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  • 9 Years and 7000 Podcast Episodes - Show #73

    Jun 13 2020

    June 7, 2020 marked 9 years since I became a full-time professional podcaster. It took me 4 years to start earning a 6 figure income. Here's a few things that you can do to get it done faster. First, hire a coach to help you air-check and up your game. Produce the highest production values you are capable of. Your audience deserves it! Keep improving and find your voice. Once you've found it, start listening to it. You'll be amazed at how fast you'll progress. And of course, whether you're alrea...more

  • Never Have A Crappy Phone Interview Again #72

    May 21 2020

    Interview based shows know only too well that the quality of your show is often limited by the quality of the audio connection. If you're using Skype to Skype domestically, sound quality issues are usually minimal. The problem occurs when you're going Skype to Cellphone, Skype to VOIP or Skype to Landline. Fortunately, the folks at Rode thought of almost everything when they released their Rodecaster Pro. And much of what they didn't think of, they've fixed in their firmware updates.Your cellpho...more

  • Unbeatable Podcasting The Rodecaster Pro and the Cloud 44A #71

    May 05 2020

    Every now and then a piece of equipment is created that has the ability to change an industry. While the Roadcaster Pro may not quite be in that category, it can help even the most green podcaster sound like a pro. It has a suite of features, including professional effects, bluetooth pairing of your phone, computer and mixer and sound pads to easily mix in those great sound effects. You might not need them all or even most of them, but you’ll come to view the Roadcaster Pro as invaluable to your...more

  • Podcasting in the Era of Coronavirus - Ben Kreuger #70

    Apr 24 2020

    With the spread of Coronavirus, everyone is shifting and changing. It’s time to be a leader in these troubled times. A lot of things are shifting. Podcasting is one communicaiton option. There are many, video, writing articles and live events. Podcasting is an incredible option, especially now that being physically around people isn’t going to be an option. If you’re working from home or lost your job and you have a message, then podcasting could be an option. Will the current conditions lead to...more

  • Is the Cloud 44A the Greatest Podcasting Microphone of All Time - MicrophoneViral Pod #69

    Apr 16 2020

    I rave about my Cloud 44a Microphone. It's the successor to the orginal RCA 44a microphone from the 1940's. They are actually using the tooling and fabrication of the ribbon that was used in the original. Then add to that built-in Cloud Lifter preamp and you've got an active ribbon microphone that has unparalleled warmth and depth. It's expensive, retailing at $1599, but I was fortunate to pick-up two of them - very gently used for much less. It was truly love at first site/recording. The mic is...more

  • Podfest 2020 - Viral Podcasting #68

    Mar 16 2020

    Just got back from Podfest. An amazing show that keeps on getting better and better. We actually exhibited there. We’re now offering full podcast editing services. We’ve been doing it informally for years now and figured it was a good time to help people out with their podcast. Also discussed yet again the value of airchecking, getting an third party to listen to your show and provide feedback. I’ve been doing it ever since I got started, nearly 7000 episodes ago. It will really help you out a l...more

  • Challenge Yourself 365 Days Per Year with Ann Bernard #67

    Mar 14 2020

    Ann Bernard started The #365FirstsChallenge as a journey of adding new experiences, actions, and things into your life—that you’ve never done before. It’s a process of enhancing the way you live and squeezing all that you can out of life. Experiencing a wide mixtures of firsts will impact who you are and shape how you continue to live your life. It’s about change and stepping into the unknown. Reconnecting with your childlike mindset. Opening your mind, tapping in your creativity, self-discovery...more

  • Marketing and Monetization - Naresh Vissa #67

    Feb 03 2020

    Naresh Vissa joined us today. When it comes to marketing and monetization, the two go hand-in-hand. Using digital marketing you can turbo-charge your podcast listenership. It means uploading your podcast to multiple platforms. Getting your show out there. And define your niche. Narrow-casting focusing on a particular subject to hone in on your audience’s interest. You want to be an early mover in your niche to maximize your audience. You have to be in it for the long-haul. Commitment and consist...more

  • When Digital Economics Strikes the Home and the Office - Naresh Vissa

    Nov 26 2019

    The digital economy went bust in 2001. Companies started seeking better more cost-effective ways of doing business. Now you can outsource everything, services and manufacturing, etc. It’s more efficient and improves the bottom line. When the next recession hits, it will be the next transformation of the global economy. Naresh is seeing it with his own business, his services have displaced employees and has increased client capabilities. The need to attend trade shows is diminshing. Their cost is...more

