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Pastime Favorites

Some of our favorite podcasts

by Pastime

    Pastime Favorites

    Dec 08 2021

  • Up First / Wednesday, December 8, 2021

    President Biden has made clear to Russian President Putin, US concerns about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin's response was less clear. Instagram's CEO faces a Senate panel today to talk about the platform's negative impacts on teens, a former NFL player died Monday while in police custody in Alabama, leaving questions about his treatment while in detention.

  • The Daily / Why Ukraine Matters to Vladimir Putin

    The Russian military is on the move toward the border with Ukraine, with American intelligence suggesting that Moscow is preparing for an offensive involving some 175,000 troops.Could the moves herald a full-scale invasion? And if so, what is driving President Vladimir V. Putin’s brinkmanship over Russia’s southwestern neighbor?Guest: Anton Troianovski, the Moscow bureau chief for The New York Times.Sign up here to get The Daily in your inbox each morning. And for an exclusive look at how the bi...more

  • Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill / Life After Guantánamo: “It Doesn’t Leave You”

    On Tuesday, with 39 men remaining at Guantánamo Bay, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on closing the infamous military prison. This week on Intercepted: Intercept photo editor Elise Swain breaks down the horrifying story of one Yemeni man after being released from Guantánamo. After 20 years in arbitrary detention, former Guantánamo detainee Abdulqadir al Madhfari was released from a United Arab Emirates prison to his family’s care in Yemen. His freedom lasted less than a week. Suffe...more

  • Today, Explained / The shooter's parents

    The mass killing at Oxford High School in Michigan may seem comparable to those that preceded it, but the aftermath has taken several new turns.Today’s show was produced by Victoria Chamberlin, engineered by Paul Mounsey, fact-checked by Laura Bullard, and edited by Sean Rameswaram who also serves as host.Transcript at vox.com/todayexplainedSupport Today, Explained by making a financial contribution to Vox! bit.ly/givepodcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • Unchained / Crypto Philanthropy: How to Donate to Make Real-World Impact - Ep.296

    Some of the biggest names in the crypto industry discuss their personal giving philosophies, how blockchain technology could change the dynamics of giving to charity, and which crypto projects are making a lasting real-world impact. Guests include Haseeb Qureshi, managing partner at Dragonfly Capital; Caroline Ellison, co-CEO of Alameda Research; and Arthur Breitman, co-founder of Tezos. Show topics: the definition of effective altruism  why Haseeb thinks crypto is the best industry for effecti...more

  • LeVar Burton Reads / "The Wishing Pool" by Tananarive Due

    When Joy revisits her family's old cabin, she's reminded of childhood memories of a pond in the woods and its mysterious powers.  For more from Tananarive, check out her works at tananarivedue.com and look for her new novel THE REFORMATORY and graphic novel THE KEEPER, both due out in 2022. Content advisory: Depiction of dementia/illness, brief mention of death

  • The Totally Football Show with James Richardson / Shambling relic

    Jimbo, James Horncastle, Raphael Honigstein, Julien Laurens and Alvaro Romeo digest a huge weekend across the continent, both on the pitch and in the post-match interviews.Bayern overcome Dortmund but there’s controversy as Jude Bellingham highlights referee Felix Zwayer’s past dealings. Elsewhere in the Bundesliga, Leverkusen score 7, Freiburg score 6 in the first half and Jesse Marsch is sacked by Leipzig.Also out of work is Claude Puel after Rennes run riot at Saint-Etienne. And PSG rescue a ...more

  • Sway / Why Humans Aren’t the Worst (Despite, Well, Everything Happening in the World)

    In 2019, when Rutger Bregman published his book “Humankind: A Hopeful History” and made a case for the decency of human nature, the world had yet to experience a deadly pandemic. But what does the historian think of humanity now, amid protests against coronavirus lockdowns as well as the climate crisis and the rampant spread of misinformation?“What I see is a world where billions of people radically adjusted their lifestyle to stop the virus from spreading further,” he says.In this conversation,...more

  • How I Built This with Guy Raz / Merge Records: Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan

    As college students in the late 1980s, Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan launched two projects that came to define their trajectories as entrepreneurs: the "punky but poppy" band Chunk, and the scrappy record label, Merge. For decades, the partners juggled the demands of managing their own band while negotiating record deals and recording dates for other indie artists. But the two worlds also collided in happy ways: touring in their own band was a great way for Mac and Laura to discover new talen...more

  • Criminal / Episode 178: "The experiment requires that you continue."

