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Pastime Favorites

Some of our favorite podcasts

by Pastime

    Pastime Favorites

    May 06 2021

  • ZigZag / S6 EP4 STEP 4: THE MATCH

    On this episode of The ZigZag Project, we move into a more practical phase and start asking hard questions like: What might you need to sacrifice, in order to align your values with your work? Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett shares a story about what she gave up as a young aide, working for the city of Chicago. Manoush gives her own example and asks listeners to try a strange (but proven) methodology to figure out what changes are worth pursuing. The ZigZag Project is six steps (and episodes) to ...more

  • Today, Explained / Can we get to 70%?

    That’s President Joe Biden’s new vaccination goal, and he’s got some fresh ideas on how to get there. Vox’s German Lopez explains.Transcript at vox.com/todayexplained.Support Today, Explained by making a financial contribution to Vox! bit.ly/givepodcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

  • Song Exploder / girl in red - Serotonin

    Marie Ulven is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Norway, who makes music under the name girl in red. She just released her debut album in April 2021, but she already has a big fanbase and she’s gotten a lot of critical acclaim from two EPs and singles that she’s released online, including a couple that went gold. The New York Times included her work in their best songs of the year in both 2018 and 2019, and she was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Norwegian Grammys. "Do you listen to gir...more

  • Up First / Wednesday, May 5, 2021

    Today, an independent board will decide if former President Donald Trump will be allowed to rejoin Facebook's social network. Indian-American communities are raising money to help with India's worsening COVID crisis. And, President Biden wants to restore the world's confidence America. A global poll shows how our closest allies feel about that effort.

  • The Daily / A Shrinking Society in Japan

    Japan is the “grayest” nation in the world. Close to 30 percent of the population is over 65. The reason is its low birthrate, which has caused the population to contract since 2007.With the birthrate in the United States also dropping, what are the implications of a shrinking population, and what lessons can be learned from Japan?Guest: Motoko Rich, the Tokyo bureau chief for The New York Times.  Sign up here to get The Daily in your inbox each morning. And for an exclusive look at how the bigg...more

  • Showcase from Radiotopia / Behind the Series: The Polybius Conspiracy

    Behind the Series is a short-run series about the shows previously featured on this very podcast: Showcase from Radiotopia. This week, we revisit The Polybius Conspiracy. Initially released in 2017, this seven-part series told the creepy story surrounding a mind-altering arcade game from the 1980s and the quest of protagonist Bobby Feldstein to find vindication for an alleged abduction and assault he linked to playing the mysterious Polybius. Four years later, producers Jon Frechette and Todd Lu...more

  • What Had Happened Was / I'll Sleep When You're Dead

    In 2007 El-P released his second solo album I'll Sleep When You're Dead. In this episode El tells the story of creating this project which he calls his favorite of his solo works. He details his excitement at collaborating with Trent Reznor and explains the stories behind tracks like Habeas Corpses, The Overly Dramatic Truth and Tasmanian Pain Coaster Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

  • Unchained / Crypto's Gender Disparity: What Can Be Done About It? 4 Women Weigh In - Ep.234

    Crypto sits at the intersection of two male-dominated industries: tech and finance. I was asked to moderate a panel for the Amber Group with four leading women in crypto to discuss the role of gender in the crypto industry and what can be done to bring more women into the space. Panelists include Mia Deng, partner at Dragonfly Capital; Amy Zhang, vice president of sales at Fireblocks; Alexis Gauba, cofounder at Opyn; and Annabelle Huang, partner at Amber Group. Show highlights: how each panelis...more

  • The Totally Football Show with James Richardson / Beef Cherki

    Jimbo meets up with Euro pals James Horncastle, Rafa Honigstein, Alvaro Romeo and Julien Laurens to look ahead to the Champions League semi-final second legs.Inter are champions for the first time in 11 years as Antonio Conte overthrows Juventus from the Italian throne. Now he just has to sort out their new club anthem.The top 3 in La Liga are hanging on in the title race while Monaco slip out of the running in Ligue 1 after a five-goal and five-dismissal thriller. Dortmund and Leipzig will meet...more

  • Sway / Can Pete Buttigieg Deliver Joe Manchin?

    Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan may depend on it.You can find transcripts (posted midday) and more information for all episodes at nytimes.com/sway, and you can find Kara on Twitter @karaswisher.

  • Passenger List / Breaking News

    The wreckage of Flight 702 has been found in the North Atlantic, confirming the plane has crashed. But when Kaitlin gets a call from one of the passengers, her twin brother Conor, she herself disappears into the story. Season 2 launches May 10.

  • On Being with Krista Tippett / Living the Questions — We’ve been enmeshed with our technologies. Tech Shabbat for everyone?

