Those Conspiracy Guys

Those Conspiracy Guys is an Irish comedy podcast where we discuss all types and genres of conspiracy theories, paranormal happenings and true crime from Atlantean myths to Zapruder films; from ghosts and demons to alien abductions; from werewolves and vampires to CIA assassins and Russian spies. We have a big episode every two weeks, a True Crime show every other week and loads of other stuff every so often and you can head over to the website for details.Our aim is to cast a light into the dark...more


  • Aaron Swartz

    Jan 19 2021

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we talk about one of the most important contemporary internet figures and how his ingenuity, innovation and imagination changed the face of the internet culture we know today and has set forth a standard by which the governments of the world should maintain the great global resource of the World Wide Web, this one is all about the life and death of Aaron Swartz.Aaron was a child prodigy and from his early life to his tragic and untimely death he sought to make his dr...more

  • Joseph Kondro

    Jan 07 2021

    TRUE CRIME - This episode is a cracker and tells the tale of one sick pup; Joseph Kondro. Comedian Betsy Speer joins me to chat about Uncle Joey and his misadventures with the children of his neighbours in Washington State and beyond. A lesser known killer, as murderer charts go; his story is one of manipulation, coercion, and deceit using the crutch of decorum and public decency as his shield against his despicable crimes. _______________________Joining me is comedian Betsy Speer and you can fo...more

  • The Port Arthur Massacre

    Dec 25 2020

    TRUE CRIME -On this episode we talk about the catalyst for disarming the Australian population and an event that was so destructive to society at the time; it is used as the yard stick to measure the severity of all mass shootings until just very recently; this time we are talking about Martin Bryant and The Port Arthur Massacre.Port Arthur was a mass shooting perpetrated by one Martin Bryant in April 1996 where 25 people were wounded and 35 people killed at the hands of Bryant and a variety of ...more

  • Buckshot - Tom O'Mahony

    Dec 23 2020

    SWAPCAST - This is a lovely little SwapCast with Tom O'Mahony where we get deep about what success means; what it like to be a working entertainer; what the fuck is going on in the USA according to two low information Paddy Muck Savages :D and a load of great chats! Check out Tom's podcast called Buckshot where he does interviews with loads of celebrities, sports personalities, comedians, musicians and many more interesting folks! You can check out the podcast here on Tom's website www.tomomahon...more

  • Malcolm X

    Dec 16 2020

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we discuss one of the most quoted and revered civil rights leaders of all time; a man whose ideological journey is sometimes truncated to serve political purposes; a man who the term 'died before his time' was created for; Malcolm X.Born Malcolm Little to a family of meagre means he grew to become one of the heads of the black nationalist organisation known as The Nation of Islam. With this vast and popular platform and a lifetime of prejudice encouraged by the teachi...more

  • The Conspiracy Farm

    Dec 10 2020

    SWAPCAST -On this episode I chat with Jeffrey Wilson and Pat Miletich from The Conspiracy Farm about corona and the most recent shenanigans; the election and the potential fraud perpetrated; and about conspiracy theory and how hard it is to keep the conspiracy interesting when real life is so f**kin weird right now! :)_______________________You can find Jeff and Pat at their website https://theconspiracyfarm.com and on any and all podcast apps. All their episodes are on here as well as links to ...more

  • Greg Carlwood - The Higherside Chats

    Dec 10 2020

    INTERVIEW - On this episode I chat with podcast legend Greg Carlwood from the mighty Higherside Chats and we get into it about current events including the rona and the coming vax issues facing our society; the election (which was upcoming at the time of recording); and where the US is heading in this current binary bipartisan and diametrically opposed culture we seem to find ourselves in. Greg has researched and then spoken to some of the finest minds of our time and his show is unreal. Im a fa...more

  • Luka Magnotta

    Nov 14 2020

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we talk about a famed sick video maker, self anointed master criminal and star of the Netflix documentary series "Don't F**k with Cats" Luka Magnotta. Comedian Danny O'Brien joins me to chat about Luka and his sick scheme to capture the imaginations of internet sleuths to help him realise a twisted fantasy to commit a very public murder. Across continents and through the power of the internet Luka killed Jun Lin on camera and put it on the internet; while a team of i...more

  • Season 8 Announcement

    Nov 12 2020

    ANNOUNCEMENT - This is the season 8 announcement and this episode is split into two halves. The first 30 minutes is the most important part with all the information about the show; what happening with me; what happening with the podcast; what going to be happening with the episodes coming up and going forward; I also give info about the episodes upcoming; how Im going to be structuring the show going forward and new social media strategy (hint: get on Discord)In the second half hour I talk about...more

  • Fleccas Talks

    Nov 04 2020

    INTERVIEW - On this episode I have great craic with Austin Fletcher from the hilarious and brilliant YouTube channel Fleccas Talks. Austin takes to the streets and interviews real people with real opinions; and gets into some scrapes in some of the scenes of violence and endless protests and marches that America has been subjected to (both sides) for the last 4 years.On this episode we talk about Trump, the election, how he sees America, and what he thinks the future holds for the real America; ...more

  • Oklahoma City Bombing

    Nov 02 2020

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we discuss one of the most devastating domestic terrorist attacks on American soil, The Oklahoma City Bombing; the story of which involved white supremacist militia, secret government agents, ex-military operatives, and of course the deaths of 168 people. On 19th April 1995 a truck exploded in front of the Alfred P Murrah Building and killed 168 people and injured almost 700 more. This huge explosion caused over $650 million damage and was apparently set up and set of...more

  • Ed Kemper

    Sep 01 2020

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we talk about a behemoth of a man and one of the most famous serial killers ever; main subject in the TV series Mindhunter and known as The Co-Ed Killer, Ed Kemper. As with most of these cases Ed had a shoddy upbringing and was brought up in a single parent abusive home. His murderous predilections started to show early as he killed pets and small animals. This very troubled man became one of the most well known killers in the world; not least because of his gruesome...more

  • Isaac Weishaupt

    Aug 16 2020

    INTERVIEWOn this episode I chat with student of the occult and deep delver into the dark depths of popular culture Isaac Weishaupt. Isaac runs a podcast called 'Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture' as well as writing an armful of books and dozens and dozens of video on all these topics which can all be found on http://illuminatiwatcher.com His new book The Dark Path talks about occult symbolism in pop culture and we talk a bit about this and much more on this episode; as well as UFOs and a...more

  • Straight Out Of Lockdown

    Jul 29 2020

    SWAPCAST - On this Swapcast I join the lads from 'Straight Outta Lockdown' and chat about what its like having a head during this unprecedented time in modern history! Their podcast is hosted by Asa and Kieran and they chat with worldly folks about what life has been like under lockdown, how it measures up to the way it was before; and what the future holds in this global tidal wave of uncertainty. Asa is a mad fan of TCG and asked me to come on the show to talk about the more conspiratorial ele...more

  • Monster Fuzz - J'ba Fofi - Congolese Monster Spider

    Jul 29 2020

    SWAPCAST - On this SwapCast episode with the boys from Monster Fuzz; the mighty redness himself Eamonn O'Neill and OG Wexfordian Rob Billington, we take a trip to the jungle for an adventure in darkest Africa, looking for the fabled 8 legged behemoth known as J'ba Fofi! From ancient and modern Congolese legend; the giant spider known as J'ba Fofi has been seen in fleeting glances my locals and tourists alike. I join the lads on their cryptozoological themed podcast 'Monster Fuzz' to discuss the ...more

  • The Hopi Indians

    Jul 28 2020

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we tentatively crawl out from the beating heart of the world, to discuss one of the oldest and undoubtedly most mysterious indigenous North American tribes; who, in their myth and history, tell tales of other-worldy human progenitors; impossible scientific insight and even potentially hold the earthly key to the knowledge of our very existence on the planet, The Hopi Indians_______________________This podcast is supported by the generous donat...more

  • Glass Onion on John Lennon

    Jun 03 2020

    SWAPCAST - On this episode I got to join Antony Rotunno on his show 'Glass Onion: On John Lennon' all about the life and times of enigmatic Beatle, John Lennon. We chatted about the more conspiratorial aspects of John's life, naturally, and got to chatting about Mark David Chapman; John's influence on politcal discourse; Yoko's influence over John and ultimately The Beatles; and Johns death and the repercussions it had on society. It was a great chat and Antony has loads of awesome guests on fo...more

  • John McAfee

    Jun 03 2020

    INTERVIEW - On this episode I get to talk to the outlaw John McAfee from a secret location and it was as crazy as you would expect! We talked secret cabals, corona conspiracy and his history both as a high flying billionaire tech mogul and as an alleged murderer in Belize. The time was short due to John's busy schedule but craic was had and it was great to get to chat to someone so infamous. _______________________This podcast is supported by the generous donations of the wonderful folks over at...more

  • David Icke (Re-Release 2018)

    Jun 03 2020

    INTERVIEW - This is a re-release of this interview back into the public after being exclusively Patreon since it was recorded; where I got to interview the Turquoise Truth-Teller himself and the original conspiracy guy, David Icke. He joined me to talk about a lot of the questions I had from our episode on him from earlier this year which you can listen to here https://goo.gl/ALMUfXI got to ask him what happened in Peru; how he feels about other conspiracy proponents like Alex Jones; what's it l...more

  • Jeffrey Dahmer

    May 27 2020

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we talk about The Milwaukee Monster; a man who invented the term bag of dicks; and one of the most famous and depraved killers in history; Jeffrey Dahmer. Born into a relatively normal family, Jeffrey began his life work and graphic depravities at a young age. An attention seeker with an alcohol problem, Jeffrey wasn't short of attention but when his inner desires rose to the top it resulted in frequent and horrendously violent ends for his victims.Famously known as ...more

