With Friends Like These

New Season: “With Friends Like These: Converts”. Humans tend not to change their minds, so we’re going to see what we can learn from looking at people that have changed their minds about really big things: religion, politics and also psychic healing, criminal justice and more. We’ll examine historical accounts of converts, the ways we change our brain when we change our mind, and we’ll tell the stories of people who’ve been through it all. New episodes every Friday.


  • “Scared to Believe?”

    Aug 07 2020

    In the 1990s, evangelical churches bought and gave away thousands of copies of the book, “Left Behind,” hoping its overwrought depiction of the End Times would frighten unbelievers into the arms of Christ. That is not what happened. Amy Frykholm, author of “Rapture Culture: Left Behind in Evangelical America,” explains what did. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • The Science Writer Who Became a Mystic

    Jul 31 2020

    Julie Rehmeyer is a science writer who studied math at MIT. She also lives with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a disease that many doctors treat with skepticism bordering on derision. So when traditional medicine couldn’t help her, she had to try treatments science couldn’t support.Julie’s book is Through the Shadowlands: A Science Writer’s Odyssey into an Illness Science Doesn’t Understand Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • America Is a Nation of Converts, with Thomas Kidd

    Jul 24 2020

    Thousands of people crowding public venues to hear the word of the Lord. Men fainting, women claiming to be healed, all rejoicing at being “born again.” When you think of “converts,” this may be what you picture, because it’s a familiar scene — more familiar than you may realize. The quintessentially American revival meeting was born before the country itself, in the mid-1700s, during what we call today “The First Great Awakening.” Our guest this week is Thomas Kidd, a historian at Baylor Univer...more

  • The Moment You Realize You’re White

    Jul 17 2020

    Former mayor of Minneapolis Betsy Hodges comes on to talk about how the Rodney King uprisings started her journey to anti-racist activism — and what happened when, in 2015, her anti-racist ideals ran up against the realities of governing a city rocked by the shooting of a black man by white police officers. Her piece on the King uprisings is here. Her op-ed in the New York Times about how white liberals stand in the way of progress on police violence is here. Learn more about your ad choices. Vi...more

  • From Feminist to Fascist

    Jul 10 2020

    What would turn a passionate, witty feminist into a xenophobic white nationalist? This week’s episode tells the story of Cordelia Scaife May, the eccentric heiress whose fortune underwrote both the Pittsburg Children’s Museum and the most influential network of immigration restrictionists in American history.Our episode owes much to the New York Times’ investigative report on Scaife May last year, [“Why an Heiress Spent Her Fortune Trying to Keep Immigrants Out”] Learn more about your ad choices...more

  • “The Cop Who Realized The Bad Apple Was Him”

    Jul 03 2020

    In his 34 years in law enforcement, Norm Stamper participated in — or approved of — the gassing of protesters “hundreds” of times. Yet, he thought of himself as a reformer. He was, he thought, one of the “good guys.” His first book was intended to pull back the curtain and expose those *other* cops. Five years into retirement, he realized he was one of those other cops all along. Today, he’s advocate for not just changing policing policy, but resetting the whole system. Find out how he got there...more

  • ”The Heart Decides and Reason Justifies”: A conservative climate activist’s evolution

    Jun 26 2020

    Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC) was proud of his Tea Party bona fides, until his son said he couldn’t vote for a climate change denier. Inglis wound up changing his mind, and gained one vote but lost a lot more — he’s now a former congressman, on a mission to recruit more conservatives to the climate cause.You can find out more about Inglis’ organization at RepublicEN.org. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • How White Light Moments Change Your Brain, with Andrew Newberg

    Jun 19 2020

     How White Light Moments Change Your Brain, with Andrew NewbergIf you’ve listened to the show at all this season, you’ve learned that the brain doesn’t want to change. And when it does change, it’s usually a slow process of erosion or evolution. So... what about the white light moments we’ve all heard of, if not experienced? Throughout history, there are accounts of people who undergo an instantaneous conversion of some kind: a flash of insight or comprehension that changes their lives forever. ...more

  • When Denouncing Racism Isn’t Enough

    Jun 12 2020

    Derek Black thought he was done with the white nationalist movement when he wrote a public letter renouncing the ideology he grew up in. Then he realized that white nationalism wasn’t just the racists that used to listen to his white nationalist radio show and read his white nationalist website — white supremacy was everywhere, people just weren’t talking about it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • When Protests Changed Minds

    Jun 05 2020

    You can’t escape the images of protest and unrest happening in our country this week. But what will be their lasting impact on Americans’ — especially white Americans’ — views? We look back to the 1960s civil rights movement for clues. Princeton political science professor Omar Wasow work focuses on how the two different waves of protest in that era effected both voting patterns and Americans’ interest in cause of ending racial discrimination.SHOW LINKSHow 1960s Black Protests Moved Elites, Publ...more

  • When Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own

    May 29 2020

    So far this season of “WFLT: Converts Edition,” we’ve focused on why the brain resists change — but that doesn’t mean that people give up on trying. Previous episodes have taught us that arguing doesn’t work and that people’s beliefs can be impervious to facts. But what about the blunt force approach? What about… brainwashing?We'll talk to science writer Kathleen Turner, author of the book, "Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Control.”Thanks to our sponsors!Best Fiends: If you’re looking for a...more

  • Why Your Brain Doesn't Want You to Change

    May 22 2020

    What happens when someone tells you something that challenges a deeply held belief? On the surface, it may feel annoying or uncomfortable, but according to research from the University of Southern California by Jonas Kaplan and Sarah Gimbel, it’s more than that.When people are presented with information that runs contrary to what they already believe, “The response in the brain that we see is very similar to what would happen if, say, you were walking through the forest and came across a bear.” ...more

  • Why (Most) People Don’t Convert

    May 15 2020

    Welcome to our first themed season, “With Friends Like These: Converts.” We’ve always been interested in why and how people change their minds about what they believe — mostly because it just doesn’t happen that often.Once we we make a choice about who we are or what we want to do, we start ignoring the evidence that might prove us wrong: that’s what “confirmation bias” is.Social psychologist Carol Tavris joins us to discuss the phenomenon, offer examples of it, and delve into the mystery of why...more

  • It’s My Body and I’ll Live if I Want To with Alice Wong

    Mar 27 2020

    This week friend of the pod Alice Wong (@SFDirewolf) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk about what it means to be a part of the disabled community during a pandemic. Spoiler: the world seems to get a little too cavalier about whether or not you deserve to live anymore. They talk about the grassroots activism being done within the community, and what able bodied folks can do to listen and be better. Remember, we are staying inside and quarantining for the good of everyone, not just those ...more

  • Welfare for White People with Eduardo Porter

    Mar 20 2020

    Want to listen to anything NOT about COVID-19? We got the episode for you! Eduardo Porter (@portereduardo) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk about a much lighter subject: the history of racism in class divides and how it still affects us today. They talk about the hopes we’ve had in the past for a racially diverse working class coalition and how it’s been destroyed time and time again by exclusive language. Afterwards, they talk about how our social welfare will probably not cut it for ...more

  • A Whole Other Level of Disaster (with Dan Drezner)

    Mar 14 2020

    This week Dan Drezner joins Ana Marie Cox to talk about the likelihood of Trump handling COVID-19 responsibly (you guessed it, not well). Dan argues in his book, Toddler in Chief, that not only is Trump a toddler, power in American politics has shifted to the executive, making this more dangerous than ever.They discuss the treacherous tales of badger-related attacks on staffers in the White House to the genuine concerns of friends and family members about Trump’s behavior. Finally, Dan gives us ...more

  • The Hopeful Feminist (with Rebecca Solnit)

    Mar 06 2020

    CW: Sexual assault and violence against women. If you, or someone you know, has experienced sexual violence, please call the RAINN hotline: 800.656.HOPE (4673). It’s never too late to get help. It’s no secret that most women live in fear of violence. Nearly every week, there’s a news story showcasing the most gruesome examples of it, like the woman who was killed for jogging in Queens, or the countless number of ‘Rejection Murders’ men commit after a woman says “no.” This week, author of Men Exp...more

  • The Psychological Abyss (with Ezra Klein)

    Feb 28 2020

    This week we'll answer our number one question: why are we so polarized? Ezra Klein (@ezraklein) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to answer it. His new book is called, Why We’re Polarized, and they talk about how a lot of divisiveness stems from racism and problems beyond “political disagreements.” Finally they ask, can we bring unconditional love into politics, and more importantly, should we? Join us for another epistemologically exciting episode of With Friends Like These!Thanks to our spon...more

  • All Doom And Bloomberg (with Rick Wilson)

    Feb 21 2020

    Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) sits down with Lincoln Group founder Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) to discuss what the soft Republican stance is on everything happening around us right now. Will Trump stop an election from happening? As Rick agrees: Yikes all around. Thanks to our sponsors!Postage rates have gone up AGAIN. Thankfully, Stamps.com eases the pain with big discounts off Post Office retail rates. Go to Stamps.com, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in FRIENDS and...more

  • Listen To Your Heart (with Kate Murphy)

    Feb 14 2020

    Want to learn some spicy new tricks just in time for Valentine’s Day? This week Kate Murphy joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk about this season’s hottest tip: mindfully listening to those around you.Kate Murphy, author of You’re Not Listening, talks about why listening is so important, and how it can save your life in the long term. Afterward, they discuss being comfortable with silence and working through disagreements.Thanks to our sponsors!quip, makers of the quip electric toothbrush...more

  • We Can Be Heroes (with Susan Neiman)

    Feb 07 2020

    In Germany, studying the Holocaust — and the part everyday Germans played in it — is part of the school curriculum. There are memorials to the Jewish lives lost throughout the country, but they do not memorialize Nazis who died. Contrast this with the American South. This week Susan Neiman, author of the book, Learning From the Germans, joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to explain what we can learn from the Germans about regret and repentance.They talk about the inspiration for writing the book...more

  • Feels Like We Only Go Forward (with Lori Gottlieb)

    Jan 31 2020

    This week Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) is joined by Lori Gottlieb (@lorigottlieb1), author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone. They talk about the route Lori took to become a therapist, how it's informed her practice and the common misconceptions of mental health.They'll also unpack why many are surprised that therapists have their own therapists! Join us for a mindful discussion on the mind, and don’t forget to call your therapist. (Turns out, like the rest of us, they don’t love being ghosted...more

