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    Pastime Favorites

    Sep 15 2019

  • Today, Explained / ABCDebate

    After Vox's Tara Golshan reviews the third Democratic debate, Matthew Yglesias explains how Joe Biden wins even when he loses. (Transcript here.)

  • StartUp Podcast / Introducing The Journal.

    Alex introduces an episode of The Journal. about companies monitoring their workers. It's common, it's legal. And it can lead to employers having surprisingly personal information about the people who work for them.

  • Up First / Friday, September 13th, 2019

    Ten Democratic presidential hopefuls took to the debate stage in Houston. How did they distinguish themselves? Biden continues to tout his partnership with President Obama. How are the other candidates shifting their views on the former president's record? And that administration Biden was part of has another part of its legacy unraveled. The Trump administration is rolling back Obama-era protections for America's waterways. What impact could that have on your drinking water?

  • Criminal / Episode 122: Professor Quaalude

    John Buettner-Janusch was one of the first Americans to study lemurs. He held prestigious faculty positions at Yale, Duke and NYU, before surprising everyone with a series of increasingly bizarre crimes.   Peter Kobel's Book is The Strange Case of the Mad Professor You can learn more about lemurs at The Duke Lemur Center, which Peter Klopfer and John Buettner-Janusch founded together. Criminal is a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX. If you haven't already, please review us on iTunes! It's...more

  • On Being with Krista Tippett / Ta-Nehisi Coates — Imagining a New America

    Ta-Nehisi Coates says we must love our country the way we love our friends — and not spare the hard truths. “Can you get to a place where citizens are encouraged to see themselves critically, where they’re encouraged to see their history critically?” he asks. Coates is a poetic journalist and a defining voice of our times. He’s with us in a conversation that is joyful, hard, kind, soaring, and down-to-earth all at once. He spoke with Krista as part of the 2017 Chicago Humanities Festival.Ta-Nehi...more

  • The Breakdown with Shaun King / Ep. 93 - 4 New Candidates to Flip the Senate

    Since Flip the Senate launched one month ago, we have seen mass shootings, natural disasters, and the abysmal reaction of our government to each of these tragedies remind us how urgent our mission is to Flip the Senate in 2020. Today, Shaun reveals the next four candidates who we are going to push for and fight for because they're the right people to win their state!! Let's do this!!

  • The Totally Football Show with James Richardson / Family members

    RUNNING ORDER: • PART 1a: England 5 - 3 Kosovo (02m 40s) • PART 1c: A word on Germany’s travails (09m 30s) • PART 2a: A brief history pod Liverpool v Newcastle - with Simon Bird (14m 00s)• PART 2b: Norwich v City preview (27m 30s)• PART 3a: United v Leicester preview (30m 30s)• PART 3b: Spurs v Palace preview (35m 00s)   • PART 3c: Wolves v Chelsea preview (37m 50s)• PART 4a: The rise and rise of the Cowley brother - with Caroline Barker (41m 00s)• PART 4b: Watford v Arsenal and the rest of the...more

  • Reply All / #147 The Woman in the Air Conditioner

    One night, alone in his new apartment, Halen hears something unexpected  — a set of footsteps in the dark, and an unfamiliar voice telling him “Moshi, moshi.” Super Tech Support returns, Alex investigates.

  • ZigZag / S4 EP12: We're Rethinking What Success Looks Like

    ZigZag is back after a brief hiatus and kicking off a series of shows investigating how people are rethinking the notion of “success.” On this episode, listeners share their frustrations with an economy structured to thrive at the cost of the planet, communities, and their mental health. Plus, an analysis of their responses to the question: how do you measure and define success in your life and work? The data reveal 5 main goals listeners are striving for…and some intriguing tactics they’re us...more

  • In the Dark / S2: Donor Episode Preview

    As a special thank you for our donors, we're releasing an exclusive, donors-only episode of In The Dark on Sept. 17. Get an inside look at the day of the Supreme Court's decision, including exclusive audio from our reporting and an interview with the In The Dark team led by the host of the podcast Crime Writers On..., Rebecca Lavoie. Donate now to get the exclusive donors-only episode on Sept. 17.

  • Unchained: Your No-Hype Resource for All Things Crypto / Why LocalBitcoins Stopped Cash Trades and Has a New CEO - Ep.136

    Sebastian Sonntag, the new CEO of LocalBitcoins, and Mika Impola, software developer at LocalBitcoins, explain why the peer-to-peer bitcoin trading company has a new CEO, why it stopped cash trades and what kind of response they've received from the community about it. They describe how the service works, how it has changed over time, the range of payment options available amongst sellers on the site, and how peer-to-peer trading differs from country to country. Plus, we cover why it suspended b...more

  • LeVar Burton Reads / 53: “Face Value” by Sean Williams

    A team of peace-keepers investigate an inventor with an astonishing claim. This episode is sponsored by Betterhelp ( code: LEVAR) and The Great Courses (

  • Twenty Thousand Hertz / #75 I Speak Easy

    We rarely think about the way we speak. For most of us, it just happens. In this episode, we catch up with two professional voice artists and chat about their rituals and techniques that help them communicate. Featuring voice actor Harry Shearer and NPR vocal coach Jessica Hansen.Twenty Thousand Hertz is produced out of the studios of Defacto Sound, and hosted by Dallas Taylor. Follow the show on Twitter & Facebook.  Become a monthly contributor at If you know what this ...more

  • How I Built This with Guy Raz / Dippin' Dots: Curt Jones

    In the late 1980s, Curt Jones was working in a Kentucky lab, using liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze animal feed. He wondered if he could re-invigorate his favorite dessert by pouring droplets of ice cream into a vat of liquid nitrogen and – voila! – out came cold and creamy pellets that he soon branded Dippin' Dots. The novelty treat spread to fairs, stadiums and shopping malls, and eventually grew into a multi-million dollar brand. But a few years ago, Curt was forced to walk away after the comp...more

  • a16z / a16z Podcast: How to Pay for Healthcare Based on Health

    There's been a lot of talk about the need for our healthcare system to shift away from volume and fee-for-service, where you pay by appointment, procedure, etc, to value-based care, where you pay for both quality and outcomes—essentially, good health. But there's also been a real dearth of seeing how that might work in action, or concrete models for how to implement it at scale. In this episode, CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina Patrick Conway dives deep into how exactly we can make t...more

  • Embedded / End Of Summer Update

    As the summer winds down, we're taking a look at the latest developments in two of our recent series. What's the story behind #MoscowMitch? And why have Kentucky coal miners been camped out on a set of train tracks for more than a month?

  • Song Exploder / Robyn - Honey

    Robyn is a Swedish singer and songwriter. Her first album came out in 1995, when she was 16 years old. It went platinum in the US, double-platinum in Sweden. Since then, she’s been nominated for five Grammys and started her own record label. But there was an eight-year gap between Robyn’s album Body Talk, which came out in 2010, and her most recent album, Honey, which came out last October. Time, Rolling Stone, and Pitchfork all named it one of the best albums of the year. For Song Exploder, Ro...more

  • The New Yorker: Fiction / Etgar Keret Reads Janet Frame

    Etgar Keret joins Deborah Treisman to read and discuss "You Are Now Entering the Human Heart," by Janet Frame, from a 1969 issue of the magazine. Keret has published several short-story collections, including "The Bus Driver Who Wanted to Be God," "The Girl on the Fridge," "Suddenly, a Knock on the Door," and "Fly Already." His memoir, "The Seven Good Years," was published in 2015.