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  • 686: Umbrellas Up

    Oct 20 2019

    For over 100 days now, protestors in Hong Kong have taken to the streets every weekend. What it’s like to live through that.

  • 685: We Come From Small Places

    Oct 13 2019

    The staff goes to one of the biggest parties in New York City, the Labor Day Carnival and the West Indian American Day Parade in Brooklyn.

  • 581: Anatomy of Doubt

    Oct 06 2019

    This week, a story about doubt: how it germinated, spread, and eventually took hold of an entire community, with terrible consequences. A collaboration with The Marshall Project and ProPublica, the print version of the story was written by Ken Armstrong and T. Christian Miller.

  • 684: Burn It Down

    Sep 29 2019

    Stories of people who decide the only way forward — for real change — is to burn everything to the ground.

  • 683: Beer Summit

    Sep 22 2019

    Two people, sitting down over a beer, hashing out their differences and understanding where the other guy is coming from. Hard to imagine these days, right? It's so rare right now that someone is curious enough to actually see the other person's point of view. This week on the show, beer summits. Including going behind the scenes of the most famous one ever.

  • 682: Ten Sessions

    Aug 25 2019

    What if someone told you about a type of therapy that could help you work through unhealed trauma in just ten sessions? Some people knock through it in two weeks. Jaime Lowe tried the therapy—and recorded it.

  • 681: Escape From the Lab

    Aug 18 2019

    What happens when our most ingenious creations actually make it out into the world.

  • 680: The Weight Of Words

    Jul 28 2019

    Words mean things, but some words are especially meaningful — whether in a survival manual, a song lyric, or a slur.

  • 679: Save the Girl

    Jul 14 2019

    People go on missions to save young girls from danger. But sometimes they get so caught up in the mission that it overshadows the girl herself.

  • 678: The Wannabes

    Jul 07 2019

    This country is crawling in presidential candidates right now and they're bumping into each other in Des Moines and yelling over each other in Miami. We hang out with them, in this weird early period of the election when they're easy to walk right up to.