  • The Ledge is Always There

    Jan 24 2020

    This week Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk about impeachment and our favorite Cover(up) girl Mitch McConnell. They begin by contrasting their political differences, and eventually get to where they agree, all through the lens of abortion. Afterwards, they cover our current political moment, despair, and panic regarding the impeachment process. Put in your earbuds, get under a blanket, and make a cup of tea: trust us, you’re gonna need it for this one.Thanks...more

  • Where the Boys Are (with Peggy Orenstein)

    Jan 17 2020

    CW: Sexual AssaultIf you or a loved one is experiencing sexual violence, please reach out to the national sexual assault hotline. You are not alone. Please call 1-800-656-4673.This week With Friends Like These goes live and catches some feelings about Peggy Orenstein’s (@peggyorenstein) new book Boys and Sex. Host Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) and Peggy cover why we need to understand boys to try and help them, hookups/hookup culture, and what we can do to make our reality a little less terrifyin...more

  • Feel the Burn with Anne Helen Petersen

    Jan 10 2020

    Anne Helen Petersen (@annehelen) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) this week to talk about exactly what you fear when you return to work or school after the holidays: burnout. They discuss what burnout is doing to Millenials (and younger generations) and why the root of the problem is, you guessed it, capitalism. Finally, they examine what one church has done to combat burnout at its economic root, and how their own relationship to religion has healed their burnout.Thanks to our sponsors!Grove’...more

  • Red-Pilling Grandma (Holiday Edition) with Eli Saslow

    Dec 27 2019

    We’re doing a re-run this week, from one of our favorite WFLT episodes of 2019. Back in April, journalist Eli Saslow (@elisaslow) joined Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to discuss to radicalization of older people, and how to deal with that one uncle at family gatherings who constantly brings up birtherism of whatever. One of our listeners is a NASA rocket scientist who reached out because she lost a parent to Russian troll-farm memes. There are plenty of success stories for those willing to fight ...more

  • The Giant Negging Pick-Up Artist in the Sky

    Dec 20 2019

    This week Chrissy Stroop (@C_Stroop) and Lauren O’Neal (@laureneoneal) join Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk about their childhood fears of hellfire and their new book, Empty the Pews: Stories of Leaving the Church. They discuss how they left their churches, why they did it, and the need for ex-believers to have a seat at the table. Afterwards, they talk about the implications of evangelical Christianity in the public sphere (and how our policies have terrifyingly reflected that). Join us th...more

  • Whoever Cheats Hardest Wins with Rick Wilson

    Dec 13 2019

    This week Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk about how we’ve got political nuclear winter, just in time for Christmas. The Impeachment process has not gone… the best. That we can all agree on. Rick and Ana dive into why, and why you should perhaps not cut deals with a racist crook. Mr. Wilson delivers a heartfelt appeal for voter outreach. It’s not as bleak as it could have been.Thanks to our sponsor:Ritual’s Essentials have the nutrients most of us don’t get...more

  • Death Cab for Acutely with Esme Wang

    Dec 06 2019

    This week Esme Wang (@esmewang) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk about living with a brain you don’t always feel like you can trust. Esme Wang is the author of the New York Times-bestselling essay collection, The Collected Schizophrenias. She writes frequently about her experiences with both mental and physical chronic illnesses and advocates for eliminating stigmas surrounding them. They talk about the difficulty of “the diagnosis,” why high-functioning is a loaded term, and what it m...more

  • Blame Walmart with Sarah Marshall

    Nov 29 2019

    This week, host of the You’re Wrong About podcast, Sarah Marshall (@Remember_Sarah) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk about the only American holiday spookier than Halloween, Black Friday. Ana and Sarah discuss misconceptions about the history of the holiday, and how it turned into the capitalist dystopian hell we all know and love. Afterwards, they talked about the intersection of class and the division that the holiday creates. Finally, they talked about the science of crowd control, ...more

  • A Very Problematic Thanksgiving with Ed Schupman

    Nov 22 2019

    This week Ed Schupman (manager of the Native Knowledge 360° Initiative and a citizen of the Muscogee Creek Nation of Oklahoma) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to discuss Thanksgiving and the surrounding myths. Reflecting on the tragedy that underlies Thanksgiving isn’t easy or fun but Ed has made a career of using Thanksgiving as a way into a broader discussion of Native American History. To truly process the gritty, uncomfortable story of Thanksgiving will require reinventing the American ed...more

  • A Cure For Wellness with Amanda Mull

    Nov 15 2019

    What do Goop and Capitalism have in common? Both refuse to go away despite how much suffering they’ve caused! This week Amanda Mull (@amandamull) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to discuss these topics and more. They begin by talking about fashion, ad-based media, and the ways that we exist within these constructs. Afterwards, they talk about identity and size, fat-phobia, and what we can do to make sure all bodies feel beautiful. CW: Self-harm and intense discussion of body image.Interested ...more

  • National Reality Disorder with Robert J. Lifton

    Nov 08 2019

    This week Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) sits down with Robert J. Lifton to remind you how bad things have gotten politically— but that remaining optimistic is not totally insane. They begin by drawing the parallels between Trump and other cult leaders/demagogues. Afterwards, they discuss the followers of Trump, why they remain followers, and how to get them to (hopefully) leave. Tune in for an unexpectedly hopeful episode about deathly cults! Thanks to our sponsors! Candid’s aligners can help str...more

  • Rick Wilson Halloween Spooktacular (feat. Rick Wilson)

    Nov 01 2019

    Fan favorite Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) returns to give Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) the Never Trumper view on culture wars, judicial festishization, and the all-important business of impeachment. Plus: a wacky game about pathological lying! Please consider checking out Rick’s new book Running Against the Devil: A Plot to Save America from Trump--and Democrats from Themselves; a title that we will almost certainly be fighting him about next time he joins the show.Thanks to our sponsors!Skillsh...more

  • Band-Aids on a Broken Leg with Lyz Lenz

    Oct 25 2019

    Are you looking for a book on the Midwest and Christianity that doesn’t excuse racism? Good news! This week Lyz Lenz (@lyzl) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk about her book God Land: A Story of Faith, Loss, and Renewal in Middle America. They start by diving into the parallels between Lyz’s divorce and the 2016 election; America is a lot like your crappy college boyfriend whose red flags you ignored. Afterwards, they discuss what our silence means, especially as white liberals. Finally...more

  • Shoot First, Therapy Later with Jason Kander (feat. Sheila Bynum Coleman)

    Oct 18 2019

    This week Jason Kander (@JasonKander) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk about his most recent work with veterans and what brought him there. They cover Jason’s political history, how he got help, and why no one should use running for president to avoid their problems. Afterwards, they discuss ways of finding hope and making change outside of the political sphere. Later, n (@sheilaforva) joins the show to talk about her campaign for delegate in Virginia. They talk about Sheila’s motivati...more

  • A Different World (with Andrew Gillum & Shani Curry Mitchell)

    Oct 11 2019

    Andrew Gillum (@AndrewGillum) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) live at the Texas Tribune Fest in Austin. The two non-millionaires discuss race, the gubernatorial race for Florida, HBCUs, the dream of living regular conflicts, and reserving curse words in Texas for use by Beto. Then, AMC chats with Shani Curry Mitchell (@Shanic4da) who is running for District Attorney in New York’s Monroe County. Mitchell spent thirteen years as a prosecutor and during that time lost her sister to a tragic even...more

  • Manic Investigative Phase (with Stephanie Wittels Wachs)

    Oct 04 2019

    Stephanie Wittels Wachs (@wittelstephanie) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to discuss her new podcast Last Day on Lemonada Media. Stephanie’s brother, comedian Harris Wittels, died in an overdose, and now she’s exploring the opiate epidemic person by person. It’s a way of both normalizing and investigating what’s happening across America with our secret pandemic. Stephanie and Ana pick apart the systems that rewire the human brain via addiction, and the new-wiring it takes to correct for thes...more

  • Just For Today (live with Bassey Ikpi)

    Sep 27 2019

    Bassey Ikpi (@Basseyworld) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) at Magers & Quinn Booksellers in Minneapolis for a live interview regarding her new book I’m Telling The Truth, But I’m Lying. This overwhelmingly open discussion dives into issues around mental health, the truth about Bold Introverts, the racial disparities in emotional healthcare, ranking the cultural sexiness of various bipolar disorders, and how there’s rarely a storybook happy ending for people with Different Brains. TW: Suic...more

  • Mush Love Dogs (live with Blair Braverman)

    Sep 20 2019

    Blair Braverman (@BlairBraverman) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) at Cap Times Idea Fest in Wisconsin in front of a live studio audience. In this wide-ranging interview, they cover Blair’s memoir (Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube), all things mushing, how to dress for cold weather, climate change, and the surprising similarities between raising dogs and cultivating a compassionate online community. They also discuss some of the more sensitive topics in her memoir, including Blair’s interaction...more

  • Cheat Codes For God with Avery Trufelman

    Sep 13 2019

    This week Avery Trufelman (@trufelman) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to discuss the possibility of a better tomorrow. Avery’s new show Nice Try! Is a podcast about various failed attempts at utopias across the ages, and what our (maybe) crumbling civilization can learn from those who came before us. Good intentions aren’t enough of a foundation for our future without, you know, literal foundations. Article referenced by Avery: How Millennials Became The Burnout GenerationThanks to our spons...more

  • Hot Bananapants Summer with Rick Wilson

    Sep 06 2019

    Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to discuss current events and politics at large. After a game to test Ricks’s knowledge of the Trump administrations many, many attempts at spin, the two dive into a discussion regarding the future of the Republican Party. With an insider’s unique perspective, Rick shares his fears for the future of the party (spoiler alert - it’s not looking too good), and sheds some light on the prevailing feelings of Republican politicians. Ana a...more

  • My Least Favorite Murderer with Rachel Monroe

    Aug 30 2019

    This week, Rachel Monroe (@rachmonroe) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to break down the lack of truth in true crime. Using Rachel’s book, Savage Appetites, Rachel and Ana explore stories of women totally consumed by true crime to draw larger conclusions about the cultural phenomenon. They also delve into the genre’s rise in times of uncertainty, and what its popularity reflects about the current political and social climate. Then, they touch on the dicey racial dynamics within true crime com...more

  • Stage Four Metastatic Racism with Arjun Sethi and Ibram X. Kendi

    Aug 23 2019

    This week, Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) sits down with human rights lawyer, activist, and author Arjun Sethi (@arjunsethi81) to discuss the one year anniversary of his book, American Hate: Survivors Speak Out —as relevant as ever after the massacres in El Paso… and, in the short time since, the arrests of six white men on charges related to mass violence. Arjun and Ana also discuss their frustration with how hate crimes are typically depicted in the media, and how the average American can get in...more

