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Do all paths lead to God? Is the Bible history or mythology? Are we saved by grace or good works? Featuring conversations with Christians from a variety traditions, this program is designed to give you a better understanding of what you believe and why you believe it.


  • From Drama to Doctrine

    Jul 21 2021

    WHI Classic • Many Christians today have uncritically accepted the idea that “doctrine is irrelevant,” without even realizing that this very idea is itself a doctrine. In fact, the very moment one turns away from any particular belief or opinion, other beliefs rush in to fill the void. So everyone has a doctrine, but the question is whether our beliefs and assumptions about God or the world in which we live are true, false, or somewhere in between (originally aired 1-15-21). __________ Become a ...more

  • Wrestling with God

    Jul 18 2021

    As Jacob returns to the promised land in Genesis 32, he’s attacked in the middle of the night. As the two men struggle until the break of day, it slowly begins to dawn on Jacob that there’s something special about his wrestling partner. In fact, by the end of the encounter, it’s revealed to Jacob that he’s actually been “striving with God.” Many commentators suggest that the patriarch wrestled with God in order to receive a divine blessing, but is that really what’s going on here? At what point ...more

  • The Greatest Story Ever Told

    Jul 14 2021

    WHI Classic • The Bible did not fall down from heaven as a sourcebook for spirituality, personal life lessons, or even as a collection of doctrines. Rather, it should primarily be understood as a report of an unfolding drama that took place in real space and time history that culminates in the life of a particular Jew born in Bethlehem in the days of Caesar Augustus. If this story isn’t true, it should be completely rejected and set aside. But if it is true, it’s the greatest story ever told (Or...more

  • God’s Grace vs. Human Striving

    Jul 11 2021

    In Genesis 29, Jacob the deceiver is himself deceived. Though he had intended to marry Rachel, he was first tricked into marrying her older sister. Later, as she struggles with infertility, Rachel gives Jacob her maidservant to be a kind of surrogate mother. When two sons are born to her in this way, Rachel believes that she has “wrestled with God and her sister and prevailed.” But if, according to Paul, Sarah and Hagar represent covenants of grace and works, what are we to think about the event...more

  • Finding Yourself in God’s Story

    Jul 07 2021

    WHI Classic • What are the stories we tell ourselves, and how do these stories shape what we believe and how we live? On this program, the hosts are taking a look at four Ds: drama, doctrine, doxology, and discipleship. As they unpack these key concepts, they’ll help us to see that every belief system is rooted in some kind of narrative or story that ends up forming a person’s core values, goals, and habits (originally aired 01-01-17). __________ Become a partner and you will receive all of the ...more

  • Stairway to Heaven

    Jul 04 2021

    Many people today think of religion as a stairway that leads to heaven. Basically, it’s an upward path that all of us are meant to ascend by our own good works. In Genesis 28, however, Jacob encounters a great stairway between heaven and earth, but he’s not invited to climb it. Instead, God graciously descends the stairway and makes one-sided promises to Jacob, who is fast asleep at the bottom. What’s the point of this chapter and how does it foreshadow the work of Jesus Christ? On this episode,...more

  • Repentance & Personal Transformation

    Jun 30 2021

    WHI Classic • On the last edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts discussed the problems associated with a "try it, you'll like it" approach to the Christian faith. But does the Christian faith make a practical difference in a person's life? Should converts to Christianity expect to experience real transformation? How should we think about remaining sin? Will Christians continue to struggle with habitual sins, or is that possibly a sign that they are not really true believers? The hosts tackle...more

  • Blessed in the Garments of the Firstborn

    Jun 27 2021

    As we saw last week, difficulties arise when we attempt to read the story of Jacob and Esau as a traditional morality tale. In reality, the book of Genesis does not present Jacob as a hero to be emulated, but as a great sinner in whom God’s mysterious grace is richly on display. And as we’ll see in Genesis 27, Jacob actually deceives his father by clothing himself in his brother’s garments and calling himself “Esau.” So then, why does God allow him to receive his brother’s blessing? On this epis...more

  • The Gospel of Pragmatism

    Jun 23 2021

    WHI Classic • Why do so many contemporary Churches or best-selling Christian books focus almost exclusively on practical application rather than doctrinal truth? Why do most Christians prefer to talk about their own testimonies of changed lives, rather than arguing for the truth of the Christian faith? On this edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts take a look at the philosophy of Pragmatism and its effects on contemporary Christian thought and practice (originally aired 11-20-11). __________...more

  • Grace & Election in the Story of Jacob

    Jun 20 2021

    The story of Jacob and Esau raises a number of important questions. Why did God choose Jacob in favor of Esau? Was it due to some kind of foreseen virtue on Jacob’s part? In reality, that approach fails on a number of levels, since Jacob is presented throughout Genesis as a schemer, deceiver, and master-manipulator. In Romans 9, Paul argues that ultimately, the story of Jacob and Esau is about “God’s purpose in election—not because of works, but because of him who calls.” Shane Rosenthal discuss...more