  • Battling Back from Financial Ruin - Heather Havenwood

    Nov 04 2019

    Heather Havenwood was always different. While her friends in Texas were simply looking to get married and have a family, she always wanted to be an entrepreneur. She teamed up with a person she thought was trustworthy. They were succeeding beyond her expectations and then the unthinkable happened. Her partner absconded with all their company's assets, leaving Heather holding the bag. This led her to bankruptcy and couch surfing for many months. Finally, she went to an old mentor and asked the qu...more

  • 21st Century Renaissance Man and Podcaster - Paul Gibbons Episode #64

    Oct 16 2019

    Paul Gibbons is a fellow podcaster using science and philosophy to further his audience’s knowledge. He’s opinionated and very secure in his beliefs, but that doesn’t mean he’s not open-minded. He’s willing to look at the facts and change his opinion when required. We talked about why media figures on the right succeed while those on the left fail. As I stated, “It’s not the message, it’s the messenger.” People connect with their favorite media figures and may or may not buy into their message. ...more

  • Crushing Podcasting with Goal Setting - Lunide Louis #65

    Oct 09 2019

    Lunide Louis has a gift and she decided to share it with an audience. But she didn't have one. So she started a podcast with very ambitious audience goals and so far she's exceeded. But her morning wake-up and goal setting program looks like a winner and that's why we're bringing here to you. We're trying some of her specific action steps. If you do too, please let us know how they work out for you. 

  • Viral Podcast - New Equipment, New Capabilities #63 21.Aug.19

    Sep 19 2019

    You know that we're big believers in the constant quest to upgrade our equipment. Two recent additions have made a meaningful contribution to the quality of our shows and the ability to facilitate and expedite our workflow. First we purchased a slightly used Shure KSM 313 Microphone. This Red and Black microphone while being very attractive utilizes a Roswellite rare earth metal ribbon to capture sound. It's most useful for musicians, but it's also a great podcasting mic. The ribbon is great fo...more

  • Viral Podcast -I Finally Found Out How to Be Consistent #62

    Aug 22 2019

    I've often preached the virtues of consistency, while not adhering to them myself. Finally, I decided to put my foot down and force myself to comply. I'm now doing 10 segments per month and have figured out that my producer can simply auto post them at 9am every morning. It's an easy system and it's working. It's one thing to produce the episodes, but it's quite another to actually release them on a schedule. But, it's not that easy. Now I do my show notes and the episodes are ready to go. If yo...more

  • Ben Kreuger - Become A Professional Podcaster #61

    Aug 15 2019

    Ben Kreuger of www.cashflowpodcasting.com joined us and together we explored the evolution of a professional podcaster. Some people start out on a lark and find they have found their calling. Others start out with a distinct brand and business and realize that podcasting can help them to greatly leverage their business. It doesn't really matter how you get there, but Ben believes that once you become an advocate for your audience, you've made the transition. Eventually, if you keep at it, eventu...more

  • Kevin Dumont - Rebel With A Cause #60

    Jun 24 2019

    Kevin Dumont has always been a rebel. With some people, it's just the way they're wired. But not in a negative sense, but rather someone who doesn't go along with the crowd. His investment philosophy is really quite simple, look for gains but always avoid losses. That's rather non-traditional in the current economic cycle. It's a strategy for long term success. That's how his podcast was born, out of a desire to afford investors complete transparency while giving them opportunities to invest for...more

  • Darren Paltrowitz - From the Music Business to Podcasting #59

    May 14 2019

    Darren Paltrowitz was a veteran of the music business. Now he podcasts about the business and interviews many music celebs. We discuss a wide variety of issues facing podcasters and go into the business’s highs and lows. Perhaps of most help to those looking to build their podcasts is our in depth discussion of interviewing do’s and don’ts. Darren is a skilled interviewer with many, many interviews under his belt. We talk about disinterested interviewees, detached complacent subjects and how to ...more

  • David Hooper’s Big Podcast #58

    Apr 24 2019

    David Hooper has done it. He’s written Big Podcast the definitive book on the Podcasting Business. Following in the footsteps of Viral Podcasting, David spent 4 years writing a book about every aspect of creating a Big Podcast. It’s 460 pages chock full of methods and techniques to propel your podcast into the big leagues. And David is well situated to take on the task. A radio/music enthusiast and expert with decades of experience, he goes way beyond simply telling you what equipment to buy and...more

  • Finally a Portable Video/Audio Setup That’s Easy and Works! #57

    Mar 14 2019

    Viral Podcasting is not intended to be a geeky show, highlighting the latest in wonderful life changing tech. However, at Podfest we came across a great unit from Shure - the MV88+Video Kit. It comes with a tripod, an adjustable smartphone mount, a high quality microphone and a great app (iPhone or Android). It makes doing on the fly video or audio a snap. Anyone can use it almost immediately with very little prep. It’s going to be our exclusive audio video setup for when we take our show on the...more