  • Apocalyptic Safe Spaces with Elizabeth Bruenig

    Aug 16 2019

    CW: Complex discussions of Christianity, Faith, and Catholicism’s scandals.Washington Post writer Elizabeth Bruenig (@ebruenig) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to explain the seemingly nonsensical evangelical support for Donald Trump. They delve into the suicide-pact between Trump and Jesus Country that seems rooted in apocalyptic nihilism, toxic absolutism, and a devastating cynicism about American politics. With a warmth and sympathy stemming from their own familial connections, Ana and Eli...more

  • Real Friends Argue with Betsy Hodges

    Aug 09 2019

    After the horrifying massacre in El Paso, host Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) and former Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges (@BetsyHodges) navigate a complex discussion about race in America that’s all too relevant. Together, they break down the many ways in which racist structures diffuse and reinforce white supremacy. They also tackle the merits (or lack thereof) of calling someone ‘racist,’ and enter into a profound discussion centering around whether white people are “deserving of love.” For their...more

  • Consequences Waiting To Happen with E. Jean Carroll

    Aug 02 2019

    Content Warning: Sexual Assault. In this week’s episode, E. Jean Carroll (@ejeancarroll) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to answer the age old question: do women really need men? E. Jean tells us about the road trip through femme-named towns and surprise interviews that forms the center of her new memoir, What Do We Need Men for: A Modest Proposal. In this frank conversation, E. Jean speaks about her rape at the hand of the President of the United States, and the coping mechanisms she used to...more

  • There Is Alt-Lite That Never Goes Out with Alexandra Minna Stern

    Jul 26 2019

    In this week’s fascinating episode, Alexandra Minna Stern joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to discuss how white supremicst and white nationalist ideologies became so entrenched in our current political landscape. We’re now in the age of Proud Boys running for office and Alexandra’s new book, Proud Boys and the White Ethnostate: How the Alt-Right Is Warping the American Imagination is the perfect launching pad into the deep, dark underbelly of modern white supremicist media and ideology. Togeth...more

  • All Along The Watchtower with Amber Scorah

    Jul 19 2019

    This week Amber Scorah (@amberscorah) and Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) discuss Amber’s new book - Leaving the Witness: Exiting a Religion and Finding a Life. Together, they break into Amber’s former faith with the Jehovah's Witnesses, her complicated marital affair, and a subsequent exit from the church. Amber opens up about her current outlook on religion, and explains how she came to terms with her son’s sudden death. It’s more heartwarming than it sounds, we promise!Thanks to our sponsors! Di...more

  • Mussolini's Valet with Rick Wilson

    Jul 12 2019

    Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) and Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) meet for their monthly airing of grievances. Rick and Ana discuss how America is quickly becoming dismissed on the world stage, why a White House social media summit is the pinnacle of dum-dum behavior, how fetishization of normalization is unpleasant, and how the executive order overreaches of the Obama administration (which once caused Republicans to self-immolate) seem quaint in retrospect. Also: A New Game! (What? We can have new ...more

  • Boulevard of Woken Dreams with Shannon Watts

    Jul 05 2019

    This week Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to discuss how she built the anti-gun violence group Moms Demand Action from the ground up. Shannon’s new book Fight Like A Mother is both a memoir, but also a handbook for replicating these triumphs, as a sort of Activism for Dummies. Ana and Shannon honestly examine MDA’s origins, successes, goals, failures, and how to forge intersectional relationships with surprising allies. Thanks to our Sponsors!ThirdLove uses data...more

  • Infiltrating UFO Culture with Anna Merlan

    Jun 28 2019

    This week Anna Merlan (@annamerlan) helps us Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) parse America’s increasingly conspiratorial culture. Anna spent eight years covering conspiracy groups and just came out with a book, Republic of Lies: American Conspiracy Theorists and Their Surprising Rise to Power. Join us as we discuss vaccinations, UFOs, spying on Quakers, and finding a path forward. Also, check out our bonus mega-mix of Anna Merlin, Will Sommer, Heather Armstrong, Tommy Orange, Will Sommer again, and...more

  • Paranoia Is Just Having All The Facts with Vann Newkirk

    Jun 21 2019

    This week Vann Newkirk (@fivefifths) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to discuss conspiracy and its complex relationship with marginalized groups. Why does conspiratorial thinking appeal to those who feel “othered” within their society? Vann walks us through how the historic mistreatment of people of color has created a baseline of skepticism that can grow into full-on conspiracy. As Vann says: “Black Americans’ belief in conspiracy theories is like the Farmers’ Almanac: accurate enough to kee...more

  • A Conspiracy Of Dunces with Will Sommer

    Jun 14 2019

    This week Will Sommer (@willsommer) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) for a discussion of his work in exploring the wide-spread radicalization of mostly middle-aged people who think a shadowy cabal is going to take revenge on everyone they don’t like. And also make other people (including the still living JFK Jr.) like them and support their cause? QAnon, it turns out, is a bit of a mess. Which you might expect from an ideology founded on the belief that Donald Trump is out here playing three-d...more

  • In League With Witches with Jesse Walker and Parker Molloy

    Jun 07 2019

    This week Jesse Walker (@notjessewalker) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) for an exciting round of “Who’s Right and Who’s a Nut?” Jesse Walker reminds us that you don’t need a tinfoil hat to believe in conspiracy theories, and that they have surrounded us for centuries. Afterwards they talk about when conspiracy theories have been based in malice, versus when they have actually been true. This is your periodic reminder that the CIA is still terrifying! Afterwards, Parker Molloy (@ParkerMolloy)...more

  • Go Screw Yourself with Adam Savage (feat. Rebecca Nagle)

    May 31 2019

    This week Adam Savage (@donttrythis) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox ) to talk about his new book “Every Tool's a Hammer: Life Is What You Make It.” They talk about glue, principles of metal working, and how to forgive yourself when you mess up. Afterwards, they talk about why we are going to need radical empathy in order to make it through these troubling times. Finally, they discuss the myths that refuse to die, including the voices in your head telling you that you are not enough. Ana is th...more

  • Native American Imposter Syndrome- Tommy Orange on There, There

    May 24 2019

    When you think of a Native American person what comes to your mind? Is it a sports decal? Is it Tonto on the Lone Ranger? Did you just think of all of the White people you know who claim to have Native ancestry? This week writer Tommy Orange (@thommyorange) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to unpack those stereotypes and talk about his book, There, There. They begin with a conversation on the violence Native people have suffered, and why resilience is not the right word. Afterwards they talk a...more

  • Polar Oppositions (feat. Rick Wilson and Jordan Klepper).

    May 17 2019

    Y’all ever create a constitutional crisis to own the libs? This week, Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk Ana down after another week of neverending bad news. They discuss light topics such as the recent pro-forced birth laws in Alabama and Georgia, the need for democrats to campaign in the Midwest, and the future of our country. Afterwards, Jordan Klepper (@jordanklepper) comes on to talk about the formation of his new show Klepper, and what it means to weapo...more

  • Sweet Nothing(ness)- Heather Armstrong on Her New Book, The Valedictorian of Being Dead

    May 10 2019

    CW: Depression and Suicide. If you or a loved one is struggling with depression or suicidal ideation, please call the National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255. You are worthy of love and you deserve to be alive. This week Heather Armstrong (@dooce) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox ) to discuss family, a changing work world-- and also going into several medically induced comas to cure her depression. They begin by unpacking that depression and why going to the extreme to find solutions seemed li...more

  • Down Ass White Boy Bingo: A Conversation with Author Damon Young

    May 03 2019

    CW: Suicide and Sexual AssaultWhat does it mean to be a well meaning white person? What does it mean to have to deal with well meaning white people? This week Damon Young (@DamonYoungVSB) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to grapple with those questions and more. They start with a conversation on vulnerability, and eventually move onto a broad discussion on race and intersectionality. Tune in for a meaningful conversation, and remember: it’s okay to be uncomfortable. Thanks to our sponsors!Some...more

  • Disrespected By the Toilet: Stephanie Land on her Book, Maid

    Apr 26 2019

    There are many misconceptions surrounding poverty in America. Author Stephanie Land (@stepville) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to discuss her experiences as a maid and how those myths affect policy and perceptions of low income people. They talked about what government should be doing, and what individual people can do to make other’s lives easier. Afterwards they dive into the psychological effects of poverty and coping mechanisms. Stephanie leaves us with some tangible advice: offer to ba...more

  • An Iceberg of Sh*t: Rick Wilson on the Mueller Report

    Apr 19 2019

    CW: Sexual AssaultGot Mueller Madness? Join Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) and Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) as they get up from a fetal position and debrief the Mueller Report. They begin with a quick review of the day from the perspective of the White House and various media outlets. Afterwards they talk about what it will take to defeat Trump in 2020, and which candidates they think can make it in this reality tv-esque election cycle. Turn off that NPR coverage and tune in.Thanks to our sponsors...more

  • Are You Smart or Just Cynical? With Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Jay Rosen

    Apr 12 2019

    This week host Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) is joined by Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Jay Rosen (@jayrosen_nyu) to talk about why scrolling down your news feed has become such a painful and depressing chore. Kathleen Hall Jamieson breaks down the rise of cynicism in the last 25 years and what the American media consumer can do to turn things around. Later, Jay Rosen joins Ana to talk about why political journalists need to stop trying to outsmart each other constantly. Jay tells us, we can’t criti...more

  • Red-Pilling Grandma with Eli Saslow

    Apr 05 2019

    Need some advice on how to deal with that one uncle who brings up the Birther Conspiracy at every family gathering? This week journalist Eli Saslow (@elisaslow) joins host Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to discuss to radicalization of older people. One of our listeners, Holly Griffith, is a NASA rocket scientist. She wrote to us because she’s experienced a huge disconnect with her mother over fake news related nonsense. She called-in and discussed some of the trauma of losing a parent to Russian t...more

  • “Teacher, Explainer, Soldier, Spy: Doing Solidarity Work with Nausheena Hussain and Beth Gendler.”