  • Bishop Larry Gaiters - The Boule Society

    May 21 2020

    INTERVIEW - On this episode I chat with Bishop Larry Gaiters from Global Spiritual Revolution Radio on iHeart Radio about the greatest global cover-up in human history and a secret society that will have you questioning everything you think you know about black culture and how the world is constructed. We talk about Kobe Bryant and how his death could be linked to the pharmaceutical companies that are potentially perpetrating a global crime around Covid19; we also talk about black history; Black...more

  • Steven Whybrow - Natural Law and 5G

    May 07 2020

    INTERVIEW - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys I interview Steven Whybrow on his study of Natural Law and how that knowledge has led him on a crusade to abolish 5G and its potential to ruin the world as we know it. We talk about Satanism; the Dark Cabal; Coronavirus Propaganda and a wee bit about David Icke; we also talk about his venture to make the Austrian Government roll back the development of their 5G network grid and loads of other interesting adventures.This one is great craic but ...more

  • Praying Medic - Qanon

    Apr 20 2020

    INTERVIEW - In this episode, the first official of the TCG Interviews series, I talk with Dave Hayes aka Praying Medic about his journey into the mysterious world of Q and the secret collective of government insiders who leave us breadcrumbs of hope in uncertain times. We talk spirituality and faith based belief; Q and the various methods of discovery of Q information; we talk about the facts and fictions around the Q phenomenon and the cult-like fan base the anonymous poster(s) have gotten in t...more

  • Chris Benoit

    Apr 09 2020

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we talk about arguably the greatest wrestler to ever grace the ring and the most gruesome and tragic of endings for a celebrity at the peak of their career, Chris Benoit.From battling in Mexico and Japan to the dizzying heights of the WWF, ECW and WWE, Chris Benoit was everything that makes up a champion. An indomitable spirit; a loyal friend and a determined competitor, but these traits were almost trade offs for the possibility of a normal life.Injury, possible dru...more

  • Humans Discuss Being with Eve Darcy

    Mar 29 2020

    SWAPCAST -On this episode I chat very openly with Eve Darcy about life, love, having a head and generally what its like being a person! If you'd like to hear more about what makes me tick and not hear anything at all about conspiracy theories (maybe a tiny bit) then have a listen. This is a super personal and existential chat about the world and how we fit into it! Loads of self analysis and a few anecdotes; nothing heavy or conspiracy minded! Look, it might be the break you need from all this e...more

  • Conspiracy Farm - Coronavirus

    Mar 29 2020

    SWAPCAST - On this episode I join Jeffrey Wilson and Pat Miletich on their podcast The Conspiracy Farm to chat about all the most modern Corona Virus shenanigans. We talk about origins; international policy; economic fluctuation among other things and we get into the weirdness going on in Hollywood and The White House around all this unprecedented activity. There is a little intro to this for a few minutes that explains a lot of stuff so I wont put it all here but just to let you know; a lot of ...more

  • Agenda 21

    Mar 26 2020

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we talk about one of the most insidious plans set against humanity in history and one that hides directly in plain sight; threatening to exterminate the ones we love and usher in a new era of unilateral control, Agenda 21It is known by many names and the top level human elite that are associated with it leave people questioning the sinister motives of this seemingly innocuous plan for global improvement . Especially when these people are often talking about eugenics, ...more

  • The Death of Brittany Murphy

    Jan 27 2020

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we talk about a Hollywood starlet who died long before her time in very suspicious circumstances. Brittany Murphy came to Hollywood all the way from New Jersey and starred in loads of hit movies in the 90s and 2000s; the persona she portrayed on screen made her untimely death seem like just another tale of excess.The truth is so much stranger though; her marriage to Simon Monjack, a British Director and Screenwriter; was filled with misfortune, fraud and she had to c...more

  • James Bulger

    Jan 25 2020

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we discuss one of the darkest and murkiest of topics and definitley not for the feint of heart! Gordon Hayden joins me to talk about a murder that rocked the UK in the early 90s and left a lasting impression on the public at large when it came to the safety of their children.2 year old James Bulger was abducted and brutally tortured and murdered by two 10 year old boys, John Venables and Robert Thompson. The trial was grim and left lots of people questioning the just...more

  • Tin Foil Hat - Christmas with Sam Tripoli

    Dec 28 2019

    SWAPCAST - Sam Tripoli and XG got me on their show Tin Foil Hat to talk about the History of Christmas, Jesus and Santa and we had right laugh doing it! There were expected and unavoidable meanderings, talk of politics and of religion; but the spirit of Christmas was there and thats all that matters. Sam and XG are banging out some of the most prolific and conspiracy laden podcasts out there at the moment, with unreal guests and a fantastic new studio where they livestream all their episodes! Th...more

  • UpTo90 with Julie Jay and Emma Doran

    Dec 28 2019

    SWAPCAST - This was a great podcast done with the lady legends Emma Doran and Julie Jay from UpTo90 and we went in talking about Prince Andrew and creepy Joe Biden and came out talking about national identity and people coming home after joining ISIS! It was a strange and wonderful chat and you'll enjoy it :)You can find the podcast at @UpTo90podcast on Instagram and Twitter and if you want to see Emma or Julie live (they are stand up comedians too!) you can follow them on social for updates:Emm...more

  • Bandwagons - Conspiracy Theories

    Dec 24 2019

    SWAPCAST - This was a cracker of a Swapcast where I join Fionnula and Brid from Bandwagons to chat about conspiracy theories old and new in the wonderfully comfortable Collaborative Studios! I pushed the girls to the limits of their good taste (their public limits anyway) and we discussed such conspiracy classics as The Anunnaki, JP Morgan and The Boston Bombings and we also tip toed around the very recent revelations on Epstein and Prince Andrew. The girls are great banter and I know at least s...more

  • Open Minds Conference 2019

    Dec 24 2019

    LIVE STAGE SHOW - The folks at Open Minds Conference were kind enough to ask me down to speak a second time in Dooleys Hotel in Waterford this November. IT was amazing to be surrounded by such receptive and well intentioned people and to be allowed to witness so many brilliant speakers spreading ideas and messages to willing ears. I was asked to speak about conspiracy facts and the understanding was a bit of humour was called for; this was in the middle of a large collection of consummate profes...more

  • Cork Podcast Festival 2019

    Dec 24 2019

    LIVE STAGE SHOW - The folks at the Cork Podcast Festival were kind enough to let me come down to beautiful Cork City to speak in the Kino Theatre on Washington St and it was brilliant craic. So many wonderful Corkonians came out to see me and we all had great chats. Global Warming was mentioned; Free Speech was discussed and there were chats about where we are heading as a society; among many other things. Enjoy this live show and if there is one in the future in your area, you should come along...more

  • Dublin Podcast Festival 2019

    Dec 24 2019

    LIVE STAGE SHOW - Aiken Promotions and Headstuff and the Dublin Podcast Festival were nice enough to include me in the lineup again this year and, as is practically a tradition at this stage, TCG live show was held in The Sugar Club in Dublin. So many TCG fans come out for this one and it was such great craic. We all talked about Epstein, Prince Andrew, Disney, Youtube and so much more. Keep an eye out for live show notifications in 2020 if you want to make it next time! There will be many oppor...more

  • Majestic 12

    Dec 19 2019

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we talk about the worst kept secret in UFO culture; and yet one of the most intangible and unprovable secret cabals of knowledge and power; The Majestic 12. Created in 1947 as the committee to hide UFO knowledge from the population; Project MJ12 and its high ranking members knew that the UFO phenomenon was about to get big. They had to control this narrative.Top level military and intelligence appointments to Majestic 12 ensured its secrecy and its potential influence...more

  • The BTK Killer

    Nov 01 2019

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we talk about one of the most mysterious and audacious killers in history as we wade through the words and deeds of Denis Rader aka The BTK Killer. Gary Jones joins me on this episode to chat about what makes Denis Rader tick and how he couldn't be caught for decades, despite his apparently forthcoming attitude to law enforcement and somewhat low intelligence.There are rumours of Rader being the Zodiac Killer, due to the collections of numerous letters that he would ...more

  • Konstantin Kisin - Bush Hall, London

    Oct 10 2019

    LIVE STAGE SHOW - On this episode comedian and social commentator Konstantin Kisin joins me LIVE on stage in Bush Hall in London for a chat about free speech, censorship in comedy, cancel culture and political correctness in media. Konstantin also has an excellent podcast called 'Triggernometry' which you can listen to on all podcast apps or click the link there to be brought to the video version of the show. Konstantin and his co host Francis Foster have the good and great minds of the world i...more

  • Madame Helena Blavatsky

    Oct 05 2019

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we talk about a lesser known but extremely influential woman at the forefront of esoteric thought and a pioneer in the field in its earliest years, Madame Helena Blavatsky. The grandmother of theosophy and a world traveller and famed philosopher from the 19th century, Blavatsky started her knowledge journey at a very young age in the library of her grandfather, reading esoteric texts and classic philosophy, which gave her a hunger for more.Blavatsky spent almost a de...more

  • Ed Gein

    Sep 19 2019

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode comedian Gary Lynch joins me to talk about a troubled and gruesomely motivated man, known as The Butcher of Plainfield and creator of the most unique living room furniture, Ed Gein.We discuss the history of the Plainfield Ghoul and his obsession with the female form and we examine his sordid and unhealthy relationship with his mother. Spawning a spate of creepy Hollywood creations, we dive into the story and history of Ed Gein and his sick and twisted shenanigans wit...more