    Krista’s been in a conversation with Tiffany Shlain for several years about her practice of “Tech Shabbat.” For more than a decade, she and her family have taken a rest from screens sundown Friday to sundown Saturday; her book 24/6 is a kind of manual to open the practice to everyone. After a year in which many of us have relied on our devices as our portals to reality — our sole connection to the people and places we love — Krista called Tiffany to talk about how this practice works. Might it b...more

  • How I Built This with Guy Raz / Eleven Madison Park: Daniel Humm

    Daniel Humm dropped out of school at 14 to become a competitive cyclist, and supported himself by cutting vegetables and making soup stock at fine restaurants in Switzerland. When he eventually realized he'd never become a world-class cyclist, he pivoted to the equally competitive world of fine dining, and soon became a rising young chef in Switzerland, and then San Francisco. In 2006, he was wooed to New York to re-imagine the restaurant Eleven Madison Park, and began drawing raves for his pain...more

  • TrueAnon / Episode 155: JFK 101 (Pt. 3 of ???) [teaser]

    To hear the full episode, subscribe at patreon.com/TrueAnonPod ---------- Joined once again by Ben (twitter.com/housetrotter) & Aaron Good (twitter.com/aaron_good_) we take a look at the life of Lee Harvey Oswald—the agent & the patsy. Peter Dale Scott: peterdalescott.net/ Jim DiEugenio's 25-part series on Destiny Betrayed, with Dave Emory: kennedysandking.com/videos-and-interviews/jim-dieugenio-s-25-part-series-on-destiny-betrayed-with-dave-emory

  • The New Yorker: Fiction / Téa Obreht Reads Thomas McGuane

    Téa Obreht joins Deborah Treisman to read and discuss “Gallatin Canyon,” by Thomas McGuane, which appeared in a 2003 issue of the magazine. Obreht is the author of two novels, “The Tiger's Wife” and “Inland.”

  • Reply All / The Test Kitchen Revisited

    The Reply All team takes a look at the Test Kitchen, and what those mistakes mean for the future of the show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

  • Serial / The Improvement Association - Chap 5

    The Improvement Association PAC’s power in the county is threatened when an unlikely candidate enters the race for county commissioner. Plenty of people outside the PAC now have their own ideas about how to build Black political power here. Zoe examines what this election could mean for the PAC’s future.  

  • Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill / Joe Biden's War Powers

    If you went back and looked at every foreign policy decision Joe Biden made — every single one — would you be any closer to understanding him? This week on Intercepted: Our editor-at-large and senior correspondent Jeremy Scahill and reporter Murtaza Hussain examined the past 50 years of Biden’s decisions, poring over hundreds of pages of archival copies of the congressional record and reviewing declassified CIA documents for mentions of Biden. The investigation is called “Empire Politician,...more

  • Twenty Thousand Hertz / #120 | SM7

    Since their founding almost a century ago, Shure has created some of the most iconic microphones ever made. In this episode, we worked with Shure to tell the story of the SM7 dynamic microphone: from its humble beginnings in voiceover studios in the early 70s, to its use on classic albums, to its rediscovery by podcasters and streamers.Follow the show on Twitter, Facebook, & Reddit.Subscribe to our Youtube channel here.Become a monthly contributor at 20k.org/donate.If you know what this week...more

  • The Paris Review / BONUS: Celebrating N. Scott Momaday

    A special bonus episode of The Paris Review Podcast celebrating N. Scott Momaday, the winner of the Review’s 2021 Hadada Award, which recognizes a distinguished member of the writing community who has made a strong and unique contribution to literature. What you are about to hear is an exclusive excerpt of the first step in the process of conducting Momaday’s Writers at Work interview, a bit of the very first call between Momaday and his interviewer, the poet Layli Long Soldier. They...more

  • LeVar Burton Reads / "St. Valentine, St. Abigail, St. Brigid" by C.L. Polk

    Theresa Anne has spent years watching her mother tell fortunes and work magical spells. But when she asks to protect the girl she loves, she learns the true cost and sacrifice involved in magical requests.   Find more from the author at www.clpolk.com.   Content advisory: ViolenceSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • Wind of Change / Empire of Pain - An Exclusive Sample of Patrick's New Book

    While he was working on Wind of Change, Patrick Radden Keefe was also researching and writing a new book, a sweeping investigative chronicle about the billionaire Sackler family, famed for their philanthropy, whose fortune was built by Valium and whose reputation was ruined by OxyContin. This excerpt from the audiobook, narrated by Keefe, tells the little known story of a massive chemical explosion at a plant owned by the Sacklers. Already hailed as one of the most anticipated nonfiction books o...more