    Mar 29 2019

    This week Nausheena Hussain (@nausheena) and Beth Gendler (@bethgendler) join host Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to remind us that asking invasive questions requires a strong relationship, and that the internet is free! Nausheena and Beth talk about how their relationship formed over a common interest in stopping gun violence, and grew into a solidarity movement known as Muslim-Jewish Women on Minnesota. Afterwards they explore how White privilege affects not just their friendship, but the way th...more

  • “Sugar, We’re Cohen Down with Nina Burleigh”

    Mar 01 2019

    In the wake of the blockbuster Cohen testimony, there’s a lot to be unpacked about how the Trump family handles relationships, and in particular how Trump has spent his entire life commodifying and branding women. Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) is joined this week by Nina Burleigh (@ninaburleigh) who is Newsweek’s national politics editor. She wrote the book “Golden Handcuffs: The Secret History of Trump's Women” which picks apart systematic and generational issues within America’s Worst Family. W...more

  • Hate Crimes and Crossed Lines with Jamil Smith

    Feb 22 2019

    Jussie Smollett. Yeah. That whole thing. Ugh. Ughhhh. This week, Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) interviewed Rolling Stone journalist Jamil Smith (@JamilSmith) about how to untangle this mess. There’s a rising trend in hate crime and organized hate groups across the country, and as a society we lack the tools to parse solutions to these developments. Jamil discusses the implications of this trending disaster, and how our Commander-in-chief is leading the charge towards a dangerous and divided Ameri...more

  • You’ve Got Problematic Male Leads: A With Friends Like These Valentine’s Day Special!

    Feb 15 2019

    Whether you’re going out to dinner, or sitting at home with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, Valentine’s Day offers unique problems for everyone. This week, Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) interviewed Blythe Roberson (@blythelikehappy) to talk about the modern pitfalls of dating men, when sometimes you can’t stand them. In her new book, How to Date Men When You Hate Men, Blythe Roberson covers the sexism that gets excused in the dating world, and why women often feel the need to be desirable in the eyes ...more

  • #TrustWomen with Tressie Cottom and Erika Christensen

    Feb 08 2019

    Tune in this week for a double interview feature! First, Dr. Tressie Cottom joined Ana Marie Cox for “the hot take superbowl.” They began by recapping the Northam debacle in Virginia and where it fits into our historical moment. They continued with a discussion of Dr. Cottom’s new book THICK: And Other Essays. From Betsy Devos to our society’s flawed concept of beauty, Dr. Cottom wrote about her personal experiences with all of it. Ana then interviewed Erika Christensen about her experience wi...more

  • More than Flyover Country: Sarah Smarsh on her book Heartland

    Feb 01 2019

    This week proud Kansas native Sarah Smarsh (@Sarah_Smarsh) joined Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to discuss her new book Heartland: A Memoir of Being Broke in the Richest Country on Earth. From not knowing you’re poor, to feeling shame about your social class, Sarah Smarsh covers what growing up white and working class is like. Next, they discussed the intersection of public policy and private life, and why accurate media portrayal of poverty matters. Sarah ended by adding onto the call for repres...more

  • Bonkerpalooza! With Rick Wilson

    Jan 25 2019

    This week Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) joined Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk about the government shutdown, and the newest implications of the Trump presidency. They covered how Trump’s decisions have affected everyone from Congress to the average American citizen. Afterwards, they talked about coping; teaching that taking care of yourself can be macro and take the form of activism, or micro and just involve sitting on the couch with a loved one, or a loved pet. Tune in for your weekly rem...more

  • The Witching Hour with Dianna E Anderson

    Jan 18 2019

    Have you ever cancelled a celebrity? Do you believe you can separate the art from the artist? Do Twitter arguments and trending hashtags matter in the real world? This week Dianna Anderson (@diannaeanderson) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to answer all these questions and more. In her new book, Problematic: How Toxic Callout Culture is Destroying Feminism, Dianna Anderson ponders the strive towards perfectionism in the feminist movement and the positive and negative implications of that stru...more

  • "Real Shit with Ashley Nicole Black"

    Jan 11 2019

    This week Ashley Nicole Black (@ashleyn1cole) joined Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk about her own experiences as a writer and an academic and pass out some advice along the way. They began by talking about the changes in comedy in the age of widespread “wokeness.” They covered broader social issues, and eventually got on a more personal level: the pressure to become a mother and what it means to reject it. Ashley offered a potential solution to the jealousy and resentment women sometimes f...more

  • "Amateur Hour with Mina Kimes"

    Jan 04 2019

    The typical American family holiday can be characterized by the three F’s: food, family, and football. This week Ana Marie Cox (@amc) and Mina Kimes (@minakimes) talked about the intersections of sports and politics, and why football isn’t the safest dinner table topic anymore. They began with the importance of football both personally and politically, and continued by talking what it’s like to be a woman covering a traditionally masculine subject. Finally, they covered the NFL’s non reaction to...more

  • "Split and Knitted Back Together: Amanda Carpenter on the GOP"

    Dec 28 2018

    Nearly 30% of registered voters are Republican, but almost half of them don’t support Trump as of 2018. What happens to the other half? This week Amanda Carpenter (@amandacarpenter) joined Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk about being in the other half, and the split in the Republican party. They began with a conversation on being conservative and the state of the GOP. They focused in on being a woman in a party that supported an overtly sexist president. Afterwards they debated the rise of T...more

  • “Not Leaving on a Jet Plane: Eric Holthaus on Climate Change and Activism”

    Dec 21 2018

    This week Eric Holthaus (@EricHolthaus) joined Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox ) to talk about being a meteorologist in a time where climate change has reached both a critical point scientifically and politically. From making small personal decisions, to fighting for large scale societal changes, Eric and Ana cover the activism being done and why we can’t give up yet. Tune in to see how you can fight your existential dread concerning global warming and come up with your own solutions. Thanks to ...more

  • “Stand Up and Disrupt: Live from the Women Rule Summit with Anna Palmer and Piper Perabo”

    Dec 14 2018

    This week With Friends Like These is coming to you live from the 6th Annual Women Rule Summit in D.C. In this episode Anna Palmer (@apalmerdc) and Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) talked to Piper Perabo (@PiperPerabo) about going from actress to activist. Piper shared her journey from simply wanting to help, to being willing to get arrested for what she believed in. They talked about what it means to really be an ally, and how to listen and help those who are marginalized without taking over their c...more

  • "Back to Selma and Beyond: Dr. Carol Anderson on Her Book One Person, No Vote"

    Dec 07 2018

    CW: Gore, Violence This week Dr. Carol Anderson (@ProfCAnderson) joined host Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk about current events in the context of her new book, One Person, No Vote. They covered an intensive history of voting rights and the violence in those battles. Dr. Carol Anderson clarified the lie that is the American dream, and talked with Ana about the work that needs to be done by White people to stop the onslaught of violence that People of Color face day in and day out. They en...more

  • "Dive Into the Deep End: Kiese Laymon on His New Book"

    Nov 30 2018

    CW: Addiction, Eating Disorders, and Suicide. If you are struggling with any of these issues, please click the link in the content warning. You are loved and there is help available. This week Kiese Laymon (@KieseLaymon) joined Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox ) to have a meaningful and intimate conversation about his new book, Heavy: An American Memoir. They talked about what it’s like deal with other people’s difficult stories, as well as how they cope with their own. Afterwards, they connected t...more

  • “All I Need is Right Here: Being Thankful with Diana Butler Bass.”

    Nov 23 2018

    CW: Sexual Assault. If you are struggling with sexual assault, there is help available. Please contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 This week Diana Butler Bass (@dianabutlerbass) joined host Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to talk about gratefulness, and the contradictions that ensue. They asked what it means to celebrate Thanksgiving, when you’re on stolen land. Afterwards, they talked about being grateful when there appears to be nothing to be grateful for, especially in...more

  • “Maximum Man-Baby Mode: Rick Wilson on What the 2018 Midterms Mean for Trump”

    Nov 16 2018

    This week Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) sat down with Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) to talk about the 2018 Midterms. They began with a broader analysis of the Blue Wave that narrowed down into a discussion about Florida, Georgia, and voter suppression. They moved onto what they struggled with in the election, and what will happen next in terms of the White House, investigations, and potential policy.  Thanks to our sponsors! To listen on Spotify, just open the app, tap search, type in your fa...more

  • "White Women: Foot Soldiers of the Patriarchy"

    Nov 09 2018

    This week Rebecca Traister (@rtraister) joined host Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to recap the 2018 midterm elections, and the work that led up to them. They began with a conversation on the demographic of White women and their voting patterns. They went into the history of why White women continually vote conservative, and the changes that were made this election to reach out to other marginalized and often disenfranchised communities. Finally, they talked about the work of intersectional femini...more

  • “Life During Wartime Language: Talking with a former white nationalist turned SJW”

    Nov 02 2018

    This week Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) talked with journalist Eli Saslow (@elisaslow) and Derek Black (@RDerekBlack) about Derek Black’s transformation from a white nationalist to an antiracist activist. They began with current news and what Trump means for the rise of white nationalism into everyday life. Derek then talked about his background growing up as a white nationalist, and what it took for him to change his ideology. They continued with mistakes made by the media and within American cu...more

  • Where the Personal and Political Meet: In Conversation with Karamo Brown and Parker Molloy

    Oct 26 2018

    On this week’s two part episode, Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) interviews Karamo Brown (@KaramoBrown) and Parker Molloy (@ParkerMolloy).  Karamo and Ana talked about his work on Queer Eye, mental health, and what it means to be different in today’s society.  Parker and Ana began with a conversation on the recent memo about legal status of Trans people released by the Trump administration. They moved onto what identity means to them, and what the term identity politics has come to mean. They clo...more

  • “The Pied Piper of Feminism”

    Oct 19 2018

    This week Heather Havrilesky (@hhavrilesky) joined Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox ) to talk about her new book, her career, and politics. They began by discussing what 2016 meant personally and politically, and transitioned into a conversation about how feminism has changed in the era of Trump and the MeToo Movement. They ended by talking about their hopes for the 2018 midterm elections. Thanks to our sponsors! Listening to audiobooks inspires us, motivates us, even brings us closer. And ther...more

  • “Resisting Power, Oppression, and Inequality with Alice Wong.”

    Oct 12 2018

    This week Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) sat down with Disability Rights Activist Alice Wong (@SFdirewolf) to talk about what ableism looks like today and responses from the disabled activist community. They began with a discussion on language and how being disabled is perceived. They moved onto how the modern political landscape affects people who are disabled, and what Trump and Kavanaugh mean for healthcare decisions. Wong ended with a call to action and hope. Interested in Alice Wong’s work? ...more

  • “A Recovering Republican: How Max Boot Left His Party.”