    1. Please continue.  2. The experiment requires that you continue.  3. It is absolutely essential that you continue.  4. You have no other choice, you must go on. Gina Perry's book is Behind the Shock Machine: The Untold Story of the Notorious Milgram Psychology Experiments Say hello on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Sign up for our occasional newsletter, The Accomplice. Artwork by Julienne Alexander. Learn more about our upcoming live shows at thisiscriminal.com/live. Check out our online...more

  • On Being with Krista Tippett / Vivek Murthy and Richard Davidson – The Future of Well-being

    What if the future of well-being is about “tipping the scales in the world away from fear and toward love”? And what if it’s a surgeon general of the United States, Dr. Vivek Murthy, who talks this way? Krista draws him out with his friend, the groundbreaking neuroscientist Richard Davidson. Together they carry deep intelligence and vision from the realms of science and public health, expansively understood. They explore all we are learning to help move us forward as a species. This conversation...more

  • Song Exploder / Halsey - You Asked for This

    Halsey is an award-winning singer and songwriter from New Jersey. She's been nominated for two Grammys, and sold over a million records. In August, she released her fourth album, If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power, which was produced by the Grammy and Oscar winning duo of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross from Nine Inch Nails. Halsey wrote one of the songs on the album, "You Asked for This," with Greg Kurstin, who’s won 8 Grammys himself, including Producer of the Year. In this episode, Halsey tells...more

  • The New Yorker: Fiction / Will Mackin Reads George Saunders

    Will Mackin joins Deborah Treisman to read and discuss “The Falls,” by George Saunders, which was published in The New Yorker in 1996. Mackin’s first book, “Bring Out the Dog,” was published in 2018 and won the PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize for Debut Short Story Collection.

  • Twenty Thousand Hertz / HBO 2.0

    In part 2 of our series on HBO, we explore the tough questions that the company faced in the digital era: Are people still willing to sit through a 90-second theme song before they watch a movie? Does the sound of analog TV static even make sense to younger viewers? Could the company change with the times without losing the nostalgia they had built around their key sounds? Featuring composer Ferdinand Jay Smith, former HBO Executive Vice President Bruce Richmond, HBO and HBO Max Head of Brand Ma...more

  • Radiotopia Presents: S***hole Country / S***hole Country: Developing

    Afia makes up her mind. S***hole Country is a production of Radiotopia from PRX and part of Radiotopia Presents, a podcast feed debuting limited-run, artist-owned series from new and original voices. Learn more about S***hole Country and access transcripts at radiotopiapresents.fm and discover more shows from across the Radiotopia network at radiotopia.fm.

  • Everything is Alive / The Wait

    A special episode produced in conjunction with Pop-Up Magazine, this is the story of a bike locked to a bike rack a little too long. In June of this year, Pop-Up Magazine placed bicycles at bike racks in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and you could walk right up to them and hear what they had to say. Featuring Larry Owens.

  • The Paris Review / 23. A Strange Way to Live (with Phoebe Bridgers, Connor Ratliff, Joan Didion, Natalie-Scenters Zapico, Bud Smith, Jericho Brown, Jessica Hecht, Avery Trufelman)

    Our Season 3 finale opens with “The Trick Is to Pretend,” a poem by Natalie Scenters-Zapico, read by the singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers: “I climb knowing the only way down / is by falling.” The actor Jessica Hecht plays Joan Didion in a reenactment of her classic Art of Fiction interview with Linda Kuehl. Jericho Brown reads his poem “Hero”: “my brothers and I grew up fighting / Over our mother’s mind.” The actor, comedian, and podcaster C...more

  • The Wilderness / Introducing: Offline with Jon Favreau

    Wilderness fans! Jon Favreau has a new weekly podcast called Offline. In this episode: Snapchat’s Peter Hamby talks to Jon Favreau about why Twitter has ruined political journalism, how the internet transformed the media business, and what a healthy, sustainable model of journalism might look like.New episodes of Offline with Jon Favreau drop every Sunday on the Pod Save America feed. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • Reply All / Introducing: Crime Show

    Emmanuel chats with Emma Courtland about her show, Crime Show. And then, we hear an episode from the show.When teenager Hillary Transue made a MySpace page poking fun at her vice principal, she never imagined it would land her in a juvenile detention facility—and that to get out, she would need to expose a corruption scheme that ran to the highest echelons of the state's judicial system.Listen to more episodes of Crime Show, here. Follow Emma on Twitter @ecourtland. Learn more about your ad choi...more