your Worst Weakness

    Dec 06 2016

    I was very late and I was very upset at myself. I had flown three thousand miles. I moved into an Airbnb right next to where Tim was staying. I had written thousands of notes on ripped pieces of paper and stuck them all throughout the book. I had notes written up and around all the margins. I listened to dozens of his podcasts. And I've known him for years. All morning I had jotted down possible questions. And I was late to meet Tim for our podcast. Because the west coast is three hours a way in...more

  • Ep. 195 - Joshua Foer: The Explorer's Code

    Nov 29 2016

    The Explorer’s Code:  I wanted to wake each morning, not anxious about my day anymore. Not worried about what so-and-so would say, or where my career was going, or what was I going to write today. My only job each day is to explore something new. So I called up Josh and asked him how I could be an explorer. He told me. - Have A Mission Every day, whether it’s “be creative today.” Or “go some place you’ve never been” or “talk to ten random strangers”, make a mission. Learn something new. Missions...more

  • Ep. 194 - Seth Godin: How to Make What you Want For A Living

    Nov 22 2016

    What does it sound like when you change your mind? That's the name of Seth Godin's next book. He only printed 5,500 copies. And he's not printing anymore. He doesn't just view a book as pages surrounded by two covers. He makes a 3-dimensional object that's beautiful to look at and read. "It's not new,” he said on my podcast. “It's the best of the last four years of my work. And it's illustrated with hundreds of photos by Thomas Hawk, who's the most prolific and talented internet photographer." T...more

  • Ep. 193 - Brian Koppelman: How to Deliver Every Single Time

    Nov 15 2016

    Brian Koppelman and his wife Amy Koppelman saved my life. Many years after he ruined my life. First off: when he wrote the movie “Rounders” I became obsessed with poker. I went to the same club he played at and played for 365 nights, including the night my first daughter was born (I was there for the birth though!) .   I was an addict. But eventually I stopped in order to start another company. I wish I had never stopped because that other company cost me all of my money at the time.   Then he w...more

  • Ep. 192: Stephen Dubner - One New Habit To Change Your Life Forever

    Nov 08 2016

    WHAT I CAN LEARN IN ONE MINUTE THAT WILL CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVER Stephen Dubner (Freakonomics) has a new podcast and it just hit #1 in the iTunes charts. "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" is the name of it and it's about to change my life. He came over to play backgammon and I asked him about it. He told me he became a journalist because it was an easy way to start talking to people. He said, "If I ask people to tell me something I don't know," then I often learn new things and it keeps the conver...more

  • Ep. 191 - Chip Conley: How To Find Your Calling

    Nov 01 2016

    He died. He was giving a speech, sat down, and the next thing… he was dead. They called an ambulance. They got paramedics. They did that thing. They brought him back to life. But his body didn’t like living. He died again. Eight more times they used machines to convince the machine in his body that we call a heart, to come back to life. Please come back to life, the machines said to his heart. And finally his heart decided to stay. After that, things changed. Like they often do when we die at th...more

  • [Bonus] Ryan Holiday: Trump & "The Benefit of Madness"

    Oct 28 2016


  • Ep. 190 - Jon Macks: How To Make A Gut Decision That Lasts A Lifetime

    Oct 25 2016

    JOKE Last night I wrote down six things I wanted to do today. I kept number six blank. “JOKE” was just a reminder to start this post with a joke from Jon Macks… “If you live in Florida, ya know, God’s waiting room…” “If you’re Jewish, like me…” Those are just a few lines from my interview with Jon Macks. He was the top writer for “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. He wrote 100 jokes a day. That’s half a million in 20 years. He’s written jokes for President Obama, Bill Clinton, John Kerry and mono...more

  • Ep. 189 - Chuck Klosterman: The Illusion of Luck vs Skill

    Oct 18 2016

    I can’t tell you the secret to selling half a million books. Or half a million anything… Every day, business changes, the world shifts on its axis and your skin peels off a little bit. New cells are generated and with each blink, your eyes are rehydrated. “I’ll admit, if there was some formula, I’d do it again,” he said. Without new experiences, your soul rots. And your book or product or whatever you’re trying to get rich quick off of smells like garbage. But people will buy garbage. Because we...more

  • Ep. 188 - Doug Casey: The Most Interesting Human in The Matrix

    Oct 11 2016

    “I know you’ve made tens of millions of dollars in various areas of life,” I said. “Tell me how you did it.” “Hmm.” He scanned his memory for money. And landed in 1969. “I put all my possessions in the back of my Mustang and drove to Washington, D.C. I figured if I got $5,000, I could hitchhike my way through South America... but more importantly, Africa.” There are about 220 countries on the planet. Doug Casey has been to 160. “I believe in the Latin phrase, ‘Mens sana in corpore sano.’” “Sound...more

  • Ep. 187 - Chris Voss: This Is What I Do In A Negotiation

    Oct 04 2016

      “Terrorists have moms,” he said. Jeffrey Schilling was kidnapped in the Philippines and held hostage for 7 and a half months. The terrorists said they were torturing him. But Chris Voss didn’t fall for it. Chris is a former FBI hostage negotiator and the author of, “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It.” “Find a way to mention his mother’s concern for him,” Chris’ boss said. “I remember thinking, ‘That’s the dumbest idea I ever heard. A terrorist is going to c...more

  • Ep. 186 - Jewel: From Homeless to Millionaire

    Sep 27 2016

    Jewel was broke and homeless, but she still turned down a million dollar check when she was 19 years old. Jewel was broke and millions in debt after selling 30,000,000 albums, and built back from scratch when she was 30. Jewel has switched genres, written music from folk to pop to country to even children’s music. She wrote a children’s book. I love Jewel. Abused from the ages of 5 to 15. Moved out of the cold barn she was living in at 15 to live on her own. And three years later she was homele...more

  • Ep. 185 - Cal Newport: Become So Good You Can't Be Ignored

    Sep 20 2016

    You’re either horrible or miserable. Woody Allen has this joke in “Annie Hall.” He says, “Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable. That’s the two categories. The horrible are terminal cases. You know? And blind people, crippled… I don’t know how they get through life… It’s amazing to me. And the miserable is everyone else. So you should be thankful that you’re miserable. Because that’s very lucky… to be miserable.” I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. We complain about getting older or