    Oct 05 2018

    This week Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) sat down with author and Council of Foreign Relations fellow Max Boot (@MaxBoot). Max Boot described his reasons for leaving the Republican party. He mentioned the issues of Trump, as well as the deeper problems within the Conservative movement itself. Next, they talked about how identity plays into politics, and why as a Jew and an immigrant Boot could no longer be a part of his former party due to their treatment of minorities. They ended with a discussio...more

  • “Far Too Normal: An Update on the Kavanaugh Confirmation with Rick Wilson”

    Sep 28 2018

    TW: Sexual Assault If you’re not in a place where it’s ok to think about sexual assault, come back when you are! And if you have ever experienced sexual violence, you are not alone. If you’re ready to talk to someone about it, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-HOPE or contact the Rape Abuse Incest National Network at online.rainn.org. This week Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) sat down with Republican writer Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson). They delved into the recent testimony of D...more

  • “The Jackie Robinson of Bisexuals w/ Travon Free”

    Sep 21 2018

    This week, Ana (@anamariecox) sat down with Travon Free (@Travon), the star of the new HBO show Him or Her. They started things off by delving into the show’s premise: it’s largely based on Travon’s dating experiences as a black, bisexual male in America. That transitioned to a conversation about the importance of representation, something personal to Travon specifically because he hasn’t ever seen himself represented in popular movies or tv shows. Ana then shifted the conversation, asking Travo...more

  • "White Fragility in the Wild"

    Sep 14 2018

    Princeton University professor Robert Wuthnow (@RobertWuthnow), author of the book The Left Behind: Decline and Rage in Rural America, joined Ana (@anamariecox) this week to talk about his research. He and Ana began by exploring common misconceptions of rural America, and how rural Americans often conceive of themselves. Although he often found a perceived sense of “we-ness” within rural communities, that dynamic broke down when people shared their true opinions about things like marriage equali...more

  • “Why Pleasure Is Political w/ Michael Arceneaux”

    Sep 07 2018

    Ana (@anamariecox) sat down with Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick), author of the New York Times bestseller I Can’t Date Jesus. Their conversation kicked off with an exploration of Michael’s experience as a queer black man, how it is inherently political, and what that means in his daily life. They then talked about his work as a writer, and why he chose to write the book he wanted to rather than one craved by editors, that would have catered to a white audience. That turned the conversation towa...more

  • "ARA: Ask Rick Anything!"

    Aug 31 2018

    On this week’s pod, Ana (@anamariecox) checked back in with Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) to do something different: answer questions from listeners. Their wide-ranging conversation kicked off with Ana asking Rick to put on his strategist hat, and analyze the governor’s races in Florida and Georgia, and the Senate races in Tennessee, Florida, and Texas. Ana then asked Rick how he will vote in the Florida gubernatorial election, before going deeper on how/when Never Trumpers will vote for Democrat...more

  • "White Fragility 101"

    Aug 24 2018

    On this week’s pod, Ana (@anamariecox) sat down with Robin DiAngelo, author of the book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism. To kick things off, Robin explained what white fragility is, and the impact that it has not just on white people, but white progressives in particular. Ana and Robin then talked about the need for people who recognize racism’s ills not to get complacent or arrogant, but rather be actively anti-racist, and continue educating themselves. T...more

  • “Funny Is How We Got Here: When Journalists Amplify Hate”

    Aug 17 2018

    Whitney Phillips (@wphillips49) joined Ana (@anamariecox) to talk about her recent work, The Oxygen of Amplification, which chronicles the battle journalists face to report on extremism without amplifying it. Early in their conversation, Ana and Whitney dove into the central paradox of that battle: that it’s almost impossible to report on extremism without normalizing and spreading it. Another part of that paradox is that for an uninitiated journalist, it is all too easy to get duped into spread...more

  • “Almost Bravery w/ Rick Wilson”

    Aug 10 2018

    This week, the one and only Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) stopped by to talk with Ana (@anamariecox) about his new book, Everything Trump Touches Dies. Ana kicked things off by asking Rick about things he regrets from his past as a political consultant. That led to a conversation about the reaction he’s received from past colleagues and clients to the book, and why he decided to move from working in the political shadows to the light. After Ana called Rick out for the way he uses mental illness a...more

  • “A Country Built On a Hate Crime w/ Arjun Sethi”

    Aug 03 2018

    Arjun Singh Sethi (@arjunsethi81), author of American Hate: Survivors Speak Out, joined Ana (@anamariecox) on this week’s pod. Over the course of their conversation, Arjun explained why he wrote the book: to center the perspectives of hate survivors, who live with the everyday hate not just of Trump’s America, but that -- shocker -- has always been present in American life. He and Ana talked about the general erasure of hate survivors in no less a setting that prosecution of hate crimes, and why...more

  • “Evangelism’s God Complex w/ Sarah Jones”

    Jul 27 2018

    This week, Ana (@anamariecox) talked with Sarah Jones (@onesarahjones), a staff writer for The New Republic who covers social inequality and religion. Their conversation began with Sarah’s religious upbringing, and her journey from Christian fundamentalist to secular activist. Ana asked about what influence -- if any -- her parents’ teaching still has on her, as well as what the dearth of religious news outlets means for coverage of religion moving forward. Finally, at the end of the show, Sarah...more

  • “Contemplative Activism” with Teresa P Mateus

    Jul 20 2018

    This week, Ana (@anamariecox) talked with Teresa P Mateus (@teresapmateus), trauma specialist, professor, and founder of The Mystic Soul Project. They began their conversation talking about Teresa’s journey to become a trauma specialist, and explored what her work looks like in practice. Ana also asked her to explain how well meaning white people can fit into the people of color centered approach Teresa espoused. They then closed out the show talking about how this moment is similar and differen...more

  • “Spiteful and Shortsighted” with Rick Wilson

    Jul 13 2018

    This week, Ana (@anamariecox) sat down for her regular check in with WFLT’s favorite Never Trumper Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson). They talked about what Rick expects from President Trump’s upcoming summit with Vladimir Putin, and why the international order upheld by NATO is so important. Rick then offered his verdict on Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, and what could push him to work for a Democratic Presidential candidate in 2020. Rick’s book, Everything Trump Touches Dies, come...more

  • "Amy Chozick on Hillary and Humility"

    Jul 06 2018

    This week, Ana (@anamariecox) sat down with Amy Chozick (@amychozick), New York Times writer at large and the author of the new book Chasing Hillary. Over the course of a wide-ranging conversation, they dove into some of the threads within Amy’s book that the national political press has overlooked. In addition to examining the Hillary that Amy felt voters often didn’t see, they discussed the lessons learned by Amy and the press corps writ large from the 2016 election, and how that press corps c...more

  • "When Ideology is Identity with Lilliana Mason"

    Jun 29 2018

    This week, Ana (@anamariecox) welcomed Lilliana Mason (@LilyMasonPhD), an assistant professor of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland and the author of Uncivil Agreement: How Politics Became Our Identity, to the show. They talked about Lilliana’s research into the power of partisan identity, and how it affects people’s daily behavior as well as the difference in manifestation between Democrats and Republicans. After probing the issue itself, they dove into the problems that it p...more

  • "Cruelty is as American as Thanksgiving with Adam Serwer"

    Jun 22 2018

    This week, Ana (@anamariecox) sat down with The Atlantic’s Adam Serwer (@AdamSerwer) to talk about the Trump Administration’s inhumane policy of separating children from their parents detained at America’s southern border. Adam wrote a story in The Atlantic about how this policy is the realization of Trumpism, and laid out the argument he makes in the piece: that this policy is the natural byproduct of Trump’s political appeal, and builds off an American tradition of doing horrible things to bla...more

  • "Hurting Unit Cohesion with Charlotte Clymer"

    Jun 15 2018

    This week, Ana (@anamariecox) sat down with Charlotte Clymer (@cmclymer), the Press Secretary for Rapid Response at the Human Rights Campaign. They started their conversation by talking about the Trump Administration’s decision to ban transgender people from serving in the military, which Charlotte, as a transgender woman and a veteran, is uniquely able to analyze. Charlotte then shared the story of her own transition, and talked about what it means to see transgender people actually be represen...more

  • "Rick Wilson Is Giving Up on Corporate Christians"

    Jun 08 2018

    This week, Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) stopped by for his monthly check-in with Ana (@anamariecox). They began their conversation by talking about how to cope with the constant distraction posed by Donald Trump’s Twitter account and stay focused on the real issues. Afterwards, they dove into Rick’s own political evolution, and the issues he’s willing to compromise on to gain allies against Trump leading into the midterms. Ana also asked Rick for an insight into what Republican lawmakers and sta...more

  • "Tall Decaf, Implicit Bias, No Whip with W. Kamau Bell"

    Jun 01 2018

    This week, comedian and host of CNN’s United Shades of America W. Kamau Bell (@wkamaubell) joined Ana (@anamariecox) to talk about the racial bias training Starbucks workers across the country had this past week. They spoke about the hypocrisy in trying to take on racism while relying on euphemisms like “racial profiling” and “color brave” without being able to say the word “racist,” as well as how many anti-racism trainings only encompass racism against black people, and leave out other people ...more

  • "Grateful (in Trump-adjusted terms) with Diana Butler Bass"

    May 25 2018

    This week, Diana Butler Bass (@DianaButlerBass), historian and author of the new book Grateful: The Transformative Power of Giving Grace, joined Ana (@anamariecox). Diana wrote the book during the first 100 days of the Trump Administration, and she talked about how the act of practicing gratitude helped her to deal with the myriad ways the Administration was making the country worse. She also talked about how that conception of gratitude is different than the transactional practice many -- inclu...more

  • Imani Gandy on the Road to Gilead

    May 18 2018

    Rewire.News’ Senior Legal Analyst Imani Gandy (@AngryBlackLady) joined Ana (@anamariecox) this week for a wide-ranging conversation. They began by exploring the differences between the reproductive rights and reproductive justice movements before discussing what it’s like to receive abuse on Twitter. After talking about how people of privilege can use it for good, the conversation got more serious when Imani proposed that the real reason so much time and energy is focused on the Trump/Russia sca...more

  • "Sex Robots Titillate and Childish Gambino Provokes with Ross Douthat and Doreen St. Felix"

    May 11 2018

    New York Times op-ed columnist Ross Douthat (@DouthatNYT) joined Ana this week to continue the discussion they started in columns last week. Ross wrote an op-ed in the Times about the prospect of sex robots as the answer for people who can’t fulfill their sexual desires, to which Ana responded with a lengthy critique. To take that debate off the computer screen, they conducted a wide-ranging conversation that encompassed Ross’ argument, Ana’s problems with it, and what it’s like writing in the a...more

  • Rick Wilson Says Don’t Campaign on Impeachment

    May 04 2018

    This week, WFLT’s favorite Never Trumper joined the show for his first check in since February. Over the course of a wide-ranging conversation, he and Ana dove into the way that attitudes regarding the FBI and the rule of law have undergone a remarkable transformation in the age of Trump. They also talked about how Democrats should run on accountability rather than impeachment in 2018, North Korea, and *that* Rudy Giuliani interview. After that, Ira Madison III, host of Crooked Media’s Keep It!...more

  • "Alex Wagner knows the secret to belonging (spoiler alerts!)"