  • Uncommon Tourist - Alvaro Garza

    Aug 30 2019

    SWAPCAST - This episode was recorded in the lobby of the hotel in Barcelona and went deep into the night as I chatted with Alvaro Garza, a Texan who is living in Barcelona and operating a tour company as well as his new podcast Uncommon Tourist! We chatted about Catalonia, Spanish History, local politics and loads more really interesting stuff like Catalonia leaving Spain and the police brutality during the 2017 referendum.You can find Alvaro on Spreaker here (https://www.spreaker.com/show/uncom...more

  • Kevin Long - The Third Reich in Munich

    Aug 09 2019

    INTERVIEW - On this episode I chat with historian and tour guide in Munich, Kevin Long. Kevin has been living in Munich for a while and is enamoured with the city which is steeped in Bavarian history and is the ideological heart of the early Nazi regime. Young Hitler had his Beerhall Putsch there, the rallies and the early triumphs for the Nazis were all there; and with Kevin we chat about this, what the culture in Munich is like and discuss how German can you really get if you tried!If you want...more

  • The Toybox Killer

    Jul 26 2019

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we talk about one of the worst, most sadistic, and prolific of the American serial killers; from a metal container out in the desert landscape in New Mexico, this time we are talking about The Toybox Killer.David Parker Ray is thought to have killed over 60 people in some of the most sadisticcruel and brutally inventive ways known to humanity. This guy went medieval on prostitutes, wandering waifs, and wayward teenagers with his on again off again girlfriend. They wo...more

  • History of The Netherlands

    Jul 17 2019

    SWAPCAST - On this SwapCast I join Julian and Joe from The History of The Netherlands podcast, on location in Amsterdam; where we chat about their podcast; some very interesting Dutch political attitudes; how such good looking people can be bred in a swamp and why its so much better to learn about all this stuff while in a boat on the water!Joe and Julian are the presenters of The History of The Netherlands but they also have a couple other podcasts too. You can find them and their stable of sho...more

  • Fred and Rosemary West

    Jun 20 2019

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we lift up the patio slabs of deception to find the sludgy bones of truth on this, one of the roughest episodes to date, where we talk about the Gloucester House of Horrors occupied by the infamously cruel Fred and Rosemary West,This terrible tale of rape, murder, incest, abuse, torture, and mutually supported pure psychopathy from these two hell crossed lovers, rocked the world when the vast scope of their dark deeds came to light in the early 90s. Coming from equal...more

  • Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli - George Orwell 1984

    Jun 14 2019

    SWAPCAST - On this SwapCast I chat with Sam and XG about some eerily predictive fiction from one of the most famous authors of the 20th century, George Orwell. His book Animal Farm published in 1945 was a scathing indictment of the communist political agenda and was a massive cultural palette cleanser in a world now faced with an ideological dichotomy of socialism versus capitalism. He detested the cult of personality that had grown up around Stalin during the war years and foresaw the problems ...more

  • The Conspiracy Farm - Agenda 21

    Jun 14 2019

    SWAPCAST - On this SwapCast I chat with Jeffrey Wilson and Pat Miletich from The Conspiracy Farm podcast about the plan to thin the herd all the way from the UN, Agenda 21. There is a cultural and political agenda to undermine western civilisation as it stands, because of some perceived systematic inadequacies in the 'system' Anarchists propose to burn the whole thing down; but the UN and the dark cabalistic powers that be claim there is another way.Agenda 21 is a long term plan to depopulate th...more

  • Room 104 - YouTube Censorship

    Jun 14 2019

    SWAPCAST - This SwapCast with Cormac Moore from Dublin's FM104 is about the recent YouTube censorship of conspiracy theory and politically divisive creators. It's known as the VoxAdpocalypse and was apparently started by Vox 'journalist' Carlos Maza as he attacked Steven Crowder, accusing him of homophobic slurs and personal attacks. This started a tidal wave of deplatformings, demonetisations and other ideologically restrictive actions on the part of Youtube. So much so that anti trust proceedi...more

  • Casey Anthony

    May 17 2019

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we talk about a tragic and very high profile case that inexplicably hasn't been truly solved, but has still ruined the lives of most involved; this time we are talking about Casey Anthony. In 2008 a small child went missing from the Anthony household in Florida, this turned into one of the most high profile trials in US history.Caylee Anthony, born 2005, was under the care of her mother Casey Anthony, 22, when she went missing. With no-one able to verify her whereabo...more

  • Anti Vaccination

    May 11 2019

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we talk about probably one of the most contentious topics of our time, and as far as conspiracies go, it's having a very real and measured effect on the health of the human race. We discuss the history and the kooky science behind the anti-vaccination debate.Vaccinations have been an important part of the survival of the human race and in the last 100 years, with the improvements in medical technology, life spans and standards of living have increased exponentially. B...more

  • The Siege at Ruby Ridge

    Apr 20 2019

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we talk about a lesser known domestic terrorist incident involving the full might of the FBI coming down on a small cabin in the wilderness in Idaho; the Weaver family were ensnared in their mountain cabin in the summer of 1992 in what has become known as The Siege at Ruby Ridge.Pegged as a white supremacist, Randy Weaver moved his family up into the wilderness of Idaho and decided to live a simpler life. His wife Vicky and son Sammy were killed in a shootout with th...more

  • Grimerica - Online Censorship

    Apr 09 2019

    SWAPCAST - On this Swapcast I chat with Darren and Graham from Grimerica about online censorship, vaccines, alternative history, and about me and the history of TCG and where its all going! This was done from the lads studio all the way over in Canada and they have a podcast that you can go and listen to now too at http://www.grimerica.ca with interviews, round table chats and shows like this. They are entirely fan supported so if you like it you can subscribe here https://grimworks.grimerica.ca...more

  • Life on Mars

    Mar 28 2019

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we talk about the most intriguing mystery in our solar system and possibly the key to unlocking the knowledge behind our entire civilisation, finding out where the human race comes from and discovering whether or not we are alone in the universe; we're talking about Life on Mars. Humans discovered Mars more than 3000 years ago but it still seems to be at the forefront of our conversation today despite knowing little more than we did back then. Elon and NASA are workin...more

  • The Hinterkaifek Murders

    Mar 08 2019

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we talk about one of the longest running mysteries in Germany and a pretty grizzly crime that has people scratching their heads even to this day, The Hinterkaifek Murders. In a small German hamlet a family is found dead with no evidence and no suspects. They were brutally bludgeoned to death by an unknown assailant; but local tales tell of a history of abuse and incest in the family. Musician Steven Gormley joins me on this episode and he is the one singing the beaut...more

  • Cannibalism

    Mar 01 2019

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we discuss the last taboo and a dark subject that some may not be able to stomach, we are talking about Cannibalism. For hundreds of thousands of years humans, or a variation of humans, have been eating each other, and mostly not just for food. Eating ones enemies or neighbouring tribes is still common practice in remote parts of the world.Often Cannibalism is seen as a last resort for the desperate and infirm, with famous stories of plane cra...more

  • John Wayne Gacy

    Feb 22 2019

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we dive deep into the history of Pogo the Clown aka John Wayne Gacy and try to figure out where his insatiable blood lust came from. Lauren Kelly O'Sullivan joins me to talk about John Wayne Gacy and his unorthadix life and seemingly endless capacity for charm and manipulation. Gacy had an incomparible skill for weilding power and the lengths he would go to to satisfy primal urges are yet unmatched. Guilt and shame from his youth played a big part in his future crime...more

  • The Death of Bruce Lee

    Feb 15 2019

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about arguably one of the most famous people on the planet; whose legacy is honoured in the four corners of the world, whose life showed us the possibility in diversity and whose mysterious death left unanswered questions and suspicions to this day; this episode is all about Bruce Lee. Born in San Fransisco and raised in Hong Kong, Bruce Lee led a varied and bizarre life coming from winning dance competitions and taking part in gang fi...more

  • The 27 Club

    Jan 30 2019

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode,​ we talk about the infamously tragic collection of now-classic music stars that died at the height of their careers but at a very early age; now collectively known as The 27 Club. Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin were the original three dying at the end of the 60s and leaving behind them the legacy of one of the wildest and most progressive periods in human history. Their passing sounded a death knell for the counterculture and its hopes for the future.Fast f...more

  • The Golden State Killer

    Jan 17 2019

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode, we talk about Joseph James DeAngelo now known as The Golden State Killer and his 40-year​ reign of terror on the unsuspecting residents of California. During the 70s DeAngelo committed a series of brutal rapes and murders but did so in many different areas and with seemingly different motives and techniques.He was mistakenly identified as the Visalia Ransacker, The Original Night Stalker and The Diamond Knot Killer by law enforcement; thinking these murders were com...more

  • The War on Drugs

    Dec 31 2018

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we talk about an issue that permeates the fabric of society in almost every way possible and is considered a long term malicious attacks on American society and one of the most insidious systems of class based justice ever created; The War on Drugs.In the 1970s America was facing a crisis; a moral and social cancer that threatened the American way of life. Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs to combat their corrosive effect on the youth of America. Others claim it ...more

  • The Somerton Man (Taman Shud)

    Dec 07 2018

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we take on one of Australia's most mysterious deaths in the shape of The Somerton Man also known as The Taman Shud Case. A man found on the beach in Adelaide with no ID, no next of kin, some strange items on his person and, as it turned out, a very secretive local history. Was there some international spy carry on? Maybe a murder to hide some embarrassing secrets? Who knows but some new scientific revelations could shine some light on the identity of the man at least...more

