White Horse Inn

Do all paths lead to God? Is the Bible history or mythology? Are we saved by grace or good works? Featuring panelists from a variety of Christian traditions, this program seeks to answer questions like these by paying close attention to the text of Scripture in its original historical context. If you want to better understand what you believe and why you believe it, subscribe to this podcast!


  • The Servant Leader

    Aug 18 2019

    What lessons should we draw from the fact that Jesus washed his disciples feet? How did people think about foot washing in the ancient world, and why was it necessary in the first place? The hosts will discuss the fascinating cultural background to this scene which helps to shed light both on the significance of Jesus’ actions, and what it means for us today. On this program the hosts arrive at chapter 13 in their year-long series on The Gospel of John.

  • WHI-Classic: Questions of Faith, Part 2

    Aug 14 2019

    If there is no God, and matter is all there is, then how can we account for order and design in the universe? How are we to account for morality if we are nothing more than matter in motion? We recently asked a number of college students several questions like these. On this program the hosts will listen to and interact with their answers. Joining the panel again is Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason (originally aired 04-14-13).

  • Who Has Believed Our Report?

    Aug 11 2019

    If Jesus really was the Jewish messiah, then why did his own people end up rejecting him? Well, as we have seen throughout the Gospel of John, though Jesus was ultimately rejected by the Judaean authorities (Jn. 1:11), many Jews in his day did end up believing in him (Jn. 7:31, 8:30, 10:42, etc.). But as we’ll see on this program, the fact that the messiah would end up being despised and rejected was actually something that the prophet Isaiah described centuries in advance.

  • WHI-Classic: Questions of Faith, Part 1

    Aug 07 2019

    Most people in our day tend to think of religious faith as a blind leap, something that’s opposed to reason and rationality. Though that may be true for many religions, is this true of the Christian faith? Joining the panel to discuss this issue is Greg Koukl, author of Tactics and Faith is Not Wishing (originally aired 04-07-13).

  • The Triumphal Entry

    Aug 04 2019

    What is the significance of the fact that Christ made his triumphal procession into Jerusalem in humility, riding on a donkey? What do Jesus’ actions on this occasion tell us about himself and the kingdom he came to inaugurate? Also, what Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in this important scene? Join us as the hosts discuss these questions and more as they work their way through chapter 12 of the Gospel of John.

  • WHI Classic: Keeping our Kids, Part 2

    Jul 31 2019

    On this program, Michael Horton continues his conversation with Greg Koukl and Brett Kunkle about the importance of preparing our youth for a life of faith in a secular age. Not only should they be taught what they believe and why, but before they leave home, they should also be given some basic training in how to communicate their faith, and how to answer those with opposing points of view (originally aired 05-25-14).

  • Jesus’ Death Foretold

    Jul 28 2019

    After Lazarus has been raised from the dead, many people begin to believe that Jesus may actually be the Messiah. But this does not sit well with the Jerusalem authorities who begin to fear how the Romans might respond to all this. So Caiaphas, who was high priest that year, argued that it would actually be better that one man should die for the people, rather than that the whole nation should perish. On this episode, the hosts will discuss the significance of this statement and its implications...more

  • WHI Classic: Keeping Our Kids, Part 1

    Jul 24 2019

    On this edition of the White Horse Inn, Michael Horton talks with Greg Koukl and Brett Kunkle from Stand to Reason about various strategies of passing the faith on to the next generation. In particular, Brett discusses his own crisis of faith during his first semester of college, and how that crisis ended up affecting his unique approach toward youth ministry (originally aired 05-18-14).

  • I Am the Resurrection & the Life

    Jul 21 2019

    Because the resurrection of Lazarus is not recorded in any of the other Gospels, some have argued that it should be rejected as a kind of fictional element that John has included in his account of the Jesus story. But is this a reasonable hypothesis? On this program, the hosts will discuss some of the fascinating similarities between John chapter 11 and a parable that Jesus tells in Luke 16. They’ll also discuss the theological implications of Jesus’ ability to give life to the dead.

  • WHI Classic: Youth Ministry in Crisis

    Jul 17 2019

    According to the most conservative estimates, over 60 percent of those raised in evangelical homes end up leaving church at age 18. In some cases the estimates range as high as 90 percent. So what are we doing wrong? Why are we failing to pass the faith on the next generation, and what should churches and parents do to address this crisis? To help answer these questions, we'll talk with Christian Smith, J.I. Packer, Thomas Bergler, and others (originally aired 05-04-14).

  • My Sheep Hear My Voice

    Jul 14 2019

    Why is it that some respond positively to the voice of the Good Shepherd while others do not? The explanation that Jesus himself gives in John chapter 10 is that at the end of the day, his sheep are the ones who hear his voice and that those who persist in unbelief are not among his sheep. What are the implications of this message on grace and free will? Are these new ideas or are they rooted in concepts taught throughout the Old Testament? Shane Rosenthal discusses these questions and more with...more

  • WHI Classic: Soli Deo Gloria

    Jul 10 2019

    What does it mean to glorify God, and why did the Reformers make such a fuss about glorifying him alone? On this edition of White Horse Inn, the hosts, along with Dr. James Montgomery Boice, conclude their series on the slogans of the Reformation (originally aired 10-31-93).