    Apr 27 2018

    This week, Alex Wagner, co-host of Showtime’s The Circus, contributing editor at The Atlantic, a CBS News contributor and the author of the new book Futureface: A family mystery, an Epic Quest, and the Secret to Belonging, sat down with Ana. They discussed her family history and how the writing process facilitated her own search for belonging. They also addressed the white privilege inherent in DNA testing, and the what it means for Alex to replace Mark Halperin on The Circus during this unique ...more

  • “Atheism and the Alt-Right, with Chris Stedman and Diana Butler Bass”

    Apr 20 2018

    This week, Humanist chaplain and community activist Chris Stedman joined Ana to discuss the unique relationship between movement atheism and the Alt-Right. Chris wrote a piece on the trend from prominent atheists like Bill Maher, Sam Harris, and Richard Dawkins to promote some liberal social policies while putting forth critiques of social justice policies that amount to an “alt-light.” Ana and Chris delve deep into the atheist movement, investigating why and how atheists have found common groun...more

  • "Talking Ableism, Hashtag Appropriation and Rom-Coms with Keah Brown"

    Apr 13 2018

    This week, writer, journalist, and disability rights activist Keah Brown joins Ana for a difficult conversation about disability, ableism, and body positivity. Their wide-ranging conversation begins with Keah detailing how she’s worked to find self love and body positivity and a discussion on the lack of representation disabled people face in movies and popular culture writ large. They then turn to Keah’s desire not to be pigeonholed as a writer, and the pro’s and con’s of using Twitter to conne...more

  • The other side has a resistance too, reporting from CPAC

    Apr 06 2018

    Ana’s journey at CPAC continues this week. Despite the conference’s overt racism and embrace of President Trump, she found young people who don’t like where their party is going. They want to see it go in a different, more principled direction, holding elected officials accountable for their treatment of women and the need to respect LGBTQ+ rights. But are there enough of them to matter? Find us on Twitter at @crooked_friends, and get in touch with us at withfriendslikepod@gmail.com. Check ...more

  • “They’re standing at the podium” w/ Dave Weigel

    Mar 30 2018

    On the Season 2 premiere, Ana traveled to CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, to try and see the world through someone the eyes of conservative activists. Ana has attended CPAC for many years, but this time discovered a different conference -- rather than idealistic conservatism, she encountered overt, explicit racism. Over the course of the conference, she talked to attendees of different backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and genders, only to find nativism and racism time and again...more

  • “The Average American White Racist” with Christian Picciolini

    Mar 09 2018

    On the Season 1 finale, reformed extremist Christian Picciolini [4:02] joins Ana to talk about his experience as a white supremacist, how his mind changed, and the work he does today to show people that there is life after hate. They discuss the rise and shifts in white supremacy within the United States and the way that white supremacists have softened their image by using coded language and racial dog whistles. The conversation turns to the ways in which white supremacy is like an addiction, a...more

  • “Black Future Month” with Jamil Smith

    Mar 02 2018

    Jamil Smith (@JamilSmith) joins Ana to talk about what makes Black Panther different from other Marvel movies and so important. They discuss the power of the movie’s metaphors to talk about colonization and the black experience in America as well as how this movie can prompt white people to think differently about white supremacy. Ana and Jamil also consider the active decision by the movie’s creators to make a movie for black audiences, and what that choice could mean for the future of movies a...more

  • “Mormon Pundit Mode” with McKay Coppins

    Feb 23 2018

    On this week’s pod, The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins (@mckaycoppins) joins Ana to talk about Mitt Romney’s return to politics and what it was like covering Romney’s Presidential run as the other Mormon on the bus. From there, the conversation turns to Mormon conservatism and its unique attitude towards Donald Trump, the history of the LDS Church, and Ana and McKay’s respective relationships with faith. They also talk a lot about prayer, which they both love and both feel a little weird talking about...more

  • "Wear Your Hair Shirt More Properly"

    Feb 16 2018

    Ana talks with Linda Tirado (@KillerMartinis), [2:00] activist and author of Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America, about the Trump Administration’s awesome idea to turn the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program into a shitty version of Blue Apron. The conversation also turns to the hypocrisy of policymakers on both sides of the aisle when it comes to poverty, and how no onein power actually wants to listen to poor people. Vox’s Senior Politics Reporter Jane Coaston (@cjane87) joins An...more

  • Not Your Mama's Interracial Relationship with Melissa Febos and Quinta Brunson

    Feb 09 2018

    Rebecca Carroll (@rebel19) fills in for Ana this week to discuss interracial relationships — and Black Panther —  in the Trump era. Rebecca, whose husband is white, is joined by writer/professor Melissa Febos (@melissafebos) [7:42] and writer/performer Quinta Brunson (@quintabrunson) [47:14] to talk about how everyone’s doing in their own interracial relationships these days, in this very particular moment we’re having in America. Send emails to the podcast at withfriendslikepod@gmail.com. We ...more

  • “A Party of Men and Mobs” with Rick Wilson

    Feb 02 2018

    It’s that time again: Ana’s monthly check-in with WFLT’s favorite Never Trumper Rick Wilson (@RickWilson). [2:58] Find out what three-years-ago Rick would have been most surprised by about Trump’s first year, plus hear his thoughts on the future of a Republican Party he says is paralyzed by fear of a mean tweet. Also, we get some insight into what Rick’s been telling Republican elected officials when they call him up for advice. Send emails to the podcast at withfriendslikepod@gmail.com. We are...more

  • “If You Can’t Vlog It, It Didn’t Happen” with Katie Notopoulos and Jemar Tisby

    Jan 26 2018

    BuzzFeed News tech reporter Katie Notopoulos (@katienotopoulos) drops by [3:46] to tell Ana what she learned from watching YouTube star Jake Paul’s educational video series on social influencing, which apparently involves a lot of trickery and grifting. Sound familiar? Then, [28:35] Jemar Tisby (@JemarTisby) of the The Witness joins Ana to discuss the hypocrisy of white Evangelicals who support Donald Trump, which leads to a broader discussion about racism and white supremacy in America. Ana ...more

  • “Foot Servants of Wokeness” with Ijeoma Oluo and Parker Molloy

    Jan 19 2018

    Writer Ijeoma Oluo (@IjeomaOluo) stops by to discuss her new book “So You Want To Talk about Race,” which as Ana points out, is an especially essential read for white people to check out. Using her tips, Ijeoma helps Ana workshop a particular conversation Ana’s been trying to have with a person in her own life. Then, Parker Molloy (@ParkerMolloy) helps answer a listener question about what we can be hopeful about as we head into 2018. Send us an email to withfriendslikepod@gmail.com. Find us ...more

  • ”At Least the Obama People Felt Bad" with James Risen and Jamil Smith

    Jan 12 2018

    James Risen, senior national security correspondent for The Intercept, joins Ana [01:14] to discuss the rocky relationship between journalists and the government, reminding us that Trump’s threats to press freedom are not unprecedented — and Risen would know, since both the Bush and Obama administrations took him to court over his reporting. He wrote about the experience, in a must-read piece, here: https://url.emailprotection.link/?a_64gq3nIS1JTwoUCTzOU0BEMTal24kTbYv7SAHyApgJQTz-aCpiV2hC7thv5GP...more

  • “Two Rats In a Sack” w/ Rick Wilson and Scaachi Koul

    Jan 05 2018

    We kick off 2018 with our monthly Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) check in. [00:57] On the agenda: what we *should* be paying attention to in all this Bannon-Trump drama — like, say, nuclear war. And, we find out how the Never Trump movement is doing. Then, we talk with BuzzFeed writer and author Scaachi Koul (@Scaachi) [38:14] about the controversy over Youtube star Logan Paul’s posting of a video from Japan’s “suicide forest,” where we draw familiar parallels to the Trump era. Read Scaachi’s pi...more

  • Winter Break Encore Part II with Ben Howe and Adam Savage

    Dec 29 2017

    First, [3:05] we revisit Ana’s interview with Red State contributor and Never Trump stalwart Ben Howe (@benhowe) about what the Left can learn from the Tea Party. Ben also discusses how leaving the conservative movement has changed his thinking on social issues like abortion. Then, [56:41] another throwback to when Adam Savage (“Mythbusters,” Tested.com) joined the pod to help a WFLT listener whose sister has embraced right-wing conspiracy theories.  BONUS: join Ana on a journey through the edi...more

  • Winter Break Encore with Rembert Browne

    Dec 22 2017

    We revisit a very honest conversation between Ana and writer Rembert Browne (@rembert) about Colin Kaepernick, America, and why it’s imperative we talk about race, especially when it makes us feel uncomfortable. You can read Rembert’s profile on Kap here: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2732670-colin-kaepernick-anthem-race-in-america Send us an email with a question and we’ll get our #friendsofthepod to answer it in the new year: withfriendslikepod@gmail.com. Tweet us at @crooked_friends. ...more

  • “Turning Off The Gaslight” w/ Rebecca Carroll and Amy Sullivan

    Dec 15 2017

    WNYC’s Rebecca Carroll [2:58] gives us her perspective on an aspect of #MeToo we should be talking about more: the denigration of black women. Also, if you thanked black women on Twitter for Doug Jones’ win in Alabama, you might want to listen in for some tips on how to put that support into concrete action.  Then, [36:28] writer Amy Sullivan helps us unpack a listener question about abortion, religion and politics. Specifically: why hasn’t the Left followed the Right’s lead in framing abortion...more

  • “Karma Is A Magnificent B*tch” w/ Diana Butler Bass and Rick Wilson

    Dec 08 2017

    First, [3:17] author and theologian Diana Butler Bass (@dianabutlerbass) drops by to give us an explainer on the really long theological history behind Trump’s decision to proclaim Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and how that decision appeals specifically to members of his conservative evangelical base who believe in dispensational premillennialism (more popular than one might think). Diana and Ana conclude it is possible to change people’s minds on Armageddon. Then, [43:50] Ana checks in with...more