  • Making Disciples: The Mission & Its Methods 2

    Jun 16 2021

    WHI Classic • On this special edition of the White Horse Inn recorded before a live audience at the Desiring God conference in Minneapolis, the hosts continue their discussion of the marks and mission of the Church based on the words of the Great Commission and also take questions from the audience (originally aired 11-13-11). __________ Get our new collection, The Spirit of the Age: Challenging the Alternative Gospels of Our Time. Just go to whitehorseinn.org/spiritoftheage. ___________ Become ...more

  • The Sacrifice of Isaac

    Jun 13 2021

    Why did God call Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac? Why would he ask a loving parent to even consider such a thing? Is this story a kind of object lesson meant to show us how much we should be willing to give up for God, or is something else being revealed in this unsettling account? What if the focus of the narrative actually centers on that which God is promising to sacrifice for us in the fullness of time? Shane Rosenthal discusses the significance of this scene from Genesis 22 with Matt For...more

  • Making Disciples: The Mission & Its Methods 1

    Jun 09 2021

    WHI Classic • Many churches in our day put a lot of emphasis on "being the church" or living missionally. Other churches focus on the worship experience, spiritual formation, or the pursuit of various social and political agendas. What is the mission of the Church? How are we to make disciples of Jesus Christ? Turning to the Great Commission itself and various passages that unpack it, this special live edition of the White Horse Inn, recorded at the Desiring God conference in Minneapolis, focuse...more

  • Grace & Works Contrasted

    Jun 06 2021

    In his Genesis commentary, Walter Brueggemann notes that in chapters 16 to 18, Abraham and Sarah “are not offered as models of faith but as models of disbelief.” In this part of the narrative, he says, “the call is not embraced, but is rejected as non-sensical.” This helps to explain why the couple sought to fulfill God’s promise with Hagar’s assistance. But as Paul explains in Galatians chapter 4, this entire narrative is a tale of two covenants: one of grace, and another of works. Shane Rosent...more

  • The New Covenant

    Jun 02 2021

    WHI Classic • Over five hundred years before the time of Christ, Jeremiah prophesied that the days would come when God would "make a new covenant with the house of Israel" (Jer 31:31). So how is this new covenant fulfilled in Jesus' life and sacrificial death? How is it different from the old covenant received by Moses on Mount Sinai? Is it true that before Christ the Old Testament saints were really saved by works? On this edition of the program the hosts will discuss these questions as they wa...more

  • Abraham, Sarah, & Hagar

    May 30 2021

    The story of Abraham is a record of both faith and doubt. While we’re told in Genesis 15 that “Abraham believed the Lord and it was counted to him as righteousness,” in the very next chapter we find him agreeing with his wife Sarah to attempt to bring about the fulfillment of God’s promises by impregnating her maidservant Hagar. Later in the story, Abraham actually falls on his face and laughs at God as he reiterates the promise that his wife Sarah, even in her advanced age, would conceive and b...more

  • The Gospel of God

    May 26 2021

    WHI Classic • If you ask contemporary Christians what they think the gospel is, you're likely to get a number of responses that focus on an individual's life and testimony. But is the gospel really about what God does for us today? Is the good news that we are called to proclaim in the Great Commission chiefly about our changed lives, or about Christ's life, death, and resurrection? On this program, the hosts tackle this issue as they discuss the implications of Paul's comments on the "Gospel of...more

  • Failed Bible Heroes

    May 23 2021

    In Genesis 3:15, God promises that one day a seed of the woman would crush the serpent’s head. What would happen if we began to read the rest of Scripture in the light of this promise? What would result if we stopped to consider whether subsequent Bible characters and heroes qualified to be the one promised who would ultimately defeat God’s enemy and restore order to his creation? Reading the story this way helps us to see with greater clarity the ways in which other Bible characters are present...more

  • By Grace Alone Through Faith Alone

    May 19 2021

    WHI Classic • Regardless of the denomination, most Christians would argue that the gospel of Jesus Christ is a free gift of God's grace and mercy that no one deserves. Both by his righteous life and sacrificial death, Jesus provides for us what we cannot provide for ourselves. But at this point, some argue that the free gift of God's grace still has to be "accepted," and that it is on the basis of our embracing the gospel that we are saved. So what do you think? Are we saved by "choosing" to fol...more

  • The Gospel in Genesis

    May 16 2021

    In the beginning, God created man in his image and likeness. What are the implications of this important truth, and how was that image twisted and distorted after the fall? What was so significant about Adam and Eve’s transgression in the first place, and how do the effects of that original sin continue to echo and reverberate throughout the rest of Scripture? Finally, how is the gospel of Christ hinted at and foreshadowed in these early chapters of Genesis? Shane Rosenthal discusses these quest...more

  • Proclaiming the Gospel in an Age of Super Apostles

    May 12 2021

    WHI Classic • In his second letter to the Corinthians, Paul warned his readers about various slick preachers that he referred to as the "super-apostles." Though their style was smooth and rhetorically attractive, the substance of the gospel was either being ignored or distorted. So Paul admonishes the Corinthians church saying, "if someone comes and proclaims another Jesus...you put up with it readily enough!" On this edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts discuss Paul's concerns about style ...more

  • The Multiverse & The Mystery of Life’s Origin

    May 09 2021

    Does the idea of the multiverse provide a good explanation for all the fine-tuning we see throughout our universe? Is there any way to test the multiverse hypothesis or does it operate as a kind of unquestioned dogma? How do naturalistic scientists explain the origin of life or the complex amount of information that exists in our own genetic code? Shane Rosenthal discusses these questions and more with Stephen Meyer as they continue their conversation begun last week related to the release of Dr...more

  • The Embassy of Grace

    May 05 2021

    WHI Classic • It's common today to hear in various sectors of the church today that truly missional Christians are those who obey the call to participate in the redemption and reconciliation of the world. Some even say that the church is not to be the bearer of the message, but should itself be the message. Are these views consistent with Scripture? Is redemption or reconciliation something to be achieved, or rather a completed event? On this program, the hosts discuss these views as they intera...more

  • The Return of the God Hypothesis

    May 02 2021

    How do contemporary physicists and cosmologists explain the origin of the universe? If in the very beginning there was no space, time, or matter, then what could have caused the Big Bang? Also, as scientists have studied the exquisite nature of our finely tuned universe, some have concluded that this points us toward the existence of some kind of divine “super-intellect” who is responsible for the laws of nature and the origin of life. On this edition of the program, Shane Rosenthal discusses th...more

  • Wisdom for Life & The Cross of Christ

    Apr 28 2021

    WHI Classic • One of Paul's biggest concerns about the Corinthian church was that they were being distracted from the gospel. So he wrote to them saying, "Greeks seek wisdom, and Jews seek miraculous signs, but we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles." On this program, the hosts interact with this text and discuss the incredible popularity of "wisdom for life" style messages in Christian books and pulpits across the country. Has the gospel of Christ cruc...more

  • How to Read & Apply the Old Testament

    Apr 25 2021

    Many Christians find it difficult to understand the Old Testament. Not only is it full of obscure rituals and strange laws, but it also includes a mixture of inspiring and horrifying stories. So how are we to make sense of all these narratives, laws, and rituals? What rules are still in effect, and how should we apply them to our lives today? More importantly, since Jesus taught that all Scripture bears witness to himself (Jn. 5:39), how are we to authentically find Christ throughout the Old Tes...more

  • What is the Gospel?

    Apr 21 2021

    WHI Classic • What is the Gospel? The Great Commission calls us to preach the gospel to every creature, but just what is this gospel that we are to proclaim? Some say it's being born again or asking Jesus into your heart, while others say that it's a call for us to participate in Christ's ongoing work of reconciliation and redemption through building a more just and loving society. The hosts interact with these views and others as they seek to clarify the true meaning of the gospel of Christ (or...more

  • The Messenger of the Covenant

    Apr 18 2021

    After their exodus from Egypt, God announced to the people of Israel that he would “send an angel to guard them on the way and to bring them to the place he has prepared” (Ex. 23:20). Who was this angel, and how are the words of this passage echoed and alluded to throughout all of Scripture? What does this text, as well as others like it, end up revealing about God’s triune nature? On this program, Shane Rosenthal continues his conversation with Matt Foreman and Doug Van Dorn about their new boo...more

  • Preaching the Word in a Culture of Narcissism

    Apr 14 2021

    WHI Classic • Our age is not known for its love of the truth. Rather, some are calling it a culture of narcissism. And unfortunately, evidence of this is found not only in our secular culture but in countless evangelical churches and bestselling Christian book titles. In his second letter to Timothy Paul warned that in the last days people would become lovers of themselves and would not endure sound teaching. With itching ears, he said, they'll raise up teachers to suit their own passions, and t...more

  • The Angel of the Lord

    Apr 11 2021

    What are we to make of all those passages in the Old Testament in which “the Angel of the Lord” appears on the scene and proceeds to speak and act as God himself? In their new book, The Angel of the Lord: A Biblical, Historical, and Theological Study, Matt Foreman and Doug Van Dorn argue that this mysterious Angel appears much more frequently than many people realize since he is called by a variety of names including the Angel, the Name, the Glory, the Face, the Right Hand, and the Word. Shane R...more