  • Naresh Vissa - You Were Born to Be a Bestseller #55

    Mar 01 2019

    Naresh Vissa has just written his 6th book. Several of them have gone on to become Amazon Bestsellers. His book about podcasting has sold over 12,000 copies, a remarkable achievement. His latest book From Nobody to Bestselling Author appears ready to follow the trend. He covers the basics from how to write, how to be interesting and how to be a marketable author. It's hard to believe that using free dictation software on your smartphone can help turn you into a bestseller. Naresh has a system an...more

  • Chris Krimitsos | Why You Need to Attend Podfest! #54

    Feb 25 2019

    We've been attending Podfest for the last three years. During that time it's really grown. This year from March 7-9, 2019, over 1000 people from around the globe will attend. We've vowed to never miss it again. Whether you're an aspiring podcaster or just someone who's looking to expand your audience, you'll find lots here for you. The networking events are second to none and the people are amazing. We've made some extremely valuable lifetime contacts here. For many of us, it's the only opportun...more

  • Always Be Upgrading Part 2 #53

    Feb 25 2019

    In podcasting as in so many other areas of business/life, you always need to be upgrading, your skills and equipment. I was having some sound quality issues with my set-up. I tried isolating each item to deduce the cause. I checked the microphones, mixer, cables, computer, etc. I finally concluded that my Behringer 4400 Multigate gate/expander was the culprit and so reluctantly disposed of it. I still wanted the ability to have effects, so I decided to seek out a new digital mixer. There's a num...more

  • Dave Jackson - Podcast Trainer Extraordinaire! #52

    Feb 13 2019

    Dave Jackson was a professional trainer and almost too good at his job. Several times he was called into his boss’s office and regrettably shown the door, through no fault of his own. It was always the same story, you’re doing a great job but sales, not so much. The last time it happened, he had a Plan B, become a professional podcaster and teach others how to do the same. Dave started podcasting at a time when almost no one knew what an RSS Feed was. A lot of the podcasting conveniences we take...more

  • Air-check to Get Out of Your Rut #56

    Feb 06 2019

    Recently I was feeling like the show wasn’t progressing; I was in a rut. I still loved podcasting, but I just felt stymied. I called up my radio coach Valerie Geller to get an air-check along with some advice. She reminded me that 9 months earlier I had lost a loved one and it takes a good year to process grief. This was an aha moment that led to the realization that I was in a low-grade depression. We worked on a some better interview techniques, critiqued my audio quality and made a follow-up ...more

  • Andrew Alleman - Getting Guests for Your Podcast #51

    Jan 07 2019

    Andrew Alleman started http://PodcastGuest.com to help podcasters solve the always present problem of getting guests for your show. But what do you do once the guest is on the air? How do you crush interviewing?Andrew brings many great techniques and strategy for nailing the interview. We talk about what to do when your guest is a dud and how to turn them into a star. Interviewing is all about mastering the situation and brining out the best in your guest. Do it right and it’s magic. Do it wrong...more

  • Always Be Upgrading #49

    Dec 18 2018

    It’s very easy to get into a podcasting rut. Everything seems to be going fine and why should you want to upset the applecart. However, investing in technology that will actually improve your show is almost always a good investment. We’re not talking about vanity upgrades where you buy something new just to satisfy an emotional desire. Rather we’re talking about investing in innovations that actually improve the quality of your show. I recently purchased a new Mac Mini 2018. I didn’t buy the top...more

  • Kasim Aslim - Failure is the Best Teacher #50

    Dec 07 2018

    We spoke with bestselling author Kasim Aslim. He shared his life story with us and it was quite touching. At 20 years old he had a booming business and then all of a sudden he lost it all. He was having trouble making ends meet. It was a hellish experience that was life altering. However, rather than be defeated by this defeat, he used it as a learning experience. Today, he credits that experience with his current success and solvency. It’s a matter of learning far more from your successes than ...more

  • Amy Domestico - Profitable Podcasting #48

    Nov 14 2018

    Amy Domestico is the Customer Success Manager for Voxnest. She's been in podcasting for more than a decade and takes the industry very seriously. There's probably no better source for the latest scuttlebutt than  her. Amy believes that the opportunities for making podcasting a career and a high income earner have never been greater. Since Spreaker and Blogtalkradio were combined into Voxnest, there's greater opportunities for monetization than ever. While you might not be able to retire off your...more

  • Marla Isackson - Building a New Podcast Network for Women #47

    Oct 10 2018

    Marla Isackson became somewhat of a reluctant podcaster. At the urging of her team, she hesistantly begans podcasting. That was nearly 40 episodes ago and she's going strong. In the process she uncovered an opportunity to create a network for female and minority podcasters. She's got nearly 150 shows on her site now and expects to be at 250 by year's end. She's going to monetize the site by attracting advertisers with excellent show analytics and metrics. The space is booming now and when Marla ...more