  • "Scale of Awfulness" with Adam Serwer and Lizzie O’Leary

    Dec 01 2017

    Adam Serwer (@AdamSerwer), senior editor at The Atlantic, joins Ana this week [5:43] to discuss his latest piece unpacking the white nationalism of Trump voters. He argues a lot more people believe in white supremacy in America than we want to talk about, but says having that conversation is unavoidable. The discussion also draws parallels between white supremacy and patriarchy. Then, [52:11] Lizzy O’Leary (@lizzieohreally) of Marketplace talks sexual harassment and bad behaviour — that “grey a...more

  • BONUS EPISODE: “Sometimes a Loss is More Powerful than a Win”

    Nov 28 2017

    In this special episode, Ana takes a field trip to Chicago to visit with a group of voters long misunderstood by the coastal elites but who played a pivotal role in the 2016 election: that’s right... Hillary voters. What makes them tick? Why do they have such affection for her? Will they continue to support her, no matter what? Also, we try to humanize them a bit: Hillary voters may seem different, but really, they’re just like you or me! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.co...more

  • “Families Are a Bag of Triggers” with John Moe

    Nov 24 2017

    John Moe of “The Hilarious World of Depression” podcast (@johnmoe) returns to the show for a special Thanksgiving episode dedicated to self care. Ana and John share some coping mechanisms for those tough days, like setting boundaries and giving your anxiety a name. Two important reminders: you have worth, and it gets better. If you missed John last time he was on the pod, find that episode here: https://crooked.com/podcast/the-help-is-coming-from-inside-the-house/ You can also listen to John’s...more

  • “You’re Gonna Feel a Pinch” with Ira Madison III and Bob Inglis

    Nov 17 2017

    First, [3:35] newest Crooked Media pod host Ira Madison III (@ira) drops by to talk about why “good men” should be prepared to lose something when it comes to facing and assessing their past behaviour, which includes acknowledging a system that has afforded white men so much success. Ira and Ana start by asking: should Al Franken resign? Then, [36:00] former South Carolina Republican congressman Bob Inglis (@bobinglis) is back to help us make sense of why many Evangelical Christians in Alabama ...more

  • What about Bill?

    Nov 10 2017

    This week, New York Mag writer and author Rebecca Traister (@rtraister) stops by to mark one year since the election of Donald Trump with an episode dedicated to Hillary Clinton. No, we don’t re-litigate her campaign or make jokes about Wisconsin. We do put in context the first female presidential candidate ever nominated by a major party, her life and her feminism — and help Ana, a self-described Hillary skeptic, make sense of some complicated feelings about the historic figure that is HRC. I...more

  • “Platoon of Chicken$**t$"

    Nov 03 2017

    First, [3:55] we check in with our pal Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) to discuss what the Mueller indictments mean for the future of Trump’s administration, the big question being: how much longer will Congressional Republicans continue to protect this president in the face of mounting evidence? Rick has a somewhat sunnier view than Ana on how things will play out. Then, [38:29] Elizabeth Bruenig (@ebruenig) stops by for a discussion about poverty and morality in relation to the GOP tax plan, whi...more

  • “Post Office With Guns” with Jon Lovett and Nate Bethea

    Oct 27 2017

    First, [3:10] Crooked Media’s Jon Lovett (@jonlovett) stops by to answer a listener’s question about the role of gay men in #metoo, which leads to an honest discussion about female vs. male leadership. Then, [19:40] we sit down with Afghanistan war veteran Nate Bethea (@inthesedeserts) to explore how progressives should situate themselves in relation to the military (spoiler: plenty of people who serve are leftists, if not as overtly so as right-leaning troops). We also ask, is it OK to critici...more

  • “Look In The Mirror” with Vann R. Newkirk II and Helen Rosner

    Oct 20 2017

    We sit down with friend of the pod Vann R. Newkirk II (@fivefifths) to discuss how white people in America can do more to fight white supremacy, The System (tip: go out and talk to people who don’t look and sound like you). Helen Rosner (@hels) also joins us to help answer a listener question from a man who admits he’s committed a sexual assault of his own, where we ask, what's the other half of #metoo? Finally, we end with some positive musings about ethical porn. Find the pod on Twitter at @...more

  • “The Human Shock Doctrine hits Puerto Rico” w/ Naomi Klein and Jamil Smith

    Oct 13 2017

    “The Human Shock Doctrine hits Puerto Rico” w/ Naomi Klein and Jamil Smith With a friend like the United States, does Puerto Rico need enemies? Naomi Klein (@NaomiAKlein) stops by to discuss how the U.S. government created the preconditions for the island’s *un*natural (very much man-made) disaster. And Jamil Smith (@JamilSmith) helps answer a listener question about an awkward conversation at the office. Bonus mini-essay for listeners that make it all the way to the end. Find us on Twit...more

  • “A Novel and Disturbing Place” w/ Sam Sinyangwe and Rick Wilson

    Oct 06 2017

    First, [4:10] Sam Sinyangwe (@samswey) joins us to talk about how media coverage of the Las Vegas massacre largely ignored America’s long history of mass shootings, including the deadliest mass shooting ever, perpetrated by white supremacists. You can read Sam’s tweets about the topic here: https://twitter.com/samswey/status/914963280501858304. We also discuss why gun control policies need to be conscious of race and racism, and why mixing sports and politics continues to be a good thing. Next,...more

  • “Can’t Countenance the Bullshit Anymore” w/ Michael Steele

    Sep 29 2017

    Former RNC chairman Michael Steele (@MichaelSteele) joins us for a live conversation from the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Tx.  We discuss why Steele no longer recognizes the Republican party [10:00], whether he sees Trump as an existential threat to American democracy [43:00], and why those three words “We The People” mean so much to him [50:40]. Another genuine With Friend Like This, Steele is also the former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland and a current political analyst on MSNBC. Say ...more

  • “A Brick Through The Overton Window" w/ Timothy Faust

    Sep 22 2017

    This week we get more Weedsy than The Weeds about America’s uniquely fucked up health care system with single-payer activist and Chapo wonk Timothy Faust (@crulge), an incredibly fun and energetic tour of health care with two people who curse a lot.  First, how we got here (Otto von Bismarck comes up); then, why the latest GOP attempt to repeal Obamacare is their worst yet; and finally, an examination of Bernie Sanders’ “refreshingly ambitious” Medicare For All bill — prefaced with a friendly r...more

  • "Too Tired to be Angry" w/ Rembert Browne

    Sep 15 2017

    A conversation with writer Rembert Browne (@rembert) [1:21]on how his “write-around” profile of football player Colin Kaepernick (Bleacher Report) became a piece about this moment in America — and why the stakes are too high to avoid the uncomfortable conversations needed to change it. You can read that very good piece here: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2732670-colin-kaepernick-anthem-race-in-america Also relevant to the discussion: http://grantland.com/hollywood-prospectus/my-desk-rescu...more

  • “Nothing messier than sex” with Kim Cavill

    Sep 08 2017

    This week, sex education instructor Kim Cavill (@sexposparenting) is back on the pod to answer your (adult) questions about perhaps the messiest coalition of all: sex. We discuss when and how to talk to your kids about porn [2:46], what to do if a friend tells you they’ve experienced a sexual assault [56:13], plus the importance of asking for what you want [64:57].  Kim’s website, Tea and Intimacy, is at https://www.teaandintimacy.com/. If you have had experience with any kind of sexual assaul...more

  • “We Act Like It’ll Never Happen” w/ Neena Satija and Jon Lovett

    Sep 01 2017

    First, [2:15] a conversation with Neena Satija (@neenareports) from Houston, about Harvey and the choice to not prepare for catastrophic events. Second, [32:04] Jon Lovett (@jonlovett) helps field a listener question! And then [47:18] we talk about Game of Thrones as a metaphor for climate change. Lastly: [57:18] A short reflection on the Nashville Statement and attempts by Christians to dehumanize and deny our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. We want to hear from you! Tweet us at @crooked_friends, ...more

  • One God, Under Trump w/ Jack Jenkins and Parker Molloy

    Aug 25 2017

    First [5:35], why aren’t evangelicals turning on the decidedly ungodly Trump? Jack Jenkins (@jackmjenkins), religion editor at Think Progress, explains how Christian nationalism has fused with Trumpism to create an unbreakable (?) bond. Second [43:06], Parker Molloy, (@ParkerMolloy), from Upworthy, joins to talk about the re-animation of the “trans ban” and why it matters beyond the military. Also, responding to a listener who asked about the ways one can help in the fight against bigotry *besid...more

  • "Are you going to join the fight?”

    Aug 18 2017

    The aftermath of Charlottesville, considered from the right and the left. First [4:36] , Naval War College professor Tom Nichols (@radiofreetom) helps us understand how our enemies and allies abroad will interpret Charlottesville and Trump’s response to it. We also argue about whether it’s helpful, politically speaking, to connect the modern GOP to white supremacy. Then Jane Coaston (@cjane87, MTV NEWS FOREVER!) hops on the line [48:46] to argue that Trump’s defense of white supremacy was a tact...more

  • “Keep it” with Kat Rosenfield and Ira Madison III

    Aug 11 2017

    This week’s episode is a dive into the intra-left culture wars: Who is sufficiently woke, and who gets to tell what stories (about whom)? Segment A [1:31]: New York magazine writer Kat Rosenfield (@katrosenfield) discusses her piece on “The Toxic Drama on YA Twitter” (link below). Segment B [30:32]: Culture critic for The Daily Beast and GQ and #friendofthepod Ira Madison III (@ira) joins to help us figure out what parts of the YA debate are helpful, and how it is and isn’t like the parallel deb...more

  • "Enormous waste and loss": What it's like to report on the death penalty

    Aug 04 2017

    First [1:24], Montgomery Advertiser reporter Brian Lyman (@lyman_brian) joins to discuss covering the criminal justice system in Alabama -- including being present at the most recent execution conducted in the state. Also, what can the Alabama senate race tell us about the country at large? Second [40:50], #friendofthepod Jamil Smith (@jamilsmith) talks about the moment his life intersected with the question of capital punishment.... and stays for an extended chat about what the future of crimin...more

  • “A President Who Makes Us Less Safe” with Greg Howard and Rick Wilson

    Jul 28 2017

    After an intro in which I acknowledge the numerous categories of people who have *some idea* of what it’s like to live with an oppressor in the White House, I am joined by New York Times Magazine writer Greg Howard (@greghoward88) to discuss the aftermath of his essay about white women ignoring his existence. [4:29] Then Rick Wilson (@therickwilson), Never Trump stalwart, stops by to talk about Trump’s short-sighted and cruel Twitter declaration banning trans people from the military. I plead wi...more