  • Bohemian Grove

    Nov 28 2018

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we talk about the best and worst kept secret in the community of elite billionaires that rule the world, Bohemian Grove. Nestled deep in the forests of Redwood trees in Northern California, this luxury campground sees the best and worst of high society gather in a highly exclusive clandestine fraternal ritual comprised of chants, burning effigies, nudity, sexual activity, and talks and presentations by some of the worlds most qualified and experienced speakers.Some al...more

  • Season 7 Announcement

    Nov 28 2018

    So here it is, the Season 7 announcement. Season 6 is over and we had a great time over the last year; this reasonably rambly and emotive mini-episode is all about what has been going on in the last year with me, the show, and other TCG related business. I talk about being burned out at the start of the year; the crazy recording schedule over the summer; moving out of our home; and the future including TCGTV stuff. Its a bit long but it says everything I need to say and answers a Lot of the ques...more

  • Benjamin Bathurst

    Nov 19 2018

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about a olde timey disappearance of a diplomat deep in the countryside of Austria; who by all accounts vanished into thin air. Benjamin Bathurst, the son of a Bishop and Diplomat, was sent on a mysterious envoy to Austria during the Napoleonic war and while leaving a pub, maybe a bit worse for wear, he spontaneously popped out of existence. Some say it was murder, some say espionage; well Im joined by comedian Peter Flanagan to discus...more

  • The Ku Klux Klan

    Nov 14 2018

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we head down south to the land of the pines, to where the seemingly inarguable facets of human decency don't seem to exist and where an historically hated, morally outdated and powerfully overrated set of white guys wilfully discriminate against anyone who isn't them, we are talking about the Ku Klux Klan. From the mis 19th Century the Klan have been active and after the emancipation proclamation freed the black slaves in the US, these post ci...more

  • Son of Sam

    Nov 06 2018

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about the Son of Sam who terrorised New York City in the summer of 1977 with indiscriminate shootings and mysterious serial letters to the police. David Berkowitz, who originally known as the .44 Caliber Killer, shot 13 people and killed 6 in what was known as The Summer of Sam, and sparked the biggest man hunt in the history of New York.Berkowitz claimed that he was instructed by a demon, who lived inside his neighbors dog, to carry ...more

  • Cultural Marxism

    Oct 27 2018

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about the zeitgeist of political correctness, identity politics and radical social thought that saturates the current media landscape and partisan discourse; a system of criticism of social inequality and progressive philosophy called Cultural Marxism. ________________________This podcast is supported by the generous donations of the wonderful folks over at Patreon. If you want to support the show and get exclusive content, ad-free epi...more

  • Ted Bundy

    Oct 05 2018

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we throw on the fake cast of curiosity and dive into the murky world of famed lady killer Ted Bundy. After growing up in a very dysfunctional home, Ted Bundy grew up to be one of the worlds most prolific and brutal serial murderers. Starting at a very young age, Bundy set his sights on young college brunettes and would use methods of manipulation and coercion to get his victims into a vulnerable state. His unimaginably brutal methods of rape,...more

  • Flat Earth

    Aug 24 2018

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about the most controversial conspiracy topic there is; a belief system that has brother fighting against brother and has lit the internet ablaze in the last few years with growing numbers of evangelists online reaching record numbers, we are talking about the theory of The Flat Earth. From knowledge almost forgotten from ancient maps and turn of the century enlightened thrill seeking scientists and sociologists, the theory of the flat...more

  • DB Cooper

    Aug 15 2018

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about the most mysterious unsolved crime to grace the skies of the United States, the strange tale of DB Cooper. On 24th November 1971 a man in a fancy suit and sunglasses stole $200,000 dollars from authorities after he hijacked a plane and then jumped from that plane with the money, never to be seen or heard from again.For forty years this crime has been unsolved and no one knows the identity of the gentleman thief. Some are putting...more

  • Oliver CJ Tempest - The Knights Templar Podcast

    Jul 21 2018

    SWAPCAST - On this episode I chat with Oliver CJ Tempest from The Knights Templar Podcast about Freemasonry, Knights Templar and his documentary on the ancient orders that inhabited the British Isles. In our Freemason and Illuminati episodes I chat a lot about these guys and they will get their own episode eventually (maybe Oliver might consider a trip across the water?) but this very interesting chat will definitely steer you in the direction of his show.You can find Oliver and his show here ht...more

  • Richard Speck

    Jul 09 2018

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about one of the original spree killers and a man for whom the term 'evil' could be appropriately administered; Richard Speck. Speck killed 8 nurses in their dormitory in the Summer of 1966 and marked his place in history as one of the most brutal humans to ever live.Speck was born to raise hell and showed this from an early age. His manipulate and abusive step-father got Richard into bad habits early and before long he was committing...more

  • Jim Morrison

    Jun 25 2018

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we ride the King's Highway and break on through to tell the story of one of the most enigmatic rock stars of all time and a man known as much for his antics off stage as on, Jim Morrison. Born in 1943 to parents George and Clara, Jim grew up a military brat, being moved from town to town as his father, a naval Admiral, was promoted and moved post during the 40s and 50s. Not settling anywhere and having a disjointed upbringing, it was no wonder...more

  • The Federal Reserve

    May 30 2018

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we don the Red Shield and crack the door on the vault that holds one of the biggest secrets in the world; the organisation that has control over everything we buy, sell, use and consume and we don't even truly know how it works; The Federal Reserve. Born of a turbulent financial climate in the years after the War of Independence, The Federal Reserve idea was one of stability and unity. The attempt by politicians and European bankers to consoli...more

  • Greg Carlwood - The Higherside Chats

    Apr 16 2018

    SWAPCAST - On this SwapCast Greg Carlwood joins me to chat about his podcast The Higherside Chats, one of the most well known and successful conspiracy podcasts ever, and one of my personal favourite shows! We answer questions and take comments from the fans and chat about what its like to be a podcaster, how he got into it in the first place, our favourite conspiracies, how episode topics are chosen, how to monetise conspiracy content, what its like to interview people for a living, the upcomin...more

  • Big Pharma

    Apr 11 2018

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we gargle the hardest pill to swallow in the war for the health of our planet and discuss the murky and insanely diverse machinations of health industry; one of the most inaccessible and necessary institutions on the planet, but it has been corrupt by the force we know as Big Pharma. From earliest doctors and ancient medicines, human have tried to cure ailments both in the body and the mind. From cataract surgery being done over 2500 years ago...more

  • Michael Jackson

    Mar 31 2018

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about the undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and his frequent rises and falls from public adoration to global vilification and from innocent child star delighting many, to tarnished sex predator fated to spend his life in forced hermitage and eventually die quietly and alone. Michael came from a religious family who were talented beyond measure. His father was a hard task master and this is often cited as Michaels neverending que...more

  • Martin Luther King Jr

    Feb 28 2018

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we all jump on the freedom ride to truth town dodging hoses of lies and misdirection and the snarling hounds of bigotry as we discuss one of the most influential architects of social justice the world has ever known, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Starting from humble beginnings in a holy household, young Martin had to contend with the knowledge his father, also a reverend, would bestow. This awareness of racial segregation gave a young Martin a se...more

  • David Icke

    Feb 24 2018

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we talk about the wild white haired Isle of Wight wizard who fuels the daily fight against the invisible interdimensional lizard people who feed off our fear, David Icke. From second division goalkeeper to BBC sports presenter by way of a crippling case of arthritis, Icke made a name for himself in media in Britain and was practically a household name. He made a grave error however when he announced to the country on the Terry Wogan show that he was 'Son of the God He...more

  • Ted Kaczynski - The Unabomber

    Jan 21 2018

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we look at one of the longest running terror campaigns in history and the most prolific serial criminal in America, Ted Kaczynski also known as The Unabomber. From the late 70s Ted Kaczynski sent explosive packages through the post to unsuspecting colleges, universities, airlines and academic personnel right up until his capture in Montana in 1997.The FBI began looking for this mysterious bomber after a package was found in the hold of an Ame...more

  • Natalee Holloway

    Jan 19 2018

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we talk about a mystery still unsolved and a cunning murderer who hides in plain sight, this is the story of the murder of Natalee Holloway. Natalee was on holiday in Aruba on a vacation from college and she went missing just 3 days into the trip. Her body was never found and since 2005 many reports, theories and even witnesses claim to have solved the case, but Natalee remains missing and a murderer still roams free.Local romeo Joran Van Der Sloot was the prime susp...more

  • Heaven's Gate Cult

    Jan 17 2018

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we talk about one of the biggest mass suicides on American soil and an organisation that shook the American people to the core in the late 90s, The Heavens Gate Cult. Classed as crackpots and 'Techno Pagans’ the cult operated from 1976 until the mass suicide event in 1997 where 39 people died by ingesting poison laced applesauce, and lying down peacefully to die with a purple shroud over their face. This strangest of scenes was orchestrated by the cults leader Marshal...more

  • History of The Mormons

    Jan 03 2018

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we dive deep into the history of one of the most popular religions in the US that is widely spreading around the world and came from the mind of one man with his face in a big hat, Joseph Smith and the history of The Mormons. In the very early 19th century a wave of spiritualism called the Second Great Awakening overtook America and the afterlife, religion and the occult were a fascination of everyone looking for titilation and an entertaining...more

  • Jimmy Savile and The Paedophile Scandal

    Dec 19 2017

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about undoubtedly one of the worst and most prolific paedophiles in history; Jimmy Savile. We chat about how his high powered career at the BBC, his tireless charity work and his lofty appointments by The Pope and The Queen of England couldn’t keep the truth from coming out after his death in 2011 and reports of up to 450 men, women and children suffered at the cigar stained hands of this monster.Starting as a DJ in the 40s and working...more