  • I Am the Good Shepherd

    Jul 07 2019

    On this program, the hosts arrive at John chapter 10 as Jesus claims to be the Good Shepherd. But when we compare this claim to various Old Testament promises, we see that this is actually another clear reference to Jesus’ divinity, since Yahweh himself is frequently described as the shepherd of Israel. Furthermore, Jesus says that he—unlike all the unfaithful shepherds throughout Israel’s long history—has ultimately come to lay down his life for his sheep.

  • WHI Classic: The Priesthood of All Believers

    Jul 03 2019

    Many Christians today think that their secular vocations are less spiritual than “full-time Christian ministry.”  What is the proper view of mission and vocation? On this program, the hosts discuss these questions as they unpack the Reformation slogan:  “The priesthood of all believers" (originally aired 10-24-93).

  • The Truth Will Set You Free

    Jun 30 2019

    In chapter 8 of John’s Gospel, Jesus says, “If you abide in my word you are truly my disciples and you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” But are churches in our time known for their love of truth? Are we really making disciples who abide in Jesus’ words, or merely entertaining consumers with feel-good messages and upbeat worship? That’s what’s on tap for this edition of the program as we present a classic White Horse Inn panel discussion of chapters 8 and 9 of the Gospel of...more

  • WHI Classic: Christ Alone

    Jun 26 2019

    Some people say that there are many paths to God, while others say that Christ is the only way. Which of these teachings is supported by Scripture? On this edition of White Horse Inn, the hosts discuss “Christ alone” with special guest R.C Sproul (originally aired 10-17-93).

  • The Light of the World

    Jun 23 2019

    What Scriptures did Jesus have in mind when he taught that living water would flow from the hearts of those who believe in him? Similarly, when he claimed to be the light of the world, what Old Testament promises was he alluding to? Is the story of the woman caught in adultery an authentic part of the Fourth Gospel or a later addition? On this episode, Shane Rosenthal discusses these questions and more with Andreas Kostenberger as they unpack the historical and theological significance of chapte...more

  • WHI Classic: Faith Alone

    Jun 19 2019

    Martin Luther said that the doctrine of justification by faith alone was the article on which the church stands or falls.What do contemporary Protestants think about this doctrine today? On this program, the hosts discuss the Reformation slogan: “Faith alone” (originally aired 10-10-93). 

  • If Anyone Thirsts

    Jun 16 2019

    In John chapter 7, Jesus arrives at the Jerusalem temple during the Feast of Booths and says, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.” When the authorities asked the guards why they didn’t arrest Jesus, they replied by saying, “No one ever spoke like this man!” What was so significant about Jesus’ words uttered at this particular festival? Shane Rosenthal discusses this with New Testament scholar Andreas Kostenberger, author of Encountering John: The Gospel in Historical, Literary and ...more

  • WHI Classic: Grace Alone

    Jun 12 2019

    Does God help those who help themselves? Are we acceptable to God on the basis of our own good works? Do we get credit for choosing to follow Christ? On this classic episode, the hosts take a look at the Reformation slogan, “grace alone,” in order to get a better understanding of God’s unmerited favor (originally aired 10-03-93).

  • Drawn by God

    Jun 09 2019

    What does Jesus mean when he says in John 6 that “no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.” Is he saying that God must take the first step by inwardly wooing and attracting men to himself, which then gives everyone the ability to make a free-will decision? Is Jesus implying here that God is at work in the hearts of all men, even though most people reject him? Or is Jesus teaching in this passage that God sovereignly and mercifully draws the elect to himself and enables them...more

  • WHI Classic: Scripture Alone

    Jun 05 2019

    Is the church guided more by worldly wisdom than the text of Scripture? On this edition of White Horse Inn, the hosts begin a new series on the slogans of the Protestant Reformation and discuss how recovering these ideas are crucial for the health of today’s church. The first program in this series features a discussion of the Reformation slogan: “Scripture alone”(originally aired 09-26-93).

  • The Bread of Life

    Jun 02 2019

    Throughout our current series on the Gospel of John, we’ve encountered numerous parallels to the story of the Israelite exodus from Egypt. For example, Jesus is presented throughout this Gospel as the ultimate sacrificial lamb, the true and final tabernacle, and the source of living water. Additional parallels to the exodus are explored in this episode as the hosts arrive at John chapter 6, in which Jesus miraculously feeds multitudes in the wilderness and proclaims himself to be the true manna ...more

  • WHI Classic: You Foolish Galatians!

    May 29 2019

    The doctrine of justification is the main subject of Paul’s letter to the Galatians. And as he argues, it’s not merely one doctrine among many, but rather a crucial component of the Christian gospel. In fact, Martin Luther argued that justification by faith alone was actually “the doctrine upon which the church stands or falls.” But how does this doctrine fare in our own day among contemporary Christians? Tune in to find out (originally aired 07-18-93).