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  • With Butina, U.S. prosecutors flip first Russian national tied to 2016 interference

    Dec 14 2018

    9:00 Butina admits being an agent of Russia, will help US prosecutors9:26 Trump inauguration finances under criminal investigation: WSJ9:39 Pelosi silences skeptics, locks down votes for speakership9:44 Nadler vows accountability for Trump 'culture of corruption'9:56 Mueller rebuttal to Flynn memo to cap wild week of news

  • Case against Trump progeny clearer after Cohen, AMI deals

    Dec 13 2018

    9:00 Cohen beseeches court for mercy, receives 3-year prison sentence9:28 Case against Trump progeny clearer after Cohen, AMI deals9:39 Davis: W.H. alerted to false Cohen testimony; did not forbid it9:48 Severity of Cohen's crimes not negated by his contrition9:57 Butina hearing set for Thursday as busy court week continues

  • Flynn asks for no jail time, cites FBI not warning him not to lie

    Dec 12 2018

    9:00 Flynn wasn't the only one who lied about sanctions discussions9:25 Flynn asks for no jail time, cites FBI not warning him not to lie9:44 New details about FBI interview revealed in Flynn sentencing memo9:54 A question still outstanding: Why did Mike Flynn lie?

  • Bonus Bag Man, Episode 1: An Unsettling Secret

    Oct 30 2018

    He was brash. Politically incorrect. An “outsider” political candidate who rose to the White House, out of nowhere, with a reputation as a “counter-puncher.” But Vice President Spiro Agnew was also something else… an active criminal whose secrets were about to be exposed. What happens when a “counter-puncher” in the White House suddenly sees his political future directly threatened by investigators inside his own Justice Department?Reference links, transcripts and more at MSNBC.com/BagMan.Contac...more