  • Chikatilo - The Russian Cannibal

    Dec 08 2017

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about one of the craziest and most prolific murderers the world has ever seen; and one who was left roam the Russian countryside for almost 30 years without conviction, killing and eating his way through 56 victims in the most brutal and gruesome murders either side of the Iron Curtain, Andrei Chikatilo - The Russian CannibalAlso known as the Butcher of Rostov, Chikatilo had a messed up childhood in a famine torn Ukraine. With materna...more

  • Operation Paperclip

    Nov 19 2017

    DEEP DIVE -On this episode we talk about one of the darkest patches on US history and a pan-atlantic collusion that could have been the driving force behind the global actions of military, scientific and political powers for the last 70 years, Operation Paperclip.In the last days of WW2 the Nazi elite were wondering what their future would look like. Impending trials for war crimes would definitely be a possibility; and some took the opportunity by pawning their military and scientific knowledge...more

  • Season 6 Announcement

    Nov 18 2017

    Just a small few minutes talking about the craic over here at TCG towers and whats coming up in the next year for us. Season 6 will bring us up to May and Season 7 will bring us into the start of 2019 so both of these are addressd here. There is also talk of the social media stuff, the tour of the USA and how you can help with that, the new video and social platforms I am using to communicate withy'all lovely folks; and a few hints as to upcoming episodes foe Season 6!Listen and enjoy some casua...more

  • Amanda Knox

    Nov 12 2017

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we discuss the still mysterious case of the murder of Meredith Kircher, more famously known as the Amanda Knox case. Knox and her boyfriend Raphael Sollecito were arrested for the murder of Kircher in 2007 and spent 4 years in jail until their case was unprecidentedly thrown out and they were set free.Kircher was brutally murdered in the home she and Knox shared in a small Italian town called Perugia. They were both on a study abroad trip and...more

  • EllieJayden aka Shona Ellen

    Oct 28 2017

    SWAPCAST - Gordo chats with EllieJayden aka Shona Ellen about YouTube, being a creator, monetising creativity after the Adpocalypse, Google Censorship, SJWs and loads of other stuff.*This is a SwapCast and the same video is on both creators video channels as well as being broadcast on our podcast channel. Please consider subscribing to each and supporting creators online*To get in touch with Shona you can find her here:* Blog: http://elliejayden.com/ * Twitter: @Elliejayden * Instagram: @EllieJa...more

  • The West Memphis 3

    Oct 18 2017

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we discuss one of the more famous miscarraiges of justice with an Arkansas trio of young men, known as The West Memphis 3, who were convicted of the murders of three boys in the city of West Memphis, served 18 years in prison, and were released after a celebrity star studded campaign for justice allowed them to be set free under a legal technicality.Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Miskelly Jnr were said to have brutally taken the live...more

  • The Disclosure Project

    Sep 29 2017

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we talk about one of the most important revelations in modern technology, suggests tangible solutions to the energy crisis and the definitive answer to whether new are alone in the universe (the answer is we aren’t) we discuss Dr. Stephen M. Greer and the 24 year long mission to disclose to the world the existence of alien life forms in The Disclosure Project.In 1993 Greer started this journey to reveal the evidence that attests to the existence of extra-terrestrials....more

  • Albert Fish

    Sep 08 2017

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we discuss the monster on whom the story of The Boogeyman was based; The Werewofl of Wysteria, The Gray Man and one of the most prolific, evil and cruel murderers of the last two centuries, the sadomasochictic cannibal known as Albert Fish.Albert, like most gruesome murderers, had a messed up childhood. Brought up in an atmosphere of abuse in a childrens home, and with a family plagued by psycholigcal disorders; Albert was subjected to unimag...more

  • Aleister Crowley

    Aug 30 2017

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we discuss the Beast himself, creator of the Order of Thelema and quite possibly one of the biggest cultural influencers of the last century, The Dark Magician himself, Aleister Crowley.From his reasonably comfortable beginnings to the debauched and disease riddled end, Crowley lived to the extreme. A proficient and prolific mountaineer, a poet, painter, novelist, magician, occultist and mountaineer who travelled the world on a perpetual searc...more

  • The Life and Times of JP Morgan

    Aug 16 2017

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we discuss the man who possibly could have had the strongest influence on the shaping of society as we know it and whose banking and business practices paved the way for the system of finance that prevails across the world today. We talk about his history, his influence and the circumstances in which he thrived as a entrepreneur and moulded America and world finance to his will, this show is all about The Life and Times of JP Morgan.The Morgan...more

  • Money and The Gold Standard

    Jul 19 2017

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we discuss the stuff that really makes the world go round, money! From its creation as pressed salt and fancy sea shells, to its advancement into a digital and invisible token for payment for goods and services, money has been at the heart of civilised human society for thousands of years. The formation of a considered trading commodity that is universal over barter and other more primitive forms of token payments has taken millennia to develo...more

  • Jaycee Lee Dugard

    Jun 28 2017

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about one of the longest running kidnap cases ever and how a husband and wife could kidnap a girl off the street outside her own house and keep her incarcerated for 18 years, Jaycee Lee Dugard.In the summer of 1991 Phillip Garrido, a convicted sex offender, and his wife Nancy snatched Jaycee Lee off the street outside her house in Lake Tahoe, California. They drive her 3 hours away and kept her in a prefabricated cell that eventually ...more

  • The Columbine High School Shooting

    Jun 24 2017

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we examine one of the most influential and traumatic events in a pre-9/11 world which changed how our children have been treated for almost the last 20 years and an event so shocking and unpredicatble it changed police operating procedures, world wide school environments, and the attitudes toward mental health and medication, The Columbine High School Shooting.Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold with an arsenal of weapons killed 13 people on the 20t...more

  • Freemasons

    Jun 20 2017

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we tie on the apron of inquisitiveness and flick through the ancient texts as we try to unravel the mystery behind one of the world most well known secret society, The Freemasons. With a very sketchy genesis story and connections to Satanism, The Illuminati and other unsavoury business and social practices The Freemasons have got a bad reputation in the latter half of the last century.The rituals and ceremony behind the Freemason order could be the reason so many peop...more

  • The Lake Bodom Murders

    Jun 02 2017

    TRUE CRIME - On 5th June 1960 in Finland four teenagers were found dead on the shores of Lake Bodom, just 22 kilometres from the captial Helsinki, in a small area known as Espoo. Between 4 and 6 in the morning someone, or something, stabbed and beat them to death leaving only one survivor and the biggest unsolved murder mystery in Finnish history.With some strange suspects and a survivor in the mix, this case gets weird right at the start. Nils Gustafsson survived the attack and his girlfriend M...more

  • Area 51

    May 18 2017

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we venture deep into the desert to find out the truth about one of the most elusive and secret locations on the planet, Area 51. Synonymous with UFO sightings, secret government operations and extreme privacy measures, Area 51 is bursting with secrets but not very well kept ones.We talk about the high tech radar repellent spy planes, the men who made them and how these craft were used as spy machines while getting misidentified as UFOs. We also talk about the black op...more

  • Elvis Presley

    May 01 2017

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we take a long look at the tragically short life of one of the most iconic and influential musicians and pop culture figures the world has ever seen, Elvis Presley. His swift rise to fame, his trailblazing musical style, his groundbreaking cultural impact and his untimely and world renowned death make the story of Elvis Presley, one everyone should know in its entirety.Born into abject poverty in Tupelo Mississippi and spent his early years practically homeless and pe...more

  • HAARP and Weather Manipulation

    Apr 23 2017

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we take a look at the invisible force that could be controlling our entire planet and the governmental and scientific levers that are being pulled to possibly manipulate the weather and take over the minds of the worlds population, The HAARP Program.On the surface HAARP, or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, seems to be just an innocent research endeavour of the University of Alaska; a magnetic array that has very similar counterparts in Europe, Russi...more

  • The Sodder Children

    Apr 13 2017

    TRUE CRIME - On Christmas Eve, 1945 in Fayetteville, West Virginia, the Sodder Family went to bed for the last time together. George and Jennie Sodder and their 9 kids went to bed that night and a fire supposedly claimed the live of 5 of the 9 Sodder Children but mystery has surrounded their deaths and suggestions of illegal and suspicious activity plague this case to this day.A mysterious set of circumstances and witnesses began the growth of the seeds of doubt for George and Jenny Sodder. They...more

  • The Italian Mafia

    Mar 30 2017

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we talk about one of the most renowned criminal organisations in the world, that went from a super secret cabal of career criminals to a star studded cavalcade of celebrity gangsters that were splashed across the pages of newspapers and whose stories lit up our cinema screens for the last 50 years, The Italian Mafia.Starting from a small and poverty stricken gaggle of Sicilian local town stewards with a penchant for violence and way with coercion; The Cosa Nostra beca...more

  • HH Holmes

    Mar 24 2017

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we talk about Americas first serial killer and possibly the most prolific in US history. HH Holmes confessed to 27 murders after his arrest in the final years of the 19th century and most of the missing persons associated with his case have never been found and their crime remain unsolved.Herman Mudgett grew from a young New Hampshire boy with a fascination with dead bodies to a grim hotel owner where a seris of trap doors and torture devices helped in the early expi...more

  • Global Warming

    Mar 14 2017

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we crank up the heat and dive deep into the rising water of the biggest issue to face our planet and its inhabitants since the dawn of man, or so some would have you believe.Global warming and the climate change debate has raged in the halls of academia for the last 100 years or so and even with apparant imperical evidence the community is split on whether its real or not.We discuss the possible causes and solutions to a problem that we will all have to face up to, wh...more