  • “A Daily Insult” with Kim Cavill and Michelle Goldberg

    Jul 21 2017

    Last week, without warning, the Trump administration cancelled over $200m in funding for research into teen pregnancy prevention (https://www.revealnews.org/article/trump-administration-suddenly-pulls-plug-on-teen-pregnancy-programs/). Sex education instructor Kim Cavill found out she was out of a job from reading about the funding cut on Twitter. She joins [3:52] to talk about the ramifications of the administration’s short-sightedness, and the importance of speaking truthfully and frankly abou...more

  • “Health Care Is a Civil Right” with Anita Cameron and Vann Newkirk

    Jul 14 2017

    We talk to ADAPT activist Anita Cameron (@adaptanita) [2:53] about the history of the disability rights movement and its recent success raising awareness about what TrumpCare would do to Medicaid. (She also has a few pointers for reporters covering the protests on how to not infantilize the activists.) Vann Newark (@fivefifths) [23:40] joins to talk about the intersection of health policy and civil rights, both philosophically and historically. Easter egg [46:15]: A mini-op-ed on how to correctl...more

  • “An existential crisis happening to America every day” w/ Neera Tanden

    Jul 07 2017

    We sit down with Neera Tanden (@neeratanden), CEO of the Center for American Progress and friend of the pod, to discuss why we should stop debating the election — it’s everybody’s fault! — and the reasons she’s optimistic the Trump presidency will build a progressive majority. We were remiss in letting you know about the podcasts recommended by Jon Ward in last week’s pod. They are: Truth’s Table: “Black Christian women who love the truth and seek it out wherever it leads us.” https://itunes.a...more

  • “Typical white dude attitude”

    Jun 30 2017

    Jon Ward (@jonward11) was one of the people I had in mind when we came up with "With Friends Like These": A seriously smart and dedicated reporter who doesn't see the world the same way I do, but with whom I have found fertile common ground. He joins to discuss his reporting and his faith, and what it means to embrace the evangelism of racial reconciliation. Jon is a Political Correspondent for Yahoo News and is writing "a narrative history of Ted Kennedy's decision to challenge Jimmy Carter." ...more

  • “It’s not who we’re supposed to be, but it is who we are”

    Jun 26 2017

    A bonus pod about the Philando Castile verdict and what happens next, with Greg Doucette (@greg_doucette) and Jane Coaston (@cjane87).  Jane is a political correspondent at MTV News, you can browse her content here: http://www.mtv.com/news/author/coastonj/ Greg is a criminal defense attorney and criminal justice reform advocate, and is also known as Durham’s “Weed lawyer.” He now has his own podcast, Fsck ‘Em All: https://www.fsckemall.com/ Greg and Jane have appeared on the pod before, on th...more

  • “I have no regrets”

    Jun 23 2017

    We take a field trip to Iowa to interview Trump supporters in line for his don’t-call-it-a-campaign rally. Our main question: Have any of your relationships suffered because of political differences? Their answers will probably not surprise you. Their attitudes might. You can contact the show with questions or comments at withfriendslikepod@gmail.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • “Surprised you called me a feminist”

    Jun 16 2017

    A Very Special Father’s Day episode. First, some words on saying the wrong thing. Then at 4:40, Anil Dash (@anildash) explains why he doesn’t retweet men, and we discuss the (incredibly light) burden of being a woke person with relative priviledge. Next at 31:26, New York Times writer Claire Cain Miller (@clairecm) joins me and my dad (@samcox) to talk about how to raise a feminist. Lastly at 50:46, Some words on words, and shout-out to a hero from the GOP congressional baseball shooting in Ale...more

  • “Justice is a mechanical duck”

    Jun 09 2017

    — Trump agoniste Rick Wilson (@therickwilson) sheds some light on the chasm between how Trump loyalists and Trump skeptics will receive the Comey testimony. — Quinta Jurecic (@qjurecic), associate editor at Lawfare, elaborates on the insight that gripped many Comey observers: His story parallels that of anyone who’s been the target of a sexual predator. — Commentary editor Noah Rothman (@noahcrothman) helps field a listener question about a relationship that’s soured since the election. Quinta ...more

  • “Proud pigheadedness”

    Jun 02 2017

    W. Kamau Bell (@wkamaubell), of CNN’s United Shades of America, joins to help a listener puzzle through how (and if) to have a relationship with her Trump-supporting parents. As he put it: Do they deserve the privilege of her children’s company? Also: What Kamau’s TV show has taught him about a post-election America, and a primer on the *good* kind of white pride. Kamau’s new book! The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell: Tales of a 6' 4", African American, Heterosexual, Cisgender, Left-Leaning,...more

  • “You can’t build things with pitchforks and torches”

    May 26 2017

    Segment 1: Bob Inglis (of RepublicEN.org) is a conservative climate change denier turned conservative climate change activist. We talk about what he’s learned about how to approach those who disagree with him — there are some concrete tips! Lots of Greek and Roman references! Segment 2: We dive into the power and powerlessness of prayer with Washington Post writer and editor Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig. (TRIGGER WARNING: CONTAINS JESUS.) Bob on Twitter: @bobinglis Liz on Twitter: @ebruenig The s...more

  • “Poetic justice and justice are not the same thing”

    May 19 2017

    This episode wound up being about the limits and costs of empathy. First up: Franchesca Ramsey (@chescaleigh), creator and star of the hilarious social justice (really, all of that!) series, “Decoded.” We discuss about what she still feels uncomfortable talking about and who she feels uncomfortable talking to. Second segment: National correspondent for The Atlantic Graeme Wood (@gcaw), whose profile of honest-to-god Nazi and high school classmate Richard Spencer wound up being closer to his usua...more

  • “Women in power are always complicit”

    May 12 2017

    Red State contributor and Never Trump stalwart (who made the Trump doc “The Sociopath”) Ben Howe (@benhowe) comes on to talk about what the Left can learn from the Tea Party’s successes and mistakes. We also dive into how leaving the conservative movement has changed how he thinks about social issues such as abortion. In the second segment, Brandy Jensen (@BrandyLJensen) helps us dispose of the question, “Is Ivanka a feminist?” Instead, we wonder if neoliberal feminism is itself the problem. Le...more

  • “More of a Fetish Than a Mission”

    May 10 2017

    HuffPost’s Jason Linkins (@dceiver) guests on a special non-awkward, non-boundary-challenging episode in which we play some serious inside-DC media-criticism baseball! If that is the kind of thing you like, you will love this. Consider it a kind of ironic palate cleanser from last week’s intense earnestness. We’ll be back next week with your regularly scheduled discomfort. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • “The Help Is Coming From Inside the House”

    May 05 2017

    John Moe, of “The Hilarious World of Depression” and @johnmoe, joins for a special crossover pod about depression, suicide, and stigma. This is an intense episode and those who might be sensitive to this discussion, take care of yourselves. If you are struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK. Be well. You are loved. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • “I always assume everyone knows”

    Apr 28 2017

    Upworthy writer Parker Molloy has been unapologetically out and feisty as both a trans person and someone who struggles with depression and anxiety; we chat about why she’s chosen that path and what it means for her in real life. (Next time she’s on we will talk about the Cubs.) Doreen St. Felix of MTV News joins the show to discuss the latest in Clinton campaign autopsies, and the aesthetics of the Trump presidency (and why it’s so important that Michelle’s not wearing J. Crew anymore). Learn m...more

  • "Being Called Racist is White People's Kryptonite"

    Apr 21 2017

    Criminal Defense Attorney Greg Doucette discusses how he went from traditional Republican to racial justice warrior. MTV political reporter Jane Coaston helps field a call from Marcus in California, who wants to know what to do when your friends say racist stuff they don't realize is racist. Also watch out for a cameo from #husbandofthepod. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • “Let’s create messy coalitions”

    Apr 14 2017

    Can’t make it to church this weekend? Get your God and hellfire here! First, a talk with @JeffChu, author of “Does Jesus Really Love Me? A Gay Christian’s Pilgrimage in Search of God in America,” about squaring faith and real life. Then official #friendofthepod @TheRickWilson joins to discuss the Republicans’ thirst for a “presidential” Trump (aint happening, we’re all going to die). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • “Contentment is a professional risk”

    Apr 07 2017

    Author of “Listen, Liberal” and genuine, actual, #friendofthepod, Tom Frank, stops by to answer the specific question, “With friends like the professional class, does the working class need enemies?” There is much discussion of how much music used to matter, damnit, and how Tom stays angry despite having a lovely family and beautiful life. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • “No one cries, no one gets asked to prom”

    Mar 31 2017

    Disability rights activist Alice Wong jumps right in with the awkward as we discuss who can even say “#cripthevote.” We discuss the coming deluge of #inspiring #promposals involving disabled people, and why she hopes they go away eventually. David Perry, a journalist covering disability issues, talks about avoiding able-ism and best practices for reporters. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • “If you’re worried about the future, look at the past”

    Mar 24 2017

    Disagreeing about facts is one thing, what if you disagree about reality? Adam Savage (“Mythbusters,” Tested.com) joins to help a WFLT listener whose sister has embraced right-wing conspiracy theories. MTV’s Ezekiel Kweku comes by to discuss how America’s dystopian future could be based on its dystopian past. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • "Police violence didn't just stop happening"

    Mar 17 2017

    Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery talks about reporting on police killings while black, and political consultant Jessica Byrd speaks about how Michael Brown’s death drove her to try to change the world. Ana’s fellow MTV News correspondent, Jamil Smith, fills in this week. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • "Too soon to start shooting"

    Mar 10 2017

    #NeverTrump diehard Rick Wilson discusses his past as an attack ad maker, and whether he helped create the post-truth era. MTV writer Jane Coatson joins to ponder when violence against the government is justified. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • "Discomfort is a tool of oppression"

    Mar 03 2017

    Culture critic Ira Madison III (@ira) joins the show for a very meta conversation about white people and what it's like to be "the black friend." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • "Hope and Trust in Trump." The first episode!

    Feb 24 2017

    Ana Marie Cox talks with Pastor Christopher Jackson about why his Wisconsin community voted for Obama... before voting for Trump. She's then joined by Jamil Smith of MTV News for a conversation about the big stories this week. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • With Friends Like These: Converts

    Feb 18 2017

    We're debuting an all new direction for "With Friends Like These," looking at how and why people change their minds about what they believe.All new episodes start Friday, May 15th! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices