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    Pastime Favorites

    Aug 16 2018

  • The Totally Football Show with James Richardson / Dismantling mythologies

    Jimbo is joined by Rafa Honigstein, Jack Lang and Matt Davies-Adams to discuss Arsenal’s upcoming trip to Chelsea, possible signs of regression at Spurs, and what's in store in the Bundesliga this season RUNNING ORDER: • PART 1a: New surnames, Madonna and more (00m 40s) • PART 1b: Chelsea v Arsenal preview - ketchup, dice and blonde hair (03m 00s) • PART 1c: Spurs v Fulham and Palace v Liverpool previews (14m 10s) • PART 2a: Talking tactics (25m 00s) • PART 2b: KDB injured; Pog v Mou...more

  • The Daily / A Culture of Secrecy That Perpetuated Abuse

    A grand jury report found that Roman Catholic priests had abused more than 1,000 children in Pennsylvania over a period of 70 years. Some church officials say the report reiterates issues that have already been addressed, but details suggest otherwise. Guest: Laurie Goodstein, a national religion correspondent for The New York Times. For more information on today’s episode, visit episode contains descriptions of abuse.

  • Unchained: Big Ideas From The Worlds Of Blockchain And Cryptocurrency / Harbor and TrustToken on Why They Don't Mind Being Unsexy - Ep.77

    Josh Stein, CEO of Harbor, and Danny An, cofounder and CEO of TrustToken, talk about security tokens and tokens backed by real-world assets, often called an unsexy area of crypto. They explain the strategies their teams are using to tackle the tokenization of what currently constitute $250 trillion in assets, what kinds of new behaviors and business opportunities "faster, cheaper, more liquid" assets could open up, and how they'll comply with regulations across all jurisdictions for markets that...more

  • LeVar Burton Reads / Episode 28: "Fires" by Rick Bass

    In this meditative tale, a runner spends a summer training in a remote mountain town. This story appears in the collection FOR A LITTLE WHILE by Rick Bass, published by Little, Brown & Company.  Listen to ad-free episodes one week early, plus exclusive bonus episodes, only on Stitcher Premium. For a free month of listening, go to and use promo code 'LEVAR'.This episode is sponsored by Google Play (

  • Everything is Alive / Dennis, Pillow

    While we are sleeping, Dennis has dreams too.

  • On Being with Krista Tippett / “Let the Work That I’ve Done Speak for Me” performed by Joe Carter

    Joe Carter’s live recording of “Let the Work That I’ve Done Speak for Me” from the On Being episode “Joe Carter — The Spirituals.” These songs were never made available as an album in his lifetime. All tracks were recorded in studio in 2003 with Tom West on piano. Joe Carter was a singer, performer, teacher, and traveling humanitarian. He performed for more than 25 years in opera and musical theater, portrayed Paul Robeson in a one-man musical, and introduced people around the world to the spiri...more

  • The Wilderness / Chapter Nine: The Second Bill of Rights

    What does a bold, progressive economic agenda look like? Policy experts talk about the big ideas that can shape the Democratic Party’s platform. Learn more: The Wilderness with Jon Favreau is presented by Honey. Join for free at

  • How I Built This with Guy Raz / Live Episode! RXBAR: Peter Rahal

    In 2013, Peter Rahal was obsessed with CrossFit, but noticed it didn't sell any snacks to align with its pro-paleo philosophy. So instead of joining his family's business, Rahal Foods, he recruited his friend Jared Smith to start making their own protein bar. They made the first RXBAR in a Cuisinart in Peter's parents' home in suburban Chicago. By 2016, RXBAR was doing over $36 million in sales, and in November 2017, the founders sold the company to Kellogg's for $600 million. Recorded live in C...more

  • Lovett or Leave It / Instagram Your Corruption

    Mar-a-Lago members are illegally running the VA, a congressman allegedly committed insider trading on the White House lawn, and Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross may have grifted millions. What a week. Ira Madison III, Emily Heller, and Awkwafina join Jon to break down the week's news. Plus we look at Omarosa's new book, Fox News' reaction to Facebook banning Alex Jones, and the new Oscar for "popular" movies.

  • StartUp Podcast / Church Planting 5: The Retreat

    This is our fifth and final episode following pastor AJ Smith, who has been trying to grow a new church in Philadelphia. It’s a process that has come with all sorts of existential problems, but also… some very practical ones. In order for Restoration Church to become self-sustaining, it needed to double in size by the end of the year. We’re now half-way through that year and the big question is, how close are they? To cope with the stress of starting a church from scratch, and to seek clarity on...more

  • a16z / a16z Podcast: The Basics of Growth 2 -- Engagement & Retention

    with Andrew Chen (@andrewchen), Jeff Jordan (@jeff_jordan), and Sonal Chokshi (@smc90) Once you have users, how do you keep them engaged, retain them, and even "resurrect" or re-engage them? That's the focus of this episode of the a16z Podcast, which continues our series on the basics of growth from user acquisition to engagement and retention -- covering, as always, key metrics and how to think about them. Especially as many products and platforms evolve over time, so do the users, some of who...more

  • The New Yorker: Fiction / Kate Walbert Reads Stuart Dybek

    Kate Walbert joins Deborah Treisman to read and discuss “Pet Milk,” by Stuart Dybek, from a 1984 issue of the magazine.

  • Song Exploder / Neko Case - Last Lion of Albion

    Neko Case is a singer and songwriter. She’s been nominated for multiple Grammys, and in addition to her own music, she’s a member of the band The New Pornographers. In June 2018, she put out her 7th album, Hell-On, which she also co-produced. In this episode, Neko Case breaks down the song “Last Lion of Albion.” Albion’s one of the oldest names for island of Great Britain, and it was while she was in England that this song first began. This episode is guest-hosted by Thao Nguyen (of Thao & T...more

  • Reply All / #125 All My Pets

    Taylor Nicole Dean was a self-described shut-in, a teenager who lived in her parent's home, surrounded by exotic pets. And then she started making videos on YouTube.Taylor's Youtube ChannelVote for your favorite reply all episodes - we'll run the winners in August!

  • Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill / Double Negative

    Russian-American journalist Masha Gessen analyzes the fallout from the Trump-Putin summit, what Putin actually wants from Trump, and the indictment of 12 Russian GRU officers. The Intercept’s Micah Lee offers a technical analysis of the indictment of Russian intelligence operatives. NYU professor Nikhil Pal Singh talks about the ahistorical analogies used to describe Trump and l’affaire Russia. Experimental electronic musician Oneohtrix Point Never discusses his Russian roots, Steve Bannon's fav...more

  • Love + Radio / The Exciting World of the Totally Free

    In 1968, Paulette Cooper was one of the first journalists to investigate a then-little-known religious group.