  • The Death of Marilyn Monroe

    Feb 28 2017

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we talk about one of the most iconic people on the planet in the last 100 years, her life and her death, and the cultural legacy she left behind after her untimely death, Marilyn Monroe.With her early life being plagued with insecurity and tragedy, it seems impossible to image that Marilyn was destined to become one of the most powerful women in Hollywood. But drugs, alcohol and an ever present cloud of mental illness hung over her and stunted her meteoric rise.With a...more

  • Ghosts: Revisited

    Feb 12 2017

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we out on our proton packs and edge our way into the world of the hereafter where the spirits of the dead hold dominion. This is the reconstituted version of a show from the start of Season 1, which was horroibly disfigured by technical faults. This is the full version of Ghosts, with some extra juice! We talk about the origins of ghost stories from around the world and the types of ghosts that the human mind thought relevant to create. There is an imperative for peop...more

  • Propaganda

    Jan 31 2017

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we delve deep into the septic tank of modern news media and examine what's now called 'Fake News', but we have always known it as Propaganda. A tool invented by sociologists using psychological techniques to convice the public to think and act against their will.  We talk about the scientific techniques and the origins of the idea of manipulation of media throughout history. We all learned in school that Hitler had a propaganda machine, but wh...more

  • Season 5 Announcement

    Jan 20 2017

    Season 5 has been cookin' and this is a short video telling you whats coming up! If you want to stay abreast (hehe a breast) of the TCG news coming up join us on social media. Some really great episodes coming up in Season 5 and I dont want to spoil the surprise, so I won't. But there will be more types of shows and more content for you to enjoy.________________________This podcast is supported by the generous donations of the wonderful folks over at Patreon. If you want to support the show and ...more

  • The Vatican

    Dec 25 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we talk about the most holy of holies and the headquarters of the Catholic Church, The Vatican. Existing uniquely as a state, a corporation and a person, The Vatican and The Holy See has been surrounded in mystery from the outside world for hundreds of years. We wonder what goes on inside its walls and discuss the known inner workings of Vatican City. We also talk about the Swiss Guard and their killer skill and how difficult it is to get into The Vatican as a citizen...more

  • Marijuana

    Dec 15 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we talk about the medical marvel that has been teetering on the edge of legality for the better part of a century, Recently legalised in many states in the US and free to possess in over 50 countires worldwide, the public opinion of marijuana is changing. Its medicinal properties are being identified and rolled out to an unwilling medical community and dispenseries are making big bucks selling top grade Mary-Jane. But the other properties of the cannabis plant, its po...more

  • Monsanto

    Nov 22 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we take a look at the long and chequered history of what many people believe is the worst company in the world. Monsanto have stood as the perfect exemplification of the evil corporation whose tireless drive for profits and political influence have left a growing wake of environmental disasters, ruined lives and accompanying lawsuits. An apex point of protest for conspiracy theorists and environmental activists alike. Today their toxic chemical past has given way to a...more

  • Psychedelics and the Awakening of Consciousness

    Nov 05 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we get lost in the world of psychedelic substances and their overwhelming affect on  our own personal perception of reality. From mushrooms and peyote to LSD and DMT these mind altering biochemical agents are woven into the fabric of human culture. Thousands of years of traditional experimentation and deliberation have lead up to the modern era of vilification of psychedelics and their attributes with current scientific research curtailed by the on-going global war on...more

  • Jon Benet Ramsey

    Oct 22 2016

    TRUE CRIME - On this episode we talk about one of the enduring mysteries in US True Crime and still a very popular case; a very young beauty queen declared missing, later found dead in her own families home, this time we are talking about Jon Benet Ramsey.A strange and long handwritten note was found after the child disappeared and is held up as absolutely baffling proof that somehow Jon Benet's parents or brother had something to do with the death. The strange stories, the odd behaviour, the de...more

  • Ed and Lorraine Warren

    Oct 22 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we tour the work of Ed and Lorraine Warren. The unassuming married couple who would go on to be the most celebrated paranormal researchers in the world. With Ed's fearless endeavors into the documenting and confronting of demonic forces, and Lorraine's clairvoyant and trance medium abilities they became the real life Mulder and Scully of New England. Travelling around the United States and further afield they created an unrivaled archive of haunting accounts and super...more

  • The Illuminati

    Oct 08 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we buy into the world of intrigue and mystery surrounding the supposed spire of the global pyramid of conspiracy and control. The Illuminati are the very epitome of the modern theories of a shadowy cabal of elite's, tied together through centuries of covert machinations of the world's population. Born out of surprisingly real origins the rumors and accusations towards the Illuminati order have seen it become the poster child for the Satanic secret societies whose tang...more

  • The Legend of Atlantis

    Sep 25 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we scour the seabed for the signs of the long fabled lost continent of Atlantis. The mythical isle described by Plato as being home to a civilization descended from Gods whose incredible knowledge was unsurpassed by any other culture of man. But a terrible doom befell this once unrivaled utopia and it's secrets, and very existence, have been lost to history. While some believe the tales to be a baseless legend the searches for the location of the sunken cities continu...more

  • The Tupac and Biggie Murders

    Sep 11 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we throw back to the old school of mid 90's gangster rap and the murderous pan continental rivalry that defined a decade. The killings of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. signaled watershed moments in modern pop culture and a devastating blow to the world of Hip Hop.   We talk about the theories, conspiracy and legitimate, that have been raging in the years following the deaths of two of the biggest music stars the world has ever seen. We also talk about the back...more

  • Holocaust Denial

    Aug 27 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we tackle one of the most contentious topics of the twentieth century and one that is even illegal to discuss in many countries worldwide: Holocaust Denial. When most people think of the Holocaust they remember from their school history books and movies like Schindlers List and The Boy in the striped pyjamas; but the reality of the atrocities perpetrated on the people of Europe by The Nazis was much worse than can be shown on screen. Millions ...more

  • Pokemon GO

    Aug 20 2016

    LIVE CHAT - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about arguably the most popular game ever! One that has been installed on more than 10% of mobile devices worldwide and has beaten all records to the fastest downloaded game of all time; PokemonGO This Japanese creation that has held the imaginations and pocket money of kids and rejuvenile adults for more than 20 years has taken the world by storm once again in an augmented reality experience unrivaled in the gaming world. But is pocke...more

  • The Titanic Conspiracy

    Aug 14 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we delve into the Titanic Conspiracy. The theory that all may not be what it seems when it comes to this iconic tragedy of the 20th century. For over 100 years rumors of an insurance scam of monumental proportions have trailed in the wake of the Titanic story. A scam involving her sister ship The Olympic that in the frigid Atlantic waters went horribly awry. But the Titanic Conspiracy doesn't end with tales of it's deliberate sinking. Accusations of a cover-up by gove...more

  • The Mandela Effect

    Aug 06 2016

    LIVE CHAT - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we try to remember did we do a show on this already, because we've been struck down by The Mandela Effect! The Mandela Effect is the newly coined term for 'False Remembering', where things you remember from your childhood have since been changed. Notable examples we talk about in the show are Darth Vader saying "Luke, I am your father!" when he doesnt actually say the word Luke or if Curious George had a tail or not! This phenomenon was named ...more

  • Paul McCartney is Dead

    Aug 01 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about the great imposter, Willie Campbell aka Paul McCartney aka Faul McCartney aka Billy Shears! Thats right, some people say that Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1966 and he was replaced by a look a like found on an American Bandstand competition. This fake Paul or 'Faul' was put into the Beatles to replace Paul McCartney and continue the goliath musical power quartet that was The Beatles. Throughout their catalog of work, The ...more

  • Irish Mythology

    Jul 24 2016

    LIVE CHAT - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about the pagan underworld that still permeates modern Ireland today. Things that go bump in the night are still explained away with tales of creatures from an ancient time and other superstitions are adhered to because they are afraid to upset the mythical beings that exist in the Irish other worldly plain. We are joined by a group of DCU students who are doing their masters in Multimedia who call their collective The Glimmer Men. The...more

  • Peak Oil

    Jul 16 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we talk about the looming danger facing our planet and the depletion of fossil fuels to an unmanagable amount culd lead to either our destruction or our release from its greasy grasp and how its deliberate construction could have been the touch paper needed to kick start our modern civilisation: Peak Oil. The term Peak Oil created by Marion Hubert, a geologist who worked for Shell, stated simply that we would hit a global peak of oil discovery and then production and ...more

  • The Montauk Project

    Jul 09 2016

    LIVE CHAT - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we harken back to our first episode with talk of The Montauk Project. This is a live recorded show powered by Blab.im. We talk about Camp Hero and the secret scientific shenanigans going on beneath as well as the project itself with roots in time travel and thought manipulation of living matter. I know what you're thinking, this cant be true, but who would lie about something like that? Speaking of lies, we also talk about Al Beilek and Presto...more

  • Simulation Theory

    Jun 25 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we enter the prison of artificial reality as we consider the hypothesis of Simulation Theory. The thought experiment that everyday generates more debate both among the scientific community and wider public exposed to the notion that we are all now, or may be someday soon, inside the Matrix. With consideration from the fields of biological research and quantum physics the scientific evidence adds powerful credence to the theory, but it's in the ancient philosophy and m...more

  • The Zika Virus

    Jun 17 2016

    LIVE CHAT - On this episode, our first live chat episode, we talk about The Zika Virus and its implications on the human race. The olympics are coming to Brazil in 2016 and this virus is worrying visitors, and why wouldn't it? The side effects of this Zika virus, apart from muscle pain and flu like symptoms, include the chance of you giving birth to a baby with microcephaly, which is a malformity in the womb resulting in a baby with a much smaller brain and skull. This leads to many of it own co...more

  • Sasquatch

    Jun 11 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we go into the deep woods to search for the legendary Sasquatch. We'll discuss the rumored existence of the veritable King of the Cryptids, who has remained one of the cornerstones of the conspiracy world. We'll look at the fervent searches into the creature's existence that have yielded the sprawling mass of audio, photo and video evidence available on the internet and the ancient wildman folklore that has permeated every culture of humanity. We also delve into the s...more

  • Season 4 Announcement

    Jun 01 2016

    Here is the pre-season episode letting you know all the news and progress Gordo and Paul have made in the past 4 weeks. Our new season has a few surprises and 14 more awesome episodes with some old friends and new. We also talk about the experimental new live show format :)________________________This podcast is supported by the generous donations of the wonderful folks over at Patreon. If you want to support the show and get exclusive content, ad-free episodes, access to live chats and private ...more

  • Hitler and The Nazi Occult

    May 01 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we go inside the world of Adolf Hitler and thetales of Nazi occultism. The theories that an ancient paganrituals, esoteric religious studies and occult powers that fueledboth the rise and rhetoric of the Third Reich. We'll cover the Thule, Vril and other secret societies that wereinstrumental in the events of World War 2. We also cover the cadreof mediums, psychics, tarot readers, astrologers, numerologists andclergy who surrounded the hierarchy of the Nazis and inves...more

  • The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy

    Apr 16 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we discuss the somewhat overshadowed assassination of Bobby Kennedy. Younger brother to the infamous JFK, former Attourney General and at the time of his death, highly probable candidate for the next President of the United States. Hewas gunned down, under suspicious circumstances on June 6th, 1968 in the Ambassador Hotel at the hands of purported mind controlvictim Sirhan Sirhan. Bobby Kennedy was on the fast track to the White House, withalliances with civil rights ...more

  • The Death of Princess Diana

    Apr 02 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we cover the life and infamous death of Princess Diana and the numerous conspiracy theories that rage across tabloidpages. From her marriage to Prince Charles and the birth of William the future King of England to the many infidelities and tireless charity work that catapulted her to global stardom andadoration. We talk about the secret tapes that were released to the worldspress and the volatile relationship she had with the media, whichsome say led to her eventual d...more

  • Necronomicon

    Mar 19 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we cover the works and life of the literary pioneer and father of modern occult media HP Lovecraft and morespecifically his most famous creation, the fabled Book of the Deadknown as the Necronomicon. The Necronomicon gave birth to the Cult of Cthulhu and much ofLovecrafts other work has spawned other such horror staples, all ofwhich have entered the cultural consciousness and blurred the linesof reality between his vivid and disturbing fictions and theterrifying facts...more

  • Hollow Earth

    Mar 04 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we take a look inside the theories that withinour planet lies a concave world, complete with internal star, thathouses an ecosystem long hidden from our own. Home to an ancient giant race far in advance of our own and prehistoric creatures andmythical energies. Ancient history has always told of realmsbeneath our feet and the fleeting interactions we've had with oursymbiotic downstairs neighbours. We'll cover the testimonies of US Rear Admiral Richard Byrd,U-boat man ...more

  • The Mothman

    Feb 19 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we go hunting for the winged menace andsupernatural oddity that terrorized a small West Virginian town in1966-67. Locals told terrifying tales of being chased by theairborne monster and it's glowing red eyes. Witnesses giving eerilysimilar descriptions of the 7 foot humanoid torso, 14 foot wingspanand demonic presence. Other stories tell of UFO encounters, visitations fromunsettling Men In Black, strange phone calls, unexplainedillnesses, mutagenic toxic waste and oth...more

  • James Holmes and The Aurora Cinema Shooting

    Feb 05 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we screen every angle of the numerous conspiracytheories and false flag allegations that surround the Batmantheater shooting. In 2015 James Holmes was convicted of the murder of 12 people and got over 3000 year sentence for injuring 70 in a horrificattack that seemed to come straight from the pages of a comicbook. Clad all in black body armour, sporting a gas mask over hisorange hair and with an arsenal of weapons, his 2012 attack isladen with inconsistencies surround...more

  • Josef Fritzl

    Jan 22 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we tear open the cellar door and descend deep into the depths of depravity as we talk about the Monster ofAmstetten. A disturbed fiend, a merciless abuser, and a master ofdeception, Josef Fritzl. From his troubled adolescent life in Nazi occupied Austria tohis early perverted behavior and sexual crimes we'll examine themaking of a monster. We'll also cover the 24 years of torture his family suffered,the other crimes he's suspected of committing and the incredibleway i...more

  • Snowden, Assange and Wikileaks

    Jan 08 2016

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we look at Edward Snowden, Julian Assange,Wikileaks, the newly formed fifth estate and the ensuing war onwhistleblowers. The current raging debate surround the sharing ofclassified cables and state secrets and the slow erosion of ourprivacy online. Through the life of Julian Assange and the creation of Wikileakswe cover the incredible history of data and secret documentreleases such as the Guantanamo torture techniques and ScientologyManuals, culminating in the Bradle...more

  • Jesus Christ - The Christmas Conspiracy

    Dec 25 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode, our Christmas special edition; we cover the biggest name ofthem all. The shepherd who walks beside us, the man who died forour sins, and one of the greatest six-packs of all time. It's Jesus 'Lamb of God' Christ. From Gnostic Gospels and Dead Sea Scrolls to straight scriptureof chapter and verse we talk about the life and times, trials andtribulations, crucifixion and resurrection and the soothe sayingpsalms of many people's personal Lord and savior. Featuring JohnTh...more

  • John Titor - Time Traveller

    Dec 11 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we cover an internet sensation, whose flurry of posts talking about time travelling military missions, future predictions and the format of the universe, sparked a debate on their veracity which still continues today, this is the tale of John Titor - Time TravellerJohn Titor proclaimed himself a visitor from an alternateuniverse in the year 2036. Bringing with him tales of a not too distant future where man has harnessed the technology for time travel, but is recoveri...more

  • The Death of Kurt Cobain

    Nov 27 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we take a look at the life and death of Kurt Cobain, the musical icon whose meteoric success was only rivaled byhis meteoric drug habit. Since his shocking death at the age of 27 rumors have swirled of inconsistencies in the evidence and a botched police investigation.Rumors that have centered on the people closest to him. From platinum selling albums to Rohypnol induced overdoses we'llcover all the leads, the lies and the sex, drugs and rock 'n' rollof the voice of G...more

  • Jim Jones and The Jonestown Massacre

    Nov 13 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we take a look at the largest cult killings ofmodern times and the man who made it happen, Jim Jones and TheJonestown Massacre. We cover the life and mind of the charismatic chief of thisgroup of allegedly brain washed Americans and the forces ofcorruption and control that both protected and projected the churchthey called The People's Temple. From Brazil to Russia with a final, ominous stop in Guyana. We discuss dead congressmen and dead babies, all the mayhem,madnes...more

  • The Amityville Horror

    Oct 30 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we look at the house in New York State that wasstage to the Amityville Horror, a connection of events coveringtales of horrific mass murder and demonic possessions. We cover the DeFeo family murders and the inconsistencies andabonormalities of the case and the theories running from ghostlyintervention to mafia killings. We also look at the story of the Lutz family and their claims ofhauntings and paranormal phenomena driving them terrified from theAmityville house and...more

  • Season 3 Announcement

    Oct 09 2015

    This is a mini episode and our intro to Season 3. We have made some changes over the summer and this episode just keeps you up to speed with what we are doing and gives you the need to know TCG information. ________________________This podcast is supported by the generous donations of the wonderful folks over at Patreon. If you want to support the show and get exclusive content, ad-free episodes, access to live chats and private social media like Instagram and Discord and a whole load of other s...more

  • The Georgia Guidestones

    Sep 18 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we cover the Georgie Guidstones, a set ofgranite tablets likened to America's Stonehenge, inscribed with amessage of a reduced and harmonized global population. We look at the secretive history and creation of thesecommandments of an age of reason and the questions raised of theirmysterious benefactor and their institutional connections. We also discuss the ideology espoused on the multi-lingualmessage of the stones, the validity of their assertions, celestialmarkings...more

  • Denver International Airport

    Sep 04 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we take a trip to the Denver InternationalAirport, home of the world's second largest airport, and a wholehost of conspiracy theories since it's opening in 1995. We look at the tales of a DUMB buried below the campus housingrumors of UFOs and military staging grounds for the New World Orderand we cover the incredible construction and anomalies of the DIA. From overt Freemason imagery and globalization murals to baggageclaims monsters and demonic steeds we check every ...more

  • Zecharia Sitchin

    Aug 21 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we cover the life and works of Zecharia Sitchin,whose Earth Chronicles series rewrite the history of mankindthrough his interpretations of the texts of ancient Sumer. We look at Sitchin's history and path that led him to study thecuneiform tablets of Sumer and the influences that shaped his workdetailing the existence of the planet Nibiru and the history of theAnnunaki, our genetic creators. From biblical deluges to extra terrestrial bunny ranches wedelve deep into th...more

  • Charles Manson and The Manson Family

    Aug 07 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we look at the pseudo religious, psycho sexual, drug induced, identity erasing cult that graduated into a murderous gang that sought to ignite a race war to end all society in an event known as Helier Skelter and became the focal point of the vilification of the hippy movement at the end of the 1960s when the deaths of a Hollywood Hills house of celebrities brought one name to the forefront of mainstream media, Charles Manson.The tale of Charlie Manson and his 'family...more

  • The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

    Jul 24 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we look at the Moon landing of Apollo 11 and thenumerous conspiracy theories which challenge it's story. Theories that have raged endlessly since 1969. We discuss the atmosphere of the age and the fever of the spacerace that led to the Apollo 11 mission. We look at the build up,launch and mission plan of what is still considered a one in amillion chance of success. We also cover the numerous theories, laden with photo, video,testimonial and scientific evidence of the ...more

  • Nikola Tesla

    Jul 10 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we discuss the man known as the Master ofLightning. The genius who who is celebrated but considered underappreciated by many, Nikola Tesla. We look at the life and times of the man himself, from hiscelebrity status and asexuality and analyze his personality,abilities and legacy on modern science, and the theories ofincredible, life-changing inventions and discoveries long hiddenfrom society. We'll also cover the conspiracies behind his expungement fromthe scientific c...more

  • Nibiru and The Anunnaki

    Jun 26 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we gaze skyward to the fervent theories of Nibiru, a rogue planet and elliptical orbiting member of our solarsystem and home to an ancient race of progenitor extraterrestrials. We'll cover the numerous reports of video and photographicevidence, the rumors of NASA cover-ups and the current scientificstanding on rogue planets and binary systems. We'll also discuss the Annunaki, the supposed inhabitants of theplanet, and their position in theories as the creators and sla...more

  • The Dyatlov Pass Incident

    Jun 12 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we cover the Dyatlov Pass incident in which 9 Russian students trekked into the Ural mountains, but did notreturn. Months later their bodies are discovered in a chaotic andconfusing scene. We look at the members of the hiking party, their life andhistory, their fateful trip to The Mountain of The Dead and theiractions leading up to their demise. From alien intervention and Yeti attacks to violent tribalretribution and secret weapons tests we discuss the numerousconspi...more

  • The Assassination of John Lennon

    May 29 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we look at the death of the most celebratedcultural figure of the 60's and 70's 'peace and love' movement. The assassination of John Lennon and the ensuing conspiracy theoriesthat rose in the mourning of his death. We'll look at the murderer Mark David Chapman and hisunbelievable and coincidental life leading up to his abhorrent act.His connections to the government, the CIA and its MK Ultra program. We'll also discuss who could be responsible and who could profit fro...more

  • DUMBs and Phil Schneider

    May 15 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this episode we cover, or uncover, the rumored existence of Deep Underground Military Bases. Massive military facilities buriedin secret strategic locations around the globe, said to be home to all manner of experiments and operations. We'll discuss all the ins and outs of the confirmed andunconfirmed reports of DUMBS and focus on the rumored superfacility in Dulce, New Mexico housing a rainbow of extraterrestrial and hybrid creatures. We also revisit a figure who first appeared i...more

  • The Boston Bombings - Part 2

    May 01 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this 2 part episode we cover the hotly debated and rumoredfalse flag event The Boston Marathon Bombings, and the variousconspiracy theories that have sprung forth from the tragic eventand ensuing manhunt. In part 2 we pick up where we left off concluding the manhunt and theories surround the Tsarnaev brothers and their family andtheir involvement with the event and the CIA. We also analyse the factors of why 'false flag' type eventswould be perpetrated, to what end, by whom and ho...more

  • The Boston Bombings - Part 1

    May 01 2015

    DEEP DIVE - On this the first of a 2 part episode, we cover the hotly debated and rumoredfalse flag event The Boston Marathon Bombings, and the variousconspiracy theories that have sprung forth from the tragic eventand ensuing manhunt. In part 1 we look at the event itself and the plethora of videoand photographic evidence that has given rise to conspiracytheories of crisis acting, fake blood, phony limbs and falseidentities. And we discuss the manhunt and following martial law that torethrough ...more

  • Season 2 Announcement

    Apr 22 2015

    On this quick fire catch-up we cover the topics that made up the first Season of episodes and fill in some colour on the research method and production. We also look ahead to what's coming up in the future and what to expect from the Season 2 run, all presented in our TCG style. ________________________This podcast is supported by the generous donations of the wonderful folks over at Patreon. If you want to support the show and get exclusive content, ad-free episodes, access to live chats and pr...more

  • Santa Claus - The Truth Revealed

    Dec 26 2014

    PATREON ONLY - On this episode we cover the international man of mystery thatis St. Nick. The jolly omnipotent philanthropist whose annual watchdog/gift giving service is now firmly rooted in holiday traditions. We look at the life of the man himself and the path that led himto being a saint of the people and how that legacy still promotesfraternity and generosity today. And we'll discuss the origins of the Christmas holiday and thegenesis of it's myriad of traditions, rounding on the shaping an...more

  • Madeleine McCann

    Dec 12 2014

    PATREON ONLY - On this episode we cover the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.The British child who vanished from her families holiday home in Portugal, 2007. We'll look at how the initial police investigation of abduction slowly rounded on the grieving parents and the conspiracy theoriesthat began to circulate in the media and continue today about theirlives, reactions and involvement. From claims of profiteering and corruption through the highestlevels of society we'll discuss all the informat...more

  • The Assassination of JFK - Part 2

    Nov 28 2014

    PATREON ONLY -On this 2 part episode we cover the conspiracies of THE infamousmurder in politics. The Assassination of President John Kennedy isone of the most investigated and contradicted moments in history. In part 2 we ask the riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside anenigma. We discuss the reasons why Kennedy was assassinated. Whostood to gain, and who had the ability to carry out a blackoperation of this scale in full public view. From under fire mob bosses to disgruntled CIA, FBI and militar...more

  • The Assassination of JFK - Part 1

    Nov 21 2014

    PATREON ONLY - On this 2 part episode we cover the conspiracies of THE infamousmurder in politics. The Assassination of President John Kennedy isone of the most investigated and contradicted moments inhistory. In part 1 we look at the day in Dealey Plaza and the massiveinvestigation of the Warren Commission and the challenges made toit's sometimes unbelievable, sometimes impossible report. We'll cover all the theories and information from secondshooters and body switches to patsies firing magic ...more

  • Slenderman

    Nov 07 2014

    PATREON ONLY - On this episode we look at the horror fairytale of theSlenderman. A concoction of Creepypasta, the name for a modernre-imagining or fabrication of scary stories. A spectre of a tall thin man, be-suited and be-tentacled, we'lldiscuss the genesis of this terrifying character and the rabidspread of his mythos and influence amongst lovers of fear. And we'll cover the shocking way this fabricated figure hasfound a place in the real world, through mind and matter, theSlenderman moves to...more

  • Werewolves

    Oct 24 2014

    PATREON ONLY - On this episode we go on the hunt for Werewolves. The mythicalcreature of a half-human, half-wolf hybrid whose roots run deepthroughout civilization. We'll be looking at the historical references of human-animalshifting and the streamlining of these tales into the modernWerewolf fable and it's now legendary status in modern mythos. From Parisian baby eaters to Native American spiritual guides we'll be tracking the curse of the Werewolves and the practical magic their tales have on...more

  • Mermaids

    Oct 17 2014

    PATREON ONLY -On this episode we dive into the underwater world of the marinecryptid and it's mythic depictions throughout mankind's history.Tall tales of mermaids have been around as long as humans havefared the seas. Their classic description is that of alluring female torsos withwith the tail of a fish, skilled sirens who sometimes soothe wearyseamen, and other times lure them to Davy Jones' locker. A creature of the paranormal or a forgotten and undocumentedline of our biological evolution, ...more

  • MK Ultra and Mind Control

    Oct 02 2014

    PATREON ONLY -On this episode we tackle the dark and disturbing world of theMK Ultra program. A mass of varying CIA operations all centered onthe goal of human mind control and behavior modification. Starting in 1950 with the newly formed Central IntelligenceAgency this program was born into an era of a paranoid arms race inweapons, drug and psychological warfare. From LSD blind drops and CIA run brothels to involvement of the revolution movement, anddrug culture, of the 1960's. Continuing cover...more

  • The Sandy Hook School Shooting

    Sep 25 2014

    PATREON ONLY -On this episode we look at the Sandy Hook School shooting, oneof the most polarizing suspected 'False Flag' events in US history.Occurring in December 2012 this mass shooting was carried out in anelementary school leaving 26 people dead in total in a small townin Connecticut. The conspiracy theories are outlandish in their accusations of'crisis acting' on behalf of law enforcement, medical examiners,witnesses and even grieving parents. A conspiracy theory boosted byvideo evidence o...more

  • The Ouija Board

    Sep 17 2014

    PATREON ONLY - On this episode we play with the parlor game that became asupernatural phenomenon. A direct line to the land of the dead or atool to bring out the automatic information contained within all of us? We aim to unlock the secrets of the Ouija board and investigatethe claims of it's connection with an unexplained realm and how itfits into the overall narrative of the world of the paranormal. We also look at the history and genesis of this controversial toy and it's rise in prominence t...more

  • 9/11: The September 11th Attacks

    Sep 10 2014

    PATREON ONLY - On this episode we tackle the grand conspiracy of our generation. The September 11th attacks in New York city. An event which changed the economic and geopolitical landscape of the world as we know it, but one whose official story is among the most challenged in history. Since 2001 huge amounts of videos, reports and expert testimony has contradicted not only the NIST report of the collapse of World Trade Center towers 1, 2 and 7 but also the actions of the US government and milit...more

  • The Philadelphia Experiment

    Sep 10 2014

    PATREON ONLY - On this episode we look at the Philadelphia Experiment. Arumored world War 2 era experiment taking place at the Philadelphia Naval Yard. It's said that the experiment, into practicalapplication of invisibility cloaking for war ships quickly anduncontrollably morphed into an experiment in time space travel. Through the claims of self styled whistle-blower Carlos Allendein 1955 to the more recent additions to the story of government sponsored time traveler Al Bielek this strange and...more