  • The Art of the Interview #46

    Oct 07 2018

    Doing a great interview is an acquired skill and art. Unfortunately there really aren’t any great books on the topic either. Maybe it’s time to write one. There’s a lot more to it than just asked no a bunch of questions. Canned interviews sound canned and will not generate interest. You’ve got to find the angle. You need to find a side of your subject that isn’t well known or common knowledge. Are with a different perspective you can make a difference. Just put your mind to it and think differen...more

  • Get Your Free Podcast/Business/Branding Analysis Now! #45

    Sep 29 2018

    This is our 45th episode. We're very big on paying it forward. That's why I'm making this personal offer to you now. Write to me at kl@kerrylutz.com and I will listen to your podcast and evaluate all of your branding and marketing and furnish you with a SWAT (strengths, weaknesses and threats) report to help you grown at no cost to you. What are you doing right and what are you doing wrong? You probably don't know and no one is out there telling you. Usually you only need to make minor correctio...more

  • Karen Katline - Finding Her Inner Voice #44

    Sep 21 2018

    From a young age Karen Kataline wanted to be a performer. Later she went on to earn her masters in social work from Columbia. This prepared her well for her later role as podcaster. Karen says you've got to learn how to make connections quickly when you're a social worker and the same holds true for podcasting. She fills in for local radio hosts in her area and started her podcast a year ago. She continues to build audience and is looking to monetize and expand. There's a lot of options, but she...more

  • Consistency Equals Podcasting Success - Show #43

    Sep 14 2018

    When it comes to success in podcasting, consistency is the key. Whether it's releasing shows at regular intervals and times or consistent quality, when you deliver your audience comes to trust you and you insure that they download all your episodes as they become avaialble. They understand that you are reliable partner who can be counted upon. When you fail at consistency as I have at numerous times, your credibility will take a hit. You also need to be consistent in self-improvement and improvi...more

  • Liz Soria - For the Love of Podcasting #42

    Aug 30 2018

    Liz Soria hosts a podcast called Tax Advisor & Biz Coach Success. She's been doing it for nearly two years and has over 2000 listeners. She's anxious to monetize the show and she need only look at her audience as potential clients for her services. While there are many other ways to monetize, converting listeners into paying customers is perhaps one of the easiest and most tried and true methods for podcasting success. After all, if someone is listening to a niche podcast, they probably have an ...more

  • Jason Hartman - 8 Figure Podcaster #41

    Jul 10 2018

    Jason Hartman has been podcasting since 2005. During that time he's attracted thousands of clients and 10's of millions in revenues. Being first or among the first always helps, but so does being an investment visionary. Jason has shown over and over again that income property, particularly single family homes for rental, have the best long term returns of any asset class. Even during the 2008-09 financial crisis, most of Jason's clients who listened to him came out better than when they started...more

  • Naresh Vissa - Riding the Podcast Wave to Success #40

    Jul 03 2018

    Naresh Vissa wrote a best selling book about podcasting Podcastnomics several years ago. It's become must reading in the Podcast Industry. He shows how people in many fields have created podcasts that have greatly increased their businesses, sometimes making them millions. Naresh helps podcasters create and produce successful podcasts. He handles all the grunt work, from guest acquisition to production, and from promotion to PR. It's all about connecting with an audience and becoming a vital par...more

  • Bill Powers - Viral Podcasting Really Worked #39

    Jun 27 2018

    Bill Powers started his Mining Stock Education Podcast 2 years ago. He read Viral Podcasting and has implemented many of the strategies. He's now profitable and is still building the company. He's been getting great guests and widespread distribution and the clients are starting to jump on board. He's joined a growing group of people that actually earn a respectable income from their work. He shares with us his journey and his vision for the future. It's all up from here. 

  • The World's a Lot Bigger Than iTunes #38

    May 27 2018

    According to Rob Walch of leading podcast server site Libsyn, 62% of the traffic on their site emanates from iTunes. That's still a very commanding share, but if 100 million people listen to podcasts regularly, that means that 38 million get their podcasts from non-iTunes aggregators. That's a lot of listeners and it opens up tremendous opportunities for aggressive, clever podcasters. Mike Gazzola gets more than 2000 downloads per day from Tunein Radio. He gets similar results from other podcast...more

  • Colin Gray - A Podcaster's Guide to Giving Up Your Day Job #37

    May 06 2018

    Colin Gray was a college professor in the UK when he got bitten by the Podcast bug. It wasn't long before he was giving up his day job and pursuing podcasting as a full time profession. Now he runs multiple podcasts and teaches everyday folks how to start and maintain successful shows. Much like your humble host, Colin has learned all the ins and outs as well as advanced interviewing techniques. He agrees that it is among the hardest things a newbie host must learn.Now he's trying to give aspiri...more

  • Supercharging Skype! #36

    May 01 2018

    The biggest problem I've had doing my podcasting career is the quality of my Skype connection. For such a well established service, it has a number of deficiences. Dropped calls, fadeouts, clicks, latency issues, etc. And yet it appears to be the cleanest shirt in the laundry. Other services promise the moon and the stars, but can't deliver. Worst part is that they rely upon you sending a connection link to get your interviewee on the call. This is often problematical. As a host, you want to be ...more

  • Jay Soderberg a/k/a Podvader Speaks #35

    Apr 09 2018

    Jay Soderberg has been a podcaster since 2005. He was a producer at ESPN and his boss ordered him to become the resident podcasting maven. Not having a choice in the matter, Jay took to the challenge with the passion and intensity he's know for. Now he works for Voxnest, a company which recently acquired Blogtalkradio and Spreaker. He's now working with 10's of thousands of podcasters around the world. The company will be releasing an ad insertion tool that will work with other podcast server si...more

  • John Lee Dumas--Consistently Striving for Greatness #34

    Mar 31 2018

    When it comes to podcasting, everyone knows John Lee Dumas. He's a modern day legend. From starting a podcast with modest goals, he's built an empire. After serving as an officer on the battlefields of Iraq, he went through a number of profitable careers, but always lacked a sense of fulfillment. But he kept at it and eventually gravitated to podcasting. We first connected during a Cliff Ravenscraft mastermind group, when he was just getting started. Fast forward 6 years later, John is living th...more

  • Podcasting Really Does Make a Difference #33

    Mar 27 2018

    I've said it many times before, podcasting can be a solitary profession. Much of the day, you're at your desk working on future episodes, writing articles and trying to figure out ways to be successful. It's not unusual to have self doubts and question whether your decision to become a podcaster was a wise one. Especially when you're trying to monetize and nothing seems to be happening. On a recent episode of my Financial Survival Network Podcast I shared with my audience that my sister was in t...more

  • How To Get High Powered Sponsors for Your Show #32

    Mar 08 2018

    Once you've perfected your interview skills and you've developed a list of companies who you'd love get on board as sponsors, your work has just begun. But use this technique properly and it's virtually guaranteed to work. First, research out everything you can find on the company and it's CEO. All those small details. How did the company start? Where was it founded? What are their sales? Make a list of facts. Then on to the CEO. Where did she grow up? What college did she attend? How did she wi...more

  • Michael Harrison--Changing Mediascape Means Opportunity For Podcasters #31

    Feb 28 2018

    Michael Harrison, owner of Talkers Magazine and Talkers.com joined us. Michael has been watching out for internet radio since before the advent of the RSS Feed. The moment someone got the bright idea of hooking up a pair of speakers to a computer, Michael knew what was coming. The idea of so-called nonprofessionals doing a radio show was something he welcomed. Now, traditional 20th century media is slowly eroding and making way for a more democratized media marketplace. All you have to do to joi...more

  • Never Be Afraid to Re-Brand Yourself #30

    Feb 15 2018

    I came across Tina Conroy at Podfest 2018. Last year she was on the fence about rebranding her podcast and website. Her show was entitled Get Into It. From that title, no one could tell what she was selling, what her podcast was about. I implored her to rebrand. It was a difficult process for her but finally she came up with The Intuitive Woman. This title oozes power. You know exactly what it's about and why you should be listening. And best of all, success almost immediatley followed. She's ge...more

  • Why You Should Attend Podfest #29

    Feb 01 2018

    Chris Krimitsos is the founder of Podfest. I've been to a number of podcasting conferences and new media shows, but this one is by far the best! Chris puts his heart and soul into producing it. And the end result is amazing. Podcasting is a solitary profession. Most of us slave away in our home studios producing shows and content and forgetting about the world around us. Podfest gives you an opportunity to connect with kindred souls from around the globe. And this year promises to be the best Po...more

  • The Future Belongs to Podcasting #28

    Feb 01 2018

    I belong to a podcaster mastermind group. It's a group of experienced podcasters who are right in the thick of things. We had a guest on last week, Michael Harrison, owner of Talkers.com. He was very pessimistic about the future of terrestrial radio. Over the last 15 years, what used to be local independently owned radio stations have become part of massive radio station empires. This led to a decline in programming, especially local, and the rise of the bean counter. Management no longer listen...more

  • Podcasting Pioneer Sees Unlimited Growth Ahead #27

    Jan 23 2018

    Rob Walch started out podcasting in 2004. The field was wide open. He quickly learned that it's all about the content. Invest the time to make a great show and the world will beat a path to your doorstep. And it's been working out that way ever since. He's written two books on the subject that have become bestsellers. While there's a lot of people out there plying the trade, Rob believes that the opportunity to excel is greater than ever. It just takes the right mix of getting the technology rig...more

  • Invest in Your Podcast and Yourself #26

    Jan 11 2018

    Successful podcasting requires a number of values and skills. The biggest investment you will make is your time, assuming that you really want to make a go of this. Your time is your most valuable commodity. We all have limited amounts and therefore any time we undertake a project, we are making the ultimate investment. But your time alone is not enough. Spend a few hundred dollars and get decent equipment. A mixer, a quality microphone, a microphone boom arm and shock absorber at a minimum. Inv...more

  • Todd Cochrane--Pioneer of Podcasting #25

    Nov 20 2017

    Todd Cochrane is one of the pioneers of podcasting. He wrote the first book on podcasting. He had been a blogger and by his own admission, not a good one. He was in the services and was injured. He volunteered to go to Waco, TX and had a lot of down time. He heard about podcasting and picked up a $14 headset. He made a lot of mistakes out of the gate. There was no formula for success back then. It always helps to be early in an industry. The audience skyrocketed and the rest is history. Now, he'...more

  • A.J. Wilcox--Monetize with LinkedIn #24

    Nov 09 2017

    A.J. Wilcox joined us for a discussion of social media promotion with an emphasis on LinkedIn! Most people considering using paid advertising to promote their brand do not think of LinkedIn. It's much costlier than Facebook or Google. However, if you have a high dollar, high margin product or service that is geared primarily towards the B2B market, it might be the right fit. LinkedIn gives you the ability to more narrowly target your potential audience better than any other platform out there. Y...more

  • Chris Krimitsos--The Messengers 2018 - Podcasting Movie #23

    Oct 23 2017

    During Podfest Chris Krimitsos had an inspiration. Why not do a movie about Podcasters and Podcasting. He traveled throughout the US and even went to Guatemala to capture the essence of podcasting. In a way all podcasters are messengers and that's how they came up with the name. It's all about spreading ideas and getting a message out. Financing the movie was a challenge. Within two weeks Chris had run out of money. It's hard to appreciate how quickly costs run up when making a movie. Chris self...more

  • Keys to Effectively Editing Your Podcast #22

    Oct 13 2017

     Editing is a sticky issue, especially with beginning podcasters, but even more experienced ones are often guilty. The purpose of editing isn't supposed to make you sound perfect. Over-editing/over-productions makes you sound unnatural and fake. You can edit your way to perfection, but is that really what you want. Don't be overcritical of yourself. It was cause you to be disappointed with your performance, no matter how good it might be.  Edit out obvious blunders, mistakes and miscues. Filter ...more

  • Don't Mess with Your Brand, Ever! #21

    Oct 04 2017

    As a podcaster you need to be obsessed with your brand. But you can never take it for granted. Just because you've been successful in the past, doesn't mean that you can say or do anything you please. The United State's business history is littered with companies who have jumped the Branding Shark. Coca cola, General Motors, Ford, IBM and the list goes on and on. Bigger companies may have the ability to reverse their mistake, but for smaller entities - such as podcasters - this move can be fatal...more

  • Anthony Rigogliosi--Professional Podcast Production for All! #20

    Sep 15 2017

    Anthony Rigogliosi is a podcastninja. A relative newcomer to the podcasting scene, Anthony felt himself attracted to the community after hearing his first podcast several years ago. From a young age, he preferred to get his information via the spoken word. He wasn't much of a reader and graphics wasn't his thing either. Like so many podcasters, once he started listening, he was hooked. He started learning everything he could about the medium and now he produces podcasts for other hosts. It's one...more

  • Fixing Room Echo and Improving Skype Quality #19

    Sep 08 2017

    Just moved my studio once again. What a pain it can be. I can hook up the mixer and microphone and all the equipment within 15-20 minutes. But then comes the hard part, making your show sound as good as it was in your old studio. This was a real challenge in my new studio, because it had a lot of echo and it's a very lively room. In addition, the Skype signal was constantly dropping and getting garbled. I even received several complaints from our listeners saying that the show's audio quality ha...more

  • Posting Your Podcasts to YouTube #18

    Sep 04 2017

    While podcaster server5 websites come and go, YouTube is by far the largest podcast server in existence. Literally millions of podcasts have been posted there. Many are unaware that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after it's parent Google. This means that when you post a podcast to YouTube, there are potentially billions of YouTubers who can discover your work product. Until recently, it was a pain to post your podcast to YouTube. It required taking you WAV or MP3 file a...more

  • Tyler Sheff's Podcasting For Introverts #15

    Aug 26 2017

    Tyler Sheff's podcast took off when he found his inner voice. An introvert by nature, podcasting allowed him to connect with large numbers of people and break out of his shell. Following his passion for real estate and his desire to get potential investors accurate and actionable information, he conceived of the CashFlowGuys Podcast. In a little more than a year, he's gotten over 200,000 downloads. It's helped him get clients and he's helped change people's lives. By far, it's the most satisfyin...more

  • International Podcasting Is Taking Off with Italian Podcaster Giorgio Minguzzi

    Aug 23 2017

    As it becomes more mature growth of the US podcasting industry is slowing, however in the rest of the world it's just beginning to take hold. Giorgio Minguzzi started his Italian digital marketing podcast nearly 2 years ago. While the equipment was easy to come by, except for his Heil PR-40, the expertise required to produce a great show wasn't. Especially in his native Italian Language. Giorgio spent nearly a month discovering the intricacies of the good old Mix-Minus. If only he had found Clif...more

  • Do Live Interviews to Increase Excitement #16

    Aug 16 2017

    Doing interviews in a live setting can be a lot of fun or a nightmare. The first time I ever did a live interview was in a grand ballroom with 5000 present. I didn't have time to prepare interview questions or do proper preparation. I was truly on my own. Somehow the adrenaline kicked and the questions started spewing from my lips. The interviewees seem to respond well and I began to relax. Later when I played back the interviews they sounded pretty good. The crowd noise in the background really...more

  • Ben Krueger--Keys to Successful Podcasting #14

    Jul 09 2017

    Ben Krueger of CashFlowPodcasting is an accomplished podcasters and helps others to create successful and profitable podcasts. Ben looks for cliets who are already successful. As the saying goes, "Nothing succeeds like success." Ben says, if someone is already successful in their business pursuits, then creating a profitable podcast is almost guaranteed. Like so many other podcasters, Ben's career kind of took off after some lucky breaks. He was already a major podcast fan and listener. Then eve...more

  • Get a Coach - Get a Life! #14

    Jun 21 2017

    Very few successful people in life have done it all on their own. Talk with anyone at the top of their profession and the odds are they've had a number of mentors or coaches along the way. A good coach is often hard to find, but you'll no doubt be rewarded for your efforts. But make sure you listen to your coach. You don't have to agree with everything they say, but if you've got the right person, they won't tell you to do something unless they absolutely know it works. It's really that simple. ...more

  • Daniel J. Lewis--There's Always Opportunities In Podcasting #13

    Jun 13 2017

    Daniel J. Lewis has been podcasting since 2007 and also help people find podcasting success. Daniel got his start by listening to other people’s podcasts such as TWIT and Grammar Girl. Daniel launched The Audacity to Podcast in 2010. Longevity in podcasting means a lot. Starting out Daniel’s biggest obstacle was  building an audience. He learned this skill by the seat of his pants. It was easier in 2010 than it is today. How do you get people to discover your content? You have to find your audie...more

  • But I Have A Lousy Voice #12

    Jun 02 2017

    I hear so many people bemoan the fact that they don't have a good voice. Fortunately, there's no requirement that you have an operatic or Shakespearean quality voice to become a great podcaster or radio talk show host. Some of the most famous people out there have not so pleasant sounding voices. Look at Howard Stern. His voice is nasally, twangy and highly New Yorked. It hasn't seemed to hinder his success in the least. If you do have a great, it by no means guarantees your success. A guy in Ne...more

  • You Are A Brand - Now Let the World Know About It! #11

    May 26 2017

    In business branding has become an essential element of success. Nowhere is branding more important than in making a podcast go viral. Branding will help make your show become sticky. Cliff Ravenscraft is a perfect examply of successful branding. He is the Podcast Answerman. Or Pat Flynn of Simple Passive Income. You're going to invest a lot of time, effort and money into building your brand. Don't do things that will damage your brand, i.e. politics and religion, unless your show is dedicated t...more

  • It's All About The Story - Mastering Storytelling #10

    May 19 2017

    In podcasting as in radio, the first thing you must understand is what my good friend Wayne Allyn Root says, "Facts tell and stories sell!" Telling facts doesn't create audience engagement, in fact it will often do the opposite. Telling stories is our greatest asset as everyone wants to hear a good story. If you want to buiild a large audience you've got to become a master storyteller. That's not an easy task, I'm always learning how to better tell a story, even after all these years. If you clo...more

  • ABM - Always Be Monetizing #9

    May 09 2017

    Time to get down to monetization. Always be monetizing if and when you're ready to. First you need to build an audience. You've been guest posting, you've been promoting, you've been crushing it! Doing a podcast is no guarantee of success. However, if you've got superior content, excellent audience engagement, you're being real and your numbers/analytics are starting to take off, then it's time. You're skills as an entertainer have really come into their own. Do it right and your show will suppo...more

  • Pay Close Attention to Your Analytics #8

    Apr 20 2017

    As a podcaster you need to become an expert in analytics. What are analytics? Simply stated, they're statistics. How many downloads are you getting? How many of them are duplicate downloads? Where does you audience come from? What countries? What percentage of your audience is male/female? All of these numbers are interesting, but they're very important. Before I started making money off the show, analytics was all I had. Also, make sure that you've enabled your site for Google Analytics where y...more

  • Making Your Show Go Viral #7

    Apr 14 2017

    How to make your show go viral. First, you need to determine your show's format. In podcasting there are no courses to really show you how to create a successful show format. Now, it's starting to catch on and there are podcasting courses in school. There are many formats, including: interview, monologue, commentary, hybrid and many more. Of course as previously stated, you need to pick the right name. Trademark your name as soon as you can. My show's name wasn't be best. I looked for great gues...more

  • To Script or Not To Script #6

    Apr 07 2017

    Should you write a script for your podcast or just wing it. It depends upon you. If you're a subject matter expert and can talk without notes about your topic, then by all means go ahead and don't use one. If not, at least come up with bullit points for your commentary or discussion. When interviewing a guest, often times your guest will ask for a copy of the questions up front. We do this on the show, however with the proviso that we will not be bound by the questions. There's nothing worse and...more

  • Time to Start Air Checking #5

    Mar 31 2017

    Air checking is vital to every podcaster, but the odds are you don't even know what it is. Simply stated, you sit down with your producer or other respected party and critically review a recent episode you've done. You cover the good, the bad and the ugly. It's best done in a non-judgmental, constructive manner. The goal is to improve your game, not to crush you. When I sit down with Valerie, we check my use of imagery, how am I using the word "you" to connect with the audience, am I using radio...more

  • Choosing The Right Equipment and Optimizing Your Production Values #4

    Mar 29 2017

    There's loads of equipment choices out there for every budget. You can start with a cheap $20 headset and move on from there. We use a Heil PR-40 Microphone, the gold standard of podcasting, a Mackie PRO-FX8 Mixer, a Behringer Gate/Compressor/Limiter and some other things to give the best possible sound. Quality equipment and sound editing practices go hand and hand with high production values. As Cliff Ravenscraft says, "High production values won't get people to listen to your podcast, but it ...more

  • Be Authentic - Always Be Yourself! #3

    Mar 27 2017

    This seems so obvious I almost hesitated to bother with it, and yet there's so many people out there doing podcasts and being inauthentic. Like myself, many of you grew up in the 1970's with the crazy, zaney radio guy. You know the voice. It's as fake as a three dollar bill. There's just no room for it in our society today. And yet so many people try to emulate it and they succeed and thereby fail. Don't be something you're not and don't be somebody you aren't. Proudly admit your faults and your...more

  • Who's Your Target Audience - How Do You Identify Them? #2

    Mar 27 2017

    Before you start podcasting you'll need to identify the people who you think will be listening to your podcast, your target audience. What is their sex, their income level, their geographic location, their marital status, employment status etc. Look at your Google Analytics, your podcast server analytics, as well any other information you can accumulate about your likely audience. Look at market surveys, there's plenty of them available to you on the internet at no cost. Never assume your audien...more

  • Naming Your Podcast - What's In A Name? Lesson #1

    Mar 27 2017

    This could be the most important thing you do. Naming your podcast is perhaps the first major decision you will make once you decide to do a podcast. Too many would be podcasters put too little thought into this important task. A great name can propel your podcast into the stratosphere. A bad name could condemn it to obscurity. All too often podcasters choose mediocre names that do nothing to help them promote their brand and their podcast. You need to put a lot of time and thought before you na...more

  • Welcome To Viral Podcasting--Time To Transform Your Podcast

    Mar 27 2017

    Welcome to Viral Podcasting. If you want to start a podcast or you're looking to bring your existing podcast to the next level, you've come to the right place. I suggest your purchase two books that I believe you will find extremely useful and perhaps indispensible to your podcasting career. First, my mentor, Valerie Geller's book Beyond Powerful Radio: A Communicator's Guide to the Internet Age?News, Talk, Information & Personality for Broadcasting, Podcasting, Internet, Radio and my book Viral...more